Chapter 6

Blue is storming down the hallway of the palace. He looks pissed. He is steaming actually. Things were probably about to get back to normal between us and now he is back to hating me all over again.

"Blue I can explain."

"Fine," he says stopping, "Go ahead."

I wasn't actually expecting him to stop. I'm not ready to actually explain. I wasn't thinking when I left Sebastian butt naked in my bedroom to follow Blue. How could Blue blame me? Look at Sebastian! He has this whole bad boy thing about him that was beyond sexy. He looked like back on the dry land all he did was smoke weed and get the people he dated into drama. Honestly Sebastian was the kind of guy I didn't mind dating. It wasn't hard to date a guy like Sebastian. The problem was taking him serious. I wasn't sure if I could really take Sebastian seriously.

"I care about Wade," I explain to Blue at that moment, "I loved Wade and when I thought he died I thought I could never love again."

"Well he's back. isn't he?"

"It's not the same."

"Yes it is the same! My brother fucking loves you and you do him like this?" Blue asks me.

Blue is pissed. He's always been very protective of Wade. He was that ideal older brother who watched out for Wade no matter what. I feel like shit at that moment. He is making me feel like shit on purpose.

"I can't help the fact that I'm scared to get back in that place with him again," I respond, "This is who I am now."

"A slut?"

I shrug, "Man whatever you want to call it."

I'm not even going to argue with Blue at this point. Maybe I was a slut. Maybe I was just sexually fluent. I don't know. All I know is I wanted to have sex with Sebastian. I wanted to have sex with Sebastian a lot. What was so wrong about that?

Blue sighs, "Tell Wade there's nothing between you two."

I raise my eyebrows, "That would break him."

"Then break him," Blue responds, "Better now than later. I don't want my brother hurt man. You know what happened in the past. You aren't going to see my brother anymore. You aren't going to flirt with him or lead him on. You want to sleep with all these guys go ahead and do your thing. I don't give a fuck. Just stay away from him. I mean it."

Blue is saying it loud and clear. The way he says it is almost as though he is threatening me. It kind of scares me a little bit. Blue clearly did not want me around his brother and it made sense why. The last thing either one of us wanted was Wade to do something crazy to himself again because of me.


The next day I realize that I need to go get the trident. Sebastian wasn't exactly the most reliable guy and Blue would kill me if I asked Wade to go with me. That left one person that I trusted. That left Reign. I find myself going to the house that he lives in. It's a small house but it wasn't hard to find. Everyone in Atlantis was so goddam nice and friendly. Everyone also knew everyone's business in Atlantis. They knew where Reign was and who his all his family members were. If I stopped to talk they'd end up giving me this long ass story that I didn't ask for. I had to get used to it.

The house is like all of the other houses. There is a door but honestly there is no need for one because half the house doesn't have walls. Everything is so open in Atlantis. If I really wanted to I could just find a way to walk right into the house without the door. I knock on the door and when it opens there is a man there smiling at me. He looks just like Reign but he seems a little older.

I knock on the door and when it opens there is a man there smiling at me. He looks just like Reign but he seems a little older.

"Hey, I'm Reign's name is..."

"Krill. Everyone knows who you are!" The guy says getting a little excited, "It's so nice to meet you. Come in. Come in."

I want to argue against it but I don't get the chance. The guy ushers me in. He is tall like Reign and has that slim tone to him. He looked like he was probably in his 30s. He has a goatee and these sexy green eyes. Like Reign his lower body was a lot more muscular then his slim upper body. His legs were strong and muscular like he was track runner. He has on the shortest kilt and I couldn't help but to look up at him.

I even notice a little bit of man wood underneath his kilt. A part of me wants to rub on it a little bit. I would suck the veins out of this guy's dick.

"You Reign's brother?" I ask.

He laughs, "No, actually I'm Atlas...Reign's Uncle. Didn't he tell you about me?"

"No but there's been so much going on since we all returned."

"I asked him to invite you over. I've been dying to meet you," Atlas explains.

I lick my lips, "Well I'd love to get to know you Atlas."

I'm flirting heavy. Reign had a sexy ass Uncle. I had a slight thing for older guys sometimes too. He was definitely a silver fox. "Come on in. This is my wife Gladys. Gladys meet the god Krill..."

"Come on in. This is my wife Gladys. Gladys meet the god Krill..."

I'm immediately annoyed by the mention of a wife. Gladys jumps to her feet. She was on the other side fo the room so I didn't notice her. She is a pretty woman. She's young probably a few years older than me. She walks over to me and literally drops to her knees to bow. I stop her immediately! When the fuck did people start bowing to me?

"Whoa that is not necessary!" I respond.

"I've never met a god before besides the goddess."

"Yeah not really a god ma'am," I respond, "I bleed just like you."

"Looks like a god to me," she responds, "Atlas look how handsome he is. Doesn't he look like a god to you?"

"He's better looking up close," Atlas agrees with his wife.

They keep going back and forth at that moment. He has me up against the wall. He doesn't notice that Reign is in the background. Reign seems surprised to see me as he approaches. Atlas seems so starstruck at that moment that he doesn't even see Reign. Being this popular is really weird to me. This guy honestly seems to like me and he doesn't even know me. It's not even that but Reign's Uncle was smiling the whole time.

"So Reign tells me you two are close?" Gladys says.

I shrug, "Define close."

Atlas bites his lips, "Like...close. Close."


What the fuck was going on?

"Don't worry. Your secrets safe with me. I won't tell Marina. To be honest I've been telling my nephew to drop her and get with you but will he listen? No. He's spoiled just like his mother."

"OK! Uncle Atlas. What the hell," Reign interrupts us.

Reign grabs me at that moment. He's trying to walk me out of the house. His family is excited and damn near following me out. I have to turn and wave to them a million times as he takes me away. I can see Reign's face blushing red with embarrassment when we get outside of the house. I just laugh. It's cute seeing Reign embarrassed like that. I look up at his face and how he just stares out as though not understanding fully what just happened.

"Your uncle and aunt are nice," I point out.

"I think I feel like pulling a Wade after that."

"Pulling a Wade?"

"Killing myself," Reign laughs before shrugging, "At least faking it. I'm real embarrassed. I was going to invite you over to meet them but I figured that was going to happen."

Reign mentioning Wade gets things a little off at that moment. It's the last thing that I really want to do. I'm not used to anyone wanting me around. Reign was always nice when Blue and Marina were mean but it wasn't like he went out of his way after a while to have me around. After Wade died things were hard. Now that Wade was back things were hard too. I cared about Wade and it was clear there was real tension between the two of them after the last thing.

"Listen, I was wondering if you could come with me to recover something."


"A weapon my grandmother says I can use to protect myself against the sisters."

Reign doesn't hesitate. I didn't expect him too, "Of course."

"It's outside the city."

"Of course."

"It might be dangerous Reign."

"I said of course already," Reign responds, "You must not understand man. I'll follow you anywhere."

Reign says it in a deep way that makes me a little nervous.


He laughs at how nervous he is making me. I wonder if he is doing this on purpose to take away from his awkward family members, "Do you want to leave now?"

I nod, "Yeah, we can start heading there. My grandmother told me how to get there."

We start walking through the city. We need to make our way to the bubble. Reign is looking at me the whole time. It's awkward but not the bad kind of awkward. Reign knows that he has a lot of explaining to do, especially about his uncle's excitement and the whole thing that Wade told me about him. We hadn't really had a chance to talk since then. To be honest I'm enjoying watching Reign squirm with every step we take. I can hear his breathing getting heavy. He's nervous as fuck. We are almost past the forum when he stops me holding me back. He looks around making sure that no one is around to overhear. A few people walk past. They seem to be setting up for another one of the communal events at the city. Everyone works together in Atlantis. The amount of Socialism makes it hard to get some privacy but sooner or later he manages to have me alone. I can tell he has something he wants to get off his chest.

"So I told my uncle about me kissing you the night Wade came back," he admits, "I also told him about what happened years ago..."

"You mean when you faked being drunk and everyone thought I took advantage of you," I respond.

Reign nods, "Yeah. Listen I'm sorry about that..."

I'm still annoyed at it to be honest. Reign let me take the fall for the whole situation for years. I'd always thought he was drunk and maybe I should have backed off even though he clearly wanted to do something. I thought I had taken advantage of him. I allowed everyone to put the blame on me. Now Wade came out and said he watched Reign drinking juice the entire night and faking it.

I have to ask, "Why didn't you tell the truth?"

"Me and Marina have always been tied at the hip. I am not the kind of guy who wants to date around. I'm not interested in other girls. I know I'm attractive but that kind of stuff doesn't get to me. Nothing really gets to me when it comes to Marina...except you."

"So you let me take the fall for the affair so you can experiment with the local gay boy?" I ask.

"It wasn't an experiment," he responds, "You know what it is between us. C`mon. You knew that."

"Knew what?"

"Don't be stupid. Blue knew. Wade knew. Hell sometimes I think even Marina knew. I always had a crush on you. Us having sex wasn't an experiment to me. It was me trying to give us a chance."

"What chance? Reign, you were with Marina."

"And you were with Wade."

"I'm not with Wade any longer, but guess who you are still with?" I ask Reign.

Reign licks his lips. He looks down at me. I can tell this is heavy on him. He's still stressing. How long has he been wanting to have this conversation with me? I know I'm being tough on him and I know saying things like this can't be easy on him. Still...I am a little upset about what happened back then. It's hard to get over how Blue treated me because of what happened.

"So what are you saying? If I broke up with Marina then you and me will be together..."

I shrug, "Maybe you'll get that chance."

"C`mon. You want me to break up with Marina just for a chance that me and you can be together?" Reign asks me.

"You should want to dump her because you want to dump her. Not because of me."

"That's the problem. I love Marina but I can't get you out of my head," he explains, "If you weren't around I would probably be fine with her. She's loyal as fuck, pretty and she's always been there. You are the problem with that. You make me question my sexuality. Every time you walk in the room my heart skips a beat man. Tell me that shit isn't mutual. How many times have I caught you staring back at me?"

Reign was right. I'd stared at him a million times wanting to know what it would be like to kiss his lips again or feel him inside of me again. That night was magical. It was brilliant before it all came crashing down. It was the most beautiful curse ever.

"Sometimes I wonder how things would have been if Wade hadn't caught us."

Reign puts his hand on the side of my face, "I think I know."

"Do you?"

"Yeah. We would have eased Marina and Wade out of our lives. At least romantically. Maybe made them only friends to us. We would have slowly built something together. No one would have their feelings hurt. But the feelings between you and me. Man those sparks every time we look at one another from across the room. Man...those sparks would have become wild fires."

I step away, "But Wade did catch us. Feelings were hurt. And you are still with Marina. I can sit here and put my emotions into you but I won't. I refuse. You want that chance then you break up with Marina."

"Promise we'll be together."

"I can't."

"Then I'm not breaking up with Marina! I want you but you can't just have me break up with Marina and look stupid while you get back with Wade," he responds.

"Get your fucking hands off of him," a voice says.

I turn at that moment. I don't expect who I see. I'm shocked when it's none other than Wade. How the fuck did he find us?

"Were you following me?" I ask Wade.

I don't get a response. Wade looks pissed. He walks over to us and pushes Reign hard as hell. He pushes him in his chest. You can hear the loud "THUD" when he pushes him. I'm shocked by it. It catches Reign off guard too and Reign falls flat on his ass in front of a bunch of people in the forum.

"Yo, are you fucking serious?" Reign asks.

"I knew all this time you were plotting," Wade tells Reign, "All the time you been sitting here trying to be friendly. You've been pretending like you are this good guy. You got all these people fooled. Reign, fuck you!"

Reign gets back up. He pushes Wade back. Wade counters, though. He throws a punch at Reign. I'm shocked when his punch hits Wade right in the face. The two boys start rolling around on the ground at that moment. They are punching each other and really fighting!

I don't know whether to break it up or not, to be honest.

"You just going to fucking stand there?" Blue asks me.

Blue comes out of no where. He must have been in the forum too. He pulls Wade off of Reign. Reign's lip is busted but Wade has his eye cut up a little bit and bruised.

Reign spits out a mouthful of blood, "Blue what the fuck is wrong with your brother?"

"What's wrong with me? What the fuck is wrong with you! You fucking backstabber!" Wade is screaming at the top of his lungs.

Wade looks furious. Other people have come to try to hold Wade back. A group of men literally have to grab Wade and pull him away to restrain him. They lock him in a nearby house. Blue goes to check on his brother and calm him down but I can still hear Wade threatening Reign for what seems like almost half an hour in the house. He's throwing things in there and clearly wanting to come back out to continue fighting.

"He's fucking crazy," Reign tells me, "Did you see that?"

Reign has a point. I'm helping him heal up his lip but Wade's anger is out of control. It's kind of scary. He was always jealous in the past but I'd never seen him be that angry...except the night that he caught Reign and I having sex. That was the only time he snapped. Now was different, though. Wade and I weren't together and I was far from having sex with Reign in the middle of the forum. I understood him being upset but the way he attacked Reign was almost like he wanted to kill him.

Blue comes out when Wade is finally quiet. He just stands there. He looks down at Reign.

"You OK?" he asks.

"Is your brother, OK?"

"He's fine."

"Really. Cause I'm wondering if he's been hanging around those monsters a little too long. He definitely acts like a goddam monster," Reign hisses.

Reign is pissed and honestly, I don't blame him. He was just defending himself but Wade had gotten physical first. Wade had pushed him first and thrown the first punch first.

"Reign I'm sorry man. I talked to him. He's just...emotional right now. He's taking a walk to clear his mind. What were you two doing out here?" Blue asks.

"I have to leave the city to get something. Reign was going with me," I ask.

"I'll go with you instead," Blue responds.

"No, I told him I'll take him," Reign argues.

"Look, you got a busted lip and open sores. You want to go swimming in salt water then do your thing. I'm just trying to be a friend and look out for you. Besides Marina is looking around for you."

Reign looks over at me. I can tell he isn't comfortable just dropping out from coming with me. Truthfully I'd prefer Reign to Blue, but I don't want any more drama right now. I'm still shaken up by the fight and maybe I needed to have a talk with Wade about boundaries before I kept hanging out with Reign alone.

"Go ahead, it's OK," I tell Reign.

Reign nods. He leaves. A bunch of people are still watching. The people of Atlantis definitely didn't seem used to this kind of drama. For the most part, they all got along. I keep having the feeling that we invaded their city and brought all of our problems from the surface to their paradise.


Blue doesn't speak. We swim for a while. I lead the way but he follows close behind. We are outside of the city. Truthfully everything is scarier outside of the city now that I know what is out here. My heart races. It's a little strange because sound doesn't work the same when I am in my mermaid form. I feel vibrations. Every vibration causes my heart to drop or causes me to look around frantically.

I can feel Blue staring at me even in the water.

"What is it?"

"Wade and Reign are going to kill each other because of you."

Blue had some nerve blaming me for his brother's behavior. Wade just attacked Reign out of no where.

"Well I hope not. I'm tired of Wade dying," I respond with a smart expression that I hope translates with my echolocation clicks.

"That fight can't happen again," Blue clicks back.

"I realize that."

He's preaching to me again. I don't get it.

"You need to tell Wade you aren't interested."

"Listen can you please shut the fuck up and let me deal with my love life the way I want to deal with it?" I ask Blue.

"Whoa...that was rude."

Blue seems really thrown off by me. He honestly seems shocked that I'm coming at him like this. He stops swimming. His tail is violently whipping back and forth. I can tell that he's shocked. I'm annoyed that this is happening.

"This coming from the person whose been rude to me for years," I respond, "Don't worry. I'll make sure Wade backs off. Now shut the fuck up about it. Please. I think I see the cavern."

The underwater cavern is in a dark area. The doors are golden doors. It looks abandoned like it hasn't been touched in years. Blue seems hesitant but I'm not. I know this is the place. There is a huge amount of tension between us so I just end up leaving him and swimming down there.

I can hear his echolocation clicking for me to wait. By the time I get down there though it seems safe. I don't see anything around me.

"You have a death wish?" he asks me, "You didn't even look around first..."

I shrug, "Do you even care?"

I think Blue says something underwater using our echolocation communication but I don't catch it. Whatever he says he doesn't repeat himself. He just swims to the door of the cavern and attempts to pull it open. The door doesn't budge. However, as I move forward all I do is slightly touch the door. I move my hand right on it and the doors creaks open. The huge cavern inside is open to us with me barely even trying.

"How'd you do that?" he asks me.

I shrug. I remember my grandmother saying that I'd be the only one who could open the door but she never said how. I stopped trying to get explanations for things that happen at the bottom of the ocean.

"You coming or not?" I ask him.

He tries to stop me but I don't listen. I head into the caves. The caves are tight. It almost feels like being in outer space as we enter the caves. There is a stillness to everything here. My tail is the only thing that lights the way in the darkness. It is so creepy. My heart pounds. I keep moving until see a room illuminate in the hallway. As we get closer I feel something touching me. Something pulling at me.

"Blue stop," I respond.

"What are you talking about?" he says, "I didn't do anything."

I turn around at that moment and I jump! My heart races when I see a skeleton! The skeleton floats right over to me and collapses on me! It's almost as though it's alive. I squirm and scream underwater opening my mouth and letting my throat be submerged with salt water.

I'm swimming as fast as I can in any direction! I'm frantic!

It's Blue who grabs me this time and pulls me close. His warm body is so much different from the skeleton that I experienced before.

"Relax, I got you," he tells me.

I'm still panicking but he holds me.

"Sorry, I'm a little claustrophobic," I admit to him.

He smiles underwater. His tail lights up his face in the most beautiful way. It's rare that he smiles at me. He'd probably be laughing if we weren't thousands of miles underwater. The light on his tail reflects on his chest while he's still holding me to keep me from panicking. I don't know why I do it but I get even closer. I let my hand rest on his chest.

He leans into me. I swear I think he's going to kiss me. A part of me even wants it.

Instead of kissing me Blue leans into my ear, "You're such a pussy."

I push him away annoyed.

"Fuck you. You're always a dickhead."

"You didn't think I was dickhead just now when you were getting comfortable on my chest."

"You pulled me over to you. I didn't want to fucking touch you."

"Well if you weren't such a pussy I wouldn't have to protect you every minute. Who the hell do I look like anyway? Reign? Wade?"

"No, they actually like me."

I swim past Blue so fast that the water causes him to spin a few times. I am going deeper into the cavern. There is nothing in here. There is no sense of really being in water because there are no currents here. Out in the regular ocean, you can feel the water moving around you, but in the cave it is completely still.

"If only the feeling that Wade and Reign had towards you were was mutual huh?" Blue states.

He's back at my side swimming before I notice. He's not dropping this issue. Clearly he wants to keep poking me about it.

"You think I'm such a horrible person don't you?"

"I think you are playing with Wade and Reign."

"I actually like both of them."

I was just confused about my feelings for them.

"Then why don't they know that?"

"I told you why I'm scared to be with Wade. With Reign it's different. If Marina weren't in the picture..."

He cuts me off, "But Marina is in the picture."

"If she weren't I'd want to be with him," I explain, "He's actually a good person."

"You don't need a good person," Blue tells me.

I'm already struggling not to panic. I am losing track of which direction is up and which is down. It is so disorienting. The last thing I need is Blue confusing me more. The mouths of the caves branch off. We end up at a point where we have to squeeze through a very tight gap. I go through first and Blue goes through after me. He gets a little stuck and I wonder if I should leave him but I end up actually helping to pull him through the narrow gap.

"You have no idea what I need," I respond to Blue after getting him through the gap. I release his hand almost immediately.

"If you needed a cool person you wouldn't be in bed with Sebastian. That guy seems shady as hell like he sold drugs on the dry land or something. But you like the difficulty. It turns you on."

"You really think you know me."

"We were best friends once remember," Blue explains, guiding me through the darkness as if he had any idea where we were going.

"That was a long time ago," I respond.

"Not much has changed. You are looking for a guy who looks like my brother Wade, but can protect you like Reign but has that devil may care attitude like Sebastian."

I stop swimming. There was only one person I knew that had all of those traits and it was the person who was looking right at me. What was Blue getting at? He wasn't smiling or anything. He was dead serious. I was kind of confused by it.

"If only that person existed," I state.

He stops swimming as well. We float together. It's almost like we are in outerspace. We just move without really wanting to. We move around each other. I look at him wondering what if he was right. What if Blue was the person who had all the traits that I needed in a guy? He was so fucking sexy to me.

We'd exchanged looks like this before. We'd gotten close like we were getting now. There was no danger that I needed protection from now. We were getting close naturally. Close and closer. Our tails wrap around each other. I can feel his scales on my scales. I can feel his chest on my chest. I can move just a little bit and I'd be kissing him.

"That person does exist," he admits.

We are close. His lips are only inches away from mine now. A percentage of an inch now. I can feel the hairs on his arms. We are so close. We are losing ourselves. For some reason, it seems romantic in these tight places. Everything seems as though we've forgotten time.

"If only that person felt the same way about me."

"What way was that?"

"If he needed me like I may need him."

"I thought you didn't need anyone. I thought you were so tough."

"That person would be able to tell that I wasn't as tough as I put on. He might even call me a pussy every now and then to remind me."

"Well, you are a pussy."


"It'd never work though with that person you are looking for."

"Impossible things happen, every day. People turning to mermaids happen. Cities at the bottom of the ocean happen. Enemies fall in love. Who knows what would happen if that person had an open mind."

"Maybe. If only that person didn't hate you," he tells me.

My chest caves in. That was it. Blue hated me. Impossible things happened all the time but not that impossible I guess.

I look past Blue, distracted.

"I found it..."


"My father's trident."

There is a statue there. It's a statue of a man. It's a stone man. He is holding up a trident. He has a long flowing beard that falls on the wall to his feet. His head was bald. He had dark eyes. Was this a statue of my father? I'm not sure but I see what I came for. The trident is in his hands.

I swim over at that moment. I reach for the trident grabbing and attempting to shake it loose. There are vibrations as I try to shake it.

"Krill...stop..." Blue says.

"What? I almost got it..."


I know why Blue is panicking. The cavern is shaking. It's weird. It's like some sort of underground earthquake or something like that. Was the trident causing that? How powerful was this thing?

"Relax," I tell him, "Here look. I got it. Calm down already..."

I have the trident in my hand. It's free. The violent shaking stops.

I hold the trident in my hands. It glows when I touch it. It turns into a beautiful neon orange. It seems to come to life with lights all around it. There was so much power in this thing. I can feel it. It is cold but there is a tingling under my fingertips. It's almost like walking across a carpet and touching door handle. You get zapped at first but then you want to touch it over and over again. There is this building of energy as I hold it and I feel transformed.

I feel so powerful. I feel like...

I feel like a god...


Blue is close to me. He swims past me. A part of me is mad about the fact that he said he hates me but I guess I already knew that. Nothing much has changed. Besides I got the trident now. We could head back.

"I know it is, isn't it?"

"I wasn't talking about the trident," he says.

I smile at that moment. There is something about me holding the trident that seems to make Blue see me in a different way. There is something about the way he is looking at me that makes me realize that maybe the hatred Blue has always felt for me was something else. We are close to each other again. We are holding each other yet again.

"Why do we keep ending up so close? The ocean is so big but for some reason we always end up right next to one another," I tell him.

"Wade would hate me if he knew I was this close to you."

"He would."

"Reign probably would too. YOu have way too much going on with your life," Blue explains, "You are so bad to be around."

"Then why are you still around?"

Blue doesn't seem to know the answer to that.

All of a sudden he just shrugs.

"Fuck it!"

He's kissing me. He's kissing me hard. There are so many sparks. I push him back hard away from me.

"Damn. Can we do that again?" I ask him.Stop!"

I lean back into Blue again but he pushes me away, "Stop!"

Blue is panicking. I can see the panic in his eyes.

"I'm just as confused as you are. I know Wade is my ex. I know he is your brother. I know he is still in love with me. I know I have so much bullshit going on in my life that i have to figure out and you probably don't want to be involved. But Blue I really want us to at least get to know each other or..."

That's when I realize that Blue is not referring to the kiss.

"What are you doing here?" Blue asks looking past me as though recognizing someone.

I'm not sure who the person is because as soon as I turn around I am hit in my face. I am hit hard. The person strikes me so out that I pass out.


I wake up feeling sick like I just had a concussion. I look in my hands. The trident. It's gone. It's fucking gone! SOMEONE TOOK IT!


I am confused on who came into the cavern. I swim however and realize that I see Blue laying there. He is laying at hte bottom of the cavern. Blue isn't moving. I swim up to him. Someone attacked him. Someone stabbed him with the trident! The trident is gone but i can see the three piercing holes in Blue's abdomen!

I check Blue's pulse.

It is clear. Blue is dead...

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