Nifty Disclaimer - This story is a work of fiction and contains scenes including sexual relations between people of the same gender. If this isn't your cup of tea, or is illegal where you live, please do not read. Any relation between fictional characters and real people is purely coincidental.


Do Over

Chapter 3

By DK Stories


"No, absolutely not!" Mom's voice was edgy, and full of fear. On the dining room table, between her and dad was the permission form for me to play football. Coach Campbell had given it to me after P.E. this afternoon. I couldn't even work out with the team until it was signed, but he'd had me run a few laps and do a few dozen push-ups while he worked with the team. He'd seemed pleased I'd been able to do it, although the last dozen push-ups had left my arms feeling like jelly, and the running had left me breathless after about four miles. I'd still gotten home before either of my parents. Only my sister knew I hadn't come right home from school and when she threatened to tell, I took great pleasure in telling her I would be telling Mom and Dad myself, right after dinner.

Since I'd been cooking, it had been Jenny who was forced to clear the dishes and put them away, which she was now doing while I asked mom and dad for permission to play football. This was the hardest part of being a kid again, having to obey parents and ask their permission for nearly everything. It was grating on me, but I was dealing with it fairly well.

"Mom, it's only flag football." I countered quickly. I had to keep this conversation going for another few minutes because they were late already. "You guys are always saying you wish I'd get out and do more with kids my age. Well, here it is!"

"You really want to play football?" My dad asked in a quiet voice, full of surprise.

"Yes, I do." I said to him, barely keeping the sarcasm from my voice. "It's time I started doing things like that."

"I don't see anything wrong with it." Dad said quickly, and before mom could do more than open her mouth to protest, there was a knock at the door. Jenny answered it first and her voice screeched through the townhouse.

"Davey, there's some guys here to see you!" She shouted and I smiled as Brian and Brandon entered.

"Hi guys." I said with a smile, rising from the chair to slap their hands. "Mom, dad, this is Brian and Brandon two of my friends from the team."

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. Jones." Brian said with a disarming smile. He really could pour on the charm, even at twelve. "It's really great that Davey's going to be on the team. We can sure use him."

"Uh, sure." Mom said with a defeated frown. Dad smiled as he signed the form.

"Oh, is that the approval form?" Brian asked, taking it from my dad right after he'd signed it. "Cool, I'll give it to Coach tonight. He lives just down the street from me. Hey, could we grab Davey for a bit? We're working out at my house and we'd like for him to join us."

"Uh, sure." Dad agreed with raised eyebrows. "Uh, Davey you need to be home by nine though."

"No problem, Dad." I said, moving to give mom a quick kiss and a hug. I didn't really care if it wasn't a 'cool' thing for them to see, but I'd not yet tired of giving her hugs again. The guys followed me up to my room where I was grabbing some sweat pants and a sleeveless blue t-shirt for working out.

"Sorry we were late." Brian said with a small smile. "Brandon's dad got home late and so he didn't arrive until we were supposed to be here. We ran most of the way."

"It's only a mile." I said with a shrug causing Brandon to groan. I changed quickly, not really noticing them watching me, and we were ready to go in a few minutes. We didn't quite run, more like jogged down the canal that was a shortcut to Brian's house. He introduced me to his parents really quickly before we escaped into the garage, and his workout equipment.

I pretended I'd never worked out with weights, which my twelve-year-old self had never done before, and let them show me the 'proper' way to do things. We spent about an hour doing baselines to figure out what weights I should start with and then we talked while moving through the different pieces of equipment he had. It was odd, being in a room with two other twelve-year-old boys, when I really was much older, but it grew less odd the more we talked. I couldn't share with them all the things I knew, and it really wasn't necessary as we talked about a lot of things, except for girls.

It wasn't a subject I was going to bring up, and I knew that neither of them would really bring it up yet either. They weren't the type to talk nasty about girls, and in many respects both of them would grow up to be real 'gentlemen'. Yeah, they'd join in if someone else started such talk, but they'd never start such talk themselves.

At eight-thirty, Brandon's dad showed up and I waved farewell to both of them, setting off for home. I got back in plenty of time, and went upstairs to take a shower, my third one of the day. That night, I went to sleep, physically exhausted and no longer nervous about my second time through the seventh grade. It was going to be a lot different and even challenging in many respects.

The next day, Brian was waiting for me by his garage and he joined us as Jenny and I walked by his house. After we dropped Jenny at her school, we took off at a much faster pace and headed into our school, talking about different plays for the football team. He was bound and determined to get me to play defensive end, and I was leaning towards thinking he was right. Despite my having decades of experience mentally, when it came to football, Brian was still superior in knowledge.

We dropped by the office so he could say hi to his aunt, a daily routine I soon figured out. Then, we met up with Brandon before heading off to English. I'd remembered to finish writing up the paragraph on Brandon and he was surprised as he read it. I had to cover up how I'd known some of the facts by saying it had been mentioned while we were working out, and I hoped they both accepted that explanation. It was going to be tough at first to keep things I shouldn't know separate from things I should know at this stage of getting to know them.

Mrs. Klopf started to frown as we all sat down in a group, but as the class went by without us bursting out into laughter, she didn't try to separate us. Instead of going with Brian to math, I now followed Brandon to Mrs. Dent's class. I'd had her in my eighth grade year, and remembered her wacky style of teaching with fondness, even though everyone made fun of her while being her student.

The lessons I'd learned from her in math were the only ones I never forgot or had problems with, and I'd often wished I'd had her for more than just pre-algebra. Well, I was finally getting my wish, and as I sat there on the second day of school I realized I might just have a chance at overcoming my block when it came to mathematics.

One of the kids next to me started to make an insulting comment about her and I had to restrain myself from hitting him. He was an eighth grader, but still smaller than me, and when the class was over, I grabbed him as we exited the classroom and thrust him against the wall, my fist twisted in his shirt.

"Shut your mouth about Mrs. Dent." I threatened him in a very low voice. He looked at first scared, and then indignant.

"Get your hands off of me, kid." He said with bravado. I may have been younger but I still was bigger than him.

"Keep your mouth off the teacher, little shit." I warned him again. "Her teaching style might be weird, but it makes sense and you're going to remember it for the rest of your life and be glad you did. If you don't have something nice to say about her, keep your mouth shut or I'll tell everyone about me seeing you in the bathroom looking at everyone's dicks."

"I didn't...!" He stammered in shocked outrage.

"Try proving it." I said, letting him go and stepping back. "If you don't have something nice to say, keep your trap shut."

"I...I'll..." He stammered, blushing as people stopped passing by to watch what was going on.

"You'll do nothing or you'll regret it." Brandon said from over my shoulder and tapped me to tell me it was time to leave. I nodded and followed him off to the next class.

"Man, why'd you go off on him like that?" Brandon asked me. "She is pretty fucking weird."

"She's fucking weird, but the way she teaches, it's stuff you'll never forget." I said in a very firm voice. "She's one of those teachers you never forget, and even better, you never forget what they teach. Any job that pays good money, this algebra stuff is important, and being able to remember it for the rest of your life is a good thing."

"Okay, dude, I see your point." Brandon said, holding up his hands in surrender. "But still, beating up a kid because he cracked a joke about her is a little extreme, ain't it?"

"Extreme?" I asked him with a raised eyebrow. "I don't do extremes."

"Whatever." Brandon said with a smile and left down a hallway. Trevor was just entering World History as I did and smiled in greeting.

"Brian said your parents signed the form, congrats." Trevor said as we entered to take our seats. His seat wasn't close to mine so I just nodded before heading to my own. I managed to stay awake, barely, but still didn't get much out of that class. I'd have to work with Trevor to make sure I didn't repeat the 'D' of my first time around.

This time, instead of walking to lunch on my own I walked with Trevor and we cut through the line. A few kids grumbled but no one made a move to stop us at all. I remembered griping with my friends about it the first time around, but really saw no reason to not do it this time around. Life wasn't fair, a lesson I'd learned the hard way.

Lunch was a fun affair with all the joking that went on, and I saw a number of dirty looks from a certain eighth grader. The classes after lunch went fine until debate, when I was given another permission form that had to be signed so I could travel with the debate team to different meets. In the first two days of class I'd shown myself to be quite capable, for a twelve-year-old kid. Of course, having nearly three times the experience of the twelve-year-old that I appeared to be helped me make excellent arguments.

P.E. was basically a warm-up for the practice sessions as soon as school was over. We didn't even bother to change out of our gear before starting practice. Practice itself went fine, and I found that I really would be good on defense. While Brian managed to knock me on my ass twice, I managed to knock him flat an equal number of times, earning myself a high five from him, Brandon and Trevor.

Yeah, it's flag football, but it turns out flag football is really just a chance to practice the real thing without pads.

After practice I went home and did the little homework that I'd gotten on the second day of school. Mom got home first, and while I cooked dinner she looked over the debate team form. She wanted to know if I thought I could handle both football and debate, and I just frowned at her in response. I knew she was worried about costs associated with both, and I'd already placed a call to Nanny who had assured me she'd make sure I had whatever I needed.

Nanny wasn't rich, but she had a good-paying job and saved her money very wisely. That meant she had enough to help her favorite grandson, me, when my parents couldn't afford certain things. The first time around, that had meant clothes, science-fiction books, and so forth. Instead of asking for her to buy me books, though, I was asking her to help with money I'd need for debate and sports.

I'd already read all the books and seen all the movies that were going to be coming out for some time to come anyway.

After dinner, and finishing my homework up, I took off for Brian's. Trevor was there this time and we began a workout routine while talking about people at school. Together they knew most of the 'popular' kids at school and knew their histories. I learned a lot about my fellow students during that time frame and about what these three planned for the future.

Of course, I didn't tell them which ones would come true and which were just fantasies that would never play out at all.

Very quickly, this became my daily routine. I'd walk to school with my sister, then go on with Brian to our school. I'd hang out with the three of them, or just one or two depending on classes, eat lunch and go to practice with them, and work out in the evenings. That first Saturday we all went to a movie together and then I went to visit my Nanny followed by Grandma's and my cousin Bryan. Sundays, as always, were taken up by church mostly, with the morning services and evening services and Awanas groups.

Thanks to my workouts with Brian and the others I got out of the Wednesday night bible studies and Awanas groups, something that I was vastly grateful for.

Dad actually attended our first game, and was actively cheering me on as I played defense. We won the game easily, intimidating the other team in the first few plays of the game. Seeing his pride in my sports play was a two-edged sword. I'd always wanted his approval, and getting it now, after all the trauma of the first time around was a bittersweet mixture.

We went undefeated that season, and soon enough it was time for wrestling. I'd never really entertained the thought of playing the sport, but Brian was quite insistent to get me either into that or with Brandon into basketball. I'd played basketball in high school the first time around, and realized I sucked at it. I couldn't dribble the ball to save my life, and was barely passable under the basket as a guard. Therefore, I gave in and signed up for wrestling much to mom's dismay and dad's delight.

I was surprised at how good I proved to be in that sport. I had a vague recollection of playing against Brian the first time around in P.E. and having my ass whooped, but this time around I was able to hold my own. Brian still beat me, but then again he was the divisional champion in our weight class.

My body was shaping up as the months passed by. Gone was the child fat I'd carried around until I had originally entered high school and in its place, muscles were growing. Mom complained about me outgrowing my clothes too fast, and I realized she was very much right. I was shooting up in height as well as putting on muscle mass, and if it wasn't for Nanny, none of my clothes would fit. I even had to resort to wearing some of Brian's clothes a few times.

It was during the wrestling season that several things came to a head. The tight, slick singlets we wore often left me with an erection that was visible despite the jock I wore. Several of the others had the same problem so very few people said anything, but I caught Brian watching me out of the corner of his eye a few times.

Every Saturday, the four of us would get together and go to a movie, or putt-putt golf, or to the batting cages (I was actually becoming a pretty good hitter and Trevor was insisting that I sign up for their league team that year). The last Saturday in October though, it was just Brian and me at his house. The other guys all had events with their families and couldn't join up with us, but Brian had insisted I come over to his house before we went to see Nanny. When I arrived he had the mats set up out back, obviously expecting us to practice wrestling. I was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and hesitated.

"Um, I don't have any work-out clothes, dude." I told him.

"No problem, wear some of mine." Brian offered with that disarming smile of his. He led the way to his bedroom and I noticed the house was pretty much empty. In his room, he pulled two singlets out of his closet and then went to his drawer and pulled out two jocks. "We're the same size, dude, so just wear these."

"You want me to wear your dirty jock?" I said with some surprise and he looked at me with an odd little smile.

"Dude, I won't tell anyone, just put it on or go without." Brian taunted me. I decided to just put it on, turning around as I undid my pants because I had a raging boner. As I've mentioned before, Brian was probably the hottest guy in our school. He was tall, with hair as blond as mine, and those dark eyebrows that just screamed sexiness. He was well built as well, looking more like a high-school jock than a middle schooler. I had to admit I looked a lot better now too, but compared to him I knew I was chaff. The thought of wearing his jock, and his singlet had my teenage hormones going wild, no matter how much my adult mind tried telling the body to calm down.

"Okay, let's go." I said as I put on the red and gold singlet he'd given me to wear. He was dressed in a blue and silver one that made me look away a bit to keep from losing control of the raging hormones I'd finally gotten some reign on. I was still half-hard though as we went into his back yard and walked out onto the mats he'd laid down.

"Okay, get down." He said in a voice that brooked no argument and I just complied, getting on my hands and knees in the starting position. Brian got down, leaning into me as we got into the starting position and got ready to start. I waited for him to start the count, planning on going on 'two' instead of three just to surprise him, but he never started the countdown. Instead, I felt his crotch lean against me tighter and felt a very distinctive hardness rub against me briefly. I closed my eyes at the brief contact as I lost control over the raging hormones that surged within me. When the contact returned, firmer this time, I almost lost it completely, and pushed back ever so slightly so that his erection rubbed between us. Brian let out a small groan and pushed even harder into me, and I let out my own groan. The sound in my throat woke me up from the trance my hormones were causing.

"Brian." I said very softly and felt him jerk out of his own trance. He didn't move though, his left arm still on mine, his right around my waist and his hand against my stomach while his crotch was tucked tightly against my butt. When he didn't respond, I wriggled slightly and realized it might have been as a mistake as he groaned again.

"Oh god." Brian moaned in a very deep, very husky voice. My head was swimming with desire, and with thoughts and memories. I remembered fooling around with BRANDON, not Brian, and that had been in high school. One of the things in reliving my life I'd decided was that I was not going to repeat the mistakes of my past, and that included letting my dick lead my life around.

"Brian, stop." I said softly and this time he jerked, pulling away from me sharply. I moved carefully, turning around so that I was half-sitting on the mats. I was leaning back on my elbows, my knees on either side of him and he looked very scared.

"Uh, Davey...uh..." Brian stuttered, and I could see the fear on his face.

"Dude, chill." I said just as softly, moving my legs inward so that they touched his. "No need to freak out, here."

"Um, it's not what you're thinking..." Brian said quickly, moving to cover the front of his singlet with his hands and I smiled at him before looking down at my own crotch, where my erection was very much visible.

"Dude, don't freak out." I told him softly, sitting up again and moving his hands away from his crotch. He was blushing now, looking down at my crotch with a look of hunger I never, ever expected to see on his face. I'd always assumed he was totally straight, never playing around with guys. The one time I'd talked to Brandon the first time around about Brian, he'd as much as said that Brian never fooled around with guys.

"Dude, I'm sorry, I should have known...I mean you're a preacher's kid and everything." Brian stuttered, still blushing but now looking away from me at the above-ground pool.

"First off, Brian, stop fucking blushing." I said more firmly now and his head jerked back around to face me, his face registering surprise. "Dude, you look fucking hot in that outfit and anyone who won't admit that is a fucking chicken, too scared to admit the obvious. Dude, we're like almost fucking teenagers, and I know I'm going through puberty. Something would be wrong with us if we didn't react like this. I don't mind. I'd mind if you didn't stop when I told you to stop, but what just fucking happened isn't a big deal, in fact it makes me feel pretty fucking good I got you that hot."

"What?" Brian asked in total confusion, his face showing surprise, horror, fear, and something else that was a lot softer. "Dude, don't..."

"Brian, I could care less if it happened because you're horny and I'm here instead of some girl or if it was for some other reason." I told him very gently. As I spoke he relaxed a little, his arms reaching down to touch my legs gently. I tightened them a bit in response, so that they rested against his thighs. "Dude, I know that right now the slightest thing will set me off, getting me all hard and I beat off at least three times a day trying to keep it under control. All that religious shit my dad preaches about doesn't mean anything to me, really, and I could care less what other people think. The reason I said to stop is that I don't want to go that far with anyone yet. I'm way too young for that."

"Dude, you sound so fucking grown up just now." Brian noted and I realized he was absolutely right. But this was a topic that I wasn't really ready to pretend about. I'd expected that Brandon and I would be friends, and maybe even boyfriends in the future, but I'd found I really liked being friends with Brian, and sex could fuck up so many good things.

"My dad's a preacher." I said in that same, soft voice. Our eyes were meeting now and I noticed his were as blue as mine. "Being a preacher's kid means that in some ways you have to grow up faster than other kids. Everyone knows how much church people obsess about sex, and when you hit puberty, it becomes pretty damn obvious why. I mean every time I jack off it's like I'm on top of the fucking world, and I can imagine how it'll feel with someone else, but I don't want to cheapen that when it happens."

"So, you aren't grossed out by the thought of two guys?" He asked me a very quiet voice and I had to smile at him.

"Dude, I could care less if two guys want to get it on." I said with a light laugh. "I could care less if two girls want to get it on or a guy wants to get it on with anyone who crosses his path. The only thing that really matters to me is that everyone involved wants to be involved and that they're old enough to make that decision for themselves. For me though, I know that I don't want to cheapen the experience by doing everyone I can. I want each and every time I do it with someone to be special, and I want to be able to appreciate it completely, not just fucking getting off."

"So fags don't bother you?" Brian said with a frown and I worried for a moment. I never remembered him being homophobic either, but then I hadn't really known him all that well, and I never, ever remembered him making a homophobic comment from the time I'd known him this time around.

"Dude, they don't bother me just like seeing an inter-racial couple doesn't bother me." I said firmly. "The rest of my family might have a problem with it, but I sure as hell don't."

"Then, let's say if someone you knew thought they liked boys more than girls, you wouldn't like tell anyone or treat them like shit?" He asked me with a very worried expression and I couldn't hide my surprise.

"Hell fucking no, Brian, I wouldn't." I said with a soft smile. "Anyone who did treat a friend like that would get fucked up by me."

"You mean that?" Brian asked, and he clenched my legs as he spoke.

I took a deep breath and said "Yes, just like I hope my friends would fucking be the same way if I told them I liked boys instead of girls." His eyes widened even more and he looked at me with a questioning expression.

"Are you...I mean..." Brian stuttered and I let out a nervous laugh.

"Dude, you think we might be a little young to know that for sure?" I asked him and squeezed his thighs with my legs again. "When we're sure, we're sure and we can tell each other then. Until then we don't worry about things."

"What do we do?" He asked me, and his grip changed from a death grip on my legs to an idle fluttering tracing of the peach fuzz that was my leg hair at this age.

"Uh, you keep that up and we might have to do some 'exploring' in a minute." I said with a soft groan. His touch was electric and sending signals to my crotch that was waking it up again. Brian smiled and leaned forward until his weight was fully resting on me, and our erections were bumping each other through the spandex of the singlets we were wearing. I remembered I was wearing his jock and felt my cock throb again as Brian lowered his face until it was barely an inch from mine.

"I thought you said you wanted it to be with someone special your first time and that you really weren't sure." Brian teased me with a smile. Oh god, why couldn't he just be a dumb jock?

"Exploring isn't the same." I said with a grin, and lifted my head until the thinnest layer of air separated our lips. He let out a groan and his lips met mine very tentatively. The tentativeness of his contact gave way to the certainty of my more experienced lips, and when my tongue slipped inside, his groan was nothing near to being quiet. His hips thrust against me and I let my head slide back to the ground while my hands gripped his firm butt cheeks, pushing him against me even harder while my hips rose to meet him. Brian's lips followed me down and soon reunited with mine, this time his own tongue fluttered into my mouth confidently and wrestled with mine as his hips began to thrust against me harder and harder. We were both moaning now and his hands were running through my hair with wild abandon as his hips took on a rhythmic thrusting that I knew would bring us to the edge very soon. I couldn't remember meeting up with someone so natural at forming a rhythm guaranteed to bring me to an orgasm, and he was only twelve!

For a moment, I felt extremely guilty, as if I was taking advantage of him. I knew that mentally I was far older than him, and if my true age were known, many might consider it child abuse. Still, I realized this was far from it for many reasons. Brian had started this, and even after our talk had still wanted this. We weren't really going at it, we both still had our clothes on, and there was no seduction on my part, but I could argue very well that he had set out to seduce me.

Those thoughts went racing through my head as his hips speeded up simultaneous with the movement of his tongue inside my mouth. He was letting out a sound that was a mix of moan and high keening sound, and I knew he was getting close. That set me over the edge and I could feel my entire body exploding into pleasure as he took me over the edge. My legs shook, my arms shook, and I forgot how to breath as it swept over me, and I could barely feel him shaking and jerking in his own orgasm. He sank fully onto me then, his weight resting on my chest as his hands gripped my hair tightly. My own hands moved up to the small of his back and held him against me firmly.

"Fuck." Brian said softly a few minutes later as we both tried to catch our breath.

"Yeah, fuck." I agreed and we both chuckled softly.

"Can we 'explore' some more?" Brian asked in a voice that was full of hope.

"Right now?" I asked with some surprise.

"No, about ten minutes, and like every day from here on out to eternity." Brian said in a voice that sounded almost dreamy. "You'll come over, get dressed in my jock and singlet and we'll 'explore' every day. I think that sounds good."

"See, this is why I wanted to wait." I teased him and he laughed, tightening his grip in my hair slightly.

"You can't 'explore' with anyone else, either, Mr. I-Want-It-To-Be-Special." Brian said firmly and I opened my eyes with surprise. His blue ones filled my vision and bore into me with intensity. A sudden memory hit me and I lost the sight of his blue eyes as the memory filled my mind. It was intense, and something I'd totally forgotten.

"Brian's going to marry her the day after they graduate." Brandon had said during my original teenage years. We'd met by chance during our junior year after I moved back from Nevada and he was talking about Brian. "A lot of people don't understand this about him, Davey, but Brian's intensely loyal. He always has been and always will be. He's never fooled around, even the way we do, and she fucking got him into bed last month. That was it for him, he's all set on marrying her even if the kid's not his. She knew that about him and fucking used him to get what she wanted: a father for her baby. She's already cheated on him and its only been a month, but he won't even listen to me about it and we've been friends forever."

"We're not married yet, Brian Breckenridge." I said softly and saw a look of hurt pass across his eyes. "So don't go changing my last name to Breckenridge yet. Just take things easy, bud. I ain't going to go screw around with anyone else like this, nothing even close to it, and I know you won't either. Just don't get so caught up in the pleasure of it that you fool yourself and end up unhappy later in life."

"You sure do talk like you're all grown up." Brian growled and I smiled. It was all the warning he got as I thrust my hips up and to the side, throwing him off of me. Less than a minute later he was pinned to the mat and laughing his head off.

"That doesn't count!" Brian shouted as I let him up. "You took me by surprise!"

"What was it you told me the other day?" I mused aloud. "Oh yeah, always surprise your opponent every chance you get!"

"I'll show you surprise!" Brian growled as he chased me across the mats. I only managed to stay away from him for a minute before he caught me and pinned me to the ground with a half-nelson.

"So, just how much 'exploring' are we going to get to do?" Brian demanded of me while he had me pinned.

"We'll just have to see, Brian." I gasped out, trying fruitlessly to break the hold he had on me. "Trust me, it will be worth the wait."

"It better be." He growled, releasing me from the hold only to climb on top of me and bring his lips to mine. We both moaned aloud at that contact and we kissed for a long time, not really paying much attention to the erections that were pressing against each other again.

"It will be, it will be." I promised when our lips separated and he began to thrust against me again.

His jocks were going to be stiff with dried cum by the time the two of us were done this afternoon.

I wondered if I'd be able to sneak the one I was wearing home.


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