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Chapter 4 Grey's Anatomy

When the nuclear sub returned to base, the commander and science officer rushed to the command center.  They immediately requested a full assembly of the officers and scientists so that they could present a report on their findings.  Runners were sent to each of the camps, small clusters of tents and buildings put together by each of the surviving represented countries, the US, England, Australia, Germany, Russia and South Africa.  Each was there because they had a submarine force that managed to get some units past the mop up operation of the Collective.  The US commanders used every available submarine that survived with a full crew to force contact with the other naval units and direct them to the safe haven that was established on the northern boundary of Greenland.  A smaller group was stationed on one of the islands off the Alaskan and Russian coastlines.  The smaller base was supported by a number of fishing vessels that managed to escape while fishing for crab.  Both bases learned to minimize use of electronic communication devices above ground, even though the Collective in the initial attack fried most of the electronics.  No microwave or radio towers worked, so all that was left working was the onboard systems of the subs and manual crank radios left over from older days.

It took several hours to get all the parties assembled.  The only sound in the large meeting room deep inside a massive cave was the breathing of the attendees.  No one interrupted the presentation, holding questions until the end.  When the science officer presented his findings and the analysis data of the samples they took, the other science officers began mumbling comments, already working on possible scenarios for the data results.  The German commander asked if they could question the marines that did the initial landing, and the US commander had them called into the meeting.  The questioning went on for an hour before the US commander dismissed the marines.  The other commanders began to discuss how it all fit in with reports their subs have made after attempting to scout major cities in Europe and Asia, unable to locate any sign of habitation from their subs, none of them attempted landings as they were to concerned with Collective patrol craft spotting them.  They all agreed that it was in Earths best interest to seek out the resistance groups and get them support and intelligence where possible.  Trade could be a possible benefit as both groups had to have supplies they were unable to produce themselves.  Even technical know how was a commodity to be used for trade, as that was limited and hard to develop since all the computer systems were no longer of any use.  They immediately began working on a plan to make contact with the resistance groups and get more intelligence on what was happening with the populations of the countries of earth.

The Grey, Istha, was pleased when he left the conference with the Warboss Collective.  His strategy had worked, as always, letting them think they had gotten their way, rather then the Confederation's way.  "Such simple minded brutes" he thought as his craft was preparing to land at the Confederations capital.  He was greeted by a delegation from the High Counsel, as always, and quickly escorted to the Regents quarters.  The Regent was the elected leader, serving until his death.  The Regent was excited and so pleased to see Istha return, knowing by the look on his face and his mannerisms, his diplomatic mission was a total success.

"So Istha, I can see you are pleased!" the Regent said bowing to Istha. "Come, refresh yourself as you tell me what you have gotten the brutes to do for us.  The Confederation assembly has expressed dire concerns for the welfare of the human race.  Hopefully you have resolved our concerns, as you always seem to do!"

"So kind and generous, Regent!" Istha said with a satisfied smile after bowing to the Regent and taking a seat at a table filled with delicacies and refreshments.  "Yes, the brutes have unknowingly opened the door for us and just about guaranteed the continued existence of the human race.  I have already begun working on the plan for the project, but in summary, they have agreed to an inspection by us, thinking of course that we would not invest credits without one.  I plan on extending the inspection into a permanent presence, in the interest of protecting our substantial investment of course.  I must meet with the science intelligence to inform them of the level of technology the brutes have in place.  I was most impressed and quickly realized how much we underestimated their ability to advance.  I found out that they utilize the scientists of their conquered worlds to implement technology.  From what I observed while on my mission, they have already adapted what little advanced technology human science had discovered."

"Yes, it is good you have discovered that.  It is good for us to be humbled on occasion, we do tend to maintain a conceited attitude of ourselves when it comes to technology and knowledge, do we not?  Nothing refreshes the mind as much as a jolt of reality my friend!" the Regent laughed.

"Indeed my lord.  I'm quite certain the science intelligence will be most disturbed by my news.  However, once our project is fully implemented, we should be able to monitor their advancement on a real time basis.  The Collective made it clear we must be escorted at all times and will be monitored constantly.  I did execute several tests of cloaked communication and movement devices, so I already know what we can use to hide our project from them.  From what little I was shown and told, they have completed the take over of the human's planet they call Earth, with some exceptions.  There does seem to be some civilized groups they have been unable to apprehend and I fully intend on exploiting that situation.  They have already removed all traces of the human cultural centers, their cities, leaving nothing at all to indicate any type of civilization flourished.  The Collective has moved some of their slaves and priests to the planet and constructed re-training centers and processing centers.  I'll know more after the initial inspections, but I do believe the planet is subjugated and fully under the control of the Collective," Istha reported.

"Sad, but unfortunately for the humans, we did not foresee this coming.  All we can do is insure their survival as a viable race and hold whatever we can gather of their culture for safekeeping.  When do you plan on beginning the project?" the Regent asked.

"As soon as I can gather a team and equipment needed.  I do not wish to give the brutes to much time to consider what they have agreed about the inspections.  Greed will play a vital role in the project, so we will have to arrange for considerable credit availability to invest in their scheme.  I must confess that I was quite stimulated by the brutes' sexual celebrations.  If what I witnessed is any indication of what they can achieve with sexual potency and service of their conquests, then they will succeed and become very wealthy as a result of this conquest.  Even members of the Confederation find the male human to be pleasing and pay handsomely for their elixir.  If you would be so kind as to excuse me, I would like to begin my tasks immediately," Istha said to the Regent.

"Of course.  I will instruct the ministers of credits to line up investors.  I will even put forward a large sum of my personal credits to show my support.  If it is as you say, and I have no doubt it certainly is, then besides protecting the human race from extinction, we will realize quite a profit from the project.  Go with my best wishes.  Contact my office if you need anything or run up against some stumbling block.  You have our full support and backing!" the Regent said as he hugged Istha.

"Thank you my lord," Istha said bowing before he left for his quarters.

The Regent smiled as Istha left him, walked to a secured cabinet and took out a vile. "Yes indeed my friend, quite a profit for us all!" he said as he inhaled the fragrance and took a sip out of the vile of human male elixir.  

Cole, Jake, Marius and the others woke from their slumber to the sounds of deep rumbling voices, arguing.  Cole stretched his neck to see what was happening.  They were all hanging from the walls of the space ship like before, all their bodies covered in a slick coating of Warbossian saliva after having been used for pleasure.  Cole started to remember what had happened, but for some reason he couldn't get himself angry, he was to busy fighting off the feeling inside his body, a side effect from being filled repeatedly with Warboss cum.  His insides tingled when he caught sight of Pug storming past him followed by a few of his men, all shouting and yelling.  As Pug walked past Cole, he noticed he was staring at him and smiled, tweaked Cole's cock with his finger and licked his lips.  Cole's body flushed red with embarrassment, and yet he felt good, more then good, full of desire and that well being feeling after great sex.  Cole looked at Jake after Pug moved past him and saw he had a look on his face that Cole imagined he had himself.  He smiled as he saw Jake lick his lips as he watched the Warbossians walk past him.

"What the fuck did they do to us?" Cole said half sarcastically.

"They fucked the shit out of us and made us their bitches!" Marius said as he laughed.

"Yeah, damn.  I guess we should be pissed or something, but I sure don't feel anything except a need for more!" Jake said sheepishly.

"Yeah bro, I hear yah, me too! Never thought in a million years I'd bottom for anybody and like it.  Fuck, I think we're in for some heavy shit from here on out.  Well, at least its not like that alien movie I saw where they process humans for food!" Cole laughed.

"No shit! Wow, that sure is a relief.  But how the hell do we know? They could have that as the end of the road, couldn't they?" Marius said nervously.

"Nawh.  Pug told me what we have to look forward to.  Guess they want our pud and to use us for sex.  Guess a lot of aliens like human cum.  I just don't know how the hell I'm going to deal with being some hooker for big fuckin aliens!" Cole said.

"Yeah, big fuckin aliens!" Jake murmured over and over.

Pug came back from the rear of the space ship and stopped in front of Cole. He looked pissed and very angry.

"So pretty one, you liked giving pleasure to Pug? That's good for you since you will be doing a lot of that for Pug.  We have decided not to give you up to the processing center.  We will take you to a holding center near our base and then move you to a special place.  You and your buds are going to be held by us, our very own private stock.  Maybe later on we'll get you fully processed and make lots of credits on you, but for now you belong to me.  I know, my pretty one, you want Pug to fill you again, but you will have to wait.  Pug has work to do!" Pug said as he held Cole's cock and balls in his one hand and pulled at his nipples with the tips of his fingers on the other hand.

Before Cole could respond, Pug was yelling again and storming to the front of the space ship.  Cole watched Pug until he was out of his field of vision.  He wasn't sure what all this meant, but he was sure Pug and his men were doing something that his bosses wouldn't be happy about.  He hoped his men, Cole's, wouldn't be the ones paying a price for disobeying orders.  Suddenly, the ship jerked to one side and tipped nose down, very fast and hard.  Cole closed his eyes, thinking for sure they were going to crash.  Then, suddenly, the ship leveled out and seemed to slow down.  All their bodies were jolted and shook up and down as the ship landed.  Cole could smell the air when the door to the ship opened.  It was a strange smell, like lots of flowers in bloom.  One of Pug's men came down the ship, releasing all of the men from their restraints on the wall, holding them under crotches to keep from falling hard to the deck.  Once released, he quickly let them slide down the wall to a sitting position on the deck.  Another guard was moving down the row on Cole's side doing the same thing.  When all the men were released, the guard ordered them to stand and prepare to leave the ship.  They all had a hard time standing, their legs wobbly from hanging on the wall and being stretched out.  Guards came down the ship locking neck rings around each of the men that was connected to a chain.  When the last of the men were secured with the neck ring, the chain was tugged and they all started to be pulled towards the front of the ship.  When Cole reached the door of the ship, the bright sunlight blinded him.  He felt a cool breeze against his wet skin and waited until his eyes adjusted to the bright light.  He stumbled as he was pulled forward but quickly regained his balance.  He started to look around and noticed they were in a mountainous area, lots of greenery and snowcaps on the mountain peaks that seemed to surround them.  Pug was at the front of the long line, heading onto a trail that seemed to be swallowed up by thick green growth.  After walking for what seemed like hours, they came into a clearing with a huge concrete building looming in the distance.  From what Cole could figure out, it was a prison at one time; the fencing and razor wire topping the bent fencing seemed to confirm that.  There were no guards at the entrance and the towers seemed to have been damaged.  When they entered the building, it became obvious that it was abandoned and it was indeed some sort of prison.  Pug yelled out instructions and all of the men were placed into cells, 2 or 3 to each cell.  Cole was put into a cell with Jake and Marius, which he thought was lucky for the 3 of them.  Cole knew most of the men as they were fighters in his group, but didn't really know them that well, nor did he trust them as much as he did Jake.  Marius was okay, but at least he was with Jake.  When they were all in the cells, he heard some conversations going on between the Warbossians and then the doors to the cells slammed shut with a loud thud that echoed throughout the empty building.

"Soon, we will have it all nice for you. Be obedient and do as you are told otherwise you will be punished," Pug yelled in his deep booming voice.  "Leborans will arrive to tend to you and care for you. Rest and be prepared when we return to receive the gift of our pleasure!" Pug shouted with mumbles of approval from his men.

The prison was cold and damp, but at least the facilities worked, as did the water taps.  Without much else to do, all of the prisoners huddled together to keep warm, as they were completely stripped of all clothing and were lucky if there was remnants of a blanket in the cell.  They could hear the rumble and roar of the space ship taking off and wondered what life under these aliens would be like for them.

Istha the Grey hurried to his quarters after his meeting with the Regent.  He immediately summoned his favorite aide, Bosta, a very human looking alien that came from the planet Zor.  He was 6'8" tall and very muscled.  If you didn't see his head, you'd swear you were looking at a very well developed human.  His face told you he was alien, with the bright yellow eyes, close cropped pointed ears and the large, wide nose and jaw.  For all of his ferocious looks, Bosta was gentle, extremely intelligent and well practiced in the meditative and defensive ancient ways of his planet.  When reviewing transmissions from earth, Bosta immediately identified closely with Spock from Star Trek, appreciating his constant use of logic and consternation at the seemingly haphazard thought process of the humans.  He had met Istha at one of the many Confederation cultural exchanges and they immediately became very close friends.  When Istha was promoted to a high office within the Regents staff, he immediately offered a position to Bosta.  Greys don't focus as much on sexual pleasure as most other species do, however, they do enjoy participating in sexual activities, able to use their mental capabilities to further stimulate partners while having sex.  Mating for reproduction in the Grey culture is a religious event, taken very seriously and held sacred.  The Grey's more then any other Confederation culture, valued pro-creation of life as the most sacred and solemn privileges of life forms. Istha and Bosta had learned from each other how to take the pleasures of sex to the highest level possible.  Istha even learned how to control his anal cavity to give Bosta the maximum amount of stimulation and pleasure.  Bosta was very well equipped for sex, having a very thick, 9 inch relaxed penis and very large testicles.  Bosta knew instinctively that he had to be very careful when engaged in sexual pleasure with Istha, as the Greys do not have hard muscled bodies.  Their strength was in mental capacity and telepathy along with the ability to stimulate thought and feelings in other life forms.  

After exchanging the pleasantries of greeting each other, Istha moved close to Bosta, placed his hands on Bosta's pecs and slowly started kneading the large, hard muscles.  As he was kneading them, he transmitted waves of pleasure sensations into Bosta who's cock immediately hardened and began to leak precum.  Bosta moaned and began to gently stroke the head of Istha, sending back to him some of the pleasure waves he was receiving.  Istha continued kneading Bosta's body, very slowly and methodically as he removed the loose clothing Bosta was wearing.  He easily took in Bosta's massive cock and balls into his mouth and transmitted move pleasure sensations into Bosta.  Bosta was completely helpless and in a trance of pleasure as Istha's kneading and massaging of him continued with a slow steady rhythm.  Bosta gasped as his body could not withstand the pleasure waves and all his muscles flexed and spasm'd as he filled Istha's mouth with his cum.  Istha began sucking and licking, relishing the flavor and texture of Bosta's cum.  It didn't have the same euphoric effect as human cum, but it was close.  Once Istha was sure he had completely drained Bosta, he helped him lie on the cushioned bench, removed his clothes and straddled Bosta's body, taking in his still hard cock in his pulsating ass.  Bosta gasped and moaned louder as the sensations of Istha's pulsating as enveloped his cock.  Istha used his long fingers to knead Bosta's balls and body, changing the waves of pleasure into increasing and decreasing waves.  Bosta was taken into an extreme high of pleasure, growing in intensity.  Istha had complete control of his own cock, which he could lengthen as much as he desired.  Bosta bent his body forward grabbing on to the back of his thighs for support, opened his mouth and accepted the pulsing cock of Istha.  His tongue and lips enveloped the head of Istha's cock, which responded by filling Bosta's mouth with a massive amount of precum.  The precum had quite an effect on Bosta, making his pleasure waves more intense and his cock throbbed as Istha's body moved up and down, his anal cavity pulsating completely around the entire cock. Bosta pulled harder on his thighs, bending himself farther to take more of Istha's cock.  Istha rewarded him by making his cock thicker and longer still until it filled his throat.  Bosta was an expert at using his entire mouth and throat on Istha's cock.  Istha moaned out in pleasure and increased his waves of pleasure into Bosta, sending both of them into extreme sexual pleasure highs.  Then, all at the same time, Istha's cock spasm'd and began filling Bosta's throat with his cum, as Bosta's cock started filing Istha's ass cavity with his cum, while Istha's muscles clamped on tight to Bosta's cock and literally pulled from the base to the tip in rapid, hard movements, milking the cum from Bosta.  They collapsed and were completely on another mental level, sexually fulfilled and satisfied, limp bodies glowing from pleasure.

"So, you ARE pleased to see me!" Bosta laughed after they both began to gain their senses back.  

"That I am dear one, indeed I am.  We will be leaving for Earth soon; the project is approved and is already set in motion.  You and I are going to insure the human race survives.  I feel the importance of this project.  I know others within the Confederation will become rich with credits from the brutes exploitation of the humans, but at least we will be able to rescue enough to insure continued development of their species.  Have all of my instructions for preparation been fulfilled?" Istha said calmly.

"You know you need not ask that.  Of course all of your instructions were followed and are already completed.  I too feel the importance of this project and will give it my all!" Bosta said gently stroking the head of Istha.

"I know you would have completed all the tasks I forwarded to you, but old habits are hard to break.  One can never assume everything is done according to ones wishes, not knowing all the circumstances of those doing the bidding!" Istha said with a smile.

"I understand.  Now you should rest and refresh yourself.  We have quite a day ahead of us.  For tonight you rest and stay bonded to me, you are mine, tomorrow we save the humans," Bosta said quietly and sweetly.

"As you say my love," Istha whispered as he snuggled into the embrace of Bosta.

The following morning, both of them were excited about the adventure ahead of them and quickly left Istha's quarters to get the project started.  By midday, supplies and equipment were already being loaded into the command ship that Istha would use.  A meeting with the science intelligence went well and they made quite a fuss over the data Istha presented.  Istha asked if there were any devices available that would be able to be shielded from Collective scanners and allow the team to transport humans back to headquarters.  One of the science group directed them into his laboratory and he provided them with a demonstration of what his group had been working on.  It was a working prototype of a transporter that he felt could be easily modified to be undetectable.  He assured Istha that before he was scheduled to leave for Earth, Bosta would be fully capable of using the transporter.  It would also be modified to have a self sensing cloaking capability to insure complete security and prevent detection by any technology the Collective might have.  Istha was pleased and knew it would make his job that much easier.  He thanked the scientist and praised him for his far reaching thought process, to insure security and the advanced technology.  Bosta was pleased that he would be the only one that had knowledge of the device and its operation, a further insurance no one would detect it or be able to determine what it was for if it were discovered.  Istha and Bosta both left the meeting pleased and headed over to the military headquarters to select the rest of the team that would accompany them.  Istha requested a completely mixed race group to make his selections, as they had to appear to be representatives of the various Confederation planets and races doing the inspections and interested in investment opportunities.  Istha also knew that within the final selection group, there would be agents of the Regent and other wealthy nobles to insure they benefited from any investments to be made.  Each power group would want their own eyes and ears on Earth to know what was happening and more easily make decisions on which moves or investments to make.  None of it was cut throat or subversive, it was an accepted form of intelligence that kept all parties comfortable and feeling included and informed.  No one opposed the high goals of the mission and no one would consider any alliance with the Collective.  All felt it was indeed best to keep your enemies close, very close.  

Istha was very impressed by the quality and diverse specialties of the candidates presented for his selection.  He and Bosta quickly reviewed each of the 150 candidates and settled on 45 for the team.  Istha chose wisely, knowing for the most part who the sponsor of the selected individual was and therefore insured the most powerful had representation as well as those who supported his plan from the beginning.  No one sponsor had more then 3 of his men selected, insuring an even distribution and balance, just as Istha liked things.  Istha, Bosta and the 45 were transported immediately to the Diplomatic Ministry, Istha's headquarters.  There, they were given a detailed briefing on the project and mission.  Each was assigned specific duties and given material to study in preparation for the mission.  They were assigned quarters within the Diplomatic compound as no one would be allowed to be in contact with non-mission personnel.  The mission was on schedule to depart for Earth with 4 Earth days and they would need all that time to become proficient in their assigned tasks and study the material.  All of the training and indoctrination would be done electronically by mental absorption techniques developed by the Greys.

On Earth, the Collective plans were moving faster then anticipated.  Holding areas were overcrowded and more Leboran's were sent to handle the humans.  Human engineers and construction workers were being used to speed up the building of processing centers and collection centers.  The techniques developed for the first collection and processing centers in operation were being refined and modified almost weekly.  The military commanders had met concerning the areas of resistance still operating within Africa, the Polar Regions, western North America, and the jungles of South America.  They determined that based on contacts made so far, the groups were without any viable technology, were by no means a threat and from what their field commanders reported, none met the standards for the human male.  All agreed it would be a waste of resources to bother with them, but patrols would be maintained to keep them isolated and in check.  A few put forward the idea that it might be an added tourist attraction at some point to view the Earth natives in a natural state.  The resistance groups would be ignored but monitored.  If at some point it became necessary to deal with them directly, the easiest course would be to put barriers around them and keep them imprisoned within their chosen areas just as was done with the religious leaders.  The first shipments of elixir were being prepared and tested for shipment to distribution centers. Breeding was also in full production as more and more female humans were online and processed.  The first batch of bred females would be giving birth in 9 months, ample time to construct the training and processing centers needed for the enhanced males.  Farms were beginning to function as more and more humans were being placed after processing.  Mining was slowly gaining momentum as more and more sites of raw material were found.   As soon as a sufficient number of processing and collection centers were built and functioning, building of tourist facilities would begin.  The processing centers demanded and received permission to expand the training period of the humans that would be used for pleasure.  

Joe, Jim and the Lieutenant were settled into their housing within Dog's compound.  They were treated differently then any other humans or Leborans.  They were Dog's private stock and were to be well cared for.  The pleasure sessions with Dog were exhausting for them as Dog drained them all completely each time.  They had adapted quite well and pushed by the effects of ingesting Warbossian cum, began to look forward to Dog's attention.  They were given meals laced with enhancing drugs and chemicals that increased their sperm production, the bulk of their muscle increased and hardened with each workout and they had rigorous workouts to keep them in top shape.  While they did have chips imbedded inside their heads that identified them, they never went through the complete processing that the other humans were going through.  They were never sent to processing centers, as was the protocol, and therefore still had most of their independence and free thought processes in tact.  The Leborans that served Dog also cared for the needs of the humans.  While huge, muscled beast like creatures, they often came across to Joe and Jim as being funny and basically nice.  They loved sex and wrestling to submission, both of high importance in their culture.  They were a conquered race that now served the needs and wants of the Collective. All of those now living had known it no other way.  Only certain aspects of their heritage and culture were allowed to be passed on from generation to generation.  This was the 4th generation under the rule of the Collective.  For their own safety, Joe, Jim and the Lieutenant were told they could not leave the boundary of the compound, but were free to move about within the boundary.  To let them know the penalty for violating that rule, they were taken to the main entrance to the compound and moved forward until they passed the boundary.  All at once they collapsed, rolling on the ground in agony as the implant in their heads sent out impulses that caused them extreme pain, their muscles cramping and headaches much like severe migraines.  Once certain they felt enough to remember the penalty, they were lifted by Leborans and taken back to their quarters, given sedatives and drugs to relax their muscles and relieve the aches.  All 3 did indeed learn what the penalty was and knew they would not violate the restriction.  Besides, the compound did have most everything they could want including a running deep river, woods, food and of course Dog.  The only uncomfortable times were when Warbossians, men of Dog's unit, would manhandle them.  They would play with them as if they were toys and get as close to raping them as they could without actually penetrating them.  Dog issued orders that forbade any of them from forcing his humans from any total pleasuring.  Joe and Jim learned to just enjoy the attention, while the Lieutenant hated it.  He couldn't stand being humiliated by seeming to be weak.  That anger and fight made him the most popular among Dog's unit.  

The Leborans adjusted to the humans after awhile, becoming friendlier with each passing day.  Caring for the humans was easy work for them and they found them humorous and interesting.  Joe and Jim had a favorite named Zip.  They became friendlier with Zip then any other Leboran.  Zip played with them by pretending to let them wrestle him down and try to get him to submit, which they couldn't really do anyway because of his size and strength.  Zip brought them into the Leboran area of the compound and let them watch the fights and orgies that followed.  At first, the other Leborans paid more attention to the humans that were in their midst, but after awhile, things got back to normal for them, rough fighting to submission and then lots of fucking.  Joe and Jim were always left exhausted from the shear scale of things happening.  All of the Leborans were big, muscled and hung.  The sight of all those bodies taking their pleasures was always too much to take without at least jerking off.  Zip always made sure they were helped along by devouring both of their cocks at the same time while letting them take as much of his cock and balls as they could, always draining him dry.  Joe and Jim loved the feelings they had after ingesting gobs of Leboran cum.  Whenever Zip took them to the matches, they knew they would have no problems at all sleeping through the night.  Jim found himself wishing Zip would just fuck him silly, but knew Zip would be sent back to some ungodly planet, probably working near to death in a mine as punishment for using Dog's "pets" for his pleasure.  Most of the Leborans feared Dog so much that they stayed clear of the humans, satisfying themselves with the occasional taste of their cocks when Zip assured them it was okay.  One night at a match, 3 Leborans began taunting Zip about his human charges.  They had it in their minds that they were better then Zip and no Warbossian had any right to keep them from using any creature they could overcome or defeat, especially humans.  Zip knew there would be trouble when 2 of the Leborans decided to start wrestling with Joe and Jim.  Neither of them had much of a chance as these beasts were not pulling back at all like Zip always did, they were starting to really punish Joe and Jim, breaking down their bodies, limb by limb, just short of doing any permanent damage.  Zip tried to stop them, but the 3rd rogue kept him busy in a fight of his own.  Zip fought hard, but was always distracted by the howls of pain that came from Joe and Jim every now and again.  Even when they yelled their submission, the thugs just kept on weakening them.  The distraction eventually caused Zip to be taken down in a submission hold he could not break.  His tormentor positioned Zip so that he would have to watch Joe and Jim being raped by the other 2.  Joe fought the hardest, being the stronger of the 2, but he was no match for the beast that was fighting him.  The Leboran worked on Joe's legs first, to keep him from running away or using them in the fight.  It didn't take him long to get Joe to the point where he couldn't even stand on his legs.  The amount of pain inflicted was just enough to weaken Joe, not cripple him.  Then each arm was pummeled, followed by his back and abs.  The entire time, the Leboran would play with Joe before moving slowly on to the next area.  By the time he finished with Joe, Joe's body looked like a rag doll.  Jim tried his best, but was easily taken down.  Zip yelled as he was being fucked hard, trying to get the others to understand how much trouble they were in, but it was useless.  The 3 rogues just seemed to laugh and get even more excited as they attacked Joe and Jim.  Finally, Joe and Jim had huge, precum flowing cocks rammed into their mouths as the victors held tight to their heads and forced them up and down their massive cocks.  Joe thought he was going to suffocate, as his tormentor liked holding Joe's head until his body shook and spasm'd as he tried to breath.  Jim felt he was lucky that his Leboran came quickly, even though Jim gagged and choked because of the shear volume of cum that was flooding his throat and mouth.  He was in shock when the beast that had him pulled him off of his cock, lay down on his back and started to push Jim's ass down on his cock.  Jim struggled as best he could, but his arms and legs weren't of much use after the match.  Joe's attacker finally filled his stomach with Leboran cum, making Joe think he was going to drown.  Joe didn't even realize what was happening until he felt himself lifted, turned around and huge, muscled Leboran arms were squeezing him tight in the sweat covered body of his attacker.  He felt the head of the slimy cock pushing against his ass and then enter.  Both Joe and Jim were lucky they had previous session with Dog fucking them, otherwise their asses would have been torn to shreds by the Leboran cocks.

Most of the other Leborans finally saw what happened and left the arena, not wanting any part of what was happening.  They all knew the 3 rogues were troublemakers and weren't willing to share in any punishment they would receive.  One of the Warbossian guards happened to be passing the arena and noticed the almost panicked expression of the Leborans as they left and he thought it strange they were leaving in such a hurry.  He decided to look into the arena to see what was happening.  At first, he laughed when he saw Zip being taken hard, and 2 other Leborans grunting and moaning as they obviously were fucking someone.  Then he noticed that it was a human that was riding on top of the Leboran's cock and not another Leboran.  He quickly moved in closer to make certain he was seeing what he thought he saw, knowing the only humans around were Dog's pets.  He quickly sounded the alarm as he set his sidearm to stun.  He ran to the Leboran that was fucking Joe and clubbed him on the back of his head, sending his body into a spasm of pain, with Joe still impaled.  The Leboran that had Jim on his cock tried to get up but was to late.  Other Warbossians were already on him and clubbing him hard while one pulled Jim off of his cock.  They all knew that Zip was their caretaker and went after the rogue that was fucking Zip.  Very quickly, the 3 rogue Leborans were in restraints and Joe and Jim were being taken to the shaman to see to any injuries they received.  Luckily, Dog was away from the base, so the Warbossian that found them immediately ran to report to Crumb, who was in charge.  Crumb swore as he ran to the shaman to see how badly Joe and Jim were hurt.  He ordered the guard to drag Zip there so he could question him.  The shaman had given Joe and Jim some potion that took away any pain they might have and after examining them, decided no permanent damage was done.  Crumb made him double check Joe and Jim, not wanting anything to show up later as he knew Dog would hold him responsible if anything happened to his pets.  When Zip was dragged in front of Crumb, he started pleading and telling Crumb what had happened.  Crumb started beating on Zip, yelling that "you were responsible for their safety and protection! You bear the blame for what happened!" Zip tried his best to explain, but it was useless, Crumb was in a rage.  Joe and Jim finally managed to sit up and yelled at Crumb to please stop beating Zip.  Crumb was caught off guard by hearing them yelling and turned to see what was happening to them.

"Zip didn't do anything bad.  He tried to protect us and he ended up being beaten! It's not his fault!" Joe and Jim kept yelling.

"He is responsible for your safety.  He put you in danger and he will be punished!" Crumb yelled back at them.

"Take them back to their hut and keep them there!  Get all the rest of the Leboran scum out of their huts and assembled in the main galley.  They will all see the punishment of Zip for letting harm come to the humans!" Crumb screamed at the guard.

Joe and Jim tried to protest, but it was useless.  Each one was easily tossed over the shoulder of a guard and carried back to their hut.  Zip was dragged outside and taken to the center of the base, what they called the main galley.  He was stretched out standing up and his wrists and ankles were held tight in something like shackles.  The 3 rogue Leborans that attacked Zip, Joe and Jim were already hanging upside down from poles, unconscious from the beatings they already received.  When the Leborans were assembled, a guard went to inform Crumb.

"Sir, the Leborans are assembled and waiting for you" the guard yelled after giving Crumb a salute of slamming his forearm against his chest.

"Good, best get this over with before panic sets in the small minds of those beasts.  Lucky for Zip Dog's humans like him, otherwise he'd face all my anger.  With luck this will all calm down before Dog returns" Crumb said angrily as he moved quickly out of his quarters.

"This slave has allowed harm to come to the humans under his care.  He was given the task by the Lord Dog and has failed in his task.  These three are the ones guilty of harming the humans and will be castrated before being sent to the frozen planet, Crasdor, where they will spend the rest of their existence as slaves of the mines there.  Let this be a lesson to all of you to never disobey the orders of Lord Dog.  Start the punishment!" Crumb yelled as he stood with his fists on his hips, glaring at the Leborans.

A guard came up behind Zip and raised his arm up and back, displaying a frightening looking device that resembled a bullwhip with an electronic handle.  The whip was designed to produce a great deal of pain without causing any physical damage to the flesh of the victim.  Energy bolts shot out of the bullwhip deep into the muscles of the victim causing cramps, and giving them the same feeling as if they were being whipped.  Without any warning the whip snapped as it hit Zip around his waist.  Zip's entire body tensed and his eyes opened as wide as they could.  Before he could open his mouth to scream out in pain, the whip cracked again and again on his body.  It only took 5 cracks of the whip to have Zip screaming out for mercy and loose control of his bowels and bladder.  All the muscles of his body were flexed, shaking and cramping as his body produced so much sweat, his hair was all matted and he looked like he just came out of the shower.  The whip cracked over and over again until Zip's body went limp and didn't shudder involuntarily.  Crumb lifted his hand as he turned to the guard and signaled the punishment was over.  Crumb was satisfied with the look of horror, shock and fear in the faces of the Leborans.  He knew they understood his message and nothing like this would happen again.  He pointed at the 3 offenders and gave a nod of his head.  A guard walked over to the 3 hanging upside down and threw water on them to wake them.  Once they were awake, the guard walked up to each one, showed them the huge blade in his hand and proceeded to cut off their balls.  Another guard went after the first and used some sort of handheld device that stopped the bleeding and sealed up the ripped skin where the ball sack once was located.  The cut off balls were collected in a bowl and taken to Crumb.  Crumb took the bowl and turned towards the Leborans.  He took one by his fingers and held it up for all the Leborans to see before he put it in his mouth and chewed.  Crumb did that with all 6 balls before he returned to his quarters.  The 3 offenders were taken down and chained before being loaded into a transport and taken to the spaceport where a ship would take them to their new prison.  Everyone that saw them from now on would know they disobeyed a Lord and were now nothing but worthless beasts of burden, disgraced among the Leborans.

Dog was furious when he received the transmission from the High Command.  A delegation from the Confederation was going to arrive and he was to insure they were closely watched at all times and yet all their wishes were to be taken care of as they represented a huge investment in the new enterprises on Earth.  Dog knew all about the treaties and agreements made with the Confederation, as he was present when they were informed of the Collectives plan for conquest of Earth.  What made Dog furious was he would not be able to return to his base and his human toys now.  Dog had been looking forward to playing with his humans, now that would have to wait.  If he wished, he could have one or two brought to him, but that might be dangerous, as he didn't have permission from the High Command to keep a private stock.  Dog knew Istha and he didn't like the smug attitude and manner of this grey.  Dog sent for his aide Ramrod.

"Yes Lord Dog, what is your command?" Ramrod shouted after a salute.

"The High Command has ordered me to deal with a Confederation delegation headed by that shit Istha.  I will not be going to my base camp as planned.  See if you can round up some entertainment for me before the delegation arrives.  I was looking forward to playing with my humans.  Surprise me, Ramrod.  Then think of a way to get 2 of my toys here, preferably Joe and Jim, I like that pair.  Tell the staff to prepare for the delegation, make sure a large building is prepared for them and Leborans are available to serve them.  Yes, that should displease Istha! He has a distaste for Leborans I think," Dog laughed.

"As you command.  I know of a few buildings that will suite the needs of the delegation and allow us to easily monitor their activity, which I assume you would be interested in knowing!" Ramrod said smartly.

"Yes, see that it is so.  The delegation is to be monitored at all times and cannot travel without Warbossian escort.  I am to be kept informed of all their activity and must approve any travel outside the central command area.  You know what must be done Ramrod, see to it!" Dog said with a smile.

Ramrod saluted and left Dog's chamber.  Dog trusted Ramrod above all others and knew he would carry out the necessary steps to keep the delegation in check and monitored, as well as get him some good humans to play with.  If not humans, then some Leborans would do.  Warbossians enjoyed the fights of the Leborans and got somewhat of a buzz from the cum of the Leborans, though nowhere near what a human's elixir gave them.  Besides, Warbossians could be as rough as they liked with the huge Leborans as opposed to being restrained when playing with humans.

Right after making certain staff understood what was to be prepared for the visiting delegation, he headed off to the nearest processing center.  The administrator knew Ramrod was the top aide to Dog and therefore personally came from his quarters to meet him.  

"Ahhhh! My dear friend Ramrod!!! What brings the aide to Lord Dog to my humble center?" the administrator purred as he went through the bow and formal greetings.

"Spare me the sugary slop you old shit!!! I'm here to pick out some entertainment for Lord Dog.  He has a taste for some human diversion.  Show me what you've got, and I'm not interested in processed humans.  Need something unusual for Lord Dog!" Ramrod shouted out in his most authoritarian voice.

"As you wish.  Come this way, I'm sure we can find something that will satisfy and entertain!" the administrator said, doing his best to hide the anger in his voice for being treated so badly.

The administrator quickly moved to a holding area where new human captives were held prior to being processed.  He knew there was a batch of fighters and body builders that had just been brought in from one of the far territories.  Processing centers were mostly at maximum capacity, forcing the transport of human males to any center that had room to take them.  The extended processing was bringing the entire operation to a near halt, requiring more holding areas.  Ramrod carefully viewed each of the human males that were the cages.  He was impressed by the size and musculature of the humans, which made it more difficult to make a decision.  As he was inspecting the contents of the cells, he noticed a cell that contained Vamilians, a race of very strong, muscled warriors that were used for fights.  The Vamils were the closest creature to vampires of human legend, somewhat wild and ferocious, taking the blood of anyone they defeated in a fight.  A large number of them were roaming the conquered planets of the Collective and Confederation, considered to be parasites and outlaws by both.  

"What are these Vamils doing here?" Ramrod demanded.

"A patrol that was inspecting a transport from Sethm captured them.  It seems they were hiding in the storage holds.  From what I've learned from their interrogation, they hid on the transport to get to Earth.  Seems they haven't tasted human's before and it has become a quest in their miserable existence to have some.  We are holding them until they can be transported to the mines of Caruth.  Dirty creatures.  One of them will be held for scientific study.  One of the scientists has some sort of idea that their fluids can be used to enhance human elixir; something about a premium effect.  I don't know, but like all of us, I have my orders!" the administrator said as he poked his staff through the bars causing the Vamils to hiss and snarl.

"I'll take that one" Ramrod said pointing at a very muscled, short Vamil.

"What? I don't know about this.  You said you wanted humans!" the administrator squeeled, confused by Ramrod's choice.

"I do, but I want that Vamil besides.  He and a human should make for some good entertainment for Lord Dog.  I've seen Vamils in action and know how vicious they can be.  Yes, I'll take that one and I'll select one of the new humans!" Ramrod commanded.

The confused and nervous administrator ordered 2 nearby Leborans to bring out the Vamil Ramrod wanted.  The Vamils tried to fight off the huge Leborans, but were quickly pushed back with the stun clubs the Leborans held.  They lifted the selected Vamil into the air by his wrists and pulled him out before the administrator and Ramrod.

"You, Vamil scum! Listen to me well.  Behave yourself and do as you are ordered and you will have a human to play with and possibly give service to a Warbossian Lord.  Disobey and you will be castrated and used as ornament for my barracks.  Choose!" Ramrod shouted in the face of the hissing Vamil.

"I behave!" the Vamil hissed quickly, willing to do anything to avoid being castrated and more importantly, getting to have a human.

Ramrod nodded at the Leborans and they slowly lowered the Vamil to the ground.  The Vamil immediately knelt at the feet of Ramrod and licked his legs, a sign of subservience and obedience.  

"You best keep that attitude from now on Vamil.  You know Warbossians do not give idle threats.  If you want to keep your sex organs and fangs intact, you will obey.  Now get up.  Wash him down good and take this one to the arena in Lord Dog's quarters!" Ramrod growled.

Ramrod carefully inspected the biggest humans occupying the cells.  He spotted one that pleased him.

"You, human! What is your name?" Ramrod shouted as he pointed to a large, muscled man.

"Me? Mark.  The name is Mark.  What the fuck is going on here?  Who are you weird asses?" Mark shouted, doing his best not to show any fear.

"Ah, so you have fight in you Mark! That is good. You will do just fine!" Ramrod laughed. "I'll take this one!"

The Leborans were dragging Mark out of the cell before he knew what was happening.  Mark was a wrestler and body builder who was captured in Memphis.  He was much to busy working out to bother with news and whatever else was going on in the city.  He was more aggravated that his routine was disturbed then anything else.  He ignored the talk of the other captives, wondering how these ugly brutes had developed so much muscle.  Even though all his captors were much larger then him, he still offered resistance whenever he could.

"Hey, do just fine for WHAT?!" Mark yelled as he was dragged out of the cell.

"Fight! You will have the pleasure of fighting for Lord Dog, Commander of the Warbossians on Earth.  Do well and he will reward you!" Ramrod said with a wink to the administrator.

"Cool! I could use a good workout!" Mark smiled, not knowing what kind of fight he was going to be in.

Ramrod laughed as he headed back to Dog's quarters.  He had instructed the administrator to have Mark washed and rubbed with a special ointment that would be absorbed into his muscles, causing them to much more sensitive to pain and pleasure.  When he reached Dog's quarters, he reported to Dog and told him he had a very special treat for him.  He told Dog how he is going to have a Vamil and human fight for his pleasure, and they both laughed at the administrator's remark about a Vamil being used to enhance human elixir; both knew it did and that it was against policy.  Dog was pleased with what Ramrod had arranged.  Ramrod left to insure his instructions were being followed at the residence of the soon to arrive delegation.

Mark was dragged from his cell and told he was to have the honor of fighting a Vamil warrior.  He thought the scrubbing he was given was a bit harsh, but it did feel good to be clean again.  His body really seemed to enjoy being rubbed down with this thick ointment; he thought of how he prepared for a contest by rubbing his muscles down with oil.  Finally, Mark was taken to Dog's quarters, into a small arena that had a hard sand base.  Not sure what a Vamil warrior was, he was nervous at first, but thought it funny when he saw the short, chubby looking alien he was to fight.  He made the mistake of being overly confident and cocky; he would soon learn his mistake.

Dog entered the room, carefully looking over Mark and the Vamil.  He smiled and then yelled at them to fight.  Mark was sure this would be over with quickly.

"Don't worry!! I'll be easy on yah little pudge!!!" Mark said quietly as the Vamil just growled.

The alien sized up mark and smiled, as Mark seemed to move slow, not aggressive at all.

"Okay pudge, here we go!" Mark said as he took a fighting stance.

In a flash, the alien stooped down and shot his fist hard into Mark's balls. Mark wasn't prepared for the power behind the jab.  The hit to his balls stunned mark; he froze and bent down which allowed the short alien to grab Mark by the throat and dig in his powerful fingers as he began to jab and punch hard into Mark's balls and abs with his other hand.  Mark was quickly being taken down without even getting in one shot at the alien.  It was to late now, but Mark realized this alien wasn't pudgy; those were muscles packed on a compact body. When the alien clamped on tight to his balls, Mark thought for sure he would pass out from the pain.  His expression made the Vamil laugh sadistically. The alien's other hand was clawed into Mark's neck and throat, putting pressure on his nerve and making it even harder to breath.  Each squeeze of his balls stopped Mark from taking in a breath; he was fading fast!!! Mark wished he had passed out as the alien forced him to his knees. He pulled Mark's arm out and latched on to his ring and pinky fingers, putting pressure as he bent and squeezed, sending pain shooting all up and down mark's arm. All Mark could do was scream out and yell "Nooooo!!!"  Quickly, the Vamil slammed his other hand on Mark's throat and clawed tight, making Mark gasp for breath. Mark could feel his body weakening fast.  The throbbing in his balls wouldn't stop and now it felt like all the nerves in his entire arm were being ripped out slowly.  He never felt so much pain, or so he thought.  

The alien was obviously playing with Mark now; he wanted to make Mark feel his power over him, break him down completely. He released his choke hold and the punishing hold on Mark's fingers only to grab mark's face into his hands and push his thumbs hard up over Mark's eyelids which made Mark feel like his eyes were going to be smashed into his brain. All mark could do was squirm and scream as most of the fight was already gone from
him.  He had lost.  The alien then methodically took Mark apart by breaking down his back. He pounded it using his hard forearm as a hammer; then he sat on Mark's back, grabbed his chin in his hands and pulled, bending Mark hard.  Mark was sure his back would be snapped in two. He could hardly breath as the alien's hands were clamped tight across his mouth. Then the alien flipped mark over and bent him across his knee, grabbing tight under Mark's jaw, and pushing down on his hip.  The pain ripped up and down Mark's entire body, which started to shiver and shake from the intense pain.

"Now you loose weak human!!! No warrior!!! Just a toy for Vamil warrior!!!" the Vamil screamed as he increased the pressure of his hold on Mark.

Just as Mark started to loose consciousness, the alien pushed him off of his knee and let Mark's body slam to the hard ground.  Now all that was left was the final humiliation of Mark. The alien enjoyed humiliating Mark, pulling at his damaged balls and making him lick his balls and ass. The alien pushed his ass down on Mark's face, cutting off any possibility of Mark breathing.  Once he felt the body of Mark go limp, he stood screaming out his victory over the human.  Now as the victor, he could completely degrade the human further by using him for his pleasure and preparing him for use by the Warbossian.

The Vamil laid on top of Mark's body and dug his fangs deep into the upper ab muscle directly under Mark's right pec as he forced his stiffened cock into Mark's throat.  He jerked his head back and forth until he tasted a good flow of blood coming from the wound.  Having fed on the blood of Mark while pissing in his throat, the alien pulled Mark onto his cock and filled Mark with his cum.  His cum flowed quickly inside Mark and caused his elixir to thicken as well as force Mark's body to produce even more then normal for a human.

"The human is ready for you my Lord!" the Vamil panted after he had his fill.

"You have done well!! A true champion of Vamil. I am truly pleased.  I may even allow you to play with this one later!!" Dog said with a big grin on his face.

This was indeed a special treat for the warboss Lord Dog as he watched it all and was pleased. The human was a good specimen and his elixir would now be even sweeter if the rumors were true. Dog played with and licked the sweaty, muscled body of Mark, giving the human time to regain consciousness.  Dog wanted the human to be fully awake and react to his pleasure. He took his time, savoring the flavor of the human. He knew the longer he waited, the stronger the flavor of the Vamil enhanced elixir would be; it was said that it was indeed a real treat as it was against the policy of the Collective to allow such enhancements to human elixir since it might cause the human's to be damaged by the blood eating Vamils whose cum had the desired effect on humans.  

The Vamil joined the play of his lord by licking and sucking the pre-cum and sweat from Dog, relishing the fluid that he was allowed to take, all the while hoping he would get the human later on.  The Vamil had now tasted the blood of a human and knew it to be more then he hoped for.  If he had not been under the restrictions of the Warbossian, he would have continued alternating between feeding on the human blood, filling the human with his cum and then draining the human of his cum, over and over until the human was unable to survive.  He felt somewhat saddened that his race was a conquered race, it would be so easy for them to have conquered the humans.

When Mark finally regained his senses, his entire body was on fire, throbbing with desire.  He shook his head and realized he was upside down, being held by his calves, legs spread wide.  He could see the muscled huge body of Dog and the alien that beat him licking and sucking on the monstrous cock and balls of the Warbossian.  He couldn't stop himself from moaning louder and louder as the thick, rough tongue of Dog licked his body and stimulated his throbbing cock.

"Ahhhh, so my pet is awake.  Good, now Dog feasts!" Dog roared before swallowing Mark's cock and balls completely into his mouth.

Mark gasped and screamed out in pleasure as the mouth of Dog and his tongue ravaged his cock and balls.  Mark had no control and was soon having orgasm after orgasm, his balls pulled in tight from the sucking of the Warbossian.  Mark didn't notice how he felt every blast of his cum flow through his cock since it was now thicker then normal thanks to the Vamil.  Dog emptied Mark completely before stretching out his arms so he could look at Mark's shaking body.

"Here Vamil!!! Fill him again!!! I want more!!!" Dog shouted at the Vamil as he lowered Mark's body just enough for the Vamil to mount him.

The Vamil wasted no time and was quickly forcing his cock in and out of Mark's ass.  Mark gasped and moaned and screamed out as the Vamil rammed his thick cock in and out of his ass.  The Vamil got so excited that he latched on to Mark's thighs and began to bite one then the other, sucking the flowing blood from the wounds.  It only intensified the feelings that were running all through Mark's body.

"I told you to fill him Vamil, not kill him!!! If you take to much he will die and that will be the end of you!!" Dog screamed as he watched the feeding frenzy of the Vamil.

"Yes my lord.  I will not drain him completely.  I obey!!" the Vamil panted as he calmed down and started to lick the wounds, producing a thick saliva that helped to seal them.

The Vamil filled Mark 3 times with his cum before falling off of his body when Dog could wait no more and lifted Mark back into the air and had his cock and balls deep in his mouth again.  This time Dog clamped down with his teeth below Mark's cock and balls so that his tongue could stimulate Mark without him shooting a load.  Dog knew he could get more elixir by delaying Mark's orgasm as much as possible.  Mark was screaming and pleading for release for hours it seemed before Dog released the grip of his teeth and sucked hard.  Mark's body jerked violently as he orgasm'd over and over again and then finally lost consciousness.

Dog was amazed that the rumors of Vamil enhanced human elixir were not only true, but did not do justice to the reality of how enhanced it was.  Dog already was making plans on establishing his own private Vamil-human center that would gain him a fortune.  He would have to treat Ramrod to a taste as a reward.

"Now listen carefully to me Vamilian scum!!! I give this human to you as a reward, but you are to see to his needs and keep him well.  If he dies, you will suffer most horribly and linger, begging me to let you die.  Do you understand me?" Dog said in his deep commanding voice as he held the face of the Vamil in his hand.

"Oh thank you my lord!! Yes, I understand.  It will not be easy for me to stop, but I will.  Thank you Lord!!! I serve you gladly and willingly!!!" the Vamil said as he lay on the floor and licked Dog's feet.

"Remember, he must be well cared for.  You are now my slave and in my household, your life is mine completely.  Do not disobey my will!" Dog said sternly as he lowered Mark's limp body into the Vamils arms.  "Take him to the physician and see to his recovery.  You will be shown your bedding.  Now go and wait for my servant!"

Dog left the arena, enjoying the superb feelings that swept through his entire body as the elixir was absorbed.  He called for his servant and gave him instructions for setting up the Vamil and seeing to it that the physician cared for Mark.  He instructed the servant to have the physician formulate a special diet for the human that would enhance his physical body and allow him to heal quickly.  He then sent for Ramrod to see what progress was made in preparation of the Confederation delegation visit.

Ramrod was directed into the private chambers of Dog, who was bathing.  

"Ah, Ramrod.  I have a special treat in store for YOU.  A reward for the most pleasing entertainment I have had.  But first, tell me of the preparations for that pain in the ass delegation!" Dog said as he continued washing with a strange smile and gleam in his eyes.

"It would seem that my lord had indeed enjoyed himself.  As for the preparations, all is nearly ready.  Monitoring devices have been installed and tested; no one will be able to leave the compound without our knowledge.  I have already assigned a patrol to monitor and guide the delegation at all times.  A sufficient number to keep a close eye on them at all times.  The Leborans that will be assigned to serve the compound have had implants inserted that will allow for immediate orders and instructions to be given; the devices are implanted in their necks and they can hear without the use of any external device.  The port control room has been in contact with the Confederation vessel and it will arrive within 2 earth days.  We will have a complete inventory of their cargo and detailed identification documents for every member and staff of the delegation.  I believe I have covered all aspects of the problem my lord! Oh, and I have worked out a plan to have Jim and Joe delivered to your quarters.  Transportation will be the main delay, but they should be with you within 2 weeks earth time," Ramrod recited.

"Excellent, as always!! Make certain that only Istha and Bosta are allowed to transport to the compound, but only outside the gate.  I want to keep them waiting and see if I can get that pompous Grey to turn red!!" Dog laughed.

"As you command!" Ramrod said as he bowed and turned to leave.

"Wait Ramrod, you forgot your reward!!! The rumors about human elixir enhanced by Vamils are grossly understated!!! I will see to it that you experience the effect yourself.  I am having the human repaired and once he his strong enough, I will arrange for you to receive your reward.  Believe me Ramrod, you will be pleased!" Dog said in a very deep, sexy voice as he smiled at Ramrod.

"Indeed my lord? That sounds like a treasure of reward!!! Thank you!!" Ramrod said breaking into a big smile.

Dog waved Ramrod off and returned to bathing, wallowing in the feelings and heightened senses from the elixir.  He would have Ramrod arrange for a grab of more land around his camp and the construction of a holding facility for the Vamils he would import and a special processing area for extraction of the enhanced elixir.  Security would have to be very tight, especially for the Vamils and a deal would have to be negotiated for a steady supply of humans.  Dog smiled as he thought of the fortune this was going to make for him.

Bosta was amazed at the image of earth as the transport ship maneuvered for its orbit of earth.  To him it was like a jewel in the darkness of space.  The brightness of the blues, greens, browns and white were breathtaking.  

"It truly is beautiful is it not?" Istha said as he entered the command bay and saw Bosta staring out of the view ports.

"Indeed it is.  I have seen images of earth, but nothing compares to seeing it in person.  Absolutely a jewel of the universe.  It is truly a shame that it has come under the rule of the Confederation.  The Warbossians have no real appreciation of such beauty" Bosta sighed.  "Any truly intelligent race would quickly see this is a planet that should be protected and cherished, not exploited."

Istha put his hand on Bosta and sent calming, soothing vibes into Bosta.

"Thank you my friend, though you needn't.  I may not see the logic of the current situation, but I know it is reality and I can accept that.  None of that stops me from feeling some sadness about it all, though.  I'm fine.  But thank you for your concern!" Bosta said as he gave a warm smile to Istha.

"I know how your mind works my love.  It makes me sad when I see you sad.  I just wish to give you what comfort I can!" Istha said quietly.

"And for that, my feelings and emotions that I have for you grow.  I feel I can now fully understand the importance of keeping the home race of earth intact and safe.  I briefed the crew before I came to the command bay.  They are well informed and trained.  The new technologies are well understood and ready for the mission.  I have finalized the coordinates for the primary resistance groups and have created a summary report for you with my recommendations for the group we should contact.  As I state in my summary, I am uncomfortable with any military group, but in this case, it is the most organized and integrated of all the groups.  I hope my findings prove useful," Bosta stated calmly, never taking his eyes off of the image of earth.

"I will review the summary.  I'm sure I can rely on your recommendation fully.  If I have any questions, I will conference with you and the team leaders.  I think the most difficult part of the mission will be dealing with Dog.  I can sense he has a great dislike for my race in particular as well as any Confederation race.  Having met him at the conference, I have an appreciation for his style.  Hopefully, he will temper his personality and vulgarity in our presence, but I wouldn't anticipate that he would.  As they said on earth, hope for the best and plan for the worst" Istha said solemnly.

"Yes, there is always hope. That is unless you are dealing with Warbossians!" Bosta said quickly with a snicker.

"Ah! Why Bosta! You have made a joke! How refreshing!" Istha said surprised.

"You see, the magic of earth is already affecting me!" Bosta laughed.

Istha patted Bosta's shoulder before returning to the conference bay.  Team leaders were busily going through last minute preparations to insure nothing would raise the suspicions of the Warbossians.  They had compiled the requested inventories and personnel identification data, waiting for transmission once approved by Istha.  Istha pulled up the summary Bosta created and studied it.  He quickly agreed with Bosta's recommendation and then shared his decision with the team leaders.  After they all reviewed Bosta's report, they unanimously agreed.  The security team leader briefed Istha on what he expected the Warbossians would use to monitor all movement and even attempt to intercept conversations within the compound.  He showed Istha how one of the new technologies they had would provide a barrier to any attempted conversation interception whenever needed.  He recommended it not be used on a regular basis, as it would make the Warbossians aware of a barrier.  Istha agreed and with the team leaders developed a protocol for signaling all team members when use of the barrier was required.  When the last protocol was reviewed, Istha was pleased.  All was ready for the true mission of the delegation, to insure the continued development of the human race without excessive interference and at the same time, support the resistance of the humans to complete absorption into the Collective.  If the Collective had its way, human development would stop completely, future generations would be genetically altered and humans would become nothing more then a domesticated species of mammals.  The Confederation could not allow that to happen.

Cole and the other men were growing restless and agitated as it was cold and they were getting hungry.  While they had water, they only had each other to keep warm and nothing at all to eat.  Some of the men started banging on the cell doors and shouting to no one in particular as there were no guards around, just the men locked up in cells.  Cole wondered if they would all die of starvation if the aliens didn't return.  He talked about the possibility with Jake and Marius.  As Cole talked, he and Marius noticed Jake seemed to be deep in thought or in shock.

"Hey, what's going on in that cute head of yours Jake?" Marius finally asked.

"Huh? Oh, nothing," Jake said blushing.

"No, come on, its okay, no one is going to judge you, say what's on your mind!" Cole said softly.

"Well, okay, but don't get mad at me! When you said we might starve, I just started thinking.  One of the things we need is protein.  We all got protein but don't think of it that way.  Our cum is mostly protein ain't it? Well, if we take each other's protein or cum, then we won't starve.  We have water, so what else would we need?" Jake said as his skin turned crimson red from blushing.

Marius and Cole looked at each other and said nothing at first.

"Whoooooaahhhhh, you pervert!!! We're facing death by starvation and you want to suck someone off!! Damn talk about being over sexed!" Marius blurted out and laughed as he rolled on the floor.

"Hey, YOU guys wanted to know and I told you! See, I knew I shouldn't have said anything!" Jake blurted out as he ran into the corner and hid his face.

Cole watched Jake run to the corner and watched Marius rolling on the floor laughing.  He shook his head and then yelled at Marius to shut up and quit goofin off.

"Okay, I get it.  Its not a bad idea actually.  Jake has a point there.  Forget about the sex part, just think of it in terms of nutrition.  Marius, quit laughing, you asshole.  Seriously, think about it.  It wouldn't work, I don't think, if we jerked off and ate our own cum, but if we ate each others, then maybe it would work.  Hey, its worth trying.  Anything is worth trying.  I've seen people die of starvation and its not pretty," Cole said seriously.

Marius stopped laughing and looked at Cole.  He saw Cole was serious and he got himself to stop.  Jake turned around and looked at Cole.  Cole waved him over and patted his hand on the floor next to his hip, jerking his head at Jake as he put on a pleading look on his face.  Jake smiled and moved to sit next to Cole.  

"Okay then, what have we got to loose? We've already been fucked and sucked by big ass macho alien boys and might have that to look forward to for the rest of our lives if we live.  So how bad could it be for us to suck off each other?  I think its worth a try.  If nothing else, we'll all die with smiles!" Cole laughed.

"You know, when you put it that way, it doesn't sound so bad.  Gay doesn't have the same meaning anymore after being made into a bitch for monster cock boys.  Okay, I'm in.  How we gonna do this?" Marius said seriously.

"Well, I'm sure we can figure the details out as we go, but I think its worth it.  Maybe the rest will see it in the same way too.  Hey, I'm willing to try anything to keep from starving!" Cole said as he pulled Marius and Jake into a hug.

Just when Cole was about to try and kiss Jake, there was a loud boom sound, startling everyone.  They all listened to the heavy thumping sounds coming towards them.  Then, the whole area started to be lit up by a strange colored light, somewhere between fluorescent and halogen.  Huge creatures were coming towards them carrying huge cases of something while others were setting up these weird looking lights.  One of the creatures stood in the main aisle and looked from side to side, as if making sure the cells were closed.

"I am Jero, Leboran in the service of Lord Pug.  We are your keepers.  You will be fed and given bedding matter.  You will each be inspected and given injections.  Robots will implant control and identity chips inside your necks and you will be marked with identification marks.  Cooperate and you will be treated well.  Disobey your keeper and you will be punished.  Lord Pug will return soon and your processing will begin.  You are all now in the service of Lord Pug.  Prepare for your keepers."

Someone yelled out "Fuck YOU and the alien that fucked you!" Others started yelling and swearing, threatening to fight anything that touched them.

Jero stood and watched as the anger began to build.  He motioned to his men to move to each cell, 1 Leboran to each cell.  The Leborans were over 7' tall and weighed close to 400lbs easily.  It wasn't fat weight either.  They were extremely muscled and had feet that looked like elephants.  Jero pointed at the keeper of the cell with the man that first yelled out.  The Leboran keepers moved to the cell and used what looked like electrified clubs to force the men away from the cell door.  The door was opened and the man was easily lifted into the air with one arm and taken out of the cell, moved to the far end of the hallway to insure all the men could see what was going to happen.  The man was big, hairy and muscled.  The Leboran moved him around like he was a rag doll.  He grabbed the man with his thumbs on each side of his mouth and began to rub the mans face against the leather wrap covering his crotch.  Another Leboran removed the wrap from him and there was a loud gasp from all the men in the cells as the monstrous cock came into view.  The Leboran pressed against the corner of the man's jaws, forcing the mouth open.  The tip of the leaking cock was pushed into the mouth of the man and his body began to flailed and kick as his mouth was stretched wider and wider.  Soon, just the head of the monstrous cock was in his mouth and they could all hear him gagging and chocking.  The Leborans body soon stiffened and its cum began shooting out the nose and around its cock.  Most of the cum did manage to flood the mouth and throat of the man and he had no choice but to swallow.  The Leboran pulled him off of his cock and lifted him up as he licked up and down the man's body.  He used one hand to pull the man's leg far to the side and let his tongue lengthen and expand as it lapped on the man's abs, back, ass and thighs.  The Leboran slowly turned around so that all the men could see what was happening to the man. The man had no control at all over what was happening.  His body quickly proved it when his cock became rock hard and began leaking precum.  The Leboran took the man's cock and balls into his mouth and the man's body quickly convulsed as he shot his cum into the Leboran's mouth.  Then the Leboran lifted the man high up by his wrist as he put his huge finger into his mouth, covering it in a thick glob of saliva.  He showed all the men his slime covered finger  (the Leborans only had a thumb like digit and 2 fingers, all of them thick and long).  He moved his finger to the man's ass and began pushing it in and out, going in deeper each thrust.  The man was soon screaming, as his ass was being stretched and invaded by the massive finger.  There was no longer any screaming or shouting from the other men.  They all were watching in horror what the Leboran was doing to this tough fighter.  After forcing his finger completely into the man's ass, he began exaggerated moves up and down, side to side and in circles, stretching out the ass sphincter.  Once satisfied that he had stretched and lubed it, he grabbed the man's leg on the opposite side of the arm his was holding him by and moved the man's body against his cock.  The Leboran turned around so that the men could see his cock leaking precum coat the whole back and ass of the man.  Then in one quick movement, he had his monstrous cock pushing into the man's ass.  The man screamed so loud and hard that soon no sound came out, just a look of total horror on his face and his mouth open like a scream would come out.  If you looked closely, you could see the outline of the Leboran's cock head pushing on the muscles of the man's abs.  The Leboran released the man's leg and arm and the man just hung in the air, completely impaled on the Leboran's cock.  He grabbed the man around the throat and slowly walked by every cell to make sure each man saw.  Once his walk was finished, he returned to the center of the walkway and wrapped his arms around the impaled man as he began thrusting.  It was obvious when the Leboran released his load, again and again, as the man's body lurched up each time.  Cum was running down the man's legs and spreading over his ass.  His stomach expanded as if he had eaten a huge meal.  Finally, the Leboran slid the man off his cock and let him fall to the ground.  The man was moaning and groaning but it didn't seem like he was in a lot of pain.  The moans were more like pleasure moans.  Then the Leboran reached down and pulled the man up into a kneeling position with his face near his cum covered cock.  The Leboran moved his cock close to the man's face and the man seemed to leap at the cock, licking it and sucking on it like it was some sort of meal.  The men were in shock.  Every time the Leboran moved away from the man, he scooted back to the Leboran's cock and continued licking and sucking.

Jero signaled his men and they all moved to the cells they were assigned.  Without a word, the men moved away from the cell doors and stood in shock as the Leboran keepers moved in bedding, buckets filled with what looked like porridge, bowls and spoons.  Jero yelled for the men to eat and the Leboran keepers pushed each man towards the buckets and bowls, telling them to eat or be force-fed.  The porridge was loaded with steroids, sex enhancers, proteins and nutrients to insure their bodies maintained peak muscle development, along with a stew of chemicals used in normal Warbossian processing of humans that would keep them docile and obedient.  When all the men finished eating, robots came into the cell area.  Keepers took each man, one at a time out of the cell and held the man by the head as the robots went to work.  Chips were implanted in the neck muscle and a tattoo design was placed on their right ass cheek along with an identification mark on their left shoulder.  There was a slight pinch but nothing like the pain of a normal tattoo and it was all done in less then 3 minutes.  When Cole, Jake and Marius were finished and back in their cells, their keeper Jero came into their cell.

"Lord Pug has ordered that you three be treated well.  Obey and follow instructions and you will be well cared for.  Tell me your names and let me imprint your scents.  I will be your keeper and insure you are cared for," Jero said in a paternal tone.

"I'm Cole, that's Jake and he's Marius.  Why are we singled out?" Cole asked.

"I do not know and it is not my place to question Lord Pug.  He has given orders and they will be followed.  You will do well to learn this quickly.  Lord Pug is in command and we are all in his service.  It is this way and there is no other way.  Now I will imprint your scents.  I will not harm you and you may even find it pleasurable.  If you wish, I can insure you receive pleasure.  Lord Pug wants you to be cared for" Jero said in a soothing voice.

Before Cole could answer, Jero had his hands on Cole's waist and had him lifted off the ground.  Jero sniffed and licked Cole from head to toe, including his armpits and his entire crotch.  The chemicals in the porridge were already taking affect and Cole moaned as Jero's face, tongue and lips moved gently over his entire body.  Jero smiled as he held Cole away from his body and saw Cole's cock hard and throbbing.  Jero slowly and gently licked and kissed up and down Cole's cock and balls, making the moans grow louder and louder.  Cole felt like electricity of pleasure was running up and down his body and he shuddered with each touch of Jero.  Jero moved Cole closer to his body and began gently sliding his tongue in and out of Cole's mouth.  Cole sucked and licked Jero's tongue, relishing the taste of Jero's saliva.  Jero moved to the wall and sat down, Cole's legs straddling his hips.  Jero then pulled Cole's chest to his mouth and began nibbling, licking and sucking on Cole's pecs.  Cole moaned and groaned, his hips jutting forward and back, his ass rubbing against Jero's precum covered cock.  

"Do you wish me to give you pleasure? Just tell me Cole, I am willing" Jero whispered as he licked Cole's ear and neck.

"Yes... oh yes please.  I want you to give me more.," Cole moaned. "Why is this happening? Oh yes, please give me pleasure!"

"As you wish Cole, Jero will give you pleasure!" Jero said as he began using his hands to slowly twist Cole's hips side to side and up and down, his cock pumping out load after load of precum, the tip slowly spreading Cole's sphincter.

As Jero's cock head slid inside Cole, Jero's mouth latched on to Cole's pec and he bit down as he sucked hard.  Cole gasped and his body seemed to go wild, trying to force more of Jero's cock inside.  Cole seemed to go into a sexual frenzy.  Jake and Marius watched in awe as Jero slowly took Cole to a new level of sexual pleasure.  The porridge was working on them as well and they were both hard and rubbing their hands slowly over their bodies, tongues licking their lips.

"Once you are filled with Leboran pleasure, you will want it often.  Do you still want my pleasure Cole?" Jero whispered again as he licked and sucked Cole's entire neck.

"Yes, please give me your pleasure.  I can't stand it much longer.  I need your pleasure!" Cole yelled.

Jero smiled and pushed Cole's hips down and side-to-side harder, his slime covered cock filling Cole.  He then started jutting his hip up in quick spurts that made Cole gasp and moan louder then before.  Cole's entire body was drenched in sweat, his eyes were closed and his hands kneaded and pulled at Jero's muscles.  Cole started panting hard and quick.  Jero knew Cole was going to start orgasm, so he straightened his legs and let Cole fall backwards.  He began sliding Cole's body along the length of his cock and bending down, took most of Cole's cock into his mouth.  His tongue began rubbing hard up and down the length of Cole's cock and his lips held it tight as Jero sucked.  Cole screamed and screamed as he shot load after load into Jero's sucking mouth.  Jero drained Cole several times before pulling Cole back up into a sitting position and started pumping Cole up and down.  Cole fell forward and started sucking and biting Jero's pecs.  Jero started breathing harder and moved Cole faster and faster up and down his cock.  Jero's body stiffened and he wrapped his arms tight around Cole as his cock exploded inside Cole.  He shot huge loads of thick cum inside Cole.  Cole's arms fell at his side and he was completely in Jero's control.  Jero used one hand on the back of Cole's neck to keep his body down and tight against his cock as his other hand began to knead and massage Cole's abs, helping Cole to absorb his cum.  The feeling was a huge sexual high for Cole that he didn't want to stop.  Cole fell sound asleep.  Jero lifted Cole from his cock, turned him around and used his tongue to massage the inside of Cole's ass.  Satisfied that Cole had absorbed most of his cum, Jero gently laid Cole down and motioned Jake to come to him.  Jake moved to Jero as if in a trance.  Soon, Jake was experiencing the same pleasure that Cole felt.  Marius followed Jake in getting Jero's pleasure.  When Jero left the cell, all 3 were sound asleep, curled up looking very content.  The same scene was taking place in each cell.  The men were now hooked on Leboran pleasure and there was no longer any thought of escape or fighting.