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Greg felt like skipping down the street but of course he didn't. An 18 year old skipping would be crazy, but that's how good he felt. Not only did he just get his butt fucked (some guy who came in for an oil change - Greg didn't even ask his name), but he'd just made a big decision. He was going to run away from home. He didn't have an actual day picked out yet, and he didn't know exactly how he was going to do it, but he knew he was going to make his way to the freeway (which was several miles away), stick his thumb out, and wherever he ended up; that's where he was going.

At 18, he didn't really have to "run away." He could legally leave and he knew it, but his family didn't worry too much about what the law said. For that matter, neither did the whole town. When he was 15 he actually did run away from home, but his folks found him and brought him back. That little adventure cost him two teeth (courtesy of his dad's fist), and any hope of freedom in the future. Since then, anyone and everyone in town kept an eye on him and reported to his folks where he was, who he was with, and what he was doing. It was stifling, and Greg had enough of it.

He walked down the street and smiled to himself. In spite of everything he still managed to do some stuff that no one found out about. He knew if he really wanted to blow his folks away all he had to do was tell them he was gay. On the other hand he knew his dad would most likely have a heart attack and die right where he stood, and Greg decided his folks weren't worthy of him having that kind of stuff on his conscience so he stayed in the closet.

Small town America is still a collective cesspool of simple minded folk, and Greg's parents and his town were model examples. Probably the main problem with these kind of towns was vision - no one had any. The few people in these kind of towns who had any vision at all, had the vision to get away from that town!

Life in these towns was pretty much set. Greg and all the other kids his age were simply told what to do. Not told on a day by day basis, but they were told what paths their lives would lead. It was all decided for them. Some were told to go to college. Some (who the town decided were trouble makers), were told to go into the military to get "straightened out." Others were told to just find a job in one of the nice factories around the area: that that was good enough for them. All were told to do something after high school, and after that something, to get married, settle down and raise a family. All done according to the rules set by the town. Those rules may or may not coincide with the law, but any one who didn't play by the rules wound up with a hard life.

There were penalties for not following the rules. The main penalty was that who ever didn't toe the line wasn't allowed to live in the town. No one was simply told to get out, but things happened to drive them away. A guy who couldn't abide by the rules found he couldn't get a job anywhere, couldn't rent a place to live anywhere, couldn't find a group of friends to hang out with, couldn't get his foot in the door any where unless he made the changes the town wanted him to make. Most left town and stayed away. The towns weren't aware of it, but every one who left was more than happy to get away. Like Greg, they didn't feel like they were being cast out, but let out: like they had been in prison and were now being set free. Greg was one of the ones who wanted out, and was willing to do anything to get out. Anything at all. Problem was, he had to do it without his folks finding out what he was up to in time to stop him.

The sun had just gone down and Greg was hungry but he didn't want to go home to eat. Hell, he didn't want to go home at all, but at least he could stall a while and get something to eat in town instead of going home right away. He checked that he had enough money in his wallet to get a burger, then shoved his wallet back into the pocket of his extra baggy shorts and headed toward the town's only burger joint when he heard the voice behind him.

"Young man!"

Greg stopped and turned around. A man was about a half block away and was pointing to the ground.

"You dropped your wallet there," he called out. Greg looked and sure enough, his wallet was laying on the ground. His shorts were so baggy he didn't even feel that his wallet didn't make it into the pocket and he was too preoccupied to hear it hit the ground.

"Oh, Jeez!" Greg yelled and ran back and picked up his wallet. He looked at the guy and thanked him. The guy was obviously a stranger in town because he hadn't ever seen him before, and Greg knew everybody else in town just like they all knew him.

The guy walked on past Greg, reached out and patted Greg's shoulder. "Quite allright, young man. Glad to help," he said and walked on up the street. Greg stopped and tried to look at his own back pocket to make sure that this time his wallet went in. When he looked back up the street, the guy was gone.

At the restaurant Greg slowly ate his burger and fries. His mind went back to the guy. There was something about him. He was new in town allright. Right away Greg noticed the guy was impeccably dressed: something that was definitely out of place in this town! He'd had on a three piece, pin stripped suit and hat. He only had a glance, but Greg figured he was in his late 30's, maybe early 40's, yet his manner of speaking said he was even older than that. But there was still something else Greg couldn't put his finger on. He just shook his head and finished eating.

He took even longer to drink his shake. Finally he figured it was safe to go home. By this time his folks should be drunk enough that they would care only that he was home. Then he could shut himself up in his room again, put his headphones on so he couldn't hear his folks first arguing, and then fucking in the room next door, and continue making his plans to escape.

Later that night he watched a movie on TV that showed him an easy way to get out. The hero in the movie was an expert in disguise. In the movie he could change his appearance and go anywhere. Halloween was coming up in a few days. Greg knew that on Halloween he too could dress himself up any way he wanted and at least for that night - long enough to make his way to the freeway - no one would know it was him and therefore couldn't report to his folks that he was headed out of town. Greg slept good that night.

He worked at one of the town's two gas stations. Both of them were on the main street, one at each end of the town. Even though the town itself wasn't much of anything, it did happen to be situated between two freeways, and a lot of people followed the freeway's signs to gas and food and ended up either at Greg's or the other station. Greg was the only one working, and though he wasn't officially a mechanic he could do oil changes and light mechanical work. Many times he ended up either in the back of the garage, or in the bathroom with his pants down to his ankles getting his cock sucked, or on his knees sucking the cock of some guy who was passing through town. Lots of times he went home from work with a load of cum oozing out of his ass, and he loved it all. He also loved that no one in town knew about his sexcapades at work.

He worked a swing kind of shift and got off work at 7 pm. He'd usually stop off at the burger joint and eat something there and hang out until he felt it safe to go home at a time when he didn't have to talk to his folks.

The next night he again went to the burger joint to eat and hang out and waste time. It was particularly busy tonight and most of the tables were full. He ordered his food and stood in line waiting for his order to be filled.

"So we meet again. And you still have your wallet," the voice came from behind him again. Greg turned and the same man was standing there.

"Yeah," Greg smiled, "learned my lesson last night for sure."

"At least that lesson didn't cost you anything. Nice when it happens that way, isn't it?"

"Sure is!" Greg laughed. "Thanks again for not just grabbing it. You would have been all of five bucks richer." The man only nodded, almost a slight bow. Greg's order was ready. He took his tray and thanked the man again.

"Enjoy your dinner," the man said.

'Dinner?' Greg thought, 'It's a burger and fries, dude!'  When Greg sat down he saw that he had taken the last available table. He saw the strange man walking through the place with his tray, looking for a place to sit. Greg figured what the hell and waved the man over and pointed to the empty seat at his table.

"Thank you so much, young man," the man said as he sat down. Greg got a better look at him. It was tough to judge the man's age. There were only a few lines on his face, but they were etched deep. His hair was about half gray, and he still had a full head of hair. Late 40's maybe? Early 50's? He was slim, and actually looked pretty good. Greg never cared about the age of the guys he sucked and fucked, only that they were horny and wanted either his dick or his butt. This guy would do fine. His eyes were what held Greg's attention. They seemed to be almost shining, dark colored, wise eyes but also teasing.

"Since this is officially our third meeting," the man smiled, "perhaps we should be properly introduced. My name is Harvard. Elijah Harvard. Ely for short." He leaned a bit closer to Greg, "No relation to the university." He sat back and smiled as though he was pleased with his own joke. "And you must be Greg."

Greg just looked at him, then snickered as Ely pointed to the name sewn onto his gas station uniform shirt. "Yeah," Greg smiled, "I'm Greg."

"Very pleased to meet you, Greg." Ely smiled.

Greg started feeling a bit silly. Even a little inadequate. No one in this town had ever been so polite to him...or to each other! Greg wasn't sure how to respond.

"By the way," Ely said between bites of his steak sandwich, "I am sixty two years old."

Greg almost choked on his bite of fries. How did he know...?

Ely laughed, "Don't worry about it, Greg," he said. "Everyone tries to guess my age, and I take pride in the fact that they all underestimate." Now his eyes seemed to be twinkling. "You did too, didn't you?"

"I didn't mean to be nosy," Greg mumbled. He started to say something else apologetic but Ely cut him off.

"Please put it out of your mind, Greg," he said, "Although I must admit I am something of a fraud. The sin of pride, you see."

"Huh?" Greg didn't know what to say.

"Oh yes," Ely went on, "I use many creams and lotions to keep the wrinkles at bay, and I color my hair now and then. Fortunately, the hair I have is real, as baldness has never run in my family. Also I stay very active to keep my weight down." He made a show of looking Greg up and down, "It appears that you have many years to go before you need to concern yourself with such things."

"Thanks," Greg said simply. Now he was a little sorry that he waved Ely to his table. Not that he didn't like him. Ely spoke a little slowly, distinctly pronouncing each word and Greg just didn't know how to talk to a guy like that. It made him uneasy.

"You know, Greg," Ely kept talking and Greg kept eating. "When I was a boy I was sent to the proverbial finest schools, and those schools would accept nothing less than my being a perfect gentleman. It is a learned trait and nothing more. It's true I became comfortable with it and even enjoy it, but it is certainly not a requisite for the company I choose to keep. I was only fortunate to have parents who greatly concerned themselves with my upbringing and education." Ely looked down at his food, as though he didn't want to look Greg in the eye, "You don't come from the same situation, I think."

Greg stared at Ely, shocked. "How did you know I was thinking about that?" he blurted out.

Ely smiled, "I can tell things," he said simply and shrugged, "I suppose it comes with age, but I can tell things."

"You mean you can read minds?!?" Greg's eyes widened.

"Oh my goodness!" Ely laughed, "Do I appear to be that mysterious?"

"Well," Greg smiled, "Yeah! You do!"

Ely laughed harder. "I'm sorry, Greg. I don't mean to be mysterious at all. I noticed you looking at my suit, and I noticed how you seem to be a tad confused when I talk. That's all."

Greg also looked at the counter where other customers were ordering and saw the manager looking at him. 'Fuckin' bitch!' he thought. 'Wanting to know who the hell I'm with so she can tell my folks.' He looked out the window of the restaurant. He had the feeling that some one else was out there watching him, too. He was watched every where he went. Since it was night and they were inside the restaurant all Greg could see was his own reflection in the window, but his skin tingled and he felt like the hairs on the back of his neck were standing up. He was sure someone was out there, also wondering who it was he was with, and why he was with him. He wouldn't be surprised at all if his folks asked him who he ate with since he was sure someone would tell them. Damn he wanted out of this town!

"Is there a problem?" Ely was watching him. Greg glanced at the counter once more and saw the manager quickly look away from him.

He ended up telling Ely his whole situation. About the beatings that started even when he was a little kid. About the suspicion, about his running away, about every one in town watching him, and about his plans to get away.

"I see." Ely said. "I can't say that I blame you, either. May I offer a suggestion?" Greg nodded. "On Halloween night, it might not be a good idea for you to be out on the freeway wearing a lavish costume or heavily made up. Most people, I think, would be loathe to pick up a total stranger under those circumstances." Greg's eyes lightened up as he realized Ely was right. "What you need," Ely continued, "is one of those masks that you pull over your head. A Werewolf mask, for instance. It will most likely come only with a pair of gloves that look like furry hands with claws. With the mask alone no one could possibly know it was you, and you could wear normal clothes. Once you got far enough away to feel safe, you have only to pull the mask and gloves off and throw them away. Then you are nothing more than a teenager hitchhiking on the freeway. Much better chance of getting a ride."

"You're right." Greg smiled at him, "Thanks!"

"As for myself," Ely looked Greg in his eye and smiled, "I would pick you up without hesitation."

Greg perked up. He'd heard lines like that before. Well, a little more blunt than that ("Hey kid - want your dick sucked?") But still... "You saying what I think you're saying?" he grinned at Ely.

Ely smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "I can tell things," he repeated.

Greg glanced around him and glanced at his watch. "I don't have a lot of time," he told Ely. "I gotta be home pretty soon or my folks'll beat my ass." He glanced out the window again but still couldn't see anyone. "Tell ya what," he told Ely. "I'll leave and turn right. Give me a couple minutes and you leave and turn left. At the corner turn left again. I'll meet ya there."

Ely smiled, "You have a wonderful mind," he said. "I'm impressed."

Greg got up and tried not to leer at the manager on his way out. He turned right, which was the normal way home. But he walked around the block and waited at the corner for Ely. Ten minutes later they were in the woods, Greg's shorts were around his ankles, and Ely was on his knees with Greg's cock in his mouth and he was sucking hard.

Greg felt like his balls were about to be sucked right through his cock and into Ely's mouth. He wound up laying on the ground as Ely pulled his shorts off of him. Greg spread his legs and Ely laid on top of him. It was night, but there was enough ambient light for Greg to see Ely's eyes, which seemed to be twinkling. Ely worked Greg's shirt off and he lay naked on the ground. Ely's eyes made a show of taking in the young body and his hands ran up and down Greg's chest, appreciating the gorgeous pecs, the flat abdomen, the muscled arms and thighs. Ely's eyes and hands traveled all up and down Greg's body and then those eyes bored into Greg's as Greg's cock bored back into Ely's mouth.

Greg was late getting home but he didn't care. Even another beating from his drunken dad would be worth it. The sex was fantastic. Ely was fantastic. He didn't merely fuck Greg; he made love to him, which was something Greg had never experienced before. Most of the sex he got was in and around the gas station, and they were all quickies. Ely took his time, and some part of his body or another came in contact with every part of Greg's body. Greg didn't feel like he'd just gotten fucked. He felt like he had been...elevated. Like he was  made worthy. Oh hell, he felt damn good! It was about 8 pm when he and Ely went into the woods and it was almost midnight now.

Like all kids, Greg had a plan B and even a plan C for getting in and out of the house when he didn't want his folks to know what he was doing. He climbed up the post of the back porch and onto its roof, tip toed to his bedroom window, raised the window off the latch he'd rendered useless a long time ago, and into his room. He stuck his head out in the hallway and listened. No sound at all. He stripped to his underwear so it would look like he'd just gotten out of bed and tip toed out into the hallway and down to his folks' room. Again, no noise. They must have already fucked and passed out. Good. He snuck downstairs and looked but could find no evidence that they noticed he wasn't home. The caller ID showed the last call came in while he was still at work, so no one had called to gossip about him and Ely to his folks.

He went back to his room, laid on his bed and thought about Ely. About why Ely had made such an impression on him. Other guys were just today's fuck and yesterday's fuck: forgotten about within minutes after they left. Something about Ely though, something other that the sex stuck with Greg. Something was strange about him. So strange as to be almost scary but Greg didn't know what it was. Ely said he didn't mean to be mysterious, but mysterious seemed to be all he was. What was he doing in town anyway? Most transients only gassed up and headed back out to the same freeway Greg longed for. Ely didn't even have a car that Greg knew about. He never said what brought him to town or even what business he was in.

Greg's TV was on showing an old scary movie. Most late night shows were gearing up big time for Halloween so Vincent Price and Lon Chaney and Bella Lugosi were all over the screen. Greg finally fell asleep without turning off the TV...

Suddenly Greg bolted upright in his bed. He was sweating even though it was cool. He was panting. He knew he'd had a nightmare but couldn't remember what it was about. His clock glowed showing 4:00 a.m. His blanket and sheet were on the floor, meaning he had been thrashing about on his bed.

He pushed himself out of bed and went down the hall into the bathroom to rinse his face. He looked at himself in the mirror and rolled his eyes when he saw a nice hickey on his neck. 'Thanks, Ely!' he thought to himself. Now he remembered that Ely spent an awful long time at his neck when they were rolling around naked on the ground. He smiled to himself. He didn't really care. Let the town folk think what they want. Didn't matter to him one way or the other. He was almost out anyway.

He started brushing his teeth. He glanced back up at himself in the mirror and just as suddenly as he bolted up in bed, his skin tingled again and the hairs on his neck stood up and he broke out in a sweat again. His toothbrush clattered into the sink and was forgotten. He wasn't sure... but he WAS sure... but it couldn't be! Now he knew why he felt uneasy earlier tonight. But it was impossible! He must still be dreaming. At the restaurant he was sure someone was watching him from outside, but he couldn't see because it was dark outside and light in the restaurant. All he could see was his reflection in the window, and that was the problem. His reflection was the only one he saw. Ely was sitting right there with him but his own reflection was the only one he saw! Greg looked down and his hands were shaking.


                  CHAPTER TWO

Greg stumbled back to his room in a daze. He didn't notice the toothpaste still running down his chin. He jumped in bed and sat up leaning against the headboard with his blanket pulled up under his chin. The TV was still on but Greg didn't notice. He just stared straight ahead and shivered under the blanket...

His eyes snapped open at the sound of his folks leaving the house for work. He was still half sitting and half leaned over with the blanket up under his chin. He looked around him and exhaled a deep breath as he figured he'd been dreaming.

'This is fuckin' stupid!' he thought. 'Nuthin' happened last night. No shit like that happened.' He figured he'd nodded off watching a scary movie on TV and dreamed the whole thing. He reminded himself that since he was a kid he was prone to nightmares after watching a horror film on TV. Ely couldn't possibly be anything other than ole Ely. So what if he acted strange? Actually, he wasn't really strange, just different. So much more sophisticated than anyone else in this fucking town would ever know how to be, and that doesn't make him weird or bad or anything! In fact, getting out of this shithole town and meeting people like Ely and other people who were just as different was exactly what Greg was looking forward to anyway.

He waited until his folks left the house and then went into the bathroom to take a shower. He looked at himself in the mirror again. The hickey was still there: even seemed to stand out a little more. He noticed he was pale and just shook his head. He thought he'd let himself get way too scared over a stupid movie. He showered and dressed. He didn't have to work today but he did have to stop in at the station to pick up his paycheck.

At the station his boss handed him his check and asked if he was allright. He looked a little down his boss said. Greg assured him he felt fine and would be at work the next day.  His boss glanced at Greg's neck and then smilingly told him to get some rest. Greg walked to the bank and cashed his check. On the way back from the bank he passed the library and after a moment's hesitation, went in.

Once again he thought he was being stupid to be thinking such things, but he couldn't help it. No one else at the library seemed to notice his presence, and no one noticed as he headed back into the shelves. He didn't admit to what he wanted until he found himself in the section labeled, "Occult." Greg spent the whole morning at the library.

In the afternoon Greg shopped at the local department store and bought a Werewolf mask. As Ely said, it also came with a pair of gloves shaped like furry paws with long rubber claws. That purchase went into a sack and he walked home. At each trash can he passed he almost took the other small package he'd bought and threw it away, but each time he walked on. He kept telling himself he was being stupid for buying the damn thing, and then for thinking to throw it away, and then for not throwing it away. But he kept it.

At home he found a note from his folks telling him to cut the grass. Usually he got pissed when he found a note from them but this time he absent mindedly went outside and fired up the lawn mower. As he pushed the mower around the yard he kept thinking that he would look up at any moment and Ely would be standing there in his three piece suit and hat and smiling like he always did. Then he kicked himself again for thinking that Ely couldn't possibly show up now because it was still day time and the sun was still out.

At the end of their back yard a creek bordered their property and led to a small area in the woods that Greg and a few of his childhood buds used as a swimming hole. It was still warm enough through the day to go in the water, so Greg left the mower and walked to the swimming hole, stripping off his clothes on the way.

He jumped naked into the water to cool off. He laid back and as he thought about being with Ely in the same woods his hand went under the water and he started stroking his dick. He smiled as he remembered how Ely was able to be aggressive but gentle at the same time. The other guys he fucked at the gas station just simply went at it, shot a load either in Greg's mouth or on his face or up his butt, then pulled up their pants and went on their way. Only a few even thanked him.

But he remembered how he was leaned up against a tree and Ely fucked his face hard but kept his hands behind Greg's head so he wouldn't smack the tree. And how Ely insisted that they move into the grass, which was more comfortable than the twigs they were on, and then got on top of Greg and fucked him until both of them were drenched in sweat.

Greg's hand jacked faster and faster making waves in the water as he remembered sitting on Ely's chest. Ely's cum oozed out of his ass and Greg smeared it on his chest while he fucked Ely's face and Ely sucked every drop of cum out of Greg's dick and swallowed it all down.

Since he was alone Greg didn't worry about anyone hearing him moan while he shot his load under the water hard enough for his cum to break the surface. He lay back in the water and panted and thought about how he and Ely laid naked together and held each other and Ely showered Greg with praise, which no one had ever done before.

No, Greg thought, Ely isn't a problem at all. He has an accent and so what? Just walking down the street he beats the hell out of everyone else in town. He simply stands out, but that's not terrible at all. Greg figured most people in town wouldn't like Ely simply because he was different. That was the only mind set these people knew - different equals bad.

Before his folks got home from work, Greg left them a note that he was going to eat with one of his friends and then hang out a while. He went upstairs to shower and change. In his room he took out the small package again and held it a while trying to decide. In spite of his fondness for Ely, he opened the package and put the chain around his neck. Hanging on the chain was a cross.

The burger joint was the town's "hot spot." That's where the local young folks went to hang out, meet each other, and find out where the party was. There wasn't a party every night; but whenever there was one somewhere, word got back to the kids working at the burger joint and they kept every one who came in informed. Greg wasn't worried about finding a party, but there was just no other place to go in town except the bars and he wasn't old enough to go to them.

As soon as he got in sight of the place he immediately scanned around for Ely. He wasn't sure if he wanted to see him or not, but he wasn't particularly worried about it, either. As he got closer to the place he saw that Ely wasn't there. Almost no one was there, which meant that someone managed to get hold of some beer and there was a party somewhere, or every one had already come by and found out there was no party anywhere.

Greg was about to reach out to open the door when he suddenly felt lightheaded. So much so that instead of going inside he went to one of the outdoor tables and sat down. He felt flushed and even a little faint. He sat down and took in some deep breaths and thought maybe he was coming down with something. 'Aw shit!' he thought. 'That's all I fuckin' need is to get sick now!' He told himself he didn't care, that he was getting out anyway no matter how he felt.

The dizziness cleared but he still felt funny. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he felt strange. He got up and started walking. He didn't particularly want to, but he got up and started walking. He turned the corner and walked another block and just kept right on walking into the woods. He knew he was heading for the spot where he and Ely got together the other night, and he found that he couldn't stop. He didn't know why he was going there, but damnit if he couldn't stop! It was almost like his body had disconnected itself from his brain and was acting on its own. He even thought about turning around: concentrating on it even, but he just kept walking straight ahead. He felt like he was being pulled. No one was with him, but he definitely felt like someone or something had some kind of hold on him and was pulling and pushing him and wouldn't let him stop. Just before he could actually start to panic he walked into the small clearing where he and Ely had gone at it last night.

Ely was there. He was standing with his back to Greg, looking up into the star filled sky. Greg finally stopped and stared at Ely's back. His heart was pounding in his chest and he was sure Ely could hear it. Hell, the people back in the restaurant could probably hear it!

Ely turned and smiled at Greg, "I was hoping you would come," he said.

Greg looked into Ely's eyes and melted. He no longer cared about anything else: he was simply happy to be there. Ely took a step toward Greg, pulling off his suit coat. Greg smiled back.

"I don't know why I'm here but you do," he said. He reached out and put his arms around Ely. "I don't know, but I don't care." Their lips met, and the next thing Greg knew, he was lying on the ground and Ely was pulling his pants off.

Ely's mouth started at Greg's feet, his tongue working between the toes and up and down over the ball to the heel and back again. Greg moaned while Ely's mouth worked its way up his legs, kissing and licking. Ely's hands kneaded the muscles in Greg's calves, massaged his thighs, pushed his legs apart and reached up to play with his balls and his dick. Greg closed his eyes and enjoyed the kind of attention no one else had ever given him.

Greg's body automatically arched his butt clear off the ground when Ely's mouth slid down over and swallowed and sucked on his dick. Greg felt a finger work its way up his ass and while his dick fucked Ely's mouth, Ely's finger fucked Greg's ass.

Greg's heart started pounding all over again when he felt Ely's other hand start to unbutton his shirt. He felt a little stupid with the cross on his neck, but he also felt that finally he would know. He was sure Ely would notice that the other night Greg had no chain around his neck and now he does. Greg started squirming as each button opened, wondering how Ely would react. Wondering how he himself would react! Wondering how he would explain if Ely asked. Damn he wished he hadn't worn it!!

Ely pulled his finger out of Greg's ass and swallowed his dick until Greg felt his nose in his bush. Greg felt Ely's body shift as he put a hell of a suck on his dick and very slowly slid his mouth up and up until Greg's dick popped out of it and slammed down against his belly. Ely shifted until he was straddling Greg. Greg couldn't remember when he did it or how he did it but Ely was naked, his clothes a pile on the ground beside them.

Greg's heart rate picked up and pounded harder and harder as Ely's hands reached inside his shirt. Ely pulled Greg's shirt open, leaned down and started sucking on Greg's nipple. Greg's mouth opened but no sound came out. Ely's tongue licked his nipple, slid across his chest and started on his other nipple. On the way over, Ely's tongue pushed the cross out of the way with no reaction at all from Ely. Greg let out his breath and relief swept over him so heavy that he actually felt light headed again.

Greg spread his legs so Ely could get between them. Ely crawled up Greg's body until their lips met. When Ely's tongue slid into Greg's mouth his dick slid up Greg's butt. Greg moaned and wrapped his legs around Ely's hips and his arms went around Ely's back and they made out and Ely fucked Greg.

Greg had never felt so good. He had never been made to feel so good. He used his legs wrapped around Ely to pull Ely into him even harder. He moaned with each thrust and laid back as Ely's lips moved to his neck. Greg silently smiled to himself as he knew Ely was going to give him another hickey on the other side of his neck. He used his hands to massage Ely's back and head and just let Ely go at it. He didn't care. He was loving it and would carry the hickey with pride. He was leaving tomorrow night anyway and he wanted all he could get from Ely tonight.

And he got it. Ely took his time and worked Greg's butt with his cock while Greg squirmed with pleasure and felt Ely's hot tongue on his neck, licking and tickling and kissing and both of them moaned and the night wore on and they fucked.

Finally Greg used his hole to milk the cum out of Ely's cock while Ely bucked and humped and hollered out and emptied his jizz deep into Greg. Greg pumped his own load between their bodies and it got sticky while they laid together and caught their breath and made out.

Ely raised up a bit and looked into Greg's eyes. Greg was mesmerized once again by those eyes. They were hypnotic; almost like Greg could look deep into them and see Ely from the inside. Indeed, even in the night and in the ambient light Greg could see his own reflection in Ely's eyes.

Ely smiled and kept looking at Greg.

"It doesn't work, you know," Ely said. "None of it does."

"Yeah?" Greg snickered while he rubbed Ely's back. "What doesn't work?"

"The cross."

Greg froze. "Huh?"

"The cross doesn't frighten us at all."

Greg's eyes widened and his heart started pounding again. "What the fuck!?!"

Ely's eyes burned into Greg's. Greg tried to look away but couldn't. His eyes seemed glued to Ely's. His body felt numb. He tried to will himself to move but nothing worked. He lay under Ely and felt like he was pinned down.

"Garlic doesn't work, either." Ely's voice seemed to be coming from all around Greg. Like voices were coming from a different direction with each sentence, but they were all Ely. "Bibles don't mean anything to us." "Bullets don't touch us - silver or otherwise." "Holy water to us is just something to drink."

"Oh no..." Greg mumbled.

"Nothing you read about us in the library today is true."

" no no no......"


                 CHATPER THREE

Ely slid his body off Greg and lay beside him. Greg felt like a massive boulder had just lifted off him but still he couldn't move. He could only follow Ely with his eyes and Ely's eyes stayed connected to Greg's. Greg had never felt so weak. He knew he couldn't move a muscle no matter how much he wanted to. All he could do was look into those damn eyes!

"None of what you read or heard about works without faith." Ely continued, "But not just any ordinary faith. It's not enough just to say so. The belief must come from inside you. But deep inside. So deep within your soul that most people aren't even aware of that part of themselves. Your so called 'Evangelists' that are on TV are so fearful of death that even they don't have faith enough to harm us."

Ely's hand was sliding all up and down Greg's body, playing with it, teasing it, tempting it.

"Right now all I want is time." Ely said and now his voice seemed like an echo. A very loud echo, entering Greg's ears and bouncing around inside his head. "Time to show you what I can offer you."

"You're gonna kill me." Greg said flatly. "I'm gonna die tonight."

Ely shook his head. "Oh no. Killing you would be a very foolish thing for me to do indeed. It doesn't work if you are put to death in any way."

"...doesn't work?" Greg mumbled.

As Ely started talking Greg watched his eyes. Just like watching a TV, Greg watched Ely's eyes. In one eye Greg was looking at himself. At his life. He saw himself as a kid, when his folks started hitting and beating him. He saw the taunts from the other kids at school, the sneers of his teachers and how every one determined for him that he wouldn't amount to anything much.

In the other eye Greg again saw himself, but he saw himself as a grown man. He was smiling and happy. When Greg looked in that eye, he actually felt like he was floating. Like he was free. Like he was already out of this town and was happy.

"That is what I am offering you." Ely said as he knew where Greg was looking and what he was thinking. "A chance to be free. To be happy. To be like me."

Greg's lips moved, "...dead."

"No no." Ely said, "Not dead. Alive. Very much alive. Alive and strong and happy and young."

Those eyes seemed to fill Greg's vision but suddenly they retracted so that Greg was still glued to them, but now he could see Ely completely and his heart rate picked up yet again. Ely was different. The wrinkles were gone. The hair was no longer gray. Ely was....oh my! Ely was young! He was the same age as Greg now! His body was muscled, toned, hard, smooth, and - young!

"Yes," Ely said, "I am young now. I was 18 when I...crossed over, shall we say?" His smile was now as mesmerizing as his eyes were. "I can make myself look any age I want, but no younger than I was when I made my first contact with my "mentor" and made my decision."

It seemed a monumental effort for Greg to talk. Seemed like not just his body was rendered immobile, but his whole being was pinned to the ground.  "....sixty.........sixty........two......."

Ely nodded, "I only said I was 62 years old to keep things in perspective. I was born six hundred and twenty years ago in 1383 in Europe."

Greg sucked in a breath, and another, and another. He sounded like he was about to choke but he felt nothing. Ely kept talking.

"When I was 18 years old I met a man much like I appeared to you. He showed me what I am trying to show you. That a life like mine and a life like his would be one where he, and then I, and soon - you - would finally be in complete control. That I, and you, would answer to no one! Explain ourselves to no one! Be controlled by no one!"


"No, Greg. You are still being held captive by what you have heard and read. The change cannot happen overnight. It is much too complicated and intricate a change to happen rapidly."

Ely shifted again and was laying on top of Greg, their naked bodies touching but still Greg didn't really feel it. His hands lay useless at his side. He could only stare into those eyes that were showing him the most beautiful scenes he'd ever seen. He saw himself floating high up in the air, running along a beach, rolling in green fields, always naked, always with Ely at his side, always happy, always strong, always young.

"In order for the change to begin," Ely said and reached up and touched Greg's neck where his mouth had just recently spent so much time, "I must initiate it by mixing my blood with yours." He pulled his hand away from Greg's neck and Greg saw that Ely's finger tips were smeared with his blood. Greg tried to speak, to scream, to move, but all he could do was watch those scenes and smile.

"After that we can be together, but you MUST live out your entire life. You can only die a natural death that comes from old age and the illnesses that accompany it. You cannot die any other way or the change will not be complete and I will have lost you and you would simply die. The change must be as natural as your life, and your death must be natural as well."

Greg tried to squirm but knew all he could do was lay still and listen and watch.

"During your life you will continue to nourish me as you have tonight. After a time you too, will have the same thirst as I do and you must also find ways to nourish yourself. But I will be with you at all times. I will teach you ways to find your nourishment without acting as foolishly as the others have."

Greg's eyes widened.

"Oh yes," Ely said, "There have been many others, but no one who has captured my heart as you have. They turned out to be fools. They allowed themselves to be captured and imprisoned. They were put to death, and they were lost. Albert was the latest one to almost make it. He was 65 years old and already frail. He had only to wait for nature to take its course, but he was foolish and he allowed himself to be captured. He was executed, which is not a natural death, and after all his work he was lost."

Ely was now sitting on Greg's chest. Greg saw Ely's now young, buff, and smooth chest with the flexing muscles as Ely's hands carressed Greg's face.

"But that will not happen to you. I will show you how to nourish yourself without leaving a trace of evidence for the authorities to find."

Greg felt drained. He watched Ely's eyes as if he was watching a movie. He felt like his whole being, his very soul was leaving him and entering Ely somehow. He couldn't move, couldn't even blink. He only watched the wonderful sights he was seeing in Ely's eyes and listened. He no longer had to talk. He couldn't talk anyway. Ely could tell what Greg was thinking and Greg knew it. His thoughts were the same as speech and Ely answered each question as soon as Greg thought about it.

"No," Ely smiled again. "Fangs would be cumbersome at best. They are nothing more than another product of your theatre. Biting into someone's neck will only produce an untimely and messy death. The human body can pump out its entire volume of blood in only a couple of minutes. No one - not even me - can drink that much that fast. The result is a tremendous waste, and an inconvenient loss of a regular supply of nourishment." He traced around Greg's eyes with his fingers. "As I will with you, we take only what we need, and even that is not nearly as much as legend will have you believe. You will nourish me, and still be more than able to function without anyone knowing." He traced Greg's neck with his fingers. "You have already nourished me tonight, and because you are so young you will be able to keep me fed for many many years to come. That is why we always seek out the young - so that we can feed effortlessly for years and years."

Ely's eyes seemed to - well - they seemed to turn themselves off. Suddenly they were simply Ely's eyes again. Greg felt like a strong hand had just let go of him, and he could even move his arms and legs a tiny bit. Ely leaned down and gently kissed Greg's lips. "I sincerely hope you decide to join me," he whispered. "If you do, meet me here tomorrow night at the same time." He kissed Greg again. Greg was surprised to feel his cock stirring. "Meet me here, Greg," Ely whispered again, "And I will initiate the change, and we can be together, and we can be free, and we can be eighteen.....................forever!"

Ely stood up and walked away without another word. Greg watched him walk off and watched his butt. Ely didn't even pick up his clothes: ignored them completely and just walked away. Greg watched his young butt flex as he walked. Ely walked into the woods and was suddenly and simply gone...

As he did last night, Greg suddenly bolted upright in bed. He was drenched in sweat and the sheets were soaked. His blanket was on the floor again, as was his pillow. He was panting and swallowing hard. His clock once again glowed 4:00 a.m. and his TV was showing a test pattern.

Greg jumped out of bed, went to the window and threw it open, gulping in the cool air. The woods behind his house appeared peaceful and empty.

'Aww fuck!' Greg thought, 'I can't do this! I gotta stop these stupid fucking dreams! He tried to rub sweat from his eyes that were making them sting. So much so that he almost couldn't open them. He stumbled his way out of his room to the bathroom to rinse the sweat from his eyes. 'I don't know what fuckin' happened and what didn't happen anymore!' He turned on the faucet and splashed the cool water on his face over and over again until he woke up some more and could open his eyes. While still leaned over the sink he grabbed a towel and dried off his face. He was thinking he needed a shower but would take one later after his folks left for work. He straightened up, looked at himself in the mirror and almost passed out right then and there.

Now there was a huge hickey on the other side of his neck.


                  CHAPTER FOUR

After his folks left for work Greg stumbled downstairs in a daze. He walked around the house, looking out the windows as if he expected to see Ely out there. Of course, no one was there. Greg walked around the kitchen but didn't eat or drink anything. He sat in the living room in his underwear just staring straight ahead. He was trying to think, but that didn't come easy.

He asked himself if it really happened. But it had to. How else to explain the hickey on his neck? He'd read somewhere about people who do things to themselves while dreaming that actually leaves marks, but how the hell do you give yourself a hickey on your own neck? He wondered if he was sleepwalking the whole night. But if he did, how did his sheets get so wet with his own sweat? To soak the sheets like his were took time. He had to have been in bed thrashing around a while to soak his sheets that much. Maybe he was getting sick after all. Maybe that's why he sweat so much and had nightmares. He didn't feel bad at the moment, but he went back to the bathroom and took his temperature, which was normal.

He looked at himself in the mirror again. He felt his neck where the hickey was. No pain. No puncture marks, either. Kicking himself mentally seemed to be a new habit in the past couple of days. He once again felt stupid for thinking those kinds of things. This kind of stuff just can't happen, he told himself. Something else is going on. He couldn't explain it, but in a sense he didn't care either. He went back to the living room and sat on the sofa for a long time, thinking.

His eyes drifted to the coffee table an finally he found a reason to smile. There was a note there from his folks. They were going to some friends' house in another town after they got off work and wouldn't be home at all. In a rare display of intelligence, they wrote that they would spend the night at their friends' house instead of driving home after they had been drinking. Greg reminded himself that today was Halloween. Today was the last day he would spend in this house, and in this fucking town!!

He ran back upstairs and took a shower. He stayed naked and went through his room, gathering things he would take with him. The back pack he used his last year in school would do fine. After a while he decided to only take some clothes, his toothbrush, paste, and his electric razor, his Walkman and a few CD's. That's all he would need, he told himself. He had made his decision. He was going to leave. He was going to leave tonight. He was going to finally be rid of this place and these people.

He got dressed and went out to the garage. He found what he wanted there and put it in the top of his backpack, then hid the pack in the garage. He couldn't remember when the last time a car was parked in the garage. It was only used for storage, so his back pack was safe there with his Werewolf mask just in case his folks came home after all.

He went into town to the bank. In line he noticed that two of the tellers were new. He didn't know them, and figured they didn't know him, either. He let a couple of people go ahead of him until he could get to one of the new tellers. If they didn't know him, they couldn't get word to his folks that he'd come in and emptied out his savings account. Greg had worked at the gas station since he turned 16 and had been sneaking money into his savings account since then. He couldn't retire on it, but there was enough there to get him a place to live and to eat until he could find a job. He turned most of it into travelers checks and kept some in cash.

Back at home Greg thought as carefully as he could about his plans and whether or not he'd forgotten anything. He wished the clock would move faster. After 18 years of waiting, this last day seemed to move the slowest. He stripped down and jacked off. That didn't take much time at all. He laughed at himself and took another shower. He wasted some more time like he always did - by going to the burger joint and getting something to eat there. It was all he could do to keep from saying something to that smart ass bitch of a manager; knowing she could never get to his folks in time to tell them. He knew to keep things as normal as usual so no one would suspect he was up to something. He went back home and spent some time straightening up the house. He wondered who would keep the place clean after he was gone since his folks never did anything.

Finally it was time. Even he didn't notice that he simply left the house he grew up in and walked away.  He rounded the corner and walked out of sight without even a backward glance.

The weather was going down the tubes tonight. It was already cloudy and windy, and rain was forecast for later that night. Greg hoped he wouldn't be caught in it, but still figured it was a small price to pay after all.

He walked into the woods behind the burger joint at 8:00 pm. It was almost too dark to see, but he knew the way. His nerves started back up as he walked. He was afraid, but excited. Scared shitless, but exhilerated at the same time. The feelings confused him and started the butterflies in his stomach. He didn't know what to expect, but kept telling himself that anything was better than a life here in this town with these assholes.

He walked into the clearing and Ely was there. He was still a young teenager. Greg could barely see in the dark, but could tell that Ely wasn't wearing his usual three piece suit. Instead, he was wearing jeans and a tight t-shirt that accentuated his young buff chest.

He turned as Greg entered the clearing. "So," he said softly, "you came."

Greg sat his back pack down and sat down next to Ely, "Yeah," he said. "This was the longest day of my life, waiting." He reached out and felt Ely's chest. "No suit this time?"

"No," Ely said, "In this day and age, it is most unusual for a teenager to wear a fine suit."

"Whatever," Greg said. He added slowly and carefully, playfully mocking Ely,"It is also most unusual in this day and age for a teenager to talk like you do!" and he laughed.

Ely snickered and rolled his eyes. "I know," he told Greg. "As long as I have been here and existed, I have seen the world go through many changes, but the one I cannot seem to keep up with is the slang that teenagers use. It's like every generation invents its own language, and I cannot learn a new language every few years!"

"At least we look like regular buddies," Greg shrugged.

Ely leaned over and kissed Greg. "You can't imagine," he whispered, "how delighted I am to see you."

They kissed again for a long time. They wrapped their arms around each other and wound up laying on the ground with their bodies and tongues entwined. They made out for a long time and Ely was masterful at it. They kissed and groped each other.

Ely rolled up on his side and slid his hands up and down Greg's body. "So you've made your decision?" He asked.

"Yeah, I did." Greg answered. "I'm here, aren't I?"

Ely's hand cupped Greg's butt. "Oh yes! You certainly are," he laughed.

"I do have a question, though. Is that okay?"

"Of course. Anything at all."

Greg scooted around to roll up on his side. In the dark, he had to move a couple of rocks around, which caused both of them to snicker.

"You said before," Greg began, "that none of the stuff I read or thought I knew was true."

"That's right."

"Well, I heard a long time ago and probably read somewhere, that even legends start out from some kind of truth. So what is the truth? And how come the legends are so wrong?"

"Ah," Ely said, "That is not something I can take credit for. It was actually Bram's idea."

"Bram?" Greg said, "You mean...?"

"Yes," Ely snickered, "That one. He's one of us, you know."

"Oh man!" Greg said.

"He always said that the public knowing the truth could easily harm us," Ely continued. "And up until only a little over a hundred years ago, no one really knew anything at all. So it was Bram's idea to write all the things that came to be accepted as the truth. You see, he said that if the public thinks they have the answers, they will then stop looking, and that could only help us."


"Yes, it was a simple but brilliant idea that worked exceptionally well. It has served us well since that time, and you, Greg, are a fine example. You had convinced yourself that you knew, but found out it wasn't true, see?"

Greg shook his head, "Man! This is making me really nervous."

Ely reached out and carressed Greg's face, "Of couse it does," he brought their faces together and whispered to Greg. "Nervous is normal. I was nervous also. So much so that I almost didn't go through with it. But I remembered something one of my instructors from school told me. He told me that being nervous is acceptable only if you don't allow nervousness to become your master, and stop you from doing what you want to do."

"I guess that's right." Greg said. "Except I never done anything much before."

"Oh but you have!" Ely said, "The realization that you were above your situation, the plans you made, even coming here tonight is more of an accomplishment than any one else I have seen in this town would be capable of."

"But what about the truth?" Greg asked, "What is the truth? What scares you? What do you have to watch out for?"

Ely traced Greg's jaw with his finger, "The truth, Greg, is far more than any human can comprehend." Greg only stared and sat still. "The truth is older than the recorded word. Far more ancient than any scholar of today or yesterday could ever know where to look for its origins. It is hidden behind the legends, buried so deep in the myths that even the teachers of Zeus and Valhalla didn't know it was there. That the truth could become common knowledge is the only thing that really scares us. And the thought of it happening terrifies all of us constantly."

"Dude.." Greg mumbled, "I don't understand that shit."

"Of course not," Ely said, "But you don't understand only because we worked very hard to make sure you don't understand. Not at all because you have no intelligence."

"No," Greg shook his head, "I'm just a simple small town boy. I just don't understand. That's all."

Ely reached out and slowly wrapped his arms around Greg and hugged him for several seconds before he spoke again.

"Greg," he spoke softly, "I didn't seek you out because of what you are. I am here with you because of what you have in you. What you can be. What you can do. It is your potential that brought me here, not your past."

Greg squirmed in Ely's arms, sounding exasperated, "So what the fuck IS this truth? Why is it so scary to you?"

Ely held Greg closer. "Greg!" he almost whispered, "Dear Greg." He rubbed Greg's back, "The most important thing I must ask you to do right now is to try and understand that I cannot tell you what the truth is just yet."

"Awww shit!" Greg pushed himself away from Ely and sat up. Ely too, sat up and crossed his legs, facing Greg. "You're asking me an awful lot, ya know? You're scaring the shit out of me." Greg looked around, "Maybe you should find somebody else, dude. Find somebody smarter'n me."

Ely reached out and held both of Greg's hands in his. "I cannot tell you the truth, Greg, but as I said, only not just yet. I must ask you to trust me that you cannot know the truth until after you become one of us."

"After I die?"

"No - after you change. You will only change, Greg, you will not die. But only after you change and join us will you have the vested interest in keeping the truth as sacred as we do. Until then, we all would be taking far too much of a chance."

Ely could feel Greg's hands tightening in his. He could feel them shaking a little. "You are frightened now, Greg, but that is normal. It is dark here and you cannot really see me, can you?"

"No," Greg said, his voice an octave higher, showing his fear, "I don't think I want to see you, either. I don't want to see your eyes. I know what you can do with 'em and I don't want that."

Ely's voice didn't change. It was soothing and calm. "Close your eyes for a few seconds, Greg, and I can give you a hint. But only a hint, and only one. You have nothing to fear at all, I promise. If you still choose not to join me, I will respect that choice and be gone, but first allow me to show you this so you can make an intelligent choice."

Greg could feel in the way Ely was holding his hands that Ely was not trying to fool him. Ely wasn't grasping like he didn't want to let go, or like he was about to make some other move to trap Greg. He simply held Greg's hands, even rubbing them with his thumb a little. The effect was actually somewhat calming.

"Well, okay," Greg said, but a little weakly, "Go ahead," and he closed his eyes.

Almost immediately he felt calmer. Almost like someone had put a protective blanket around his shoulders. Greg silently counted to three and then opened his eyes and looked directly at Ely.

Ely was sitting and smiling at Greg. A simple smile, but almost a smirk, like Ely was about to yell "April Fool" or something like that. But he didn't. He only sat and smiled at Greg. In spite of not wanting to, Greg looked at Ely's eyes, knowing that they could capture him like they did before, but they didn't even do that. They twinkled, smiling at him like Ely was smiling, but still Greg could see deep in them once again, and what he saw was that Ely was telling the truth and he had nothing to fear.

Greg looked into Ely's eyes and then it hit him.

"Whoa!!" Greg yelled and let go of Ely's hands and brought his own hands up to his face like he was about to clamp them over his eyes or ears but he only held them up and looked around.

He could SEE Ely! It was night and cloudy and dark, but he could SEE Ely! The entire clearing they were in was bathed in light. A silvery, almost misty kind of light. Greg looked up and saw only a dark, cloud filled sky. When he looked back down, he saw Ely in the light. He saw his own body, he saw the ground, he saw the trees surrounding the clearing.

"Fuckin' awesome!" he said slowly and looked at Ely, "Where is that coming from?!?"

Ely snickered and said simply, "From me."

"Dude! How the fuck did you do that?!?"

Ely laughed and said, "Now Greg, I know you understand that I cannot tell you that now. Later, after you change, I can teach you, but not now."

"You mean," Greg was all wide eyed wonder now, his apprehension and tensions gone, "I can do that, too?"

"Oh you will do this and so much more!" Ely said. He leaned in closer to Greg and took his hands once again. "Greg, I can promise you this. Once you become one of us, you will in no way be a 'victim.' Not by any stretch of the imagination. That is all I can tell you now, but it is definitely a promise, and it is the truth. Look at my eyes, Greg! Look and you will see!"

Greg looked. And he did see. Not the same kind of scenes like he saw in Ely's eyes last night, but he could see and feel that there was no threat in Ely's eyes at all. Those eyes that grabbed him and held him before and would not let him go were now like a comforting relative who puts a protective arm around a small child's shoulders, making him feel safe. Greg felt safe. He was no longer afraid, not even slightly nervous as he had been the last couple of days.

Still with that beautiful smile on his face, Ely reached up with two fingers to Greg's eyes and made him close them again. When Greg felt Ely's fingers leave his face he opened his eyes and the clearing was once again dark. Ely was once again hard to see clearly.

But the apprehension and fear didn't return to Greg. He stayed calm, and felt calm, and felt safe. He reached out and hugged Ely and Ely pulled Greg into him and they wound up laying on the ground again wrapped up in each other. Their lips met and stayed together for a long time. Their hands felt each other and slid up and down each other and once again Greg melted in Ely's arms. Finally their lips parted.

Greg smiled in the dark, "Okay," he said. "So how do we do this?"

"All you have to do is try to relax." Ely said, "I will do all the work. You will not feel anything that you don't expect." He leaned over and kissed Greg again.

Ely shifted and rolled on top of Greg, keeping their lips together. Greg laid back and let Ely go at it. Once again Greg only felt a hint of Ely's hands while they kissed, and when he opened his eyes he saw that not only was he naked, but so was Ely. He silently marveled and gave himself up to Ely.

Their hard cocks ground against each others'. Greg spread his legs and wrapped them around Ely. He felt Ely's cock rub his ass as he felt Ely's mouth move over to his neck. He turned his head to offer his neck to Ely and closed his eyes anyway even though he couldn't see anything. Finally Ely raised up and was on his knees between Greg's spread legs. One hand played with and teased Greg's hole and stroked his cock. His other hand reached into his jeans and pulled out some lube. He spread the lube over his own cock and put the head up against Greg's hole. He kept whispering to Greg, assuring him, praising him, telling him he was doing fine.

Ely reached over to the belt on his jeans. The clasp had a very sharp point. Unknown to Greg, Ely pricked his finger on the clasp. As his cock slid up Greg's ass, he touched his finger tip to the blood oozing from Greg's neck.

"Welcome, Greg," he whispered. "Welcome to my life. Welcome to your new life, your eternal life, which is in fact, life. Together we will make it wonderful."

Greg thought that Ely was right. He only felt Ely's finger tips at his neck, but felt nothing else. He almost didn't believe that anything happened at all. He felt Ely's cock in his ass and forgot about everything else, just like he did the past couple of nights. They laid together and Ely stayed on top of Greg and fucked him until they were both spent and out of strength.

It turned out Ely did have a car and it was parked at the edge of town. There was thunder in the distance. It was dark enough that they decided Greg didn't really need the mask after all. They walked through the woods to Ely's car and no one was around to see Greg anyway. Ely got in the driver's seat and as Greg walked around the car he reached into his back pack. As he opened the passenger door he pulled the wooden tent stake out of his pack, tossed it away, and slid in the seat. Ely started the car and drove out of town.

Once again, Greg didn't look back.


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