Two years before World of Warcraft.

One summer I met a boy. His name was Quinn. He was just out of school and sleeping at night in a parked car. He had a calming and gentle nature.

I said, "Come over and get showered up at my place."

He did and I studied him while he undressed. I made a meal for us of Raman noodles. Slurping was fine, manors unimportant. Looking around my small room, his eyes widen when he saw the Everquest box.

"No way! You have it loaded up?"

I said yes.

My machine was next to my bed and Quinn set himself up in the beat-up old office chair. He wasted no time. Quinn proceeded to build characters and then played Everquest into the night. I went to sleep hearing the cries of maniacal skeletons and the howls of black wolves.

For some reason, I didn't mind.... I didn't mind at all.

Quinn played all night and into the next day. I even went off and did whatever it was that I usually did and when I came home, Quinn was still playing.

More Raman Noodles.

It was early evening when he began to crash. As if it was his bed, as if it had always been his bed, he crawled in next to me. He put his arms around me, buried his face in the pillow and immediately went to sleep.

As I lay there with Quinn cuddled up next to me, I was overcome with a soothing sense of well-being that caused all my worries to vanish.

In the night when we were both under the covers, he pushed his pants down and jerked off still pressed up against me. Not long after, I heard the fanfare of Everquest. Quinn had gotten up, made more Ramon and then returned to the game.

When I woke in the morning, he was still playing.

Greenberry, Quinn's druid, was leveling. The spirit of the wolf spell was carrying her swiftly across the Karana plains towards the gnoll infested Highpass Hold. Giant tarantulas tried unsuccessfully to bar her progress. Greenberry rarely died in battle. Greenberry joined up with warriors and enchanters, wizards and shadow knights. Together they would do battle with greater and greater adversaries yielding richer and more wondrous loot.


When I got home that afternoon Quinn was asleep in my bed. I carefully lay down so as not to wake him. He stirred and then turned, embraced me and then went back to sleep.

It was my turn to jerk off. I did it slowly not wanting to disturb him but I knew he knew. When I began to cum, he cuddled closer and held on to me tight until it was resolved and then went back to sleep.

Around midnight he awoke. He cuddled with me and we talked awhile. He made noodles and then I went to sleep and he went back to the game.

In my dream I was a human warrior. Traveling through the Commonlands outside of Freeport when I came upon a beautiful wood elf druid. She said her name was Greenberry. I thought she was a woman until we stopped and he began to urinate.

He smiled at me and said, "You're lucky this isn't PvP because I saw you coming long before you saw me and you are not even up to level 10."

Smiling even more he turned his bottom towards me and pulling his suede patchwork aside, showing me his naked behind.

He poked his behind hole with his forefinger and said, "How about you fuck me and then we go after some Centurions."

From behind I slipped my long stiff human cock all the way up his tiny elvin ass.


It's been a long time since I came in my sleep but I did and then woke up to see Quinn still playing.

When I awoke again later it was time for me to get ready for the day. Quinn was preparing to replace me in my own bed.

I said, "Come on, don't be sleeping in your clothes."

I began to undress him for bed and he lay there and let me do it. By the time I pulled off his underpants he was completely erect. He had a smaller than average dick with a tidy set of balls and little or no body hair.

Holding up his dingy pair of underpants, I said, "These have got to go."

I gave him a new pair of mine which he promptly put on his head as if it was a hat.

I secretly stowed his underpants away knowing that eventually the day would come when he would move on. I lay next to the naked Quinn and gave him a long stroke until he came on his belly.

I considered the reasons why we weren't having an all out affair complete with all the possible forms of penetration. I think we both understood that differences between us were just too great. Also since he was firmly established in front of the computer and I in my own bed next to him, time was not really an issue. I was content with the situation and when you think about it, we did have the game. I took the rest of his clothes and mine down to the washer.

In the Everquest, Quinn was partial to female characters. Somewhat less so in real life, his characters were full of lethal charm. When I met them in my dreams I was willingly seduced by them even in the face of great danger.

EvilCharm was an enchanter. Being a dark elf she was not welcomed in many places. The guards at the gates of Freeport would chase her to the zone. EvilCharm had feminine allure but she was small and had a ghostly bluish complexion.

When I first met her in the gloomy Nektulos Forrest she said something familiar. "You're lucky this isn't PvP. I saw you long before you saw me and you are not even level 11."

She was accompanied by her pet, an obnoxious air elemental that kept circling me as if I was an enemy.

I said, "EvilCharm, Tell your pet to stop touching me. God knows where's it's been."

She said, "I'm an enchanter not a magician. I can't control my pets. They are here just to protect me."

The annoying pet was tugging at my cod piece. "Stop that!"

EvilCharm was laughing. "He just wants to inspect your package. He wants to know if you are worthy of me."

With the protection of her pet she had little to fear from me. EvilCharm approached mischievously.

Her black eyes gleamed. "May I have a look?"

What man can turn away such a desirous demon. Lifting it out, she handled it and I erected stiffly.

"Give me your seed, put it anywhere on me you want."

She showed me her tongue. It was ribbed down the center and reptilian. Her tongue wrapped itself almost around my cock first one way and then another.

"EvilCharm, I am worried about your fangs."

She said, "Have no fear, even if I would pierce your member, you will thank me for the experience."

I came like a human and we were both pleased. EvilCharm collected the surplus of my seed in a vessel for later use in making spells.


I woke from my dream and turned to see Quinn next to me staring into my face. He moved closer resting his head on my arm.

He spoke to me is his usual sweet and soft tone. "You know, I've been pretty selfish lately, just bein here and playing your game and all. I wanted you to know that I really appreciate it."

I studied his face while he talked. His unwashed hair kept getting in the way. What was unusual was that I hadn't acted cross or angry as if he had been taking advantage or overstaying his welcome which anyone else would have because he was, but I hadn't given him any of those sort of clues.

He went on, "I love the game and I like bein here with you cause you don't seem to care if I'm asleep or awake or I'm playing all night long and you don't make me have sex with you like some people do. When it happens it only happens if we feel like it. Sometimes it can be fun to be used for sex but only if you want it to be, other times it's not so much fun."

His simple honesty completely disarmed me. I almost didn't know what to say.

Haltingly, I said, "You can stay as long as you want. I like havin you around."

He lifted the covers and slid under with me. Reaching down, he took my cock to give me a stroke. Once I was hard he dedicated himself to getting me off. Just before it happened, we kissed. It made for a messy conclusion. He laughed and got up and went back to the game.

A while later, I dressed and went out into the real world. After being with Quinn it was difficult to function. I kept hearing his declaration in my head and I realized that I might be falling in love.

I couldn't keep up with Greenberry. She was too fast. Looking irritated she stopped and went through some druid like incantations. She cast them in my direction and suddenly I was blessed with the spirit of the Wolf. This spell allowed me to run as fast as a druid. We continued to run towards a cursed crypt called Befallen. It was along the sand cliffs at the far end of the Commonlands.

She glared at me. "You warriors are useless. All you can do is stab and kick. You can't port, cast spells or even buff. Why would you want to be a stupid warrior anyway."

I said, "There times when a tank like me comes in handy."

Grudgingly Greenberry agreed.

She, I mean He, was way beyond the level needed for Befallen he was just training, healing and trying to get me to level up to him.
I made a level and then some.

After, Greenberry decided it was time to go to South Ro for a swim and some sun. It was only a short way from the Commonlands through a tunnel connecting the two zones.

"Greenberry, let me fuck you."

She laughed and quickly out ran me. Taking off all our clothes and armor we waded into the warm sea. Greenberry was an excellent swimmer.

I looked and said, "Are all wood-elves' cocks like that?"

It was long and thin and seemed to be able to curve first one and then another all on its own. his scrotum was disproportionately small.

He said, "We really don't reproduce all that much, probably because we live much longer than humans and anyway I prefer what you have between your legs being pushed up my bottom."

He offered himself to me and we did it in the warm sea along the desert of South Ro.


It was in the wee hours when I awoke. Quinn was at the machine. I got up and sat up so I could watch his progress. Greenberry was traveling across the infamous Field of Bone towards Kurn's Tower.

I said, "Who's that Barbarian with you?"

"You mean him?"

Quinn didn't look away from the game. "I don't know, some kid that wanted to come along."

I said, "Well how long have you known him? I mean, he could be anyone."

Quinn turned and gave me the most astonished look. "I don't know, he's just some fucking kid. What's your problem? Will you relax, he lives in fuckin Ireland, ok?"

I realized how foolish I was behaving. I was actually getting jealous of a virtual being that didn't even exist. I pretended to laugh like the whole thing was a joke.

I crawled back to bed and covered my head with the blanket.

Quinn was Greenberry the wood elf, druid. He was also EvilCharm the dark elf enchanter. After I went back to sleep, a new character was born.

Traveling through the portal of Nexus and then down the passageway of the Netherbian Lair, I found my way to Dawnshroud Peaks. I would find Rockhoppers here and earn quite a lot for their hides. I was approached by a large barbarian warrior. He was flanked by a magician on one side and a wizard on the other. I suddenly found myself rooted to the ground making me unable to move. It was a long duration rooting spell used to trap enemies. The Barbarian laughed out loud.

I cried out and said, "I'm a human character, I'm not an N.P.C.

Still laughing the Barbarian said, "We know!"

The Magician's pet, an earth elemental came over and started hitting me and casting offensive spells. I saw my health going down.

"Stop! You're killing me."

The barbarian came up close holding the sharpest bastard sword.

He said, "Don't you know where you are? This is a PvP server and we are going to kill you."

He swung his sword at my gut and my health bar dropped. Still smiling he swung again and I died.


I woke up in a cold sweat. Quinn was still at the computer playing. He looked over at me and said, I made a new character. It a barbarian warrior. His name is Redrum.

Still shaken from my dream I said, "Is it on the same server as Greenberry?"

He said, "No, it's on the player killer server, you know, PvP."