In small town Fulham England a string of teenage murders begin to make the residents of this once peaceful suburb scared for there young stud teenagers lives, as hot young twinks continue to go missing and turn up mangled and destroyed beyond belief, seven hot and horny teenaged twinkaroos will set out in an orgy of murder, deception, and lust for gory sex to find the killer before all the young boys have been slain!


Series Premier

Episode 1

Dirty Passion

Fulham daily, july 4th 2010, pg,2

Journalist Bobby Olmyer

Shocking the entire north side residents

of little Widgen, Fulham England, seven

teenage boys stumbled upon a grim sight

this morning around 8am on there way to

the playground to play some basketball,

they found missing 14 year old Todd Overbeck

in a gory mess, mangled in a ditch, next to

the walking path near the park.

"I almost threw up when I saw him!"

17 year old Derrick Parker admitted.

Greory Stine, sheriff of the Fulham police dept.

and deputy Darren Larmon arrived at the scene

around 9:15 to set up investigations, the

boys Derrick Parker, Sam Arvin, Jacob Rymor,

john Maden, Micky Sherd, Patrick Arvin, and

Tim Owens will be detained for questioning,

Sheriff Stine says no suspects have been charged

for the grim murder of 14 year old Todd Overbeck

at this time.

Derrick dropped the paper as he lay in his bed starring up at the ceiling, images of poor Todd Overbeck entered his mind, laying there in that ditch with no clothes covering what was left of his mangled body, Derrick began to rub his hand over his crotch, his cock began to harden thinking about the gore, the blood, the ripped flesh, Todds teeth had apparently been ripped out as well, it was a beautiful sight Derrick wanted to go back to that ditch and fuck little Todds dead body and lick his gory flesh. Derrick unbuttoned his pants and with no underwear or boxers on he had easy access to his meat, he slowly began to stroke the engorged member as he continued to fantasize about Todds dead corps, he rubbed his chest and belly with one hand and continued to jerk his sweaty cock with the other, Derrick was getting so horny thinking about Todd the thought of going to the morgue just to get at the body was becoming a real idea, Todds lips were puffy with swelling from his teeth being ripped out, it would feel so good to fuck his toothless bloody mouth Derrick thought as he stroked faster sweat beading on his forehead, Todds once smooth tan stomach had been gutted, the cut went from his navel to his crotch where his manhood once stood proud and now was gone, just a bloody hole remained, the thought of sticking his tongue in that bloody hole where Todds cock once lived sent Derrick over the edge and he began to spurt load after load of cum onto his treasure trail and navel.

"Damn dude that was insane wasn't it?" Tim asked looking at a copy of the paper.

"Hell yes, did you see the look on Derricks face? He went fucking white as a mother fucking ghost!" Patrick replied setting on the bean bag next to Tims bed.

"You reckon he's alrite?" Tim asked, now setting on the edge of the bed, still reading the article about Todd.

"Who gives a fuck man? It made me sorta horny..." Patrick said unzipping his jeans and sliding his fingers inside his pants.

"Fuck!!!! DUDE!!!" Tim said jumping to his feet, Patrick's eyes widened he though he had upset Tim.

"Me fucking too!!!" Tim said grabbing his own crotch.

"Thought I was the only one." Patrick admitted.

"You want to get fucked up dude and have some fun?" Tim asked looking at Patrick's thick prick he now held in his hand.

"Hell yes!" Patrick said quickly in reply.

"Lets get outta here and head up to Farrol." Tim suggested.

"Jacob Rymor...

D.O.B: September 11 1994

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Hair color: blonde

Eye's: Green"

Deputy Darren Larmon read from the police report, looking up only occasionally to see the details of the stud in front of him he was reading off.

"Says here you and six other boy's discovered the body of Todd Overbeck?"

"Yea! So?" Jacob replied.

"I bet you boy's did it didn't you? It's ok son you can tell me did you guys just get horny and needed a tight ass to fuck?? Deputy Darren asked, licking his lips.

"Fuck!!! No! Man... Jeasus! Todds fucking dead dude, and we're not fucking gay!" Jacob yelled knocking papers off of deputy Darrens desk, who just smiled and bent down to pick up the mess Jacob made.

"Fuck!" Jacob said and bent down and helped pick up the papers.


"It's alrite Jacob I understand."

"Can I go?" Jacob asked?

"yes but if you need to talk about...ANYTHING! You call me okay?"

"Sure whatever!"

Jacob got up quickly and left the room.

"Darran you ready for the last boy?" a lady asked opening the door.

"Yes but I don't want to be disturbed while I'm with him alrite?" He had gotten quit horny with Jacob now he needed some relief and Sam Reins would be the relief he needed.

"Yes sir." The lady said and left the office a few moments later a tall very young boy walked into the room looking around 15 years old, a smile broke out on Deputy Darren's face he needed some cherry boy pussy and this was the perfect cherry boy to pop.

"Hello Sam come on in, have a seat." Deputy Darren said motioning to the seat Jacob had just vacated. "I'm just going to be asking some questions and I also have to give you a body cavity search."

"Why do you have to do that?" Sam asked his eye's widened.

"Well you and your friends are suspects to a murder!" Deputy Darren said.

"But the news said the police didn't have any suspects at the moment."

"We don't tell the press everything, ok lets get this thing started ill ask you the questions as I give u the search."

Sam stood up looking a little uneasy at the prospect of having this cop put a finger in his ass.

"What about the others did they go through this?" Sam asked eagerly.

"Of course they did..." Deputy Darren lied.

"Why didn't they tell me?"

"You expect them to tell you they got fucked with a cop's finger?"

"I guess not." Sam replied. "Do you want me to take off my clothes?"

"Know I have to do that for you incase you try to conceal something!" Deputy Darren lied again, he just wanted to strip this young stud himself, he looked so fucking hot in those tight stone washed jeans, Darren could tell Sam's hot bubbly tight ass had never been intruded from the scared look on the poor boy's face, but he was going to have some fun poppin this cherry and makin it bleed.


"I'm in my room mom!" Derrick yelled.

"You need to come down and eat some dinner sweety!" Derrick's mother yelled up to him.

"I told Timmy and Patrick I'll be commin over to there house to eat mom!"

"Ok sweety as long as you eat, do you need me to drive you?"

"No mom I think I'll just walk I need the fresh air!"

"Ok, but make sure you go straight over to Timmy's and call me if you decide to spend the night!"

"Ok mom, love you!"

"Love you too sweety!"

"Slut!" I mumbled to myself, I couldn't stand my mom, I caught her fucking one of my ex best friends I'd like to fuck his ass then kill him, maybe some day I will.

"Where the fuck is Tim and Patrick?" I asked Tim's mom who was a crack head.

"How the hell am I supposed to know where that little bastard is, he's been stealing my medicine, if you find him tell him the next time he stills my pills I'll fuckin blow his brains out!"

"Mediccine my ass your dope, but if they have Tim's mom's dope there headed to Farrol." That's where they always went to get stoned Derrick thought to himself.

"Ok Patrick, try this." Tim said holding out his hard cock it had a thin layer of some kind of powder on the head, Patrick lifted the cock to his nose and sniffed the powder into his nostrils.

"Fuck!" Patrick said falling back onto his ass.

"Where you going bitch you gotta clean the rest of this shit off my dick now!" Tim said grabbing the back of Patricks head and guiding his mouth towards his swollen cock.

Patrick's eye's were blood shot he was stoned beyond belief, he didn't know what was pushin up against his lips, he just opened and let whatever it was fill his mouth. Tim's cock felt so good going in and out of this stoned stud, he was getting a lil carried away as he was really starting to shove his thick 7 ½ in dick down Patricks throat, and all Patrick did was gag and a few tears streamed down his face, Tim continued to fuck Patricks face as he pulled a small baggy of his moms oxycottons put one in his mouth and chewed it up and swallowed.

"Fff...,uuck, I bet you'd like to be doin Todd in that ditch rite now wouldn't you?" The drugs and the feelin of his cock pounding the back of his boyfriends brothers face was getting to be to much, he was going to either passout or fucking shoot the back of Patricks head off then passout, he hoped the second one "If Sam only new he was face fucking his brother he would probably cut his dick off, "here it cums!" Sam though out loud. "AAAAHHHH FUCKKK!!!!"

"AAUUUUGGGHH!!!" Patrick gagged choking on Tim's cock and loads of salty cum as Tim shoved his hard prick as far down Patrick's throat as he could, darkness started to cloud both there minds and soon both passed out from exhaustion and fucked out of there minds from the drugs.

Deputy Darren pushed Sam roughly against the wall and slowly started to feel Sam's upper body, Sam's body felt so good under Deputy Darren's hands, the thin tee Sam wore was tight Darren could see the outline of Sam's defining muscles, Slowly he ran his hands over his chest feeling his nipples harden slightly under the touch down to his hard stomached, Darren could feel the six pack starting to form, this was giving him a hard on, Darren rubbed his hands around to Sam's back and pulled Sam into him as he rubbed up his back and shoulders and then whispered into Sam's ear.

"I can stop anytime if you want to admit to murdering Todd." Deputy Darren said as he let his hand slide down to Sam's ass and start to caress the to jeaned lushes mounds.

"We didn't do it!" Sam said with a raised but nervous voice.

"Ok then." Deputy Darren said and grabbed Sam's shirt and pulled it hard up and over his head revealing a very smooth defined body, Darren then told Sam to kick his shoes off, Sam was starting to feel humiliated but did as the Deputy told him, Darren then unbuttoned his pants tugged the zipper down and slid his hand inside over Sam underwear and lightly squeezed his cock.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Sam yelled and jumped back.

"Just stand there and keep you mouth shut you little shit now I know you and your queer friends killed Todd and if you don't keep quiet I'll have all of you in jail then you will be taken care of by your new roommates, they may not be as gentle as I am!"

Sam just stood there speechless he was about to be rapped by a fucking cop a god damn cop, Darren pushed Sam's jeans down and his underwear with them and told Sam to step out of them, Sam did as he was told.

"Fuck your hot as hell!" Darren said and Sam just closed his eyes as tears started to drain down his cheeks, Darren then turned Sam around pushed him against the wall and started to undo his own pants and pulled out his hard cock which seemed smaller than Sam's.

"Please don't do this...please!" Sam begged now in full tears.

"Shhh just relax, you little shit you know you want it." And with that and no lube or spit Deputy Darren rammed his hard cock into Sam's tight cherry ass.


"I know bitch I want it to hurt you need to be hurt like you hurt little Todd, did you and your friends fuck him like this before you killed him... or did you little sick fucks wait till after, HU?" Darren asked in a demanding voice as he shoved his cock deep and as hard as he could into Sam's once virgin hole.


"Whatever you little lying slut, god your ass is so fucking tight I'm going to cum any minute I'm going to fuckin cum inside your tight fucking ass you little faggot! Oh fuck yeah fuck this is so good"

Sam just stood there with a horrid look on his face as his ass was ripped and his virginity stolen his virginity that he was saying for the love of his life Tim.

"Oh fuck shit here it comes OOOOHHH FFFUUCCKK!!!" Darren pounded hard and fast as he shot load after load into Sam's stretched hole.

"Shew, damn haven't had a fuck that good in a while." Darren said then pushed Sam to the floor. "Lick my dick off bitch so I can put it back up and get the fuck outta here. Sam crawled slowly between Darren's legs and with the taste of vomit in his mouth started to lick Darren's dick clean.

Good boy." Darren said as he put his junk back in his pants just in time for the door to open.

"Sir sorry to bother you again but we just got a call on another missing teen!" The same woman that had came in before said and she looked at Sam then turned her head back to Deputy Darren who told her that he would be rite there and she left.

"Get fucking dressed and get outta my sight queer!" Said Deputy Darren and he kicked Sam's clothes to him and left the room.