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Astral Projecting Into the Eolosiss Largomethion on Kalipshh'a

By Paul S. Stevens

My friend Mark is an uncommon man. He's nineteen years old and married but you'd never know it to talk to him. I look upon him as a guru of sorts. He currently has his own online ministry and devotes many hours to that each day. He is an unusually mature fellow and is wise, far beyond his years. We were introduced by my friend Evan Foster at his piano recital last year. Mark was one of the performers at the event and I was amazed at his natural piano playing abilities. His playing was as developed as his remarkably disciplined mind. Even though I'm a little over five years younger than him, at thirteen, I'm aware that he possesses the spirit of an old soul. He knows virtually everything a kid like me ever wanted to know. Since that time, we've had many fulfilling conversations about art, music, science and astronomy. We've even delved deep into the subject of world religion and the ways of true spiritualism. Our talks have always left me feeling joyous and uplifted. Because of his wisdom and kind manner, I've been inexplicably drawn to him from the very beginning and our relationship has continued to grow over time to become what it is today.

Throughout my summer vacation this year, I visited him whenever I got a chance and tried to take advantage of the times his wife would get called away on business. She was a hungry junior attorney employed by a high profile law firm and she was brutally subjected to the whims of the firm's rich and eccentric clients. Often times, my visits would be an imposition for Mark because my presence would cut into his personal meditation time. He never complained though and often sacrificed his own private time for me. One time in particular, he took my intrusion as a challenge and decided to teach me the amazing art of astral projection.

Mark explained to me that astral projection was so similar to having an `out-of-body experience' that many people incorrectly interchanged the two terms. He told me that with true astral projection, it was possible for a person to leave their physical body and experience something beyond the physical realm. He further explained that when a person leaves their body, their spiritual essence remains connected to their physical body through the umbilicus. He said that this umbilicus is attached to our center (our bellybutton) and was known as the `silver cord' that inexplicably tethers our astral traveling selves to our physical body. He defined it as a virtually unbreakable bond that can stretch infinitely in any direction and not get tangled, torn, or cut. It was the one thing that allows us to travel away from our bodies without the worry of finding our way back.

I remember every word of his beguiling explanation. Being the curious and adventuresome type, I was genuinely taken in by his vast knowledge and infectious enthusiasm and I was ready to begin my first lesson right then and there.

"Imagine," He said enticingly, "being able to effectively part from your body and travel to another world where time, space, gravity and many other "laws" that exist in the third dimension can no longer limit you. Then imagine being able to tap into a sea of infinite wisdom, and use it to both elevate your spirituality, and your physical experience in tandem. Astral projection can give you sensations, emotions, intuition and knowledge that you'd never otherwise have access to. It's no wonder why many call it the ultimate spiritual experience. So, what do you say? Do you want to try it?"

"When do we start?" I asked.

This was a teenager's dream come true, being able to achieve all that without taking drugs like so many of my school mates chose to do. This was the defining moment that changed the course of my entire future. Mark and I now had something more in common that we could do together whenever words would become inadequate.

Learning how to astral project proved to be an interesting process. The first step to astral projecting was learning how to establish a harmonious relaxed state. Fortunately, that wasn't too difficult for me and I quickly moved beyond the basics. Then the next step was to achieve what Mark called, the astral `prime material' plane, a sort of `first step' in the astral universe. That was a little troublesome as it created a tingling sensation that got me terribly dizzy. Once I got beyond that, I was then subjected to an alarming high pitched whining sound in my head. I was going nowhere fast.

My first blundering attempts went nowhere and I was beginning to believe that astral projecting was just a bunch of bunk. Mark was incredibly patient and supportive with me and he assured me that I would get it if I just stuck with it and gave it a chance. Mark explained that the sound I was hearing was generated by my aura frequency and I needed to learn how to control it and slow it down a little. Since I was still quite young, my aura frequency was very high due to my body's fast metabolism rate and my sexually abundant prepubescent hormones that were stuck in overdrive. That took me quite a while to learn how to manage. Just when I was starting to think that astral projecting wasn't for me, I had my first breakthrough and obtained my first stable astral plane.

After learning how to obtain these local `prime material' projections at will, I finally felt like I was on the right track. Even so, many of my first projections yielded nothing more than strange visual outlines, colors and shapes. The colors and hues were bizarre and unnatural. What I discovered was, I was seeing actual objects all right, but only on a ghost-like level, much like seeing through the eyes of a newborn baby, not yet fully developed. Mark had me do some basic astral `prime material' plane observations. He had me try to describe a potted plant that was sitting on a table behind me, just outside my visual line of sight. At first, my perception was too close, like I was looking through a microscope zoomed in on a single speck of dust on the smallest leaf. Once I understood what it was I was looking at, I began to improve. I started to feel confident enough to start doing some experiments on my own, away from Mark.

The more I practiced on my own, the more I understood what it was I was seeing, and I soon taught myself how to interpret and focus in on my visual acuity. After being able to see things more clearly in my mind's eye, the matter of learning basic motor skills was the next hurdle I had to overcome. My initial attempts failed at that as well as I struggled to move about by crawling along on my belly like a common earthworm, trying to get from here to there with some kind of control. It was difficult for me to grasp the concept that moving about was not like walking or riding a bike. Astral traveling was a matter of thinking it, whether it was floating, hovering or traversing great distances across the space-time continuum. Learning to see and move about within this realm had its learning curve that took some time and patience to overcome and ultimately master. Once my proficiency advanced enough, Mark and I began embarking on short excursions on a somewhat regular basis.

First, we flew around his house as I learned how to maneuver better. Then, in one of my favorite exercises, Mark had me freak out his neighbor's cat. That was a lot of fun. That's when I learned that animals have the uncanny ability to sense when there's an electrically charged astral traveler nearby, even though they can't be seen. My progress began to accelerate as I started to get the hang of things better. We progressed to taking local trips that consisted of surveying our home town and looking in on our acquaintances and friends. Then our activities further advanced to going around the world and seeing all the natural beauty and splendor of this amazing planet we call earth. The Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Canyon were just a few of the locales we enjoyed visiting as I honed my skills and bolstered my confidence. These astral trips became more fulfilling and gratifying over time as I learned to add the sense of smell, taste and touch to our encounters, creating a more sensory rich experience.

Soon, I grew impatient between our visits. When Mark's wife was at home, I didn't allow myself to intrude on their domestic home life. Mark's teachings had gotten me far enough along that I felt confident that I could accomplish a little astral traveling on my own that was beyond the usual lesson exercises. My first recreational excursion was one I would not soon forget.

I decided to visit my friend Alex from school. We often spent time together, ate lunch together and hung out at each other's houses on many occasions. I got comfortable, quickly achieved a solid astral state and concentrated on Alex's house. I was whisked away along the astral plane, directly into his bedroom where we had spent many hours in each other's company helping each other with homework and playing the occasional video game. As I oriented myself and focused my vision receptors, I was rewarded with an exceptionally titillating treat.

There was Alex, sprawled out on his bed with his yellow shorts and gray Calvin Klein briefs pulled down, just below his knees. He was in the middle of stroking himself with his eyes closed and his teeth clenched. In one hand, he embraced his small dick firmly between his thumb and forefinger, hammering away at his boyhood while he vigorously rolled his balls between the fingers of his other hand. I'd never seen him naked before and of course, I was very curious to watch how other guys pleasured themselves. I quickly tuned in my astral senses of sound and smell in order to get the full experience. Upon secretly witnessing this most private act, I encountered a new sensation I had not expected. My astral body got an erection that I didn't even know was possible. I started to get turned on, both by watching Alex perform this most intimate act, and the thrill of being able to observe it, up close and personal, all without being seen or detected.

I watched as he curled his toes over and over again within his white athletic socks that covered his sexy feet. He began to pick up speed as his tongue started darting in and out of the corner of his mouth. All of a sudden, he lifted his butt off the bed and whimpered as he tossed three little spurts of mostly clear boy cum onto his belly. As Alex's body contracted and shuddered uncontrollably, I slipped over the edge and had my own astral orgasm that was more intense and erotic than anything I'd ever experienced within my own physical body. The sensation was so extreme that it caused me to break my concentration, resulting in a psychic tether snap, jolting me back into my body in the most rude and odious way.

When I came to in the physical realm, the manifestation of my astral orgasm became evident. I slipped my hand under the waistband of my briefs to discover that my astral body's orgasm had induced an ejaculation in my physical body. Once I recovered from the massive onslaught of stimulation from my astral orgasm, I was left with an overwhelming desire to seek out another friend in the hopes of finding someone else who might be indulging in a little self gratification. I was frantically caught up in the desire to quickly repeat the experience. I was hopelessly hooked. The only thing that stopped me from running amok was a dull ache in my balls and that annoying high pitched ringing in my head that lasted for several hours after the event. I worried if doing what I just did was dangerous or not and I wondered if I should confess it to Mark or just forget it. I decided to hold off saying anything for now. I didn't want to put my future astral projection sessions with Mark in any kind of jeopardy because of my reckless and foolhardy actions.

On those rare days when I discovered that Mark would be home alone, I would just show up on his doorstep, ready to fly off to yet another adventure without any forewarning. I was always amazed that he never turned me away. He was always happy to oblige my whims with the idea that he was helping me stretch my abilities to new heights. It made me feel good to think that Mark believed in me enough to put my needs before his own. I think he may even be feeling a sense of mentor's pride in me as his first successful student.

I was now far enough along that Mark felt I needed to be told of the dangers that exist in the astral plane. This is how he put it.

"I need to ask you a sensitive question and I need you to give me an honest answer," he said with an ominous tone in his voice.

"Okay," I said.

"Are you far enough into puberty that you produce and ejaculate sperm?"

I became immediately nervous as my heart jumped into my throat. I feared that Mark somehow knew that I'd been experimenting on my own and had violated Alex's privacy.

"Yes," I simply replied. "I can cum."

"I expected so," he said, looking directly into my eyes. "Are you sexually active? I mean, have you engaged in any sexual activity with anyone else?"

Now I was really worried and an uncomfortable lump formed in my throat.

"No," I blurted out at first and then weakened. "Well kind of, I guess. I only watched, though. I watched my friend Alex cum but he didn't know I was watching."

I left out the astral projection part for fear that Mark would become angry over my blatant misuse of it and terminate our arrangement. The truth was, I did go back to Alex's house three more times after that. I went there at the same time after school, three days in a row in the hopes of catching him at it again. I did manage to get lucky one additional time. Once again, I watched him shoot his load, and once again, he made me shoot mine. The weird thing was, at the very moment he shot his load, he looked over in my direction as if he somehow sensed my presence. The next day at school, he kept coming up to me with a confused look on his face. I'm pretty sure he knew I was up to something but he just didn't know what it was.

Now that Mark had asked me his preliminary questions, he then revealed the reason of his inquiry and delivered his dismal warning.

"Sometimes," he said with a look of concern, "negative energy entities, known to inhabit the astral plane, can come to you and stimulate you sexually for the intent and purpose of draining your energy. Some people call it demonic possession. The lure is that the entity can give you loads of pleasure, far more pleasure than is humanly possible. This entity can make you feel like it's worth losing a little of your energy to obtain such bliss, so you may not want to resist or push the entity away. In fact, you might even invite the entity to return for more "sessions". Your astral body is just as sexual as your physical body is. Having sex on the astral plane is common and many people engage in astral projection just for the sexual aspect. As long as astral sex is consensual, there's no harm in it. Your physical body will manifest your astral orgasm in many amazing ways. For men, getting erections and having physical ejaculations are common and women can experience multiple orgasms that can go on for hours, giving their physical body a real workout. However, when a negative entity forces sex upon you, it is essentially astral rape. These low frequency entities called succubi, use sex to steal your high frequency energy, robbing you of your precious essence while they become stronger. It was commonly believed that a succubus was always female. As it turns out, a succubus can come to you as any gender and knows your sexual preferences. Beware! For you, the resulting loss of energy may last for several days and result in apathy, depression, anxiety, shame, fear and suicidal thoughts. Avoid them at all costs!"

I found myself intrigued but I quickly realized it was just another form of drug abuse. You get lured into wanting to try it once to see what it's like but it's never only a one time thing. It promises unworldly bliss but leaves you empty and broken. Fortunately, after Mark proclaimed his dire warning, he quickly pointed out that it was unlikely that we would ever encounter such beings, especially when he and I traveled together. True to Mark's word, we never came across any such entities in our travels and I was soon able to put my fears to rest. I concluded that my experiences with Alex had been harmless. I hadn't stolen any of his energy and he hadn't stolen any of mine.

Once Mark had broached the subject of sex to me, talking about it became a regular part of my astral training. Bit by bit, he had engaged me in conversations about human sexuality and the various physical and emotional effects of it. As a young, intelligent and always horny teenage boy, I found these discussions both physically and intellectually stimulating.

After successfully completing several incredible journeys together with no ill effects, Mark finally decided that I was ready to undertake a journey that would take us both to the extreme outer boundaries of our combined modest abilities.

On that day, it was close to the end of summer vacation and from out of the blue, Mark actually called me. I was surprised when he told me that his wife was suddenly called out of town for the weekend and I was to come over right away. His wife was several years older than Mark and she did have her issues over leaving her younger husband home alone as often as she did. However, she did know of me and my relationship with Mark. It gave her a bit of reassurance to know that as long as we were together, I was keeping Mark occupied. Even though she thought it was her idea for Mark to call me, it was actually destiny. Unbeknownst to me, Mark had been grooming me from the very beginning with the specific intention of taking me on this particular, one of a kind pilgrimage to a very special place. A once in a lifetime event was about to commence and that special day had finally arrived. I made it over to Mark's place in record time. When I arrived, his wife was just leaving and she encouraged us to have a good time. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Right away, Mark put me at ease.

"Now that you're here, I need for you to relax and unwind," Mark said. "Don't worry, we have ample time to settle down and prepare ourselves."

"Prepare for what?" I was eager to find out.

"For a one of a kind excursion," Mark explained. "Just between you and me, it was no coincidence that Barb got called away suddenly. I set it all up. I called upon the astral plane to help me locate a client that might need her. Then I created a reason for that client to call an emergency meeting. That little ruse worked out perfectly and now there's nothing to stand in our way."

"Stand in our way of what?" I asked.

"There is a cosmic event about to unfold that is imminently close at hand. If we're going to do it, we have to do it today. It's now or never!"

"Oh, okay," I said, not knowing what else to say.

Mark's elusive demeanor and unethical use of the astral plane caused me to become suspicious and question if I should consent to even go or not. Never had Mark been mysterious about what we were going to do or where we were going to go. Likewise, I had never sensed any doubt or uncertainty on his part until now. Nonetheless, it was there, just beneath the surface. I could see it, feel it and recognize it due to our highly developed bond we had for each other. It was on this same highly developed bond that I based my decision to go ahead and take the leap. As I would later learn, Mark was not being intentionally ambiguous. It was basically because this particular journey would be completely different from all the other journeys we had shared together. I had not had any experiences yet that he could compare it to. I am grateful that it turned out as it did for this one single event would forever live in my memory as the single most amazing thing that ever happened to me.

To start things off, Mark put on Pink Floyd's classic rock album "Dark Side of the Moon". He set the volume of the stereo to a low setting and programmed the CD player to automatically repeat. He told me that this was one of a small handful of rock albums that had been produced specifically with astral projection in mind. He said the producers had mixed and mastered the original recordings with an underlying rhythm track called "binaural beats" that would assist us in maintaining a deep, stable connection within the astral plane.

I got excited and scared all over again. Because he chose to play "Dark Side of the Moon", I somehow got the idea that he might be taking me to our lunar neighbor of the night sky.

"Is that where we're going this time, to the dark side of the moon?" I asked.

"Maybe," he replied, "Or maybe somewhere beyond," he said, raising his eyebrows.

A chill shot up and down my spine at the very thought of reaching such a lofty celestial goal.

"Before we begin, we should remove anything we are wearing that may distract us here in the physical world," Mark suggested.

"Um, do you mean like, take my ring off?" I asked, hoping that was all he meant.

"Yes. That, and strip completely naked," Mark bluntly said. "Sometimes, even the slightest restricting touch of your clothing against your skin could break your concentration, resulting in you snapping back into your body unexpectedly. Don't worry, I'll make sure there won't be anything that can distract you. The room will be completely dark and I'm going to have us sit on these soft, memory foam pads to minimize the sensation of touch on our naked bodies."

"Oh, I see," I said with deep hesitation.

I'd known Mark for about a year or so now and in that time, I learned to trust him explicitly. I knew deep inside that there wasn't anything more to getting naked together beyond the reason he stated. Still, at thirteen years old, I'd never been naked with someone older than me and scarcely with anyone my own age for that matter. I was naturally self conscious about my newly developing body and I was not anxious to expose my small dick and balls with their small patch of pubic hair to another man. I considered backing out for a second time as my stomach churned with reservation and doubt. I stood there in a comatose state of uncertainty, weighing the dangers against the potential benefit.

Seemingly aware of my trepidation, Mark made no effort to convince or coerce me. He simply faced me and pulled his socks off, followed by his shirt, trousers and underwear. He then stood naked before me with a calm, serene expression that spread across his entire body. He did not move for a whole minute and kept his hands and arms resting easily at his sides. He did not speak, not verbally anyway. Even so, he did communicate that there was no embarrassment to be had or felt in being naked in each other's presence.

The initial shock of watching Mark strip naked before me made me feel a bit odd at first but I followed his lead and managed to put the awkwardness of it quickly behind me. Nevertheless, intentionally undressing in front of another person gave me an unwanted boner. It was Mark's `matter of fact' approach that helped put me at ease once again. Now that I was naked, I stood facing Mark, boner and all, and willed myself to be calm and still. I felt the tension and fears flow out of me as my stiff cock yielded into a softer, flaccid state as the tension melted away. It started at my toes and moved up my legs, past my groin, through my chest and finally out through the crown of my head leaving me feeling tranquil and relaxed. It was as if Mark was able to see my fears empty out of my body. Once my boner was gone, Mark smiled reassuringly.

"Good then," he proclaimed. We're past that. Now we can move on."

Mark then placed the two large foam pads he had spoken of on the floor instead of the usual blanket we had always used in the past. We joined together on them and got into our meditating positions. Instead of sitting and facing each other as we had done so many times before, Mark had me sit side by side next to him. From just these few preparations, I realized that this was not going to be a casual excursion but something more private and intimate. It was here that I understood the magnitude and seriousness of what we were about to do.

After the initially brief period of awkwardness, I got used to being unencumbered by my clothing. I remained fully relaxed and embraced the necessary state of mind needed for a solid stable projection. In fact, the soft memory foam pads, the nudity, the darkness, Pink Floyd's music and Mark's commanding presence all came together to enhance my ability to achieve the perfect calm required.

In the past, as we journeyed about, I learned that, just being in close proximity to Mark was sufficient to make me feel safe. As long as he was near, I never felt lost as we traversed along the spiritual plane together, exploring our earthbound travels. I was always cautious and learned how to follow Mark's guidance, not to stray too far from his presence. This time however, Mark was taking no chances and took my hand into his.

Wherever it was that Mark was intending to take me, he seemed confident he could find it, leaving me to assume he'd visited it many times before. Even so, it was going to be an extreme departure from the kinds of voyages the two of us had been on together up to this point. He was apparently taking this extra measure because he wasn't sure he would be able to guide me to such an extreme destination without some kind of physical, earthbound connection between us. This heightened my curiosity and I was now eager to get started. I was no longer anxious or frightened in any way. I had moved beyond that now and was ready to soar.

As I sat there in the middle of the room with Mark sitting next to me, a momentary thought crossed my mind. I was thinking, `what if my mother were to see me here'? She would have shit a brick seeing me sitting on the floor in Mark's living room, naked and holding hands with an older man, also naked, with the lights out, all the while listening to what she called `the devil's music' playing in the background. I quickly put that distracting image out of my mind and focused on the task at hand.

"Where are we going?" I asked one more time in hopes of getting some clue what to expect.

"We're going to Kalipshh'a." he answered confidently.

"Is that a crater on the moon?"

"No. It's a beautiful blue water world like earth, several hundred light years from here."

"I've never left planet earth before."

"I know."

"Can we really go that far?"

"We can go as far as our minds will take us. Just hold on to me and trust me. I've been there before and I know where we're going. You're just not going to believe what's happening there at this very moment!"

"Wow! What's happening there?"

"The inhabitants of Kalipshh'a are having a festival. They call it the "Eolosiss Largomethion."

"What is that?"

"It's a week long festival that happens once in a millennium. The planet has millions of inhabitants that have an incredibly long lifespan. At the end of their cycle, they gather together and have a mating ritual where they reproduce and then die off, leaving the next generation to repopulate the planet. I've been following the progress of their fête champêtre for several days now and they are about to move into the final phase. What's happened so far has been glorious and I don't want to miss what's coming next. You and I are going there just in time to observe the final phase of their joyous celebration. It should prove to be quite interesting."

"Wow," I exclaimed. "How do you know all that?"

"It's the knowledge of the universe," He answered with authority. "I've been astral projecting since I was nine years old and I discovered that, all the knowledge of the universe is there for the taking. It's like a galactic Internet for the universe. You can go there and find out anything you wish to know. You can visit it anytime, just like you visit a city, or a planet, or your local library. You just have to know the right questions and how to ask."

"What do you mean?" I wondered.

"In the astral plane, the transfer of information is very literal. If you ask the wrong question, you won't understand the answer. Usually the answer you get will point you to something else you need to learn first. Be prepared for that. It's best to ask simple questions and make simple astral requests until you get the hang of it."

"It sounds complicated," I said.

"It's not, but that's okay. We can talk more about that later. Right now, our window of opportunity is at its zenith. Are you ready to take the journey of the millennia?"

"Yes, I'm ready!" I said as I prepared myself to witness, what I imagined would be, some sort of interstellar Mardi Gras.

We quickly got connected to the astral plane and ascended the bonds of our earthly home. As we hung above the earth's atmosphere in the void of space, I indicated a question to Mark and my entire thought process got literally translated. My intention was to simply ask, `which way' and it went something like this:

"In which, the destination of intention necessitates a direction toward movement of the projection required by demonstration of indication?"

I heard these words reverberate in my head and failed to grasp my own meaning.

"Move... not! Think only," was Mark's response to me.

Apparently, Mark had been doing this long enough to understand me, but I found his response, although brief, indecipherable.

"Take... hand!" was Mark's next response. He reached out his astral hand to me and I took it into mine. "There, that's better isn't it?" he said.

"Wow! Yeah! What was that all about?" I asked.

"We were shouting into the collective," Mark explained. "Now that our astral bodies are touching, we can communicate privately, just between the two of us."

"Oh, okay," I said. "I was just asking which way we're going so we could start on our way."

"Well, to answer your question... that way," Mark indicated with his free hand. "But what you should have learned so far from our astral travels on earth is that you don't have to traverse the physical space between one place and another. We knew where we wanted to go and we went there instantaneously. Right now, I know where I'm going and because we're connected here at the hand, I'll be taking you with me, instantaneously through the expanse of space."

"You mean we won't be speeding across the void of space, passing many great points of interest as we traverse the vastness of time and space itself."

"That sounds pretty fascinating but we'll never get there that way. Are you ready to see what I mean?"

"Sure," I said.

Mark squeezed my astral hand as our feet dangled high above the earth. Almost like a dream, our familiar planet earth morphed into the visually stunning, blue planet of Kalipshh'a, just as Mark had promised. It was another blue jewel of the cosmos similar to earth, countless millions of miles from home. We entered the planet's atmosphere and maneuvered down into the liquid haven of the local inhabitants. The crystal clear clarity of their oceans staggered the imagination. One could see several miles, if not more, through the glassy waters. It was a fine testament to the wholesomeness of their environment as well as the purity of their race. I momentarily panicked as I wondered how it was that I could be here under water and still breathe. The fact that Mark and I traveled here in the vacuum of space ironically never crossed my mind. Then I remembered that I was actually back on earth in Mark's living room where my earthbound corporeal body was breathing just fine. Thankfully, my panic was short lived and it didn't cause me to break my concentration. I didn't want to get rudely slapped back into my body before getting a chance to see what we came all this way to observe.

Off in the distance, near a shallow part of the ocean floor, bathed in sunlight, we were able to see the movements of a large congregation of beings. As we approached them, they seemed to be dancing. As we slowed our approach, we found a small elevated area overlooking the gathering where we could observe with an intimate, bird's eye view of the festivities. Once we settled in, my attention immediately turned to the creatures we had come half way across the Milky Way Galaxy to behold.

Even though they were sea creatures, they were very human-like in their initial appearance. One of the main differences was that they had tentacle like appendages instead of arms and legs. Their bluish gray bodies were adorned with some kind of organic coverings like clothing made from the indigenous sea flowers, leaves and vines.

Just being here in the presence of these awesome beings allowed me to understand what was transpiring through intellectual, emotional and spiritual osmosis. It was an effortless perception that transcended language and all other barriers that we all struggle to overcome in the human condition. All I needed to do was wonder about something that I saw or heard, and the answers would appear in my mind with instant understanding.

Through Mark's amazing guidance, we had arrived at an amphitheater of sorts. A large crowd had gathered and the spectacle was just getting underway. When their ritualistic dance concluded, the members of the stage split off into two distinct groups. The area to stage left seemed to be the males of the species whereas the ones to stage right resembled the fairer sex. The males outnumbered the females at a ratio of approximately six-to-one. As the two groups moved away from each other, it opened up an area in the center that became the platform for what was to come next.

Mark had pinpointed our arrival to correspond with the inception of the most important segment of the entire week long event. To the casual observer, it seemed to begin with an almost random introduction. A single female from my right side, floated slowly and effortlessly over to the center of the stage. A single male from my left, quickly shot over to join her, followed immediately by another, then a third, and finally a fourth. It looked like these four males were going to compete for the mating rights to this one, single female.

The males, who were the more colorfully festooned, shed their exterior adornments and stood side by side, revealing their sensuously naked bodies to the female. They flexed their muscles and posed in different positions, showing off their beauty and considerable sexual masculinity. She made a suggestive gesture that seemed to signify the high level of her attraction and then indicated her final approval. She waited a few moments to see if there would be any additional contenders. Once it became clear that there would be no further additions, she scrutinized her four suitors for a moment and made another whimsical gesture that resembled the dropping of the starting flag at the International Grand Prix Raceway.

The female moved off into her own space to observe as her four males turned to each other and bowed like four Karate students about to begin a sparring match. In human terms, these male creatures were super endowed with horse hung genitalia that averaged over a foot in length with a single sperm sack prominently hanging below. To my surprise, the four males began a short choreographed dance that officially launched the heart of the ritual. When their dance concluded, they inexplicably moved closer to one another until the four males surrendered into each other's tentacles. Seemingly oblivious to the scores of onlookers and well wishers of their species, the four males engaged in what I could only describe as, an open display of male gender foreplay. It was intimate, sexy and hot beyond belief.

The longer I watched the festivities, the more I began to understand what was going on. The `Eolosiss' was the name the inhabitants gave to their week long celebration of life and rebirth. The `Largomethion' was the ritualistic mating `rights of passage' that was unfolding right in front of me. I somehow became aware that this was just a small example of what was going on in countless arenas throughout this amazing world. There were thousands of these gatherings concurrently transpiring throughout the day all across the planet. Every mature female on Kalipshh'a would get her opportunity to win her mate in the great Largomethion competition. I was so amazed and titillated by all of this, I could hardly stand it. Not only was I understanding it all now, I was also beginning to experience it as well. I began to feel the erotic tension build between the competing males and the arousal level of the female as she watched her suitors attempt to prevail and be the one mate that she would pass on her lineage with into the next generation.

By observing their body makeup and watching their behavior in this ritual, along with a sort of unspoken psychic connection, I came to understand more about their species.

These human-like inhabitants were warm blooded like their mammal counterparts on earth. However, unlike many of the mammals back home, they were essentially egg layers. At first, I found it odd that these creatures would be warm blooded. Then I remembered that there were whales, dolphins and other warm blooded sea mammals living on earth at this very moment. After thinking it through, I thought nothing further of it.

Now that I understood what was transpiring below me, I had to wonder why. Then, just like that, the answer appeared instantaneously in my head. The planet's wide elliptical orbit took one thousand earth years to complete one revolution around its sun. When the planet is nearest to its sun, the hot atmosphere warms the oceans, setting into motion a planet wide biological drive that triggers all the creatures to become fertile and sexually active at once. This would give their off spring the best possible chance for survival before the planet begins to swing away again, causing everything to get colder with the change of the seasons. Therefore, the creature's long lifespan and reproductive cycles were biologically tied to this one astrological event.

Since both the males and females of this planet require a millennium before they could reproduce again, their reproductive organs developed at an agonizingly slow rate. When they do mature, an explosion of sexual activity commences, signaling the start of the Eolosiss Largomethion. The female's eggs all become viable at once and the male's single sperm sack descends from his prostate cavity. His sperm sack then swells into a single ball and fills with super virile sperm in a liquid semen suspension. As it becomes engorged with sperm, it becomes pendulous as it expands under his enormous penis, making his sperm sack appear like a pair of extra large human testicles.

When all the ritualistic, ceremonial mating is completed, the pair will seek out an appropriate spot to begin the process of spawning. Upon an almost human-like copulation, the female will begin her orgasmic cycle first, triggering the release of her clutch of eggs. At the time of mating, the sexually mature female will have produced anywhere from two to three dozen viable eggs. Her partner will stimulate her erogenous zones, compelling her to drop her eggs, one by one. The male will work tirelessly, stimulating his mate until every last egg is released. The male must induce an orgasm in the female that in turn causes her fallopian tubes to contract, expelling the eggs as she endures an ever increasing series of climaxes that culminate into forty or more orgasms as she releases each egg individually. By the end of her cycle, the mass of eggs will begin to release a chemical into the surrounding water that triggers the male's sperm sack to begin contracting. Then it's up to the female to deliver the final few moves that the male then willingly reveals to her that triggers the male to orgasm, making his sperm sack detach and drop, bursting over the top of the eggs and fertilizing them all at once.

Survival of the fittest is played out in every step of their evolution. The hottest females attract the most mates, eliminating the weakest males from the start. Then when the male's sperm sack bursts over the eggs, the strongest sperm swim down the fastest and arrive at the clutch first, passing on the best possible genes. The new parents both weaken almost immediately and die nearby, becoming food for the offspring upon hatching. Each clutch produces about six males to every one female. This ratio of males to females will become critical in another millennium. The more I understood, the more aroused I became.

As I looked around, I noticed a small group of onlookers that were weaker looking and less developed compared to all the others in attendance. I came to understand that, for whatever reason, a small percentage of the population did not fully develop along with all the others and did not mature in time to be fertile by the short mating season of the Eolosiss Largomethion. They were like failed seniors in high school who did not get to graduate with their class and had to repeat their senior year over again. They knew that they would eventually become mature enough to mate. By then however, the season would be over and it would become too cold for the eggs to successfully incubate. These few underdeveloped individuals would become the Aunts and Uncles to the new generation until they came to the end of their usefulness.

As my attention got drawn back to the main event, I started to feel a rush of excitement as the males began to wrap their agile arms and legs around each other's penis, evoking an amazing erection from one another. I became aware that my astral penis got hard along with the performers below. I knew that my physical penis back on earth was reacting to my astral arousal when I felt a burst of psychic energy fill my body. I felt my astral frequency rise as I became aroused. I detected a ringing in my head that I recognized from before. It was my high frequency that was starting to return with a faint whine, warning me to control my energy. That proved to be more difficult than I thought as I got drawn into the spectacle that was sensually unfolding in front of me. I somehow regained control of myself, but only enough to keep from getting pulled back to earth. I watched as these beings manipulated their tentacles to stimulate and excite one another, elevating their sensual state to orgasmic proportions.

As I watched this scorching hot display, the object of their performance became evident. Each individual was demonstrating their unique sexual abilities on their fellow males, which allowed their potential mate to witness their lovemaking abilities. Each male did his best to eliminate his competition by making them lose their stake in the race. Each male tried to outdo the other as if to prove to his captivated maiden that he was the better lover, showing off his superior techniques and special erotic fortitude.

Even though these creatures were very human-like, their bodies were more supple and agile than us. Their four tentacle-like appendages that resembled arms and legs, made them more versatile than us as well. They used their tentacle-like arms and legs to stroke and caress each other, roaming about each other's bodies with free flowing movements that overflowed with emotion and sensitivity.

These creatures seemed to have several vertical slit-like orifices that were evenly spread throughout their torso, both front and back. These slits didn't appear to have any purpose other than being direct access points to some erogenous zones that lay hidden within. Another interesting biological oddity was their tongues. Evolution had endowed them with the ability to project their tongues outward at an amazing six inches, three times the distance of an average human. Their tongues were like their appendages in that they had the ability to twist and turn them in every possible direction. Remarkably, this came in handy when they used it to probe the deep recesses within their partner's hidden erogenous zones.

The ultimate object of this competition was to stimulate the other males into forfeiting their sperm sacks first, while at the same time, controlling themselves, holding off their own climax long enough to be the one remaining champion. Finding the right triggers amidst all the possible permutations was like picking the lock of a five tumbler safe in the dark. These males learned early on how to work the percentages. They each choose, and then developed a systematic method that quickly reduces the thousands of possibilities down to a fraction of the total number. Somewhere within their battle of sensuality, these erotically charged adversaries would sometimes stumble upon just the right combination of moves and actions that would override their rival's `will to resist' and trigger an involuntary climax that would rip away their opponent's self-control, leaving them unable to fertilize the female's eggs.

This was done to prove that he was the ultimate lover and could make his final act of lovemaking with his mate last as long as possible since it would be their final act before they would both die, leaving their offspring to inherit this beautiful world for the next millennium.

As the ritual intensified, the pressure began to build and the onlookers became somewhat excited and even a bit agitated, just like the fans of a good sporting event back on earth. The friends and loved one's of the participants who would themselves soon have their mating challenge met, were there to witness the event and show their support. Even though I was just a casual observer, I too felt personally drawn in. The provocative `sex-off' that was progressing in front of everyone in attendance, escalated until the first casualty occurred.

The first male, the smallest of the four, uncontrollably howled in ecstasy as he lost control and expelled his semen sack which immediately burst open once it fully separated from his warm blooded body and came into contact with the colder open water. The crowd let out an audible gasp as they watched the surrounding area fill with the thick white contents of his lost essence.

Round one was now officially over. Now that the first male had lost his mating rites and his precious fertilizing sperm sack, he would soon die without the ability to pass on his genes to the next generation. His only consolation was a supreme orgasm induced at the hands of his male challengers, which I sensed, were more than just random participants but life long acquaintances and even friends. He instantly began to show signs of his impending demise and was quickly removed from the arena by some nearby attendants. These stagehands of sorts were made up of the same smaller individuals I had noticed earlier. They were responsible for keeping the proceedings from breaking down and coming to a halt. This was paramount because in this sector alone, several hundred females needed to be mated in a very short time. I suddenly felt a wave of sadness come from the crowd for this first fallen male but at the same time, I felt a sense of pride for the victors as well. These creatures had been preparing all their lives for this event and were taught to feel blessed for living a full life and accept the outcome unequivocally.

As the three remaining males survived `round one', they immediately began to consume the nearby cum that had been spilled by the first loser. This gave them time to recover from `round one', and start `round two', slightly rested until the next contestant would be eliminated. I noticed that they seemed to acquire some kind of sustenance from ingesting their friend's sperm milk that instantly rejuvenated them and gave them renewed strength. Once the water was cleared and every last sperm was consumed, round two commenced. Like before, a bow and a short dance kicked off the next segment.

The pause between `round one' and `round two' was all too brief and the three remaining males quickly recaptured the high level of titillation they had wielded before the break. Having eliminated one of the challengers, the remaining three males began to escalate into a blazing hot frenzy, each teetering on the verge of a deadly climax as they fought with all their might to hold on. They blindly experimented with each other's penises and erogenous zones, hoping to stumble upon the right combination of moves that would ultimately induce one of the other contenders to sacrifice his prize and surrender his sperm sack. The longer the match went on, the more they got to study their opponents and try even more combinations of moves that would ultimately reveal their partner's Achilles' heel.

The expressions on their faces as they continued to resist the urge to climax while they struggled even harder to make their cohorts lose control first was so erotic that I could actually feel the conflict within them. It was like wanting to cum with all your heart but not letting yourself cum at all costs, a prospect that would induce a state of pure insanity from even the most forthright human male.

Suddenly, a chain of events transpired and a second male began to succumb to a blistering climax. He was the second to fall victim to his lifelong associate's onslaught of orgasmic stimulation. One of his two opponents had randomly made a combination of moves on him that was so close to his trigger zone that he let out an almost inaudible sound that unintentionally revealed his weakness. His two companions recognized the sound and seized the opportunity to join forces and zero in on his well hidden vulnerability. In a matter of seconds, they uncovered his secret magic key and mercilessly forced him to involuntarily eject his precious payload.

He had no defense against being ganged up on but he tried all the same to hold on. He managed to hold back for several seconds while he got overpowered. A spine tingling howl of ecstasy shattered the silence and once again, the crowd gasped as his treasured sperm sack unwillingly jettisoned like a descending bomb, detonating a few moments later. His orgasm was so powerful that he collapsed to the sea floor, having experienced the most supreme and ultimate high his species could achieve.

I sensed my astral dick twitch and my ears get hot as I felt the psychic reverberations of his unearthly climax fire a sudden wave of euphoric energy through my consciousness. It was at this moment that I realized I was hopelessly captivated and compelled to watch the drama that was unfolding in front of me to its utter conclusion.

The two remaining studs quickly consumed the third male's sperm rich liquid nectar as the sack-less male got carried from the scene. Once the area was clear of his lost procreating essence, the final round convened. The customary steps were observed and then the final battle immediately resumed directly from the fever pitch level from which it had left off.

From the very beginning of this round, the two males became actively vocal. They both produced a scintillating symphony of erotic sounds to ensure that a repeat of the last round could not happen a second time. Not only would it prevent the possibility of revealing one another's vulnerability, it could also be used to misdirect one another's advances when one or the other would come close to discovering their hidden mechanism.

Both remaining contenders were very equally matched, sexually and physically. It was likely that this match could be won by sheer luck. Neither male had been able to find the other's hidden vulnerabilities so far, but they both had a few more moves in mind that they hadn't tried yet that might prove to be the winning combination.

In an apparent attempt to raise the bar a notch, the two males maneuvered into a position that had not been used in the first two rounds. They swung around each other's body into a sort of sixty-nine position and drew each other's penis into their mouths, using their wickedly agile tongues to stimulate each other's penis. This now left their four tentacle-like arms and legs to search even more bodily territory for that elusive spot that would give his opponent the ultimate climactic orgasm.

Suddenly, both males began to shudder and squirm uncontrollably, and by the crowd's panicked reaction, it was clear that both males were in imminent danger. Both males had found each other's trigger and were both on the brink of a simultaneous cataclysmic orgasm. It was now down to a matter of which one of the two males could hold off their own release beyond the other's onslaught of sexual manipulations. He would only need a brief second or two beyond his tormentor's advances to become victorious.

As the two males struggled wildly, the crowd held their breath and everything went silent. Then to the horror of all present, both males dropped their sperm sacks in unison, filling the area with an abundance of cloudy white semen. The unthinkable had just happened and both males drifted to the sea floor in utter ecstasy, having forfeited their sperm sacks as well as their lives. A brief wave of sorrow spread across the onlookers and several supporters rushed to the female's side to offer their comfort and condolences.

This incredibly erotic, yet somewhat disturbing outcome was not all that uncommon in these proceedings. The single female maiden, now having lost all her potential mates, would become one of a small army of matriarchs to the next generation. She and others like her would live on a few hundred additional years as they collectively cared for and raised the hatchlings until they would become self sufficient.

In a few moments, the arena was cleared and a new set of players took the stage. Again, one single female appeared and beckoned her suitors to come fourth. This time, eight super endowed studs came forward at once and then a few seconds later, two additional twinks joined in. As they shed their coverings and modeled for their female, I started to feel an oncoming climax tickle my balls. After watching the prior group progress through their ritual, I became super aroused at the prospect of watching this next group. The thought of ten amazingly hot males, giving each other the climaxes of their lives as they eliminated each other, one by one was too hot to pass up. The ten males that had assembled in front of me had gone through their paces and grouped together in an orgy fashion to begin `round one'. I had to look away for moment so I could regain some kind of control over myself. Even though I was on the edge of a cataclysmic orgasm, I really didn't want to cum yet.

As I purposely looked away from the spectacle, something caught my eye. Over toward that same group of smaller individuals that I had noticed earlier, a single male drew my attention. It seemed as if he was looking back at me, much like Alex had done when I looked in on him that last time. I watched him as he slowly drifted away from his group and left the crowds of the arena. He settled into a secluded spot on the ocean floor away from the noise and activity.

There was something about the males of this planet that I found extremely attractive, especially the naked ones, and this one was no exception. I watched him as he openly removed his coverings, exposing his gloriously young looking body to me. His sperm sack was smaller than the others but his large extended penis was smoking hot. It wasn't as large as the contestants vying for a chance to fertilize a female, but it was still much larger than anything I would ever encounter on earth. He sported a full on erection that indicated to me that something more than the Largomethion had put him into a deep state of sexual arousal. He settled down into a kind of meditating position on the ocean floor. He selected a spot where a newly deposited clutch of eggs had just recently been fertilized. I watched as he settled in and then became very still. I thought for a moment that he may have fallen asleep there. Just as I decided I was going to turn my attention back to the festivities, I saw an unmistakable surge of aural energy emerge from his motionless body. In a flash, his aural presence instantaneously appeared directly in front of me. I felt the delicate tip of his astral tentacle grace my knee, establishing an aural connection with my astral body as he communicated his name to me.

"Please, my most heavenly pardon," he said. "I am called Pon'jeer. I beg your forgiveness for my inter-dimensional intrusion.

"No problem," I said.

"I come to you in this way to join you."

"Sure, take a seat," I offered.

"No, I came to join you. To join with you," he said wrestling with the sensitive nature of his intended meaning. "Engage your astral body in mating ritual."

I was momentarily stunned and then immediately intrigued.

"I couldn't do that," I told him. "My astral orgasms always become physical orgasms. I learned from observing your world that, if the same thing happens to you, you'll die."

He smiled with a burst of warm, erotic energy and assured me that this was his intention.

"It is my destiny to do so anyway," he indicated. "In this way, I could make my final, life ending experience unique and special rather than self induced by necessity.

For a moment, I thought back on Mark's warnings of sexual predators in the astral world and I worried that this might be such an encounter. I looked over at Mark for guidance and he gave me a comforting nod of approval, appearing to be excited for me. With that, I released Mark's astral hand and took Pon'jeer's tentacle.

Pon'jeer pulled me away from Mark and then sensuously took me into his four tentacles. At first I was a little uncomfortable to be consenting to have sex with a one thousand year old alien. I was immediately taken by surprise. His soft, sexually erotic touch was electrifying. I looked into his face and became mesmerized with the delicate details of his skin and marbled colorings. Even by earthly standards, he was handsome, with remarkably young boyish facial features, sensuous muscle tone and unbelievable sexual know-how. Once in his intimate presence, I realized something. Even though the general population of this planet was a thousand years old, by earth standards, their maturity level was equivalent to humans between eighteen and twenty-one years old. Pon'jeer and the others like him, who were also a thousand years, were underdeveloped. They were physically closer to earth-like teenagers between the ages of thirteen to sixteen. In those terms, Pon'jeer was physically and emotionally comparable to my own age and the thought of that made me giddy with anticipation.

He held me in his embrace and was able to stimulate over fifty percent of my body at the same time. I felt inadequate as I tried to return the favor with my small hands and narrow arms. I located several of his erogenous slits and delicately slipped my fingers into them, one by one until I had all ten fingers exploring their hidden depths. His entire body began to quiver with sexual excitement and he began to vocalize his pleasure. I was pleased with myself for someone who didn't know what they were doing. Pon'jeer was enjoying my simple manipulations far more than his counterparts were in the festival below. With effortless grace, Pon'jeer turned my body around and put us into a sixty-nine position. He instantly took my small human penis into his mouth and a wave of pleasure rocked me to the very core. He took his tentacle like tongue and inserted the tip down about three inches into my shaft and wiggled it in as far as he could until his tongue became too wide to go in any further. Then he started darting that amazing organ in and out, curling and twisting it, producing a sensation so erotic, it was like he was a snake charmer and he was using his tongue as a snake to charm the sperms right out of my cock.

I wanted to take his penis into my mouth but it was far too big of a mouthful for me to attempt. I thought for a moment how I could do something for him that would be both unique and sensual. Then it came to me. I decided to treat his enormous penis like a Popsicle and lick it up and down like a frozen dessert. I was surprised when my actions brought on a cascade of shivers across Pon'jeer's body. It must have been the combination of what I was doing with my fingers and my tongue that sent him into yet another dimension.

I was fascinated from the start by the way the males on this planet had these sperm sacks in place of human-like balls. So, with one hand, I continued to stimulate Pon'jeer's erogenous slits and with the other, I carefully went to touch his precious sperm sack. At first, he jerked away with fear. Then he realized how delicate I was being and softened his posture to allow my touch.

Both the males and females of this planet enjoy a kind of adolescent same sex experimentation all throughout their lives. For the males, their sperm sack remains safely inside their prostate cavity until the onset of puberty, which happens when the overall temperature of the planet rises above 90 degrees, about two years prior to the Eolosiss. All throughout their prepubescent years, the males of this planet commonly engage in male role playing together with their friends. It is considered common practice as preparation for the Legomethion and is as common as young boys masturbating back home. They practice giving each other orgasms without any negative ramifications. At this time, their orgasms are mild and are similar to dry orgasms that human boys enjoy prior to puberty. Once a male's sperm sack descends from their prostate cavity, they become very protective of their sperm sack. During this time, even the slightest damage could cause it to detach, resulting in death. Even during their mating ritual, they're very careful not to touch each other in this critically delicate area. Come to find out, like the human penis, their sperm sacks are loaded with millions of nerve cells, making it the most sensitive part of their entire body.

As I gently handled Pon'jeer's most prized possession, his nearly transparent sack flushed with color under my touch. He held his breath, tensed up and arched his back. I was about to bring Pon'jeer to an astral busting, trans-dimensional popping orgasm so intense it was contagious. Suddenly, I felt my balls contract and my semen fill the chambers of my expanding vesicles. My own climax was now on the edge of eruption and I was about to blow my load along with Pon'jeer. I began to speed things up as I wiggled my fingers faster within his slits. I also licked his Popsicle harder while swirling the entire palm of my hand across his expanding sperm sack. I increased my speed and fortitude as I made him writhe in extreme ecstasy. Pon'jeer pushed his tongue deeper into my shaft, stretching it open to its farthest limit while the tip danced within my modest boyhood. He pulled our bodies closer together with his strong supple tentacles and a flood of climactic power washed over us both.

I lost my composure as I felt my astral penis and my physical penis back at Mark's place explode with a hot torrent of cum. Then, as I feared would happen, Pon'jeer howled in ecstasy and dropped his astral sperm sack. I felt it detach in my hands as I continued to stimulate it. As I awkwardly held Pon'jeer's disconnected sperm sack in the palm of my hand, I felt it begin to stretch like an inflating balloon. When it popped, the warm silky sperm covered my hand and I looked sadly into Pon'jeer's eyes as he turned back around to face me. I felt the biggest `thank you' ever come from Pon'jeer's consciousness and then his aural essence faded from sight. I wasn't ready to let go of my new friend and mate yet. In his honor, I brought my sperm covered hand to my lips and consumed his essence as I learned was the customary thing to do. I got a sudden flush of energy from eating Pon'jeer's cum and I realized that it would be my way of taking a little bit of Pon'jeer with me to remember him by. I looked over at Pon'jeer's physical body where he had chosen to meditate and saw nothing but an empty shell left where this remarkably vibrant creature once dwelled. As I feared, upon looking closer, I saw the white cloud of Pon'jeer's detached sperm sack disperse in the surrounding water. Then I felt Pon'jeer's essence pass by my astral space, leaving a warm loving feeling as his soul ascended the bonds of his physical existence.

Suddenly, a group of onlookers started to point in our direction, causing the crowd to look our way. I looked over at Mark and then myself only to discover that our spiritual images were radiating an aura of ethereal light. The two of us were so sexually turned on that our projected essences began to phase, causing us to become visible to the nearby inhabitants. We probably appeared as ghost-like apparitions as we unintentionally startled everyone in sight.

My sudden reaction of horror and embarrassment shattered my concentration and I got catapulted back into my body with a rude and agonizing snap. I jolted my eyes open to see that Mark had not yet returned. A moment or two later, he gently floated back into his body and effortlessly opened his eyes as he smiled ambiguously at me. I looked down in front of me and saw why he was smiling. It was then that I noticed the pool of cum that I had undeniably shot onto the foam pad I was sitting upon. Then I looked back over to Mark and discovered that he had also shot a considerable load of cum in front of him. I was utterly mortified as I pulled my hand out of Mark's, severing our physical connection. I knew the reason why I had shot off a load in front of me but why had Mark. Then I realized what happened. Even though I had let go of Mark's hand on Kalipshh'a when Pon'jeer and I mated, Mark and I were still holding hands in the physical world where, unbeknownst to me, his physical body back on earth was invisibly sharing our sexual encounter, feeling my feelings, reading my intimate thoughts and misappropriating my climactic orgasm.

I quickly went from mortified, to humiliated as I quickly grabbed my clothes and started to get dressed. I suddenly understood how violated it feels when someone watches your most intimate moments without your consent. As exciting as it is, I vowed never to do that again to anyone.

"Why are you dressing?" Mark asked. "Where are you going? Stick around. I'd love to discuss what just happened."

"I gotta go," is all I said.

I reached over to the end table and grabbed several tissues from the dispenser and began to dab at the stain I had made.

"I'm so sorry about this," I said as I hastily wiped at the wet area I had unintentionally created.

"It's okay, leave it," Mark said. "I made a mess too. I'll just hose them off tomorrow."

"Okay then, thanks!" I told him. "See you later."

"Wait! Don't go," Mark said. "We have a great opportunity here. Don't let it go to waste."

"No, really. I've got to go. See you later."

"All right then. Bye!"

I was too embarrassed to even look Mark in the eye. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I just wanted to get away from the humiliating situation I found myself in and go home. I was still sexually aroused and wanted to get out of here so I could jack off to the unimaginably hot imagery I had just experienced on Kalipshh'a, not to mention my first sexual encounter with a hot alien. Also, the image of me and Mark sitting naked in front of two pools of cum still dripping from our rock hard cocks had made me sexually excited beyond reason. I'm not sure how I feel about Mark sharing my sexually intimate moments with Pon'jeer though. This was something I really didn't want to talk about with Mark, at least not right now. Besides, I may never truly sort that one out as long as I live anyway. I got the idea that Mark wanted me to stick around so we could do more than just talk. With his wife out of town and the two of us naked and undeniably horny, I wasn't really ready for what might have happened if I stayed.

After that, Mark never questioned me about what transpired that night. Mark and I are still great friends but we never went on any other astral projection excursions since that ultimate, life changing experience.

To this day, I still get horny just looking at anything with tentacles. While I was on my homecoming date, our table was served fried squid appetizers and I immediately started oozing precum and then ended up shooting an unexpected load of cum in my pants. I still, to this day, use the erotic imagery I witnessed at the Eolosiss Largomethion on Kalipshh'a and my hot encounter with Pon'jeer as fuel for some of the greatest orgasms I could ever hope for.

The End

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