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Chapter 2  This ain't Kansas....

The story was the same all over the world.  Without the use of any electronics, weapons systems were useless and command and control centers ceased to function.  Without even cell phones or radios, public safety was struggling to assemble some localized order as the populous panicked and lacked any direction.  Initial impressions of awe and horror were magnified as more of the invaders were seen.  At a minimum of 7'6", 530lbs, very hairy, hugely muscled, Warboss' were unlike anything anyone on earth had seen except in fantasy or science fiction movies.  Their use of American slang and sayings was disarming to say the least.  As areas were cleared of military capability, large numbers of Leboran slaves were used to begin the collection and transport of humans.  The Leboran's were also massive, looking to humans like fictional Orc's, stood at least 7'4", weighed easily 580lbs, and thickly muscled, with feet that reminded one of elephants and a frightful look.  They had 2 huge fingers and one huge thumb rather then 5 fingers on each hand.  Most liked being nude and their large cocks and balls were definitely intimidating if not outright horrifying.  Attuned to the will of the Warboss', they were dedicated to any assignment given, rarely bothered with intellectual pursuits and were not really that bright.  In addition, several other conquered races were used, all huge, all frightening and blindly obedient.  Some had pointed ears and evil looks, some looked like human genetic experiments gone berserk.  More and more of the lower race troops were being used in a mop up type operation.

Areas of earth that were not dependent on technology seemed to present more of a problem to the Collective.  While one on one fighting rarely ended with a win by a human, the number of wounded Warboss and Collective warriors was increasing.  The protective clothing they used was designed to protect against bullets and shrapnel, not spears without metal ends or arrows like those used by native African tribes, Eskimo's or American Indians.  Individually, these groups reverted to their "old" ways and quickly discovered that ambush and guerilla warfare was the best fighting method against the Collective.  The delays in completing the plan in areas were these races were located caused the Collective to order them isolated and left alone.  There was some thought in the Council to leave some areas natural as an attraction, much like humans had Disneyworld.  In any case, for right now, it wasn't worth the risk of casualties as in all the other major operations the only casualties were from accidents or carelessness in equipment usage.  

Trouble with the religious right began in the Southern US.  While communication was totally non-existent, as the earth had known, individual preachers took it upon themselves to "guide" their flock's actions.  They quickly picked up on the actions and intent of the Collective and decreed it an abomination and the beginning of the final battle between good and evil.  They were joined in large part by the other religious leaders and jointly declared that anyone submitting to the will of the invaders was submitting to the will of Satan and damned to hell.  The chaos and helplessness experienced by humans made the declarations of the religious leaders easy to believe and follow.  It took awhile, but the new religious warriors discovered the only way to fight the invaders was with simple, non-metallic weapons.  They relied on Molotov cocktails, spears made of wood or plastic and slingshots.  They managed to force the evacuation of large numbers of city dwellers before the Collective could round them up for transport to processing centers.  The Collective Council quickly recognized this would delay the full transformation of earth and had to be dealt with swiftly.

Their first attempt at crushing the religious zealots was with the use of holograms and image transmissions, careful not to use any sort of frequency or technology earthlings could mimic.  They began to show something similar to CNN, using mind controlled humans as reporters, on specialized massive telescreens and strategically located holographic receptors, showing the surrender and humiliation of military units that was occurring worldwide.  Then, once assured they had the attention of most of the still uncollected populous, they went to work on eliminating the religious leaders.  It started with a transmission showing Rome.  Church after church, basilica after basilica was buzzed by smaller fighter machines and then a huge ship would hover over the building, a bright ray of some sort would come out of the space ship and cover the building completely.  When the light flash was finished, a huge gaping hole was all that was left of the building.  In actuality, the building was transported to a desolate area in the center of Australia's Outback.  Some of the very old buildings didn't make the trip in tact, but most did.  The last religious structure that was removed was the Vatican itself.  Not just St Peters, but the whole Vatican.  There was nothing but barren ground left when the space ship finally moved off.  The following day, the same thing happened to all religious places in Jerusalem, followed by Medina the following day.  Every single religious building of note throughout the world had the same fate.  The effect was completely demoralizing on the religious leaders and fighters.  The reporters made commentary on how the clerics at each of the sites prayed and attempted to cast the demons back into hell.  The entire transmission made certain everyone who viewed them saw their idea of good conquering evil was false and not happening.  Dissent grew within the religious groups as they saw their holy places obliterated.

Cole and Jake were ex football players and body builders that joined the Texas Religious fighters.  Neither was very religious, but needed to do something to fight off the invaders.  Both were unable to save their girlfriends from being taken by the aliens.  They weren't gay and although they never participated in any gay bashing, they weren't comfortable with man on man sex.  Cole was 6'5" tall, hairy and weighed 320lbs of thick, hard muscle.  Jake was 6'2" tall and weighed 260, was well muscled, though not as thick as Cole.  They were friends since college and worked out together.   They participated in a few ambushes of Collective convoys transporting humans out of Dallas.  Jake was nearly captured by one of the Orc like creatures, but was saved by Cole who managed to knock out with a large rock, the alien who had a hold of Jake.  Both had seen the news reports and quickly figured out that the organized religious resistance was going to fold.  After considering their options, they decided to go it on their own and head east where they could take advantage of the forests and more easily live off the land.  A number of the former bodybuilders and jocks that were their friends decided to go with them, admiring the nerve of Cole and his success against the aliens.  The group made it a point to avoid any large city and keep to the countryside.  Grumbling began over not having any women as companions and for sex, so they decided to seek out an alien transport unit that moved females to holding centers.  The already knew these units were not heavily guarded and rarely had Warboss warriors as part of their guard, mostly Leboran's, the Orc like aliens.

The Cole group had 15 members, all tough, strong and willing to fight.  They came across a small group of people that were running away from the aliens who had moved into the area to collect humans.  The leader of the group told them there were a large number of Leboran's transporting females from the small town where a girl's college was located.  Cole decided they would intercept one of the transport units and take the girls for themselves.  Cole and his men carefully advanced towards the small town spread out around the town to see what was going on and which direction and route the transport units would take.  Meeting back at their temporary camp before dark, one of the guys said he saw a transport unit using one of the roads out of town that headed northwest.  Cole found out which road was being used by locating the town on the map he kept.  He saw that there was an air force base that was located northwest of their location and that it must be where the aliens were taking all the humans they collected.  Now that they knew the route being used, they could plan a raid and collect their new companions.

The Warboss was pleased with how easily they had found a very large group of females and males in the small town.  He reported to headquarters that 2 colleges were located in the town and both seemed to have the majority of the student body still there.  One was a girl's college and the other all male.  There were excellent specimens from both that they were preparing to transport to the nearest collection center.  He had a large contingent of Leboran's and a good number of their homeland beasts of burden, Ziks, and would have them prepare caged transporters to begin the move.  In the meantime, he selected a number of jocks from the male college to have fun with while preparations were being completed for transport.  He allowed the Leboran to play with a few of the older males, ordering them to take care none of them were damaged severely, which was easy for the Leboran's to do because of their large size and endless lust for pleasure.  The humans not being used for pleasure had been made docile by use of the gas being used by the Collective.  All the humans were stripped, inventoried and pre-sorted into recommended destinations.  

The Leboran's made a game out of pleasuring human males.  They picked out the most muscled and masculine of the males and set up "fights", promising the winners freedom to insure they would have the most fun with the humans.  Most of the men the Leboran's had were coaches from the colleges and trainers/body builders from the gym in the town.  None of the humans saw what was happening during the fights, so they had no clue what to expect when it was their turn.  Each fight started with the human being taken, with a hood over their heads into a makeshift arena, a sandpit in a park.  Walls of cinderblock had been placed all around the sandpit with 2 openings across from each other.  Wood picnic tables were used to block the openings so once inside the area there was no way out.  The first match was between a Leboran that was 7'8" tall and weighed over 580lbs.  His opponent was a 6'8" personal trainer from the gym who also coached the men's college wrestling team.  When the trainer took his hood off, he quickly took a look around to see what the arena was like.  He looked up to see the entire top of the arena open, only a hovering robot camera circling around above him, a guard behind each opening, behind picnic tables.  He could hear the laughs and roars of the aliens, obviously watching the action being captured by the hovering camera.  A scraping noise got his attention as the picnic table blocking the opening across from him started moving.  His eyes got very big when he saw the monster walking into the arena; some drool coming out the side of his mouth and a huge grin on his ugly face.  The monster had a very thick, long cock which was leaking precum that he guessed would be over 15" if it got hard.  The balls on this monster seemed more like a bag holding plums then testicles.  The trainer swallowed and carefully watched the movement of the monster as it walked towards him but in a circular pattern rather then straight on.  As the monster moved around, the trainer moved, keeping his eyes on his opponent.  He was looking for any sign of weakness, even though he really had no clue what to look for.  Finally the monster lifted his head and bellowed out a loud sound as he stomped his huge feet down and apart.  He hunched over and motioned with his fingers for the trainer to come at him.  The trainer thought about how to approach this thing and decided he would try to fake him out by charging and then slide down in between the monsters legs and give him a quick, hard karate blow to his balls.  He did just that, taking the monster by surprise as he moved to slow to grab the trainer as he slid between his legs.  The monster let out a horrible scream of pain and grabbed for his balls as his knees hit the sand.  The trainer stood up and turned quickly, driving his fists hard into the middle of the monsters neck and then kneeing him hard several times in the back.  The monster swung his arm around and back, his fist made contact with the trainers thigh and knocked him off his feet.  The monster recovered and stood up, rubbing his neck and balls as he growled and grunted, turned around and moved for the trainer.  The trainer rolled fast and managed to get up off the ground before the monster made it to where he was laying.  The monster swung out his arm again and the trainer ducked just in time, diving in fast and hard with his arm extended, getting in several blows into the side of the monster before rolling away.  The monster seemed to be getting aggravated and obviously didn't expect the human to fight like this.  The match went the same way a few more minutes before the monster finally caught the trainer off guard.  As the trainer was diving in for another hit, the monster swung his hand back and forward, catching a huge handful of sand that hit the trainer full on in his face.  The sand blinded the trainer enough to allow the monster to grab hold of him.  He held up the trainer by the wrist and began jabbing his fingers hard into the trainer's abs, pecs and underarm.  He then pinched the trainer's balls enough to cause the trainer to scream out in pain before letting go of his grip.  The trainer was moaning and groaning as he rolled around on the sand, holding his balls.  The monster yelled out again and grabbed the trainer by the other wrist and again poked his fingers hard into the abs, pecs and underarm of the trainer.  His fingers were held tight and the curved nails covering the tips were like hammers as they made contact with the muscles and bones of the trainer.  The monster was using a minimum of force remembering they were not allowed to do any permanent damage to the humans.  

The trainer felt pain from the repeated jabs into his body and his balls felt like they were swelling from being pinched.  The monsters jabs had accomplished their intent, slowing the human down.  The monster grabbed the trainer's head in his hand and pulled him up, his legs still bent on the ground.  He jabbed his fingers a few times into the throat of the trainer and then swung his hand that had a hold of the trainer's head, sending the trainer flying into the air, slamming hard into the cinder block wall.  The trainer was gasping for air, holding on to his throat with one hand and trying to rub his lower back with the other after sliding down the cinderblock wall.  He knew he had already lost since he was weakened and hurting and out of breath.  Before he could get to his feet, the monster was at him, lifting him up against the wall by his wrist.  The monster started to laugh and put his face into the trainer's face before saying "yummmm!".  His rough large tongue started licking the sweat from the trainers face and pecs.  The trainer tried to push the monsters face away, even managing to pound into it a few times, but it was hopeless.  He found himself gagging as the monster forced a finger deep into his mouth and began fucking his mouth with it.  The trainer gagged and chocked, kicking and jerking his entire body trying to get free.  The monster then pulled the finger out of the trainers mouth and moved his face on to the trainers, forcing his tongue deep into the throat of the trainer as he pushed his saliva coated finger that was in the trainers mouth into the trainers ass.  The trainer wasn't ready for it and it felt like his ass was being ripped apart.  The monsters huge finger was bigger then thick, 10-inch cock ramming into his ass.  He had sex with a few of the gym groupies that he had gathered over time.  The finger flicked and moved in and out, stimulating his prostate easily.  When the trainer's cock got hard and began to leak precum, the monster laughed out loud and quickly had the trainer's cock and balls inside his mouth.  After draining the trainer of a load of cum, he started licking and sucking on the sweat covered pecs and abs of the trainer, keeping his finger inside the trainer's ass.  The stimulation got the trainer's cock hard again and the monster drained him again.  He forced the trainer to cum 2 more times before letting go of the trainer's wrist and the trainer fell to the ground, exhausted and very sore.  The monster then grabbed the top of the trainer's head in his hand and dragged him into the center of the arena.  He took hold of the trainer's head in both hands and rubbed it all over with his cock, smearing his precum all over the trainer's hair and face.  He hooked the tip of his thumbs into the mouth of the trainer, forcing the mouth wide open as he moved the trainer's head towards his hard, thick, throbbing cock.  The trainer's body jerked and flopped around as he tried to get the monsters cock out of his mouth.  He was gagging, chocking and coughing, fighting for every breath he could get as the monster moved his head in different directions up and down his cock.  Finally the monster held the trainer's head tight as his cock seemed to throb and swell even bigger and it started shooting load after load of thick cum down the throat of the trainer.  There was so much cum that even though it was flowing into the trainer's stomach, it backed up and was flowing out of his mouth around the monster's cock.  The monster pulled the trainer's face off of his cock and held him up high into the air as he turned around, showing the other's his conquest.  His cock was still hard and leaking heavily as he finally let the trainer fall to the ground.  He moved the trainer on to his stomach and laid down on top of him, letting the weight of his body push his cock inside the ass of the trainer.  The trainer screamed out over and over again as the monster's cock pushed farther and farther inside him.  The monster was sucking, drooling and licking the trainer's head, neck and back as he began to pump in and out.  Once the monster felt he was fully inside the trainer, he scooped the trainer's body with one arm, pulling him close in to his body as he turned and laid down on his back, the trainer now sitting impaled on the monsters cock, his back supported by the thighs of the monster.  The monster then began to play with his fingers all over the trainer's body, grabbing him by the hips now and again to slide him up and down his cock.  He was putting on an excellent show for his fellow Leboran's and knew it.  Finally, after cuming inside the trainer 4 more times, and the trainer was unconscious, he stood up; the trainer still impaled and left the arena.  The picnic table moved and another human male with a hood on his head walked into the arena.  The entertainment would go on.

Joe, Jim and Lieutenant were taken directly to the personal Mongo like space ship of Dog.  As another lesson in how their lives would be now, Dog had neck shackles put on their necks attached to a large heavy chain that was anchored by a huge metal ball they had to drab on the ground in order to move.  They were all strong enough to lift it, but carrying it any long distance would be impossible and the Warboss were not known for their slow stride or patience.  Crumb took them on board and attached them to force field restraints on the sidewalls by their wrists, aided by wrist shackles.  All 3 were hanging at least 3 feet off the floor of the ship.  Crumb liked the look of Joe the most as he was the biggest and hairiest of the 3.  As he was licking Joe's face and playing with his ass, Dog and Ramrod came onboard.  Dog bellowed out obscenities at Crumb for laying his hands on his property without permission and for having them hanging up off the floor.  He didn't' want them damaged or hurt and knew the weight of their bodies would cause them severe pain as the ship lifted off the ground, gravity pulling them down with some force.  Crumb growled but gave Dog the sign of submission and quickly moved them with the help of Ramrod so that they were standing on the floor and no longer hanging.  Dog went to the pilots station to give instructions to the pilot of the ship.  

"Lame dude! Really lame.  You trying to get your ass shipped out to the frozen wastelands? You know Dog has his mark on this one and yet you try to fuck around!" Ramrod teased Crumb.

"Hey, how the fuck was I to know he was coming back so soon?  You got to admit, once you have human, you can't just give it up, right?" Crumb said seriously.

"You are stupid Crumb.  Taste or no taste, you don't fuck with your leader's goods!  If I were you, I'd make it a point to stay low and not cause any more grief for Dog.  Believe me, he'll ship your ass out faster then you can spit!" Ramrod advised.

"You know, I could get into you big time, you sexy brute!" Joe said, before laughing out loud.

"Shut our trap human.  I ain't going to fall for no bullshit from the likes of you slave.  Lucky for you your master Dog is here, otherwise you'd beg me to forgive you!" Crumb spat in Joe's face.

Joe continued to laugh as he winked at Jim, who was shaking his head and smirking.  He knew Joe had picked up on some dissent on Crumb's part and knew he was only trying to get Crumb into more trouble.  Lucky for Crumb he hadn't fallen for it.

Ramrod looked towards the pilot's station and then went up to Joe.  He put on an evil smile on his face and shook his finger in Joe's face.  He grabbed Joe's head with both hands, forcing his mouth wide open and then flicked his huge tongue up and down before pushing it all the way into Joe's throat.  He widened his tongue and moved it in and out and around like he was fucking Joe's mouth with it.  Joe gagged and choked and Ramrod began to pinch, twist and squeeze Joe's nipples with is finger tips.  Crumb laughed and slapped Ramrod on the head.

"You are trouble sexy man.  I know your game and know you won't be playing it for much longer.  You like what Ramrod did for you? I sure did.  You just remember that, cause next time you try and fuck with any one of my men, you're going to wish you had the good fortune to pass out while I take care of you," Ramrod said in a deep, grumbling voice as his face was right in Joe's.

Just then the pilot's door opened and Dog made his way back towards his new toys.  

"Why is this one all red and coughing?" Dog asked as he took hold of Joe's head and turned it side to side, looking for any sign someone was messing with his toy.

"Probably to much excitement!" Ramrod snickered as he walked away from Joe and pretended to check on the bindings of the Lieutenant.

Dog gave Ramrod a suspicious look but let it pass.  His toy's looked un-damaged and Joe's cock responded quickly when Dog flicked it with his finger, so he knew Ramrod and Crumb hadn't emptied Joe of his elixir.  The ship rumbled and then started its accent into the sky, jerking hard as it kicked into a faster speed to go forward and up higher.  Joe, Jim and the Lieutenant felt the pull of gravity jerk them down, glad they were able to brace themselves with their feet on the floor.  Hanging would have been horribly painful, possibly causing them to end up with dislocated shoulders.

Cole and Jake had the men in position on both sides of the road they knew the transport would take.  They had good cover and would not be seen until it was to late for the Leborans.  They had 2 men keep watch and the others made themselves comfortable and slept, happy with the knowledge they would soon have companions and mates.  It was mid-afternoon the next day before the sentries came to the ambush spot and told them a transport was coming.  Cole reminded them that if the transport contained men, they would let it go as they would not be able to insure they could take on another transport with women if it came by later.  All the men grumbled, but understood.  Sure enough, as the transport came in sight, they could see it was filled with males, not females.  They couldn't get over the size and smell of the beast of burden pulling the makeshift transport.  It had horned tentacles and strange red eyes, a shiny silvery body and large teeth that went past its lips.  It had feet like a chameleon, but you could see its muscles ripple as it walked.  The wagon it pulled was like an old farm wagon, flat top with a large cage on top that went from the front to the back of the platform.  It was only 6' or so tall so any large man would have to sit or kneel.  The men inside were all naked and looked exhausted and had bruises.  Most were the entertainment in the arena and were now being sent for examination and training.  They would be fed and injected with chemicals and steroids to make them develop larger muscles and bodies along with special additives in food to make them docile and obedient.  They already had a craving for Leboran cum as they had been filled with it already.  All of the men in the transport were sitting down or laying down, resting on each other.

Some of Cole's group wanted to rescue them, but Cole's instructions worked.  They turned their heads and ignored the scene until they could hear the transport had passed their position.  All of the men were disappointed it wasn't a female transport, but knew one would be coming past soon.  It was another 3 hours before the sentries returned with news another transport was coming.  All the men were hoping it was a female transport and they were ready.  It took all their control not to yell out as they saw that the transport was indeed filled with females, young and strong looking, naked and frightened.  When the transport was in the center of the ambush position, Cole on one side and another huge guy threw large stones that hit the Leboran driving the Zik square in the head.  The other men threw large cut logs and stones at the other 2 Leborans that were with the transport, all 3 falling down.  A few of the men ran to the back of the transport and attempted to break open the seal on the door.  As soon as they tried to force the crowbar between the door and the frame, the entire cage glowed bright blue and small lightening bolts shot along the sides and top.    The men trying to use the crowbar were knocked off the transport and lay on the ground, shaking and jerking all over like they were being electrified.  Cole hadn't thought of any sort of alarm or force field on the cages.  They never saw anything like this before when they ambushed transports.  They tried using sticks, but they wouldn't work at all, just snapping against the metal of the cage.  By now, the Leborans had regained their senses and were getting up.  Each was jumped by 4 big men, beating on them and trying to knock them back down.  The Leboran that was driving the Zik moved closer to the Zik and yelled some order.  The Zik used one of his pointed tentacles to dart at one of his master's attackers and speared him in the shoulder, swung his tentacle and the man went flying up and over, slamming down hard on the opposite side of the Zik.  Anyone who came near the Zik got the same treatment.  The Leboran managed to free the Zik from the transport and now the Zik was at his side, going after the human attackers.  The other Leboran's swore and threw off the men pounding on them, grabbing one after another and smashing them up and against the sides of the transport, which left them useless, on the ground with spasms.  Cole shouted for the rest of the men to run back into the woods.  6 out of the group were down and the rest managed to start running towards the woods.  Cole and Jake took up the rear, making sure the rest had a good chance of getting away.  As they got around 10 feet away from the road, one of the Leboran's yelled something and then threw a large metal object towards the running group.  Cole saw it flying over them and land around 6 feet in front of them.  The next thing they knew, there was a very loud explosion and all of them were knocked down by an extremely strong sonic blast.  They all seemed to go into some sort of shock from the blast and then they all were yelling and holding their heads as blood started coming from their noses and ears.  They couldn't hear and could barely see as everything was blurry.  It felt as if their skin was on fire and they had crashed full speed into a steel wall.  The Leboran's got up off the ground, knowing the wave stayed 2-3 feet off the ground so they weren't affected.  The girls in the cage were shook up, but the force field had deadened the blast of the shock wave.  The 3 Leborans walked over to the group of men and grabbed them by their wrists, each dragging a number of the men back towards the transport.  When they collected all the men, they ripped off all their clothing and had the Zik stand guard over them.  One of the Leboran used his communicator to contact the Warboss in the small village and let him know they had been ambushed and had captured a group of very special human males.  The Warboss used his dune buggy to speed toward the location.  Once he arrived with 2 more Leborans, he inspected each one of the captives and congratulated the transport team on a very well done job.  The Warboss contacted the distribution base and ordered them to send a ship to collect the newly captured humans, telling the base that the commander would like these humans as they were very special.  Any human that was muscular and had fight in them was considered to be very special to the Warboss'.

When the ship arrived, the commander of the base himself stepped off and greeted the small town Warboss.  He had the Leborans pull up the captured men, starting with Cole and Jake.  The commander was thrilled and agreed they were indeed special humans.  He thanked the Leborans and told them they would be rewarded for the capture and defending the transport.  The commander selected one out of the captured group and gave him as a personal present to the small village Warboss.  All were pleased and knew they would have great pleasures that evening.  The Leborans that came with the commander and his Warboss guards loaded the men onto the ship and then continued the journey with the transport.  Cole and Jake woke up as the ship was landing at the base, unable to move as they were held against the ship walls by restraints.  It was the licking of the Warboss' that woke them.  Cole and Jake were about to have their first gay experience and it was going to be with huge, muscled, hairy aliens.

Joe was worried about Jim as the space ship was landing.  He knew Jim hated flying and got sick easily when he couldn't feel his feet solidly on the ground.  He watched as Jim's face changed expressions, showing how much he was fighting getting sick.  Dog walked back to inspect his toys and noticed Jim had his eyes closed and a strange look on his face.  He grabbed hold of Jim's face and looked at him closely.

"Hey, leave him alone, chunko! He's not feeling good and you're going to make it worse!" Joe had to yell out.

"Sick? He is sick? Why?" Dog turned and asked in a loud booming voice, still holding on to Jim's head.

"He gets sick when he is in any kind of plane.  He hates flying.  Makes his stomach upset and he gets all weird until he is back on land.  Just leave him be okay?" Joe said, knowing there wasn't anything he could do to help Jim.

"So, he gets a bad stomach from flying? Well we can take care of that easily!" Dog said with a laugh.

"Here, you open your eyes and just get it out of your system cute one.  I want you looking sharp and hot when you meet my brother Padre.  Now just let it out and be done with it!" Dog said as he patted Jim's head.

Jim just moaned.  Dog moved his hand on Jim's abs and started digging in his fingers with one hand and pushed against Jim's back with his other hand.  Dog called over Ramrod and told him to hold Jim's head to the side.  The pressure Dog was putting on Jim's abs was all it took to put Jim over the top and he began vomiting.  Dog told Ramrod to go into the back and to bring back some item once Jim no longer had anything left in him to come out.  Dog took what Ramrod brought and told him to hold Jim's head back and his mouth open.  Dog poured some powder and liquid into Jim's mouth and began his finger massage of Jim's abs again.  Soon Jim was moaning and was loosing the sick look from his face.  Dog then began to massage Jim's balls along with his abs and had Jim moaning more from pleasure then any sort of pain.  Dog said something to Ramrod who went to the back of the ship again and returned with a container that looked like a long, tall cup.  Dog continued his massage and Ramrod began massaging Jim's crotch just next to the and over the base of Jim's cock.  Jim shivered a little and then Joe heard a liquid squirting into the cup Ramrod was holding over Jim's cock.  Jim's body relaxed and his head slumped down with a slight smile on his lips.  Jim was sleeping.  Ramrod used his fingers to get all the liquid out of Jim's cock and then held the cup up to Dog.  Dog took the cup and sniffed it, smiled at Ramrod and took a long drink.  He gave the cup to Ramrod who finished off the liquid in the cup.

"Ahhhhh, very sweet wine!" Ramrod said with a laugh.  

Joe wasn't quite sure what just happened, but he was sure they just drank Jim's piss.  These aliens were even more weird then he thought, but Jim was now obviously relaxed and no longer sick.  Joe heard a strange sound and saw a round, flat robot like thing come along the floor, cleaning up the mess that came out of Jim.  When the robot left the area, it was completely cleaned and odor free.  Joe strained his neck and turned his head to see how the rest of the Marines brought on the ship were doing.  All of them were attached to the walls like him, but they were all limp and sleeping.  Joe figured it was the effect of the gas or some other drug they were given.  

The entire ship shook as it landed and the sound of the engines shutting down rumbled throughout the ship.  When the door was opened, bright sunlight came through and very hot air.  A number of Leborans came aboard along with 5 more Warboss'.  They began at the rear of the ship, releasing the Marines and carrying them over their shoulders out of the ship, 4 at a time.  Ramrod took Joe and Jim and Crumb took the Lieutenant and another Marine.  When they got outside the ship, Joe looked around and saw they were in a semi-arid area with lots of palm trees and huge rocks and sand.  They were taken into a building that looked like it had been some sort of church.  There were very strange looking plants around the building, obviously something the aliens brought from their planet.  Joe thought they looked ugly and threatening, not sure if they might be some sort of pet rather then plants.  Joe heard Dog greeting someone who he figured was his brother Padre.  Joe and the others were put down on the floor propped up against a cool wall.  When Ramrod moved away, he looked around and sure enough, this place used to be a church.  It was empty except for a strange looking stone thing where the altar would have been and was lit by the sun coming through the stained glass windows.  It was a weird sight to Joe.  He saw Dog and another Warboss talking.  The other Warboss had a different outfit on compared to Dog and Ramrod.  He held a thing in his hand that Joe figured was like the thing bishops held.  Joe could see the resemblance between Dog and Padre.  He smiled as he associated them more like being from the same litter as a bunch of dogs.  It dawned on Joe that he did think the Warboss looked like a mix between bulldogs and apes.  He had to give them credit for the size of their muscles, which would make the most powerful power lifter feel inadequate.  He wondered if they had taken up the body form after seeing a transmission of the Incredible Hulk.  Jim's head rubbing up against his shoulder interrupted his thoughts.  He turned to look at Jim and saw him opening up his eyes, still having a slight smile on his lips.

"Hey lover, how you feeling?" Joe whispered.

"Mmmm, pretty good actually.  Did you sneak up on me and fuck my brains out or something? Man do I feel good" Jim almost slurred.  "Where are we?"

"You sex pig! No, Dog did something to you that made you up chuck and then give up your piss or something, which, by the way, the sicko's drank!  We're in what looks like a church and Dog is chatting it up with his bro Padre" Joe explained.

"They drank my piss huh? Kinky bastards.  Oh well, whatever he did, sure as shit beats poppers!" Jim giggled as he snuggled his face into Joe's arm.  "A church huh? Well, I knew I'd get you into one some day!"

Before Joe could answer Jim, Dog and Padre started walking towards them.  As they got up to the first Marines, Ramrod and Crumb grabbed the first 2 by the wrists, lifted them up off the ground into the air and spread their arms out, putting the entire body of the Marines on display.  Padre examined them in detail and seemed to like feeling their muscles.  Down the line the moved, examining every one of the Marines Dog brought on his ship.  Then it was Jim and Joe's turn.  They were lifted up and the inspection began.  Dog explained that Jim, Joe, the Lieutenant and another Marine named Marius were his personal toys.  He told Padre about the way they captured the Marines and how they reacted when "the fat lady sang!"  Padre and Dog had a good laugh and Padre congratulated Dog on his exceptional taste and went on and on about his gratitude for his gifts.  He was sure the gods would be well served by these offerings.  Padre called one of his aides over and instructed him to take care of the new offerings.  The aide left them and returned with 5 Leborans who easily lifted up 5 marines each and took them out of the church.  Joe was glad he and Jim weren't going to be staying by the looks the Leboran's had as they picked up the other Marines.  

"Okay you 4, can you walk or do you need to be coddled?" Ramrod's voice boomed.  

"I'm okay to walk" Joe said, followed by Jim, the Lieutenant and Marius. "Do we have to keep wearing these shackles? It's really kind of a drag!"

Ramrod poked him as he broke out into a loud jolly laugh.  "He made a funny!" Ramrod said between laughs.

"You do indeed have to wear your punishment.  You haven't learned how to be a good slave yet, but believe me, you will!" Ramrod chuckled.

"Fuck!" Joe mumbled.

"See! Bad, bad slave!" Ramrod chuckled even more.

"Take them back to the ship and prepare to depart.  I want to be in my quarters this night!" Dog barked at Ramrod and Crumb.

"Sir!" Ramrod and Crumb snapped.

"Okay, let's get moving.  Follow me and Crumb will be sure to stay behind you so none of you get lost!" Ramrod laughed.

The 4 got up and started moving after Ramrod who turned and quickly began walking out of the church.  The lieutenant and Marius fell in behind Joe and Jim, all of them dragging the huge metal ball by holding the chain in front of them and letting the ball slide on the ground behind them.  They weren't moving fast enough for Crumb as he started jabbing them in the ass with a strange club that was round, wide at the top and looked like a concrete cup stuck on a thick wooden stick.  The metal end of the cup smarted as it jabbed on their ass cheeks.  Joe was sure Crumb was doing it just to be nasty since he felt they were walking as fast as they could.  Joe got a good look at the space ship as they approached it.  It did indeed look like those ships that were in the Buck Rogers films.  He shook his head and just kept mumbling, "weird ass shit!" as he boarded.  Each one was re-attached to the sides of the ship as before, though it seemed their arms weren't quite as high as before which made standing there a bit more comfortable.  When they were in the air, Crumb came around with what looked like a flask and made them drink the liquid inside.  It was a bit bitter and thick, but not all that bad.  Joe was smiling at Jim about to form his lips into a kiss when his eyes closed and he was unconscious.  They had been given a strong sedative along with re-hydration liquid, laced with steroids, enhancers and the special chemical mix that would make them want Warboss cum and make them more obedient.  They would be given a full flask of the mixture 5 times a day for the next 3 weeks.  Crumb mumbled something as he finished giving them the mixture.  The 4 of them were unconscious and completely unaware of whatever was happening to them.  Now that they were sedated, Crumb went to the back of the ship and returned with several robots.  Their tube like appendages started working on Joe first before doing each of the other toys of Dog.  One robot had a thick tube with another tube inside it, which had a flexible moving tip.  The tip closed into itself forming a point, which was oozing with lubrication.  The entire tube was moved inside Joe's ass before the tip opened and fluids started spraying out of the inside tube and the outside tube began sucking away the waste and used liquid.  Another robot slid a thick tube completely over Joe's cock, which it had stimulated to make it hard.  That tube had something like ball bearing inside it, which began to rub up and down Joe's cock as it smothered the cock with thick, slick lube.  It clamped another device attached to another appendage that engulfed Joe's balls and began to massage them as it injected very micro thin probes inside.  That probe was measuring Joe's cum production, rating it and monitoring how quickly it regenerated after it was drained.  The other robot proceeded to use the scrubbing appendage it had to clean every part of Joe's body that wasn't used by the other robots.  It also injected an identification chip and monitor inside the back of Joe's neck, just under his brain.  Per Dog's orders, it also was programmed to tattoo Joe and the others with identifying marks along with a decorative tattoo and kill all the hair follicles on their heads.  Joe was going to have a dragon that went from the top of his ass cheek, snaked up his back and came over his left shoulder.  Jim would have a symbol on the small of his back and a Grecian looking boarder that went around one thigh completely and his bicep on the opposite side.  The lieutenant was going to have a bird of prey on his bicep along with a snake that went up and around his thigh, abs, chest, over his shoulder, behind his neck and down his other arm.  Dog liked tattoos on human males.  

The Council had decided that with little modification, the prisons located outside of major cities would make adequate breeding and holding facilities.  Females that were identified as being ideal age for breeding were taken to the nearest modified facility.  The processing centers that were used for collection and classification of the captured humans handled the injection of identification chips, monitors and chemical enhancers.  Metal bands of different colors were affixed to the ankle of the captives, making classification identification easier to spot and identify humans that were processed.  All the captives were sent through an indoctrination area that imprinted the major rules for conduct in their brains, including forbidding hetro sex unless it was part of the breeding protocol.  When the captives left the processing center, they were docile, identified and catalogued.  Those that were to old or identified as unfit for breeding, pleasure or heavy work were processed and sent to holding areas for use in the resource and farming collectives.  Heavy work humans were moved quickly to various construction projects already begun.  Warboss temples, pleasure halls, barracks and control centers were all being built by Leborans and other race slave labor.  Care was taken in the processing centers to identify scientists, engineers, skilled trade workers and software developers.  Those skills would be utilized to the fullest wherever needed.

Mop up operations were well underway across the entire planet.  Containment fields were nearly completed that would isolate the primitive resistance areas like the African tribes, American Indians and Australian interior areas, site of the religious buildings transport.  Any inhabitants of the building like ministers, priests, bishops, pope, rabbis or mullahs were with the buildings.  The large naval ships that were left drifting at sea were towed by tow-rays to various locations and after the humans were removed, the ships were sunk to form reefs around huge islands that would be used for detention centers.  Submarines were the only vessels that were unaffected by the electron rays the Collective used to fry all the electronics of earth.  They were protected by the water of the oceans and only able to communicate with each other while under water.  Any signal that was detected in the air resulted in the dispatch of a number of space ships and fighters ready to force the submarine to surface and its crew taken off.  A few of the submarines managed to warn the others of what was happening so that the subs made it a point not to transmit while surfaced.  Most used the cover of the ice packs of the Artic and Antarctic to refresh water and air.  Their missiles were useless as they were quickly intercepted and made useless by the Warboss' space ships, routinely patrolling the airspace of earth.  For now, the far frozen outposts of humanity like the wilds of Siberia were the only spots on earth not completely controlled by the Collective.  It would soon fall as the Collective was importing trained slaves that lived in near frozen environments on their former home planets.  No one seemed in a hurry though as there was plenty of earth to rework for now.  Soon, the leveling of all the cities of earth could start.