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This series tells the story of an ordinary man who's life is near its natural end, but who suddenly finds himself, at the moment of the unexpected destruction of his world, the victim of an alien abduction with a bizarre motive, that ultimately opens the entire universe to him and propels him into a life of adventure that he'd never imagined was even possible.  He eventually finds himself thrust front and center into events that could, both figuratively and quite literally, change the shape of the entire known universe.

I hope that you enjoy it.

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Favors of the First Ones - Chapter 6

Jake was awakened by his shivering.  He felt warm at the front where his body was stretched out against Mak's warm muscular form, but the back of him was exposed to the increasingly chilly night air as he lay naked atop his lover.

As he slowly became more conscious he remembered their sex play and how sleepy he'd felt after it.  They'd fallen asleep and hadn't retreated into the tent.

He was about to get up and try to wake Mak so they could go into the makeshift tent and get under the covers when he noticed an odd sound coming from the far side of the camp.  It sounded like something rubbing against the dirt repeatedly.

His eyes were well adjusted to the darkness but even with the dim light of a sliver of moon allowing him to see the vague shapes of trees he couldn't see anything moving where the sound was coming from.  It was a bit too dark.

He suddenly wondered why it was so dark.  How long had they been asleep?  Should the fire have gone out already?  Should it be so cold?  Why weren't the rocks still radiating heat?

His heart suddenly started to beat faster as he came to the realization that they had intended to stack a large amount of wood on the fire just before going into the tent to sleep but after their love making they'd fallen asleep and hadn't done it.  The fire would have burnt out quickly and the rocks had radiated all of their heat while they slept.  They were now vulnerable to the black-furred predators that Mak had told him about.

Just as that thought came to him the sound of something rubbing against the ground stopped and he saw what looked like a dark shadow rise up against a tree at the far side of the camp.  He realized almost immediately what it was and his heart began to beat even faster.

The black shape continued to stretch up along the tree and he could make out two legs clawing their way up the tree's trunk.  As the shadow continued to rise up he saw two more legs at its mid-section.  It was one of the six-legged predators.  That was the tree that Mak had hung the giant 'bunny' on.  The animal must have been licking at the puddle of blood and was now looking for its source.

Jake's heart went from beating fast to hammering in his chest when he heard a low growl coming from a different direction on the other side of the dead fire and he remembered that Mak had said they only hunt in packs of four or more.

He saw another black shadow emerge from the darkness and begin to resolve itself into a more solid shape as it approached the dead fire.

It had a very wide and flat head that to Jake looked more like a salamander than a crocodile.  It had a row of jagged teeth all around its wide mouth.  It's eyes were very large and forward facing.  It had black, spiky looking fur that raked back along its head that switched to a thicker, softer looking jet black fur at the neck and the rest of its body.  It had powerful, thick legs that ended at feet that looked sort of like a big cat's paws with long sharp claws extended.  Its tail was wide and long like a crocodiles.  It had likely evolved to hunt both on land and in the water.  Its fur looked slightly shiny like an otter's but its body really did look like a furry crocodile with six legs.

The creature stopped, facing the rocks of the fire pit, and growled again and extended a large paw with long claws tentatively toward the remains of the fire.  They must still be radiating just enough heat to be more noticeable to the predator than Jake and Mak's body heat but the creature was confused about what the rocks were.

Jake put his hand over Mak's mouth and used his other hand to start poking firmly at the bull's ribs while trying not to move too much.  It took a few tries but then Mak tensed with a start and struggled briefly until he realized where he was and that Jake was trying to keep him quiet.

As soon as he was still, Jake removed his hand from Mak's mouth and moved his own close to the bull's ear and whispered as quietly as he could, "We're in trouble."

Jake slowly turned his head back to face the predators and Mak followed the direction of his gaze and saw what Jake had seen.  Jake felt him tense up immediately beneath him as all of the same realizations about their neglect at stoking the fire likely played through for Mak and he grasped the situation.

Mak slowly turned his head back to Jake's ear and whispered as quietly as he could, "The rocks must still be warm enough to be a bigger target than us.  We need to crawl away as slowly and quietly as we can and keep the fire pit between them and us.  They'll see us when we move further away and I don't think we'll have a chance running from them but we have to try."

Jake nodded his acknowledgment but before either of them could begin to act there was a loud snap followed by a series of yowls of pain in the forest beyond the first predator.  A third one must have been approaching and got in a tangle with one of Komakwa's traps!

The predator near the fire brought it's wide-jawed head up and looked in the direction of the sound.  Mak seized on what might be the only opportunity to catch the creatures off guard and he acted quickly.

He used all of his great strength to fling Jake away from the camp out toward the forest and away from the threat while he shouted, "Run!"

Jake rolled and got up on his knees and watched as Mak then rolled to his side and grabbed one of the spears he'd left beside the fire and brought it up just in time as the predator close to the fire pit snarled and launched itself at him.  The bull simply planted the butt of the spear firmly against the ground and aimed it right at the creature's throat and it dutifully impaled itself onto it.  It immediately thrashed and rolled and the spear snapped leaving Mak with nothing but a broken stick in his hand.

Jake sighed in relief and stood up as the wounded animal turned and ran off into the forest again.

"I said run, Jake!  There'll be more of them!" Mak yelled at him as he scrambled toward the other spear that lay on the ground.

The first predator dropped down from the tree and turned to rush into the camp toward Mak.

Jake was about to follow orders and run, but then suddenly realized he was the only one here who could actually die safely.  He couldn't leave Mak to deal with this threat by himself.  He turned and ran toward where he'd left the emergency kit he'd used the night before to retrieve the knife from it.

Mak reached the second spear as the predator was almost upon him and he picked up the sharpened stick and stabbed it forward at the creature with all his might.  The spear went right into the predator's open mouth as it lunged to bite down on Mak and the spear tip stuck into the back of the creature's throat and stopped it from reaching him.

The predator snapped its jaws shut and began to shake at the spear to try to break it loose.  Mak knew that if the spear broke he'd be left with nothing but a blunt broken stick again so he tried to follow the movements of the creature's head while pulling on the spear to dislodge it from the creature's mouth but the jaws were clamped down hard and he couldn't pull it free.

Jake found the knife in the survival kit and ran to where Mak was struggling and leaped up and drove the knife downward with both hands.  Just as there was a loud snap and the spear broke leaving Mak unarmed, Jake's knife came down and plunged into the back of the animal's neck and it shuddered once and collapsed.

Another growl came from the far side of the fire pit and Jake looked over to see another low black shape emerge from the forest.  They'd killed one predator and Mak had wounded another and sent it off into the woods with a spear sticking through its neck.  A third was still struggling in the forest, caught in one of Mak's traps.  This must be the fourth of the pack.

No sooner had Jake finished doing his predator math than another growl came, followed by a fifth predator.  Then two more emerged behind those.  All of them began to advance along the ground and Jake realized he was the only one holding a knife and even if they each had one they couldn't take on four of the beasts at once.  They were done for.

Mak suddenly leaped up and ran away without a word.

Jake was about to follow suit but then he remembered what Mak had said.  They had no hope of outrunning these six legged animals.

Jake knew immediately what he had to do.  Mak might have a chance if Jake stayed back and let himself be the prey for them.  He'd do whatever damage he could with his knife and hold them off as long as possible to give the bull time to escape.  He prayed Mak would be able to stay alive out here by himself for the three months it would take for Jake to be resurrected and let everyone know where the young bull was so they could come and get him.

Jake wasn't sure how far Mak might have gotten already but he shouted at the top of his lungs, "Mak, keep running!  I'm gonna stay and hold them off!  When I'm resurrected I'll let them know where you are!  Please don't die!  I love you!"

The predators all let out a snarl and began to race toward Jake's position and he braced himself with his knife in hand and prepared for his messy end.

Suddenly, he heard a strange hissing noise behind him and a red streak flew past his head from behind and then the pack of animals erupted into yowls of pain and rage as a blindingly bright red hot flare hit the ground right in front of them.   There was another hiss and another flare shot at them and actually hit one of them in the side.  The pack turned as one and raced off into the woods.

Jake turned to see a grinning Komakwa approaching in the brilliant red glow of the hot flares.

"I love you too, Jake," he said, "but seriously, just because you can die doesn't mean you should.  Don't be in such a rush to leave me alone out here, please?"

Jake walked over to Mak and slipped into his arms and hugged him as tight as he could and said, "Things are just so damn boring around here I thought I couldn't take it any more, but if you insist, I'll stick around a bit longer in case anything interesting ever happens."

Mak chuckled and then he took the knife from Jake's hand and said, "That was pretty impressive work with the knife.  You looked just like Siskreth Dundee coming to my rescue."

Jake laughed and said, "No, I'm just the trusty side kick.  You're the Dundee around here."

He hugged Mak once more and gave him a kiss.

Mak said, "I piled up the wood just over there, throw some on the fire pit so we can get it going again.  Those flares will only burn for a minute."

Jake proceeded to pile wood onto the fire pit while Mak went off a little ways into the woods and returned with a handful of dried moss and small twigs and dry leaves and added them to the base of the fire.

Jake finished piling almost all of the wood they had onto the fire pit and the flares were beginning to sputter.  Mak twisted the bottom of the survival knife he had in his hand and the butt of the knife came away with what looked like a long rod of metal attached to it.  He held the butt of the knife with the metal rod in his left hand and with his right hand he turned the knife and rubbed the back edge of the blade along the rod and a shower of sparks flew into the moss and it immediately began to smoke.  One more shower of sparks and the moss erupted in flames.  Mak leaned in and softly blew to get the tiny twigs going and then the kindling all began to catch and in no time the fire was beginning to burn and light up the camp again.

Komakwa, knife still in hand, then headed off past the tree where the 'bunny' was hanging and there was sudden thrashing and snarling and then a loud yelp that was cut off.  Mak then emerged from the trees dragging a long black corpse by the tail and dropped it at the base of the tree.  He then came and got the creature that Jake had killed with the knife.

He cut off two more branches of the large tree and hung the two black predators up by impaling their anuses on the branch stubs and then he slit their throats to drain them.

Mak then went back into the woods.  Jake presumed he was going to reset the traps.  After a short time he reemerged and came to join Jake by the fire.

The two of them sat down on the spread out balloon material and watched while the fire continued to grow and started to lick at all of the wood on the pile.

"That was a bit rough, but we're off to a good start carcass wise," Mak said, "Those predators have fairly thick hides and their fur is warm and waterproof.  I'll be able to make you some good fur-lined moccasins and some comfortable sleeping pelts.  We need to be more careful with the fire in future though."

"Will that be enough wood to get us through the rest of the night?" Jake asked.

Mak looked up at the stars and thought about it briefly and then said, "Yeah, no problem.  We're more than half way to dawn already.  That was too close.  It's a lucky thing you woke up.  I shouldn't have been so stupid with the fire.  I could have got us killed.  I should have thrown all that wood on the fire right away before we started messing around."

"Don't beat yourself up about it," Jake said, "I was here too and I knew what needed to be done but I got caught up in my lust for you.  We learned our lesson about the fire.  We'll make sure we do it right tomorrow night.  Let's just go to bed in the tent where its warmer.  I don't know if I'll be able to sleep or not after that bit of excitement but I know one thing that usually helps me to drift off."

"I think I know what that thing is.  I used to do it by myself in my room with my own hand and a pretty messy sock would go back into my drawer for the favors to deal with," Mak said with a smile, and then he stood to make his way over to the tent.

"We really are kindred spirits," Jake said, chuckling, and followed him.

Mak began to crawl into the tent but Jake said, "Wait, you've still got your boots on.  Let me take them off for you so you don't track your dirt into the tent."

Mak stopped and turned over and sat on his butt with his feet just at the entrance to the tent and smiled at Jake.

Jake walked up to Mak's feet and then crouched down and began to untie one of his hiking boots.

He slowly pulled the boot off, relishing the moment.  Sure enough, as soon as Mak's big, thickly-socked foot came free, Jake was instantly hit with the smell of it.  Mak had slipped his already slightly ripe feet into these boots just before their ride the day before and his feet had been sweating in them ever since.  It really smelled great to Jake.  He didn't know why it was, but ever since he was a little boy he'd been attracted to the rich, masculine smell of a man's feet after they'd been working hard and sweating into a pair of boots.  It was one of those things that had a direct link into his libido and as soon as he smelled it something inside him switched on hard and his body began to vibrate and his cock began to swell.

Jake untied the other boot and pulled it off to increase the effect and his head began to spin pleasantly as he inhaled deeply.  He looked up and saw Komakwa grinning at him.  The bull knew full well how much Jake was enjoying this.  Jake grinned back at him and asked him to shuffle backwards into the tent.  He did so and Jake followed him in.

The young bull was still wearing his thick socks and Jake was not done with his feet just yet.  He kneeled down at Komakwa's feet and then sat back on his own feet.  He lifted one of Mak's big feet into his lap and marveled at the size of it.  It was over a foot and a half long and almost a foot wide.  Jake squeezed the foot with his hand to start massaging it and Mak sighed and lay back to enjoy the sensation.

Jake worked his hands around the foot squeezing hard along the edges of it and working his thumbs along the sole while moving up toward the toes.

Mak's foot had only four toes.  The inner one was the largest just like a human foot but the other three were nearly as large.  They were wide and thick and long.  Each toe was nearly three inches across and four inches long.  Jake worked the toes with his hands, squeezing and pinching them.  He worked his thumbs hard into the ball of Mak's foot and then down to the sole and the young bull groaned at the soothing sensation of having his foot rubbed.

The smell coming up from Mak's dirty sock was making Jake's cock continue to swell.  He lifted the big foot up toward his face and planted his nose under the big fat toes and took a long leisurely sniff.  Jake moaned and sniffed again.  It was a scent that to him was indescribably erotic and intensely attractive.  Each time he sniffed he could feel electricity coursing through him he was so turned on by it.  He rubbed his face against the warm underside of Mak's foot and then kissed the sole and finally put the foot back down on his lap and slipped off the thick woolen sock and tossed it in the corner up near where Jake's head would be when it was time to sleep.  He wanted the socks inside the tent so they could keep it smelling like Mak all night long.

He took the other foot into his lap and repeated the process of rubbing it and squeezing the toes and helping Mak to relax.  Once he had both socks removed he worked his knees back and leaned down to kiss Mak's feet.  The tops of his feet were covered in the dark brown hide that covered most of the bull's body but the undersides were a very light brown and smoother.  Jake turned his face sideways and licked along the underside of the toes.  He then probed his tongue in the gaps between the toes to lick up the salty sweat there.

He continued to kiss and lick and suck at Mak's toes until he'd washed them thoroughly with his tongue.

He then pulled Mak's feet apart and began to crawl up between them to the bull's crotch.  He placed his hands on Komakwa's thick, powerful thighs and leaned his face in to rub it against the bull's massive balls.

Komakwa brought his big hands down and rubbed them on the back of Jake's head and moaned as Jake began to lick at the bull's leathery scrotum once more.  He moved up a bit and began to kiss the already fully erect shaft of Mak's thick penis and then licked it along the moist shaft.  He worked his way upward toward the head and once again found a large puddle of precum had accumulated on Mak's upper belly just below his chest where the bull's cock head had been steadily oozing.

Jake moved his face onto the puddle and slurped at the slick treat and then turned his head and licked at the end of Mak's penis making the bull jump slightly under him.  He latched his mouth onto the thick blunt head and began to suck at it while tonguing the still oozing slit.

Mak moaned and put his hands on Jake's head again and pushed it down further onto his cock but it wouldn't go far.  The angle was not good.

Mak pulled Jake's head off his cock and said in a husky voice, "I want to fuck your throat again.  I love the idea of stuffing my big, dirty cock into your mouth and burying it all the way and shooting my thick seed into your stomach.  Lay down on your back with your feet up here."

Jake enthusiastically complied and turned around with his butt up towards Mak's head and his feet up near that end of the tent and lay down on his back.

Mak rolled over him so his crotch was near Jake's face and worked his knees back just a bit so the end of his cock was lined up near Jake's mouth.

Jake tilted his head back and opened wide as Mak brought his fat, blunt cock head up against Jake's mouth.  Once again Jake could smell the light odor of urine and the slime and bits of smegma that coated the top half of the bull's thick cock from having been kept inside the sheath-like base.  It curled Jake's toes and turned him on hard because he knew the smell came from inside his lover.  It was all Mak.  Jake relaxed his jaw completely and began to drool as the young bull began to push his hips forward firmly and Jake sucked the end of the cock in until it reached the back of his throat and then relaxed his throat completely and waited.

Mak began moaning as he pushed harder and his cock head spread Jake's throat wide and forced its way in.  Mak continued to push forward with all of his might shoving more and more of his long thick tool into Jake until his massive, musky balls bumped up against Jake's face filling his nose with the powerfully masculine scent of his musk and sweat and his pubic bone bumped against Jake's chin.  He was buried to the root.

He then brought his knees up and outward and braced himself with his hands on the floor on either side of Jake and slowly lifted his ass.  His thick cock slowly pulled out of Jake's throat until it almost came right out and then Mak smoothly and firmly pushed and thrust his cock all the way back in again until his balls once more bumped against Jake's face.  He repeated the smooth and steady motion a few more times while moaning softly.

Jake felt the bull was still holding back, perhaps out of fear of harming Jake.  He wanted Mak to let go and fuck his throat with all he had.  He waited till Mak had pulled himself almost all the way out and then put his hands up on the bull's massive glutes and pulled hard while moaning and forced Mak to thrust harder.

Mak moaned loudly when he realized what Jake wanted.  The bull pulled back once more and then grunted and thrust his cock deep into Jake's throat faster taking less care for his lover's well being.  Jake was turned on hard and wanted Mak to just keep going so when Mak pulled out Jake pulled at his big muscular ass again.

Mak needed no more coaxing at that point and he began to moan and groan as he built up a rhythm and started bucking hard against Jake's face.  His big ass bobbed up and down faster and faster as he grunted and thrust and his huge balls slapped hard against Jake's nose.  The idea that he was burying his dirty, oozing cock deep into his lover's throat and mashing his smelly crotch up against his face drove Mak into a frenzy and he continued to buck faster and faster moaning and grunting as his orgasm began to build higher and higher.

Jake moaned his pleasure at being used so hard and the vibration, along with the knowledge that Jake was loving having Mak's thick cock jammed down his throat, drove the big bull over the edge and he shouted, "Ahh, fuck!" as he thrust hard and held while his whole body tensed from the electricity shooting through it and his big scrotum tightened up until the thick skin was almost rigid, squeezing the massive balls to shoot a huge load of his seed deep down into Jake's stomach in a long thick jet.

Mak pulled back and then once again grunted and slammed himself against Jake's face and his pelvic muscle squeezed once more and another spurt of hot seed shot directly into Jake's stomach.  Again and again the bull bucked against his lover's face until the orgasm finally began to subside and then he pushed firmly in again and held that position while his pelvic muscle continued to pulse and pump the rest of his seed into Jake and his big, musty balls hung over Jake's face.

Jake was in heaven with the powerfully masculine scent of his lover's crotch right in his face.  His own cock was throbbing and aching for attention but Mak's pleasure was all that was important at the moment.  He waited patiently for the bull to finish pumping his load into him and finally Jake could feel the thick cock suddenly begin to shrink and retract right out of his throat.

Mak pulled out of him and as he lifted his hips up Jake was amazed at how quickly his cock went soft and limp and dangled as it heavily dripped more cum onto Jake's face while it quickly pulled itself back into its thick sheath-like base.

Mak moved over beside Jake and lay face down on the floor of the tent and crossed his arms and lay his head sideways on them with a long sigh of satisfaction.

Jake sat up and then moved over top of Mak and lay down on his back and nuzzled the bull's neck and kissed him on the cheek.

Mak sighed again and said, "That was so fantastic.  I'm glad they made the modification to you so I can do that without worrying about you.  Our people are born that way so it's sort of in my instincts to go crazy.  I can see that I would have hurt you bad if they hadn't made you able to take all of me and breathe at the same time."

Jake said, "I'm glad they did it too.  I'm so turned on by you I want you to feel free to just go nuts on me and use me any way you want."

"You can do the same you know.  I want you to use my body however you want to make yourself feel great.  The thought of bringing you pleasure makes me feel good too."

Jake kissed the side of face again and then rubbed his cheek against him affectionately.

Mak sighed and then said.  "I want you to fuck me Jake.  I've never done that before and I really want to try.  I want to feel you inside me."

With Jake still atop him the bull lifted his ass up and planted his knees slightly apart raising Jake's ass right along with it.

Jake got off him and went behind and got on his knees between Mak's thick legs and surveyed the amazing scene.

Mak's arms were still crossed on the floor with his head resting sideways on them and his dark brown, hide-covered biceps and shoulders bulged hugely.  His expansive muscular back with its wide dark mane of hair narrowed to his tight, firm hips.  The bull's ass was lifted up in the air and was a fantastic, massive pair of round muscles with a long, slender dark brown tail coming out of the tail bone and extending out about eighteen inches with a cute tuft of darker hair at the end.

The tail swished invitingly side to side revealing a dark trough between the large glutes.  Jake's gaze traveled down from the masculine butt to his huge set of balls that hung low between his thick and heavy thighs.  He looked down at the calf muscles that were as big as Jake's thighs and onward down to those big wonderful smelling feet.

The sight of this masculine, massive and overwhelmingly beautiful male splayed out before him presenting his ass invitingly and waiting to be taken, drove Jake's lust to a level higher than he'd ever experienced before.  He moved his face in with a moan and planted a kiss right on the massive pair of hanging balls.

The scent here was the strongest he'd experienced of Mak yet.  It was a powerful and masculine scent that seemed to light a fire in Jake's loins and pumped his cock to full rigidity.  He knew what the source must be.  He lifted Mak's tail and sure enough he saw that the bull's anus glistened slightly from the oily musk that was oozing out around it from his musk glands.

Jake moaned and moved his face in to lick at the bull's big pucker right under the tail.

"Oh, fuck!  That's so dirty," Mak moaned and then he reached behind himself and pulled his own butt cheeks further apart to invite Jake to go deeper.

Jake moaned and while pulling Mak's tail up as far as it would go and putting his other hand on the bull's massive balls to pull them gently downward to stretch the skin and further open Mak's anus, he drove his tongue into the bull's hole as far as it would go and Mak moaned his pleasure at the sensation of being rimmed hard by his lover.

The taste of Mak's dirty hole was tangy and heady and ripe and it drove Jake's lust even higher and he pulled his tongue out and frantically rubbed it at the ridges of the bull's pucker to clean it and then plunged it in again to taste his insides.

He continued to rim the big bull for a few minutes until he felt like his cock was going to blow on its own without being touched and he finally stopped.  He wanted to shoot his load inside Mak.

He worked his knees in further and brought his hips up behind the bull's ass so his cock was in position.  He spat on his fingers and began to spread it around the long shaft of his thick penis.  He continued to lubricate the shaft until he had no spit left.  He then lifted Mak's tail once more and pushed his precum dripping cock head against the bull's anus that was now freely oozing his oily musk.  Jake pushed and Mak relaxed his anus and groaned as Jake's big cock head spread the sphincter wide and shoved its way inside.

Jake moaned and began to push more of his cock into Mak, slowly and steadily, until his big balls bumped up against the young bull's massive ones and his pubic bone mashed up against the base of Mak's tail.  The whole while he pushed himself in, he could feel the head of his cock occasionally come up against a tight obstruction that, once he pushed past, gripped his cock snugly.  They were the rings of muscles along Mak's rectum that had evolved to aid in male on male sex.

Jake was fully buried in his lover and the feeling of the snug warm hole with the rings of muscles gripping his hard throbbing cock was the best thing Jake had ever experienced in his life.  He relished it for just a moment and then slowly pulled back and marveled at the sensation as the rings of muscle popped off the tip of his cock head as it made its way back out of Mak.  He stopped just as the back edge of his cock head began to appear at Mak's anus and then he paused again and pushed forward to bury himself again.

Mak moaned loud as Jake pushed himself in and the bull pushed his ass back a bit to push himself harder on to Jake.

"Go harder, Jake.  Go faster.  It feels so good," Mak breathed.

Jake's head began to spin with desire for his incredible lover and he pulled himself most of the way out and put his hands at the top of the bull's glutes at his hips and pulled on them and grunted as he thrust himself harder in and both of them groaned their lust.

He quickly began to build a rhythm of pulling out, grunting and thrusting himself back in and the sensation of the rings of muscles inside Mak's rectum bumping up against his cock head and squeezing it as they slipped past to grip his shaft, and then popping off the head one after another as he pulled out was amazing.  It was like nothing he'd ever felt before.

He bucked and thrust harder and faster and began to moan and groan as his orgasm rapidly began to build at the base of his balls.

Mak suddenly reached back under himself and grabbed hold of his once again fully erect and thick penis and began to jack it hard while he moaned and groaned at the pleasurable sensation Jake was giving him.  He suddenly tensed and grunted and shot a long thick stream of semen out onto the floor of the tent with a loud audible splatter.  He tensed again and grunted as another big shot splashed onto the floor.

Each time Mak tensed to squirt his semen out, his sphincter clenched hard onto the base of Jake's thick cock and an amazing wave of pulses flowed up the rings of muscles along Mak's rectum one after another in rapid succession up to the end of Jake's twelve inch penis.  Jake could take no more and he cried out as his orgasm slammed into him and his own sphincter clenched tightly as he thrust forward hard into Mak and the skin of his scrotum bunched up and his pelvic muscle squeezed tightly and launched a jet of his cum deep into his lover's bowels.

Again and again Jake groaned and bucked hard against Mak's ass pumping spurt after long powerful spurt of semen into him while Mak continued to moan and work his own cock shooting his entire load out onto the floor of the tent.  Finally the bull had shot everything he had and he let go of his cock and once again the thick tool quite suddenly went soft and dangled loosely as it rapidly shrank and pulled itself, dripping cum profusely, back up into its base.

Jake felt like he was about to pass out from the intensity of his orgasm before it finally crested and started to fade back down and he slowed his humping while breathing hard and sweating from the exertion.

At last the orgasm subsided fully and Jake pushed himself all the way back into Mak with the bull's tail pushed off to the side and he collapsed onto his back and stayed still while the pulses of his pelvic muscle slowed to a stop and the last of his cum oozed out of his cock into the young bull's rectum.

He lay like that for a while as his cock began to soften and shrink and the two of them panted to catch their breath.

The floor beneath Mak was covered with several large puddles of his thick pearly cum and his dripping cock had retracted all the way in to its base.  Mak didn't care about the mess and he lay down flat on the floor and then Jake lifted himself up as Mak turned beneath him, covering himself in his own cum, to lay on his back and Jake settled back down onto him and put his arms around the big bull's thick neck and rubbed his face against Mak's cheek.

The young bull wrapped his huge arms around Jake and squeezed him harder than ever and said, "That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt.  I didn't know how good it would feel to have you inside me like that.  Thanks, Jake.  That was terrific!"

"I loved fucking you.  I doubt I could ever describe to you just how much you turn me on.  Just seeing you there spread out before me and waiting for me to take you was so amazing," Jake said.

The two kissed and then cuddled for a time and before long the deeply relaxing lethargy after the release of their orgasms dragged them both down to sleep again.


Jake woke alone in the brightly lit tent the next morning with a raging hard on.

He supposed waking up with stiff morning wood was going to be a routine thing with his new, young body.  He wished Mak was still here with him to help him bring his cock back down.

He looked over into the corner of the tent near his head hoping to find Mak's socks there.  He had an urge to sniff them while jacking off.  Unfortunately, they were gone.

He briefly wondered where Mak was, then heard the sound of scraping outside and smelled something cooking.

He crawled out of the tent and rose up into a long stretch that felt fantastic.  He'd slept like a rock the rest of the night and felt ready to face the day.  The chill morning air quickly began to take care of his stiffy problem and his cock began to shrink down.  He looked around and spotted his shorts and went over to pick them up and slip them on.

He looked over and saw Mak now wearing his shorts, socks and hiking boots.  He had already skinned the large rabbit and had staked out the pelt with the fur side down and was scraping the blood and fat off of it to get it ready to dry.

Mak looked up and smiled at Jake and said, "Good morning, sexy.  You were sleeping so well I thought I'd let you rest a bit longer while I did some chores out here."

"Morning, Mak," Jake said and smiled back at him.

He looked around and saw that Mak had been busy for a while.   He saw the two large black-furred pelts already stretched out and drying.  There was no sign of the carcasses.  Perhaps their meat was not usable or not appealing.  He saw a disgusting collection of parts in a heap off to one side.  It looked like intestines and sinews and larger chunks of bone and things that Mak was likely going to be turning into some useful things.

Well away from that on a clean piece of balloon material was a small pile of meat that must have come from the bunny.  Over the fire was a spit covered in more chunks of meat that were sizzling away and giving off a succulent aroma.  Mak would reach up occasionally and turn the spit.

Mak noticed Jake looking at the cooking meat and said, "We only have the meat for now.  I didn't have time to go out and look for roots or anything to add to it.  It'll give us the energy we'll need to go to the wreckage."

Jake nodded and said, "You've been busy.  You should have woke me up to help you out.  I feel pretty useless over here."

Mak smiled and said, "You're not useless, Jake.  You saved my ass last night taking on a six-legged furry killer single handedly with your knife.  You even stood your ground against a whole pack of them to try to give me time to get away.  You're my hero!  Besides, I have several other uses for you and they happen to be my new favorite things in the world to do.  Beyond that you can just relax if you like and let me deal with this boring stuff."

Jake smiled and said, "Fine.  I'm gonna go off and use the bushes to relieve myself and then I'll come back and relax while you do that boring shit you do so well."

Jake went off into the bushes and took a long piss against a tree and then opened his shorts and pulled them down to squat and take a dump.  He was afraid to touch himself with any the unfamiliar foliage around him, so he couldn't wipe, and he just stood and pulled his shorts back up and fastened them.

He walked back into camp and crouched near Komakwa to watch him work.

"I wonder if we'll get lucky and find the wreckage today or if it will take a lot of searching," Jake mused aloud.

"I've found it already.  There's a big tree over that way and I climbed up it and looked back to where the main hull of the ship should be.  I watched where it came down while I was spinning through the air in the seat so I had a pretty good idea where it was.  It's not too far across a river in that direction," Mak pointed off into the woods and continued, "There's still a bit of smoke rising off it so it was easy to spot.  It shouldn't take us more than a couple of hours to reach it and there will still be plenty of daylight left to try to find the QECH gear and see if it still works."

Jake shook his head in wonder, "You never cease to amaze me, Mak.  I really couldn't have crashed with a better guy.  You've rebuilt our fire, skinned three big animals, cut up some meat and set some to cooking, and put the rest of their usable parts in a pile.  You climbed a tree and spotted our way out of this mess, and now you're prepping some pelts to make us stuff with while cooking our breakfast!  We used to have an advertisement back home for our army that talked about how they do more by 9 AM than most people do all day.  They could have used you as the poster boy.  You're making this whole thing so easy for me that it's more like a camping vacation than a life and death struggle for survival.  All I've accomplished so far was to fuck you real hard and then sleep."

Mak smiled and said, "We aim to please here at Camp Komakwa Adventure Tours.  We hope that you enjoyed your flight in.  We know that you've already taken advantage of our host and we hope that you will do so again at your earliest convenience.  May the rest of your stay be as pleasant and fulfilling as your first night was.  Please be sure and tell all of your friends how much fun you had," and he winked at Jake.

Jake laughed and his heart swelled with love for the young bull.  He was the epitome of the perfect male.  He was big and stunningly beautiful, muscular and rugged, kind and caring, hardworking and capable, all topped off with a great sense of humor.  Jake felt like the luckiest of the few humans left in the universe.

He moved over to Komakwa and kissed his smiling face and said, "You really are something special, Mak.  I love you so much it almost hurts."

Mak smiled and his eyes sparkled from the joyful tears that welled up in them and he said, "I love you too.  I couldn't possibly be happier than I am right now."

He kissed Jake once more and nuzzled his face with his wide, soft, bovine nose, and then looked down at his handy work and said, "I think this is clean enough.  With luck we won't even need any of this stuff and we'll get lifted off here in another day or so but I figured I would get it done just in case."

He stood and stretched and then went and poked at the meat over the fire and declared it ready to eat.  Mak left the meat on the spit and they ate it Brazilian barbecue style by cutting off slices with their knives and eating them.  The meat was greasy and rich with a slightly gamy taste but to Jake's rumbling stomach it tasted just fine and he gobbled down quite a bit of it before he finally felt stuffed.

Mak wanted to maintain his momentum so he suggested they break the camp and drag everything over to the river and find a suitable spot there to set up a more permanent camp next to a water source.

Jake went to work breaking down the tent and rolling it with the blankets and the floor into a bundle.  He then took down the tarp over the fire and Mak took a couple of the sheets of balloon they'd used for the tarp and used one of them to neatly roll up the pelts into a bundle, and the other like a large sack to hold the parts he'd saved for future use.  He tied things off using lengths of the tough cord that had attached the balloons to the seat.

Once they had everything squared away they picked up the bundles and walked off in the direction that Mak had indicated earlier.

It took less than an hour of walking to reach the river.  It was shallow and wide and fairly slow moving.  It would be easy to cross anywhere.

The area across the river was a fairly open field and Mak wasn't comfortable with the openness of it and they moved back into the woods a short way and looked around for a good clearing in which to set up their camp.

They found a spot and decided to just leave their stuff there and take only the knives and a couple of new spears Mak had made for protection while they went and searched for the wreckage.  Mak climbed a large tree and slung the bundles up out of reach of animals and they set off back toward the river.

They swam across and continued to walk through the open plains that were made up of incredibly tall grasses dotted with occasional scrub brush and clusters of trees, toward where Mak thought the main part of the wreckage should be.  After a bit more than an hour they spotted light smoke from it and headed in that direction.

Jake had imagined finding tiny fragments of ship scattered over a wide area of landscape but the craft must have been built amazingly solidly because there were really only a few major chunks.  Part of a wing was here and a whole wing over there and good part of the tail section further back.  The bottom half of the front part of the main fuselage was in one place and the mid section in another.  There were smaller bits scattered about here and there but it had mostly stayed together in one small area.

The smoke from the wreckage was mainly some brush that had caught fire from the blast of plasma from the still thrusting engines as they hit the ground along with the main bank of batteries that had shorted out when it crashed.

"Doesn't the ship use antimatter to create the plasma?  I would think there would be a big vaporized crater and tiny fragments of ship everywhere from the antimatter breaking free and annihilating all of the matter around it in a big blast of energy," Jake said.

"It uses antimatter, but you would be surprised how little it takes to power a ship this size.  When there are no shields or weapons or a big engine there is no actual antimatter contained in advance.  It's generated from the stored fuel and immediately annihilated to create the plasma.  When the ship crashes, the whole process just stops.  It's not like a big shuttle or a fighter.  Those have antimatter containment so they can generate the antimatter continually to fill the storage buffer and dump it in huge amounts to power the big engines, shields, or weapons as needed.  That's what I meant before when I said to pilot a fighter craft you have to manage energy.  There's only so much and if you dump it all into thrust, weapons and shields at once there's less for each individual function and you'd quickly deplete the storage buffer and have to wait for the trickle of generated antimatter to slowly recharge it.  If you want to get extreme thrust or weapons or shields you dump all of the stored antimatter into that one function and get a massive boost at the expense of the other functions.  It's a constant balancing act," Komakwa explained.

Jake nodded and said, "That makes sense."

Mak pointed at the front part of the fuselage and said, "The QECH gear is in a hatch under the floor just behind where the seats were, in the main fuselage.  It has its own self contained solid polymer battery so it should still have power if it survived the crash.  The fuselage looks pretty solid so chances are the gear is just fine.  You'll be talking to Srythryn within minutes and we'll be out of here in a day or two."

They walked toward it but Mak stopped short and looked around at the ground.  Then he looked concerned and started looking further around and then walked past the fuselage and looked toward the field on the other side.

"What is it?" Jake asked, "Are there tracks of the big predator or something?  Should we be looking for cover?"

Mak shook his head and said, "No, it's not an animal, unless there's one out here that's learned to wear boots.  It looks like tracks from some of my people, but it can't be.  Nobody is allowed out here."

"Well, we're not allowed out here, yet here we are.  Maybe someone is doing their ascendance trial and happened to be in this spot?"

"No, it can't be.  There are at least three different tracks here.  It's not just one person," Mak said, sounding confused, "I don't get it.  They can't possibly have found us here.  If they had, there would be search parties fanning out.  They would be circling in the sky and would have found us by now.  This is just strange."

He went back to the fuselage and looked inside and then shouted, "What the...?" and jumped onto the ship and moved toward the access hatch to the QECH gear.

Jake ran up to the wreckage to get a look at what Mak had seen.  The panel looked as though it had been torn open using some sort of tool and there was a bit of smoke rising out of it.  Mak was staring incredulously into the hole in the floor.  Jake jumped up onto the fuselage and made his way over and looked in.

There was what looked like a hard metal case inside the hole that had been bashed several times until it broke open and then the contents completely destroyed.

"Someone did this intentionally!" Mak exclaimed, "This didn't happen in the crash.  Look, the panel was jammed shut from the impact and someone pried an edge up here and then tore it open.  They bashed open the hardened case and then jammed something into the electronics over and over again to wreck it.  Someone wanted to make sure we couldn't communicate with anyone."

"That just doesn't make sense," Jake said, "Like you said, how could anyone know we were out here?  If they did, why would they try to make sure we couldn't communicate?  This obviously can't be the work of a search party out looking for you."

"No, it can't.  I don't know who it might be, Jake, but they can't have good intentions towards us."

"Should we retreat back to our camp then?  Should we try to hide from them until we can figure out what to do?  They wrecked our one chance at ending this adventure quickly.  We can't call Srythryn for help now and it doesn't seem like it would be safe to count on whoever did this to help us either."

"No, we won't run.  They'd probably find us eventually whoever they are.  We know they're out here now just as they know we are.  I say we turn the tables and hunt them down.  Let's track them and find out where they are.  I'll bet they have their own QECH gear we could use.  Let's see if we can find their camp and sneak in and make a call," Mak suggested.

"Your figurative balls are even more massive than your real ones, Mak.  Do you really think we could pull that off?" Jake asked.

"Do you have any better idea?" Mak asked, "It might be our only chance to get out of this quickly.  They know we're here so we can't possibly run from them long enough to be rescued by someone else.  We need to go in and face them head on."

"If you had a contract too I'd be all for it, but I don't want you taking any crazy risks," Jake said.

Komakwa said, "I understand your concern, but it's my life and I get to choose what risks I take and which I don't.  Let's go."

Mak jumped down off the wreckage and turned to wait for Jake.  It appeared that Jake had no choice in the matter.

He stood, but before he could go to join Mak two large bulls jumped out of the tall grass behind Mak and ran towards him.

Even as Jake was about to shout a warning to Mak, he heard a noise behind him and then the young bull's eyes opened wide and he yelled, "Jake, look out!"

There was an explosion of stars and everything went black.


Jake's head was absolutely pounding when he began to regain consciousness.  This was the second time in a less than a day that it had taken a beating.

He opened his eyes slowly, squinting until they adjusted to the level of light.  It looked to be mid day.  

He was sitting on the ground in a large open area with his back to a large pole and his hands were tied together behind it, and his feet were tied together in front of him.  He looked around and saw that he was in the middle of a camp.  Off to one side there was a large military style tent and to the other side he saw another smaller tent and off in the distance was a craft that looked just like the one he and Komakwa had crashed in.

He strained to look further around and saw another tent and some storage crates stacked around.  One stack of crates nearby had a large crowbar on top of it.

Jake heard a strange thrumming noise that he had trouble localizing.  He looked around trying to determine where it came from and then realized it was coming from right over his head.  He looked up and at the top of the pole he'd been tied to, about ten feet up, he saw a large strange looking device that was brown and shaped sort of like a crystalline cube with odd, shard-like appendages sticking out of it.  It seemed to pulse with a faint glowing inside it and the thrumming noise got slightly higher and lower in frequency along with the pulses.  Jake had no idea what it might be.

He looked around him to try to see if Mak was tied up anywhere but he saw nobody.

Suddenly he heard raised voices coming from the nearest tent...

"I don't give a shit what he said, I'm gonna use it.  I've never seen one like it before.  I like the shape.  When will we ever get another chance like this?" one voice said.

"It's not gonna cooperate.  You'll get your cock bitten off if you try anything," another voice said.

"It just needs some incentive to make it behave and play along.  Bring the boy," said the first voice.

"I don't think we should.  He's out searching for them with the others and he could be back any minute.  If he finds out he'll kill us," said the second voice.

"He won't be back for hours yet.  He doesn't know we have them," said the first voice.

"Let's think this over.  You know it's against our rules," said a third voice.

"I'm tired of him pushing his ancient rules on us!  I said bring the boy!" shouted the first voice.

There was silence for a moment and then a bit of a struggle and Jake heard Komakwa shout, "Let me go!"

A large bull emerged from the tent and walked over towards Jake and a wicked looking grin crossed his face when he saw Jake was conscious.

"Well, look here.  It's awake," the bull said.

Two other bulls emerged from the tent with Mak struggling between them.  It was the two bulls Jake had seen coming up behind Mak just before the lights went out.  Komakwa's hands were tied behind his back but his legs were free and he was kicking hard to try to break free.

The first bull grabbed the large crowbar off the stack of crates and walked over toward Jake and raised the bar up as if to cave in Jake's head and looked back at Komakwa and shouted, "If you continue to struggle, I'll smash its skull in!"

Mak immediately settled down and said, "No!  Please, don't hurt him!"

"Shut the fuck up!" the bull yelled at Mak, "On second thought, I won't smash its skull in.  If you try anything, if you say anything, we'll beat its arms and legs and balls into a fine paste and make sure he gets to stay alive with all that pain.  You're gonna lay there quietly and watch.  Don't say a fucking word."

Mak went quiet and the two bulls dragged him over near the crates and pushed him down on the ground and then proceeded to tie his ankles together and then pulled them up behind him and tied his wrists to them as well and pushed him over on his side facing Jake.

The first large bull, crowbar still in hand, went over to where Mak was and stood behind him facing Jake and said, "We're gonna use you for a little fun, alien.  If you try anything, if you even scrape us a bit with your teeth, we'll cave in the skull of your little boy playmate here.  We know he hasn't ascended yet and has no contract.  He'll be gone for good."

Jake's heart started hammering in his chest.  He couldn't risk Mak getting hurt.  He knew he had no choice but to play along.  His modifications would prevent them from hurting him anyhow.  He'd just let them use him and get it over with.

"Fine, I won't try anything, just don't make him watch," Jake said.

The bull chuckled and said, "Making him watch is half the fun.  You don't get to say anything else.  Shut up and get ready to get fucked."

The three large bulls all took their clothes off and threw them aside and the first one told another to come over and take the crowbar from him.

"If it tries anything, if it bites or scratches or tries in any way to stop this or get away, crush the boy's fucking skull and make sure the alien sees it happening," the first bull said.

The second bull nodded and stood over Mak with the crowbar.

"I don't think this is a good idea," the third bull said.

"Your cock is hard as rock.  You know you want to do it.  If you do, then shut up and do it.  If not then fuck off and let us have our fun," the first bull said.

The first bull untied Jake's hands and grabbed him by the hair and pulled him away from the pole and threw him face down in the dirt.

"Get on your hands and knees," he ordered.

Jake complied.  He wasn't going to do anything that might put Mak at risk.  They must have known he wouldn't because they didn't even bother to tie his hands again.

The first bull got behind Jake and went down on his knees.  He reached under Jake and undid his shorts and roughly pulled them down to his knees.  He then reached out and started caressing Jake's skin and pinching at it.  He put his hands between Jake's legs and felt the fur on his balls and then reached further around and touched his pubic hair.

"It may be alien, but it's fucking amazing looking.  I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try fucking it," the bull said to the others and they both grinned wickedly and nodded.

The first bull grabbed one of Jake's hips to hold him steady while he used his other hand to guide the head of his massive cock against Jake's anus and pressed hard.  He then took his hand off his penis and grabbed Jake's other hip and began to pull Jake hard while pushing himself forward to try to jam his cock in.

Jake's anus exploded into a blinding hot fire of pain and he realized if he didn't try to help the bull get in he might get seriously ripped back there.   He did his best to relax and pushed hard to open up his asshole and suddenly the blunt head of the bull's hard penis breached and entered his rectum.  There was another flash of pain but it wasn't much worse than when Mak fucked him before.  Jake tried to stay relaxed as his asshole was stretched to its limit and the big bull continued to shove the full length of his oozing penis into Jake.  The top two thirds of the thick penis was slimy just as Mak's normally is from being held up inside the bull's body so it was lubricated enough that it wouldn't rip Jake's rectum apart.

The big bull paused and then grunted and shoved hard again and more of his long thick cock forced its way into Jake.  Jake did not want to give the bull any sort of pleasure but completely against his will the rings of muscles along his rectum began to engage, gripping the bull's cock along its length and heightening the sensation he was getting.  There was nothing Jake could do but let the bull use him.

One more time there was a loud grunt and the bull pulled hard on Jake's hips while shoving with all his might and finally his penis buried itself fully and the bull's massive balls slammed up against Jake's, and he moaned at the sensation of the full length of his cock being gripped and massaged by the muscles in Jake's rectum.

The bull held the position and moaned and said, "Fuck, it's so tight.  It's working my cock so hard.  I don't think it's ever had a real man inside it before.  It's loving this."

He moaned his pleasure once more and then looked at the other bull and said, "Go ahead and use the mouth stupid, don't just stand there.  Remember, alien, if he feels the slightest scrape of your teeth the boy will be dead in seconds."

The other bull grinned and got down on his knees in front of Jake and grabbed him by the hair with one hand and lifted his head back, then he took his massive thick cock in his other hand and brought the fat blunt tip of it up to Jake's mouth.

Jake saw the precum oozing steadily from the large slit at the center of the blunt end of the cock and immediately smelled the odor of urine and filth from the moist slime and bits of smegma the end of the cock was covered in from being kept up inside the bull's body.  Jake tried not to think about it and opened wide and relaxed his jaw and throat to allow the modifications made to him to do their thing.  He continued to try to keep his eyes forward so he wouldn't have to see Mak watching all of this.

The bull pushed hard and his cock head went right into Jake's mouth and jammed up against the back of this throat.  The bull then took Jake's hair in both hands and began to shove his cock down into Jake's throat forcefully while grunting and thrusting.  With each thrust a few more inches shoved their way down Jake's throat until finally the big bull's cock was all the way in and his massive, smelly balls bumped up against Jake's chin and his sweaty pubic area mashed against Jake's nose.

The bull then pulled almost the full length of his dirty penis back and then shoved the whole thing forcefully down Jake's throat again with a grunt and then moaned, "Fuck, this is incredible.  You were right.  It would have been a shame not to use it."

The bull behind Jake was now pulling back and thrusting forward with all of his might slamming Jake forward and the one in front was pulling out and slamming his cock back into Jake sending him back again.

They built up a rhythm as they grunted and moaned and groaned and bucked hard against Jake at both ends and he was being hammered back and forth between the four hundred pound masses of muscular sweaty bulls.  Both of their moans seemed to begin to rise in pitch as they approached their orgasms and suddenly the one in front tensed and shoved himself in hard and held the position as he shot his first thick volley of cum down Jake's throat.

The one behind followed suit and grunted and then roared as he slammed into Jake's ass and held as he pumped a jet of his seed into Jake.

The two bulls moaned and continued to buck against Jake as they filled him with their sperm until they had nothing left.

Suddenly the one at the front pushed in hard once more and tensed and grunted lightly and Jake felt his belly begin to fill with hot liquid and he heard the bull in font of him sigh.

"What the fuck are you doing?" asked the bull behind.

"I'm taking a piss.  I've been holding it for a while and this seems as good a place as any to do it," the bull chuckled.

The bull behind Jake moaned and then tensed and grunted and Jake felt his bowels begin to fill with hot urine too.

The front bull's penis quickly softened and began to pull out of Jake's throat and as the bull pulled back to let the penis retract into its sheath it was still streaming hot, smelly, dark yellow urine and the bull continued to hold Jake's hair while he pissed the last out onto his face.

Jake felt the penis of the first bull in his ass begin to soften and pull out too leaving a stream of hot piss and as it pulled out it continued to spray bull piss out onto Jake's ass and back.  Jake could not hold in the massive load of piss that was already in his bowels and they released and as humiliating as it was to do it in front of Mak he had no choice but to let the stream of piss flow out of his asshole.

The three bulls began to laugh.

"That was amazing.  Its guts should be good and cleaned out now.  It's my turn to fuck it," the bull standing over Komakwa said.

The first, who had instigated the whole thing went over and took the crowbar from him and brandished it over Mak's head while Mak looked at Jake's eyes with an expression that said how sorry he was that all of this was happening and how enraged he was.

Jake knew the young bull had no choice but to stay silent and do nothing or the bulls would simply beat Jake to a pulp without killing him and let him suffer.  Worse yet, they might kill Mak.  They both had to play along to try to get out of this alive.

The third bull went behind Jake and lined his slimy cock up while firmly grabbing Jake's hips and in one incredibly powerful push he brutally shoved the entire length of his thick penis up into Jake with a long grunt and then immediately began to buck hard against him pulling his long cock out and shoving it all back in again with all his might.

Once again even though Jake did not want it to happen, the rings of muscles along his rectum involuntarily engaged giving the large bull a terrific sensation along the length of his thick cock.

"What's going on here?  I told you the boy was not to be harmed!" shouted a familiar voice.

Jake looked over and to his shock he saw Troska come up beside the large bull that was holding the crowbar.  The bull behind Jake gasped and pulled quickly out of him and went to the side to stand next to the second who had moved away from the instigator.

Troska looked over at Jake, then down at Komakwa, and then finally looked coldly at the bull holding the crowbar and held out his hand.

The bull immediately handed the crowbar to Troska and said, "I'm sorry sir.  We only wanted to enjoy the exotic creature.  I knew it wouldn't allow us to unless I gave it some incentive.  I intended no harm to the boy."

Troska's eyes narrowed as he considered what to do.

"Please, sir, it was only an idle threat for show," the bull implored.

Troska harrumphed in his usual way and said in his gravely voice, "Well, this isn't."

He wound up and brought the crowbar down on the rapist's skull and the bull cried out in pain and fell to his knees.  Troska's face twisted into a mask of rage and he brought the crowbar up again and smashed it down onto the bull's skull harder and there was a sickening cracking sound and the bull fell the rest of the way to the ground.  Troska's face relaxed into a cold sneer when he saw the bull was completely still but he brought the crowbar up once more and grunted as he swung it down and completely caved in the bull's skull.  He then glared at the other two bulls who were frozen in horror and too afraid to do anything.

It was immediately clear to Jake that Troska was the leader of the group and they were actually afraid of the old bastard.

In a calm but stern voice Troska said to the bulls, "You will atone for these actions.  Bestiality and homosexuality are not allowed by our faith and you know it.  You have laid with a beast, and a male one no less, and you are sullied. Tie it back to the post, immediately!"

The two bulls went to Jake, who was still dripping and stinking of bull urine with his shorts down around his knees, and grabbed his arms and hauled him back to the post and tied his hands together behind it once more.

Troska then stepped over the corpse at his feet and turned and gave it a kick and said, "Take this thing away from here.  Put it out in the field for the scavengers to pick over.  If you do not wish to enjoy the same fate then you will return to the chapel tent and wait for me there."

Without a word the two bulls rushed to grab the corpse of the instigator and dragged it out of the camp and off into the fields.

Jake realized Troska must be not only a leader, but a priest of some sort.  These all must be members of the movement that had been courting Mak.  How the hell did they find Jake and Mak out here though?

Apparently, Mak had the same thought because he asked, "How did you find us here Troska?  How did you know where to look?  What do you intend to do with us?"

The old bull looked down at Mak and said, "You are so easy to manipulate.  I needed to get you away from your father without raising any suspicion about myself.  My original plan was to take you when you came here for your ascendance and use the forty days to convince you of how important our cause was.  I thought I already had you close to joining us, but then along came this alien creature grown by the cursed First Ones and hired by your father to warp your mind away from your proper course.  I decided to try to accelerate the plan.  I put tracers in both scout ships and planted the simple idea in your head that you were not worthy to even attempt the ascendance.  I knew you would not be able to resist the urge to test that theory for yourself by coming here.  You even obliged us further by making yourself untraceable so your father would never know where you went.  Our own tracer was hidden in the main fuselage so we were easily able to track you.

"Imagine my surprise when we got here and discovered you'd crashed so we had no idea where you'd come down.  I knew you would likely be clever enough to think to come back to the wreckage to use the QECH system to get help.  I made sure it was destroyed in case you got to it before we were able to set up this camp, and that my men stayed hidden and waited for you to come to us.  It was getting dark by the time we got set up so we had to postpone our search for you until morning.  We headed out at first light this morning looking for the seats.  We found the one abandoned near the hill and we followed the tracks back to your camp site but you were already gone.  We continued to follow you back to the wreckage and knew you'd been caught there and taken here.

"As for what I intend, it is what I've always intended.  I will convince you of the importance of our cause and you will help us to bring your father on board.  He will use his influence to poison the relations between our people and the First Ones and help us to convince all of our people to break free from their interfering grasp.  We will no longer be a puppet show for their entertainment.  We will splinter from the collective and retreat to defend our own worlds from the corruption of outside influences.  We will return to the old ways and live as the proud race that we are.  Some of us will also do our part to bring down the cursed First Ones that they may never be a threat to us again."

"You're mad!  You can't possibly hope to take down the First Ones!  You're just a bunch of zealots.  Dealing with you would be easier for them than swatting a fly.  How can you be crazy enough to hope to go up against them?" Mak asked.

"We could not do it by ourselves, you are correct.  We've recently been approached by some very powerful and like-minded friends and we have joined them as allies.  They have some tricks that will help us achieve our goals," Troska said.

"What allies could be powerful enough to help you?"

"We have joined with the Zeths," Troska said, and he smiled as his words sunk in and he saw the expression on Komakwa's face.

"You've joined with the Zeths?  The same Zeths my father died so many times fighting?  The same ones who gave you most of the scars you wear now?  You are mad!" Komakwa shouted.

"No, I'm not mad.  I am enlightened.  We could not communicate with the Zeths since they have always been immune to the First Ones' toys and thus their language is unknown to our translators and ours is unknown to them, so to us they were always simply another dirty alien race and the most aggressive of them.  The Zeths have been working hard on the communication problem and have found a solution that enables them to speak with us.  We now know that their agenda aligns well with our own.  They've also told us that they can provide us the means to reach our goals.  They have toys of their own you see, and they have asked us to help bring them to bear in the conflict to bring the First Ones down.  That is our primary goal and we will not allow anyone, nor any race, to stand in our way.  We will do what is necessary to end the reign of the First Ones for the good of the universe even if other races must fall along the road to our victory."

"No matter what you may believe of yourself Troska, you really are insane.  If you go against the Fist Ones openly you risk the wrath of the Lawkeepers.  You are putting our entire race at risk of annihilation!  This is utter madness!" Mak said.

"That is enough!" Troska shouted, "I am not foolish enough to attack them in the open!  Why do you think everything we do is cloaked in secrecy?  The Zeths knew that they could not win the war against the First Ones with all of the might of the collective backing them up.  They moved several of their forces to secret locations around the universe, brought a massive force across the worm gate from their galaxy, and then utterly destroyed the gates to seal off access back to their galaxy.  They are now safe from further invasion until the First Ones can carry a new worm gate across the gap which will take millions of years.  They have sufficient forces left here on this side to try to attack the First Ones in a more strategic and indirect manner and bring them down using their own technology.  They have enlisted our aid in that endeavor."

Mak was about to say something else but Troska raised his hand in warning and said, "I will not discuss it with you further right now.  We will have a great many more words on the subject in the near future and I assure you I will bring you to our side.  You will see that it is the only way for our race to fully return to its former purity," Troska said.

He walked over to Jake and sneered at him and said, "As for you, you are a tool of the First Ones and I have no use for you."

He raised the crowbar over his head and prepared to bring it down on Jake's skull.

Jake did not want to die and leave Mak alone with this mad man.  He had to find a way to stay alive so he could try to help him out of this.  A thought suddenly struck him.

"Wait!" he shouted.

Troska paused and his eyes narrowed.

"You may have no use for me, but you need to keep me alive now.  If you bash in my head I'll die and then I'll wake in the Matchmaker's chair and tell them everything you've just said.  You can't wipe the knowledge now.  The favors in my head have been transmitting the changes in my brain to them and it's all there in the map of my mind back in the First Ones' computers and as soon as they resurrect me I'll remember it all.  They'll know your crazy plan and they'll be able to act to protect themselves!  The Lawkeepers will annihilate you and your followers!"

"Yes, that's right!" Mak exclaimed, "You can't kill him!  You would be putting our entire race at risk of retribution!"

Troska's eyes never left Jake's as his face relaxed and he smiled, lowered the crowbar, and said, "Well, aren't you a clever little creature?  Not quite as clever as you think, however.  You may have been wondering what that strange device is over your head."

Jake looked up at the pulsing device that had been thrumming away overhead at the top of the pole the whole time, but he said nothing and looked back at Troska and waited.

"It is one of the toys the Zeths have given us to aid us in our quest.  You see, they have been working on ways to achieve what has previously been thought to be impossible.  They have not yet found a way to tap into the QECH system to gain control of the favors but they are hard at work on it and will likely soon succeed and be able to turn them against their masters and any who stand in our way in bringing them down.  The favors of the First Ones will be our tool to literally dissolve anyone who stands in our way.  Entire planets will be at our mercy.  We will be able to command the favors to break everything down at the molecular level until it is nothing but a soup of elements.  Ultimately we will use them to annihilate the First Ones themselves.  The technology is not ready but very close.

"In the mean time, they have found a way to permanently sever the wormhole that ties the favors in your body back to the QECH, and the device up on that pole is the prototype of their technology.  Anything that relies on a wormhole to communicate will become useless when it comes into range of this device's influence and the wormhole that links the photon to its twin at the hub is cut.  The device's range is several hundred miles.  We placed it here and powered it up within an hour of your crash yesterday.  Shortly after your crash it severed the tie between the photons in the favors in your head and the First Ones.  The whole time you've been here on the planet the favors in your brain have been dutifully trying to send their signal back to the first ones but their communication has gone nowhere.  The new memories you've been forming have not been transmitted to them.

"When next you awake in their accursed puppeteer's chair the last thing you will remember is crashing on the planet.  You will have no memory of anything that happened since and you will obviously have no recollection of our little discussion.  You will of course know that Komakwa came here to the planet, and that is unfortunate.  It would have been far better for us if you hadn't continued to interfere by joining him on the ship.  We will have to settle for the fact that you will have no knowledge of my involvement, or what exactly happened to Komakwa here after the two of you were separated in the crash.  I will ensure that you do not attempt to try to find him.  I will have three months to work on him while you stew in the Resurrectors' cooking pot and by the time you emerge you will find your relationship with the boy in quite a different state than you left it I assure you."

Jake's heart sank as he realized that if what Troska was saying was true, then he would not even remember making up with Mak and healing their relationship.  It took him at least a couple of hours to make his way to Mak and the device would have already turned on and broken the link from his favors back to the First Ones.  He would have no memory of the wonderful love making they enjoyed at the camp or anything that happened there!  His last memory of the young bull would be his rage at Jake on the ship just before the crash!  He could not believe this!

"You'll never change my mind towards him Troska!  You must know that!  I'll always love him!  No matter what you do to me, I will do everything in my power to find Jake again and tell him everything we did together here!  He will know how much I love him!" Mak shouted.

Again, Troska's face relaxed and he smiled and he continued to stare at Jake as he said, "We will see, young one.  For now, I will greatly enjoy changing the shape of this creature's skull to match the one I worked so well earlier.  It is time, alien, for you to return to your makers."

Troska's face twisted into a sneer and he brought the crowbar up over his head again.

Mak yelled, "No!  If you do this I swear I will kill myself and you will never..."

The crowbar was already on its downward swing and, before the young bull could finish his sentence, it came down on Jake's head for what was likely the first of several times, but Jake would have the mercy of feeling only the first blow.

There was a flash of intense pain and an explosion of stars and everything went black.


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