Dragon Keepers – Chapter 6

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Olridian watched as Pelath and Tylani stood there, hands clasped and gazes locked, like two statue seemingly frozen in time.

Time passed and neither of them moved, nor were any words exchanged. Their peculiar actions were starting to worry him and a slight frown crossed his face.

He felt a gentle hand settle upon his shoulders and turned to look up into the emerald green depths that were the eyes of his adept, Hadrian. He saw compassion, empathy, and understanding in his gaze and was immediately set at ease.

“Don’t worry. I know what you’re going through. I felt the same way when Ty first went under too. The hardest part is the wait but nothing bad will happen, I promise.” Hadrian whispered quietly into his ear.

Olridian nodded and smiled, very much relieved by Hadrian’s words and his presence. He had felt a little jealous when he first observed Pelath’s reaction to him as they underwent the formal introduction, but on meeting Hadrian himself he could understand why. By the gods, he was beautiful! Not only that though, he was just such a genuinely nice person, who exuded an aura of calm and tranquillity that put anyone at ease.

“I couldn’t help hearing your titles. Are you and Tylani…” Olridian started to ask.

“Mated?” Hadrian finished off for him, “Yeah we are. Like you and Pelath, our destinies were bound together since the beginning of time. I’ll tell you more about that later though. We’re supposed to be quiet during this and I wouldn’t want to be a bad role model.” He replied with a grin and a wink.

Olridian nodded. a grin of his own forming and turned back to watch Pelath and Ty’s silent communion.


The warm tide of oblivion receded and was replaced by the crisp cool rush of clarity and awareness. Pelath found himself in what appeared to be a vast sphere made up of thousands of tiny points of light.

“Where the hell am I?” He wondered.

“We are in what’s know as the draconic nexus.” Ty replied.

It was the first time Pelath had noticed him, but he appeared much the same as the other points of light though the individual threads of convergent energy that made up his awareness was very evident because of his proximity. Pelath glanced down at himself and noticed that he too had no discernable physicality, just interconnected tendrils of energy that made up his perceivable form.

“So what is this nexus thing?” Pelath asked, noticing the question passed form his ‘self’ to Ty’s ‘self’ on an energy impulse that separated itself from his awareness, blending with Ty’s own in the blink of an eye. ‘Trippy.’ He though to himself.

“The nexus is like a great oversoul of the draconic species. This is the hub of all our collective knowledge, accumulated over many millennia and many lifetimes. All that has been experienced or learned by dragon or keeper since the first bonding is stored here, never to be forgotten.” Ty replied

“Why am I here then and none of the others, or are they floating around here too somewhere?”

“You are a Lord-Keeper, a queen rider. You are the ultimate authority over all the dragons and keepers in your Keep. In times of peace, you are responsible for the effective governance and overall wellbeing of your people and companions. In times of war, you are supreme commander and strategist, directing your armies of dragon, dragonarls and dragonets instantaneously and with perfect cohesion”

Pelath reached out with his awareness, trying but failing to accomplish anything.

“Okay, how come I can’t ‘do’ anything then?”

“You have yet to bond with your dragon. You were only brought here so the nexus could recognize your energy signature prior to the bonding and so you wouldn’t freak out when it finally does happen, because when you are bonded and you access the nexus the first time you will be flooded with emotions, sensations and memories until the mental safeguards can kick in to prevent your brain from being fried. Even though I tell you this now it’s still a scary experience when it does occur.”

“Okay, coolness. What do we do now then?”

“Well now would probably be a good time to ask any questions you might have or if you’re ready to head back we can do that. Olridian is probably waiting for you to snap out of your trance. I remember the first time I went under. Hadrian was almost beside himself with impatience because I drilled my adept with question after question.”

“Hadrian is your mate?”

“Yep, and I couldn’t be happier.”

“That brings up another question that I have been mulling over since I met Teglita and Pelegra. Are there a lot of gay keepers?”

“Yes, in fact most of them are, only one pairing from each summoning will be hetro. That pairing will be responsible for creating new bloodlines or lines of descent, ensuring the bio-diversity of our species. The drawback of this however is that all children born from the union will mortal, and will have considerably shorter life spans than ours. The bonding makes all of us sterile though until our dragons go into season, which is only once every ten years. Sure, we still have sex for pleasure but the hetro pairing will only produce offspring during their dragons season.”

“Okay, that explains a lot. Just out of curiosity, how did you and Hadrian meet?”

“For people like us it’s never about how we meet. Dragon keepers are unlike normal people. We don’t have the luxury of looking around for partners like most because of our extended life spans. The gods built in genetic safeguards for us that predetermines our life partners. Would it surprise you to learn that you and Olridian were meant to be together since birth?”

“Actually, yes it does, sort of”

“Well its true. Just like myself and Hadrian and all the others.”

“Okay, thinking hypothetically, what would happen if either myself or Olridian had died prior to the summoning?”

“That’s easy. Who ever survived wouldn’t have been summoned, your entire pairing would have been replaced, and the genetic tags either of you bore would have been deactivated, so the survivor would live out a perfectly normal life completely unaware of their potential future as a keeper.”

“Wow. Okay, I’ve heard you make oblique references to us keepers having extended life spans. Just how long do we live for?”

“About ten thousand years in active service, which is while our dragons are still able to go through their normal breeding cycles, and up to five thousand years in retirement.”

“All the holies under the heavens! How come no body knows about all this? I mean everybody knows that keepers ride dragons, about the summonings and that dragons are important for protecting the planet from legion creatures but that’s about it. How come there isn’t more information?”

“When kings and governments swear fealty to us in exchange for our protection, they swear to keep our daily lives and existences secret, by magically enforced pact. This means they are responsible for gagging and suppressing all scholastic and academic works pertaining to us. This prevents the general population from becoming envious of our longer life spans”

“Okay then, last question and then we can head back…”

“I’m 1038 years old”

“Great Denasi! Sorry! You just don’t look your age is all. Okay, lets head back before Olridian chews his fingers off.”

“Sure thing…”

Pelath felt the warm tide of oblivion rise once again and relaxed into it, knowing that soon enough he would be returning to the world he was familiar with…


Once again, oblivion faded away and awareness came flooding back to take its place. Pelath found himself holding Ty’s hand in mid shake and looking deep into his amber coloured eyes. Eye’s that were so much like his own.

They both studied each other for a bit before grinning knowingly and then bursting into laughter, eliciting strange looks from the other new keepers and knowing looks from the Hadrian, Teglita and Pelegra.

Ty moved to take his place at Pelath’s side and as he did the gong sounded again.

‘That’s our signal. Everyone, fall in!” Ty yelled.

Tor Stepped forward a few paces, leading the way, and then turned towards the rear of the great hall, the open doors that drew them forward and that cloisters that waited beyond.

End Chapter 6