Chapter 5

"Scylla....we don't want war. But you are not welcome here," my grandmother states.

When my grandmother talks she commands her voice. It booms so loud that I am sure at this point more than ever she is a goddess. The person walking towards us isn't shaken or stirred by my grandmother's booming voice, however.

I'm off to the side. I look on to see who my grandmother is addressing. Scylla is a woman. Just a woman. She had short black hair. They are done in finger waves like they used to do in the 1920s. Scylla has unique features but she isn't the beautiful woman that my grandmother had described in her story. Her face is narrow and much too skinny. She looks like she has been worn down by something. Maybe once she was beautiful but right now she seems strange with a sunken face, dark eyelids, high eyebrows that almost look painted on and pale skin.

Her steps are weak and almost fragile as though she's not used to walking.

"Goddess, I've only come for the child. Give it to me and I'll leave."

Everyone remains quiet.

Was I the child?

"My grandchild isn't here."

" I know they've returned. Wade returned so I know you called them back. My sister saw them return with her own eyes. She saw the children of Atlantis come back. We don't want all of them. I just want Triton's son or daughter."

I remember what Wade said. They didn't know my gender. They wanted to kill me without knowing anything about me. All they knew is who my parents were.

"Like I said. I don't know what you're talking about," my grandmother says.

"Wade. Wade darling. Is that you? Come here darling. You know, don't you? Who is it, Wade?" Scylla asks, "Come on Wade. Point them out for me."

The way Scylla talks to Wade is weird. Her dark monstrous eyes pierce past everyone. They fall on Wade. My heart is racing.

What if Wade gives me away? What if he betrays me?

I sweat rolls down my forehead. The guards release Wade. He looks around at everyone else. He hesitates. He said they raised him up like a son but there is definitely something sexual in the way she is talking to him. Everyone looks at Wade. Everyone seems a little frightened about what he is going to do right now. They don't know him. Wade literally just wandered in here after spending all those years with the enemy.

Wade hesitates. He takes a deep breath.

"I don't know who it is," Wade replies to the woman.

A few people sigh in relief. I start breathing again. I realize when the sweat rolls down my back that I'm scared. There is something unnerving about Scylla.

I don't get why everyone is so afraid of her. She doesn't look that scary. My grandmother had a whole army of mermen and they all looked fucking built. The fact that this was happening right now like this was weird. Everyone was aware that there was something behind this crippled pale woman.

"Fine," Scylla says.

She turns around like she is about to leave but she doesn't. Something else happens! The whole entire city begins to tremble and I realize that Scylla is transforming right in front of us!

The monster!

It happens in an instant. Where a woman once stood is some sea monster with twelve dangling feet, six long necks and grisly heads lined with a triple row of sharp teeth. The monster soars over us. It casts a shadow over the square. Some people run but the brave ones grab weapons. I just stand there. I'm scared to move. I'm scared at the thing that I'm seeing in front of me.

We are shocked and scared to say the least.

Now I see her true form and I understand the fear.

This is the thing nightmares were made of.

Scylla doesn't attack indiscriminately though even though I believe she could if she wanted to. She is very specific with who she attacks. The monster snaps those devastating jaws of hers. People scream out. The monster has some one before we all notice. More screams.

Horror. Running. Screams.

This wasn't a fairytale. This was a nightmare.

Blood splashes over the crowd. It splashes in my eyes. The monster shakes the person. All i hear is the crackling of bones. It's literally audible!

Silence falls over Atlantis and Scylla is back to herself.

"Every other day another child of Atlantis will fall. Unless you give me the son of Triton I'll kill every child in Atlantis."

The threat is loud of clear. Atlantis falls into darkness. When we can see past the darkness again Scylla isn't around any longer. She's disappeared into the darkness. She's taken her horror with her. There is only one person laying on the ground. Sure enough, we all recognize the person. It's a boy.

I remember him on the beach. He was the heavy set boy. His body is disfigured. The only parts left of him are his head and his leg. His bones are gone.

When I heard that song and followed it to this beautiful city I knew this was magic. When I found out that I was the son of a god I thought this was a fairytale. I was wrong. I was disgustingly wrong. This wasn't a fairytale.

This wasn't a fairytale.

It wasn't even close...


The attack of Scylla has everyone shaken up. I don't sleep that night. I just stand up looking out the palace walls wondeirng if she was coming back. Everytime I close my eyes I can hear the boy's bones.

Crack!One thing I notice about the merfolk of Atlantis is that they have a bond of community that they can't break. People comfort the dead boy's family. Everyone walks up to them. One at a time people

Th sound fo joins being pulls apart.One thing I notice about the merfolk of Atlantis is that they have a bond of community that they can't break. People comfort the dead boy's family. Everyone walks up to them. One at a time people

Crack!One thing I notice about the merfolk of Atlantis is that they have a bond of community that they can't break. People comfort the dead boy's family. Everyone walks up to them. One at a time people

Everytime I close my eyes I see it. The monster chewing down on the hard cavities. The look of him not seeing this coming and dying in her mouth. The way his eyes stare out blankly and his body goes limp. His body goes lifeless.

I shouldn't have come here.One thing I notice about the merfolk of Atlantis is that they have a bond of community that they can't break. People comfort the dead boy's family. Everyone walks up to them. One at a time people

One thing I notice about the merfolk of Atlantis is that they have a bond of community that they can't break. People comfort the dead boy's family. Everyone walks up to them. One at a time people offer their condolences. A part of me knows that it is my turn to go up to them and tell them how sorry I am. I just can't do it, though. I feel so guilty. I feel like I just fucked everything up.

The boy was dead because of me.

"You OK?" someone asks me.

I turn to see Wade standing there. He isn't alone. Blue is with him. Whereas Wade gives me this comforting look, his older brother gives me the scorned look he always gave me. I didn't get it with Blue. Wade wasn't dead. That meant that it wasn't my fault anymore. Why

"He's doing a lot better than the boy who died," Blue murmers.I didn't get it with Blue. Wade wasn't dead. That meant that it wasn't my fault anymore. Why

I didn't get it with Blue. Wade wasn't dead. That meant that it wasn't my fault anymore. Why the fuck was he still being so shitty to me?

Wade, "Blue shut the fuck up."

Blue shrugs, "Whatever."

Wade shakes his head, "I had no idea they were capable of something like that. I swear I didn't. Are you OK, Krill?"

"I didn't know him," I respond.

Wade nods, "Reign knew him. He looks really upset."

Wade was right. Reign looked really upset in the distance. Marina is comforting him. Reign isn't crying but he is definitely holding it back. He isn't the only one. There are a lot of the kids who travelled down to Atlantis. They all look distraught. They all look sad. I wondered if anyone would cry like that if it was me who had died.

I try to avoid staring at Reign, "Reign knows everyone."

Wade laughs, "True. I wanted to let you know that if you need anyone to talk to I'm here."

"Why would I need someone to talk to? I just told you I didn't know the guy," I respond.

Wade looks over at me. It's almost like I'm glass. He can see right through me. It wouldn't be easy if he didn't look like Blue. Hell, they were looking at me with those eyes that sent shivers down my spines. They both had that innocent look to them. It's a beautiful thing to look at the differences between Wade and Blue. I didn't mind staring at them but I hated getting the attention back.

Wade takes a few steps towards me, "It doesn't matter. Sometimes it hurts to see someone die. Even if you don't know them. Plus I don't want you blaming yourself over this. No one thinks that it is your fault."

"Is that right Blue?" I ask.

Wade seems surprised that I'm ignoring him and talking to Blue. Blue is standing off to the side. He's being anti-social. For some reason, I can tell Blue is going to tell me how he really is. He isn't going to try that lovey-dovey shit like Wade. He isn't going to try to make me feel better like Reign.

Blue crosses his arms, "This is none of my business. I could care less what happens to Krill or what people think about him. Wade we should get the hell out of here and go get some rest. We still have a lot to catch up on."

Blue didn't care about me. I knew he was just interested in the fact that Wade was back. He was dismissing me.

"Give me a minute," Wade says.

Blue's eyes look at me. Our eyes connect. There is this...thing that I feel every time I look at him. I don't get it. It feels so uncomfortable but at the same time, I try to act like it doesn't bother me. Maybe I just don't want the look I give him to mean anything.

Blue shivers for a second like he's cold but then he walks off.

"What is it?"

"Blue doesn't hate you. He's just scared of you," Wade replies.

"I didn't ask you about Blue."

"I just figured that---"

"Is there something you want Wade?" I ask him.

Wade looks me dead in my eyes, "I wanted to give you this."

I look at what he gives me. It's some sort of trinket. It's beautiful honestly. Memories come flashing back to my mind at that moment. They are so warm and beautiful. I used to love when Wade got me things. It was never something you bought in a store. It was never something that had real financial value. It was the emotional value. Seeing Wade lean over and give me this thing right now sends shivers down my spine. It is a gem. It's an ocean gem. It's tied with some string that would probably make it this beautiful necklace. I hate how beautiful it is to me. I hate the fact that I want to smile from ear to ear. I even start smiling.

I have to catch myself. I avoid his eye contact. I can't look at that face of his right now. He's staring at me watching my expression hoping that I'd like it. I sigh and turn away. I have to pull back a little.

"It's...beautiful," I admit, "Why did you get it for me?"

Wade laughs, "Do you really have to ask?"

"Yeah. I kind of do."

"It's because I love you, Krill. I'll always love you."

I remain silent. Wade is looking at me. He's expecting me to say it back. I notice that Blue is standing off behind me. He isn't the only one. Sebastian with his braided brown hair that he desperately needs to brush is standing there too. Sebastian's handsome eyes are gazing at me. It's like people are wondering what I am going to do. It's not about the onlookers. though. It's about me.

I smile. I smile as hard as I can. I don't want to hurt Wade's feelings.

"Thank you," I say, accepting this gift.

I look down at it. It is a symbol. Right now it is something from the past. It's something that I don't think I still want but I know that I can't get over.

I still have feelings for Wade.


It's the next day and I've gone to see my grandmother in her room. She comes in to brush my hair. She brushes my hair and she sings to me. She's such a soothing soul. She's pure. I hadn't really met anyone so pure as her before. She's a goddess and the ruler of Atlantis but she still manages to make time for me.

She feels like home...

"I saw you talking to that handsome boy. Scylla's boy. The one that didn't give away your identity."

"His name's Wade."

"I was wrong about him. At first, I assumed he was a threat but it turns out he's a loyal friend," she explains, "You two also look good together."

She pinches my love handles a little bit making me laugh and turn around in shock when she gives me a knowing smile.

"You know?"

"That you're gay? Darling, I'm a goddess...I've seen your life from afar. I've watched you all of your life. I know the good and I know the bad..."

"Why does that make me feel even worse?" I ask.

My grandmother smiles. She stares down at my hair. It's straighter but it's still wavy. She runs her hands down each of the waves. She smiles the entire time she does it. It's so comforting how she does it. Standing around her I can tell she isn't human. There is something about her. This warm glowing ambiance surrounds her. I don't get how someone as normal as me is related to someone so godly. She reminds you of how I imagine Christmas with family would be or the birth of your first born child. This comforting glow is all around her. The goddess lays her hands on me and I feel at ease. I love every moment of it.

"You had to find yourself. You are half mortal after all."

"I feel all mortal."

"Well your mortal part is your stronger half. So like the mortals you have your flaws. You age like them, you hurt like them and you will die like them. But you are half a god as well. You are destined for greater things."

"Not if I'm dead."

I close my eyes.

I hear the crack of bones. Crack! I hear the snap of ligaments. I see the boy's body go limp. He never stood a chance. None of us could save him.

"You're scared of Scylla."

"Shouldn't I be? What if someone tells who I am..."

"I don't think anyone would do that."

"You don't know Blue. He's one of the guys who came down with me. He hates my guts. If it comes between saving his friends or even his brother Blue is going to sell me out."

The Goddess frowns a little bit, "Forget Blue. How are you feeling about yesterday sweetheart?"


I admit it to her where I couldn't admit it to Wade. I feel bad for the fact that I have my walls up with Wade. I had my walls up with all guys, though. My grandmother was different. Maybe it was the soft singing. Maybe it was the soothing tune. All I know is that I love every moment of it. I love being around her and I love how she makes me feel.

"You are just like your father. Both of you had such a hard time accepting who you were. You have a hard time accepting how important you are."

"I don't want people to die because of me. Grandma...we need to stop them."

"You called me Grandma," she says smiling.

I laugh, "Isn't that who you are?"

"It is. It is also my job as your grandma to protect you. I can fight her though. She has the power of the gods in her. I may be able to stop her though. But she'll come back. She'll always come back. Scylla and Charybdis have a power that is too dark for me. It will engulf anything I throw at them."

"There has to be a way."

"One way."


"Your father's trident should be able to stop her. It's the most powerful thing in the world. With that trident. you can control the animals of the ocean. You can control the tides. I sealed it off away from anyone who could use it for bad deeds. It is in an underwater cavern east of here. The trail is marked by a coral reef. You are the only one that can open the doors."

"I'll go. I'll get it."

"I can send an armed guard with you..."

"No. I'll go alone," I respond, "I don't want anyone else getting hurt because of me."

My grandmother smiles, "You have friends Krill. Maybe some of your friends won't mind going with you willingly. I just don't want you going alone."

"I don't have friends," I shake my head, "I'm alone."

Those people I swam down with weren't my friends. They didn't care about me.

There is a knock on the door at that moment. It's a sea nymph. She smiles over at me.

"Krill a friend of yours requested to see you. His name is Sebastian. He's waiting for you in your room."

My grandmother nods.

"I told you that you had friends."

She puts an emphasis on friends. She means something else by it. I smile. The idea of Sebastian being more than a friend makes me laugh. He's an interesting guy. I couldn't deny that. Sebastian was just too much of a free spirit. He had his wild hair thing going on and his smart ass comebacks. He was sexy as all hell. I wanted to ride his dick in 35 different positions but that didn't make him any special than the next sexy guy.

"It's not like that..." I respond.

"It could be," my grandmother says, "There are so many boys around you that would love a chance to really show you what love is like. I suggest that you allow them to do it."

I hate the idea of it. Love. What a silly word.

"I doubt that."

"Take one of them with you," my grandmother says, "You pick who. Just take one of them with you to protect you. Maybe it'll be a bonding experience and maybe for once you can drop your guard."

"I told you I'll be fine going alone."

"Do it for me."

She was giving me that look. She was giving me that grandmother look. I hadn't seen her most my life but I knew this look as if I had seen it a million times. I didn't want to lie to her. I couldn't lie to my grandmother. I'd finally found family and this bond was stronger than anything I'd ever felt.

Who would I take, though?

"Fine," I respond.


"Hey Sebastian? Hey, it's Krill. One of the guards says you were here looking for me."

"Yeah. In here!"

I walk over to where I hear Sebastian's voice coming from. I find him laying on my bed. Sebastian was butt naked on the bed. He had his dick in his hands. One arm was behind his head. His unruly brown hair was sprawled out all over him. Some were braided together but the majority of them were loose and free. It was making him look like some sexy pirate.

"What's this?"

I"m not complaining. Sebastian's dick is on the side of his thigh. His other leg is up. I can see the bottom of his round ass. He has a tight looking hole. Sebastian is also a little hairy. His hairy legs are sexy as fuck.

"Well, your ex is back in the picture and I saw him give you a gift. So I wanted to give you one of my own."

I laugh.

"What's the gift?"

"Come over here and find out."

I walk over to him. I get on the bed. Sebastian massages my head for a moment. He plays with my long blonde hair. Then he pulls at it stretching my head upward. He kisses me and slides me on top of him. He plays with my face swallowing my tongue whole.

"Damn..." is all I can say.

"To get my gift you have to open your mouth."

I do as he says opening wide. Sebastian pushes my head down. Down and down I go until I come face to face with his long throbbing cock. Sebastian knows he has a big dick. He has that cocky smile on his face right now. Before I can say another word Sebastian shoves his dick in my mouth.

He shoves it right down my esophagus!

I choke a little bit, pulling back and releasing a wad of spit from the depths of my throat.

"What the fuck man..." I say.

"You said you like it rough?"

"Yeah but..."

"Well, it's time you put your money where your mouth is. Literally."

Sebastian is challenging me and right now I like it. I lay next to him. I open my mouth as wide as I can get it. I open my mouth so wide that my jaws hurt.

"Show me what you got then," I challenge him right back.

Sebastian smiles. He climbs over me. His ass is right above my chest and his hard dick slaps against my jaw. He aims it right into my throat!

I gag at first but ease my throat letting the warm throbbing dick slide down my mouth. It goes down my throat. I choke feeling it ease into me. I taste the skin of his dick as he begins to fuck my mouth. His thrusts deep and long as though he was fucking a pussy.

I squeeze his nipples. I squeeze his assfeeling the tight hairy cheeks in my hand.

"Yeah. Play with my asshole too. Put your fingers in it. Fuck! Yeah. Just like that!"

I push two fingers into his hairy, tight asshole. Sebastian's asshole is warm and tight. I can tell no one has really ever been in there. He clenches against my fingertips. I go deeper and deeper until I'm all the way down to my knuckles. The whole time Sebastian is moaning louder and louder.

"Fuck yes! Ah yes! Swallow that dick! Every last inch!"

He pulls on my hair.

Drool falls down the sides of my mouth. It drenches the shaft of his dick! It drips down my chest and settles in my navel. He keeps going deeper and deeper pushing so far into me that I feel it down my throat.

I finger fuck him.

He fucks my mouth.

I feel his asshole tighten and I know what that means! He's nutting. Sebastian lets out a loud, "FUCK!" He trembles as he shakes the bed. His entire body is over me almost like he is doing a pushup into my mouth. He is all the way down. His dick shoots. The throttling dick stifles my esophagus. I'm shocked my throat suppresses to the warm thick liquid. It coats my tongue at first then pushes even further back as though attempting to drown me in man juice.

It sprays to the back of my throat. It's gushing. The first spray is thick as all hell. The second and third sprays of nut are more fluid and plentiful.

The cum escapes my mouth. I'm choking on it. I'm drowning in all the cum. He pulls his dick out when he notices me struggling. He pulls his dick out and yet he is still cumming! There are bucket loads of the stuff.

He aims it at my face spreading it all over my eyes, my cheeks and my neck.


The cum soaks my stomach. It drenches the bed.

"I can't...UGH...I can't stop...mhmmm!"

I don't want him to stop. The tip of his dick is so sensitive that when I put his dick back in my mouth he shivers. This time, I'm swallowing his nut straight out of the source like a hose draining the water from a faucet. I'm tasting the hard dick. I've fastened my lips against his swollen cock veins and I'm milking him like a baby nursing. I swallow every last bit of the stuff.

When it's done I'm covered in his man mayonnaise.

I'm exhausted.

And so is he.

That was the best sexual encounter I'd had in my life and it was just a blowjob.

"Marry me," he says.

"I know right..."

"No I'm serious. I think I love you. That was fucking amazing..."

I knew this whole time when I finally got with Sebastian it was going to be something serious. I just didn't have any idea that the sexual chemistry between us was THIS serious. My dick is harder than a stone right now. "What the hell was that?" I ask.

"What the hell was that?" I ask.

Sebastian grabs a towel and is helping me wipe the nut off. Surprisingly he is kind of gentle and caring when he does it. I mean it's a stupid thing to say but I never really cared to stick around after sex. This was different though. I kind of wanted to do it again.

"I guess mermen orgasm a little bit more than usual, especially now that we are coming into ourselves."

"That was amazing," I realize, "How the fuck are we going to clean all of this up?"

The towel isn't working. There's just too much.

"I got you," Sebastian responds.

Sebastian is a freak. I can tell when he starts to lick his own nut off of my chest. His tongue swirls around and around licking every bit of it off. After he licks all the nut off of my abdomen he comes back up and he kisses me. I let him. I let us exchange his fluid between our mouths. He settles over me...this sexy pirate looking guy with this amazing sex appeal.

"You turn me on a lot man," I reply.

I meant it. I didn't know what to compare this to. I could only imagine what it would be like if we went further.

He seems to be thinking the same thing, "So does that mean I can fuck you."

"Maybe," I laugh, "Now now though. I was getting ready to do something. I have to go run a little errand."

"Ok, should I come back later to fuck?"

I pause.

"No Sebastian. I was wondering if you wanted to go with me."

Sebastian raises an eyebrow, "What for? Did you want to fuck on the way there or something?"

"Sebastian. I'm going to need you to focus. I'm not talking about fucking. There's something important I have to do."

Sebastian rolls over to the side. His dick is hard again.

"What's more important then you riding this dick?"

There is a knock on the door. I almost want to thank God at that moment. Sebastian definitely had a one track mind. He was sexy as all fuck and a nice guy but I think we went a little too well together. If it was up to us we'd probably be in bed having wild sex all day. I had told my grandmother that I was going to go get the trident. I needed to get the trident to get rid of the sisters.

I'm expecting a sea nymph. I'm expecting some sort guard even. I don't get any of those people. I get Blue instead. He's standing there.

He's looking at me.


"I have to talk to you."

I'm surprised.

"This isn't a good time."

"Please. Listen. I really need to talk to you."

"What about?"

"Listen. I know things have been really...fucked up between us," Blue explains, "I also know that Wade is actually alive."

"Yeah. I'm glad about that."

"I heard what he said to you before," Blue explains, "And honestly it was touching. At first, I thought you were some slut who cared for no one but yourself..."


"Let me finish. I got really protective of my brother. You know? I thought that you would come in his life and just ruin things if he let you in. I even warned him. I told him that he dodged a bullet by not drowning himself because of you. I told him he had a second chance and not to ruin it by going back to you. I told him to stay away from you. Then I saw how he reacted when you gave him that necklace. It was literally the most beautiful thing in the world. My brother loves you man."

This hurt.

"I know."

"And I know you love him back. I saw the way you look at him."


"Let me finish. And I think now that he's back everything will be back to normal. Maybe you and I could even be friends again. Who knows? Maybe we can be best friends again one day," Blue explains.

I'm shocked.

"You want to be best friends with me again?" I ask.

Blue nods, "I miss you. I know I put up this wall. I just thought you were such a horrible person but seeing how my brother loves you makes me remember when I loved you too."

"Wait you loved me?"

Blue laughs. His teeth are white. His breath is so fresh. A part of me wants to kiss him again. Why the fuck was I so attracted to Blue? Why couldn't I get him off my head? Wade was attractive too. Wade really loved me but my feelings for Wade weren't what they used to be. I was confused by him. I was scared by Wade. Blue didn't scare me though. Right now my heart is beating straight out of my chest.

What is it about Blue that is making me feel this way?

"Yeah I loved you. You know as a friend. No. As more than that."

"What do you mean?"

Was this happening?

"As a best friend. And I want to apologize for everything and spend some time with you. Just me and you like we used to. Remember."

I nod.

"Yeah I remember. I'm so happy you feel like this Blue. It was killing me not being close to you."

He touches my arm slightly. It's the slightest touch he brushes me. He smiles as he does it. I don't know why he's touching me. It was awkward but not in a bad way.

"It was really killing me too," he responds, "Even though I acted like it wasn't. It was weird. It was like I couldn't stop thinking about you."


"That sound weird?" he asks.

"No. No. It sounds good. Since we stopped talking I couldn't stop thinking about you either," I respond.

I take a step closer. Blue doesn't step away. I remember the kiss we shared. I don't want to bring it up but at the same time I feel like I want to do it again. I didn't want to talk about Wade. I wanted to talk about us. I wanted to talk about me and Blue.

"So can we hang out again. Just us? I'll make sure I clear it with Wade. Don't worry. He's crazy for you. I know you guys are probably going to be all in love again soon. I'm happy for my brother. I'm happy for you. I'm happy you two have each other and you're back in love. You make Wade happy. If my brother loves you, Krill then I am sure I can find room in my heart to love you just as much. Maybe in my own way... more?"

I want to ask Blue what he means by more? Maybe he is referring to me being his best friend again but I don't think so. There is something else there between Blue and I. I feel it when he leans over and he hugs me.

The hug lasts for so long. It's one of those hugs where the person is letting you know this is more than a hug. He wraps his arms around my waist. He squeezes me. I squeeze Blue back.

We are hugging for all the hugs we missed all those years.

We are making up for all the lost time.

Tears come to my eyes.

"Ok I'm getting a little jealous here," a voice says.

Fuck! I almost forgot about Sebastian! Just at that moment, Sebastian comes to the doorway. No this isn't happening!

Sebastian is naked!

Blue is still holding me. His mouth drops open. He can't believe it. We just shared a moment that I've been waiting to share for years and now Sebastian was here! His dick is still hard. He walks up to the door butt naked and walks up behind me.

I couldn't believe this was happening. NOT...RIGHT...NOW

Blue's eyes get wide. Sebastian gives no fucks. He slips his dick right underneath the back of my kilt. I feel it pressed up against the crack of my ass.

Sebastian leans over at the door and whispers to me, loud enough so that a clearly furious Blue will hear, "C'mon baby. The blowjob was good but can we fuck now..."

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