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The ambulance passed through the gates and in one voice the paramedic and two Emergency Medical Technicians said, "Wow!" Facing them was a very large, very old mansion. Older than any of them could comprehend. It consisted of a main two story wing with another two story wing on either side. The driveway rambled up to and circled around a perfectly detailed garden.

The ambulance pulled up to the front entrance (it wasn't a front door -  way too fancy for that - it was an "entrance"), where an old man was standing at the open door dressed in a severely pressed and starched tuxedo. The old man stood still with his hands clasped together in front of him and watched the ambulance roll to a stop.

"How 'bout that!" the paramedic said. "A real old time proper butler in full dress uniform!"

"Sure does go with this place!" one of the EMT's said as he headed around the vehicle and opened the back door. As the EMT's pulled the stretcher out of the back, the paramedic walked up to the butler.

The old man bowed very slightly as the paramedic approached and pointed into the house. "Good afternoon, gentlemen," he said with a slight British sounding accent. "The master is in his rooms. You can use the elevator at the end of the hall. His private nurse is with him."

"Thanks," the paramedic said simply. He didn't ask the butler anything, assuming he wouldn't get much of an answer. The nurse would have better information anyway. He half expected the butler to ask if he could get any of them a drink. He wondered if the guy even really cared about what was wrong with "the master." Maybe he was wondering what his inheritance was going to be.

The first thing the paramedic noticed when he entered the room was that it was larger than his whole apartment. The second thing he noticed was the guy standing up by the bed. Then he saw that the bed actually did have an occupant.

The man in the bed was even older than the butler if such a thing was possible. He was so emaciated that when the blankets were pulled up it appeared as though the bed was empty. The nurse was checking an IV line that snaked down and slipped under the blankets. The paramedic silently thanked the nurse for starting the IV for him. He wondered if the old man had any veins left!

The nurse looked up at their entrance and held up his hand; then touched his finger to his lips, instructing everyone to be quiet. He walked across the room - which took some time - and motioned for the crew to go out in the hallway. The butler entered the room and walked toward the bed.

Out in the hallway the nurse told the crew, "We have some time. He's fine for the moment."

"We were told it wasn't an emergency call. What's the problem?" the paramedic asked.

"Nothing really specific," the nurse replied, "I think his old body has finally had enough. But he's always been a fighter. Refuses to even consider giving up."

"How old is he?"

"Ninety three. He won't see ninety four."

One of the EMT's was looking in the room. The butler was sitting on the bed talking to the old man and wiping his forehead with a cloth. The nurse continued with a smile. "He functions as a butler, but they're lovers. They've been together for 75 years now but they never married - just stayed lovers."

"Damn!" the EMT said and smiled. "Cool."

The nurse handed a sheet of paper to the paramedic. "His pressure's dropping. So's his heart rate. All day long they've been sneaking down. Easy to see it's a pattern that won't reverse. He's had a couple of heart attacks, couple of strokes, he's riddled with arthritis, he's diabetic, poor kidneys, poor liver -  poor everything."

"Well hell!" the paramedic smiled, "He's 93, what do you expect?"

"Exactly what he says himself," the nurse said, "but he's adamant that not trying at all is tantamount to suicide, and he's totally against that."

"Okay," the paramedic shrugged his shoulders, "If he wants us to try something, we'll try everything. Who am I to question a 93 year old man?"

They went into the room and under the stern and watchful eyes of the butler they broke out their equipment and did their required exam; then gently lifted the old man onto the stretcher. He was light enough that one of them could have lifted him by himself. The paramedic and one of the EMT's wheeled him out of the room. The other EMT stayed behind packing away their instruments and looked up at the butler.

"Someone will call you with any news," he said.

"Actually," the butler said, "I was hoping for permission to accompany the master to the hospital. He has no one else," he opened his hands and shrugged, "and frankly, neither do
I." His eyes were softened and he looked at the EMT hopefully. "I also believe, as the nurse does, that this time I will come home alone."

The EMT nodded, "Sure," he said. "We got plenty of room."

The crew met the nurse at the front door. The nurse had a couple of suitcases with him. The paramedic raised his eyebrows.

"Home health care seminar in Miami," the nurse explained, "I called the nurse that was going to relieve me and told her to sit tight. If he makes it home she'll come over, but I told her everything and she doesn't expect a call."

The EMT pointed to the butler's back as he went out the door, "What do we call him?" he asked. "If I didn't know he was a butler I'd think he was some kind of royalty or something."

The nurse snickered, "He's a character and a half allright, but he's a really nice guy and he's brilliant. Both of them are. But both of them always insisted on first names only. The butler's name is Ely. The "master" is Greg. . ."

Seventy five years earlier, Ely swooped into Greg's life when Greg was just eighteen years old. Some would say that Ely actually did swoop: that Ely turned himself into a bat, and with fangs bared descended on Greg, but it didn't happen that way. According to legend it was supposed to happen that way, but Ely explained to Greg that they didn't work like the stories and movies said they did. In fact, they themselves actually perpetuated the legends so the public at large wouldn't discover the truth.

At the time, Greg was ready to explode with the desire to get the hell out of the tiny little town he grew up in and get away from his abusive parents, abusive neighbors, abusive townfolk, and just a generally fucked up life so far. Ely offered Greg a chance to become one of "them" like Ely was, and Greg accepted. But before Greg could officially and physically make the "change" he had to live out his entire life. He could only die of natural causes. If he was murdered, committed suicide, or died as a result of execution he would only die like everyone else and wouldn't complete the change to join Ely's ranks. And now, 75 years later, the change was ready to be completed.

Ely initiated the change back in Greg's town by mixing their blood right before they left town for good. During his life, Greg continued to feed Ely his blood. Now it looked like they both would have to find a new source very soon. . .

As they drove out of town all those years ago, Greg kept his eyes squarely in front of them; watching the miles go by and relaxing more and more as each marker zoomed by. That night Ely made himself look eighteen again so it would look like he and Greg were just buddies traveling down the freeway. Ely appeared to be in his 60's when he first met Greg, and changed his appearance when Greg accepted his offer.

"Greg," Ely said as he glanced to his side, "We have traveled over one hundred miles so far. We have gone around many many curves. It is perfectly acceptable to look back now.
There is nothing more to see there."

"I know," Greg smiled at Ely, "I couldn't wait to get outta that place, but I was thinking I might be scared, ya know? Like I wouldn't be able to do it. I feel like if I look back it'll be like wishing I was still there." He rubbed his temples like he had a headache. "But I damn well don't wish it!" he said softly, as if he was trying to convince himself as much as Ely.

Ely reached over and squeezed Greg's thigh, "That is obvious," he said. "Many teenagers leave home under the worst of circumstances and are not prepared for it. They had no plans made, no money saved, no idea where they were going to go, no job ready for them. They wound up getting in one kind of trouble or another. It is always sad, but that will not be your fate - I can promise you that."

Greg curled his fingers into Ely's on his thigh, "I'm not really worried about it, dude. Anything is better than that place."

"I think," Ely said slowly, "that what you could use now, is something that is very important both for humans and for us. It is called 'closure.' It works wonders for the soul. And it is nothing to be ashamed of." Ely flicked his head behind them, gesturing toward the route they had come. "All you will be doing is saying 'goodbye,' and there is nothing wrong with that at all."

Greg smiled sheepishly. "I guess," he said. He squeezed Ely's hand, "I'm glad I'm with you."

"Ah," Ely smiled, "It feels wonderful to hear you say that." Greg leaned over and kissed Ely's cheek.

"Here we are!" Ely pointed ahead. They were passing a sign that said there was food, gas and lodging to be had at the next exit. "You must be hungry. I know I am. We can have a late dinner and find a hotel for the night."

"You mean you guys have to eat real food, too?" Greg asked.

Ely laughed. "Yes, yes we do. I rather enjoy a fine meal. One of my hobbies is cooking; more of a passion actually, but it is so much more enjoyable when you have someone to cook for. I look forward to many enjoyable evenings preparing meals for you!"

They pulled off the freeway. This town was considerably larger than Greg's hometown. At the end of the exit were signs for a few all night restaurants and some hotels. Greg opened his backpack to look for his travelers checks. Ely stopped him with a snicker.

"Don't worry, Greg. I have more than enough."

"I wanna pay my way."

As Ely pulled the car into the parking lot of a restaurant he tapped Greg's neck where the hickey was and told him, "You are more than paying your way! And I am not trying to be condescending in any way. Put simply, I have more money than I know what to do with. Far more than anyone would need in several lifetimes."

"Damn!" Greg said. He had trouble picturing having that much money. He felt his neck and tried to see himself in the rearview mirror, "Does it show too much?"

"In the trunk I have some suitcases," Ely answered. "There are a few turtleneck sweaters that you can put on. No one will see."

Ely opened the trunk and Greg pulled on a sweater. "This time," Ely said as they headed into the restaurant, "I want you to eat a decent meal."

"Know what, dude?" Greg laughed, "I think it's gonna be a long time before I'll want another burger and fries!"

They had steak. Greg insisted that Ely let him order. He said it would look weird for someone as young and buff as Ely to talk like the king of England this late at night and confuse the poor waitress. Greg grinned throughout the entire meal as Ely commented on the restaurant, the atmosphere, the service, the food, even the design of the menu itself. If they were just meeting for the first time tonight, Greg would have thought Ely was a food critic.

Greg walked back to the car as Ely paid the bill. When Ely walked out of the restaurant he saw Greg staring back up the freeway in the direction they had come. He stayed quiet while Greg said his silent goodbyes. Greg turned when he heard Ely approaching and quickly wiped his eyes. Ely saw the streaks down Greg's cheeks and not caring who may be watching he hugged Greg and pulled his head into his shoulder. He felt Greg smear his face into his t-shirt, wiping his eyes. "Closure," he whispered in Greg's ear. "It is good for you."

They got in the car and Greg touched Ely's arm. "Dude?" he asked. "Do we have to go to a hotel? I'm too excited to sleep anyway and I wanna get farther away. I can drive if you're tired."

"Actually I slept most of the day; knowing this was going to be a long night," Ely answered, and grinned teasingly at Greg. "However, I wasn't thinking of sleeping..."

"Ah!" Greg laughed and reached between Ely's legs and played with his bulge. "In that case - we're plenty far away."

They entered the hotel room, dropped their suitcases, and Greg immediately used his body to pin Ely against the just closed door. They stayed at the door making out and groping each other for several minutes.

"I need a shower," Greg told Ely when they broke their kiss.

"I hope it's big enough for two," Ely said.

They held hands and walked into the bathroom. Greg turned on the water, and while the shower warmed up they slowly stripped each other naked. Greg bent over, took Ely's socks off and stood up. He took a couple of steps back and eyed the young Ely.

"I never seen you in the light," Greg said while his eyes took in the jet black, shortish cut hair. Ely's eyebrows were just as black as his hair. Ely smiled and struck a pose for Greg. His chest was baby smooth, prominent pecs behind two large nipples. Broad shoulders and narrow hips with a nice cock standing straight up and his ball sac hanging between almost hairless thighs.

Some guys have buff, muscular bodies that anyone could tell at a glance were gym bodies. Not that they didn't look good, but their muscles were the result of regular workouts. Ely's body was different. Muscular but not overdone. His muscles looked like they came not from regular workouts, but from regular work. Like he had spent all his life doing heavy physical labor. It was a more natural look, a real look. Greg salivated taking in Ely's body from head to toe.

Ely, still smiling, turned around. His back looked just as good. Still smooth, almost no hair on his legs. Wide shoulders with a V shaped torso and one of the cutest little bubble butts around. Greg simply said, "You're beautiful!" and went to his knees to kiss Ely's ass. He stood up and took Ely by the hand and they stepped in the shower.

Immediately they wrapped their arms around each other and the water soaked their hair and ran down their bodies as their tongues explored each other's mouths and their hands explored each other's backs. Greg once again pushed Ely up against the wall and they ground their dicks together and reached between them and stroked each other and played with each other's butts and tickled each other's holes.

Greg pushed Ely down in the tub and turned around to straddle him and they sucked each others' dicks up in their mouths. The water kept streaming down their bodies as each sucked the cum out of the other. Neither spoke but each were thinking the same thing: Greg kept some of Ely's cum in his mouth and turned around and laid on top of Ely in the tub. His tongue slid into Ely's mouth and Greg found that Ely also saved some cum and they made out and passed their cum to each other until it dissolved.

They stood up and slowly, sensually soaped each other down. They took turns with the handheld shower and rinsed each other off, playfully kissing and tickling each others' dicks and holes and licking each other's nipples and pits. They took towels and dried each other off, all without saying a word.

Ely took Greg's hand and led him to the bed. They didn't even pull the blankets down, but laid on the bed and for a long time their bodies didn't even part. Ely spent some time and some cum on top of Greg and then they rolled over and Greg fucked Ely and shot a load of cum into his ass. They lay between each other's legs and sucked each other's dicks clean and ate each other's butts and gave each other such a tongue bath that they had to take another shower that lasted as long as the first one with even more cum splatting on the shower floor.

Back on the bed they turned down the blankets and laid facing each other. Greg ran his hands over Ely's chest. "Is this real?" he asked.

"Real? I don't understand."

Greg's hand cupped Ely's balls. "Is this really you - or is it how you want me to see you?"

Ely smiled, "It is really me," he answered. "This is exactly how I looked when I was really 18."

"Wow dude! You're stacked!" Greg grinned.

Ely kissed Greg. "I lived in a small village where everyone was farmers. I spent every day working in the fields, tending the crops, taking care of the cows and horses, chopping wood. Hard work does a body good, but I wasn't the only one. All the men were very well built."

"Did you have a boyfriend?"

Ely sighed deeply. "Ah yes! There was a lad the same age as me. We used to sneak off every chance we got and he was wonderful. But in those days marriages were very much arranged. He took a wife that his father had chosen for him. He had no other choice. Her father secured employment for him that required them to move far away to London. I never saw him again."

"Damn!" Greg said. "That's some tough shit."

Ely wrapped his arms around Greg. "Obviously that was a long time ago. About six hundred and ten years or so. But I don't need to worry about that any more. I have you now," he reached around and cupped Greg's butt. "And you are more than worth the wait!"

Greg had said that he was too excited to sleep but he was wrong. The tension of the last few days finally caught up with him when both of them were finally spent. The sun was just coming up, so it was good that Ely had the foresight to pay for two nights. He slipped the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, went back to the bed, grabbed the blankets, and tucked an exhausted and sleeping Greg in. He got in bed and Greg snuggled up to Ely.

Being alseep and dreaming can often show how a guy really feels. Greg turned in his sleep to face Ely and snuggled up to him the same way a small child - frightened by a raging thunderstorm - will jump into bed and snuggle up to his dad where he felt safe enough to fall back to sleep. Ely pulled the blankets over them and whispered to Greg, "Don't worry my love - I'll take good care of you."


              CHAPTER TWO

The EMT's wheeled the stretcher into a cubicle in the Emergency Room while the paramedic reported to the ER staff. A nurse came in, nodded to Ely, and took Greg's pulse, temperature, and blood pressure. After she left, Greg slowly turned to look at Ely.

"Can I just go this time?" he asked hopefully.

Ely leaned down and patted Greg's shoulder. "Yes," he said. "It is safe now."

Greg sighed. "I don't mind telling you," his voice was shaking, "I hurt. I hurt all over. I'm ready to end this however I must."

Ely smiled, "In the last few minutes all your pain will go away. You will feel good again."

Greg managed a small smile. The last few years were tough on him. The arthritis wracked his body. He could barely walk but tried whenever he felt able. In the house he was mostly confined to a wheelchair. He and Ely were very active throughout his life and he hated having to stop doing this and stop doing that, as the elderly are forced to do. Bit by bit his life ended even though he was still breathing. His head was bald, he was dangerously thin where he used to be buff. He hated looking at himself in the mirror and tried instead to see the Greg he used to be instead of the Greg he was now. Ely kept reassuring him that it was only temporary. After the change was complete he could be eighteen again any time he wanted.

"I would be satisfied," Greg said weakly, "If I could just walk again."

"You will do that and more," Ely promised. "Much more."

"I suppose," Greg said. His hand shook, but he managed to reach over to clasp Ely's hand. "You haven't steered me wrong yet."

The nurse stuck her head in the room and asked to speak to Ely outside while the doctor examined Greg. Ely left the room and the doctor began his exam. He was impressed that Greg wasn't a complainer, but laid stoically while the doctor poked and prodded. Greg decided against running the battery of tests the doctor mentioned, and the doctor didn't argue. After he left, Ely returned and fussed over Greg some more.

"The nurse was warning me," he told Greg, "that it was time to say our goodbyes, and the doctor agreed with her." Ely snickered, "If they only knew that this is just the beginning."

"I feel ready," Greg whispered. "It feels like it. It feels like it's time," he opened his eyes wider and looked at Ely hopefully. "Did you call any of the boys?"

"Yes," Ely assured him, "They are on their way. Most of them should start arriving very soon. I think you have time for that."

Again Greg sighed deeply. Ely saw his eyes mist over. "I am not looking forward to that," Greg said while staring ahead. "I must make my goodbyes to them real."

"I'm afraid so," Ely said gently. He took a cloth and wiped the sheen from Greg's forehead. "We can't take a chance on them seeing you again, you know that. I never promised you that this part would be easy. You are, after all, ending your human life, and you must leave that life behind."

"Yes, yes, you've told me that more times than I care to count," Greg said. "Especially the last few years." He squeezed Ely's hand a bit, "I am not looking forward to it, but I am ready. You did a good job with that. You did a good job with everything."

That job started years ago when Greg and Ely arrived at Ely's home in Florida. . .

They took turns driving, and after disciplining themselves a little bit and not stopping at each rest area on the way to have a good fuck, they drove through Florida and just south of St. Augustine the next afternoon.

"Why St. Augustine?" Greg asked Ely with a somewhat knowing look on his face. "You were here then, weren't you? This was the first permanent town in this country and you were one of the first to be here, right?"

Ely laughed softly. "I wasn't actually the first," he told Greg. "I was on the second or third boat, though."

"Seems like there'd be a lot more people for you to feed off of back in Europe. Why come here where there weren't anybody?"

Ely smiled and nodded, "One of the other passengers was with me." He reached over and patted Greg's thigh again. "Patience, Greg, patience. I have to ask you to wait for many
years, but all will be clear to you in time."

"Oh man!" Greg rolled his eyes. "I don't know if I'll get used to all this mystery."

"Of course you will! Ah, we are home!" Ely pointed ahead. They drove through a small gate and the house came into view. It was a large, square, two story house, obviously old but very well maintained. The driveway was a long one and while driving it, Greg had time to see the grounds. It wasn't a yard, it was "grounds." Once they passed through the gate, Ely told Greg that he owned all the land they could see from that point. Greg started saying, "Wow!" over and over again.

"I have services that take care of the place when I'm away," Ely said. "I take care of  everything myself when I'm home. I called them yesterday while you were sleeping and told them we would be arriving today. They won't be here, but they will have stocked the kitchen so we shouldn't need to go running errands for a few days."

They carried the suitcases inside and left them by a large curving staircase in a foyer that was big enough to hold quite a party in. With their arms around each other's waists, Ely showed Greg around the house: the living room with a fireplace that took up one whole wall, a large den with a grand piano at one end, a huge kitchen that still had the original walk-in fireplace designed for cooking, the formal dining room with it's own fireplace and seating for 12 at an old and intricately carved table, and a library with books on all four walls from floor to ceiling with a rolling ladder to reach the top ones. Greg said "Wow!" in each room. They took the suitcases upstairs where there were five separate bedrooms including a master suite with it's own sitting room, balcony, and hot tub.

Every room in the house was filled with antiques. The furniture was handmade, large, bulky, but comfortable looking. Tapestries were everywhere. Tables were covered with knick knacks that even Greg could tell at a glance were old and very expensive. The entire house showed money - old money - and impeccable taste.

Back downstairs Greg turned around and around and smiled. "How old is this place?" he asked, then squinted his eyes like he was a little afraid of the answer.

"It was originally settled in the late 1500's, but it was only a cottage then. One of the first bankers bought it with the land, and built this house sometime around 1630. He had foresight, quite a bit of it actually, hence his success as a banker. He had the original cottage dismantled and re-erected at the rear of the property for posterity. I use it as a storage cottage for the equipment to care for the grounds."

"When did you buy it?" Greg asked as he ran his fingers over the detailed moulding around the door of the library.

"In 1763," Ely said matter of factly. Greg rolled his eyes again.

"Wow!" he said for the umpteenth time since their arrival. "This is gonna take some getting used to, dude!"

Ely laughed and kissed Greg, "And that's not all," he teased, and pointed to some of the books. "I have been collecting these books since then. This entire library is quite priceless.
I'll have to show you the alarm systems very soon."

Greg looked at the books like they were something that could attack him and laughed. "Don't worry about me, dude! I'm just too happy to be here to mess with anything."

"Greg, Greg!" Ely snickered as he hugged Greg, "My love - this is your home now. This is no longer my house, but our house. You can 'mess' with anything you want."

Greg hugged Ely back and let his hand slide down to Ely's butt, "Including you?" he teased.

"Especially me!" Ely laughed and gave Greg's butt a playful slap. "But come out back with me. I have something more to show you!"

They went out through the kitchen door onto a huge stone terrace. It wasn't a simple patio. The stones were obviously as old as the house and worn smooth from the years of traffic. They stretched from one end of the house to the other. The terrace was almost as wide as the house itself. Here and there, seemingly random, the stones gave way to plants and small trees, obviously meticulously cared for. Beyond the terrace was a smallish swimming pool with a hot tub built into one end. Hedges surrounded the place, tall enough to block any view. They walked to the hedges to a tiny gate, and beyond the gate was the beach and the ocean.

"Wow!" Greg said again.

"Greg!" Ely laughed, "You are going to have to work on expanding your vocabulary!"

As an answer Greg swept Ely up in his arms and kissed him. They stripped down naked right where they stood and Greg jumped on Ely's cock and rode him hard until Ely's cum squished out of Greg's ass. Greg stayed on that cock and shot his load all over Ely's face.

They stood up with cum running down some part of both of them and Ely peeked out the gate. "There's no one out there!" he told Greg. "Come, let's rinse off," and he ran naked across the beach with Greg right behind him watching Ely's tight little butt cheeks jiggling, and ran right into the ocean.

They both dove into a wave and splashed around and splashed each other and then stood in the water wrapped up in each other, kissing, while the waves pounded into them almost knocking them down.

"This is the first time," Greg told Ely, "I ever seen the ocean!"

Ely smiled and kissed Greg again, "You are going to have a grand time here," he said, "I'll have to show you how to hunt for shells and teach you to snorkle and so much more!"

They stood in the water and held each other and made out a while. They had to wait a little bit to leave the water until the beach was emtpy again. Then they ran back to the house with their dicks swinging and butts jiggling and laughing. They rinsed the sand off their feet with a hose at the gate.

"I feel funny," Greg said as they gathered up their clothes and walked across the patio toward the kitchen.

"It's the salt in the water," Ely told him. "The water dries from your body but the salt remains. It feels like a film of some sort covering you. A shower with fresh water is all you need." They went back upstairs to take a shower, and one of the first things they learned was that if they were in any kind of a hurry for whatever reason, they had to take showers separately, or one of them fucked the other under the spray until the water turned cold.

The first week they stayed at the house. The house and grounds were surrounded by the extra tall hedges and Ely and Greg stayed butt naked the whole week. They ate naked and hung out naked and ran around outside naked. When one of them got horny he simply walked up to the other one and fucked him.  Since Greg and, technically, Ely were both teenagers, one of them or the other was always horny. They swam naked in the ocean when no one was around and played with each other in the pool when the beach was crowded.

Greg noticed on the first night that Ely wasn't exaggerating about cooking being a passion. He sat in the kitchen and watched and grinned as Ely chopped and peeled and mixed and stirred and brought everything to stand still while he tasted. Greg helped when he could, and felt that Ely wasn't merely cooking - he was performing. But the food was the best Greg ever had so he didn't mind Ely's theatrics in the kitchen at all.

Ely noticed that Greg seemed to enjoy paying attention to the details of the architecture of the house and to the detailing inside. He explained that it was all done in the 1600's when such work was done by hand by artists in that field. They were few and far between and didn't come cheap.

Toward the end of the week Greg was in the library looking at some of the older books. The one he had open on the desk was properly bound, but the pages were covered in a curious style of calligraphy. Ely came in and sat his bare butt on the desk, pointed to the book and told Greg, "This one and a few others I occasionally lease to museums. They are worth fortunes individually."

"This doesn't look like it came off a printing press," Greg said.

"It didn't," Ely answered. "It was copied by hand. I bought the book in Europe when it was new. I had to order it special, as the copying took painstakingly long and was only done when the sale of the book was assured."

"I'd be scared to keep something like this in my house!" Greg said. Ely had already shown Greg the protection the house had, and it was impressive. Greg was amazed at the things Ely had. The entire house was a museum in its own right.

Ely pulled up a chair and sat at the desk opposite Greg. He leaned forward and put his chin in his clasped hands. "What do you want to do, Greg?"

"Do about what?"

"With your life. What do you want to be? To become?"

Greg scrunched up his eyebrows. "Well, I thought that was already decided," he said while he rubbed his neck. The hickeys were both gone.

"You have already decided what to do in your after life. But you still need to find a passion to keep you occupied during your human life."

"Well..." Greg thought a bit, "I always been interested in architecture. I dreamed sometimes about being an architect," he said and lowered his eyes as if he was expecting Ely to laugh as others have.

Ely didn't laugh, "I suspected as much," he nodded. He rapped his knucles on the desk top like a judge with a gavel. "Then an architect you shall be!" he announced.

"Aww..." Greg mumbled, "I don't know if I can really be one. But it would be nice."

Ely reached across the desk and cupped Greg's face in both hands, making Greg look in his eyes. "Greg!" he said and smiled, "I told you before I came to you because of your potential, and I meant that." He tapped Greg's head with his finger tips. "You have a wonderful brain in this head. Until now you simply weren't given the opportunity to make use of it. Right now your brain is similar to a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are all there, but they are mixed up." Ely carressed Greg's face, "What you need to do now, is re-arrange those pieces so they fit together, and then you can do wonderous things. But you need to re-arrange them in a systematic, organized, step by step manner." Greg looked a little confused but didn't say anything. Ely saw the look and knew the thought. "What you need," he told Greg, "is an education."

"You mean I need to go college?"

"Exactly," Ely said. "There you will be taught the means to organize your thoughts, and before you object, an education is not as frightening as it may seem to you now."

"Did you go to college?"

Ely snickered, "Yes, I suppose you could say that."

"Meaning what? Did you go or didn't you?"

"In the centuries I have been here," Ely looked Greg in the eye, "I have graduated from 14 universities."

Greg's eyes bugged out, "What?!? You went to 14 colleges?!?"

Ely laughed, "Yes, yes I did."

Greg looked away with his eyes wide and mouth hanging open. Then he looked back at Ely. "On purpose!?!?"  

Ely almost fell out of his chair laughing.

"Yes! On purpose," Ely said when he could talk again, "You will have to take my word for it, but it actually becomes fun, and as the years go by you can go back anytime you want. For most of us, getting an education in different fields of study becomes something of a hobby." He got out of his chair and walked around and pulled Greg out of his chair and hugged him. "If you wish to study architecture, then that is what you will study. I will help you, and I hope you can see that I should be something of a fairly competent study partner."

"Wow..." Greg looked out the window again, "College, huh....."

Ely laid on the desk and pulled Greg on top of him. They made out for a few minutes.

"I know you," Ely said as he traced Greg's face with his finger tips, "so much better than you think I do. To you, we only met a couple of weeks ago. But I actually have known you much longer than that."

"How do you mean?"

"Again you must take my word for it and not ask why. But I was told about you when you were still a young boy. I have been to your town several times and watched and evaluated you." Greg tensed up a bit but said nothing. "I know many things about you that you may not be aware of yourself. We have met before but I made myself look different. When we made eye contact then, I knew you. I knew all of you. It was then that I fell in love with you. I am not talking about loving you as if an infatuation from the past two weeks, but from years of studying you. I didn't expect it myself, but I fell in love a long time ago with who you are and who you are going to be."

Greg just looked at Ely, "Your eyes, right? You sort of read me with your eyes, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did. I hope that doesn't upset you. I meant it from my heart that evening in the woods when I told you that no one has captured my heart as you have."

Greg didn't know what to say. Even his parents never told him they loved him that he could remember. Ely was the first to actually say it, and he's said it twice now. Greg didn't know how he felt, either. He looked at Ely laying under him on the desk and could tell that Ely didn't expect Greg to say that he too was in love. All Greg did was lean down and kiss Ely; the longest kiss they'd shared yet. And as has been usual for them since they met, Greg ended up between Ely's legs and by the time the sun went down, they were both sweating profusely and the desk top was slippery.

Greg raised himself up on his elbows and gave Ely a quick afterglow kiss and simply said as he snickered, "Okay dude, I'll go to college." They both laughed and headed once again to the shower. If the shower had been a living thing, it would have been afraid to see the two of them heading toward it yet again!


             CHAPTER THREE

The nurse entered the cubicle to check Greg's vital signs again. She told Greg and Ely that there were several gentlemen in the waiting room.

"Ah," Ely told Greg, "The boys are arriving."

"If you'd like," the nurse told Greg, "We can move you to a larger room, and they can all come in and sit with you. Or we can do the usual and let them come in two at a time for a few minutes each."

"I know what happens," Greg said slowly. He was noticeably weaker. "When a person dies, I know what the body does. I don't want the boys to see me that way. I don't want them to remember me like that. I'd much rather say goodbye to them now...." and his voice cracked. Ely leaned over to wipe a tear from Greg's eye.

Ely looked up at the nurse, "If I could have a minute with him, then they can come in?"

"Of course," the nurse said. "Just let me know when you're ready."

She left the room and a man came in wearing a white lab coat.

"Ah, Alex!" Ely said and he finally smiled, "So good to see you!" They shook hands and Ely introduced Alex to Greg.

"Hello, doctor," Greg mumbled.

"Wonderful to meet you, Greg," Alex said and patted Greg's hand. "But I am not a doctor. I am here as a witness for Ely."

"Witness?" Greg's eyes rolled to Ely.

"Yes," Alex said, "Ely has done an outstanding job with you, Greg, and I am here to witness you making your final decision."

"You're one....?"

"Yes, my love," Ely said to Greg, "Alex is one of us. You see, if you desire, there is still time, and you have a chance to change your mind about joining us." Ely's voice was clipped. It seemed he wanted to say more, but was restraining himself. Greg looked back at Alex.

Alex pulled a syringe from his pocket. "You see, Greg," he said as though he was reading from some kind of script. "If you change your mind about joining us - which we all hope is not the case - I can inject this syringe into your IV line. You will slip away quite painlessly and peacefully. Since your death would be from the injection, it will not be a natural death, and you won't complete the change. You would simply go to whatever reward would normally await you. If you decide to join us, I will gladly join Ely in welcoming you."

Greg looked at Ely, who was standing at his side, almost at attention, something of a fearful look on his face. His eyes were blank - something Greg hardly ever saw in them. Greg's old knarled hands shook their way over to clasp Ely's hand, and Ely waited.

"I have often wondered," Greg said softly, "If I was making a mistake.  If I was committing the greatest sin imaginable. As I am sure you have watched me," he looked at Ely, "I have been watching you too. You must be right that all I thought I knew was false. I haven't seen you do anything one would have expected you to do. All you have done is take care of me and support me and teach me." His eyes rolled to Alex and glanced at the syringe in his hand. Ely stiffened. "Put it away, Alex. I'm yours." Ely sighed audibly and leaned down to hug Greg. When he raised back up, Alex was gone. . .

Greg did go to college and became an architect. He specialized in designing homes for first time buyers - not a lot of splash to them, but unique styles that were affordable. He worked alone from the library in the house and did most of his design work on contract from builders. When his business began to take up more and more of the library, he designed an extra wing to the house. It was a two story wing, with Greg's offices on the ground floor, and his design studio and storage on the upper floor. The outside perfectly matched the architecture of the original house. Ely was delighted and often helped Greg with whatever he could.

They had more fun in those years than Greg would have thought possible. They would often travel to Miami's gay areas. Sometimes Ely would be the same age as Greg, and sometimes he would look like he was in his 40's and would be the 'daddy' while Greg was the 'boy,' and they would pick up other young guys to fuck around with. They always had a big hotel suite and many times between the two of them they would wind up having a nice orgy in their hotel with naked butts and swinging dicks all over the place. And of course, now and then one of the guys they brought to their suite went home the next morning with a hickey on his neck.

One Friday night they went to Miami to celebrate Greg's 30th birthday. Both of them were hungry so they went to the hotel's restaurant. Once again they had a steak dinner with baked potatoes instead of fries. Greg had gotten used to Ely's obvious delight in what Ely
considered the "art" of dining. Greg sat and smiled at the waiter as Ely even made ordering the meal an event in itself.

"So babe," Greg said between bites of dessert. "You eat the same things I do, and you eat as often as I do. Why do you need blood at all? You get all the same vitamins and stuff that every one else gets."

"That's true," Ely answered. He leaned back and sipped at his tea. "But it is not the usual nutrients in blood that we need. There is only one thing in blood that we need. But we need it regularly or we can't function normally."

Greg thought about it a few seconds. "You mean the red blood cells, right? You need them to carry oxygen, don't ya? Your body doesn't make them new so you need to take them from other people?"

"Not quite, but a good guess," Ely smiled. "Remember, we are not quite human. Were we to exist anywhere else, we may need something besides blood. But since we exist here and interact with humans, we must be able to maintain our humanesque quality so we can mingle and not be noticed." Ely leaned close to Greg, lowering his voice as though he wanted to make sure no one else heard. "What we need from blood, Greg," he almost whispered, "is DNA."

Greg stared, "Huh?"

Ely smiled, "That is all," he said and shrugged his shoulders. "As you know, DNA contains all the ingredients required to shape a human body. Everything from eye color to amount of body hair is pre-programmed into DNA. Our bodies don't manufacture our own, so we must ingest and use the DNA of others to maintain our lives and our looks."

"Wow!" Greg said yet again, "And DNA gets old like everything else and you eventually piss it away, so you need more. Damn!"

"Not only that," Ely said, "but once you drink someone's blood and take in their DNA, you can then make yourself look just like them. And after you take in the DNA from several people, you can mix the various ingredients and look however you want. That comes in very handy time and time again."

"Did you ever drink a woman's blood?"

"Yes, I did. Being able to change your entire gender can come in exquisitely handy!" Ely laughed.

"You mean in order to do that I'd have to have sex with a woman?" Greg looked worried. "I don't have any interest in girls at all. Never have."

Ely shook his head, "Nor do I. Don't worry, Greg, with women you simply use your eyes and put them under. Then you feed. Sex with anyone you feed from is not required, but it is certainly fun! But if you can turn yourself into a woman you can then easily feed off of any man who catches your fancy," he said with a smile and a twinkle.

Greg rolled his eyes and smiled and smacked his lips. "So you can change into a woman and get fucked by a straight guy?"

"Certainly," Ely grinned. "Any time you wish."

"You'll have to show me that," Greg laughed. "I'd love to get plowed by a straight man!"

"Of course," Ely continued, "DNA is found elsewhere too. Semen, especially, is almost nothing but DNA, and we can certainly make use of that, but for reasons inexplicable even to me, blood is more satisfying. It is the same as people who feel they cannot have a good day unless they have a cup of coffee as soon as they wake up. They can most likely get through their day without it, but they don't feel right unless they have that first cup first thing in the morning. Without the blood now and then, we feel much like we are about to come down with a flu or something similar. Almost like the symptoms of withdrawl. The longer we go without it, the more we lose the ability to maintain our looks, and we begin to look as old as we really are; something no human is ready to see."

He looked hard at Greg. "That is why some people who have had the change initiated as you have resort to attacking people in order to get a quick fix of blood. They are the ones who stop being careful and get arrested. Far too many of them continue to attack people and even kill them just so they can have one feeding of blood. They are captured and put in prison and executed. Execution is not a natural death, so they are lost."

Greg looked worried, "But you said I wouldn't have to do that," he reminded Ely.

"Quite so," Ely replied, "Not all of us stay with the people we initiate. Normally we give them some training, and then allow them to live out their lives as they wish," he raised his
hands in a gesture of surrender, "and most of them choose to live foolishly and we lose them. However," he raised a finger like a teacher would to make a point, "those who choose to live foolishly as that aren't qualified to become one of us anyway. The lives they
live are the test that determines their ability, or their worthiness, as you will."

Greg smiled, "You're working real hard to not lose me."

Ely looked straight in Greg's eyes, "I never want to lose you. I told you - I fell in love with you. If I lost you, I would want to give up my own life, such as it is, and accompany you to where ever you go."

Greg only smiled and blushed.

Ely put some money on the table, stood up, and took Greg's hand, "Come," he said, "Let's go back to our bed and I will show you how much I mean it!"

In their room Greg pushed Ely down on the bed and lay on top of him still fully dressed. "I want to tell you something," he told Ely.

Ely looked curious, "Yes."

"I'm no good at talking..." Greg began.

"You're not entirely correct," Ely smiled, "Your manner of speaking is very much more refined than when we first met. You haven't called me "dude" since you graduated the university."

"I don't mean that," Greg smiled and quickly kissed Ely, "I mean I want to tell you something I never said before. And I want to tell you before we do anything instead of after we cum so you'll know I mean it."

"And what is that?"

Greg got serious and even tensed up a little. He quickly blurted out, "I fell in love too. I love you! I fell in love with you!" And he slammed his lips back down on Ely's before Ely could reply. Ely sighed and moaned and wrapped his arms around Greg and wouldn't let go.


             CHAPTER FOUR

The boys came in two at a time, led by the nurse. There were about a dozen of them in the waiting room. There were more who lived too far away to get there in time, and the nurse brought a phone into Greg's room so he could take the phone calls that had already started coming in. Ely did his best to see to Greg and help him keep up what little strength he had left. Ely loved the boys as much as Greg did, but had to force himself to remain somewhat aloof, as someone always had to in these situations.

In person and on the phone, Greg said his goodbyes to the boys amid tears and kisses and hugs and more tears. They didn't want to leave, but they did respect Greg's wishes. They still didn't leave the hospital but stayed in the waiting room, resigned to do what they felt was their part. Knowing they were there, they thought, may help Greg feel maybe a little more comfortable.

After the last of them stumbled from Greg's room wiping their eyes, Greg turned his own misting eyes to Ely. "Do I really have to stay away?" he asked with a pleading look to his mentor.

Ely leaned close and brushed Greg's wet cheek with his lips. "I'm afraid so my love," he spoke softly. "At least in the beginning, for it would do no one any good to let them see you. Indeed, it would even ruin things for some of them, and neither of us wants even a hint of that."

"I'm thinking," Greg whispered, "there is some way you haven't told me about yet that I can at least keep track of them and know how they are doing?"

Ely smiled, "There are many ways," he wiped Greg's forehead for the umpteenth time. "You will learn them all, and believe me, you will be most satisfied with it all."

"They really are something," Greg said. His words were coming more slowly now. Speaking was becoming more difficult for him. The nurse came back in and took Greg's vital signs again. His blood pressure was dangerously low, and his heart rate had dropped into the 40's. He had chosen against being monitored and being connected to wires and tubes. The only real purpose of his even being in the hospital in the first place was to make the legal process after he died easy. Dying at home would have delayed things too much, as the law required autopsies for any death not witnessed by a physician. The nurse asked if there was anything Greg or Ely needed, making them promise to call her if they wanted anything at all.

"I am so proud of every one of them," Greg continued, his words barely audible above the din of the Emergency Room. His hand squeezed Ely's a little, "and I am so proud of you."

Ely only wiped Greg's head and dried his face. He didn't speak much. It wasn't needed. He thought back to the time when the boys first entered he and Greg's life. . .

As they did when Greg turned 30, they went down to Miami to celebrate when he turned 40. Several times in the intervening years, Ely turned himself into a woman so he and Greg could have some fun with straight guys. Ely was planning to do it again for Greg's birthday, but it didn't quite work out that way.

In the afternoon they were sitting at an outdoor table of a busy cafe in the gay area, sipping iced tea and watching the guys walk by in their tight jeans and t-shirts, tanks and shorts, or just swimming trunks and thongs. Ely looked the same age as Greg. A cute young guy dressed in jeans and a tight t-shirt walked outside the cafe with a sandwich and a soda.

As it was the first time Greg and Ely met, they were sitting at the only table outside that had an extra chair, and Greg and Ely invited the guy to sit down, which he did with a smile.

"Thanks, guys!" he said. "It's way too hot to eat in there. The damn air conditioning is busted."

Greg and Ely introduced themselves. The kid said his name was Nate - short for Nathan. He didn't seem to have a readily identifiable accent so Greg asked if he was from Florida.

Nate shook his head, "Nah," he said between bites, "I'm an Army brat. Lived all over the place. Never stayed in one place long enough to pick up any accents at all."

"Have you been overseas?" Ely asked.

"Oh yeah," Nate answered between bites. "Been to England and Germany and Italy." He smiled at Ely, "You're from England aren't ya? You got a English accent."

Ely nodded and smiled, "I was raised in the Welsh countryside and educated in London," he said, "Are you in school now, Nathan?"

Nate shook his head, "I'll probably start up next semester."

"How old are you?" Greg asked. "Why did you come to Florida?"

"I turned 19 a few weeks ago. I finally had enough of my dad's shit and told him I was gay and liked to suck dick. He went ballistic on me and threw me out. I hitched down here."

Ely and Greg exchanged a quick glance. "Where do you live now?" Greg asked.

Nate shrugged his shoulders. "Here and there," he said, "I just got here a couple weeks ago. Stayin' with a couple of buds now 'til I can get my own place."

"Do you have a job here?" Ely asked next.

Nate smiled teasingly at both of them, "I do if you guys are looking for some action," he said slyly.

"Ah," Ely smiled.

"Play for pay, is it?" Greg asked with a smile.

Nate got serious, "I can take it or give it, whatever you want," he said.  His eyes were obvious about taking in Greg and Ely's expensive looking clothes. "If ya want," Nate continued, "I can get hold of my buds and they'll be glad to join us." He stood up and quickly groped his crotch, showing off his prominent bulge. "We can have us one hell of a good orgy," he smiled teasingly again.

Twenty minutes later the three of them were in the hotel room and they were all naked. Nate wasn't kidding. He took it and he gave it and he wanted more. He shot a load up Greg's butt and stayed hard and jumped in Ely's ass and then both of them took turns fucking him. They calmed down a bit but then went at it again the shower. Greg and Ely were impressed to say the least.

After they dried off it was time for dinner. Both the guys heard Nate's stomach growling and figured the sandwich was probably the only food he'd had in a couple of days. Nate agreed to spend the night with them in exchange for a good dinner and some more cash. They went into the hotel's restaurant and ordered a multiple course meal to make sure
Nate got to eat his fill.

"If you hadn't said anything to your dad," Greg asked Nate in the restaurant, "Would you be here in Florida today?"

"I dunno," Nate shrugged, "I was almost all set to go to college back in Portsmouth, but I would have had to live at home. My dad told me a bunch of times even if I went to college I was still gonna do some time in a uniform one way or another. I just didn't want to. My dad's all military and shit, and I had enough of that growin' up. He was a Drill Sargeant at bootcamp and that's how I grew up," he frowned. "19 years of fuckin' bootcamp!"

Greg glanced up at Ely, who nodded almost imperceptably, meaning that Ely had made eye contact with and "read" Nate, and was pronouncing him acceptable.

"Look, Nate," Greg began, and told Nate about his own situation, and why he too ended up leaving home and how he met Ely and ended up in Florida. He of course left out all the details about who Ely really was.

"I got an idea, Nate," Greg kept talking while Nate and Ely ate, "Me and Ely got a huge house. Hell, I get lost in it everyday. How about you come and live with us? You can have your own room and have the run of the place. You can bring your buds over and fuck 'em any ole way you want." Greg told Nate about the house and where it was and why he was making the offer. Greg felt like he was paying it forward and returning something of a favor to Ely. Ely joined the conversation and told Nate he would be most welcome.

"There is something we'd like you to do for us, though," Greg said.

"Hey!" Nate laughed, "You can have my butt any time you want it. You want a blow job just walk up to me any time and stick your dick in my mouth!" He winked at them, "I love being a cum bucket."

Greg and Ely laughed.

"Well," Ely said, "We may very well take you up on that offer, Nathan, but I think Greg has something else in mind."

Nate got serious again. He looked a little worried, "Hey, guys. I can do some kinky stuff but I'm not into S&M or any of that stuff."

Greg laughed again, "Neither are we, Nate. What I meant was that I want you to go ahead and go to college."

"Huh? That's all?"

"After you graduate it will be much more than that," Greg told him. "But what you need to do if you want to show up your dad is to become better than him. More successful. More respected. Find what you want to do with your life and be happy doing it. If you can do that then no one can ever put you down. And we'll help ya do that. You can stay with us as long as you keep on working to better yourself."

All Nate had was a duffel bag, and he moved in with Greg and Ely and that's how Greg got the first of his boys.

A few weeks later Greg and Ely came downstairs to breakfast and Nate wasn't there. He stayed gone for two days and the guys started to think they'd seen the last of him. But on the third day Nate was back cooking breakfast, and explained where he'd been a little sheepishly.

"Jeez, guys!" he told them, "You give me more money and stuff than I need. I took the extra money and gave it to my bud in Miami. He needs it more'n I do."

"I thought you stayed with a couple of buddies," Greg said.

Nate was stirring some scrambled eggs for all of them, "Oh, my other bud hooked up with a guy who works with some porn studio and he's doing a video for them. It's what he wanted to do, so he's fine now."

"What does your other friend want to do?" Ely asked.

Nate shrugged his shoulders, "Just find a regular job I guess. He's not down with doing porn - he wants to just make it on his own."

"Where was he before he came to Florida?" Greg asked but thought he already knew the answer and he did.

"Some dinky town up north. Everybody told him he wouldn't make it anywhere on his own so he just left. Couldn't stand it there anymore like I had to get away from my dad."

A couple of days later Greg had two boys living in his house, and it became a habit. By the time college started its spring semester, all the spare bedrooms had some boys living in
them and studying. They all came from the streets after leaving home under the same conditions that Greg left over 20 years ago. It was still hapenning.

After the house was full Greg and Ely were in bed and Greg somewhat sheepishly asked, "I know now is a fine time to ask, babe, but I hope it was okay to bring all those boys in here."

Ely just laughed, "I have lived in this house for over three hundred years," he said. "And in all that time, these past few weeks have been the first time this house has felt alive." He hugged Greg and pulled him in close, "Don't worry my love, I told you before you have a wonderful mind. You are making good use of it, and I am proud of you."

Of course there were benefits to Greg and Ely from the extra house mates. Once again the house was full of eager and extra horny teenagers. While the boys had their own rooms, no one ever slept alone. One or more of the boys came to breakfast from Greg and Ely's room, and now and then they would all snicker and kid Greg about the hickey that showed up on his neck, or the one that showed up on the boy's neck.

The boys felt a little uneasy however, and tip toed around the antiques that filled the house. That was when Greg designed and built the third wing of the house. Again the outside perfectly matched the rest of the house, and the entire wing was given over to the boys with their bedrooms on the second floor. The first floor was almost like a separate house in itself, having a living room and kitchen. Ely had fun taking the boys shopping for furniture to decorate the wing. The boys were only too happy to stay naked the whole time they were home and between the whole group of them, somebody was always fucking somebody else at any given hour of the day or night.

One night one of the boys was humping Greg's ass while getting his own butt filled with Ely's cock.  Ely noticed that in the middle of things Greg was looking longingly at the boy's neck and licking his lips. Ely knew it was time to start teaching Greg.

After their shower they all went back to bed and Ely carressed the boy's face while looking into his eyes. Greg saw that, and knew what was coming. The boy turned his head and Ely went to work. To a casual observer, Ely was only kissing his face and neck, but after a few minutes Ely raised his head and motioned for Greg to take his place. Greg did, and got his first taste of the changes his body had started making and the boy got his first hickey. He took the ribbing from the other boys the next morning with a smile. Every now and then one of the boys would come to breakfast with a fresh hickey on his neck, and it became something of a tradition over the years. None of the boys knew the real reason why.

After all the boys had left for school that next morning, Greg and Ely were relaxing on the terrace, making out under the sun.

"I can't believe how good that felt." Greg told Ely.

"You mean last night?" Ely asked.

"Yes. You'll have to teach me how to do that."

"I already did," Ely smiled. "You got your first nourishment and you didn't leave any trace. You did very well."

"I don't mean that," Greg laughed, "I mean what you did with your eyes. How you got him to do that for us. You got to teach me that."

"Ah yes," Ely said, "You won't be able to do it like I can until after you complete the change, but you can certainly get started practicing now. It is very much like hypnosis."

"That figures!" Greg snickered. "That's what you used on me, isn't it?"

"Yes, in a way," Ely said, "but on a much higher level than any human can reach. Compared to what we can do, and what you will be able to do, hypnosis by humans is much like a small child riding a bicycle with training wheels."


Ely laughed and cupped Greg's balls, "There you go again! Limiting your vocabularly."

Greg ran his hands over Ely's chest. "Well you can't blame me," he smiled as he rolled on top of Ely, "Not with you all naked like this and looking gorgeous and making me horny as hell!" He sunk his tongue in Ely's mouth before Ely could answer and they spent the rest of the morning going at it on the terrace and in the pool.

Ely taught Greg the basics of hypnosis and Greg practiced on the boys. One of them was having trouble with his grades in school in spite of his obvious motivation. With the boy's cooperation, Greg tried to plant a hypnotic suggestion in the boy to improve his study habits, and his grades went from barely passing in one semester to slightly above average the next.

Greg and Ely had the boy in their bed and after three loads of cum went flying, Ely made eye contact with the boy only for a second, and the next semester he was only two grades short of straight A's. Greg was impressed both with the boy and with what Ely had done, and they all celebrated with an orgy in the house that seemed to last all weekend.

"Why don't you do that for everyone you see?" Greg asked Ely.

Ely gestured to the boy, "He has come into our lives, so doing it for him is acceptable," he told Greg, "If I do it for him, I'm helping. If I do it for everyone, I'm interfering."

Greg nodded, "So all your power is in your eyes?" he asked.

"Not really," Ely said, "Our power is in the make up of our entire being, but it is expressed mostly through our eyes."

Over the next decade, Greg practiced. Ely explained that humans could only hypnotize someone who knew about it and had agreed to cooperate, while Ely didn't need permission. But once Ely made eye contact and had the guy, Greg could then take over after Ely planted the thought in the guy's head to do what Greg told him to do.

One night he and Ely were in a straight bar. There was a particularly talented stripper dancing and flashing her tits. One guy caught Greg's eye, and when he went into the bathroom, Ely told Greg to give him a minute and then go in the bathroom. Then Ely followed the guy into the bathroom.

They stood next to each other at the urinal. Ely glanced at the guy and said, "Man it'd be something if she walked in here right about now, eh?"

The guy pulled his dick out and glanced at Ely. "Hell yeah!" he said, "Naked an' drippin' an' ready! I'd fuck 'er right here!"

The glance was all it took. Ely made eye contact and held the guy's gaze. The guy's own eyes went blank and Ely knew he had him.

"She will," Ely said, "The next person who walks in will be her."

The guy smiled and held his dick.

Greg walked in and the guy's dick got hard in his hand.

"She likes you," Ely continued, "She wants to give you a blow job. She wants to suck your dick."

The guy started stroking his dick. He turned to face Greg and smiled and showed off his hard on. Greg slowly backed into one of the stalls. The guy turned and followed with his eyes. Greg sat down on the toilet.

"She wants to suck your dick right there," Ely told the guy. The guy walked into the stall and closed the door. He reached out and grabbed Greg's head and rammed his dick into Greg's mouth, thinking he was the stripper. Greg sucked and licked and played with the straight guy's balls and swallowed his dick.

Before the guy could cum Greg looked back up into his eyes. "I want your cock!" he growled as he stood up and turned around. He knew that thanks to Ely, the guy was hearing the stripper. His pants fell to his ankles. "I want you to fuck me," he said as he lubed his ass. "I want you to fuck my pussy hard!" Greg bent over as Ely left the room and headed out to the car to wait for Greg.

The guy grabbed Greg's hips and rammed his dick up Greg's ass. Greg gritted his teeth and took the guy's pounding as silently as he could and enjoyed it. The guy reached around and played with Greg's chest while he fucked and Greg remembered the guy was thinking it was the stripper's tits.  He cheered the guy on and shot his own load into the toilet while the guy emptied his balls into Greg's butt.

Greg pulled his pants up and the guy surprised Greg by grabbing him and giving him a somewhat sloppy but hot drunken kiss. He let Greg go and sat on the toilet smiling as Greg left.

Greg left the bathroom and then thought to marvel at the fact that no one else had come into the bathroom while he was getting fucked. He got in the car and smiled at Ely.

"So, it worked well did it?" Ely laughed.

"Oh man!" Greg said, "That was awesome! That was fucking awesome! I sucked his dick and got him to fuck me!" Greg told Ely everything while they drove home.

"Did you make sure he didn't remember anything?" Ely asked.

"Huh?" Greg looked at Ely. "No. Was I supposed to?"

Ely threw his head back and laughed. "Oh, Greg!" he said, "You must always make them forget. Especially the straight guys! Always!"

"I didn't even think about it," Greg said.

"Right now," Ely laughed, "he is most likely trying to convince his friends that he had the stripper in the bathroom."

Greg's eyes went wide, "Oh no!"

"Oh yes!" Ely was still laughing. "It could be that she came back into the bar and his friends could very well be drunk enough to ask her if it was true."

Greg buried his face in his hands, "Awwwww shit!!" They laughed all the way home.

Over the next couple of decades Greg practiced what Ely taught him and saw to the boys' education and he and Ely fucked each other and fucked the boys and got fucked by straight guys and generally had a grand ole time. One by one the boys graduated college and moved on to their careers. Nathan somewhat followed in Greg's footsteps but preferred working outdoors, and he became a landscape architect. The perfect garden at the entrance to the mansion was one of Nathan's projects.

Some of the boys moved to other cities and some stayed in the area. Greg felt like a father several times over. Each time one of the boys got a job and moved away was an incredibly emotional time for Greg and Ely and the other boys; who felt like they were losing a brother.

Some of the boys got business degrees, one became a doctor, a couple were lawyers, one became a college professor, and one actually became a well known actor. With Ely's guidance one of them majored in economics and saw to the financial planning of the others. With his and Ely's help Greg's fortune grew and grew. At one time or another each of the boys sported a nice hickey that the others laughed at until they wound up with one of their own.

When Greg was 65 years old he had his first heart attack. It wasn't a large one and he came through it very well, but had to stop taking in boys from the streets. The idea carried on though, as the other boys got settled in their lives and took in boys of their own and did for them what Greg had done.

By the time Greg was in his early 70's he'd had a stroke and another heart attack. So far he came through it all and in his semi retirement he and Ely would host reunions with the boys or traveled around to visit them when Greg felt up to it. The arthritis started invading Greg's body and the last official designing he did as an architect was to redo the inside of the now huge mansion to accomodate a wheelchair, adding an elevator behind the stairs in the foyer and widening the doors so he could still get around the whole place. Many times he asked Ely how much longer he had to wait.

"I know it is hard," Ely had told him, "But the longer you can maintain your human life, the easier it will be to adjust to your next life." They were laying in bed. Ely was slowly giving Greg a hot oil massage which helped the pain in his arthritic joints. Ely made himself look as old as Greg. They no longer played the daddy/boy thing as sex was almost non-existent for Greg now. He finally had to admit he was old when he couldn't get it up any more in spite of the medicines on the market to help. It was tough, and Greg often said he was ready to end the whole thing - that what he had been living for his whole life no longer needed him and he felt completely useless.

"What is there to adjust to?" Greg asked Ely while he relaxed under Ely's experienced hands. "You've taught me everything I need to know haven't you?"

"Oh no," Ely said, "You have learned much, and you have learned well, but there is much more that you cannot know until the proper time."

Greg sighed and turned over onto his back. "There you go again," he smiled. "Keeping the mystery alive. Is there a purpose to that? Something to keep my interest going so I don't give up?"

Ely laughed, "I hadn't thought of it that way, but if it works then I suppose it is a good thing. But I can only tell you now that you will consider the whole thing well worth the wait."

"How much longer do I have to wait?"

"I don't know," Ely said. "We cannot see into the future. Like you, we can only strive to learn from the past. What I do know is that those things you will be able to do after you change will be much easier and faster for you to learn the longer you can hold on now."

"I hope it's not much longer," Greg said. "My body has deserted me, the boys are gone, there is nothing for me to do and I'm not used to that." His eyes misted over and a tear ran down his cheek. "My life now is nothing more than a list of 'used to's. Used to do, used to be, used to be able.  Right now I really don't care what happens next. I just want it to end." His eyes locked onto Ely's and he pleaded, "Can't I just go? Please?"

Ely stretched out next to Greg, putting an arm around him, "The boys are doing fine, and it's because of what you did for them. They love you for it and they always keep in touch. In many ways they are not gone." He ran his hand over Greg's chest, now reduced to two wrinkled nipples and very prominent ribs. "But Greg, I love you, and I need you. Even after all these centuries and all the people I have known and all I have done, I cannot imagine any kind of a future without you by my side." He leaned over and quickly kissed Greg's cheek. "I too, am waiting with you, and I too am anxious for you. But we both must bide our time and wait for nature to take its course at its own discretion. It is not for me to let you go. That decision rests entirely with nature. But I will always be here with you my love - always."

Greg managed to reach over and pat Ely's cheek. "I know that babe. I love you too. With all I ever had and what ever I have left, I love you." He smiled, "That is so much easier to say now. But do you know that I also trust you?"

As he did all those years ago, Ely pulled the blankets over them and tucked Greg in. "Yes, I know," he whispered, "And I have no intention of letting you down." And they both fell asleep holding each other.


             CHAPTER FIVE

Greg's breathing was labored now. He didn't talk much but only held on to Ely's hand while Ely talked and soothed and wiped his forehead. The nurse came in several times
to check Greg's vital signs. His blood pressure was too low to measure now and his heart rate was about to drop into the 30's, which was not normally enough to sustain life. She glanced frequently at Ely and could tell that Ely understood. She asked what she could do to make both of them as comfortable as she could and then left them alone to go back to the nurse's station and marvel at the strength both of them had. She would go to the waiting room to keep the boys informed and was equally impressed with them.

Greg and Ely still thought of them as the "boys," even though Nathan was now 72 years old and retired. The youngest of them was now 48. They all had come from the streets after leaving home as soon as they turned 18. Ely was right that they weren't really gone. Aside from being in the waiting room, they all had stayed in touch with each other and all considered Greg more of a dad than their real dads. And they all had taken other boys off the streets and let them finish growing up just as Greg had done for them. Those boys came
to refer to Greg and Ely as "Grandpa." What Greg started would go on for a long time.

The doctor came in the room now and then for what they all knew was just a perfunctory visit and turned his attention more to Ely. He asked if they had made plans, and Ely explained that Greg would lie in state back home and have a quick funeral, and that the boys and everyone were prepared for it. The doctor was satisfied but told the nurse to keep an eye on Ely, as they would have to see to him most likely in a matter of minutes.

Greg's eyes were more than half closed and he only laid still and breathed. Each breath ended in a small grunt which told Ely how difficult it was for Greg. Ironically, the sun was just going down when Greg opened his eyes and looked at Ely with a smile on his face.

"You're right," he whispered, "It's all gone now."

"The pain?"

"Yes. I don't feel any pain at all. It's been so many years. It feels wonderful." His hand gripped Ely's with surprising strength. They talked for a couple of minutes and then Greg's head turned slowly to look straight ahead.

Some nurses are amazing, and so was Greg's. She seemed to simply know. She suddenly came into the room, and as Greg sighed deeply, she reached over with two fingers. As Greg ended his sigh, she pulled his eyelids down so they would stay somewhat closed. With her helping, Ely walked out to the waiting room to tell the boys. At the same time he was thinking that now the real work was about to begin.


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