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Chapter 1.  It ain't over till....

The conference was getting a bit heated for the taste of the Grey's.  They had organized the meeting of the primary stellar confederations in order to avoid a major confrontation with the Warboss Collective of the Sternus System.  The Warboss' were your basic warrior culture interested in battles and conquests, relishing any opportunity to dominate a weak planet.  They had conquered a great many planets of various races and cultures all over the farthest reaches of the known universe, allowed to do so by the will of the Inter-Stellar Confederation.  The Inter-Stellar Confederation was "guided" by the highly intelligent Grey's and consisted of the leading advanced intelligent cultures within the universe.  Membership was by invitation only and the last invited culture was the Warboss Collective, as a means of controlling or rather attempt to influence where they were conquering.  The other members agreed it would be best to have them participate fully so none of the interests of the Confederation ended up in the sites of the Warboss'.  

A particularly destructive and bloody war with one of the former members of the Confederation pushed the remaining members to agree to their membership.  The Warboss' stole enough technology to inflict horrific damage to the Ions, the unlucky race that stood up to the bullying of the Collective.  Ruthless and barbaric were terms that were used often to describe that war.  No matter how much technology and advanced weapons the Ions used against the Warboss, nothing seemed to slow them down from their advance to the home planet of the Ions.  They purposely destroyed every outpost and aligned planet, turning what inhabitants that were alive into mindless slaves.  Every city, town, village and refuge was demolished, leaving no trace of Ion culture.  By the time the Collective had reached the last remaining outpost of the Ions, their home planet, they reverted to tactics that seemed to mimic the barbarian wars of Earth; raping, pillaging, burning and desecrating everything in their path, leaving a wasteland in their wake.  The Ions attempted to plea for terms, but were denied.  The Collective had decreed they would wipe Ions off the charts of culture and they did not stop until it was fully accomplished.  The heads of the Ion Federation were made into personal pleasure slaves of the Warboss Council and their wives and families were sold to slavers.  The Grey's kept the only records lefts of the Ions.  It was a purposeful demonstration of the determination and ruthlessness of the Collective that did not go un-noticed by the Confederation.

It wasn't easy for most of the members to tolerate the presence of any Warboss, as they were considered violent and prone to physical pleasures over mental abilities.  For eons, the plan had worked well, keeping the Warboss' activity to the farthest reaches of the universe, areas not of any interest to the Confederation.  Something unexpected by the Confederation had caused the Warboss' to set their sites on the 3rd planet of the Sol system, known by its inhabitants as Earth.  

Earth was generally held as a protectorate of the Confederation, an experiment in development for eons.  Limited experimentation and absolutely no direct interference was allowed.  Any previous attempts by Confederation and non-confederation cultures to conquer Earth was quickly stopped, rarely was force used, but it has on a few occasions to stop a rogue culture that was not part of the Confederation.  The Grey's have always taken a protective stance when it came to Earth.  Now, all that was falling apart and things were spiraling out of their control.

The Warboss Collective had somehow managed to intercept a great number of transmissions from Earth and became infatuated with the human inhabitants.  It was said they were convinced Earth would make an excellent retreat for all races, making Earth in effect a resort as the Earthlings called such places.  Conditions on Earth were considered to be excellent in comparison to the climates of most other planets and the inhabitants haven't even discovered the natural resources coveted by the Warboss Collective.  The Grey's found out much to late in the game that the Warboss Collective had several secret missions to Earth, captured several inhabitants and had their scientists survey the entire planet for resources.  The Grey's knew the Warboss' could not have accomplished all that unless they were aided by another high intelligent culture, but had no proof.  They were intelligent enough to know they were outsmarted and put in a position of little or no negotiation.  No one in the Confederation knew that the Collective had the foresight to keep a good number of the scientists of the Ions whole, pressing them into their service.

The Warboss Collective representative sent the ultimatum directly to the Grey Central Council, informing them that unless the Collective was granted exclusive access rights to Earth, they would expand their territory into the border areas of the Confederation's most prestigious members, including the Grey's.  None of the higher cultures was willing to go to war with the Collective over the fate of a non-member culture, no matter what agreements were in place among the members.  The demand was simple, give them rights to do as they wish with Earth or prepare for war.  While the technologies of the higher member cultures was far superior to anything the Collective had, they had no great interest in any of the destruction war brought and had long ago considered intelligence and logic a far greater use of their intellects.  Of course they also did not have any type of military group to speak of as most of their culture was involved in science, art, music, engineering and literature.  The fate of the Ions was a constant reminder of what the Collective could accomplish.  The Confederation made the mistake of sharing some technologies with the Collective who in turn focused on the military aspects of all the technologies.  The Ion scientists made it possible to utilize the shared technology which the Confederation thought would be above the intellect of the Collective.

There was not much debate allowed in the conference as the Warboss' quickly bellowed out demands whenever another member attempted to sway the conference from granting their demands.  The Grey's did manage to get the Collective to solemnly agree to forgo any future designs on the territories of the member cultures, knowing that though the Collective was somewhat barbaric in their eyes, they relied heavily on keeping solemn agreements.  It was a minor redemption for their crude ways.  The Grey's managed to get the unanimous agreement of the Confederation, giving the Collective full rights to Earth with a condition that there would be no attempt to eradicate or otherwise cause the ending of the human race on Earth.  Minimum numbers were established as guidelines, enough to insure humans would not become an endangered species of the universe.  The Grey's felt very proud of that condition.  

The Warboss' were fascinated by the culture of Earth.  They even designed their interstellar space vehicles to resemble the Mongo ships of the Earth's Flash Gordon. Some of the war machines they built were right out of the Star Wars movies.  They would have created a duplicate of the Enterprise from Star Trek, but all the members of the Council decided it wasn't threatening or war like and therefore not of interest to them. The Warboss used all of the transmissions they intercepted from Earth along with close examination of the various satellites, probes and vehicles they managed to take, in addition to several experiments and captures of humans, to prepare their plan for conquest.  They had no intention of wiping out the humans, quite the contrary, they wanted them as play things and slaves, just as they had with all the other races that inhabited the planets they conquered.  They felt some affection for the humans after watching their never ending wars and the cruelty perpetuated on each other.  Earth had much diversity in humans and that was a bonus as far as the Collective was concerned.  Early on when they first began abducting humans they discovered the males were great sexual playthings and their sperm was an excellent elixir, another resource to be exploited.  They were dismayed by the short longevity of the humans, but knew with sufficient breading and application of their scientists' discoveries, already stolen by their spies in the Confederation states, they could increase the longevity of the human males and make them produce greater quantities of sperm much longer then possible for humans now.  An added bonus would be the built in slave pool for working on the construction of new retreat centers needed to accommodate the visitors they knew would want to utilize on the new retreat wonderland Earth would become.  Their religious leaders have already modified doctrine to bring the humans into the fold so to speak, making them part of the rituals for major holy days.  All segments of the Collective society had adapted to the new thinking and use of the humans as resources for their benefit, the Collectives benefit, not the humans.

The Warboss' loved watching and studying the massive collection of Earth transmissions and copied media taken during their secret incursions.  No other group of races had taken the interest of the entire Collective as the humans of Earth.  Other races they conquered were somewhat assimilated and utilized as slaves and sometimes food, but the humans would be an exception to the norm, they would be something precious and used primarily for pleasure and as a resource.  For many earth years, the greatest honor was to be given a few days time with captured humans, considered to be akin to an earthling winning the lottery, and now it would be possible for all members of the Collective to bask in the riches of Earth.  Besides the humans there were minerals and animal life that would be utilized and protected to insure the constant production of benefit to the Collective.  They were not spoilers for the most part, except when it came to the culture and history of conquered races.  Those were wiped out as quickly as possible in order to eliminate any major resistance.  Few cultures ever survived a war with the Warboss Collective.  The inhabitants would go on, but would no longer be in any state of mind or have any intellect left to plan organized resistance.  The Collectives methods were swift, cruel and effective.

Whole cities were built on a planet that closely mirrored conditions on Earth.  Technology was kept up to date so as to be the exact duplicate of technology on Earth.  Since the studies of earth showed how much of a problem extreme religious groups would pose to a quick conquest, it was decided that each group would have it's major leaders removed, exported to centers on other plants belonging to the Collective.  Religious centers like the Vatican, Jerusalem and Medina would have to be removed along with every single church, synagogue or mosque throughout the earth.  The Central Council of the Collective was pleased with their plan to have each religious groups end come as their own prophecies foretold.  The Council thought it would be great fun and extremely effective to control the masses.  Weapons were developed that would be specific to use on Earth, electron disruptors, ion radiators, plasma bursters, on and on; nothing to cause permanent harm to humans, only their equipment, buildings and weapons.  Uniforms and shields were developed to protect the warriors and equipment from penetration by bullets, rockets, grenades and missiles, all weapons used by earthlings.

The conference ended and word was quickly sent to the Collective Command.  Details of the agreement were studied and great roars of approval were heard in the Command.  All of the Command was stunned when the prime leader began to sing along with a recording of an earth song, sung by Mamma Cass.  The prime leader burst out in laughter as he viewed the stunned reaction of the Command.  

"There Warbossians! The fat lady has sung!" he bellowed out in laughter.

Finally the remainder of the command caught the meaning.  They all were familiar with the earth saying, "It ain't over till the fat lady sings!"  They agreed that once the armies of earth were neutralized, they would repeat the performance to see the reaction of the earthlings.  They issued immediate orders for the conquest of earth to begin.  All the warrior units were already on standby, awaiting the results of the conference.  The massive invasion force was called to action and the plan was begun.

Joe and Jim were 2 tough, muscled marines working hard to keep their relationship a secret.  While the "Don't ask, Don't Tell" policy was long gone, the top brass was still convinced gay men were not a good thing in the military.  Life could become pretty unbearable for anyone outwardly showing their sexual preference.  Lovers were routinely separated with horrible unit reassignments, typically to units that were formed to internally take care of any gay problem.  Everyone knew what was going on, but if you truly wanted a career in the military, you learned how to adapt.  Joe and Jim were expert adapters.  They had both been Marines for 10 years, made themselves proud in a number of combat situations and were well decorated.  They had been lovers since both met after basic training and were assigned to the same unit.  Being a beautiful spring day, they did their daily jog to the woods outside the base located a few miles from Seattle.  As usual, Jim grabbed Joe's left butt cheek and pinched.  That started the rough housing both came to love.  It didn't take long for them to be rolling on the ground; their laughs turning to moans as they're lips met and tongues dueled.  Jim loved tasting the sweat on Joe's hard pecs and Joe loved feeling Jim's tongue working on his nips.  Jim knew how to make his tough, muscled lover Joe turn into a real meek puppy.  Jim easily had Joe to the point where Joe could deny him nothing.  Jim pulled down his pants and unzipped Joe's pants, pulled out his massive rock hard cock and slid his ass down over it.  Joe gasped as he felt his cock move inside Jim's tight ass.  Jim groaned and grabbed on to Joe's biceps as Joe jerked his hips up and down just right.  Jim's cock was leaking a huge amount of precum and it started to drip on to Joe's lower abs.  Both were moaning and grunting as Joe increased the pressure of his thrusts and Jim bounced harder up and down Joe's cock.  Joe knew when he was rubbing Jim's prostate and knew Jim was going to explode quickly.  He added a circular motion to his hips forcing Jim to flex his ass muscles.  The combination of movements worked as both of them began gasping and jerking as Joe's cum began filling Jim's insides and Jim's cum began coating Joe's abs and chest.  Jim finally collapsed on top of Joe, their mouths locked in a passionate kiss.

"Damn it never stops takin my breath away baby!" Joe finally managed to get out after breaking their kiss.

"I bet you say that to all your tricks you horny bastard!" Jim laughed.

Joe pulled Jim tight into a hug and bit on his neck, not enough to leave a mark, but enough to make Jim laugh and struggle.  They laid for awhile in each other's embrace before getting up and making sure each was cleaned up and ready to take the return jog to the base.  Suddenly, Jim looked up towards the sky and gasped.

"Wow! They making some sort of movie around here? Look at those cool planes that look like Flash Gordon space ships!" Jim said excitedly as he was a long time fan of the original tv series.

"Right you idiot! They don't use real ships to make movies! It's all done with computers goof!" Joe laughed, but then got a serious look on his face as he studied the ships crossing the sky more closely. "This don't look right to me Jimmy.  Think we better high tail our asses back like NOW!"

Jim just kept staring into the sky feeling like he was really watching a fleet of Flash Gordon space ships heading off to Mongo for a battle.  Joe pushed him forward harder and harder, finally slapping Jim on his head to get his attention.

"This is not right baby.  Something bad is happening and we got to get our asses back to the base.  Please!" Joe pleaded with Jim.

"Okay, okay! Maybe you're right.  Its just so damn cool!" Jim said as he finally picked up the pace and stopped staring at the sky, although he did sneak a peak now and again as the ships were heading in the same direction.

They both heard the air raid sirens go off before they got 10 feet from where they originally saw the ships.  Joe figured they were near the close in suburbs of Seattle when they started seeing the funny lights coming out of the ships and small explosions started.  They both took off as fast as they could go, knowing the shit had hit the fan.

The Warboss' had squads of ships over every major city and military installation of the West and a few for the largest cities of the other countries that didn't have much military capability.  They had successfully used their cloaking devices to prevent the radar stations of the world from seeing them.  The military was taken completely by surprised, stunned more like it.  Luckily for the pilots of the fighter jets, there was enough of a delay from ordering them in the air so that the spacecrafts weapons fried the electronics making the planes useless.  Not wanting to have a large number of humans lost in plane crashes, right before the ships uncloaked, they sent out a world wide transmission ordering all civilian aircraft to land immediately.  Most pilots complied without questioning as they had been trained since the 9/11 attacks in the US.  Of the thousands of planes in the air at the time, only 100 actually crashed, unable to glide their planes to safe landings.  Toe rays from Collective transports to airports near the coasts supported those over the oceans.  The Russians actually managed to get fighters into the air convinced it was an attempt by the European Union to neutralize their air forces.  Tensions between the 2 powers had been mounting over oil and nuclear fuel issues.  The planes that managed to get off the runway crashed into wooded areas surrounding their bases and the rest just plopped down hard on the runways with dead engines.

The rays the Collective was using destroyed all the computers, generators, telephone and cable equipment.  Most sophisticated weapon systems were rendered useless as computers controlled all.  Every vehicle's electronic system was fried and they just stopped wherever they were.  Expressways and major roads were littered with dead cars and confused motorists some of whom had exited their vehicles and stared with disbelief at the huge ships crossing over their cities.  No cell phones worked and that seemed to add to the panic and frustration of the populous.  The explosions and fires that were happening were the result of overheated electrical systems and battery backups that couldn't handle the power surges of the rays.  The Warboss' ships sailed calmly and slowly in the sky, making certain no area was spared the effect of the rays.    The Pentagon and White House were in a panic as no communication device worked, not even radios or microwaves.  Elevators didn't work either so there was no quick way to get into any sort of shelter or command center.  Those that did manage to get to command centers found there was no electricity and no communication or computers working.  All the satellites were dead as far as they knew since there was no way to communicate with them.  Ambassadors were unable to talk to their ministries anywhere in the world.  It was like a wave of communication failure was slowly moving across the entire planet.

Unable to use vehicles to transport troops to any area deemed a high priority target, commanders ordered their tank units to prepare to engage any enemy units that crossed their paths.  None of the soldiers knew who the enemy was and had no clue what good they could do since their tanks couldn't move.  When Joe and Jim made it back to the base, it was horrifying to them both to see the panic and confusion all over the place.  Officers were screaming orders at soldiers in vehicles that wouldn't move, didn't work.  Finally runners from the base command center gave the officers and sergeants' orders to form platoons and get into the city in order to preserve order and engage the enemy as best they could.  Joe and Jim were about to run to their unit to get their equipment when a Lieutenant screamed at them to take a case of grenades from the armory and weapons and meet him and his squad at the gate.  Neither questioned the order and managed to drag out a few cases of ammo and grenades, which were quickly grabbed by other soldiers waiting at the gate.  They all ran as fast as they could towards the city and had no time to think about what was happening.  They turned back towards the base as they heard explosions and weapons firing at smaller ships that appeared to be buzzing the base.  The bullets seemed to explode as they hit the ships but caused no apparent damage.  There was a huge explosion as the armory was hit by something followed by the command center itself.  The Lieutenant screamed at them to get moving and off they went towards Seattle.

When they got there, everyone was in a panic.  No one knew what was happening and most people were wandering around in a daze.  A Colonel and his aides who ordered them to get over to a warehouse that stored critical supplies met the platoon.  He ordered them to secure the area and keep any and all non-military units from gaining access.  It was quite a hike for them but they finally made it to the buildings and set up a defense position in the parking lot.  

The tank squadron was stuck in a wooded area outside the base, as far as their tanks got before failing.  They all heard the rumbling sound and whine of engines approaching them.  When they first saw the land machines, one of the soldiers yelled out that somebody was making a star wars movie since that was what the machines looked like, straight out of star wars.  Then the strange smaller craft came flying in, hovering, bouncing up and down like helicopters, but without rotors.  Nobody did anything since the ships in the sky and the land vehicles fascinated them all.  One of the soldiers on the tank behind the others started firing his machinegun at the land machines and the fighters.  Flashes of light came pulsing from the air ships and from the land machines with strange pop-fizz sounds as the flashes zoomed by and loud sizzles when they hit the ground.  It became clear that none of the weapons of the tanks was having any effect on the enemy ships.  Then a few hits of some pulse of light from the land machines caused a bright flash of light and little shards of lightening to spread over the hull of one of the tanks.  That was enough for the Lieutenant and he ordered them to stop firing, put their hands in the air and exit the tanks.  While they were moving out of the tanks, the air ships kept firing their weapons over their heads making them scramble quickly, some of them falling off the tanks as they tried to get out quickly.  Once they were clear of the tanks and all standing in a group with their hands in the air, the land machines thudded forward and surrounded them.  They were all standing with their mouths wide open when the canopies of the machines opened up and these brutish monster things were yelling and laughing at them.  One climbed down from his machine and lumbered over to the soldiers, and yelled out to his fellow monsters.  Soon, 5 of the monsters were walking around the group of soldiers, checking for other weapons and feeling them up slowly.

"Smokin!" one of the monsters said as the others roared with laughter.

The soldiers weren't sure he just said what he did until they started to confirm it with each other.  

The Lieutenant ordered the soldiers to stop laughing and spoke to the first monster that approached them.

"Who the fuck are you guys and what the hell just happened?" he said quite agitated.

"We the fuck are your new masters and you just got your asses kicked!" the monster said before bellowing out laughter.  "Strip and show us what you got bad boys!"

"Fuck you, you sick pervert.  We don't recognize any masters here.  In case you missed something asshole, this is the USA and we're all free here!" the Lieutenant screamed, lowering his arms and moving towards the first Warboss.

Without hesitating the Warboss he was approaching grabbed the Lieutenant by his neck and lifted him effortlessly off the ground, made a hook out of his finger and ripped the clothes off of the Lieutenant.  "There, now you are as I ordered.  I will take great pleasure teaching you the way of your new life human.  There is no USA anymore, only the Collection.  You are no longer free and my cock will prove it to you!  Now the rest of you shit heads STRIP!"

The other soldiers did not hesitate as they saw the power this monster had.  The Lieutenant was 6'5" and weighed at least 290lbs and the Warboss was holding him in the air with no effort at all.  His massive hand was wrapped around the thick muscled neck of the Lieutenant.  They knew the shit had indeed hit the fan and they had their asses kicked for sure.  They quickly stripped completely and waited for further instructions.  Another Warboss moved towards the group and pushed them away from each other, spreading the group of 20 into a rough line.  Another walked behind them and fondled their asses and backs while the other used his fingers to flip and rub their cocks and balls.  Each one found a soldier that they liked and they lifted them off the ground by their necks like the Lieutenant was lifted.  Before they knew what was happening, the Warboss' that had them had grabbed them by the leg and had their cock and balls inside their mouths, their tongues licking away.  They both went from screaming in anger to moaning in pleasure as the Warboss' worked to extract their first taste of human elixir.  When the soldiers were finally drained, they called over their fellow warriors and told them it was as they were told, sweet, strong and thick.  Before long, all 20 of the soldiers were completely drained of cum and laying on the ground totally wasted.  The Lieutenant watched in horror as his entire platoon was sucked off and now laying helpless, naked on the ground.  

"You see hard ass, bad boys will make good slaves.  You, I'm gonna have to make you really know you are a slave and only live for the pleasure of Warboss Collective.  I'm gonna fuck you up good bad boy" he growled as he used his other hand to rub his thick, growing cock.  

The Lieutenant began kicking and struggling as he yelled out obscenities.  "Fuck you, you sick fuckin freak.  Let me down and I'll show you how to fuck somebody up good!"

The Warboss laughed and just pulled the Lieutenant close to his face.  "No slave, I fuck YOU!" he said before licking the whole face of the Lieutenant.

The Warboss moved the Lieutenant down and quickly had his hands around the head of the Lieutenant with his thumbs pushed hard into the jaw muscles of his face, forcing his mouth open.  He slowly lowered the Lieutenant down his body until he was even with the monster cock that was almost spitting out precum.  The Warboss rubbed the whole face of the Lieutenant into his cock, coating his whole face with his thick precum before ramming the Lieutenants mouth onto his cock.  The cock was so wide and hard the tip and just below it filled the Lieutenants mouth to the throat.  He gagged and chocked until the Warboss pushed his head all the way down on his cock sending the Lieutenant into a fit of jerks as his hands grabbed and pulled at the Warboss' body, trying to get away from it.  Then the Warboss pulled the Lieutenant off of his cock just before he passed out.  He grabbed one of the legs of the Lieutenant and pulled his body close to himself, letting his cock find the entrance to the Lieutenants ass.  Once there, he pulled the Lieutenants body down on his cock completely, forcing the Lieutenant to scream and shake wildly as he was impaled on the monster cock.  The Warboss moved his hands to the sides of the Lieutenants chest and began to ram him up and down his cock.  The pain got so great the Lieutenant passed out his body went limp.  The Warboss laughed and yelled out to his companions that the human liked his cock so much he went into a trance.  They all laughed and cheered him on.  They all watched as he continued pumping the Lieutenants body up and down his cock and then saw his muscles bulge and heard the loud bellowing scream come out of his mouth as he was obviously filling the Lieutenant with his cum.  Sure enough, it started to spray out of the Lieutenants ass around the Warboss' cock like he was given an enema.  They didn't notice that the Lieutenants cock was hard and had shot out loads of his cum all over his abs and chest.  The Warboss noticed it and lifted the Lieutenant up, licked his body clean of cum and then pushed his cock back up the Lieutenant's ass.  The whole scene got the rest of the Warboss' excited and soon screams of the soldiers were all that was heard in the woods along with the groans of the Warboss'.  Most had the soldiers on their knees and were fucking them doggy style, using one arm wrapped around the abs of the soldier to keep them up off the ground.  The fucking continued until the Warboss' had cum at least 6 times inside the soldiers.  

The Lieutenant was completely exhausted and defeated when the Warboss finally took him off of his cock and made the Lieutenant clean off his cock.  Then the Warboss lifted up the Lieutenant and sucked out the cum out of the Lieutenant's ass, turned him around and held the Lieutenant's head against his as he filled the Lieutenants mouth with his cum.  He used his tongue to force the Lieutenant to swallow all of it before letting go of his head.  The Lieutenant hit the ground like a rock and curled up into a fetal position.  His body seemed to be having a fit of some sort, reacting to the flood of alien cum inside him.  Finally, he stopped moving and was unconscious.  The Warboss ordered the others to gather up the soldiers and put them into the machines.  They would take them back to their camp and prepare them for transport.

Joe and Jim looked completely out of place in the platoon since they were the only ones not in full combat gear.  They never had the chance to get their gear from the barracks.  It didn't matter to the Lieutenant or Sergeant, they were decorated fighters and knew how to handle themselves in combat.  It didn't take very long for them to finally see what they were up against.  It started with the ground shaking as this awful loud thumping sound kept getting closer and closer.  They tried to figure out what the hell it was and then they saw it.  It was right out of Star Wars, a war machine with 2 giant legs and a gun covered central pod on top, stomping over cars and smashing anything in its way.  One of the platoon repeated the line about some asshole making a Star Wars movie that got out of hand and they all tried to laugh, but found themselves breaking out in a cold sweat instead.  The machine spotted them and headed right for their position.  It stopped several yards away from them and they could hear the whine of the pod and guns moving.  Suddenly some sort of canisters came shooting out of the bottom of the pod and a thick fog began to spread along the ground towards them.

"Gas!" the Sergeant yelled, but that didn't do much since none of them had gasmasks.  

They watched it creep closer towards them and noticed it stayed no higher then 2 feet off the ground.  It seemed like some fog in a spooky movie, spreading out and getting thinner, but still very noticeable.  The Lieutenant told them to keep their faces above the fog, not knowing what it would do, but certain it had some bad effect otherwise the enemy wouldn't use it.  It wasn't thick enough to hide advancing troops and certainly not high enough.  They didn't have to wait long as some civilians came running by in a panic and stumbled over something on the ground, falling into the fog.  They got up coughing, looked at the soldiers and smiled after they coughed some more and then just sat down like they were at a picnic.  They never moved or flinched the whole time after that, just smiling and watching.  The fog was obviously some sort of tranquilizer gas, meant to make fighting units useless.  Then the guns on the machine started shooting bursts of light over the head of the platoon and at some of the material they set up as cover.  The platoon started firing their weapons back at the Machine and saw their bullets explode as they hit the machine, leaving some burn marks but no penetrations.  They heard a loud roaring sound coming towards them and couldn't believe what they saw.  It looked like a supped up dune buggy, big and 2 huge monsters in it, yelling out crazy sayings and their weapons firing bright flashes.  The dune buggy stopped and the huge machine started moving around and behind the platoon.  One of the monsters had a very ornate coat on along with a bright thick chain from which a bloodied skull hung.  The monsters looked like bears on steroids, huge thick muscles bulging that were covered in fur, but yet their skin shone through under it.  They had thick metal pads on their shoulders and silly looking helmets on their heads.  The whole scene was both terrifying and funny.  The platoon was witnessing the result of an alien war race adopting things from Earth movies and television.  

"Give it up shit heads! Your asses are toast and you know it.  Foolish to keep fighting.  Just drop the useless weapons and surrender before you get hurt!" the monster with the fancy coat on bellowed at them.

"Yeah dick wads, give it up.  Time to get into your new groove!" the other monster bellowed and laughed.

The Lieutenant had to force himself not to laugh, since the situation sure wasn't funny, but the language of the monsters seemed hysterical.  He knew they had to be aliens, but never expected to be called shit heads or dick wads.  "Get into your new groove?" That was the topper for him.  The other platoon members were snickering as they continued firing their weapons.  Joe finally lobbed a grenade at the Star Wars machine and it exploded, making a lot of noise, a great flash and shrapnel all over the place, but no damage to the machine.

"Hey, fuck head! That was dumb!" the other monster in the dune buggy bellowed as he fired his huge weapon at the center of the platoon.  

A huge fireball went up and the sound wave hit them like a shock wave, some of them grabbing their ears.  Some started bleeding from the ears and nose and screamed out.  The Sergeant and Lieutenant knew it was hopeless to continue the fight since it was completely one sided.  They would run out of ammo and still not make a dent in the machine or the monsters.  

"Cease FIRE! Throw down your weapons and put your hands on your heads!" the Lieutenant shouted.

It took awhile for the soldiers to understand and believe what he ordered, but the screaming of the order again by the Sergeant convinced them it was for real.  All of them did as ordered.

"We surrender!" the Lieutenant shouted at the monsters as he stood up with his hands on his head.

Hearing they had surrendered, the monster with the coat bent for something in the dune buggy and they all heard a loud click.  He had sent a signal to a circling space ship to begin its mission.  All of a sudden, all throughout the city everyone heard Mama Cass singing with loud laughter.  Then a booming voice while laughing said, "It's over...the fat lady sung!"   After finally getting himself composed, the monster walked up to the Lieutenant.

"Smart move hot shot! Now don't anybody try to be a hero, it won't work.  Behave yourselves and go along with the program and you'll do fine!" the monster with the coat yelled as he came close to the platoon.

"Do you believe the shit they're spitting out?" Jim asked Joe quietly.  "Where the fuck did these goofs come from?"

The Star Wars machine was in position behind them and the legs bent so the pod was aimed down, all guns aimed at them.  The coated monster and the driver slowly came towards the platoon and the driver pulled out this huge sword that he waved over the heads of the soldiers as he walked around them.

"Well sexy human, we are warriors of the Warboss Collective of the Sternus System.  We have come to take over this pretty planet and make you our slaves.  Now I know you don't like that idea, but as you can see, there isn't a whole fuckin lot you can do about it.  You humans are conquered and are property of the Collective.  You'll soon be processed and all will be made clear to you.  That was a very bad thing you did with the grenade you know.  I think you and your sexy partner are going to have some special punishment as a result.  Now all of you strip down and prepare for inspection!  My name isn't important to you, but I am called Dog, a high-ranking member of the Collective Council, here to make certain all is done according to plan.  STRIP!" Dog screamed out with a sick smile on his face.

Some of the Marines started stripping while others looked pissed off and kept trying to see what their Lieutenant was going to say first.  Ramrod, the other Warboss, screamed at them again and began to use the sharp tip of his huge sword to cut the fronts of their shirts as he walked around.

"Wait a minute.  We surrendered and you want us to STRIP?  What the fuck is this shit about SLAVES?  You people nuts? We aren't going to roll over and die just because you bastards got some hot tech shit," the Lieutenant barked.

"Oh? Well fuck butt, I hate to break it to yah, but YES you will.  You aren't going to die, but life, as you knew it is over.  We have conquered many races and planets, giving us many eons of practice on getting it right.  Now don't think of it like your slavery.  Most of you sexy guys will be pleasure slaves and producers of elixir for the Collective.  You'll help with the redevelopment of Earth under our orders and do whatever pleases the Collective.  Geneva isn't around anymore to push any conventions as you humans like.  You aren't prisoners of war.  You are now a conquered race who are slaves and will learn your place soon enough.  Now I would hate to have to make an example of you, but I will gladly if you insist.  Do as you're told and behave!" Dog said in a very convincing voice.

"We ain't nobody's slave!" the Lieutenant repeated, his face bright red with the rage he was feeling.

Before he could move his hands off his head, Dog had his hand wrapped around his neck and had him lifted up in the air.  The other soldiers started to move and were quickly knocked down by Ramrod.  The operator of the Star Wars machine had exited his vehicle and was helping Ramrod keep the Marines in check.  A kick of his foot on the back of a Marine sent him down hard to the ground, the fog took over and made them totally docile.  Joe was closest to Dog and the Lieutenant and as he made a move, Dog spread his hand over Joe's entire head and squeezed, making Joe scream out in pain and freeze.  All Dog said to him was "behave!"

Now that the Marine platoon was secured, stripped and docile, Dog used his other hand to rip off all the clothing on the Lieutenant.  He smiled at him and brought him close to his face.  He opened his mouth and began to lick the whole face of the Lieutenant, who started to kick and struggle, trying to pry Dog's hand from his neck.  Dog let out a small laugh and then lifted the Lieutenant higher, took his cock and balls into his mouth and began sucking and licking with his tongue.  The Lieutenant struggled but was loosing the battle, his cock hard and finally he began filling Dog's mouth with his cum.  

"Mmmmm! What a fine elixir! Best I've had!" Dog bellowed as he laughed. "Come here Ramrod and let this one taste of your cum.  Fill him at both ends until he learns how to behave.  Crumb, you take this one" pointing at Jim, " I'm going to deal with the grenadier.  He interests me!"

Before any of them knew what was happening, Dog had Joe in the air like he had the Lieutenant, Crumb had Jim in the same position and Dog had wrapped his hands on the face of the Lieutenant as he forced his cock deep inside the Lieutenants throat.  

"Now you bad sexy human, you need to start your new life with a good lesson.  I am going to empty you of your elixir completely, fill your belly with my cum and then fuck you like you've never been fucked before.  You're going to feel like you will explode I'm going to fill you with so much cum.  It'll have quite an effect on you but you will probably be unconscious after the 6th load I'll get into you.  Ready?" Dog smiled as he began licking Joe's entire body and face.

Dog, Crumb and Ramrod did exactly what Dog promised Joe.  All 3 finished finally after cuming for the 10th time inside their humans.  After licking off the humans' loads of cum that involuntarily shot out over their abs and chests, they lifted them up and sucked out their own cum from the human asses.  Joe, Jim and the Lieutenant were put into the dune buggy and the 3 Warboss' drained of then the rest of the Marines cum.  Dog was upset when he noticed the explosion of Ramrod's weapon had killed 3 of the Marines in the platoon.  He told Ramrod he would have to be punished for causing the deaths and his pay would be taken away to make up for the loss.  Ramrod gave Dog the Warboss sign of submission and knew what to expect.  He would be beaten and locked up for a few days and not get paid for 2 periods.  With luck, he would be assigned to a human holding area rather then sent back to one of the other conquered planets.  It would all depend on Dog's mood.

The same scene was happening all over the world where any military power existed.  In undeveloped areas or poorer countries, the Collective used the docile gas to easily remove any resistance.  Imported slaves from other planets were already busy constructing holding areas and military fortresses.  The imported slaves looked like Trolls, Ogres and Orcs.  They were all huge, muscled and extremely powerful, very fearful of the punishments of the Warboss'.  Large jail complexes of the humans were identified and already being modified for use as holding pens.  Nothing would be built or used that was located in cities as all cities were going to be completely demolished.  They also brought with them their own beasts of burden and all sorts of plant life from their planets.  Humans would soon be tending to a new form of farming with alien plants used as food and medicine for the Collective and export.  Every human was made to strip completely.  Women were taken to holding areas near facilities being built as breading pens.  Scientists were busy injecting humans with the chemicals to begin the improvement processes for longevity, muscle development and hormone production.  Those humans not deemed fit or who were to old were taken to holding areas to await distribution to farms and industry centers.  Children under the age of 10 were kept with their mothers.  Boys age 11 and up were moved together to be sent to training and development centers for physical development, girls stayed with the women for either the breading pens or the farms.  A number would be selected to be transported back to the Warboss home planet for study and experimentation to speed up the development and enhancement of the human bodies.  All the plans were in place and things were proceeding well ahead of schedule.

Dog had Joe, Jim and the Lieutenant taken to his Mongo starship.  He decided to keep them as a reward for the successful conquest and share them with his birth brother, Padre, who also happened to be the highest religious leader assigned to Earth.  He was sure Padre would be pleased to have 3 fresh humans for the new rituals to the god of light.  He also selected out several of the more rugged and muscled Marines from the base and some found in the city that he would give to Padre as a gift.