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This series tells the story of an ordinary man who's life is near its natural end, but who suddenly finds himself, at the moment of the unexpected destruction of his world, the victim of an alien abduction with a bizarre motive, that ultimately opens the entire universe to him and propels him into a life of adventure that he'd never imagined was even possible.  He eventually finds himself thrust front and center into events that could, both figuratively and quite literally, change the shape of the entire known universe.

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Favors of the First Ones - Chapter 13

Jake hung suspended between the four poles just as he'd done every day for the past two weeks.  The bulls in the camp had not got bored with it yet.  They enjoyed debasing the man so much they just kept coming back.

They loved being able to walk up and stick their cock into his cum filled hole and add to the mess inside him.

Eventually they had all caught on to the fact that his rectum would give them endless pleasure with its many rings of constantly pulsing and squeezing muscles so they almost completely stopped using his throat unless his asshole was already engaged and they were in a hurry.

Jake's ass was always so full of cum now that when the bulls would shove their long and thick cocks into him semen would immediately ooze out around the edges.  They loved the slick and slimy feel of it and they loved adding their own seed to fill him up even more and they loved the fact that no matter how many times he got used, his hole would still be incredibly tight and the powerful muscles in it would give their cocks a real workout.

The fact that they were doing it completely against his will greatly heightened the pleasure they got from it and kept them coming back for more.

In order to clean themselves they would quickly pull out of him after they'd shot the bulk of their load and go around to the front and stick their heavily semen coated cocks into his mouth and shove them all the way down his throat right to the dark, leathery base for cleaning.

They would do anything they could to try to humiliate him.

Many had taken to urinating on him regularly and one had even defecated on him before the current leader of the camp put a stop to it.  He said it was just too messy and it was hard to enjoy the cum dump when it was covered in piss and shit.

Even after they'd stopped that practice, they started using him to clean themselves after they went to the latrine.  They wouldn't bother to wipe.  They would come out to where he hung upside down and turn around and shove their assholes into his face and make him lick them clean.

Jake loved rimming but these bulls seemed to intentionally leave an extra mess back there and he was often getting a heavy dose of their shit when they put their dirty assholes on his mouth.  They would chuckle as they lifted their own tails and backed into him to put their hole on his lips while their massive, sweaty balls bumped against his nose.  No matter how messy it was he would lick them completely clean in order not to give them any excuse to do anything worse.  He knew it wouldn't make him sick because his favors would deal with any excessive bacteria.

They eventually started using him as a sort of cleaning station to further demonstrate that he was nothing and they were his superiors.  They'd taken to making him lick their balls clean and lick the smegma and slime out of the sheath-like base of their cocks when they were flaccid.  They would shove their sweaty, smelly arm pits over his mouth and make him lick them completely clean.  They'd even taken to making him lick their smelly, dirty feet clean.

His reward for cleaning them was usually their cocks up his ass and then the cum-covered log would get shoved back in his mouth for a final cleaning.

Jake's hatred for the bulls had been building steadily to the point where he wanted very much to see each and every one of them die in a fire, but he still refused to give them the satisfaction of knowing just how deep his hatred went.  He continued to act as though none of this was bothering him.  It wasn't even their treatment of him that made him angry, it was the fact that they felt they could do whatever they wanted because of their imagined superiority.  They were nothing but a bunch of depraved thugs yet somehow they fully believed they were much better than him and far more important and that's what really got to him.

Rhokki was getting more and more enraged at the behavior of the bulls and his inability to do anything about it.  It was all Jake could do to keep him from confronting the bulls head on and putting his own life in danger in the process.  He'd asked the lion not to ever go out to where they hung him up because it would embarrass Jake to be seen that way by his friend and the cat had agreed.

In truth it wouldn't really bother Jake if Rhokki saw him but he knew that the big cat would fly into a rage if he saw just how bad the man was being treated and it would not end well.

As much as it angered the lion to know his friend was being used so badly, Jake still found it sexually arousing to be treated this way by the filthy bulls and it bothered him that it did.  He just couldn't understand why it turned him on.  He wasn't much more than a urinal to them.  He was used and debased and degraded and the whole time his cock would be hard and throbbing painfully from its thorough arousal and its unfulfilled need for attention.

Somehow, the real torture for Jake was not being brutally used or morally debased; it was being powerfully aroused all day long and not able to do anything about it.  Even worse was the fact that the bulls knew full well how much it aroused him because his long, stiff, precum oozing cock was in plain sight for them to see each time they used him.  They loved the fact that the man hated it, yet his body seemed to want it.

Every evening they would untie him and drag him back to his cot and Rhokki would immediately set to work caring for him and tenderly washing every inch of him to get rid of the stink of the bulls and to get him ready to look happy and well treated for his video link with Mak.

The lion seemed to love touching Jake and cleaning him and pampering him.  Jake loved it too.  It would always end with Rhokki helping Jake to reach a much needed release.

Due to the fact that he'd been kept on the edge all day long, the orgasms at Rhokki's hands were the most mind-blowing Jake had ever experienced.  When Jake finally finished pumping more cum out than he'd ever done before, the bit cat would sigh and savor the pleasure of licking up the massive volume of seed puddled all over the man's chest and belly.

For the first several days Rhokki had brought Jake off in the same way with the wet cloth.  One night though, he began to tentatively lick at Jake's penis with his rough tongue, and when he'd looked to see if it was OK and Jake had smiled at him, he proceeded to suck as much of the long cock into his mouth as he could and moaned as he suckled at it like a kitten at his mother's teat while caressing Jake's balls until the man spewed his massive load of semen directly into the drooling cat's mouth.

Over time the big lion began to spend a bit of time licking around Jake's balls too, and then eventually he would wash all of Jake's body except his crotch and then dispense with the cloth and switch to cleaning between the man's legs with his tongue.  The big cat would take his time and lovingly and gently lick Jake's crack and his hole and around his big balls and his pubic hair and then finally end with a long and slow sucking of the man's thick, long penis.

The feeling of the extremely rough tongue on his tender skin was quite intense, almost to the point of being uncomfortable, but Jake chose not to complain at all.  He could see that the big cat was enjoying himself and Jake did not want to deny Rhokki that small pleasure.

As the lion slowly and lovingly licked at Jake's private area, he could see the big cat's penis begin to emerge from his sheath.  It was extremely thick and very long and it was a very dark reddish-purple color.

When the big, powerful cat was fully aroused his cock looked to be about ten inches long and the shaft was thick, hard and straight.  It widened to a bulb-like thickness near the end that was covered in short, backward facing barbs just as Rhokki had said.  The end of the bulbous head narrowed quickly to a pointed tip.  It looked almost like some sort of medieval weapon of torture.  The barbs were not exceedingly long or sharp but clearly they could cause serious discomfort if used in a soft area like the mouth, throat, or ass.

Jake wondered whether his rectum could handle it and what it might feel like.  Even his throat had been strengthened according to Xelzix so he might be able to take it there.  He longed to give Rhokki the same intense pleasure he'd given Jake, but he wasn't quite ready to proceed without Mak's blessing.  He loved the young bull deeply and it would feel like cheating to do it without Mak's knowledge or permission and Jake didn't feel it would be appropriate to discuss it with the bull over their nightly video links, especially with Troska there listening in.  He would have to wait for Mak's return before broaching the subject of open sex in their relationship.

Jake was naturally beginning to grow very fond of Rhokki and was developing strong feelings for him.  It was almost unavoidable.  The big beautiful cat treated him tenderly and respectfully and with loving care.  All that the two of them had to look forward to every day for the last two weeks was each other's company every evening.

He was falling in love with Rhokki and it was obvious that the lion was very attracted to Jake, but the two would have to continue as they were until Mak came back into the picture and Jake could have a long talk with him.

Rhokki and Jake had frequent discussions about the First Ones in which the big cat would reveal more of what he knew of the ancient race's transgressions.  It angered Jake to no end to think how they had duped the entire collective of races into thinking they were some sort of benevolent gods when really they were more like spoiled, wicked children who had no respect for their toys.

Right after Rhokki and Jake had spoken about it back on the first day that Jake had regained consciousness, the cat had asked the Zeth representative to check into the destruction of the Earth and the Zeth had managed to come up with proof.

Last night, when Jake was dragged back to the tent by the bulls, the big cat told Jake the Zeth had come back with video evidence of what had happened.

Jake had asked how that could be possible and Rhokki had explained that the Zeths were masters at manipulating electromagnetic radiation.  Their equipment could detect the electric field produced by the muscles of an insect flapping its wings from hundreds of miles away.  No matter how weak that signal might be, it follows a certain pattern and it can be picked out of all the other noise if you know what you're looking for.

Once the Zeths were told what to look for, they used their spy gear to sniff for any electromagnetic signals coming from any equipment that might have been used to record what had happened back on Earth.  They calculated how far the signals would have traveled at the speed of light after being radiated from Earth on the day of its destruction and they placed themselves just beyond that distance so they could intercept the signals in the same way that if you were to jump to a distance seventy-seven light years from Earth, you could watch Hitler's speech that had been broadcast from the 1936 Olympics.

Even though any recording equipment would be sending its signal back to the First Ones via secure QECH link, it would first be processed by electronic circuitry which always gives off radiation in the pattern of whatever signal it's processing even if it's shielded well.  The only shielding that could stop it completely would be the same type of active shields used on fighter ships and those require antimatter reactors to produce.  The First Ones were not aware of the Zeths' advanced technology so they didn't bother to protect their gear so thoroughly.  It had never occurred to them that anyone might be able to spy on them in such a way.

The Zeths had eventually identified signals that looked promising and they locked in on them and boosted them.  Sure enough, they turned out to be the signals from video equipment recording events as they unfolded.

Prior to Jake's final video link with Komakwa last night, Rhokki had played the video evidence for him on the comm screen.  It showed a massive asteroid floating through space and it had a few clearly defining features.  One end of it was much fatter than the other and while most of its edges were rounded, there was a spot on the fat end that looked like it had been struck by something at some point in the past and some of the rock had fractured off.  The fractured part had a sharp edge and there was a bit of a flat side where a chunk of it had got knocked away.

As Jake watched, the video moved around to the back of the rock and suddenly the Earth loomed into the picture in the giant meteor's path.  The massive rock plunged down into the planet's atmosphere and began to heat until it was tremendously bright with a smoky orange tail.  It impacted right near the heart of Australia where it detonated into the brilliantly bright explosion that Jake had seen with his own eyes.  The video tracked the destructive ring of the shock wave as it spread out and liquefied the continent and then moved in to the oceans to vaporize them into steam.

Then short videos began to flash in rapid succession of people running in fear and screaming as the hypersonic shock wave washed over them and liquefied them.  He saw the Sydney Opera House vaporized as the shock wave approached the ocean.  He saw forests on some other continent blacken, begin to smoke, and then spontaneously burst into a fiery inferno from the superheated atmosphere.  He saw people in cities stumbling along and looking up at the sky and screaming in agony, and then finally slowing and stopping as they dropped to their knees and then appeared to almost melt and then burst into flames.  He saw mile high tsunami washing over coastal cities, sweeping the buildings and screaming people along as they washed inland.

Suddenly the scene shifted to an asteroid field somewhere, and he could see the exact same rock with the same distinguishing features being approached by several ships.  He saw the same rounded edges and the fatter end that had a fractured portion with a piece of the rock missing.  It was the same one without a doubt.  The approaching ships were towing a large booster type device.  In fast motion he saw them bring it in and fix it in place, then the boosters ignited and the rock began to accelerate.  The scene followed the rock a ways until the boosters suddenly died off and then jettisoned from the back of the rock as it continued onward.

It was obvious that the rock had been pushed intentionally.  Rhokki said that there was a race of vile, mole-like people who the First Ones had been using to do their dirty work and they were likely the ones who had engineered the catastrophe.

The images of the suffering people back on Earth had been horrible, and the fact that the videos existed showed that the race that had orchestrated it had been recording raw footage of the event from all over the planet for the First Ones to add to their little show.  They must have used it as a form of advertising to build interest, while tuning in to experience the panic of a race that was aware it was about to be obliterated, and the exhilaration of dying in such a terrifying way.  It sickened him to the point of causing him to vomit into his bed pan.

Rhokki turned off the video and did his best to comfort Jake.

When Jake had calmed down, the cat explained that the Zeths had tracked the meteorite backwards and determined that it had been launched from the belt between Mars and Jupiter with a precise trajectory that would just miss the sun.  It had been calculated to use the sun's gravity to pull it in towards it and give it more speed, then slingshot it around toward Earth, where the moon would readjust the rock's trajectory to perfectly align it with the Earth.

It would look like a natural disaster but it had clearly been staged.  The First Ones knew the Slirkstrith was en route to pick up Jake and they timed it precisely so there was no hope of the ark ship getting there in time to destroy the rock, but would be close enough to send the fast shuttle forward to pick Jake up.

The Zeths were not able to determine the actual reason for the destruction of the planet but it was clear that it was intentional.

Jake had felt numb when he saw the proof that the First Ones had so callously decimated his planet and the entire population of people on it.  He felt incensed and at the same time he felt impotent to do anything about it.

He thought about Xelzix.  He'd seemed so kind and friendly, but the whole time the little man knew the whole truth and was simply looking forward to tapping in on future sex sessions between Jake and his match.  Xelzix had even told Jake that he'd been tuned in to his stream as they picked Jake up and brought him back to the Slirkstrith.  The alien had probably experienced quite a rush seeing the destruction happening through Jake's eyes and feeling the emotions he was experiencing.

It made Jake angry and the murderous urges that entered his mind were not pleasant.  He'd never had the nature of a killer.  Still, he wanted to take the smug little alien by the throat and use the powerful muscles they'd given him to squeeze until the little fucker's head popped off.

He wanted to take a fire axe to the computers of the First Ones where their minds were stored and hack at it and grin with glee as sparks flew in every direction.  He imagined the screams of terror and anguish that no one would ever hear as they were inside the multi-billion year old minds that were realizing that their sick and twisted existence was about to end forever.

Though Jake was no killer, it made him feel good to imagine himself snuffing the entire ancient race with his own two hands.

He knew at that point that he would do whatever it took, and sacrifice anything and everything to bring about their ends.

Rhokki told Jake that the Zeths had amassed quite a collection of video evidence of the transgressions of the First Ones and they now had the Earth's destruction to add to it.  The intent was to use the evidence to show the collective the truth about the nature of the First Ones.  Unfortunately, they could not do it until they had released the planets of the collective from the powerful grip of the Lawkeepers by cutting off the favors.  Until that time it would be too dangerous for this information to get out.  An open rebellion while the favors were still communicating would result in the annihilation of countless worlds by the Lawkeepers and entire races would fade into memory.  They'd lost the Rhuxus' world already to the Lawkeepers and they were not about to risk any others.

Jake and Rhokki's races were both the victims of the callous disregard of the value of life that the First Ones showed and both of them had resolved to spend the rest of their lives working to bring them to justice in whatever way they could to prevent any other worlds from meeting similar fates.

The subsequent communication with Mak had been a somber one as Jake explained everything he'd seen to him.  The young bull became extremely angry and swore on his life to avenge the races that had been eliminated by the First Ones.  He told Jake how sorry he was that he couldn't be there with him to help him deal with this and he reminded him that they would see each other again in just two more days if everything went to plan.

That thought in itself was enough to cheer Jake up quite a bit.

There would be no video link with Mak tonight because at about the same time as they would normally talk, the young bull would be with his father preparing to leave for his ascendance.  Mak would be flown to this planet by the ascendance committee to arrive here sometime in the early morning and, following a brief ceremony with his father in attendance, he would be left behind by himself so that he could begin his trial.

Rhokki had learned that Troska knew the precise location where the trial would begin because the pilot of the shuttle that would bring Mak over was a member of the mad bull's religion and part of the movement and was in on everything.

A ship would leave this camp tomorrow morning to fly over and pick Mak up from where he would be abandoned for the trial.  He would be flown back to the camp and, if Troska kept to his word and allowed it, Jake and Komakwa would be reunited at last.

It made his last ever session stretched out between the poles go by even faster as he thought of his young bull finally returning to him.

As Jake hung, waiting for the next bull who needed a break to walk up and use him, he heard some slight rumbling off in the distance.  This happened off and on every day.  He'd learned a while ago that their camp was actually not very far from the active volcano that Jake had seen when they crashed.  The long, black, smoky plume rising from the crater at its summit was always clearly visible in the sky off in the distance.

It was early afternoon now and he still had several hours of his daily torture to go, but he heard some sort of commotion nearby that broke his reverie.

It sounded like Rhokki's voice and he was angry.  He was shouting at someone and they appeared to be getting closer.

"You can't do this!  I won't allow it!" the big cat shouted in anger.

Several bulls were pouring in from around the camp to gather around Jake and he began to get a very bad feeling.

"Where the hell did they manage to find it?" he heard one of the approaching bulls say.

"I don't know, but it's a big one and it's a full adult and ready to drop its seed.  I thought they were extinct but apparently they're still around and starting to grow in numbers," another bull replied.

Jake wondered what the hell they were talking about and he craned his head around to the direction where Rhokki's voice had come from.

He suddenly saw the mass of gathered bulls parting and the temporary leader came through with Rhokki walking beside him and clearly enraged.

Following behind them were four very large bulls carrying a massive bundle between them.  It was wrapped in a dark burlap-like material and they could barely get their huge arms around it.  The bundle appeared to be squirming and struggling inside its wrapping as the bulls held on tightly to bring it through.

The leader waved to some others that were gathered around and told them to untie Jake and drop him on the ground.

They moved to do it and Rhokki raced in and pounced at one of the bulls from behind.  His claws were extended and they raked the bull, tearing long rents in his back and knocking him down and then he lunged at another and moved to lock his jaws on the bull's throat but the bull was quick enough to bring his massive forearm up to protect his neck and Rhokki's teeth sunk into the arm instead as the bull yelled out in pain.

Several bulls quickly moved in and kicked at the big cat's ribs until he was finally forced to let go.  The lion was quickly overwhelmed when several more bulls joined in and began to rain punches down on him until the leader yelled for them to stop.

"Enough!  Don't kill him or we'll all pay.  Tie him up and let him watch the show.  We're doing this for him, really."

He was so greatly outnumbered that there was nothing Rhokki could do to stop them as they bound his front and back paws together.

He lay on his side, hogtied on the ground ten feet or so away from Jake and facing him and he spat and snarled as he struggled briefly to get free and then gave up when he realized it was hopeless.

He looked at Jake with a combination of terror and sorrow that completely unsettled the man.

"I'm so sorry, Jake.  I should have done what I could to kill these foul creatures long ago.  I blame myself for what they're doing to you.  Please forgive me," the big cat implored.

Jake wasn't sure what was about to happen to him but it obviously wasn't good.

A bull carrying a cord walked up to the lion's head and crouched down before him and said, "If you try to say another word, we'll start cutting parts off your friend there and feeding them to you.  Shut the hell up and watch."

The bull swiftly wrapped the cord several times around Rhokki's muzzle and tied it to secure it shut.

The bulls went back to work untying Jake while the leader faced the man and spoke.

"There's a very interesting plant that's native to this area that used to cause our race a lot of grief millions of years ago when we lived here.  It turns out the plant is making a comeback.  It's a sort of cross between a vine and a cephalopod.  It's able to move incredibly fast when it needs to and it's quite powerful.  Normally, if you came across one it would be the end of you quite quickly.  They wrap their powerful tentacles around you and consume you as you struggle.

"Things are actually worse for you if it's not actually hungry but ready to reproduce.  When one of them reaches the end of its adult life and is pollinating, it uses animals to fertilize its seeds.  It has evolved a very interesting method of spreading its young.  It attaches itself to a male victim and pins them to the ground.  It injects a chemical in through the throat that activates the sexual reproductive system of animals and causes their body to go into full sexual arousal involuntarily.  Once fully erect, the plant sucks the semen out of the victim and ingests it into a sack where its seeds are stored.

"The seeds evolved to mimic the eggs of a female mammal to trick the sperm into approaching them.  The sperm immediately attach to the seeds and push their way in.  They activate the growth of the seed and the plant injects them right back into the body of its victim through their rectum.  The seeds quickly sprout fine tentacles that burrow into the walls of your intestines and they begin to feed off your body.  Your death will be very slow and excruciatingly painful as they gradually consume you from the inside, but at least you'll know you didn't die for nothing.  Hundreds of happy little plants will emerge from your rotting flesh in a week or so and move off to begin to feed off small animals and grow into adults themselves.  It's the circle of life."

Bulls all around laughed as the others finished untying Jake and dropped him to the ground between the poles.

"Get out of the way and stay back," the leader yelled to the bulls crowded around Jake, then he turned to the bulls carrying the bundle and said, "Drop it on him and run like hell."

Jake's arms and legs were rubber from hanging off them all day and his joints refused to work right as he tried to move to get away.

He didn't have a chance as the bulls rushed in and held one end of the burlap as they tossed the bundle toward him and it unrolled, releasing a thick, putrid smelling mass of tentacle-like vines with a large trunk at its center that landed right on him.

Jake was on his back and the wiggling, heavy mass was on top of him.

He reached up to try to grab it and push it to the side but the vine immediately seemed to sense that he was there beneath it and he was just what it was looking for.

It immediately began to thrash on top of him and several slender vines slipped around his body and began to tighten their grip on him as the thick trunk-like center of the strange plant grabbed on to him and held him fast.

As Jake's hands came up into the mass of tentacle-like vines to try the pry the thing off him, the squirming vines wrapped themselves around his wrists.  He could feel them wrapping around his ankles too and suddenly he felt himself being pulled apart again like he was back up and hanging between the poles.

The vines had an iron grip and incredible strength as they forced his arms out to his sides and spread his legs apart on the ground.  Suddenly the vines extended out and down from his wrists and ankles and burrowed into the ground, staking him down and pinning him tightly into place while he was stretched out.

Terror gripped his heart as he struggled but he couldn't budge under the weight of the massive trunk of the vine-like creature.  There was intense pain in his wrists and ankles from the incredibly tight grip the vines had on him as they wrapped tightly around and continued to burrow deeply into the ground to hold him.

Rhokki watched in horror as the massive plant-like creature used its own tentacles to stretch the man's arms and legs out and stake him to the ground.  The big cat whimpered and whined as he struggled against his bindings and tried to free himself to help Jake, but a few bulls kicked at him to make him stop.  He knew there was nothing he could do so he resigned himself to watch in horrified silence as his friend was being tortured.

A thick, slimy, hollow tentacle that was oozing a foul smelling liquid from its tip approached Jake's face.  He turned his head to avoid letting it get to his mouth but another, smaller vine wrapped around his neck, then ran up the side of his head and around his forehead and he felt his head being forcefully twisted back to turn and face forward again.

The strength of the vine-like tentacles was enormous and try as he might, Jake could do nothing to stop the plant from using him as the disposable incubator for its young.

He held his mouth tightly shut but it was no use.  Two more small vines sprouted from the one wrapped around his neck and they stretched up and squirmed over his chin and to his mouth.  They inserted themselves into his mouth and then slipped between his teeth as they thickened and grew.

With amazing strength the two vines began to separate and one forced his upper teeth upward and the other forced his jaw down and opened his mouth as the dripping and vile smelling thicker tentacle pushed its way past his forcefully parted lips.

The incredibly horrible tasting and foul liquid began to squirt in pulses from the end of the tentacle as it wriggled over Jake's tongue and continued on down his throat.

He could feel the end of the thick tentacle steadily work its way down his throat and enter into his stomach, and it began to pump even more of the liquid into him.  The tentacle pulsed along its length as the thick syrup moved along it through his mouth and down his throat to spurt into his stomach.

Almost immediately Jake began to feel a strange sensation throughout his body.  It was like there was a mild electricity beginning to vibrate every muscle in him just slightly.  His penis began to grow and stiffen rapidly against his will as his mind began to feel calmer and he started to get a mild buzz in his head.

Jake's struggling began to lessen against the powerful vines that held him as the thick tentacle pumped more of the fluid into him.

He heard a strange, wet sucking sound and felt something moving against his belly.  The plant had a thick appendage at its mid-section that it was moving into position.  It probed around until it found the head of Jake's thick penis and it began to move the wet mouth of its appendage over it and Jake felt it sucking his penis into its thick, pulsing, slimy throat.

The fluid the plant had been pumping into him was beginning to affect him more intensely and he began to feel more sexually aroused than he'd ever been in his life and the pleasant buzz began to increase more towards euphoria.

His mind became foggy as he began to forget the danger he was in and he felt like he wanted the plant to go faster and suck him in and work his aching cock.

The sensation of the long, wet tube slurping the full length of his throbbing penis in to it was incredible.  He began to moan and groan around the tentacle that was deeply entrenched in his throat as the other tube finally sucked the entirety of his long rod in and clamped tightly on to the base of his penis and began to throb and pulse and squeeze his rigid cock all along its length while increasing the suction.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that if he allowed himself to cum he was giving the plant what it needed to ultimately kill him, but he was unable to resist the powerful, chemically induced urge to reach the orgasm that his body was yearning for.

Even while he was squirming underneath the plant in ecstasy from the intense pleasure he was feeling, another tentacle worked its way down between his legs and began to probe for his anus.  It found it and inserted itself roughly and began to work its way in deeper into his rectum.  It pushed and grew thicker and forced its way deeper and deeper into him until it reached the end of his rectum where it stopped and continued to thicken more until it was nearly tearing him apart.

The thick tentacle in his rectum began to pulse and vibrate and pull and push very slightly and very quickly.  The sensation was incredible and Jake rapidly felt the most intense orgasm of his life begin to boil up.  The plant had evolved to perfectly stimulate its victim and force his body to give it what it needed to fertilize its seeds and give its young a start at life using the victim as their source of food.

The electricity that had been vibrating his whole body seemed to begin to pull inward toward the base of his balls and focus there.  As his scrotum began to tighten up to squeeze his massive load of sperm up along the shaft of his penis, the electricity intensified until he almost couldn't take it anymore and then as his orgasm crashed into him.

The focused electricity then exploded outward in fast and powerful repeating waves that hammered his body with pulses of exquisite ecstasy.

He lay on the ground splayed out and pinned there with one thick vine down his throat, one shoved into his rectum, and a third one wetly sucking on his rigid cock and milking him as he writhed and squirmed in intense pleasure.

Each time a wave of powerful electricity shot out from his loins his body convulsed and he grunted and tensed as he squirted a massive, thick jet of semen out of the big head of his cock into the wet guts of the plant.  The tube sucked it down into the heart of the strange creature and collected it in a sack there that was filled with its own seeds suspended in a fluid.

Again and again Jake convulsed and tensed and shot another jet of cum into the hungry plant as his body was ravaged by the most intense and pleasurable orgasm of his life.

He was feeding the plant exactly what it needed to turn around and inject the fertilized seeds into Jake that would ultimately kill him.

The orgasm began to die down as the wet appendage milked the last of his semen from his cock and the freakish plant seemed to sense it was getting nothing more.  It eased off on the sucking of Jake's penis and seemed almost to go dormant for a few moments as it gave Jake's sperm time to push their way into the seeds and fertilize them in its sack.

Then suddenly Jake felt his anus being spread wide as something forced its way along the inside of the tentacle that was inserted in him.  The tentacle in his rectum swelled at its base and a thick ball of fluid began to work its way along its length past his anus and into his rectum.

As the fog of sexual pleasure began to clear from Jake's mind, the fear began to return and he began to struggle futilely once more as he felt the ball working its way all along the length of the tentacle until it finally reached the end and burst out into his bowels.

He was being bred and there was nothing he could do about it.

Almost immediately Jake felt an intense burning sensation in his intestines.  The seeds were already sprouting small tentacles out and latching onto his bowels and trying to dig in and hold tight so they could begin to absorb him and feed off of him and grow into larger plants that would eventually burst from his swelling corpse and move off to find more food.

As soon as the large mass of writhing vines atop him completed its successful breeding of him it began to relax and pull out of him.  He felt the whole thing go loose as it appeared to die right on top of him.

It went completely still and limp as its tentacles pulled right out of Jake's mouth and his rectum and the long, wet, tube-like mouth went slack as it pulled off of his penis.

Even as the burning sensation in his bowels had begun to grow, it leveled off and quickly began to dissipate and fade away to nothing.

The bulls started to laugh and one of them said, "That was amazing!  I'd try that myself if I still could."

Another bull asked, "Are you fucking insane?  He'll die a horribly painful death over the next day or two!  This one's just an alien so who cares if it dies, but you would give up your life for a great orgasm?"

Some other bulls laughed and the leader said, "Relax, we were just having a bit of fun at the expense of the little cat over there.  It's our way of thanking him for being a pain in the ass for the last two weeks.  The cat's been without the favors so long he's forgotten what they're capable of.  The favors in the alien's body are already ripping the baby plants to shreds and stopping them from doing any real damage.  The rest of us had our favors purged so we'd be in trouble if we got bred by one of those things but the alien will be fine."

Jake began to relax as he realized it was just a cruel prank aimed at Rhokki and he was not going to be food for the young plants.  His favors recognized them as parasitic invaders and were dealing with them.  That's why the pain had stopped before it had even built to anything significant.  It must have been a horrible way to die back in the day when the bulls lived here and hadn't emerged into the collective and had no favors to defend them, but Jake would be just fine.

"You guys get rid of the plant," the leader said, "Untie the cat and let him take his bum buddy back to the infirmary.  As a reward for the entertainment, we'll give the alien the rest of the day off from his latrine duties."

Some bulls moved to yank the dead vines out of the ground at Jake's wrists and ankles and then worked them off and pulled the whole limp plant off him and took it away.

Others moved to untie Rhokki while the leader warned the big cat not to try anything.

As soon as he was freed, the massive lion raced to stand over Jake, straddling him with his claws digging into the ground, and then he roared so long and loud that any bulls in front of him covered their ears and back away nervously.  Jake could feel his body vibrating from the force of the roar it was so loud and flocks of birds erupted from the nearby trees and flew away in a panic.

Rhokki snarled and snorted and roared again long and loudly while shaking his mane and baring his long white teeth and letting the bulls know that if they didn't get away from him now there would be bloodshed.  Several of them would be torn to pieces before they could get control of the enraged cat.  It didn't matter one bit that what they'd done would not ultimately harm Jake physically.  The dangerous cat had reached his limit and he was ready to taste the blood of each and every one of these bulls.

Some bulls at the front saw the murderous rage in the massive lion's eyes and they turned and ran and some of the others began to quickly disperse but a large number of them that were further back held their ground and got ready for a fight.

"Please, Rhokki, get a grip on yourself!  They'll kill you!  I'm fine.  Settle down and help me back to the infirmary tent, OK?" Jake pleaded.

The cat finally began to come back down when he heard Jake's plea.  He looked down at Jake and his anger quickly changed to a look of care and concern.

"Can you stand?  Will you be able to walk back?" Rhokki asked.

"I could if you would move off me," Jake said and smiled up at the cat.

The big lion had been straddling Jake to protect him as he lay on the ground.

Rhokki moved to the side and Jake sat up and put a hand on the powerful cat's shoulders and pulled himself up to a standing position.

Jake wobbled for a few moments while he waited for blood to flow properly and his balance to come back.  In a short time he was able to walk slowly forward as he leaned somewhat onto Rhokki and the cat led him back to their tent.

"I do not understand how you are able to control your emotions," the powerful cat said as they walked, "How do you not fly into a rage against these cowardly, sick and vile creatures?"

"I don't know.  I guess if I'm not really hurt it just doesn't faze me enough to lose control.  I hate them all and I want to see them punished for what they've done as much as you do but to lose my grip would be to let them win.  I don't want them to enjoy it any more than they already did and that's all that would happen if they got to watch me fly into an impotent rage."

"I wish you could teach me that sort of control," the big cat said, "In hindsight I see clearly that you were right.  I may have tasted the blood of many of them before they got the upper hand but they definitely would have killed me for it and I would be handing them a victory over me that they do not deserve."

They got back into the tent and Rhokki helped Jake onto his cot and then proceeded to tenderly clean him up in the usual way.  He took much more time at it this time as he gently and carefully washed every inch of the man.  As he worked he would occasionally look up into Jake's eyes and seemed as if he was about to speak, but he would turn back to his work instead.

He had cleaned Jake from head to toe but left his crotch for last as usual.  This time though, he simply cleaned him there with the cloth and that was all.  The man was completely spent and did not need any help down there today and the lion felt it would just bring back the memory of his recent ordeal.

When the big cat finished cleaning Jake completely he looked at him again for a while as though he were gathering the courage to say something, but then he sighed heavily and turned to put the wet cloth back in the bucket and turned to the rucksack to bring out some food for Jake.

Jake couldn't help but wonder what the lion wanted to get off his chest.  He felt that Rhokki might be developing very strong feelings for him.  He could see it in the way the cat looked at him and hear it in his voice.  It was even more obvious in the loving way he cleaned Jake when he really didn't need to.  It was like he used it as an excuse to experience a physical bond with Jake.

Jake was developing strong feels for Rhokki too.  He couldn't help it.  The big cat treated him with such care and tenderness.  He was so kind and gentle even though he was so powerful and imposing.  He was physically the most stunningly beautiful person Jake had ever seen in his life.

Jake felt drawn to him and comfortable with him.  Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that they were both orphaned from their races in a sense.  There were still a few of their people floating around in space somewhere but they no longer had a home world.

It may have something to do with whatever modifications the Matchmakers had been made to him to enhance his desire to seek out partners for sex.

More likely it was simply the fact that Rhokki was a wonderful guy who clearly cared about Jake and would put his life on the line for him.

As strong as Jake's feelings were, he was not comfortable talking about it with the lion just yet.  Not until he'd spoken to Mak about it.  Mak held a bigger place in Jake's heart than anyone else ever could and he wasn't about to do anything that might hurt the young bull.

He recalled the conversation he'd had with Mak about Srythryn after they'd crashed and been reunited.  Mak seemed very much alright with the idea of Jake loving someone else too, but only if he was in on it and knew he was part of the package as well.  He most likely would have no problem sharing Jake's love with Rhokki, but Jake would not act until he was sure.

Regardless, he wanted the big cat to at least know how much he appreciated his kindness.

"You're really a wonderful guy, Rhokki.  I want to thank you again for all you've done for me in the past two weeks.  Your kindness has meant everything to me.  I couldn't have survived this without you."

Jake sat up and then knelt on the floor in front of the big cat and wrapped his arms around the lion's mane and Rhokki rested his chin on Jake's shoulder and put a paw across his back and the two held each other quietly for a few moments.

Jake pulled back and kissed Rhokki on the cheek and then smiled at him and sat back on the cot.

The lion looked into his eyes and said, "I only wish I could have done more for you.  I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed my time with you.  I have led such a lonely life.  Being near you this way and caring for you has really made me realize what I've missed by not sharing intimacy with another.  I hope that we can still be close after tomorrow when your lover returns."

"I will always want you close to me from now on Rhokki.  That will never change," Jake said.

The big cat smiled and said, "That is good to hear, because that is what I intend to do for you going forward.  Lie down and rest for now.  I will have to tie you up again.  I will go and speak to the Zeth representative.  I intend to inform him that my people will be breaking all ties with Troska's group.  I would sooner eat my own scat than spend one more day with these foul creatures than is absolutely necessary.  When my people's ship arrives in another week I intend to bring you and Komakwa aboard with me and we will decide then how to proceed against the First Ones.

"We will not be including the miquanowan movement in our plans as long as it is being led by that insane bull and his band of depraved underlings.  I know that Komakwa's race is a noble one, but unless they find themselves better representation we will have to advance our cause without them.  If that means the loss of Zeth support then so be it.  The way I feel now, if the Zeths choose to continue their association with Troska then I have no interest in maintaining my people's association with the Zeths.  I suspect the Zeths may reassess whether or not they really need Troska and his people when they find themselves with no way to communicate."

"How is it that you are the only one who can communicate with them anyhow?" Jake asked.

"I am not the only one, but one of the few.  The Zeths do not speak.  They communicate through a form of telepathy that is really quite close to radio but operates on a very broad spectrum.  It uses fluctuations in static electric fields instead of directed electromagnetic signals so they cannot actually communicate with each other over long range without radio equipment or their own version of QECH.  Without the benefit of technology to assist them their own communication is limited in range to about the same as you and I would be if we tried to shout at each other."

"What are they like?" Jake asked, "I remember being told they're made of silicon instead of carbon.  I can't even imagine how that would work."

"Their physiology is quite unusual and I know of no other life form ever discovered that is like them.  They are made primarily of silicon with other metals and minerals mixed in and they more closely resemble electronic machines than anything else, though they essentially grow like biological creatures and they have a flexible crystalline structure.  I know nothing of their history so I do not know how they evolved, but I suspect it was not entirely natural.  They may have begun as sophisticated machines built by some ancient race and were given the ability to reproduce and evolve and are now a completely self-sustaining sentient race.  They do not have metabolisms in the normal sense.  They eat what is essentially sand along with certain organic compounds that their bodies use to produce a type of polymer that is integrated into some of their structures.  They use a fluid similar to mineral oil to move their metallic and mineral nutrients around their bodies to be incorporated into their crystalline structure as needed.  They also need to take in electricity to power their functions."

Jake chuckled and said, "It would be pretty convenient if all we had to do was plug in for a bit to charge up instead of going to all the bother of eating."

"Convenient, but also boring.  I love to eat and would not want to give it up.  In their case they can use electricity from any source but they will still need to ingest the sand-like substance that provides them with what they need to grow and maintain their bodies so they do in fact eat, though much less than we do since they do not derive their energy from their food.  Their skin also generates electricity for them whenever they are exposed to light and their bodies are translucent to allow light to pass through more of their structures to produce a greater amount of electricity.  They have exceedingly efficient capacitors in their bodies that can store large amounts of the electricity they need to power themselves."

"How do they move around?  If they're crystalline, how are they able to walk or pick things up?  Do they have some sort of motors inside them?" Jake asked.

"Not exactly.  Motors would be too sophisticated and prone to failure over time.  They have muscles that work similarly to ours but instead of using biological cells to grow bundles of fibers, they grow stacks of what are essentially crystalline piezoelectric micro-actuators.  Similar to how the weak fibers in our musculature can work in concert in large bundles to produce a great deal of strength, their microscopic actuators work in large groups to produce the strength necessary to work their bodies.  Their eyes are photoelectric and their hearing is piezoelectric in nature.  They can reproduce, though I have no idea of the details of how that works.  The bottom line is their physiology is as alien as it gets from our point of view and we have not yet developed the language to fully understand how it works," Rhokki said.

"What about their language?  They don't talk, so do they have a language in the normal sense?"

"Because they do not have need of a voice, they have never developed any sort of audible language that we could use to communicate with them.  They evolved to manipulate static fields around them and the ability to detect the same manipulation by others, and that is how they communicate with each other.  It so happens that my race has a sort of sixth sense that is highly tuned to electric fields and is connected to our emotions.  It primarily evolved in us as a tool to aid in sensing living things around us so we can hunt in the pitch dark but has since evolved to give us a sensitivity to others' emotions and needs.  When we sleep here at night, even though I am in a different cot, I can feel your heart beating and I can sense when you have bad dreams or good ones by the changes in the fields around your body that are produced by your own muscles as they tense or relax in certain ways.  The more time we spend in close proximity the more I become attuned to you and your needs and feelings.

"The Zeths have found they can use that innate ability to communicate with the rhuxus.  Its difficult to explain how it works but it's almost like communicating through feelings.  They can impress basic images on us and basic emotions.  If the Zeth representative wanted me to get him a glass of water for example he would impress the image of water into my mind, and then the feeling of generosity towards him in me while he expresses a feeling of need in himself.  It takes a great deal of practice to make it work and communication of more complex ideas is still fairly difficult but it is getting easier all the time as we develop our own shortcuts.  We've formed a sort of unique bond that only really works well between the two of us.  I have spent several years working with this Zeth and he has come to be able to communicate quite effectively.  My side of the communication is much simpler because they do have ears and they have been taught our language over time so I need only speak to him directly."

"Is the rhuxus race the only one they can communicate with?" Jake asked.

"No, but it seems to work best with us.  They actually first made inroads with the miquanowan people before they approached us.  These people too have a bit of a sensitivity to the Zeths but only the females seem to possess it.  In fact, I believe your lover's mother was one of the first to work with the Zeths many years ago to try to communicate with them.  They were early trials and things were somewhat clumsy but they were making some progress.  She was working without the knowledge of her family at the time as she did not wish to endanger them and she had secretly joined their traditionalist religion and had her favors purged.  She died of complications due to an unfortunate accident.

"It was through her that Troska's group made their initial connection with the Zeths.  Her death was a serious setback but eventually it was discovered that my people have a much stronger ability to communicate, and after several years of practice we are doing much better than was ever possible before.  There is one other race that I know of that can also communicate with the Zeths.  They are a race of bear-like people who are relatively small and black and white in color.  It is the females of their race that are sensitive as well.  They are not quite as sensitive as my race but more so than the miquanowans.  The Zeths have been working with people of that race who have purged their nanos as well.  It is hoped we can safely free their world soon and we will be going there in the near future to coordinate the launching of our satellites with the activation of one of the smaller devices on their ark ship that is in a hidden location in interstellar space."

"What about Komakwa's world?  Will you be freeing that one too?" Jake asked.

"Yes, that was our intention.  We were going to be freeing the miquanowan world first and then moving on to the other.  That may have to change now if we take Troska out of the picture.  He has been the one coordinating all activities here.  Without him it may take us longer to organize this world and prepare it.  The miquanowans have a strong military but the bulk of it has been deployed to deal with the Zeths.  They have to be ordered back to prepare to defend their own world before we can safely cut off the favors and break the Lawkeepers' grip on the race.  It was our hope to have Komakwa's father purge himself of the favors so that we could explain our cause in detail to him, and then use his deep ties to both their military and their government to bring everything we needed into place."

"I see.  Well, you can count me in with whatever plans you make for the future.  I can't imagine how I might be able to help but if you think of anything let me know."

The lion smiled and nodded and said, "I will.  I must go now and speak with the Zeth.  Rest and I will return to you shortly."

Jake lay down on the cot and the cat gently bound his wrists and ankles once more so as not to give the bulls any excuse for more atrocities, then he kissed Jake on the forehead and then walked out of the tent.

It was still early afternoon, but Jake's weariness from the ordeal of the day weighed heavy, and as his mind turned to comforting thoughts of his coming reunion with the young bull, he slipped down into slumber.


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