Chapter 9

"You came..."

We'd just had the memorial for Yara two hours ago. I show up at Blue's house. He opens the door for me and just stares at me for a minute. Blue asked me during the memorial to come over after. I think he said he had some information that he needed to share with us about Yara dying. He was the last one working with her before she was murdered. No one knew who killed her. No one knew why she died. All we knew is that Yara was killed.


I'm sad about Yara but the tears won't come out. It's not just me either. It seemed like people were getting used to death. My friends were dying left and right and there was nothing I could do about it.

"Come here," Blue says.

I don't get a chance to respond to what he says before he leans over and hugs me. He knows I need it.

"You're my blue crayon," I admit to him, "The one that I could never get enough of. The one I use to color my sky."

He pulls me close. He puts his hands over me. I get butterflies in my stomach when he hugs me tightly. He isn't letting me go either. I can feel his breathing. I wonder at that moment if he is comforting me or if I am comforting him. He is hugging me so tight that there isn't an inch of space between us. Either way it just feels good being next to him.

The moment between us is interrupted.

"Who is it?" Wade's voice calls out from inside the living room.

Blue steps back. He takes a hard look at me. It's this piercing real look but then he just turns around and leads me into the common area.

"It's Krill."

I walk into the common area and am surprised to see Reign, Sebastian and Wade already in there. Reign is standing up against a pillar. He has his long arms crossed. His eyes connect with mine first as I walk into the room. He looks so handsome standing there shirtless with his tight abs and perky pecs. His slim swimmer's physique makes his body long elongated and perfect. He doesn't give me his usual smile. I wonder if he's upset with me. I hate the idea of the nicest guy I know being upset with me.

Sebastian is sitting. His legs are parted and with his kilt I can see his balls hanging slightly out from the chair. He doesn't seem to notice or give a fuck really. He winks at me as I walk through the room.

Then there is Wade.

Wade walks up to me and kisses me.

"Baby," he says as he kisses me.

I expect it to just be a peck but it isn't. Wade gives me a hard kiss. It is the most awkward thing in the world especially since it is being done in front of Reign, Sebastian and Blue. I know Wade is doing this specifically for Reign though. He is doing this to spite Reign and I think it's working because Reign looks away.

"We should all sit and talk," Blue says.

Blue walks over to a sofa. It isn't a really comfortable sofa like on the dry land. This sofa is a really just a long wooden bench with a cushion on it across from where Sebastian is relaxing on his single chair. I go and sit next to Blue. Almost immediately Wade comes out of no where and squeezes between us. I don't think he means to separate Blue from me but that is essentially what he does. He puts his hand on my thigh.

"Do we have to be here?" Sebastian asks.

"I invited all of you because there aren't a lot of people I can trust," Blue explains, "Yara was murdered and I think it has something to do with what she knew..."

"It's too bad Krill's grandmother already gave up her immortality huh?" Sebastian asks, "Can't bring Yara back this time."

Sebastian laughs but Blue gives him a hard look.

"Sebastian, a friend of ours is dead. If you aren't going to be respectful about that then you can definitely get the fuck out," Blue says.

He shuts Sebastian down and I think Sebastian may be a little bit scared of Blue because he doesn't argue with him.

"My grandma says it was the sisters," I explain to Blue.

"It wasn't," Wade responds immediately, "I let Blue know that. Someone else killed Yara. It wasn't the sisters."

"How are you so sure?" Reign asks.

Reign must have just been waiting for this. He gets up off the wall. He has his arms crossed. His body language is very defensive. Reign has always been the nice guy but that nice guy shit was slowly starting to end especially when it came to Wade. Reign was changing for the worse. The beef between Wade and Reign was real. It seemed like the rest of us were just here for the ride right now. I can tell when Reign gets off that wall that there is going to be an issue.

I notice Wade sit up on the bench we are sitting on. He puts his hands together.

"That isn't their style," Wade explains.

"They said they would keep killing people. They killed Blue then Yara."

"It was an empty threat," Wade responds.

"How are you so sure?"

"They want Krill but if they really wanted to kill all of us they would have done it already," Wade explains, "They just want Krill."

"She killed someone right in front of us," Reign argues, "Or did you forget that boy? Why are you defending them?"

Reign has a point. Sebastian nods his head in agreement. A part of me wants to do the same thing but I don't want to upset Wade right now. The sisters definitely were evil. If he was trying to pretend like they weren't then there was something definitely wrong with Wade. Maybe that was the point. Maybe the point is that something has always been a little off with Wade and I'm just not recognizing it. How the fuck could he defend people who killed a stranger just because of who they might have been.

Wade avoids eye contact with Reign. He speaks slowly as though trying to make his point clear, "I'm not defending them. I'm just saying I know their style. They didn't kill Blue. They didn't kill Yara. I know them."

"Maybe that's the problem..." Reign mutters.

"What did you say? I can't hear you when you speak like a bitch," Wade responds.

Reign takes a few steps forward towards Wade, "Oh sorry. Maybe I wasn't speaking your language. Maybe I should speak backstabber for you. Those are words that you can understand. Let me try this again then. I said...maybe you are the problem. As in maybe the fact that you know them is the problem. Maybe you are fucking working for them."

Wade is about to get up. I pull him down. Sebastian manages to get Reign and drag him back to the other side of the wall. The argument is getting intense and we have only been here for a couple of minutes. The tension is so high. I don't think it is a good idea for Blue to have dragged us here.

"What about Marina?" Wade asks throwing it right back in his face.

Just at that moment as Wade is getting really hype I can lean my hands back behind the chair. I'm just exhausted. I know this isn't going to go down the right path. Wade had his target on Reign now and this was only going to escalate from here. I was exhausted and annoyed. I feel eyes on me though. I can feel Blue staring at me right behind Wade.

Then I feel his fingers. He has put his hands behind Wade's back as well. His fingers cup mine. He holds my hands behind his brothers.

It's almost like he's comforting me through the drama.

"What about Marina?" Reign argues back argues back, getting louder by the minute.

Sebastian nods over at Reign, "He has point."

"She's not here. I wonder why. Rumor has it you broke up with her. And she slapped my boyfriend. That is just weird, isn't it? Why would she slap Krill because of you breaking up with her?"

"Ask her."

"Maybe I should also ask her where the trident is."

I'm shocked by this. Wade has been on the defensive for so long that I wasn't really sure where he was getting at with Marina. It's already uncomfortable enough without bringing up the fact that Marina slapped me. I wish he had left it out but at the same time I start seeing why he is bringing Marina up in the first place. Sure enough Blue had invited her like he invited everyone else to this meeting but she didn't show up.

"You think Marina killed Yara?"

Blue squeezes my hand tighter. I squeeze back. I run my fingers through his fingers. They are firm but soft at the same time. Our fingers dance together while Wade and Reign argue. For some reason it calms me down and I'm transported out of this room.

"She didn't like Yara. She also has motive. She hates Krill and she wants to make his life a living hell. Kiling his friends and stealing his family heirlooms definitely seem like a way to accomplish that," Wade says.

Even if Reign wasn't with Marina I knew that he still had feeling for her. I can see him getting more and more pissed every single time Wade mentions her name. Maybe that is why Wade is doing it. He wants to get under Reign's skin.

"Oh so you are trying to take the target off your back. Where were you when Yara was killed?" Reign asks.

Sebastian agrees with Reign, "Where were you Wade?"

Sebastian isn't making this any better. I think he's just suspicious of everyone at this point. Maybe he has a right to be but he is just throwing flame on the fire. I can see Reign's eyes get red. Wade muscles are throbbing. Wade also has his fists balled. Sebastian was taller but Wade was more muscular. The fight would be bloody and it seemed like it was about to go down any minute now.

"I'm not fucking answering that. Fuck ya'll."

Just at that moment I feel Blue slip something into my hand. It's a piece of paper.

With that Blue gets up.

"Ok this isn't getting anywhere," Blue says, "I was hoping we can help brainstorm what Yara knew but instead we are pointing fingers at each other. Reign your brother was working with Yara, can you go find out what he knew? Sebastian can you go check the library?"

Sebastian nods. Reign looks like he is happy to get out of the house. He doesn't even say anything before storming out of the house away from Wade. Wade smiles as though he won some type of argument. I can tell he definitely got under Reign's skin by pulling Marina in as a suspect. Honestly it would make sense if Marina did it. Marina was a bitch and she would do some shit like this. I wouldn't put it above her. Marina had made my life a living hell back home.

When Sebastian and Reign leaves, Wade stands up and looks over at Blue.

"Thanks for kicking them out bro. Sebastian was pissing me off."

"I didn't do it for you," Blue responds to his little brother, "I did it because of you. You shoving your relationship in Reign's face isn't helping shit Wade."


Wade isn't the only one surprised. I'm surprised as well. Blue treated Wade like glass most of the time. He treated his little brother like he would break at any moment. This is the first time I really see Blue giving his brother this look that just seems annoyed.

"Reign gets it. He gets you are with Krill. We all motherfucking get it. But for some reason you seem a little bit insecure about it. Maybe that's why you keep bringing it the fuck up."

My mouth drops open a little bit. This was definitely a big switch.

"I should leave," I state.

"No. I wanted you to sleep over tonight," Wade tells me.

I didn't want to be in between this argument between brothers. I sit there feeling awkward and weird but it would probably be even more awkward to just run out of the room especially with Wade insisting I stay.

"There it is. More of that shit..." Blue explains, "You don't have to be with Krill every single minute of the day."

"You really taking up for Reign? You taking his side?" Wade asks Blue.

Blue takes a deep breath. I don't think this is about Reign at all. Wade might think it is but I know different. Blue looks at me. It's for a milli-second but that's all I need. I know that Blue is annoyed with Wade for his own reasons. Maybe there is a part of me that is annoyed at Wade too. Truthfully I was realizing I didn't want to be with Wade.

There were parts of me that enjoyed Reign, Blue and Sebastian much more than Wade. Wade was just the guy I happened to be stuck with.

Blue walks close to his brother, "You need to grow up. If you can't be a man and be in a relationship with your boyfriend without tooting it around like a child then maybe you should be single."

With that Blue walks away. He was clearly annoyed with his brother and it is showing. Wade stares at his brother the entire time. He is just as shocked as I am. As he stares at his brother I open Blue's note. The only thing that is written on his note is a time.

It's a time but I know exactly what it means.


"Can you believe he talked to me like that?" Wade asks.

Wade has been steaming about Blue for hours. I'm in Wade's room and in his bed. He cuddles behind me. He presses his head in my hair. He likes to smell my hair a lot of the time. It's nothing new when he takes a long hard sniff of my hair.

"You can't blame Blue. He's been close to Reign for years when you were gone," I explain trying to make this argument less sensitive.

"I wasn't shoving my relationship in Reign's face. If Reign feels some type of way then that's his fault. Has he tried to hit on you since he broke up with Marina?"


"You heard my question. Don't do that..."

Wade sits up. He's bothered. I can tell he's bothered. The truth is that Reign did try to get with me after he broke up with her. I want to tell Wade but I don't want there to be any more drama. The tension between those two were already at a high point.

"No," I respond, "Stop worrying about Reign baby. Just lay down.

Wade nods.

Wade leans up into my hair at that moment. He sniffs it again, "You're all mine baby. I hope you know that."

He is falling asleep. I can tell. It's almost the time that I am supposed to meet Blue. I just need Wade to fall asleep before I sneak away.

"I know."

I keep my voice low as though attempting to rock Wade to sleep. He snuggles closer. His crotch is pressed up against my ass. He is falling asleep nestled in my hair and using it as a sort of pillow.

He finally drifts off to sleep but right before he does he says, "Good because if anyone ever tried to take you away from me...I'd kill them."


I sneak out of the room. It's the middle of the night. I walk into the common area of the house. My heart is racing. I managed to get out of the bed from Wade but the words he said right before he went to sleep keep rolling in my head. He said he would kill someone who tried to take me away from him. I didn't know if Wade was serious or not but it scared me. I felt like I had to tell Blue about it.

There is torch lit on the terrace. I walk out in a hurry hoping to tell Blue about crazy his brother is being.

"Blue...oh my god, listen. I..."

Right when I open my mouth to speak I see Blue standing there underneath the torch light. He is completely naked. I swallow my spit. He is just standing there naked as the day he was born. His dick dangles between his leg. It's thick and long even though he isn't hard. His soft dick is probably bigger than my hard dick. His side profile against the light from the torch defines the look of a real man. He had hard abs, a hard chest and a slim waist. His butt is firm, tight and shapely. His thighs are powerful and well worked.

He turns his head just slightly when he notices me. He rubs his hands through his hair. This might as well have been slow motion. I forget every thought in my head. It feels like I'm watching so old slow motion movie where someone falls in love at first sight.

This isn't first sight though. I'd seen Blue a million times.

"I didn't think you would show," he says.

His voice is low, masculine and deep. It is almost like he is moaning the words to me. When he is done speaking them he exhales. His pecs move slightly tightening and jumping.

"You are wet," I notice.

"I went for a swim in the baths. This towel is kind of small. It's taking forever to dry off. Do you mind helping me out on my back?"

I swallow my spit.


I walk over to him. He hands me the towel. I slide the towel across his broad back. His back muscles are sharp. I make my way down the smalls of his back to his ass. I rub on his ass with the towel drying him up. I get to the back of his thighs. I bend down to get to his heels. His ass is in my face. Staring at his ass at that moment I am frozen. It looks so good. It looks so tasty. He has the most perfect ass I'd ever seen in my life. It's big and muscular at the same time. It has the perfect round curve to it. He has these deep dimples in his ass.

"I don't mind..." he tells me, "I mean I wouldn't mind if you..."

He doesn't finish his sentence but he shows he what he means when he bends forward a little bit exposing his ass hole to me. His asshole is pink and glowing.

My dick hardens. I don't hesitate to push his hole open and put my tongue in there. I'm licking in circles at that moment getting into the crevice of his asshole. He spreads them open for me, freeing my hands and allowing me to start playing with my dick and balls. I cup my balls and jerk my dick off as I eat his ass out. My tongue goes deep into his tasty asshole. I shape my tongue in a scooping motion and slobber in between his cheeks. I bite down on those muscular cheeks of his and watch as he tightens them probably because he is feeling ticklish.

I notice his dick hardening right when he turns around and shoves his dick down my throat. Blue doesn't hesitate to fuck my mouth. He is fucking it hard but at the same time slow. He looks down at me the whole time forming this deep connection as he fucks my throat. His mouth opens and he licks his lips. He doesn't make a noise but I can tell he is enjoying it.

He lifts me up. He kisses me, tasting his dick on my lips. Then he pushes me up against the wall.

"I want you to fuck me so hard," I tell him.

"No. I'm going to do something more to you than that," he responds.

I'm not sure what he means until he starts stroking deep inside of me using the wetness of my own mouth as his lubrication. He strokes are slow and he dances in me. He turns my head to the side and begins kissing me. Each time he strokes my asshole with his dick his tongue lashes in my mouth. He pulls my hair up over my head and kisses the back of my neck. He sucks on my earlobes. The rhythm of his dick is almost like a drum. It beats, thumps and pounds over and over.

Beat. Thump. Pound.

Beat. Thump. Pound.

We make beautiful music together and when it is done he nuts inside of me. Instead of pulling out after his orgasm he jerks my dick allowing me to orgasm. Even after I nut up against the walls of his house he still doesn't pull out. He just leans his head up against mine. He breathes slowly. He lets me hear his breathing. He licks a few times at my cheek. He cuddles me up against the wall.

"Sleep with me tonight..."

"I can't. Your brother..."

He knows that I can't. He knows that I shouldn't.

"Please. Sleep with me tonight," Blue says.

He doesn't argue a reasoning behind it. We are beyond reasoning at this point. At this point it is just emotion. At this point it is just feeling. At this point it is just the reality of the situation we are in right now.



It is the morning time when I get out of Blue's bed, sneak back into Wade's bed and lay down. I crawl back in the same position that I was in hoping that I don't wake Wade. It seems as though he is deep asleep.

I wake up to the feeling of a hard dick. I know it's Wade's hard dick. Wade is mounting me. He has crawled onto my back and is pushing his dick in me.

"Wade...not now," I try to stop him.

I'd just had sex with Blue. With all the emotion that was behind the sex with Blue I knew that sex with Wade wasn't going to measure up. It wasn't going to be the same. Wade didn't have the magical emotion I had with Reign or the magical sex I had with Sebastian. Wade didn't have the irresistible tension I had with Blue. Wade was just Wade and that just didn't seem like it was good enough anymore.

"Please. I want you baby. I got morning wood," he argues.

Wade pushes his dick inside of me, humps hard for one or two pumps but then stops. He pulls out all of a sudden, rolls over to the side of the bed and just sits there. He just stares at me for a second.

"What?" I ask.

"Your asshole isn't how I left it," He responds, "You're loose."

"Excuse me?"

"Your asshole is loose," Wade repeats himself seeming more annoyed then before, "What the fuck was that about?"

It was a bad idea to come back to bed with Wade after the night with Blue. I can't even lie to Wade with a straight face. I don't want to break his heart but at the same time I can't even say I regret having sex with Blue last night.

"You're rude. What am I some kind of sex tool? You measuring the size of my asshole now?" I ask him, "I'm leaving!"

"You're not fucking going anywhere!" he screams out grabbing me by my wrist and pulling me back.

"Get off me Wade," I warn him.

"You fucked him? Didn't you?"

My heart thumps. It races. Had he caught Blue and I? Was he finally suspicious of what was going on between him and my brother? Did he finally realize the sexual tension Blue and I always had for one another?

"What?" I ask.

My voice is weak. It's the voice of a guilty man.

"Reign. You fucked Reign didn't you?" he asks me.

"You're fucking crazy. Stop tripping!"


"Listen if you are going to accuse me of this then we might as well break up," I explain to him, "Let's just go our separate ways."

I figure this was the best way out of this situation.

"No. Wait. Please. Wait. Are you fucking kidding me? I should be mad at you. You can't break up with me! Are you serious? I'll FUCKING KILL MYSELF!"

Just at that moment Blue walks into the room. He notices that both Wade and I are naked but he doesn't seem to care. He storms in there because he probably hears the argument through the walls. When he sees we are naked he attempts to look away a little bit but he still doesn't leave the room again.

"What the hell is going on?" Blue asks.

"He cheated on me!"

Blue's eyes get wide. Wade is putting clothes on but he seems pissed off at that moment. I start getting dressed too. Blue's eyes connect with me for a second as though trying to get answers from me. His mouth drops open. He must be thinking the same thing that I was thinking. He must be thinking that his brother found out about us having sex. Blue takes a deep breath at that moment. I think it is clear that Blue is about to rat himself out.

"Listen...ok...I can explain..." Blue says, "It wasn't Krill's fault..."

"Explain what?" Wade screams at the top of his lungs, "Stop sticking up for Reign. It was his fault. He's been after my boyfriend this whole time."

"Reign?" Blue asks confused.

"Did someone call me?" a voice says from the common area.

Reign was here. He was in the house. Blue and I look at each other. Then we look at Wade. The look on Wade's face is that of a madman when he hears Reign's voice. He starts towards the door quickly, running past Blue in an attempt to get at Reign.

Wade runs into the living room at that moment and goes for Reign. He is about to punch him but I run up behind Wade and tackle him to the ground.

"I did NOT have sex with Reign. Stop tripping," I respond.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Reign asks.

"He thinks we had sex last night," I respond.

There is laughter. I notice Marina is in the room. I wouldn't have even said something like that if I noticed she was there. She has her legs crossed. She has a seashell bra and long flowing skirt. I'm actually a little surprised to see her sitting there in the room.

"No Reign couldn't have been with Krill," Marina explains, "Because he was with me last night."

"Is that right?" I ask Reign.

Reign looks over at me. There is an awkward tension. I get off of Wade. There is no point to hold him down. Wade wouldn't believe Marina would lie about something like that. Wade seems to have calmed down. I look over at Reign though after this revelation and honestly I'm more annoyed than anything. I get it. I wasn't there for him. I'd gotten with Wade. Hell, I was sleeping with Blue. The fact that he got back with Marina should have been expected and I'm just mad at myself for not expecting it.

Reign doesn't answer my question.

Blue attempts to change the subject, "Reign and Marina just came over this morning because they've figured some stuff out about Yara's death."

Reign nods, "It was more Marina than me. I tried to talk to my brother but he couldn't really give me any insight on what Yara was researching. Luckily Yara had discussed some stuff with Marina."

"What stuff?"

"She wanted me to find something. It took me a while to get it which is why I missed the meeting you guys had," Marina explains.

I'm a little confused but Marina opens a hand bag and pulls out something that makes my mouth drop. She pulls out a conch.

"Is that..."

"Poseidon's conch," Marina explains, "Yara was able to locate it. Yara said she didn't trust a lot of people see...but she trusted me for some reason. It took me all day yesterday and today to swim to the furthest parts of the oceans and find it buried amongst all this treasure."

"Oh my god. Thank you so much," I respond.

I walk over to take a look at the conch. Just at that moment though Marina pulls it out of my grasp.

"What are you doing?" Wade asks her, "Give it to him..."

"No. That's what I'm not going to do."

"Marina, you should tell them what else Yara told you," Reign explains.

I'm a little confused. The conch was rightfully mine. Why the fuck wasn't she giving it to me? This was my grandfather's magical conch. I needed it to protect us against the sisters.

"She told me not to give it you," Marina explains.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Blue asks her, "Marina, we don't have time for this. Krill is the only one who can use the power of the conch to protect us."

"That's not what Yara believed," Reign says, defending Marina's actions.

"What the fuck are you guys talking about?"

"The prophecy."

"What prophecy?"

Marina grabs a book. It must be one of the books from the library in Atlantis. She drops it and opens a page. She hands me the book. The book has a picture of a boy. A boy with long golden hair. The drawing is detailed. It is realistic.

"This is me..." I notice.

In the photo, I'm standing in front of a tide and the tide is engulfing the world with water. The high waters wrap towns and cities with water.

Marina seems to be enjoying every moment of this as she describes what we are looking at, "There is a prophecy of Krill using the conch and trident to destroy the world."

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