Chapter 01

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Our own genomes carry the story of evolution, written in DNA, the language of molecular genetics, and the narrative is unmistakable.



no boundaries




With a merciless temperature of -270.4C / -454.72F

A vacuum, where no one can hear your screams.

As if it would do any good if they could.

Greek mythology,

KRONOS was the Titan God of time and the ages.  He was also the leader and the youngest of the first generation of Titans.  A divine descendant of URANUS(Sky) and GAIA(Earth).  Kronos overthrew his father Uranus
and ruled the cosmos during The Golden Age.  Until he, himself was overthrown by his son Zeus and imprisoned in Tartarus.

Planet: KRONOS (Greek:Κρόνος)  

Constellation: Draco

Distance From Earth: 800 Light-Years

Temperature:  -370F / -223C

Atmosphere: Composed of 84% helium, 12% methane, and 4% other gases such as ethane, acetylene, diacetylene, and hydrocarbon.
Size Of Planet: 142,984 km / 88,846 mi (Jupiter Sized)

Moons: 2 (Furina And Tartarus)

The planet Kronos...

Discovered in the
constellation Draco, in the year 3454 A.D.

The planet is an ice giant that does not have a solid surface.  The "surface" is actually a layer of liquid water and a core of rock at it's center.  The size of the planet Jupiter, this ice planet is composed mainly of substances heavier than hydrogen and helium. Kronos is a highly volatile and dangerous planet that is constantly being swept by huge, high-speed wind storms.  Some of these storms have been recorded to reach up to 900km/hr and being up to13,000 km long.  

Kronos is void of life.

The planet has two twin moons, Furina and Tartarus.

It is on the moon of Furina(Fury) as the locals call it, that this story takes place.

Year: 3597 A.D.

The mining colony of Hadley's Hope, on the moon of Furina sits at the edge of the galaxy in the Draco constellation.

Furina is 800 light-years from Earth and 4 years away from the nearest space station, the Astraeus.

From Greek Mythology

The Draco constellation represents Ladon, the dragon that guarded the garden of the Hesperides.  In the greek myth, the immortality-giving, golden apple tree was a wedding present from Gaia(The Great Mother of all)
to Hera(Queen of the Gods) when she married Zeus(King of the Gods).  

Hera planted the tree in her garden on Mount Atlas and asked Atlas' daughters, the Hesperides to guard it.  She also placed the dragon Ladon around the tree, so that the Hesperides would not pick any apples from it.  
As part of his 12 labours, Heracles was sent to steal the golden apples from the tree.  He killed Ladon with poisoned arrows and took the apples.  Saddened by the dragon's death, Hera placed its image in the sky among the majestic and eternal constellations.

Hadley's Hope

The mining colony of Hadley's Hope on the moon of Furina is currently owned and operated by the Interstellar Conglomerates Amalgamated Industries.

The colony's primary and main objective is mining.  

infinite bounty of mineral deposits are buried deep beneath Furina's rocky and jagged surface.  These vast, immense and rich mines will be around and mined for many, many, many centuries.  

Precious metals such as titanium, iron, silver, platinum and palladium have been found in astronomical quantities.  
Other highly valuable metals from the platinum group such as, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium and iridium have also been detected hundreds of miles deep underground.  

Aside from Hadley's Hope being a key port and a highly profitable mining colony.  It also serves for two very important purposes.  

As a vital outpost settlement and as a future port for deeper space exploration.

Hadley's Hope consists of 12 mines, 12 refineries, 5 landing pads, 10 solar stations, 10 greenhouses, 10 water treatment plants, 2 hospitals, 1 jail, 5 pharmacies, 20 mess halls/restaurants and 20 sleeping quarters(each housing up to 485 men).  

The colony currently employs 9700 male personnel.

Personnel are divided into the following...

Labour: 5850

Support: 2000

Administration & Maintenance: 800

Science and Research: 300

Medical: 450

Law Enforcement(Federal Marshall/Deputies/Constables): 300

Please, note:

* Only single, healthy, physically & mentally fit, genetically engineered males are allowed to apply for jobs at the mining colony(NO EXCEPTIONS).  

The last time Hadley's Hope had any female personnel was 40 years ago.  

The employment of women was halted, due to an alarming rise in rape, assaults(both sexual and physical), pregnancy, depression and high suicide cases.

All male personnel are employed for a 10 year contract.  

The breakdown of the contract is as follows...

* 4 year cryosleep voyage from space station, the Astraeus to Hadley's Hope.  

* 2 years work o
n Furina.

* 4 year cryosleep return voyage to space station, the Astraeus.

Once you've completed your tour at the mining colony, you may re-apply to stay for another tour.  

That is...

If you wish to do so.  

Ofcourse, there are no guarantees that you will be approved.  

However, for those that decide to stay...

Personnel will be required(mandatory) to undergo a second round of both physical and mental examinations, before being considered and approved.

In the end, only a few brave, mentally and physically strong men choose to stay at the colony and re-apply.  The majority of the men do one tour, take their wealth, retire and never look back.

All 12 mines on Furina run 24 hrs/7 days a week.  

Work shifts vary and depend on the especification and importance of the job.  Overtime(if needed) is paid at
2  times the employee's regular wage rate.

Some jobs last 8 hrs, some 9 hrs, others 12 hrs, etc.  Again, the shift assigned to you, depends on the importance and specific type of job that you applied for.

Weekly, monthly and yearly bonuses, as well as other incentives are paid.  

That is if the job quota is met or surpassed.

There is one very important and key rule at Hadley's Hope...

The mines never close.

No matter, what.  

It is crucial and of the utmost importance that the mines always stay open.  

As the raw minerals being mined from Furina are imported to over 450 planets, colonies and space ports throught the galaxy.  

Furina at the moment and for many years to come will continue to be a vast gold mine, and a key component in maintaing a prosperous, extremely busy and healthy ecomony.

Now, as for the work on the mines...

All personnel working in the mines must be able to work in 
zero-pressure atmosphere.

As a certified and qualified miner, you will be responsible in maintaining your own, safety approved, custom built, pressurized space suit.

Miners work in teams of 10 at all times.  Each team consists of a Supervisor, an Assistant Supervisor and 8 miners.  

Everyone on the team is partnered with a "buddy".  The "buddy system" was introduced to cut down on the number of accidents.  

Your buddy or partner had been assigned to you, even before you arrive on Furina, and the "buddy chemistry" depend on a number of key factors.  

First, a Compatibility Test must be taken.  This test takes about 5 hours to complete and has about 500 questions/scenarios to help/assist in finding the suitable "buddy/partner" for you.

Second, taken into consideration are common likes, dislikes, background, language, religion, highest level of education completed, political affiliation, and sexual preference.

This partnership is quite effective and works 99.99% of the time.  

If for some reason, you're both not compatible.  Then you're both allowed one partner change per year.  

Keep in mind that a second psychological and compatibility test, will be required for both parties before being assigned a new partner(NO EXCEPTIONS).

Third, work knowledge, experience and great references are a key factor when you're being assigned to your job and title.  

The more job/field experience you have, the higher up on the ladder you'll be, better accomodated and with a hefty and higher pay rate.

The job on the mines is extremely perilous and dangerous.  So, your life and the life of others depend on many things.  

At the very top of the list is work knowledge, safety,
trust, mental and physical competence, and the quick-thinking action of your co-workers.  

So, if you value your life...  

Then, you'd better not be incompetent, lazy or an asshole and make any enemies while on and off the job.  

To get to the mines, workers take "bullet trains" from the main hanger of Hadley's Hope
to the Gates of Hades.  

These trains
cover a distance of 27km(16 mi) at blinding speeds of 400 mph and run every five minutes.  They're also capable and able to carry up to 500 personnel, plus personal equipment and heavy machinery.  

The Gates of Hades is the second largest hanger at Hadley's Hope, where miners must take elevators down 12500 FT and towards the entrance to the enormous mines.  There are a total of 12 mines and these are named after the Twelve Olympians of the Greek pantheon.

The mines are Zeus (I), Hera (II), Poseidon (III), Demeter (IV), Athena (V), Apollo (VI), Artemis (VII), Ares (VIII), Aphrodite (IX) , Hephaestus (X) , Hermes (XI) and Hades (XII).

The entrance to the mines are a monumental wonder themselves, as each mine has a statue of it's Greek God carved deep into the bedrock.  These breathtaking and colossal statues seem to come alive, as they try to free themselves from their jagged and rocky prison.  From head to toe, these gargantuan statues measure an astonishing 151ft(46m) in height.  The elevators drop the miner's at the bottom of the statue's feet, where they then walk into the mines.

Now, contrary to the urban myth floating around Hadley's Hope...  

Mine #12 or the Hades mine, is not cursed.  

Some miners believe that more "accidents/deaths" occur on this particular mine, because it's named after the Greek God of the Underworld.

That is simply not true.  

Statistics show that mine #12, does not have any more or any less accidents/deaths than any other mine on Furina. 

Work in the mines is
dirty, dangerous, as well as mentally and physically exhausting.  

Which is why, men working in the mines must be in tip top shape, the right age, fast reflexes and in perfect health.  

Some men, are blinded to the many dangers, death traps of this place, due to the 
substantial and large payout of two years worth of work(plus big bonuses).  

And accidents and death, do occur.  

But, the company states that these "accidents/deaths" are "unfortunate, isolated, very mininal and within minimun regulation standards."

As for the housing conditions for the grunts(miners) on Hadley's Hope.  

Well, let's just say that they're pretty basic and standard to say the least.  All grunts are assigned to a
8ft x 12ft(2m x 3.6m) room.  

The "room" consists of a single bed, small table, chair, night stand, holographic tv, mirror with sink, small fridge and small closet.  There are NO windows or bathrooms in any of the rooms.  The showers(on timers) and the toilets are located in a nearby wing, not far from the assigned sleeping quarters.

Now, as for the amenities to keep workers "sane/happy" and "productive/healthy/in shape", these are all high tech, the best of the best and top of the line.  

These consist of 100 state of the art gyms, 200 Holodecks, 20 swimming pools(with both dry/wet steam rooms),
5 golf courses, 5 tennis/basketball courts, 5 soccer/football fields, 5 baseball/rugby fields, 5 track and field, 10 bars and 5 libraries.

In the end, doing just one tour on Fury and you're set to live the rest of your life very confortably.  As for those that push for an extra tour and are smart enough to save their money.  They can end up living a very rich and opulent lifestyle on any number of planets, space ports or colonies between Earth and the outer rim.

That is...

If they manage to hold on to their sanity, health, money and of course, survive the job.

Passenger vessel: 
Hermes (Greek:Ἑρμῆς)

Crew: 5500 rotating male

Passenger log:

Passenger M1-C85: Wyatt Thomas Carlyle
(Federal Marshall for the United Federation of Planets)

Birthdate: May 30, 3561

Place of Birth: Planet Acheron

Height / Weight: 6' 7" / 245 lbs.

DNA stock: Exclusive, first class, predominant genetic code
Breeding Classification: Stud(seeder)

Cryosleep level: 2-12
- Genetically engineered male
- Fluent in 16 languages

2 tours with the Interstellar Colonial Marines
Honourably discharged (at time of discharge promoted to First Lieutenant)
- Weapons expert
- Martial arts expert
- Able to hold breath under water up to 6 hrs. 30 mins. (has lung capacity 40% larger than average DNA altered male.)
- Able to survive in cold water (32F / 0C) up to 10 hrs.

* For more information, see personnel file.

Passenger M2-C86:
Zachary Carlyle

Birthdate: February 09, 3583

Place of Birth: Space Station Andromeda

Height / Weight: 4'6" / 70 lbs.

DNA stock: exclusive, first class, predominant genetic code

Breeding Classification: Unknown

Cryosleep Level: 2-13

- Genetically engineered male
- Son of Federal Marshall Wyatt T. Carlyle
- Started reading at age 1, calculus at age 6.
- Fluent in 10 languages

- At present age(10 yrs.) is currently top student at the Apollo Interstellar Youth Academy
- Received top honours in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, robotics, Literature, Electronic Engineering and Astronomy

* For more information, see personnel file.

Passenger M3-C87: Wade Allan Rakker
(Deputy Federal Marshall for The United Federation of Planets)

Birthdate: May 19, 3560

Place of Birth: Planet Cygnus VIII

Height / Weight: 6' 8" / 255 lbs.

DNA stock: Exclusive, first class, predominant genetic code
Breeding Classification: Stud(seeder)

Cryosleep level: 2-14

- Genetically engineered male
- Fluent in 09 languages

2 tours with Interstellar Colonial Marines.
Honourably discharged (at time of discharge promoted to Second Lieutenant)
- Weapons expert
- Martial arts expert
- Able to hold breath under water up to 3 hrs. 
- Able to survive in cold water(32F / 0C) up to 7 hrs.

* For more information, see personnel file.

2 years into its deep space voyage,

the passenger vessel Hermes is heading directly into the path of a large meteor shower.

An immense meteor, 780 feet in diameter is heading straight towards the ship, at break-neck speed of 27,000 mph

Impact in

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...


Smoke passes a sensor.

A panel of lights explode on.



Something is very wrong,...

An explosion,...


Computer: Stasis interrupted.

Computer: Repeat.  Stasis Interrupted.  

Computer: Fire in cryogenics.

Computer: Repeat.  Fire in cryogenics.

Computer: Fire on levels 2, 3, 6, 7, 8.

Computer: Repeat.  Fire on levels 2, 3, 6, 7, 8.

Computer: All emergency personnel report to levels 2, 3, 6, 7, 8.

Computer: Repeat.  All emergency personnel report to levels 2, 3, 6, 7, 8.

Computer: Hull breach on bay 25 and 26.

Computer: Repeat.  Hull breach on bay 25 and 26.

Computer: All emergency personnel report to bay 25 and 26.

Computer: Repeat.  All emergency personnel report to bay 25 and 26...

I awoke
to a pitch black and freezing room.  

The room was so bitterly cold, that I started shivering uncontrollably.

My head was pounding, I
felt nauseous and my mouth was parched dry.

In the far distance, I could hear muffled voices.

As I fought to open my eyes, a flash of light was directly in my face.  I quickly turned my head away from the annoying bright light.

He's responding to stimuli, Sir.  He's going to be fine."

A voice!

There must be others around me.  I tried to speak, but nothing came out.

"Fine?  Fine?  Does, he look fucking fine to you?"


That's my dad's voice!  

But, why does he sound angry?

Sir, I'm going to say this for the last time.  Your son is in perfect health and considering the circumstances... Well, I'd say Galen is extremely lucky to be alive."

I felt and heard someone loudly snapping their fingers next to my ears.  I moved my head towards the snapping sound.

"You see?  Your son is responding normally and accordingly to the effects of hypersleep.
 He's actually doing quite well, for his first time in cryosleep.  Ofcourse, with the exception..."

"But, look at him!"

"Mr.Carlyle, please calm down.  Believe me, when I say that I understand your concerns.  
But, Galen's heart rate and blood pressure are perfectly normal.  I've also ran a brain, abdominal and neurological scans, and all the tests have come out clear.  I'm sorry, but there's nothing else that I can do for him.  Now, if you'll excuse me, please.  I need to check on the other passengers."

I tried to focus my eyes, but my vision was blurry.  

Why, is it so damm cold in here?

"Dad?  You there?  I can't..."

I felt hands.

My dad's giant and strong calloused hands were on my bare chest.

"I'm here, son.  I'm here..."

My dad gave me a strong hug, as his icy hands gently massaged my body.  

"This should get your circulation going, buddy."

He then gently rubbed my back and helped me to sit up.

"Dad,...I can't see anything.  Everything is dark..."

I then felt my dad's huge hand, caress my right cheek.

"It's allright, son.  You're experiencing the 
effects of deep hypersleep.  It will wear off soon, I promise.  Stay calm and remember to breath in and out."

I took a deep breath and started coughing.  

The air in the room didn't smell right, though.  It actually smelled,...kinda stale and foul.

"I don't feel well, dad.  My stomach feels... I think,... I'm going to throw up!"

I tried to move, but my body felt rubbery and heavy.  My dad gently held my head, while I leaned out of the cryo tube and threw up on the floor.


Oh, God!  

That felt horrible!

Actually, I felt horrible.  Warm liquid just spewed out of my mouth and it tasted disgusting.  But, I needed that.  Actually, my poor stomach needed that.

My eye sight was still quite blurry, but I could kinda see flashing lights in the distance.

"I'm sorry, dad.  I couldn't hold..."

My dad kissed my forehead.

"It's fine, tiger.  It happens to the best of us.  Are you feeling a little bit better, though?"

I nodded.  Althought, my mouth tasted pretty nasty.

"Yeah, a little bit."

My dad then handed me something.

"Here, take a small sip."  

I took whatever it was and tried to focus my eyes.  But, it was pointless.  I couldn't see anything.

"What is it?"

My dad had his hand on my leg, while gently rubbing it.

"It's water.  Now, drink up.   You're feeling ill because you're dehydrated and in need of liquids.  The queasy feeling should pass, soon."

Again, I nodded.

"Use some of that water that I gave you and gargle your mouth.  Then, spit it out on the floor."

I took a sip, swirled the water in my mouth and spit it out.  My eyesight was slowly improving and I could kinda make out that my dad was crouching in front of me.

"Dad, why is it so cold in here?"

My dad stood up and playfully messed up my hair.

"Hold on to that thought, tiger."

I felt my dad stand up.

"Guys!  Why,
isn't the fucking heat on yet?  Get your shit together and fix it!  I want heat and electricity, in ten.  Let's move this along, gentlemen!"

Oh, boy...  

This did not sound good.

"Dad?  What's wrong?"

I heard my dad sigh heavily.

"Galen,...  Son, there's something,...  I need to tell you."

Now, it was my turn to sigh.  

I didn't like his tone.  Whatever it is, this does not sound good at all.


My dad cleared his throat.

"Now, what I'm about to tell you.  I know that it will be a lot to take in.  But, I want you to listen carefully and then I'll do my best to answer your questions."

I felt my dad sit next to me on the cry tube.  There really wasn't a lot of room, so he sat at the edge.

"There was a large fire in our cryogenics bay and we lost many men."

I tried to rub my eyes and look around, but it was useless.  My pupils were heavily dilated and everything was still blurry and fuzzy.


My heart was beating so fast, that I thought it was going to jump out of my chest.

 "Wait,...what about Uncle Wade?  Where is Uncle Wade?  Is he..?"

My dad gave me a hug and held me close.

"Wade is fine, son.  He's actually in the control room and trying to restore power to our area."  

I drew a sigh of relief and fought back a sob.

"At the moment, we're trapped in
the cryogenics bay.  But, I have some guys trying to pry open the bay doors.  We need to get out of here and access the damage to the ship, and see if there are any other survivors."

Oh, my God!  

I would never have imagined that it was this bad.

I then heard my dad, sigh again.  

"But, I'm afraid that's not all.  There's really no easy way to break this to you.  But, during the voyage there was a problem with your cryo tube."

A problem with my cryo tube?

My dad cleared his throat, again.

"There was a big explosion in our cryo bay and a large metal column fell on top of your cryo tube.  The weight of the column made a small crack on the top.  And, well...thank God that it didn't crush and kill you."

I was shaking my head.  

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I also didn't understand where this was going?  

"Look, tiger.  Umm...Wade and I are the same age as when we left the
Astraeus.  You, however..."

My dad took my cold hands and squeezed tightly.

"Well, son.  You've physically aged, about 3 to 4 years."


I mean, I know I heard my dad.  But, I'm not sure that I heard him, correctly.

"I'm sorry, what?  What, did you...?"

My dad sighed again and gave me another hug.

"You're alive, kiddo!  You're fine, healthy and we're together.  That's all that matters..."

At that moment and as my eyes were getting used to the darkness, the lights in the room came back on.  

A loud cheering broke out and I could hear clapping and whistling.  The harsh fluorescent lights were flickering on and off, trying hard to stay on.

"Ow!  My eyes..."  

My dad handed me a pair of shades to put on.

"Here, put these on.  They should help, as your eyes will be sensitive to light for a while."

I tried to focus my eyes and little by little, it seemed to be working.

"Did you hear everything that I've said, Galen?"

I was looking at my arms and hands.

Oh, my God!

My hands were bigger and my arms longer.

Oh, my God!

"Galen?  What, son?  Talk to me, please."

My eyesight was almost one hundred percent.  As I looked at my legs, I noticed that not only were they longer.  But, they were also covered with very light, very fine, shiny black hairs.

"Oh, my God!"

My dad was rubbing my back.

"Now, calm down, son.  I know this is a lot to take in.  But, don't overexert yourself.  Breathe..."

My mouth was hanging wide open and I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"Calm down?  Calm down?  Look at me, dad!  I'm older!"

My dad stood up and sighed.

"Yes, that's true.  But, at least you're alive and in one piece."

My strenght seemed to have returned and I was able to sit up on my own.  I tried to get up from my cryo tube, but I felt lightheaded, so I sat back down.

My dad looked worried, while looking at me.

"Are you, allright?"

I sighed and gave my dad an angry look.

"Stop asking me, if I'm fine!"

My dad just stood there, looking awkward.

"How old am I?"

My dad looked hesitant to answer.

"Umm,...we're not sure.  Probably 13?  But, most likely 14?"


Now, wait a minute...
13? or 14?

"Oh, my God!  You, don't even know?"

My dad rubbed the stubble on his face.

"Look, Galen.  It's not like it's exact science.  Something happened on the ship and caused several large explosions and fires.  We're offline and trying to extract information from the main computer.  But, it's going to...be a while."

My dad crossed his arms over his hairy chest.

"The android...  Sorry, the "medical officer" says that you're likely to be 14 years old.  He's 99.99 % sure of that."

I looked up at my dad and pursed my lips.  I know this wasn't his fault.  

But, dammit!

I also know that I shouldn't be taking out my anger on him.  But, this is not fair!  

I was 10 years old when we left the Astraeus.  And now, I'm what?  

Probably, 13 or 14 years old?  

Jesus H. Christ!  

That means that I've aged and lost 3 to 4 years off my life!

My eyesight was improving by the minute.   And now I could see the extense of the damage caused by the fire and explosions.  Many cryo tubes were badly damaged, while others were scorched and destroyed beyond recognition.  There was glass, crushed metal and bodies covered in sheets, everywhere I looked.

My dad took a step towards me, while giving me a heart warming smile.  I was surprised that he was still wearing his thermal jockstrap and nothing else.  

I mean, this room was freezing!  

Then I remembered that this is the environment he's been
genetically engineered and trained for.

I started to feel weird...

Like something was not right.

I felt...

"Galen?  You allright?"

I tried to open my mouth, but nothing came out.  

That's when I blacked out...

To be continued!