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Chapter 3  Easy as Pie....

The Collective Council had received an emissary from the Inter-Stellar Confederation.  It was of course a Grey as they wielded the most influence within the Confederation and had always shown the most interest in the development of Earth.  The Warboss' thought the Grey's were snooty intellectuals and who thought they were above known life forms.  It was a great coup for the Collective to have outsmarted the Grey's and gotten possession of Earth.  Not knowing what the emissary wanted bothered the Collective, but they knew it was best for now to receive him and his party with full diplomacy, sure it would throw the Grey's off balance.

The Grey emissary was an old statesman and ambassador, frequently sent by the Confederation on matters of a delicate nature.  He had long ago removed any thoughts of disgust and repulsion for the Warboss' and knew how to keep his limited emotions in full check.  His mission was to get permission from the Collective for an inspection of Earth by representatives of the Confederation.  They were still concerned about the possible extinction of the human race on Earth and needed to see first hand how the conquest of Earth was proceeding.  They already had formulated a plan to smuggle several human couples from Earth just as an insurance policy that the race would survive.  Of course, if the Collective got wind of the plan, they were sure to take stern measures to insure it never happened and exact a heavy price from the Confederation.  The justification for the inspection was to be an evaluation for possible investment in the planned Collective redevelopment of Earth.  The Confederation knew the Collective was always interesting in way of earning Inter-Stellar credits, money as it was called on Earth.

The emissary was greeted on board a Collective starship, with full honors and pomp.  The Grey and his party made certain to notice all the extra honors being shown by the Collective.  Once the ceremonies and banquets were finished, the Council of the Confederation and the emissary and his party were directed to a huge room within the starship that looked like an extremely high-tech conference room.  The Grey was both impressed and shocked at the level of technology being displayed, totally unprepared for what he observed.  He mad a mental note to report back that the Confederation had underestimated the technological level of the Collective.

The Grey made his opening remarks, again praising the reception he had received before getting down to business.  He presented the Confederations proposal, which as expected generated a great deal of mumbling and uneasiness.  He noticed several Warboss council members were restrained from voicing their displeasure at the proposed inspection.  He quickly went over the carrot on the stick, the Confederations plans to invest heavily in the redevelopment effort, hence the need to insure things were being done in accordance with the agreements negotiated for the conquest of Earth.  The carrot went over very well with the council members, especially after the Grey did a detailed presentation in the simplest form to make certain all the council members understood.  The emissary was asked to allow the council to deliberate in private and was told he would receive their answer shortly.  The emissary was escorted from the conference room and shown to extravagantly regal quarters to await the council's decision.  

A huge argument broke out in the council as soon as the emissary left the room.  It seemed there were 3 separate sides on the proposal; those in favor, those opposed and those who wanted to modify the proposal.  The military representatives on the council had the most power and carried the most influence.  After listening to the various arguments, the military senior asked some specific questions and then recommended the council accept the proposal as long as they were fully escorted by military and not allowed any independent movement.  He told the council that they would make certain all transmissions from the Confederation inspection group were monitored, insuring the Collective would know of any treachery on the part of the Confederation.  The council members agreed and sent for the emissary.  

The council presented the emissary with their conditions and he quickly accepted.  The military senior announced that the agreement called for a special treat to celebrate the good fortune and successful negotiations.  The Grey was pleased that all went so well so easily.  His feeling of an easy victory was cast aside as a large group of Leborans came through several doors carrying huge pallets on their shoulders that were filled with human males, naked and extremely well developed. The humans were some of the earliest taken during the conquest and had been processed and given large doses of steroids, enhancers and the chemical cocktails that made them docile and wanting Warboss cum.  Each council member was given a human male and the emissary was presented with one also.  The Grey wasn't sure what he was supposed to do with the human, so he watched the Warboss'.  They licked the human for several minutes and then took the human's cock and balls into their mouths and began sucking them, causing the human to moan and thrash about.  Now the Grey understood, remembering how the Warboss' considered human semen to be an elixir and special.  Not wanting to offend, he motioned for the Leboran holding his human to bring him closer and he just managed to take in the head and a small portion of the human penis into his mouth.  He used his hands to stimulate the scrotum and anus of the poor human to speed up the process as he found it to be somewhat repulsive and demeaning.  He couldn't help but think how much the scene resembled an ancient Earth Roman orgy.  He hoped there would not be any gladiator combat displays to go along with it all.  He managed to get the human to ejaculate and was surprised at the flavor and volume of semen.  He hated to admit it, but it was indeed a great elixir and quite pleasing.  He made another mental note to personally invest in the elixir production to insure he could purchase discounted amounts.  The council leader was watching the Grey the entire time and could swear he noticed a change in color for a second on the Grey's face.  He was surprised at how easily the Grey accepted the human and seemed to relish the result.  He had expected the Grey to either reject the offer, thereby insulting the military senior, or quickly excuse himself, as he felt ill.  When neither happened, he wondered if the Grey's had secretly been extracting human elixir themselves all these eons.  No matter, all seemed to have been completed to everyone's satisfaction.  The Warboss' then proceeded to have the humans suck on their massive cocks before impaling them on them.  The humans seemed to be in some sort of sexual frenzy as they worked themselves up and down the massive cocks.  Knowing he could not participate in this part of the celebration and that it would go on for hours, the Grey excused himself and told the council leader he was leaving and would return to the Confederation immediately.  The military senior's aide provided the Grey with a detailed plan for the pending inspection.  The Grey and his party left the starship and returned with the signed agreements.

As soon as Dog's party left the temple, Padre hurriedly went to the holding area were his Leborans and robots were busily processing the marines he was given as a gift.  He inspected them in detail again as they were being processed, having different marks put on each one to classify them as to the quality of each.  Once they were all processed, he again inspected them and had 2 of the biggest taken back into the temple.  He decided he would perform a ceremony of thanks to the god, Zom, power of the suns and ruler of the universe.  Zom was the primary god of the Collective, represented by every star within the universe.  He had one of his aides sound the signal used to alert the Warboss' of a special ceremony to Zom.  It didn't take long for the temple to fill with Leborans, Warboss' and other races part of the Collective stationed near the temple.  The 2 marines were taken into the temple as Padre was singing songs of praise and offering.  He would sing through most of the ceremony and would be joined by the congregation at certain times.  The marines were tied to the altar, arms spread wide so that all could see their bodies.  They were first covered head to toe by a thick, shiny oil like substance and then several other liquids of bright colors.  The liquids seemed to make them thrash about and moan as it was slowly absorbed into their skin.  When their cocks got hard, an effect of the liquids, all the congregation sang a deep, heady beat song, feet stomping and hands slapping against their chests.  It was a sign that the god Zom was pleased.  A bright light seemed to spread out from the jewel like crest hanging behind the altar as Padre offered incense to Zom as he circled the marines, now wiggling in rhythm to the song being sung.  2 aides joined Padre at the altar and each began slowly stroking the cocks of the marines and kneading their balls.  The light intensified and the bodies of the marines seemed to glow bright rainbow colors, accentuating every muscle on their bodies, which were flexing as they squirmed and moaned.  Jeweled cups were placed near each marine's penis, catching every drop of their cum and then piss as the aides continued to pump their cocks until the bodies hung limp.  The aides then stood on each side of Padre as he offered prayers and began to dip his fingers into the cups before rubbing them on the glowing jewel.  The color of the light changed, became even brighter and a great cheer went up in the temple, Zom was pleased.  The aides and Padre then motioned to the congregation and each came up and took Padre's fingers covered with the cum and piss of the marines into their mouths before going up to the marines and licking the liquid from their bodies.  When the entire congregation finished the ritual, Padre's aides did the same and then Padre drank all that remained in the cups.  He turned toward the hanging marines and smiled as their bodies were completely cleaned of the liquids.  The Leborans returned and took the marines down, laying them on their back on the altar.  Padre invited 2 senior officers to the altar.  They each took a position between the legs of the marines, lifted them up high and slid their cocks deep inside the marines.  Padre then selected 2 more and they went behind the altar and turned the heads of the marines towards their waiting cocks and pushed their cocks deep into the marine's mouth. The liquids used on the sacrifices numbed them and only increased their desire for sex.  Padre sang as he rubbed the bodies of the marines.  The officers filled the marines 3 times with their cum and then all 4 covered the entire altar and the marines in their piss.  The Leborans came back with basins and washed the cocks of the officers and then removed the marines.  The light in the great jewel was pulsating the entire time and now went dim.  The ceremony was over and the sacrifice was pleasing to Zom.  Padre addressed the congregation and all responded to his blessing before leaving.  Padre was truly pleased at how well the new ceremony was accepted.  He had not seen the temple as full before and knew services were going to be most popular.  Padre had the recording of the ceremony transmitted to the Collective council so they could see how successful the new ritual was and how much the soldiers enjoyed it.  It would gain him more power and control over the religious group within the Collective.  He owed his brother much.

Jim woke up, feeling wonderful.  His body felt like he had great sex like never before.  He stretched and yawned before looking around.  He was on some sort of cot that was in a room made of concrete.  He twisted his head around and spied what looked like bars that made up one whole wall of the room.  It finally dawned on him that he was in a prison cell.  Shaking the sleepy feeling he braced himself up on his arms and took a closer look.  He spotted Joe, the Lieutenant and the marine Marius.  He smiled as he noticed the tattoos that Joe had on him, knowing he wouldn't be pleased.  He decided to check his body since he noticed the Lieutenant and Marius also had tattoos.  Sure enough, he was sporting some.  He examined them and decided he liked how they looked.  After stretching and yawning some more, he decided to sit up and check out his cell.  As he began moving, he felt a deep, strange craving sweep over him.  He shook his head and rubbed his naked ripped abs, thinking he didn't remember when they last ate and more importantly, how much more muscle mass he had acquired somehow.  That craving was starting to really bother him.  When he finally managed to stand up and move towards the bars, Joe and the others started stirring.  When Jim looked out between the bars, all he could say was "Wow!".  He spotted several very huge Leborans walking around, a few pushing carts that seemed to be loaded with bowls of something.  He thought the Leborans were both ugly and sexy at the same time.  They were hugely muscled and big, but had really weird heads and feet.  Their feet reminded him of elephants.  He found himself staring at the monster cock and balls of the Leboran that was closest to him.  

"What the fuck!!" Joe said as he noticed his tattoos.  "Those bastards drew shit all over me!"

"MMMM... Kind of sexy if you ask me!" Jim responded, still staring at the Leborans.  "I kind of like mine.  Not as elaborate as yours, but still.  You know, those big monster guys look sexy as hell after awhile!"

"You sex maniac.  You're just drooling at the size of their bodies and cocks.  Sure you'll change your toon once one of those tree cocks is up your ass!" Joe teased as he moved behind Jim and wrapped his arms around him.

"Hey you 2, what are you? Some kind of fag couple?" the Lieutenant grumbled as he began getting out of his cot.

"Yeah, I guess we are.  What? You want to bring us up on charges?" Joe said in a nasty voice.

"Oh fuck.  Just give it a rest.  Who the hell would you report them to?  There ain't no army, marines, navy or air force anymore.  Shit, there ain't no USA.  Who the fuck gives a damn now?" Marius piped in.

"Watch your mouth jarhead.  These ugly weirdo's ain't wiped us out yet.  If we're still alive, we're still marines!" the Lieutenant yelled.

"Yeah, right.  Tell that to the pretty boys bringing us lunch!" Jim laughed.

Just then, the Leboran with the cart came up to the cell door and in a deep voice yelled at Jim and Joe to move back.  They slowly moved backward keeping an eye on the Leboran.  He opened the cell door and held out a big bowl of strange looking gooey stuff.

"Take human.  Eat.  It is what you get!" the Leboran growled with a look on his face that said he meant business.

Jim stepped forward and took the bowl.  Joe did the same and then Marius.  The Lieutenant just stood there glaring at the Leboran.  

The Leboran held out the bowl and yelled, "Take human!" at the Lieutenant.

"Go fuck yourself dick wad!" the Lieutenant barked back.

The Leboran smiled and then let out a laugh.  "Dick wad.  Like that!" he laughed as he put the bowl down and went towards the Lieutenant.  He quickly grabbed the Lieutenant's head in his 3 fingered hand and jerked him towards him.  He was obviously putting some pressure on the head of the Lieutenant as he started to wince and moan.  The Leboran used his other hand to pry open the Lieutenants mouth before he pushed the head of his massive cock inside the mouth of the Lieutenant.  Once it was inside, he pushed the Lieutenant's head further on it, causing him to gag and choke, his whole body fighting to get the cock out of his mouth.  The Leboran laughed and forced his cock in deeper.  Jim and Joe were waiting for the sound of the Lieutenant's jaw cracking from the size of the cock rammed into his mouth.  Soon, thick streams of cum were shooting out of the Lieutenant's mouth and nose.  He was nearly unconscious when the Leboran finally let him loose and he fell to the floor.  

"Now you eat or else I will teach you more!" the Leboran bellowed, pushing the bowl on the floor towards the Lieutenant with his foot.

The Lieutenant kept coking and gagging on the floor.  It looked to Joe as if he was trying to say something.  

"Don't be stupid! Just pull the damn bowl towards you and take some of it, it isn't bad.  I don't think you want to get more learning from this guy!" Joe said to the Lieutenant.

Jim moved towards him and got the bowl near the Lieutenant's face.  He used his fingers to dip into the goop and put it in the Lieutenant's mouth.  "He's eating!" Jim said with a smile to the Leboran.

The Leboran laughed and left the cell.  Marius and Joe helped the Lieutenant get up off the floor and sat him on his bunk.  Jim picked up his bowl of goop and put it on the bunk next to the Lieutenant.

"You're gonna have to learn not to fight these guys, they don't mess around.  Just do what they tell you and maybe we'll all survive.  Now ain't the time or place to do anything stupid.  We need time to figure out what the score is before we try anything.  So just eat the shit and stop being such an asshole!" Joe said sternly to the Lieutenant.

After eating the goop, none of them really noticed how calm and unconcerned they became.  All thoughts of escape and rebellion just seemed to no longer be important.  Jim noticed the deep internal need he was feeling before was much better so there didn't seem any need to talk to Joe about it.  They all piled the bowls up near the door to the cell and stretched out on their cots.  Jim snuggled in with Joe and both were soon in a deep sleep, looking very content.

Dog was anxious to return to his base to have some quality time with his new pets.  He had been summoned to the conference on the command ship and now was doing everything in his power to leave.  He had Ramrod contact the base to make certain all was well with his pets and no one did anything to damage them.  Ramrod reported back to Dog, telling him of the incident with the Lieutenant, which upset Dog, knowing that a Leboran had come close to hurting one of his pets.  Ramrod calmed Dog down, reminding him that the processing was proceeding and that minor incidents like that were to be expected.  He assured Dog that the Lieutenant would be broken easily and without damage as the Leborans caring for them knew the penalties for mistreating Dog's pets.  He told Dog he took the liberty of giving the Leborans permission to use any of the other humans being processed as a reward for taking special care of the commander's pets.  Dog wasn't sure of giving them that much of a reward, but was satisfied that Ramrod had made it very clear to the guards that his pets were to receive special treatment.

Orders came from the Collective Council to hurry the conversion of the prisons for processing.  They wanted to be certain the majority of the captives were well on their way to completing the process before the inspections began.  Nothing was to be left to chance as this was considered vital to the acceptance of the Collective's plan for Earth, not to mention the additional credits to be added to the treasury from the Grey's investments.  Additional forces were to be sent to the hostile areas to speed up containment and more slaves and tradesmen from conquered Collective territories were assigned to the various projects.  

Cole felt strange as he hung on the wall of the Warboss' ship.  His vision was still blurry and he had this loud ringing in his ears, all the result of the concussion weapon that was used to bring them down.  The raid he and Jake and their buddies planned to rescue females failed and they were now all prisoners themselves.  He felt the pressure of a large, rough hand on his backside and a rough, slimy tongue moving around his chest as he shook his head and tried to focus his eyes.  All he saw was the bent down head of a Warboss, dark hair and very large.  He tried moving his arms to push the alien away, but quickly found out his arms were held tight to the side walls of the ship.

"Hey, stop that you sick fuck! I ain't no female!" Cole managed to yell out in a hoarse voice.

"Ahhhh, the pretty one is awake! You like what Pug is doing? You will like more I promise you! You are not a female but you are a prize possession of the Collective.  You will give great pleasures human.  I will see just how good before you are processed.  You and the others are a great catch.  Spirited and brave fighters.  We like that very much in you humans.  Now you begin your life of giving much pleasure to us," the Warboss Pug said in a low, deep voice.

"Processed? You mean like some side of beef? What the fuck are you talking about? And get your fuckin hand off of my ass you pervert!" Cole yelled, confused by what Pug said.

"Yes, processed.  You will be cleansed, categorized, a permanent identification chip will be implanted inside you; your body will be enhanced and made better with our science; a ring will be permanently attached to your ankle to identify you as a prime pleasure slave and you will give up much elixir to the Collective.  Processed pretty one," Pug said, continuing to lick and use his hands to feel up all of Cole's muscled body.

"If you don't stop that I'm gonna get really pissed you sicko bastard! Now let me down and go find yourself some freako bitch to fuck around with.  I don't do that sick gay shit!" Cole barked.

"No pretty one, bitches only used for mating and producing offspring.  You are what we like to fuck around with.  Don't worry, soon you will be begging Pug for more pleasure.  It will go better for your mind if you just get used to the idea you are no longer free as you call it.  You are a slave of the Collective and will be for the rest of your life.  Earth belongs to the Collective now.  There is no USA or European Union or United Nations; all gone and past history.  Only the Collective, your new masters.  It isn't so bad, at least we won't be using you humans as food like some of the other races we have conquered.  You humans are special and great care will be taken with your care," Pug explained.

"I ain't gonna be nobody's slave fuck head.  As soon as I get the chance, I'm gonna bust out of here and do everything I can to make you bastards pay for what your doing!" Cole hissed.

"But you are pretty one.  You don't have to worry about busting anything.  You are not going to live your life as you have before, ever again.  Soon you will do as you are told willingly, living only for our pleasure.  Shame though, I like your fighting spirit.  A rare trait in conquered and defeated races.  I find it very appealing and erotic.  It will be a real shame to take that from you, but it is as it must be.  Now, let Pug see how much pleasure and elixir you have to give!" Pug said as he pulled Cole's body tight against his.

Before Cole could get anything out of his mouth, a huge thick tongue was forcing its way down his throat and causing him to gag and choke.  It spread out so thick and wide it was impossible for him to bite down on it.  He felt his body being moved up and down the hard, muscled, hairy body of Pug and Pug's hands kneading his back muscles and ass.  Pug forced his tongue down as deep as he could and decreased the width just enough to allow Cole to catch a breath now and again.  He only removed it once Cole's cock was rock hard and he had forced a good deal of his saliva down into Cole's throat.  Cole was gagging and cocking as Pug moved quickly down Cole's now sweat covered body and in one quick movement, had Cole's cock and balls fully into his mouth.  His tongue and mouth massaged the cock and balls as Pug moved his one hand onto Cole's body and started kneading his muscled pecs and abs as his other hand worked on Cole's ass.  Cole's body was trying to jerk away but made little movement in the tight grasp of Pug.  Pug had a large finger deep inside Cole's ass, fucking him with it as his mouth played with Cole's cock and balls.  Cole tried everything he could to fight the pleasure building inside him.  He had never felt anything like this before.  He opened his eyes and saw Jake staring at him in total disbelief as he watched Pug ravage his hero.  Jake didn't even notice how his cock was hard and throbbing, precum dripping from the tip as he could see how Cole's entire body was giving in to the pleasure.  Pug drained Cole 3 times before finally releasing his cock.  Cole was totally exhausted and drained, his body hanging limp, all his muscles completely relaxed.  Pug did something that released the restraints on Cole's arms and legs.  He had his leg in between Cole's legs and Cole's body flopped on top of Pug's massive body.  Pug lifted Cole and licked his entire body, savoring the taste of Cole's sweat.  He then spun Cole's body upside down and fed the tip of his leaking cock into Cole's mouth. Cole was to exhausted to fight and just let Pug push his massive, thick leaking cock into his mouth.  Only the head and 2 inches of the cock would fit inside Cole's stretched out mouth, but it was enough.  Pug moved his hips and used his arms holding Cole to use Cole's mouth.  He used his chin and mouth to maneuver Cole's ass so that he could force his tongue deep inside Cole.  Cole gagged, moaned and choked, but his moans were the loudest.  Then Pug's body seemed to go wild and more of his cock was rammed deeper into Cole's mouth as he began shooting massive amounts of cum into Cole's throat.  There was so much coming out of Pug's cock that even though Cole was swallowing what didn't just shoot down his throat, it still was shooting out around Pug's cock and even out of Cole's nose.  

Once Pug's body seemed to relax, he spun Cole's body around again and in one clean move, slid Cole's slick and stretched out ass down his cock.  Cole's eyes shot wide open and a complete look of horror spread on his face as he tried to scream out as the massive cock pushed deep inside him.  He was sure his insides were being ripped wide open.  Jake yelled out to Cole as he watched the complete shock, horror and pain on Cole's face even as cum was still flowing out of his nose and mouth.  His entire chest was thick with it as it slowly ran down over his rippled abs.  Pug looked across at Jake and smiled.

"Do not worry pretty one, you will feel the same pleasures soon.  Pug has much to give to you both!" Pug said with a laugh, seeing how angry Jake was at seeing his hero being raped.

Cole wasn't fighting anymore after a few minutes of Pug being inside him.  He moaned and seemed to pass between being somewhat awake and then dream like.  Jake was suddenly aware of his cock being hard and dripping with precum.  He felt embarrassed and confused, unsure why he would react to seeing Cole being used by another male; it was unnatural wasn't it?  His mind and body seemed to be locked in a battle over what was happening.  He broke out into a heavy sweat as he thought about what Pug had said, he had enough for both of them.  It finally was dawning on Jake that he was next; Pug was going to use him as he was using Cole.  Jake began to feel panic and desire all at the same time, confusing him even more.

The other guys were now awake and watching or at least hearing what was happening to the guy they saw as their fearless leader.  Those closest to Cole and Jake seemed to be going through he same emotions as Jake.  They didn't have long to figure it out as a group of Warboss' suddenly were in the cabin and had selected out a few of the men for pleasure.  Pug was their captain and was to busy with his own pleasure to object, not that he would have anyway.  This was a gift from the gods, no restrictions except for making certain none of the prize humans were damaged.  Opportunity like this rarely came the way of the grunts and they knew how to make the most of it.  By the time the ship finally landed at the processing center, all the humans were hanging limp, drained and filled with Warbossian cum, their processing had already begun.

The processing centers nearest the large cities of the world were quickly becoming choked as there were just to many humans to be classified and processed; it was more then the centers could handle.  No one expected the conquest to be as quick as it was and most were expecting the collection of the humans to take longer.  For most of the major city dwellers, the confusion and hardship was to much to deal with.  There were no vehicles to use for escape; no communication except for the broadcasts from the Collective.  Food quickly was either spoiled or horded; gangs well practiced in intimidation seemed to quickly take over any area not controlled by what little security forces were left.  In addition, the hard-core prisoners that had been freed by the loss of electricity were now banded together and staking out their claims to areas.  It was like a classic B science fiction movie, chaos and disorder ruled.  More and more humans were voluntarily heading towards the collection points in order to survive.  Once there, they were all made to strip and females were separated from males.  Children were kept with their mothers if they were under the age of 15.  All juvenile males between 15 and 18 were grouped together and moved onto transport ships.  They would be processed at special camps that would insure a steady diet of steroids, enhancement drugs, longevity drugs and other specialized formula to insure they would develop into powerful, super elixir producing males.  They would be going through rigorous weight training of sorts, robots handling most of their exercise routines, maximizing the development of bone and muscle.  Females were also sorted to insure those of breeding quality were isolated from older and younger females.  They too would be sent to specialized processing centers to enhance their metabolisms and physical well being to insure maximum quality offspring after mating.  As with the males, those under the age of 15 were kept with their mothers or if orphaned, assigned to an adopted mother.  Older females were injected with special formulas that would keep them docile and strong, go through a mind control program and then be shipped off to various production factories for clothing, food and other goods.  The older males not selected for elixir production or pleasure would go through a similar processing, and then be transported to construction sites or resource collection sites.  No humans would be eliminated or processed for food, as it was stipulated in the agreement that gave Earth to the Collective.  Some would eventually be sent off to other planets as curiosities and exhibits as well as scientific laboratories for use.  A special group of facilities were assigned for those that were either terminally ill or mentally ill.  They were hospitals located outside of the major cities and would care for those transported to them.  The Collective was glad they had included this grouping in their overall plan, especially now that the Grey's were going to inspect things and invest in the transformation of Earth.
 The Collective had managed to begin a steady transport of other races from their territories to help in the capture and processing of the humans.  Warbossians were pulled from more military activities to supervise the other workers and insure the dictates of the Collective were being followed.  Whole construction crews that were in the process of building Earth structures were quickly rounded up and put to work building the new bases and making modifications to existing structures to suite the Collective.  Those males that were not classified as being potential pleasure slaves were quickly put to work on the containment barriers around the non-tech areas of earth where the only real resistance was located.  Religious leaders and officials were all being transported to the central holding area in the middle of Australia where all the major religious buildings and leaders were kept.  It was determined they would remain isolated until some final determination was made as to their fate.  A small group of humans were allocated to provide minimal support services at that location.

The ex-cons and gangs found themselves engaged in a war and much to preoccupied to attempt any attacks against the Collective.  The only ones grabbed by the Warbossians or Leborans were those that had powerful muscle development or were young.  The gangs and the ex-cons knew that if they ran into any Collective patrols all they had to do was offer up any captured humans that met either quality desired by the Collective.  Youth and muscle development became a commodity very quickly within the large cities.  None were prepared for what started happening weeks after the initial attack.  Special air ships were flying in formations over the cities, making sweeps in a grid like pattern.  They released a gas and rays that made any human within the target grid unconscious.  Land based crews followed behind, using special equipment that located every human and collected them.  Robots were the largest part of the collection group.  As soon as a grid location was cleared, a second wave of ships would fly over, very slowly and release a ray that demolished every physical structure on the ground.  As they passed, entire sections of the cities were piles of rubble.  The steel seemed to break up into smaller pieces and the concrete and glass crumbled into the texture of sand.  Pipes and plastics reverted back to minute pieces of raw material.  Little, if anything, was left that would resemble a once thriving, living city existed.  The demolition was more complete then any explosion or bombing raid during the wars.  It was as if the Collective was turning the cities into beachfront property.  Seeing what was happening caused a panic within the cities.  Those humans that remained up until now knew they had little choice in what they could do.  Some managed to flee into the countryside, a good number picked up by patrols of Leboran's and other alien races that made up the Collective.  Others gave up and waited for their turn to be taken as part of the major sweeps going on.  Several members of the Collective Council were observing the process from floating command ships.  They all were in agreement that the transformation was indeed better then they hoped.  They all had quite a laugh when one of the Council members remarked that it was truly "easy as pie!"  The Collective truly loved earth sayings.  Seeing how well the removal of the major cities was progressing, they immediately began formulating the plans for performing the same operations in smaller cities and towns.  Orders were given to increase the transport of robots to handle the "remodeling" as they called it so that within one earth year there would be no city left on earth.  Smaller towns would be handled in a slightly different manner, as it would take to many resources to complete the task.   Patrols would be equipped with the necessary items to accomplish the same end.  Once an area was cleared of all habitation, there would be no need to maintain a high level of patrols.  The patrols could be decreased and handled by robotic devices.

The first groups of processed males, all from the military, were finally transported to the first completed pleasure/elixir center.  It was a fortress like structure that contained modular like cells stacked 20 high in rows of 200.  The cells were the new home for the men.  Each cell could hold up to 4 males, had built in toilet facilities and showers.  There was a window on the rear wall and the walls were made of an alien material with a consistency of PVC mixed with metal.  It radiated heat when necessary and kept the cell cool when hot.  Along the far end of the multiple rows of cells was the elixir collection station.  These were huge rooms filled with hanging tentacles that held the male in place as stimulators and collection tubes were attached to the penis, testicles and anus of each male being drained.  Sensors were a vital part of the process, monitoring the amount of stimulation, semen generation and vital signs of the male. A donor would move on to a lighted square tile and the tentacles would immediately attach themselves and the extraction process would begin.  Intelligent systems kept close tabs on all the vital signs and regeneration information to make certain the maximum amount of semen was extracted without causing any damage to the host.  The constant feeding of enhancement and regeneration drugs allowed for each male to be drained a minimum of 5 times, increasing to 8 times after 4 months of treatment and then 10 times after 12 months of treatment.  Steroids were specially developed to provide the males with maximum muscle development and mass without the side effects seen in steroids developed on Earth.   Shrinking testicles was not acceptable and the chemical formula corrected that problem.  The enhancement drugs increased the cell count and structure of the testicles allowing for a greater volume of semen and quicker regeneration.  Once the elixir was extracted, it was tested, rated and stored in specialized containers that kept it fresh and vital. Human piss was also extracted as the last part of the process as it was considered a very special brew by most aliens.  It was already quite pure and only had one additive that insured consistent smell and taste, as well as negating any unabsorbed drugs given to the humans.

In another building, females were kept in similar cell modules for breeding.  Careful monitoring of imbedded sensors within the female bodies kept track of when they were prime for breeding.  Males were brought into special breeding cells and made to mate multiple times to insure conception.  The imbedded female sensor indicated when conception was completed; only then was the male be allowed to return to his  cell.  The female was moved to a special area for closer monitoring, treatments and feeding that insured the baby was genetically superior and male; female fetuses were only allowed to insure the continued availability of breeders.

A third building was part of the outer wall of the complex.  It was the pleasure center where Collective personnel and paid visitors could select from digital catalogues any human male they wished to use for pleasure.  There were no limits on the number but strict rules were enforced to insure no damage occurred to the human.  Technicians were carefully monitoring sensors inside the humans that warned of any potential for damage so the activity could be quickly halted.  Users had to complete an orientation to pleasuring with humans before being allowed to use the service.  This building and the elixir and piss processes were the credit makers of the entire operation.  Collective and other alien races were willing to spend many credits for pleasures with human males, elixir or the special brew.  The elixir and brew were exported to recreation centers on earth and major centers throughout the Collective territories.

Word spread quickly about the new ceremony Padre had initiated.  His services became so popular that a new temple had to be built in order to accommodate the size of his congregation.  The Council reviewed the digital film of the ceremony and agreed that the all the religious centers should follow the same ritual for all the major feasts and made a less elaborate one available for routine monthly services.  Padre's initial "stable" of human males used in the ritual, a gift from his brother Dog, quickly grew into a herd of 100 males.   A fully functional processing module was donated by the Council to Padre's temple to insure his herd was kept at peak performance.  Padre began holding training for other religious shamans so that the ritual was followed correctly.

Joe, Jim, Marius and the Lieutenant were collected a few weeks after their waking in the holding area.  They had all been on a steady diet of the drug enhanced goop, exercised by robots and often filled with Leboran cum during their stay, though none had used their ass for pleasure.  Crumb was his usual nasty self when he came to their cell and ordered the Leboran to bring them out.  

"Okay you pretty boys, time to please your master.  Dog has been fretting over you 4 since we picked you up and now you get to show your appreciation.  Can you walk or do you need a ride on a Leboran?" Crumb barked.

"We can walk thank you.  Missed us huh hot stuff?" Joe smiled as he teased Crumb.

"You and I are going to dance yet pretty smart ass one!" Crumb said as he held Joe's face in his hand.  "Lucky for you Dog pays close attention to detail, otherwise I would show you how much I missed you!"

Jim poked Joe to tell him to let it be, even though the drugs had made them more docile, there was still the basic macho nature, somewhat enhanced because of the drugs.  They walked quickly to keep up with Crumb, followed by 2 Leborans they hadn't seen before.  They were led out of the facility and taken aboard Dog's personal star ship.  They expected to be shackled to the sides like before, but instead they were told to sit on the floor and hold on to the side beams.  The force of the take off took them by surprise, but it was nice not to be locked to the walls.  A robot came down the center giving them cups that it then filled with a liquid and simply told to drink.  They obeyed and actually liked the taste of the liquid.  It seemed to calm them and make them horny at the same time.  The Leborans had given the Lieutenant special attention which in turn made him more resigned to his new life.  He no longer was belligerent or hostile.  Regular lessons of Leboran monster cock and floods of cum got the message into his head loud and clear.  The ship seemed to slow down and then it quickly landed.  Crumb came into the cabin and told them to get up and prepare to meet their master.

Marius and Joe mumbled something that made Jim giggle and the Lieutenant grunted.  Crumb looked at them suspiciously, but let it go, knowing Dog was probably very impatient waiting for his toys.  They followed Crumb off of the ship and looking around as they walked towards a transport vehicle, saw they were in a very nice area of country, green with large trees all around and mountains in the background.  Joe figured they were somewhere in Colorado based on the mountains and greenery.  He was right on target.  They were lifted by the Leborans into the transport vehicle and moved towards the front to make room for the Leborans.  The Leborans just kept staring at them, rubbing their hard dripping cocks now and again as well as licking their lips.  Joe was glad Crumb was near as he guessed the Leborans would have taken them for pleasure if he wasn't there.  He had learned they are a very sexual race that enjoy humans as much as the Warbossians.  After traveling for 15 minutes, the transport stopped and Crumb came to the back of the vehicle.

"Ready or not, you're here!" Crumb laughed as he ordered the Leborans out and had them lift the humans off the transport.

"Follow me!" he ordered and walked towards a large stone building.  

Joe and Jim noticed the strange alien looking things all around the building that they assumed were plants native to the Warbossian home planet.  They were scary looking things, more like octopi out of the water but yet still floating.  They had tentacles and barbs rather then leaves and were multi colored things.  They came up to an opening that seemed to have a barrier that looked like flowing water.  As Crumb approached, the barrier disappeared and they walked inside.  It was sparsely furnished with large pillowed couch like things, strange artwork and things that looked like they might be lamps.  Crumb took them into a large open room that was like a huge pillowed bed covered in something very close to leather.  The Leborans pushed Joe, Jim, the Lieutenant and Marius on to the huge leather covered bed and then left the room.  Crumb smiled as he looked at them before leaving the room through another opening.  They could hear the deep rumbling voices of the Warbossians at a distance and then the voices were getting closer and closer.  Dog entered the room followed by Ramrod and Crumb.  Dog did not have on his formal uniform, but only what could be considered a Warbossian thong.  

"Ah, finally! Let me look you over.  Were you treated well? Come, stand up and let me look you over!" Dog said in his gruff booming voice.

They all stood up and spread their legs with their hands on their heads as they were taught in the center.  Dog went up to Joe first and felt every part of Joe's body with his hands, talking to Ramrod and Crumb as he fully examined all 4 of them.  He was very pleased with their condition, the enhancement drugs had done a fine job on them and based on their immediate inspection stance, he knew they were docile and well on their way to being fully processed.  He traced the design of the tattoos on each of them.  It was hard to miss the expanding wet spot on his thong as he moved through the examination.  He dismissed Ramrod and Crumb before moving himself into the middle of the huge bed and told them to come to him.  Not sure what they should do, Joe and Jim were the first to move towards the reclining Dog, sitting down near his left side.  As Marius and the Lieutenant were moving towards his right side, in a flash, Dog scooped up Marius in his hands and had his mouth latched on to Marius' cock and balls, quickly causing Marius to gasp and moan as Dog's mouth and tongue began kneading and sucking.  He let Marius just lay on top of his mouth and pulled Jim towards his chest and moved his head down to his pec.  Jim figured it out and started to lick and nibble on Dog's nipple and used his hands to knead Dog's pecs.  Dog smacked him on his ass playfully and rubbed it with his hand.  Dog pulled the Lieutenant down to his other pec and pushed his face into his pec.  The Lieutenant saw what Jim was doing and copied his movements and actions.  Joe was left sitting there watching what was happening, feeling somewhat left out.  Just then, he felt Dog's fingers moving on his legs and then on his cock and balls.  Joe changed to a kneeling position spreading his thighs wider to give Dog easier access to his privates.  He didn't know why he did it, it just seemed to be the thing to do.  Then he was surprised as Dog's hand worked up his body, kneading his abs and pecs, then his arms.  When Dog's hand was on Joe's face, Joe found himself licking at Dog's hand and fingers.  Dog moved his finger into Joe's mouth and slowly fucked it as Joe sucked and licked at it.  Dog then took his slimed finger and moved his hand back down between Joe's legs and slid his finger into Joe's ass.  Joe gasped as the slick finger moved slowly in and out of his ass, searching for that special spot that would make Joe weak.  Joe moaned and groaned loudly when Dog's finger found its mark.  He moved it ever so slowly, surprisingly so for such a monster of a being.  Joe knew firsthand how much power was in those fingers and hands, remembering how it felt when he first met Dog and felt the crushing pressure on his head.  Joe was panting, wanting more.  He reached down and removed the thong covering Dog's massive, leaking cock and started slowly stroking it, pulling his hand off and licking the precum that covered his entire hand after a few strokes.  Dog moved his arm with his finger still inside Joe's ass forcing Joe to move towards Dog's cock.  Joe understood and leaned down, holding the base of the monster cock as his mouth enveloped the tip of the head, getting a moan out of Dog.  Joe licked and sucked, swallowing great globs of precum that kept flowing more and more from Dog's cock.  Marius cried out as he was cuming in Dog's mouth and Dog was sucking him dry.  That seemed to get Jim and Joe more excited and they worked on Dog with more gusto.  Jim turned his head and saw Joe working on Dog's cock.  He slid down, nibbling and licking down Dog's abs until he was at the base of Dog's cock.  He joined Joe in licking, sucking and nibbling up and down Dog's entire cock.  Jim reached out and pulled the Lieutenant down towards them and pushed his head on to Dog's massive balls.  The Lieutenant took them into his hands and kneaded them as he started biting and licking on the thick, rough scrotum.  He got so into it that he moved himself between Dog's thighs and gave the entire scrotum a full tongue bath.  It was nearly impossible to suck  in Dog's balls, but he did his best on each one.  Dog moved Marius off of his face and braced himself up on his elbows, watching Joe, Jim and the Lieutenant working on his cock and balls.  He spread his thighs wider and then pulled Joe on top of him so that he had a better position to suck on the head of Dog's cock.  Dog started kneading Joe's ass cheeks, legs and back muscles, pushing his finger in and out of Joe's ass now and again.  His breathing increased and then he sat up, lifting Joe's hips up as he shoved his tongue deep into Joe's ass.  He widened his tongue as it went deep inside Joe and moved it around as it came out, driving Joe wild.  Then Dog let out a loud grunt and cum started shooting out of his cock, filling Joe's mouth, throat and nose.  Jim tried to help Joe take it all, but both of them couldn't keep up with the volume of cum that was coming out of Dog's cock.   The Lieutenant and Marius got into the task and all 4 found their mouths, throats and noses loaded with the flowing cum.  Without any warning, Dog lifted Joe into the air and moved him so that his ass was over Dog's cock.  He moved Joe down on to his cock and his ass, swollen from the action of Dog's tongue slid down over Dog's cock.  Joe gasped and moaned as the monster, cum slick cock slid deep inside him.  Dog held on to Joe's hips and moved him up and down slowly, bending forward to lick and nibble on Joe's body.  Jim was amazed and so excited by watching Joe ride up and down Dog's cock that he stood up, straddled Dog's hips and grabbed Joe into a hug as he began to passionately kiss Joe.  Dog laughed and liked what he was doing.  He released his grip on Joe's hips and grabbed Jim's hips as he bent his head closer and rammed his tongue deep inside Jim's ass.  He expanded his tongue and contracted it just like he did with Joe, sending Jim into a sexual frenzy.  Joe couldn't control himself at all and was soon shooting load after load of cum that hit Jim's body and Dog's chest.  Dog was filling Joe's insides with another huge load of cum.  When he finished, he pulled Jim off of Joe and licked all the cum from his body, scooped up the cum on his chest and licked it all off his hand.  He pulled Joe off of his cock and moved Jim on it in his place.  Dog took his pleasure with the 4 of them until they were completely exhausted and unable to move on their own.  Dog was pleased with his new toys and thanked the sun god he had the good sense to keep them for himself.

When the nuclear sub reached San Diego, or where it used to be, the commander waited until after midnight to make certain they would not be spotted by any alien patrols.  He and his officers decided to make for any marine base locations that were near to the shoreline, extract any and all marines found, hopefully some commandos and retreat back to their new base of operations near the coast of Siberia where the aliens did not seem to have much of an interest or any nearby bases.  They felt luck was on their side as there was no moon and there were spotty storms moving in from the ocean inland.  When he ordered the periscope up and turned it to view the coastline, he remained silent for some time.  Then he moved away from the viewer, looked confused and then returned to it again, turning left then right then left again.  He ordered his navigator to double check their bearing, which wasn't easy now that GPS was gone.  The navigator confirmed their location and gave the commander a few natural guideposts to confirm it himself.  The commander moved around with the periscope viewer and was able to find the natural formations of rock and islands but could not see any silhouettes of the city itself.  He stepped back from the periscope and motioned for his first officer to take a look.

"There's nothing there.  It is all gone.  San Diego is gone!" the commander kept mumbling.  

"What the fuck happened?  There's nothing, nothing at all except trees and bushes.  No buildings, no wreckage, nothing!" the first officer yelled as he swung the viewfinder left and right.

Several officers moved in and each took a turn looking through the viewfinder.  They all agreed that they had indeed viewed the same thing, nothing.  The commander called in the chief marine officer and ordered him to take 3 navy seals with him, go ashore and try and find out what happened to San Diego.  They knew there were always small pockets of stragglers who managed to escape capture by the aliens.  The seals and the officer quickly prepared their gear and returned to the bridge.  They carried a very small inflatable raft they would use to get to shore.  The commander had the sub raise up in the water just enough to allow the seals to open a hatch and get out of the sub into the water.  The sub returned to its depth and headed off down the coast, so they could visually inspect as much of the coastline as possible to see if the same thing happened to LA and all the other cities along the coast.  They would return after reaching Long Beach and wait for the return of the seals.  

The seals and the chief paddled their way to the shore, having a hard time shaking the weird feeling they all had, knowing there once was a huge city that used to be where they were heading.  Now it looked like they were heading towards some tropical island with nothing but palm trees and sand.  When they reached the shore, they tied up their raft to an outcropping of rocks and slowly moved into an area thick with brush and shrubs.  One of the seals moved towards the sandy scrubland where part of San Diego's piers were and took a sample of the sand.  It seemed to have a high density of rock like substance, but yet they didn't look or feel like rocks.  It would be analyzed onboard the sub.  They then moved quickly towards a thick wooded area, noticing there weren't even any roads left; no blacktop, no freeways, no concrete.  It had only been a few months since the alien invasion so they expected typical debris like when a city was bombed, but there was nothing man made, just plants and rocks.  When they reached the thick wooded area, they spread out and started looking for any sign of stragglers.  One of the seals noticed a very faint light coming from a group of rocks back towards the shore that the wooded area spread towards.  One of the seals was raised in San Diego and knew there were caves and sheltered areas dotting the coastline.  They identified the glow as light coming from a small oil lamp, the light reflecting off the side of a large rock.  They cautiously approached, spread out so that it would be easier to defend themselves if attacked.  The chief went closest to the light and spotted 3 older men with fishing poles, lines in the inlet of water with the oil lantern behind them.  He thought it best to give them some warning of his presence rather then startling them completely.  From his size and the size and shape of the seals, he certainly wasn't worried about any physical confrontation with these men.  He motioned to the seals to close in tighter and wait.  

"Excuse me gentlemen, but you know your oil lantern is giving off a glow that can be seen for miles?" the chief said as he slowly walked towards the 3 men.

The men turned and looked towards his direction, mouths open and completely taken by surprise.  They weren't sure what to do, but one of them dropped his pole and picked up a shotgun, aiming it in the direction of the chief.

"Hold on, don't do anything stupid.  We're US Navy seals and are here to find out what the fuck happened to San Diego.  We aren't going to hurt you but would certainly appreciate any information you could give to us!" the chief said, raising his arms up high.

"US Navy? Seals? Is that what he said George?" one of the men said excitedly.

"Fuck him, there ain't no US Navy or Seals anymore.  God Damn weirdass aliens snatched em all up and turned em all into pansy asses!" George yelled as he to reached down, picking up his shotgun.

"Now hold on you 3.  Seals, front and center!" the chief yelled.

The 3 other seals popped up on each side of the 3 men, making them jump.  In a quick motion that the men hadn't expected, the seals were on them and had removed the shotguns from them.  One of the seals moved in front of George and lit up a flashlight, pointed it at the patch on his wet suite and said "US Navy, Seals!" while putting on a great big smile.

"Well I'll be damned!" George yelled as he jumped on the seal and gave him a hug and started patting him on the back.  "We thought all of you had been taken in by those damn creatures.  How the hell did you guys manage to get away?"

"We have our ways!" the seal nearest George laughed.

"We don't have much time, but we do need to know what happened here and as quickly as possible," the chief said moving closer and squatting down.

"Well, I'm George, this here is Henry and that there is Nate.  We were out camping in the hills when all the shit hit the fan, watched it all from the hills.  Have been trying to make do with what we could find that wasn't vaporized.  Ain't nobody else close around these parts, most of the fighters are hidden deep in the desert and hills" George explained.

He went on and told them what they saw.  The alien ships making patterns over the city using gas; the crews and robots that collected every human in each area and then how other ships came in and used some sort of ray gun that crumbled everything down to sand.  The chief and seals were stunned by the description of what happened.  They questioned the men about what happened to the humans.  They were told how they had witnessed the people being sorted out and that all the fit and young were taken in transports, some after being used like pansies.  The chief asked about the marines in the base near San Diego and was quiet after the men said they too had been taken, stripped and transported, those that hadn't made it into the hills at least.  Not many escaped as patrols of Leborans and robots located and easily overpowered those they caught.  The men wanted to know how the seals managed to get to the shore, but the chief told them it was best they didn't know any details in case they were captured and made to talk.  The men understood and agreed.  The seals and the chief left the men with all of their rations and medical gear along with knives and flashlights.  They showed the men how to keep their lantern from casting light that could be spotted miles away.  The men did tell them where some larger groups of resistance fighters were holding out.  The chief and the seals left the men, heading back into the wooded area before heading back to the raft.  They didn't want the men to have any idea where they came from, just in case.  The chief and the seals got into their raft and stayed behind a large outcropping of rocks so they could not be seen from land.  He used a special night signal light every 5 minutes to signal the sub they were ready to return.  When the submarine returned from the scouting mission it was on back to the location they let the chief and his men out of the sub, the commander raised the periscope and looked for the flashing signal.  He spotted it and ordered the sub up to retrieve the men.  Once onboard, the chief wasted no time in reporting the entire story they had been told by the 3 men.  He handed over the samples the seals took of the land to the science officer who quickly took them to his makeshift lab, with orders to report back immediately on the composition of the material.

The chief and seals went over the story several times before the science officer returned.  He handed the commander the list of compounds that made up the material.  It was indeed sand, but also had pulverized concrete, asphalt, glass, plastic, rubber, steel, aluminum, wood and every other type of material one would expect to find in a modern populated area.  The only thing missing was any sort of human or animal remains.  The commander was now satisfied that the story of the 3 men was accurate.  He had the seal that lived in San Diego help pinpoint the possible locations of the resistance fighters.  They would try and locate them, rescue who they could and re-supply the rest as best they could. The commander had a long meeting with the officers and they all agreed more detailed reconnaissance of the aliens was needed.  Other then knowing what their technology could do to computers, electrical and satellite devices, they knew little else.  They would need more information before being able to offer any sort of meaningful resistance.  One of the officers made it a point to bring up the fact that there didn't seem to be any indication of killing of humans by the aliens and that they seemed to be sorting them much like the Nazi's did the Jews during WWII and they needed to find out why and where they were taking them.  He also expressed his concern that the aliens seemed to be focusing on males, particularly those that were in shape, seemed to like using them sexually and left the females untouched.  He recommended they return to base and share the findings with the others.  They would be in a much better position to coordinate the operations and accumulate the intelligence they needed.  All the officers agreed with his assessment, even though they didn't care for it much.  The commander ordered the navigation officer to get them back to base as quickly as possible.  There was much to do.