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This series tells the story of an ordinary man who's life is near its natural end, but who suddenly finds himself, at the moment of the unexpected destruction of his world, the victim of an alien abduction with a bizarre motive, that ultimately opens the entire universe to him and propels him into a life of adventure that he'd never imagined was even possible.  He eventually finds himself thrust front and center into events that could, both figuratively and quite literally, change the shape of the entire known universe.

I hope that you enjoy it.

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Favors of the First Ones - Chapter 8

Jake woke to a loud beeping from the ship's computer followed by some siskreth hissing that was not translated.

Srythryn groaned and got up out of bed and opened a drawer and pulled out some clean shorts and put them on.

When he saw that Jake was awake he said, "I'm sorry, my love.  I have been called away so I will not be able to make eggs for you this morning much as I would love to.  If you are the type to cook, feel free to use the kitchen.  Remember that this is your house now so you need no permission to do anything in it.  If you prefer, the computer will guide you to the mess hall.  I will come find you as soon as I can and we will proceed to get you started in the fighter simulator.  I am anxious to begin your lessons to get you certified."

"That sounds like fun!  I'll see you later then.  I love you."

Srythryn leaned over the bed and kissed Jake and then rubbed the side of his face against Jake's cheek and said, "I love you too, my sweet man.  I want to thank you for last night.  It was the most wonderful time of my life.  I did not know I was able to shoot so much seed over and over again so many times.  I have never been so thoroughly aroused by anyone before to be driven to it.  I have not been this happy since six months ago when you were last here in this house.  I think the crew are going to be breathing a sigh of relief now that you are back.  My mood has been foul and I may have taken some of it out on them.  I think I owe them an apology.  I will see to it first and then be off to dispense with my duties and then come to find you."

Jake smiled as the croc turned and headed out the door.

He actually heard Srythryn whistling a tune as the cheerful croc walked across the beach onto the path back towards the elevators and Jake chuckled.

He got up and headed to the bathroom.

He relieved himself and then took a long hot shower and toweled off.

He then went back into the bedroom and looked in the drawers until he found shorts that had no hole in the back.  As he expected, Srythryn had thought to ensure that Jake had clothes available.  He picked up his and Srythryn's dirty shorts off the floor and folded them and put them in the drawers for the favors to clean up and he quickly made the bed.

He went out to the beach and looked out over the water as the early morning waves crashed in.  He wondered if Thriststris and the others were out surfing right now.  He considered going over to see but decided that he was just too hungry.  He certainly did not enjoy cooking so that wasn't an option.

"Computer...mess hall," he said.

Jake walked across the sand and sure enough there was a green line on the walkway leading back to the elevators and Jake followed it.

The elevator took him to the mess hall and when the doors opened Jake saw hundreds of crew members sitting at tables everywhere eating their breakfast.

No sooner had he stepped off the elevators and started heading toward the counter at the far end than he heard someone shout, "Jake, join us!"

He looked around and saw Trysslyn standing at one of the tables and waving.  Striss was there with him and a female croc that Jake didn't recognize.  Her eyes went wide when she saw Jake.

Jake grinned at Trysslyn and waved and headed toward their table.

The female croc watched Jake as he approached and then leaned in to Striss and said something to him.  He smiled but shook his head negatively and said something back to her.  She shook her head and spoke to him again and he shrugged and nodded.

As Jake walked over to join them he saw something white out of the corner of his eye and he looked over.

To his shock, sitting at a table by himself was what appeared to be a very large and powerful looking polar bear.  The bear was alone and there were two empty plates stacked one on top of the other at his table in front of him indicating he'd just finished eating his breakfast, twice.  He sat quietly with both hands on the table looking somewhat dejected and contemplative and a little bit tense.

He stuck out like a sore thumb, a huge and beautiful, snow white bear in a sea of green and gray crocodiles.

Jake was struck by how stunningly attractive the bear was.  The siskreths looked like a version of crocodile that had been heavily modified to walk upright.  Mak's people looked like a heavily modified bull.  This bear looked almost exactly like a polar bear from Earth with differences so slight he really had to look closely to spot them.

He had a brilliant pure white coat that was slightly yellowed along his underside.  He had the long neck and smaller head with a roman nose that makes polar bears look slightly different than any other bear.  He had massive paws with long black claws and thick black pads.  He had a beautiful face with small fuzzy white ears and slightly darker snout with a large black nose and black eyes.

He was absolutely massive.  He had to weigh close to a thousand pounds.  He sat directly on the floor as a chair would likely never support him and would probably be uncomfortable anyhow.

Jake knew he was a male because unlike anyone else, he wasn't wearing any clothing at all and he was sitting nearly upright with his legs far apart and from the angle Jake could see that he had a pair of large furry testicles and a thick, fur covered sheath.

It was uncanny how much he looked like a polar bear.  It was as if they'd picked one up on Earth and set him down here.  The main difference that Jake had noticed was in the paws.  They were wide and heavy just like a polar bear's and built to better handle snow, ice and water, but the toe pads were slightly longer and jointed like fingers, with one of them opposable, making them dexterous enough to use tools.

Jake could not take his eyes off the breathtakingly beautiful creature as he walked toward Trysslyn's table.

The bear looked around and suddenly noticed Jake and his eyes widened with a start.  Their eyes met and the bear briefly smiled and then watched Jake as he made his way to the table and sat down next to Striss.

"How have you been, Jake?" Trysslyn asked, "It's been so long since we last saw you.  Srythryn came through here a moment ago and he was laughing and joking with everyone.  He actually started whistling as he walked back to the elevators!  I have never heard him do that before.  We have you to thank for banishing the foul, Srythryn-shaped ogre that has been menacing the ship and bringing back our beloved captain in better form than ever I think."

"Yes, he's more cheerful than I ever remember him being," Striss said, "It has been hell around here since you made your big splash against the water slide so long ago.  For the last six months we have been avoiding the captain as much as possible."

"I'm sorry," Jake said, "I should have been more careful that day.  I caused a lot of grief with that little mishap."

"Bah, what fun is there in being careful?" said Striss.

"Where is Thriststris?" Jake asked.

"He is hard at work already," Trysslyn said, "You would not believe the change in him since your accident.  I think he felt responsible for Srythryn's suffering at the loss of the two months he was looking forward to spending with you.  He was already weapons office and as such was fourth in command, but he has been applying himself and showing Srythryn that he can be quick thinking, hardworking, and he is well liked by the entire crew.  He has been taking as much of the load off the captain as possible to try to atone for things.  Srythryn never really held your death against Thriststris but he certainly has noticed the change in him and came to appreciate it.  He started to involve Thriststris more in executive decisions and duties.  The two of them have become a great team.  Just three weeks ago the captain named Thriststris executive officer of the ship.  He is second in command!  All that has done is made Thriststris even more dedicated.  We hardly see him anymore."

"Well, I hope I do see him soon so I can tell him everything's fine between us.  I don't want him to feel that I blame him in any way for the accident," Jake said.

The female croc jabbed Striss hard in the ribs and gave him a stern look.

"Oh, I'm sorry, dear.  Jake, I've been rude.  I would like you to meet Rythstryn.  She's my wife and as such she outranks me in my bed.  She is also the master chief and as such I am outranked by her on deck as well.  Ryth, this is Jake."

"I'm so happy to meet you, Jake.  Striss couldn't stop talking about how beautiful you are after you all had your games in the zero-g playroom so long ago and I see that he did not exaggerate," she said, smiling.

Jake smiled and said, "Pleased to meet you, Rithstin."

"It's Rythstryn, Jake," Striss said.

Ryth's body suddenly jerked slightly and Striss said, "Ow!  Alright, I'll ask him!"

Jake was distracted when the polar bear got up from his table and walked over to the counter to order more food.  Jake was absolutely blown away by the bear's size.  As he got up from the table he stood on two legs and he was at least ten feet tall.  He turned from the table and dropped to four legs and was still nearly five feet tall at the shoulders.  His hind legs were slightly longer than his front legs raising his large rump just a bit higher, in the typical look of a polar bear.

He was impressive and Jake suddenly found himself wanting to get a much closer look.

The massive bear continued to walk on all fours with a slow and lumbering gate but once he reached the counter he got up on two again and leaned against it to place an order.

As Jake watched him the bear looked over and their eyes met again.  The bear smiled and Jake smiled back.  A plate of food was placed in front of the bear and he picked it up and made his way back to his table while walking slowly on two legs and glancing once more at Jake.

The bear sat down at his table and just stared at his food for a while and then glanced back over at Jake.  He seemed somewhat pensive and lonely.  Jake felt it was a shame that he had to eat alone.  He wondered why none of the boisterous and highly sexual crocs had latched on to him.  He was really quite beautiful.

"So, what do you say, Jake?" Striss said loudly.

"Huh?  I'm sorry, did you ask something?" Jake asked.

"Were you not listening?  Ryth wanted me to ask you if you would join her, Tryss, and me for a romp in zero gravity.  She's dying to see if she can take the full length of that cock of yours up her snatch.  I tried to tell her you had no interest in females but she generally doesn't believe anything I tell her when it's not what she wants to hear.  I think she just needs to hear it from your own lips."

Jake was still looking over at the polar bear, who sat and simply stared at his plate of food.

"I see," Jake said, still not really hearing what was being said to him.

"She told me she is really moist for you and would let you do any dirty thing your heart desires, twice, in any hole you choose.  Tryss and I can use whichever holes you aren't using," Striss pressed.

Jake simply nodded distractedly while watching the bear.  This might be the other match that Srythryn had mentioned.  The captain had said that he was having a difficult time making the match happy and that he'd been quiet and irritable and sullen.  Jake felt bad for the bear.  He must be feeling very lonely.

"She really is a lot of fun, Jake," said Trysslyn, "If you've ever even been remotely curious about doing it with a female you couldn't pick a better one to start with than Striss' wife.  She's had a hell of a lot of practice.  I've probably fucked Ryth more than anyone else on this ship so I'm sort of an authority on her abilities.  I think I've probably even fucked her more than Striss, and I never really tire of her creativity.  She can do things with the muscles between her legs and in her ass that that will make your head spin.  She loves having all of her holes filled at once and she's so flexible she can take two cocks in each one.  She likes having all of her nipples sucked while doing it so I've seen her take on close to a dozen men at once in the zero gravity sex room.  It's sort of a game for us sometimes to see how many men we can attach to her at one time.  She's probably had more seed planted in her than my old grand pap's thessle fruit plantation has had in the twenty generations its been worked."

Rythstryn giggled and Trysslyn waited to see what sort of reaction his words would get, but Jake still wasn't really paying attention.

The white bear looked over at Jake once more and Jake smiled.  The bear smiled back and then looked back at his plate of food, then looked at the empty chair across from him.  It was clear he wanted some company.

"That's nice to hear," Jake said distractedly, "Who is that white bear over there, Striss?"

Ryth's body jerked once more and Striss said, "Ow!  Stop kicking me!  I asked, didn't I?  He's a bit distracted right now.  Give him a minute."

Striss turned to Jake and said, "His name is Chetichwal.  He's a match, just like you.  Well, not just like you.  He's no fun.  He's just a big boring pile of fur.  He's a bit rude.  Really quiet too, and he always seems tense and stressed out.  He won't talk to anyone except to ask to be left alone.  It's been driving Srythryn up the wall that he can't make his latest guest happy no matter how hard he tries.  I think Srythryn's finally given up on him and that's unusual.  I don't think Chetichwal likes us.  He must like you though.  That's the first time I've seen him smile since he came aboard.  So, about Ryth's request, what do you say?"

Jake was still looking at the bear and he decided it was time to go and get some food and introduce himself.

"I'm sorry guys, I'm really starving.  I'm gonna go get something to eat and see if Chetichwal needs some company.  It was great seeing you again.  Striss, Trysslyn, we should get together with Srythryn and Thriststris and screw around again some time soon.  I would love that," Jake said, and then he turned to Striss' wife and said, "It was nice meeting you, Rithwind."

Rythstryn scowled at Jake and then at her husband and her body jerked once more and Striss said, "Ow!  What was that for?  I did what you asked, didn't I?  I told you he wouldn't be interested!"

Jake made his way over to the counter and asked for whatever they had for breakfast.  The croc behind the counter smiled and handed Jake a large plate of eggs, ham, hash browns, what looked like slices of tomatoes but were sort of oblong, and a stack of toast.  Jake thanked him and took the plate and walked over to Chetichwal's table.

The bear saw him approaching and smiled warmly.

"Hi, I'm Jake.  Would you mind if I joined you for breakfast?"

The bear indicated the seat across from him and said, "Please do.  I'm Chetichwal.  People I like call me Chet."

He had a wonderfully deep and rumbly, masculine voice that perfectly suited his imposing size.

"I'm pleased to meet you Chetichwal," Jake said, and then he sat down.

"Please, call me Chet," the bear said, and smiled.

Jake smiled and nodded and said, "It's so odd to see anyone sitting alone in this place, especially someone so attractive.  The siskreths are not usually so shy as to leave anyone alone who interests them."

"Perhaps I don't interest any of them," Chet said.

"I suppose it's possible, but they are a highly sociable people and it seems unlikely to me there wouldn't be a few who would be very interested in getting to know you."

"Well, they don't interest me very much.  They are as boisterous as children.  My people tend to be much more reserved and conduct ourselves as adults.  We leave the childish behavior to the children.  I find these people somewhat physically unappealing as well.  I think they see me the same way."

"I see.  That's too bad.  I love their boisterousness.  It's not the way I am, personally, but I certainly enjoy watching them enjoy themselves.  They are so full of life.  They are truly wonderful and kind-hearted people."

"Yes, they are.  I did not mean to imply that I disliked them.  Their captain has certainly been most kind to me.  I simply find them incompatible with me and I prefer to keep to myself while amongst them.  I am in a bad state at the moment and that aggravates the situation so I may actually come off as rude to them but that is not my intent.  When I am in this frame of mind I find it best to be alone."

"It must be very lonely for you on the long journey to your destination then.  It will be two more months before you arrive, is that right?"

"Yes, just over two months.  It is lonely, I will admit, but my people are not the most sociable race.  We keep in pairs mostly.  We are close to our significant other, and our children, but we do not engage in large public gatherings unless it's absolutely necessary.  We are sort of the opposite to the siskreths I suppose.  I find their rowdiness and their numbers overwhelming.  I am irritable of late and the pressing crowd does not help."

"Would you prefer I left you alone, Chet?" Jake asked.

"No, please, stay and chat if you would.  As I said, my people are happiest in pairs.  You and I are the oddballs in this crowd and as such we are a pair of sorts.  I would very much enjoy your company.  It will help to distract me from my problem.  I haven't had anyone to talk to since my resurrection a few days ago.  No one I wanted to talk to that is."

"May I ask, why do you want to talk to me in particular?"

"You are quite different from anyone I've seen before.  I have never encountered your race.  Most of the other races I've seen are covered in fur, hide or scales.  You look almost as if you once had fur, but have been nearly plucked clean, leaving only a light dusting of fur behind with patches under your arms, on your chest and on your head.  It's a wonderfully contrasting look.  I love the color of your skin.  It is different than any I've seen before.  It gives you a rather exotic look.  I find you quite appealing to look at and I was curious to know your personality.  I would love to see you with your clothes removed.  I don't understand this penchant for everyone to wear clothes all of the time.  I am curious to see your genitalia."

Jake smiled and raised an eyebrow.  The bear certainly liked to say what was on his mind.

"I hope you don't mind my being so bold," Chet continued, "My people tend not to mince words.  I think it sometimes makes me seem to come off as quite pushy, or perhaps unfriendly if what I say is not what someone would like to hear."

"I don't mind at all.  I find it so much easier to speak with someone who simply says what they mean."

Chet chuckled and said, "Yes, just so.  Tell me, what do you think of me?  Have you seen others of my race before?"

"Not exactly.  I never know if I'm being rude if I say this, but you look very much like an animal from my planet called a polar bear.  I find them, and you, quite beautiful.  I love the white fur.  Where I come from that is considered exotic.  I have also always been drawn to people who are physically imposing and you certainly have that covered."

Chet smiled and said, "It is not uncommon to find other races that look similar to animals from your own world.  What is far less common is seeing someone who does not look like any other animal or race ever seen before and that describes you.  I am glad that you find me appealing as well.  Are you a homosexual, Jake?"

"Yes, I am," Jake said, and chuckled, "You certainly don't mince words, just as you said."

"No, I do not.  Since you are homosexual, you may be able to help me.  Will you be aboard long?  Are you a match for someone as well?"

"I was a match for someone, yes, but not anymore.  I hope to be aboard for the rest of my life, frankly.  I am in love with the ship's captain," Jake said.

The bear smiled and said, "Srythryn seems like a good man.  He is even more boisterous than most around here though, and I find he tries a bit too hard at times to bring me out of my shell.  He has been exceedingly kind to me, however.  He seems very much concerned with my happiness while I am aboard his ship.  I have tried to make it clear to him that my happiness is not his responsibility but he seems to not accept that fact."

"I think seeing someone else's unhappiness makes him unhappy.  Be patient with him.  He is only trying to make your stay more pleasant.  What do you do to pass the time while you wait to be transported to your destination?"

"I sit, quietly," Chet said.

"You sit?  Doesn't that get boring?"

"Yes, it does at times.  There are not many options for me to keep myself engaged aboard this ship.  It is difficult for me after I come out of resurrection and I am generally too distracted to enjoy myself in any leisure activities anyhow."

"There are many entertainments here," Jake said, "I doubt I could ever get bored.  Are there any sports you enjoy?  Perhaps they have something here that would interest you."

Chet shook his head and said, "No, my size limits my options in that regard.   I am too large and slow to engage in sports."

"What about hunting?  Would that interest you?"

"Yes, indeed.  I very much enjoy hunting back home as well as fishing.  I am from a very cold place, however, and I cannot bear the living section of this ship for more than a few minutes and all of the hunting here is in a hot and humid jungle.  As you can see by looking at me I am not exactly slim.  My thick layer of fat is covered with a thicker layer of very warm fur.  Luckily they keep the mess hall at a fairly reasonable temperature, though I find it quite warm in here as well.  This area feels like the hottest days of summer back home and it makes me feel lazy and slow.  I spend most of my time in my quarters back near the shipping bay.  They have renovated a refrigerated storage room for me and it is quite comfortable.  I do get a little stir crazy in there but I come here to eat quite often in order to keep my fat layer properly maintained and then I sit for a while and suffer the crowd to break up the monotony of being in my quarters alone."

Jake smiled and said, "I like it cool too, generally, though I might freeze in your quarters or I might ask to visit you there."

"I don't keep it quite as cold as that.  I keep it at a temperature closer to a comfortable spring day from my world.  It is very cool though so you would likely be uncomfortable dressed as you are.  I am somewhat envious of those who can tolerate heat to be honest.  There are easy ways to keep warm but it is not so easy to keep cool.  You may put on layers to protect against the cold so it is easy for you.  It is impossible to remove layers once you are already naked, to protect against the heat, so it is difficult for me to move around on this ship.  Srythryn has already tried to get me involved in the various forms of entertainment on offer.  I will admit that I find some of them interesting but they are nearly all in the living section or the entertainment section, which are both kept at the sweltering temperatures that the siskreth have evolved to enjoy.  I would die of heat stroke if I attempted to exert myself for any amount of time under those conditions."

"There must be something you could do to keep your mind engaged while you are here.  I'll have to give this some thought.  I hate to think of you sitting around by yourself for two months."

Chet smiled and said, "You are as kind as your captain.  Do not concern yourself with my happiness.  I will endure."

"Well, I'm sure we can do better for you than 'endure' if we put our minds to it.  If I think of anything I'll let you know.  Would it bother you if I came to speak with you occasionally during your stay?  I would love to keep you company once in a while at least.  Srythryn is often called away on his captain's duties so I could use the company myself sometimes."

"That would be wonderful.  You are welcome to call on me at my quarters if you don't find me here.  It would be nice to have someone to talk with occasionally and I find you quite pleasant company.  Were you only just resurrected here?  We've made no stops and I haven't seen you here before."

"Yes, I was resurrected late yesterday.  My most recent death was under somewhat unusual circumstances.  I don't remember dying.  I was alone, and I was fine, and then I woke in the chair," Jake explained.

"My own death was unusual too and I suspect my match died the same way, though I can't be certain until she is resurrected and tells what she remembers."

Jake was at once confused and disappointed to hear that Chet was matched with a female.  He thought they'd been doing some fairly successful light flirting and he was hoping to take it further but it appeared that Chet preferred girls.

"Your match is a female?" Jake asked.

"Yes, she is quite beautiful.  She looks somewhat similar to me but is much smaller, with a black and white coat.  She works with the security forces on her home world and they are given resurrection contracts as part of their employment.  We were out on a camping excursion deep in the wilderness when we spotted an unusual looking craft come in for a landing not far from us.  My match had equipment that should have been able to identify it but not only did the ship not register in the database, the device could not detect its presence even though the ship was right there in front of us.  It's like the ship was using some sort of masking technology to hide from detection.

"She was rightly suspicious so she went to spy from a distance to see what they were up to and I went along with her.  We saw two unusual looking creatures that were brown in color yet looked nearly translucent.  It was like you could almost see their internal structure.  I have since been told they were Zeths.  We watched them setting up some sort of device on a tall post and then everything went black and I woke in the chair with Xelzix looking down at me.  He suggested that I was likely vaporized by an energy weapon from behind when we were caught spying on something we should not have seen.  I suspect he may be right.  My match is still in the process of being resurrected.  Her race takes a longer period and she will not be out for another week.  The ship she is being resurrected on was in interstellar space when she died so it jumped and started the inward journey almost three months ago.  It is already in orbit around her planet.  She will be waiting for me at her home when we arrive."

"You must be anxious to be reunited with her.  I fell deeply in love with my match immediately.  I miss him terribly though we were together for only a few hours."

"I am anxious, though I do not truly love her yet.  I am attracted to her and she is to me, but neither of our species comes to love very easily.  It takes years and we are very patient.  We had been together for close to a year and I felt that there might be a future between us already, which is unusually quick to come to that realization for us.  The Matchmakers certainly do their job well.  I hadn't quite got to the point of feeling real love for her, but I sorely wish she was here now so I could fuck her."

Jake chuckled and said, "Wow!  Again, you don't mince words at all, do you?"

"No.  Did you find that offensive?  I'm sorry."

"Not offensive, just unexpected.  Feel free to speak however you normally would.  It would take quite a lot to offend me," Jake said.

The bear smiled and said, "Good, I would be unable to couch my words delicately even if I wanted to.  It would go too much against my nature.  In fact, since you say you are difficult to offend, I would like to discuss what I mentioned earlier.  The fact that you are homosexual may work in my favor.  You may be able to help me with a problem I have.  The fact of the matter is that my species suffers a complication that comes as a result of the resurrection process.  It affects our bodies' physiology in a particularly irritating way.  You see, my race evolved on a very cold world with seasons.  During the summer it is fairly cool and comfortable, but in the heart of winter it is too cold for us to survive outdoors.  We evolved to hibernate for several months out of the year.  It so happens that the resurrection, which essentially keeps us asleep for months, triggers our bodies to enter the hibernation state.

"That in itself would not be a problem, but we also evolved a particularly powerful mating drive that occurs after we emerge from hibernation and lasts for a couple of months.  Most of our young are conceived during that period and born during the next hibernation period to suckle on their mother's teat and be ready to face the outdoors when she wakes fully in the spring.  The problem is there is no one here for me to mate with, yet my body craves it powerfully and drives me to do it.  It produces unusually large amounts of seed that builds up to uncomfortable levels within me.  It causes me much physical discomfort, tension and stress.  It is the reason I am so unhappy of late.  Under normal circumstances I would simply mount the nearest available female to relieve my needs.  Masturbation is not an option for my species.  Our bodies simply won't respond to such artificial stimulation.  I require a warm, tight hole and a warm body to grip and to rut against and I cannot even bring myself to full arousal without the proper stimulation.  I was hoping you might be able to help me with my problem.  If you were of a mind to allow me to do so, I would like to use your body to aid in my release."

"You would like to fuck me?  Is that it?" Jake asked.

"Yes, I would.  You are a homosexual and you find me appealing so I assume that would be to your liking.  I am not homosexual or even bisexual.  Very few of my people are.  So, I would not reciprocate and we would certainly not kiss or hold each other in any loving way.  Sex for my people is a very straightforward and structured affair and rather than being a recreation is simply something our bodies force us to do sometimes.  Once engaged I will certainly enjoy it immensely, but once it is over I will not crave it again until my body forces me back to it, which while I'm deep in rut over the next months, will be within a few days following release.  I would have asked a siskreth female to aid me but I find them too repulsive and it simply would not work."

"So even though you're not attracted to males you think you would be able to get aroused enough to have sex with me?"

"My body needs this badly enough that it would easily be fooled into seeing you as a female to be mounted.  For my race it is normal for a male to grow to three times the size of a female so your size is nearly perfect.  You look solidly built and strong enough to support my weight.  Though you look nothing like a member of my race, I do find your body appealing to look at and I feel I would enjoy putting my penis inside you and releasing my seed.  If you find you enjoy it then I would like to fuck you regularly as it would help me to be much more comfortable during the two months it will take to reach my match and then she can take over and perform her duties.  You would only need to make yourself available to be used by me every few days if that would be acceptable."

Jake chuckled and said, "It feels so strange being propositioned this way.  I suppose if it would help you I would be more than happy to do it.  I have to warn you though, I will likely enjoy it a great deal and I'll be extremely aroused.  Since you aren't homosexual I don't know how I would achieve my own 'release'."

"I would not allow you to put your penis in me if that is what you are getting at.  I doubt I would enjoy that.  I would have no interest in using my mouth or hand to pleasure you either.  You could certainly use your hand if you like while I fuck you but I recommend that you do not for your own safety.  I weigh just over a thousand pounds and you will need to keep yourself solidly braced as once my penis engages your anus, I will lose all self-control and will rut against you hard.

"As I said before, sex among my people is quite straightforward to the point of it following a rigid and simple routine.  It tends not to work unless it's done the right way.  The male's only role is to fuck and enjoy his release and that is all.  We do not concern ourselves with the pleasure of the female.  It is the female's job to use her mouth to prepare the male to enjoy her, then to submit while he uses her for his pleasure, and then to clean him afterward.  That would be your role.  If you feel you would be uncomfortable letting me use you for my release then simply tell me and I won't broach the subject again."

"No, I think it would be fine, Chet.  I swore to myself recently that I would not pass up any opportunity for an interesting experience.  I find you very attractive and I can't help but find the idea of you rutting against me with no concern but your own pleasure appealing.  It plays to a submissive side of me that I might like to explore."

"Excellent, I will get an escort to take us to my quarters immediately.  I need to fuck you right now."

"There's no need to find an escort, I should be able to get us there.  Computer...Chetichwal's quarters."

The computer showed the way and Jake stood up.  The bear stood as well and Jake was in awe of his size once again.  He towered over Jake and was so wide and heavy that he looked like he could send Jake flying across the room with one swat of his massive paw.  The sheer size of him was already sending tingles of excitement through Jake's body as he anticipated what was coming.

Jake followed the line toward the elevators and Chet dropped to all fours to walk beside him.

The elevator brought them to the back of the ship and the line led them down a hallway through a door that opened into the shipping bay and then followed along the back wall and stopped at a large door.

Chet led the way as they walked in to an extremely chilly room that was very comfortably appointed with thick carpet and large soft lounging chairs that looked sort of like massive bean bags and a big sleeping mat in one corner.

The bear sighed in comfort as soon as they entered the cooler air and he went to the sleeping mat and lay down on his side and lifted his large hind leg to expose his crotch.

"I hope that you don't mind that I may be dirty between my legs.  My race isn't one to bathe.  We spend a great deal of time in cold water and deep snow so we don't normally need to go out of our way to wash ourselves so I am not in the habit of doing so."

Jake smiled and said, "It will be fine.  I happen to like dirty a lot.  I love the smell of a male and I can already tell that you smell great."

"Good.  As I said before, sex for my race is very structured and we have evolved to follow a specific routine and we do not stray from it.  I need you to do things the right way and in the right order for this to work.  In order to prepare me to fuck you I need you to do what a female would normally do for me.  She would start by washing my anus thoroughly with her tongue while stimulating my testicles.  It will help if you insert your tongue into my hole and work it in as deep as it will go.  The sensation helps to relax my body and begins to engage my genitalia.  I would then need you to wash and stimulate my sheath.  Suck the end of it and insert your tongue to stimulate the nerves within and it will coax my penis out.  Once my penis begins to emerge you need to suck on it until it begins to squirt its lubricating fluids.  That indicates that I am ready.  Then I will need you to get on all fours so that I can mount you.

"I will warn you that my penile bone is over a foot long and with the flesh around it engorged my penis is extremely thick.  The bone makes it rigid and completely inflexible and as such your internal structure will need to be able to accommodate it or you might be injured.  I will not be able to hold back once it engages your anus and it will quickly extend to its full length inside you so you will need to be able to take all of it.

"Once I'm done fucking you, and have released my seed, you may leave if you wish.  Normally it is the job of the female to clean the male off and help the penis relax back into the sheath but it is not absolutely necessary for you to perform that function if you don't wish to.  Remove your clothing and begin immediately."

Jake felt a sort of thrill to be told so matter-of-factly what to do and then to be expected to simply do it.  There would be no foreplay or hugging or kissing or building up to things.  He was simply expected to get in there and get busy.  He knew the bear wasn't being rude or demanding.  He was simply telling Jake how to do it in the simplest terms and expected Jake to enjoy himself since he was, after all, a homosexual.

Chet was right of course.  Jake was going to enjoy this quite a bit.

He smiled and slipped his shorts down and stepped out of them.

The bear simply lay there on his side with his hind leg raised and waited.

The underside of Chet's body was slightly yellower than the pure white coat everywhere else.  He had large testicles roughly the size of small grapefruits encased in a thickly furred scrotum.  His sheath was very long and fat and furry right out to the end where it had rolls of dark skin bunched up into a hole in the middle that almost looked like a very large and loose sphincter.  The bear had a slightly flat tail that was covered in white fur and was no more than five inches long and hugged his body tightly, covering his anus.

Jake kneeled beside the massive bear and moved his face in to his crotch.  The smell was quite powerfully male here.  There was the odor of old urine and musky sweat.  Jake lifted the flat tail to reveal a very large, black, dirty anus.  Jake leaned in and began to lick it clean.

The bear sighed his pleasure as Jake worked his tongue against the ridges of the wide sphincter.  He licked until the tangy taste of Chet's hole began to fade from being too clean.  Jake then probed his tongue hard at the sphincter and Chet relaxed to allow the tongue to enter him.  Jake's face was now wedged into the bear's ass with Chet's tail against the side of Jake's face.  He reached up with one hand and began to stroke along the length of the bear's big, fat sheath and with his other hand he began to caress his warm furry balls while he continued to tongue the bear's rich tasting hole.

Chet moaned his pleasure and already Jake could feel his big sheath getting fatter and firmer as the bear's penile bone began to push its way up inside it.  Jake tongued the rich asshole just a little longer, enjoying the erotic feeling it gave him to debase himself at the big bear's anus.

He then moved his face over to the sheath.  It was oozing a bit of fluid out the end that had a powerful odor to it.  It was sort of musky and sexual and earthy smelling.  Jake licked at the fluid to see what it tasted like but it was only the slightest bit bitter with not much taste at all.

Jake put one hand on the warm, luxuriously furry side of the massive bear and took the sheath in his other hand.  He licked at the tip of the sheath and could feel Chet jumping lightly each time his tongue came in contact.  Then he probed his tongue at the hole at the end of the sheath and pushed it in while Chet moaned his delight at the sensation.  Jake felt bits of smegma and a sort of slime on his tongue and was immediately aroused at how dirty this act was.  There was a strong odor of urine here and Jake could actually taste it as he pulled back his tongue to swallow and then extended it again to clean the inside of Chet's sheath further.

Jake continued to push his tongue into the warm slippery sheath and pull it back repeatedly to lick it clean.  He was so turned on by what he was doing that he put his mouth over the end of it and sucked in as much of the sheath as he could fit while pushing his tongue as far down into it as possible and licking furiously along the smooth inner walls of it.

He was incredibly aroused and his own penis was rock hard and straining for attention but he focused on the task at hand.  He sucked on the end of the dirty sheath and licked at its insides until suddenly he felt his tongue come in contact with the hard pointed tip of the bear's penis.

As soon as Jake's tongue came in contact with the tip, Chet jumped slightly again and then moaned and bent himself a bit in the middle to push his massive hips forward more and Jake felt the penis slide further forward along his tongue toward the end of the sheath.

Jake continued to suck and rub his tongue against the rock hard penis and Chet moaned some more and his cock poked right out of the end of the sheath and continued to extend into Jake's mouth.  It was slippery and hot and though it was pointed at the tip, it rapidly widened out to a very solid thickness that continued down through the sheath and into Chet's body.  It was still only just starting to emerge.  It came out a few inches and then sort of stopped.

Jake briefly took his mouth off it because he was curious to see what it looked like.  It was similar to the naked reddish purple penis of a fully aroused dog.  It glistened with wetness and almost seemed to pulse with strength and energy.  Jake moaned at the sight and he very gently pushed the sheath down a bit, exposing more of the hot slippery tool, and he opened his mouth and took the end of it back in again and began to suck harder and rub his tongue all over it.

Chet groaned and squirmed under Jake's ministrations and before long Jake felt a warm fluid squirt against his tongue briefly.  It was thin and slightly oily and tasted quite appealingly sexual and musky and slightly salty.  There was a brief pause and then it squirted again.  The bear was ready.

Jake moved away and braced himself on his hands and knees and Chet wasted no time moving into position behind him.  He moved up over Jake and grabbed him around the waist with his massive forepaws and pulled as he began to stab at Jake's ass with the pointy head of his penis.  The hard tip continued to squirt and probe at Jake, trying to find the entrance.  Finally it made contact right at the bullseye of Jake's sphincter and the tip slipped in.  Immediately Chet groaned and thrust forward hard and his penis rapidly spread Jake's anus to its absolute limit and fully engaged it.

The bear began to grunt and thrust forward and Jake's anus was on fire as it stretched even further and more of the bear's incredibly thick and hard, slippery cock pushed its way out of the sheath and into Jake's rectum.

Jake began to need to use all of his strength to keep himself stable as more of the bear's weight transferred onto him.  He was wrapped in the magnificent warmth of the massive, beautiful beast's fur as Chet's hind paws pushed against the floor with his forelegs wrapped completely around Jake's waist and his long neck stretched out along Jake's upper back and he made short, stabbing, bucking motions to push more of his cock up into Jake while grunting in his deep rumbly voice.

Chet suddenly gasped in surprise as he felt the first of the strong rings of muscle in Jake's rectum spread out past the end of his thick cock and grab on to it to squeeze it.  He grunted and bucked and pushed harder to force himself deeper into Jake and moaned as another ring of muscles engaged.

The massive bear began to lose control from the amazing sensation.  He leaned a great deal of his weight against Jake and stretched out along his back and his massive hind paws scrabbled as he desperately tried to crawl right inside of Jake.

He groaned and grunted and bucked hard and with each powerful thrust more of his thick hard cock slipped out of him and into Jake engaging more of the rings of muscle until the full length of his fourteen inch penis was buried deep inside Jake and the bear's thick sheath was bunched up against Jake's ass.

The bear's large furry balls began to bounce against Jake's as the bear's lustful humping intensified and he thrust his massive rump forward harder with an increasingly longer stroke and faster rhythm.

He grunted and bucked against Jake with complete abandon as all of the rings of muscles along Jake's rectum began to work their magic and pulse and squeeze along the entire length of the bear's thick cock as it pistoned in and out.

Chet could not take this for long and his bucking and thrusting increased in rhythm and intensity until he finally roared long and loud and lifted up slightly off Jake's back and thrust harder than ever and pulled Jake into him and held him there as a massive surge of thick semen began to rush out into Jake's rectum to fill his bowels.

The bear held Jake tightly into him for several seconds moaning long and loudly while the powerful surge of semen continued and then finally petered out.  Chet lifted his big rump back to pull himself almost all the way out of Jake and then he grunted and thrust and roared again and held Jake against him once more as another long surge of semen rushed out of him.

He grunted and thrust several more times and each time another jet of semen shot out for a few seconds before dying off again.

It felt to Jake like he was getting almost a gallon of the bear's hot seed sprayed into him.  It was amazing.

Chet was still not quite done but he was no longer bucking and grunting.  He thrust himself all the way into Jake one last time and leaned fully onto Jake's back again and just held that position, panting heavily while his pelvic muscle continued to pulse his seed into Jake.

The muscles along Jake's rectum were squeezing and milking the massive bear's cock while he lay atop Jake, and Chet moaned his pleasure at the sensation.  Jake could feel the massive, thick cock pulsing and squirting within him.

The huge bear held that position for a few minutes while his body pumped out the last of its stored semen into Jake's bowels.

Finally Jake felt the thick cock begin to retract even while the bear held perfectly still.  Chet waited a bit longer and finally pulled out of Jake and moved off of him to go and lay on his side again on the sleeping mat.

He had a look of complete satisfaction on his face as he lifted his hind leg again to reveal the seven or eight inches of hard cock that was still sticking out of the sheath.

Jake smiled and moved in and began to lick the length of the penis.  It was still oozing a very thick pearly cum out of the end as it slowly retracted back into the sheath.  Jake licked up the cum and savored it's light flavor and Chet softly moaned at the sensation.

It took a few minutes of licking and light sucking before the rock hard penis finally retreated back into the sheath and down into Chet's body once more.  Jake chased it in with his tongue and began to thoroughly wash the inside of Chet's sheath once more.

After enjoying the sensation of the warm tongue in his sheath for a few minutes, the bear finally pushed Jake's head off of it and lowered his hind leg.

Jake looked over at him and smiled and the bear smiled back.

"That was absolutely incredible, Jake, much better than I even imagined possible.  I have fucked more females than I can even remember and none came remotely close to bringing me the level of pleasure you did.  Your body is uniquely suited to bring me pleasure and I was not expecting that.  It felt significantly more sensual and erotic to fuck you than it has ever felt when I fucked a female.  It's like your rectum was built for a male's pleasure above all.  I think I could get used to that sensation.  I feel better than I have felt in a long while.  I feel cheerful and balanced and ready to face anything.  Make yourself available later today so that I can fuck you again.  I think I will be quite ready even though my body would not normally crave it for a few days."

"Sure, I quite enjoyed it," Jake said.

Chet smiled and said, "Yes, I can see that.  Your penis is quite impressive as well.  Its shape and color are interesting.  The fact that you have only the very small sheath that you keep at the tip is interesting.  I have to admit that though I have never been interested in any male before, I can't help but feel curious to explore you more closely."

Suddenly there was a chime sound and the door glowed a faint yellow color.  Someone was at the door.

Jake got his shorts off the floor and stepped into them and pulled them up while Chet sighed and got up off the mat and went to open the door.

There was Srythryn standing at the doorway with a smile on his face.

"Captain, what a pleasure it is to have you call on me.  How are you this fine morning?" Chet asked.

"Hello, Chetichwal, you certainly seem to be in good spirits this morning.  I inquired as to Jake's location and the computer informed me he was here with you.  I hope I'm not interrupting anything.  If so I would be happy to return later," Srythryn said and smiled.

"No, you would have been interrupting a few minutes ago while I had my cock buried in Jake's wonderful rectum but we are quite free now."

Srythryn smirked and said, "I am most happy to see that you've finally found an entertainment that might make your stay aboard my ship more pleasant."

"You have no idea how much more pleasant, my dear captain.  Come to think of it, I suppose you do.  I understand that you have feelings for Jake and he loves you too.  I hope you wouldn't mind if I borrowed him from time to time.  He has helped me to feel a wonderful and much needed release," Chet said.

Srythryn smiled and said, "You certainly don't need my permission, nor does Jake.  I am always happy to see people enjoy whatever pleasures are available to them and you are certainly no exception.  I have to admit I was becoming frustrated in my futile attempts at making your trip more enjoyable.  I am pleased that Jake was so quickly able to find out what it was you needed and helped you with it."

Chet grinned and said, "You are a fine fellow, Srythryn.  I will admit that I was not looking forward to the two long months it would take to get back to my match, but I suddenly find myself wondering if two months will be quite enough time.  I feel refreshed and invigorated in a way I haven't felt since I was a young cub."

He then turned to Jake and said, "Thank you again for helping me out, Jake.  It was a tremendously satisfying experience.  Please feel free to call on me any time you wish to chat.  I very much enjoy your company.  I will look forward to at least seeing you later tonight so that I may bury my cock in you once more."

Jake smiled and said, "I will see you tonight then."

He went out to join Srythryn in the hall and the door closed and they began to walk back towards the elevators.

Srythryn turned to him and said, "Are you full of his seed?"

Jake noticed the big croc's cock was quickly growing hard and thick in his shorts.

"Yes, too full.  He shoots an amazing amount.  I can actually feel the weight of it in me.  I need to hit the head."

Srythryn pulled Jake though a small door and closed it.  It was some sort of utility room with some tools and uniforms hung on wall and a work table on one side and an empty wall at the back.

He then turned to Jake and thrust his tongue into him urgently and they necked with passion for a few moments and then Srythryn pulled back and turned Jake around and slammed him up against the wall.

"I want you so badly right now.  I want to feel that beautiful creature's seed coating my own cock," Srythryn breathed.

He reached down and pulled the front of his shorts down and hooked them under his big balls exposing his thick, throbbing cock and then he yanked the back of Jake's short down just past his ass muscles.  The croc then bent his knees slightly to line up the end of his cock with Jake's anus and then with a loud grunt he pushed up and into Jake roughly.

Jake moaned at the sensation of having his anus spread wide and groaned as the entirety of Srythryn's thick cock was thrust up into his well lubricated rectum in one powerful and forceful push.

Srythryn grabbed Jake's hands and lifted them up against the wall and then pushed his entire body hard against Jake's back to pin him and began to buck his hips, thrusting and humping at him and grunting and groaning with pleasure as he felt the slimy load of Chet's cum leak around the sides of his cock and lubricate it.

"Do you want to taste your new lover's seed?" Srythryn asked gruffly.

"Yes!" Jake exclaimed.

The croc pulled out of him and stepped back.  Jake turned and dropped to his knees and saw that Srythryn's cock was thoroughly coated and dripping with Chet's thick semen.  Jake moaned and leaned in and began to lick it clean.  He licked and sucked the entire length and then stood and turned around again and Srythryn immediately slammed his cock up into Jake once more and thrust several times and then pulled out again.

Once again Jake turned and lowered himself to clean the bear's seed off Srythryn's cock.  He was so incredibly turned on and he had not yet had his own release and his cock was poking out the top of his shorts and was absolutely straining and ready to explode.

Srythryn pulled him up once more and turned him around and slammed him against the wall and thrust his penis back up inside Jake with a grunt.  This time he reached around and pulled the front of Jake's shorts down and grabbed his aching penis in his hand and began to jack it furiously while he grunted and bucked against Jake.

Jake was so far past needing this that he immediately was hit with an explosion of orgasm and he cried out as his balls bunched up and a long jet of his cum shot out and splattered against the wall in front of him.  Srythryn moaned and bucked against him to milk his prostate and continued to work Jake's cock as it spurted again and again coating the wall in front of him with his big load of cum.

As soon as Jake's pelvic muscle settled down Srythryn pulled out of him again, his cock once more thickly coated with Chet's seed.  He turned Jake around and pushed his head down and held it in front of his dripping cock once more.  Jake licked the slimy coating off and then put his mouth over the blunt tip of Srythryn's cock and began to suck hard and the croc could take no more.

He put his hand on the back of Jake's head and grunted and bucked once and squirted his own seed in a thick spurt onto Jake's tongue.  He moaned and bucked and shot another long jet nearly filling Jake's mouth.  While still holding Jake's head he reached down with his other hand and pumped his fat penis with just the end of it in Jake's mouth to shoot all of the cum that he had onto his tongue until there was nothing left in his balls.  Then he pulled out and pulled his shorts back up and sighed heavily.

Jake swirled the croc's massive load of semen around in his mouth, relishing the way it felt on his tongue, and then finally swallowed it in several gulps.

He stood up and pulled his own shorts back into place and Srythryn leaned in and kissed him passionately again.  Their tongues wrestled for a brief while and they finally broke the kiss and held each other, breathing heavily.

"You are such a wonderful man, Jake.  I am pleased with what you did for Chetichwal.  It was causing me much concern to worry about him being so lonely and unhappy for the long trip to his destination.  I wish only that I could have watched him fuck you.  I rushed there as fast as I could when the computer told me where you were.  He is an amazing creature and I would have absolutely loved to see him enjoying you," Srythryn said.

"I'm not sure that he would appreciate that.  He is not really attracted to males and was only using me for his release."

"He could have availed himself of one of our females if that's the case.  There are several who would be more than happy to try something new I'm sure."

"He said that he finds your race physically unappealing and so he wouldn't think of trying that."

"It's not unusual for a furry race to find a reptilian one unappetizing sexually.  I am glad that he found you enticing enough.  I wish I could watch, but I don't want to make him uncomfortable in any way."

"Let me ask him the next time he's in the mood.  He's a pretty nice guy and he does like you."

Srythryn nodded and said, "We should get going.  We need to go to the training area and get you checked into the flight program.  We'll need to get them to fabricate a suit for you as soon as possible."

"A suit?  What sort of suit?"

"A flight suit.  A space suit really.  It's a light weight pressure and climate controlled suit to allow you to be comfortable within the confines of the fighter craft and will protect you in the event that your ship is destroyed and you are stranded in space or on an inhospitable planet.  You need to train with the suit on as you will always be wearing it when you fly.  It will take them no more than a few days to make one for you."

A thought suddenly occurred to Jake and he asked, "Can they make these suits any size and shape?"

"Yes, of course.  Why do you ask?"

"Well, if they're climate controlled, it would be a way to allow Chetichwal to move around in the hot and humid parts of the ship that he couldn't otherwise withstand.  If the suit really is light weight and comfortable he might even be able to engage in some activities with it on couldn't he?"

The big croc's face spread into a wide grin and he said, "By the Granth's snaggle-toothed sphincter!  Once again I'm found wondering why I didn't think of that myself!  Perhaps I'm not quite as clever as I've led myself to believe.  That is a positively brilliant idea!  The suits are completely sealed against the vacuum of space which allows them to be used in water as well.  He could swim in the ocean with the suit on while keeping comfortably cool and feeling like he is swimming in the frigid waters of his home world.  We could even have one made for him that seals at the wrists and neck to do away with the gloves and helmet so that he can be completely comfortable wearing it any time he leaves his quarters!  You are such a sweet man for thinking of him so readily.  I will have the fabricators set to work on it immediately."

Srythryn hugged Jake and said, "I think when you become a member of the crew I will place you in charge of all of the matches who move through this ship.  You are a wonderful man and helping others seems to come as natural as breathing to you.  I love you so much!"

Jake hugged the big croc back hard and said, "I love you too."

Suddenly Srythryn pulled back and said, "I've just thought of another way we might help entertain Chetichwal.  We should ask him if he would like to join you in the fighter training program.  It can be an extremely enjoyable challenge and it would be very beneficial for you to have someone coming up through the program right along with you.  The two of you could keep each other challenged and engaged and your training would benefit tremendously and would progress much more rapidly."

"Chet is absolutely massive.  Would he actually fit as a pilot in your fighter craft?" Jake asked.

"Yes, absolutely, he wouldn't fit into the light fighters.  They are designed to be nimble and very low mass to be quick and maneuverable.  They are meant to take on other fighters.  They are the easiest to fly.  We also have heavy fighters that are much more challenging to handle.  They are more massive with much larger guns and are armed to the teeth not only with multiple warhead missiles, but can be equipped with bombs and torpedoes as well.  They are designed to take on other heavy fighters and corvette class ships, or perform strike operations against capital ships or on the surfaces of planets.

"The majority of our crew are certified for the light fighters so we could actually use more pilots for the heavy fighters.  It was my intention to put you in one.  Chetichwal would fit as well.  The ships aren't designed specifically for siskreths.  They are built by another race that specializes in military craft and they are made to fit a wide variety of races of all sizes.  The wide seat will accommodate Chetichwal comfortably and there is plenty of room inside for him."

"That sounds great.  It would be wonderful if we could give him something to keep him occupied and I would love to have someone who's just as green as me come up through the training program.  Should we go ask him right now?"

"Yes, let's go."

They ducked out of the closet leaving Jake's cum sliding down the wall for the favors to clean up and went back to Chet's door and Srythryn touched the frame.  There was a chime sound and the door glowed yellow.

It opened and Chet stood on the other side and his face widened into a broad smile when he saw them.

"What a surprise to have you back so soon.  Why am I graced with the pleasure of your company so shortly after you left me?" he asked jovially.

"Srythryn has had a good idea for something that might help to keep you occupied for the next two months.  If you are interested, he thought you might like to join me in training to become a pilot of one of their heavy fighter craft." Jake said.

The big bear raised an eyebrow and thought about it for a moment and said, "That sounds interesting.  It would be almost like a form of hunting.  I think I might like to try that, though I have no interest in joining your military force."

"You would not be required to even take the certification test if you don't wish to," Srythryn said, "It would simply be for your entertainment and to keep you challenged and engaged during your stay here and you would offer competition for Jake to keep him trying his hardest to improve."

"Would it be in a hot and humid part of the ship?"

"It is no hotter in the training section than it is in the mess hall.  We keep all of the areas where the crew perform or prepare for their duties at a cooler temperature than normal to keep them sharper.  You will be even cooler than that if you wish.  You see, the idea of you training in a fighter came from an excellent idea Jake had of having one of the flight suits fabricated for you.  It is light and very flexible and fully climate controlled.  You will be quite comfortable in it once you get used to it and you could actually also use it to move about the ship in the areas that you would otherwise not be able to withstand.  It would make all of the attractions the ship has to offer available to you.  If we have one designed for you with the pressure function and oxygen supply removed, it will be extremely light weight and you should be able to wear it indefinitely," Srythryn explained.

"I hate to wear clothes, but generally that is because even the smallest piece of clothing makes me feel warmer than I would like to be.  I've never considered the idea of a piece of clothing that might actually make me as cool as I would like to be, no matter the external conditions.  Yes, I would very much like to try it.  Thank you both for thinking of me.  You really are a wonderful pair," Chet said, smiling broadly.

"We are heading to the training area right now to check in, are you available to join us immediately?" Srythryn asked.

"Yes, certainly, if you had asked this an hour ago I would have politely asked that you leave me alone.  Jake has made me feel better than I've felt in a long while.  Better perhaps than I've ever felt before in fact.  I feel positively ebullient and ready to take on any challenge.  Lead the way."

Srythryn smiled and backed away from the door to allow Chet to come out and join them, then the captain led them back to the elevators.

Srythryn tapped some buttons and the elevator dropped into the floor and began to accelerate along the length of the ship toward the front of it.

They waited while the acceleration continued, raising the elevator's speed continuously higher and higher.

"It will be a fairly long ride.  The training area is in the front half of the ship, past the living section and the large entertainment section beyond that.  We will be traveling nearly eighty miles," Srythryn said.

"It will give us time to chat then," Chet said, "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since you left, Jake.  I have to say, that wonderful rectum of yours felt amazing as it worked my penis.  Srythryn, it must be a great pleasure for you to fuck him as often as you like.  My race doesn't normally see sex as a recreation, but I think if I spend enough time with your lover I may begin to see things a bit differently.  My loins are tingling just from the thought of fucking him again and that is not how it normally works for us.  I have the desire to fuck him even though I don't feel the physical need yet.  It is most unusual."

Srythryn chuckled and said, "I do enjoy the candidness of your race, Chetichwal."

"Please, call me Chet," the bear said.

"It is indeed a pleasure to fuck him, Chet, but it is a much greater pleasure still to be fucked by him.  It's something I would highly recommend you try at least once."

The bear chuckled and said, "I would have never considered it before, but I may bring myself around to asking you to do that to me someday, Jake."

Jake smiled at the beautiful bear and said, "I would definitely enjoy that, it goes without saying, but I wouldn't want you to push yourself past your comfort level.  I am perfectly happy with letting you use me for your release whenever you like.  I don't need you to reciprocate in any way if you don't wish.  You said you were not even bisexual."

"Yes, I've said many things in my long life that later turned out to be wrong.  That may simply be another one to add to the list.  I have certainly never been attracted to a male of my species before, or of any species come to think of it, but I cannot seem to stop thinking of you in that way for some reason.  I have already strayed from the usual program because I was so intrigued at the idea of you enjoying sex as a recreational pursuit.  I must confess to you that I was not completely honest and forthright about the way my race goes about having sex."

"Oh?  How so?" asked Jake.

"Well, it is indeed a structured, rigid and simple procedure as I said, but I added some unnecessary steps in there for you to perform.  Normally, when a male is in need, he simply signals a female and she will present her back end to him.  He will then proceed to mount her and hump at her and the act of it causes the penis to slip from its sheath and engage the female's vagina.  The male then fucks her until he releases his seed into her, and then he pulls out and walks away.  That is how it is always done.  I was so taken with you that I felt the urge to experiment.  I asked you to put your tongue in my anus and then to clean my sheath just because I was curious about how it would feel and I assumed that since you were homosexual and enjoyed sex recreationally that you would comply happily.  A female of my species would never do such a disgusting thing as cleaning my asshole or my dirty sheath with her tongue but you did it with relish.  I found the experience intensely arousing.  I apologize for deceiving you in that way."

Srythryn snickered and said, "You must not know Jake very well yet.  The acts you describe are the sort of thing he enjoys immensely."

Jake chuckled and said, "Yes, you don't need to apologize, Chet.  I enjoyed it a great deal and will happily do it again."

"Good," Chet said, "As for my allowing you to fuck me, I will have to give it some thought and explore my own feelings on the subject.  It pleases me to know that you would be interested if I should want to try it.  I find the thought of you using my body to bring yourself pleasure somewhat intriguing.  It is fascinating to me that, though I am close to three thousand years old and have fucked more women than I can count, I suddenly find myself wondering what it would be like to be fucked as one.  The idea held no appeal to me until you came along."

Jake smiled again and said, "That's very flattering, Chet.  I have to say I find you pretty amazingly attractive too and you can be sure that I would never turn you down no matter what it was you wanted to try with me.  While we're on the subject, Srythryn would like to watch the next time you use me if that would be alright."

"Yes, of course.  I am not shy.  You needn't even ask.  I would have mounted you right in the mess hall if it hadn't been so uncomfortably warm there.  That probably would not have gone over well though.  It is easy for me to forget how different other cultures are to my own.  We walk around naked all day in crowds of strangers.  On my world when the need strikes, we signal the nearest female and she will happily come and service us.  That's simply how it is.  It doesn't matter if it's out in the open where others can see.  It doesn't matter if the female is a complete stranger, or someone else's wife.  It's only sex.  It's a basic biological function and nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.  If you like, Srythryn, you are welcome to use the front of Jake while I use the back if that is something the two of you would enjoy."

"All this talk is starting to get me in the mood again.  Have you ever tried sex in zero gravity, Chet?" Jake asked.

"No.  As I said before sex is not a recreation for my people.  I didn't know it was ever done in zero gravity.  The possibility is intriguing I must admit.  My thousand pounds would certainly be less of an issue.  I could see where doing it without gravity would raise some interesting problems with some probably even more interesting solutions.  I might like to try that with you some time."

The elevator suddenly began to slow down and then it stopped and rose up out of the floor and opened onto the training area of the ship.

"You would normally not have access to this section, Jake.  I'll have your record modified to give it to you so you can bring Chet here any time and you will not require an escort.  You simply go to the counter there and check in.  They will give you a fob that you will be using every time you come to train.  It will track your progress and log your hours and it will automatically scale up the difficulty of the simulations that are presented to you and will determine the best course of your training to keep you challenged.  You'll need to return the fob when you check out."

"Will we be able to commence training immediately or will we have to wait until our suits are ready?" Jake asked.

"You will be able to begin right away.  It won't be important to have the suit during the introductory part of the program.  It will take you several days just to learn the basic functions of the craft.  The craft itself is climate controlled so you will be very comfortable, Chet.  For the first half of the training you will simply be guided by a set of tutorials.  Once you have the basics down and begin to train on combat tactics a trainer will coach you along.  You'll need to have the suit by then so that you begin to train up your muscle memory under the exact conditions you would in a real fighter."

Chet was beginning to look really excited by the idea of it all and asked, "How long before we take a flight in a real craft?"

"Your first checkout flight will not occur until you've demonstrated complete control in the simulator under some very demanding conditions.  I will warn you, if you haven't been in a simulator before you might be a bit surprised by how realistic it is.  You will really not notice even the slightest difference when you move from the simulator to the real thing so it may be somewhat of an anticlimax when the time comes."

"How does it work?" Jake asked.

"Go ahead and check in to get your fobs and I'll show you," Srythryn said.

Jake and Chet took turns at the counter to check in to the program and new fobs were assigned to them.  Srythryn then led them to another elevator and they got on.

"We will be entering zero gravity," Srythryn warned and took hold of the railing.

Jake and Chet followed suit and the elevator rose up toward the central axis of the cylinder.

It stopped and opened into a large cylindrical chamber a few hundred feet long and a hundred feet or so in diameter with a heavy shaft that ran along the axis.  All along the shaft were dozens of heavy, sixty foot long balance arms that pivoted on the shaft at their center with a large weight at one end and a large sphere about ten or twelve feet in diameter at the other end that looked like polished silver, similar to the outside of a shuttle craft.  The sphere was not fixed to the arm but was held in place by a wide, crossed ring that attached to the end of the arm.  This allowed the sphere to turn freely within the ring and face any direction while the arm spun on the shaft.  Some of the arms along the shaft were spinning at high speed and some slower.  Some were speeding up and slowing down alternately and then occasionally stopping altogether.

There was a cylindrical metal mesh ten feet away from the outer wall that protected against someone drifting into harm's way and getting clobbered by a spinning arm.  Along the mesh were hand holds and there was a large hatch that lined up with each arm.  Many of the arms were stopped and sat with the sphere aligned with a hatch, waiting for someone to pop the hatch and enter the sphere.

"The simulation takes place inside the spheres?" Jake asked.

"Yes, you are correct.  Each of the spheres on the end of the balance arms is a simulator.  You may use any that are aligned with a hatch and open and available for entry.  The arms spin at varying speeds to induce g-forces within the simulation.  This section of the training area is the heavy fighter simulation.  Inside each sphere is a perfect reproduction of the cockpit of one of our Juggernaut heavy strike fighters.  The inner surface of the sphere is coated with the display technology you have seen before and it will display everything that takes place outside the ship in simulated space.  You will see the outer part of your fighter along with star fields, planets, the Slirkstrith, other fighters, enemies and so on in a perfectly realistically simulated universe.

"Once you are inside the sphere and you take your seat, the simulation will read your fob and determine where it should begin the session.  Since you currently know absolutely nothing about the fighters it will begin with basic flight because that's what everyone wants to try first.  The first few hours you will be able to fly around freely with the basic throttle and attitude control sticks to get a feel for controlling the fighter.  The main guns and missiles will work and the shields will be set to unlimited invulnerability so you can bounce off things.  If you are shot by someone else in the simulation then you will be killed and be forced to reset, so try to avoid getting hit if you can.

"It won't take you long to get the hang of the basics.  The two of you will be able to see each other's ships and chase each other around and shoot at each other.  Your comm systems will be open to the same channel so you may talk to each other, or if you prefer, taunt each other.  It should be a lot of fun for you and will likely be quite a different experience than anything you've ever tried."

"Yeah, no kidding, from my point of view, a few days ago I was a senior executive sitting behind a desk.  Now I'm gonna be flying around in outer space in a Juggernaut fighter trying to shoot down a thousand pound polar bear who just finished fucking me up the ass!" Jake said, and laughed.

"I believe 'trying to shoot down' was a good choice of words," Chet said, smiling, "I look forward to the challenge.  I will not be held back by my size and physical slowness out there.  We will be on equal footing.  You may have trouble catching me."

Srythryn smiled and said, "I can see that having the two of you in the program together will certainly have the desired effect.  While you will be allowed to have fun on your first session, on the next one the program will get down to business by training you on checklists and power up procedures, then local radio comms, then launch and return drills, then more advanced flight, and finally it will begin to move on to weapons and targeting systems, shields and power management followed by actual combat training and maneuvers.

"The routines will get longer and much more complicated as time goes on.  Each subsequent simulation will include everything you learned before and become more and more like a real mission from start to finish.  You will be expected to push yourself hard to keep up.  The controls in the ship are labeled with the universal standard control symbols.  I'm not sure if you've learned them before Chet but I know for a fact that Jake has not.  You will be expected to learn the symbology completely.  The buttons include descriptive icons so you should be able to get by for the time being.  Ask the simulator to highlight a button if you are having difficulty figuring out which one does what you require.

"Within a few weeks' time you will both be taking part in complex mission simulations and your performance will be closely monitored by a trainer.  You will be pitted against each other as well as teamed up against more seasoned pilots in realistic combat simulations.  I may show up to try to shoot you down myself now and again when you least expect it, just for fun.  I am currently our top ranked dogfighter in the Juggernaut and if you can manage to take me down, even both of you against me at once, it would be a truly incredible accomplishment.  I would not set my heart on that goal if I were you.  I will not make it easy for you to achieve."

Chet was really getting excited now and he asked, "Will it truly feel like the real thing?  Will we feel the hits and shocks of real combat?  Will we get to sense the swoops and dives and rolls and turns pushing us around?  Will we hear and feel our heavy weapons firing and missiles launching?"

Srythryn smiled, clearly pleased that the bear had finally found something on the ship to engage him and said, "You will indeed.  The arm is designed to accelerate and decelerate quite rapidly.  It will always spin in the same direction but direction changes within the simulation are handled by the sphere spinning itself around on the end of the arm so they can happen incredibly quickly.  It can move freely to make you face any direction.  If the simulation for example has you accelerating forward, the sphere will be aligned so that you are facing inward while the arm swings you around and you will experience acceleration pushing you back into your seat.  You will only see the projection of the star field around you of course or whatever else the simulation wishes you to see so you will not realize that you are spinning in a tight arc.  Your body will be completely fooled into believing you are accelerating forward through space.  If your ship were to stop accelerating in the simulator, the arm would stop spinning as well and you would experience zero gravity just as you would in the real fighter in space.

"If the program needed to simulate a rapid deceleration it would spin the sphere around so that you were facing outward and you would feel yourself being pulled forward against your restraints.  Inside, the simulation would look like you were still traveling in the same direction and you would see the forward retros firing and feel the powerful thrust beginning to slow you down.  The effect is completely convincing and your body will acclimate to the feeling of flying the real thing.

"The simulator will allow you to feel acceleration in any direction, forward, backward to either side, up or down, at every angle to whatever degree is needed up to levels that can be somewhat dangerous if sustained too long.  The ships are primarily flown with retros and attitude thrusters so they can go from a stop to accelerating sideways to spinning end over end and so on.  No matter how complicated the maneuver you will feel the forces of it so I recommend you take it easy at first.  The engines in the heavy fighter are exceedingly powerful and the simulation is quite accurate.  The heavy fighter also has a great deal of inertia so it is important that you learn what it is capable of so, once you become more acclimated, I recommend you push it hard to learn its limits as well as your own.

"You have already experienced the quality of realism offered by the display technology coating the inside of the sphere.  Suffice to say that the experience will be completely immersive and realistic.  It is so effective that there is really no reason or need to do much training in the real ship as it would be exactly the same.  You would be completely proficient in the real thing even if you had never once got in one.  You will be training in the real ship near the end of the program but it will be primarily so you can familiarize yourself with the procedures involved to get to the launch bays and board your ship.  Once you're in the ship it will look and feel precisely the same as the simulation.

"The requirements for certification are stringent.  The amount of time it takes to get through the program varies with each individual.  Your trainer will let you know when he feels you are ready to challenge the test.  The current record from start to certification is two hundred and seventeen hours.  That is an incredibly short time frame and it would take a great deal of skill to beat it, but I challenge both of you to try.  Jake, once you've passed certification you will be required to take part in regular launch drills in the real fighter to keep your skills sharp.  You will be required to log a minimum of ten hours in the simulator each week to retain your certification afterward as well.  Do either of you have any questions?"

Chet said, "Yes, I do.  Could we stop talking and start flying?"

"I'm with him," Jake said, "This sounds incredibly fun.  Let's get this show on the road."

Srythryn chuckled and said, "Be my guests.  I will leave you both to it and see to the fabrication of your suits.  It is still morning.  I would recommend you spend at least two hours in the simulator before you take a break for lunch, then three or four more hours this afternoon at least.  If you are serious about training you should think about spending at least eight to ten hours each day in here.  Have fun, both of you."

Srythryn turned to Jake and gave him a kiss and said, "I will come and look for you later, my love."

"Thank you for this.  I'll see you later.  I love you," Jake said and turned to look for Chet, but he was already lowering himself into one of the spheres.

Jake launched himself toward one of the open spheres and grabbed the handhold and pulled open the hatch and looked through into the sphere.  He saw a seat down below and control panels all around it.   He dropped his legs into the sphere and lowered himself into the seat.  The hatch closed above him and the simulator sealed shut.  The interior was glowing with the same sort of soft light that the shuttle had used.

He looked around and saw several buttons on the control panels surrounding him.  Each had a descriptive icon on it and a symbol or series of symbols below.  Most of them looked somewhat self-explanatory.  Everything seemed to be well out of reach, like the cockpit had been designed for someone much larger than him.  It seemed like he would have to reach quite far for everything.  The seat was too wide.  The control sticks on either side of him were so far away that he would not be able to put his hands on both of them at once.  Srythryn was right.  Chet would have no problem inside this cockpit.  It seemed like Jake would, though.

Suddenly a soothing female voice spoke in clear English to him, "Welcome to the Juggernaut heavy strike fighter simulation, Jake.  To begin the session look for the seat control button in front of you to your left and press it to engage the cockpit."

Jake looked where the voice had indicated and found a button that looked like a diagram of the seat with a set of arrows squeezing it so he pushed the button.  Immediately the seat sucked him in and held him snuggly and restraints came across and solidified to keep him security fastened into the seat.  Now it didn't matter that the seat was wider, since it was essentially a custom fit to his body.

Suddenly the panels in front of him and the controls to the side moved inward into range.  It was like they had gauged his size and moved into the ideal position.  Now it was like the whole cockpit was custom fitted to him.  It must be designed this way to be able to cope with a wide variety of different races.

Suddenly the soft glowing inner surface of the sphere blacked out and changed to display the canopy of the fighter and a complex rig work ahead of him ending in a wall and Jake felt full gravity pulling him forward as he sat in the seat.  He realized he was in the simulation now and he was hanging in the launch chamber under the outer skin of the Slirkstrith's spinning central cylinder facing outward.

"Good.  As this is your first session, we will begin with a launch to get you out into space and then you will be free to experiment with the basic thrust controls and weapons of the ship.  As you can see you are currently suspended in the launch gantry.  Look on the panel ahead and to the lower right for the button that initiates the launch release.  Press it and you will be thrown out using the spin of the Slirkstrith's inner cylinder combined with some additional thrust to send you on your way."

Jake looked and found a button with an icon that looked like a tiny ship being released from a clamp and he pressed it.  The wall at the end of the rig work in front of him opened to reveal a star field whizzing by it and there was a clunk and Jake suddenly felt himself in free fall again then felt an additional push from behind as the rigging rapidly accelerated past him and his ship was spat out at high speed.

"The ship is now in your control, Jake.  You may feel free to go in any direction.  If you look to your left you will see the thrust control stick for forward and backward, side to side, and up and down thrust.  Press the stick forward now to add forward thrust and let it return to center to stop thrusting."

Jake took the stick in his left hand and pushed it forward.  He immediately felt a powerful kick of thrust pushing him back into his seat and he began to accelerate forward.  He let the stick return to center and the forward acceleration stopped but the ship continued to move forward at speed.

"Now try pulling the stick back to slow down to a stop.  Remember that you are working with momentum.  You will need to acclimate yourself to the idea of overcoming it, but no more than you need to.  See if you can bring the ship to a dead stop without moving backward."

Jake pulled the stick back and saw long blue cones of plasma thrusters ahead of him and felt himself being pulled forward into his restraints and his forward speed rapidly slowed.  He misjudged and stopped dead and began to go backward before he killed the thrust.  He pushed the stick forward briefly and killed his backward momentum and the ship was nearly still.

"Good.  Now if you look to your right you will see your attitude control stick.  Move it around to see what it does to your orientation."

Jake grabbed the stick with his right hand and pulled it left and the ship rolled around to the left.  He stopped and the ship stopped.  Unlike the thrust control it appeared that the ship's computer killed the momentum on its own using the attitude thrusters so that once he returned the stick to center the ship stopped rolling.  He pushed the stick forward and the ship began to roll front to back flipping end over end.  The further forward he pushed the stick the faster he rolled on the spot.  He began to feel dizzy as the massive Slirkstrith flew past him again and again.

He brought the stick back to center again.  He played around with it some more moving the stick around in circles and side to side to feel how the ship would react.  It was quite amazingly quick to roll and spin on the spot.  Each movement resulted in small attitude thrusters igniting and burning on various parts of the ship to force one side down and the other one up and back again depending on where he pushed the stick.

"Please note that the stick controls three axes but I see that you have only worked with two," the simulator's voice said, "You may twist the stick to yaw the ship left and right as well."

Jake twisted the stick to the left and sure enough the ship's nose turned toward the left.  He repeated the motion to the right.

"Good.  Now leave the attitude control alone and try the thrust control once more.  It also controls three axes of motion.  It can be pushed to either side to thrust the ship sideways, forward and back to thrust in those directions, and it can be lifted up out of the floor or pushed down into the floor to thrust directly upward and downward.  Please try all of these controls now."

Jake pulled the stick to the right and attitude thrusters on the left side of the ship lit up and began to push the ship to the right.  Jake allowed the stick to return to center and the ship continued to move to the right.  He moved the stick left to arrest the motion and he managed to bring the ship to a stop.  He pushed the stick downward into the floor and the attitude thrusters lit up on the top of the ship pushing it straight down and then he pulled it up to stop the motion again.

"Good.  Now feel free to experiment by combining the controls.  See if you can fly back towards the Slirkstrith and explore its surface.  Do not be afraid of ramming the ship.  The simulation currently has you set as invulnerable so you will simply bounce off."

Jake began combining forward thrust with the attitude controls to try to fly the ship around.  This was not going to be quite as easy as Jake had thought it would.  He'd messed around with fighter jet simulators on his computer back on Earth, but this wasn't like that at all.  It was much more complicated to control the thrust this way.  A fighter jet could only go forward, that's it.  You could make it turn or climb or dive but those were all just different ways of going forward.  This ship could go straight sideways while spinning around on any axis or fly straight up and then backward.  It could turn and twist to face any direction while simultaneously accelerating in any other direction.

Jake continued to experiment and eventually he realized his main problem was thinking in terms of using only forward thrust.  If he was moving forward and pulled back on the attitude stick his brain told him he should now be performing a loop, but in fact he would simply continue in the same direction while the ship spun on its axis to face upward.  He tried adding upward thrust by pulling the left stick up while pulling the right stick back and now the ship began to perform a loop.

Once he started to use the thrust control stick on the left as actively as the attitude control on the right he began to figure out how to smoothly bank and turn and cancel out unwanted momentum while adding thrust in the directions he wanted it.  Rather than thinking in terms of pushing himself forward faster or slower he began to imagine thrust vectors pointing in the direction he wanted to go.

It would take a lot of practice to ever be proficient but it started to feel like something he might be able to do.

He continued to practice until he started to feel quite comfortable with the method of control.

Suddenly as he was flying toward the Slirkstrith there were long bolts of greenish energy blasting past him on the left.  There was another burst that came closer but didn't hit and then a ship went flying past and he heard Chet's laughter over the intercom.

Jake smiled and looked around the control panels and spotted a button with an icon that looked like lips talking to a microphone so he pushed it and said, "Chet?  Was that you shooting at me?"

"No!  It must have been some other polar bear!  Bwaaaahaaahaa!" and the ship ahead began to turn to come around for another shot.

Jake laughed and slammed the thrust control forward and began to accelerate quickly toward the bear's ship.

Chet banked hard to try to shake Jake off but Jake simply turned his attitude control to face Chet's ship as it flew off and he pulled the trigger on the stick while shouting, "Eat plasma, fur ball!"

A series of long green bolts of energy spurted out the large guns embedded in the leading edge of the wings with a deep 'thwap-thwap-thwap' sound, and raced off towards Chet's ship, but the bear pulled up on his thrust control and Jake saw the retros firing on four corners underneath as the ship suddenly added upward motion to its vector causing the bolts to pass harmlessly beneath him while Chet continued banking to bring his ship around to attack Jake again.

Jake heard Chet's rumbling, boomy voice shout over the intercom, "Is that the best you can do?  I shot up your ass once earlier today and quite enjoyed it!  You still carry my seed in you from it!  It's time for me to shoot your ass up for real!  It is you who will soon acquire a taste for the sweet, green plasma!  Rawrrr!"

Chet roared and a stream of green bolts squirted out the front of his ship and Jake laughed as he slammed the thrust control and banked hard in the other direction to avoid getting hit and then tried to shake the big bear off.

He dodged and jinked and banked and turned as again and again green energy bolts flew past around him as he desperately tried to shake Chet off his tail.  Suddenly there was a warning beep and a red light with the look of a missile with a padlock symbol came on.  The bear had acquired a missile lock on him!

Jake looked around desperately at icons trying to figure out if there was any way to jam it.  He saw an icon that looked like a camera and he hit it.  Suddenly an image appeared ahead of him and downward in a small window that showed a rear view out of his own ship.  He could see Chet's ship chasing behind him and he could actually see the bear's head grinning through the cockpit.  Suddenly Jake saw flashes of yellow under each wing and a loud klaxon started to blare and the red locked-missile light began flashing urgently.

Jake spun the ship around with the attitude control and pulled the thrust control backwards.  He was now facing Chet but still accelerating away from him.  The HUD display automatically drew two flashing yellow circles out in front of him indicating the incoming missiles and Jake pulled the trigger and started shooting at one of them.  Within a second there was an explosion and Jake turned the ship toward the second missile and started shooting.

Chet added some green plasma bolts of his own to force Jake to move his thrust control to the side to dodge making it harder to hit the second missile as it closed on him.

Jake was still accelerating backwards but now he could actually see the missile itself it was getting so close.

He pulled his thrust control all the way up out of the floor as far as it could go and slammed it forward and his ship suddenly started to slow quickly, pushing him back into his seat hard while rapidly accelerating upward.  The missile had too much speed to correct in time and it missed him, passing just beneath him as he continued upward and began to move forward faster and faster and the warning klaxon stopped.

Chet blasted by beneath him and Jake once again flicked the attitude stick to turn and face the bear's retreating ship and slammed his thrust control forward to go after him.

The red missile lock was still flashing so Chet's second missile must be coming around for another run.

Jake looked around at the button icons frantically and saw one that looked like a bunch of missiles in a phalanx formation.  He hit it to see what it would do.  It lit up yellow and suddenly an additional display showed up on his HUD ahead of him and he saw a targeting box bobbing and weaving out in space in front of him.

He adjusted his attitude to place the box over Chet's retreating ship and it suddenly got small and started flashing and he heard a low growling sound.

He looked at the attitude control stick and saw a button on top of it that was flashing red under a cover.  He flicked the cover up with his thumb and hit the button and he felt a jarring clunk and heard a muffled roar as a large missile flew out ahead of him from directly under the center of his ship and raced toward Chet's.

Suddenly the warning klaxon started up again and Jake realized the second of Chet's missiles had reacquired him and he slammed the controls to try to change direction but it was too late.  There was an explosion to his right and his ship suddenly jarred in a direction away from it.  It was a direct hit but since Jake was invulnerable it just bounced off his shield.

Suddenly all of his controls were dead.  This must be the simulation's way of telling him he was out.

"You got me you fuzzy white bastard!" Jake shouted and laughed, "My missile is closing in on you though.  Kiss that cute, chubby rump of yours goodbye for me!"

Chet laughed and yelled, "I will allow you to kiss it later yourself if you ask me nicely enough.  My butt is certainly in no danger.  Your pathetically fat and slow missile has no chance against me.  I am one thousand pounds of pure white lightning!"

Jake watched out the cockpit as the missile he'd shot at Chet began to turn as the bear banked hard to the side.  It was clear that Chet was right.  The missile was big and turning too slowly to match the powerful plasma thrusters on the back of Chet's ship.  The bear was turning tighter and moving faster and the missile was going to pass by in his wake.

Suddenly, the missile appeared to blow apart but Jake saw it was because it had broken up to release a swarm of six missiles.  They were very small and fast and far more maneuverable and they had no problem turning inside of the bear.

Chet roared as he realized he was doomed and Jake saw retro thrusters firing all over the outside of his ship.

"White Lightning, Green Death Blossom!  Rawwrrrr!" Chet shouted, and his ship began to spin like crazy.

He must be slamming the attitude stick in random directions, spinning the ship every which way and he was holding the trigger down and green bolts were flying out in all directions making it look like a never ending firework.

Jake laughed at the sight of the ship spinning and turning like mad with green bolts of energy blooming out of it to the sound of a roaring bear.

One of the small missiles was actually destroyed by the random bolts but the next hit the bear's ship dead on and Jake watched it bounce sideways from the explosion, then two other missiles hit him and he bounced again.  The last two missiles had no problem homing in and there were more explosions and finally it was all over.

Chet howled with laughter and yelled, "That was amazingly fun!"

Jake chuckled and said, "You are certainly a different person in here than you were at the mess hall."

"I am capable of having fun occasionally, though I will admit to never having enjoyed myself quite this much.  Let us go again."

Jake chuckled and said, "I guess we've found something to entertain you.  You seem like a natural at this.  How do we reset this thing?"

A fat button with an icon that looked like an arrow curved into a circle began to glow and the simulator voice said, "The reset button is indicated on your forward panel.  It can only be used when all ships actively engaged in the simulation are 'dead', or when the last one alive presses the button.  Press it now to place yourself back in the launch gantry."

Jake pressed the button and suddenly found himself hanging in the launch system once more with gravity pulling him forward.

He quickly pressed the launch button and grinned as the ship spat him out once more and he started the hunt for the White Lightning.

The two trainees continued to chase each other around and over time they seemed to improve a great deal.  It was getting harder and harder for either one of them to take out the other.  They were getting smarter and more cautious and waiting for the right chance rather than taking risks and they were surviving longer.

They asked the simulator to point out buttons for decoys and jammers to help protect against missiles.

They messed with the power distribution system and found that they could cheat a bit.  Since they were invulnerable they transferred all of their power to weapons and thrust and left none for the shields.  They began to learn how to transfer between those two functions to better outrun a slow missile or get more power for the main guns to shoot fatter, more deadly bolts at a higher rate at the cost of speed.

They started to learn which missiles worked best in which situations.

Most importantly they became much more adept at flying the ships in three dimensions.  The big fighters had a lot of momentum and were slow to react but they did have a lot of power so they could reach high speeds.  The main thrusters were at the back, so the ship could accelerate much harder and faster going forward but a lot could be done with the attitude thrusters as well and they began to try more interesting patterns like flying sideways in an arc around the target and circle-strafing, or putting all of their power to thrust while blasting forward to get away as fast as they could, then quickly flipping the ship around while transferring all power to weapons to get the maximum rate of fire to take out whatever was chasing them.

They flew and fought and killed each other many times over, laughing and taunting and having a great time for what seemed like a fairly short duration.

Suddenly, Srythryn's voice came over the intercom and said, "Alright you two, you've been at it for seven hours straight!  It is time for you to take a break.  Come out so we can go to the mess hall and eat!"

Jake had been chasing Chet's tail and the two brought their ships to a halt.

Chet shouted, "Make us!"

Jake said, "Yeah!  I'm not a member of your crew yet!  You can't order me around like that!  Come in here and fight if you want to win the right to tell us what to do!"

Srythryn chuckled and said, "Trust me when I say you do not want me to insert myself into your simulation.  You wouldn't last a minute.  I've been watching you two and I'll admit you are catching on surprisingly fast but you are still too limited in your thinking and there are many features of the ships that you have not yet discovered.  I am impressed with what you've achieved already, but it is time for a break.  Come out."

"Awww, can't we play just a bit longer?" Jake asked.

"Fine," Srythryn said, "I will make you a deal.  If you can beat a special no win scenario of my own design, you can play for as long as you like.  If you can't beat it you must come out of there and get something to eat with me."

"That sounds like a challenge!  What is the mission?" Chet asked.

"I call it Srythryn's Moon.  It will give you nightmares, I assure you!" Srythryn warned.

"Bring it on!" yelled Jake.

With a sickening suddenness the star field vanished and the two fighters were facing a giant eyeball with a yellow iris and vertical pupil.

"Is this thing on?  Can you see me?" Srythryn asked and then the eyeball shrank as Srythryn stepped back and his entire body came into view.

Jake laughed at the sight of a gigantic Srythryn floating in empty space, with two very deadly ships facing him.

Srythryn moved his hands behind him and there was a ripping sound and the captain turned around and bent over and his shorts came down revealing his muscular, naked buttocks.  He raised his fat tail in the air revealing his large anus and wiggled his butt tauntingly from side to side.

"You are now facing Srythryn's Moon.  What is your solution?" he asked.

Chet guffawed and roared and started shooting every warhead he had while squeezing the trigger for the main guns and Jake joined him.

The two laughed as the volley of plasma bolts and the spread of missiles all flew right to the anus and then appeared to go right through it.  There was no explosion.

Chet roared again, "Cheating!  They were all direct hits on that hideous bullseye!"

Srythryn chuckled and turned around in front of them and said, "I told you it was a no win scenario yet you agreed to try to beat it.  You lose.  Come out, now.  Meet me at the check in counter.  You need to check your fobs back in to log your hours and progress."

The image then blanked out to be replaced by a soft glow and the panels and control sticks moved back out to their extremes and the seat released Jake.  The hatch opened over his head and he climbed out of the sphere, laughing.

Chet was already out of his sphere and he launched himself toward Jake.

He opened his massive arms and legs and wrapped them around Jake, pulling the man into his tight, warm, furry embrace and shouted, "That was the most fun I've ever had in my long life!  I cannot wait to do it again!  This has been the best day I've had in a very long time.  I am so happy to have met you, Jake!"

Jake hugged the huge bear back and said, "Hey, stop being so boisterous!"

Chet laughed and impulsively kissed Jake on the lips and then caught himself and pulled away in embarrassment and let Jake go.

Jake smiled and pretended that nothing happened and said, "The next two months are going to pass much too quickly for me I think."

Chet smiled back and said, "Indeed.  I was not looking forward to the two months of torture.  Now I find myself not looking forward to reaching my destination.  I am beginning to see the appeal of this ship thanks to you.  I cannot wait until they have my suit ready so I can go and explore the rest of it.  I feel like a child again and I can suddenly understand the behavior of the others who live their lives in this floating playground."

Jake said, "I'm thrilled to see you so happy.  Srythryn will be too."

Chet smiled again and said, "You have both been so kind to me.  Let us go find your captain and share a meal with him.  I am truly famished."

They made their way into the elevator and rode it down.  Gravity smoothly built up and returned to full as they reached the bottom and the doors opened.

Srythryn was standing and waiting for them with a grin on his face.

The two trainees checked in their fobs and they all turned to the elevator and began the ride to the mess hall.

"I want to thank you, captain, for the most enjoyable experience of my life.  I have never tried any sort of simulator before and it was an incredible thrill," Chet said.

"I am happy that you've found an entertainment that suits you.  I watched the two of you for quite some time and I have to say I was impressed.  You both adapted and learned very quickly.  The simulation will get a bit drier for the next while as you learn proper procedures and all of the ins and outs of controlling the ship.  I recommend you apply yourselves hard so that you can pass through it and get to the more interesting and challenging missions beyond."

"More challenging than Srythryn's Moon?" Jake asked, and chuckled.

"A lot less appealing, but far more challenging, yes," Srythryn said.

"How did you manage to insert yourself into the simulation like that?" Chet asked.

"I was in one of the trainers' booths.  Those of us who coach trainees can control the scenarios and tweak them to present more challenge to you.  It has a camera so you can see an image of me on one of your internal display sections.  I simply swapped it with the star field so that I floated before you."

"Will we be able to do more free dogfighting like we did today in addition to the real training?  It was amazingly fun and White Lightning here scored a lot more kills than I did.  I need the chance to make a comeback." Jake said.

"I can have them add an hour of dogfighting at the end of the program each day if you wish, but it will be under more realistic conditions.  I don't wish you to learn any bad habits so you will not be playing in easy mode any longer.  Your missile loadout will not be unlimited and you will not be invulnerable.  The ship will react realistically to even glancing hits or shock waves from nearby explosions.  You will find it immensely more difficult than what you did today.  Your lives will depend on your successful management of the limited energy you have to work with and the limited number of missiles.  You will learn to think of shields first, thrust next, and weapons last, or you will not survive.  The crazy maneuvers you two were doing in there could not be accomplished if you needed to keep power to the shields as you would not have the same amount of thrust available.  You would also not be able to shoot non-stop while maintaining shields and thrust without completely draining your antimatter buffer, leaving you a sitting duck waiting for it to recharge.  You will see what it's really like to try to handle one of these machines and fight for your life while juggling all of the variables."

"It sounds challenging.  I look forward to it," Chet said.

"I would recommend you apply yourself and challenge the certification test, Chet.  You show a natural aptitude and I feel you could be a very strong fighter pilot in the top tier if you pushed yourself.  Even if you do not intend to make it a career, it would give you a goal to work towards," Srythryn said.

Chet nodded and said, "I think I will do just that."

The elevator eventually slowed and then rose up and opened and they walked out into the mess hall and proceeded to the back counter to get their meals.

They sat at a table and ate while chatting and joking.  Chet's voice would occasionally rise in volume and his arms flailed with one massive paw chasing the other through the air as he described some of the dogfights he and Jake had engaged in complete with sound effects.  He would sometimes bellow with laughter as he recalled some particularly humorous occurrence.

Srythryn grinned from ear to ear and there were many raised eyebrows and smiling crocs around the room as they looked over in surprise at the dramatic change in the big bear's attitude.

Suddenly there was a series of loud beeps and a loud siskreth hissing was heard over the intercom that didn't translate for Jake.

A look of puzzlement passed over Srythryn's face and the crowd went silent as the hissing continued and the crew listened.

Finally the communication stopped and Srythryn stood and turned to Jake and said, "I am sorry, my love, but once again I am called away.  Unusual and disturbing readings have been detected from deeper in the system near the planet of Chet's match.  My presence has been requested on the bridge.  Please keep Chet company for the evening.  I will see you back home later tonight."

Jake nodded and then Srythryn turned and shouted, "Where is Thriststris?  I want my XO on the bridge with me!  Chief engineer and weapons officer on standby!  I want the ship on alert status until we verify there is no threat in our immediate vicinity!"

The big croc rushed to the elevators and disappeared.  Several others got up from their tables and rushed to the elevator banks to go to their stations.  The others turned back to their meals as if this was fairly routine.

"Do you suppose there is some danger?" Chet asked.

"Not to this ship, I don't think.  There's not much that could threaten it.  It's probably just standard procedure to go on alert when there's something anomalous going on.  The rest of the crew don't seem alarmed," Jake said.

"You're right.  It must be a routine occurrence," Chet said, "I wonder, while your captain is otherwise engaged, could you come back to my quarters so that I could fuck you once more?  My body is certainly not pushing me to do it yet and likely wouldn't for a few days, but I enjoyed it so much earlier that the desire to insert myself in you again is strong.  I simply want to do it for the immense pleasure of it."

Jake grinned at the massive, beautiful bear and said, "I would love to, let's go."

They made their way back to Chet's quarters and entered.

Chet went to the sleeping mat but instead of lying on his side he waited for Jake to come in and then grabbed him and threw him down on the mat on his back and Jake laughed as the big bear started tickling him in the ribs.

"I had so much fun with you today, Jake.  I want to play some more, right here."

"Sounds good to me, do whatever enters your mind," Jake encouraged.

The bear grinned and pulled Jake's shorts down his legs and threw them aside.  He then got on the mat with Jake and maneuvered so his massive rump was over Jake's head and he lowered his butt down and forward so that his tail hovered just over Jake's face.  Jake knew what he wanted and he reached up and lifted the furry tail out of the way and Chet brought his ass down the rest of the way until his anus was right at Jake's lips.

Jake's lust instantly shot up to a high level and he stuck his tongue out far enough to touch the dark hole and ran the tip over the ridges of Chet's sphincter and then poked it at the bullseye.  As soon as the bear felt the contact he lowered his ass right onto Jake's face to push his anus down onto the warm wet tongue that was trying to invade it.  The dirty underside of Chet's furry tail was stretched out over Jake's nose and forehead while his lips locked on the bear's sweaty anus and his tongue probed urgently at it.

Chet moaned and relaxed his anus to let Jake taste the inside of him.  Jake reached up with both hands and used them on either side to pull the bear's sphincter open further so he could stick his tongue as far up as it would go.

Chet began to squeeze his sphincter shut to force Jake's warm and wet tongue back out, enjoying the sensation as it ran along the sensitive nerves, and then he would relax and let Jake push his tongue back up inside.  Chet seemed to love this activity and Jake was certainly a big fan of doing it.  The feeling of someone letting him into this most personal of areas in such an intimate way always drove him to the heights of lust.  His cock grew rock hard as he worked at the dank and musty hole, enjoying the intensely erotic intimacy of the act.

Chet moaned at the wonderful sensation and allowed Jake to work him for several minutes before he finally lifted his butt up and shuffled back a bit, then lowered his crotch down and began to rub his massive, furry balls all over Jake's face.

Jake's nose immediately filled with the heady, masculine, musky scent of the bear.  He reached up and took hold of Chet's thick, furry sheath and began to rub at it with his hand, jacking it slowly.  Chet's cock was already starting to fill the sheath he was so aroused at the act of rubbing his private parts all over Jake's face.

The massive bear's sheath continued to thicken as his big cock worked its way out of his body inside the sheath.  Jake's hand suddenly came in contact with the wet, hot, hard tip of Chet's big cock as it poked out of the end of the sheath.

Chet got off Jake and rolled right onto his back with his hind legs splayed out and he patted his belly as he looked at Jake and said, "Get on right here.  I want to feel your mouth on my cock again.  It's such a dirty thing to do.  We do not use our mouths on our partners' private parts in my race.  It is a thrill to have you debase yourself so for me.  Clean my sheath and suck on my wet cock.  Let us see how much of it you can take into your mouth."

Jake smiled and said, "Just stay that way and let me show you how much I can take."

He got up and climbed onto the massive bear and lay down along his luxuriously furry and warm chest and belly with his face at Chet's sheath with the swollen red tip sticking out the end.  He bent his knees so they went down long either side of Chet's deep chest and he rubbed his cock and balls against Chet's warm fur.

Jake reached up with his left hand and wrapped it around the thick sheath and pulled it down to expose more of the bear's wet and hard, red tool and then he moved his mouth onto it and sucked it in as Chet moaned his pleasure.

Jake then reached forward with his right hand and began to caress the bears big furry balls to increase his pleasure while Chet put his massive front paws on Jake's upper back and pushed Jake down a bit while humping his hips forward to drive more of his cock out of the sheath and into Jake's mouth.

Before long the hard tip of it reached the back of Jake's throat and Chet eased off so as not to harm him even while more of his cock slipped out of its sheath and his cock began to press at Jake's throat on its own.

Jake relaxed his throat and jaw and forced himself forward and Chet gasped as his cock spread Jake's throat wide and forced its way right in.  Jake moaned and pushed harder and a bit more of Chet's thick cock slide down his throat.  The bear realized it was what Jake wanted so he began to push down on Jake again while humping his hips and moaning as his cock came further and further out of its sheath and plunged deeper down Jake's throat.  He placed his hind feet flat on the ground and began to groan and grunt as he bucked his hips harder and harder at Jake's face until finally the entire fourteen inches of his hard, thick, wet, red cock was inside Jake's throat and mouth.

Chet was so turned on by this new way of doing it that he completely lost control over himself and impulsively he dipped his head down and placed his muzzle against Jake's asshole and sniffed deeply.  He moaned at the scent of the man and his extremely long and wide, soft and wet tongue came out underneath Jake and was able to reach past his big balls to the base of Jake's cock.  The bear took a long lick as he pulled his long tongue back across Jake's balls and he moaned at the dirtiness of what he was doing.  His tongue came out again and again as he began to clean Jake's crotch while his nose stayed planted right up against Jake's pucker.

The bear continued to buck hard and fuck Jake's throat while he raised his own level of lust by licking at Jake's crotch.  It seemed like it was too clean after a time and he decided to take it a step further.  He pulled his tongue back and probed hard at Jake's asshole with it.

Jake was thrilled that the bear wanted to try this.  He relaxed his anus and pushed lightly to make it easier for Chet to push his tongue in and the bear seized the opportunity and pushed hard with the tip of his tongue and it went right in.  Chet pulled it out quickly to see what it tasted like and he groaned loudly and plunged it back in again.  This time he worked it in as deep as it would go snaking four or five inches of his warm soft tongue up inside Jake's rectum.  The sensation was fantastic and Jake moaned around the bear's massive cock and squeezed his anus hard to really feel the tongue as it pulled back and out of him and then pushed its way back in again.

Chet suddenly did another surprising thing and he took his right forepaw off of Jake's back and worked it underneath Jake until it found Jake's long and stiff, straining cock.  The bear grasped the tool and began to jack it in short, powerful thrusts with a very tight grip.

Jake was so incredibly turned on as he was skewered at both ends with the bear's massive cock and long tongue that almost as soon as Chet's paw started to work Jake's cock he felt the familiar tingling begin to rapidly build up at the base of his big balls.  His scrotum shrank and tightened up and the head of his cock expanded and his load of semen exploded out the end into the mass of warm fur beneath him.  Jake moaned again around Chet's thick cock and his anus pulsed and squeezed at the bear's long tongue and Chet pulled it out slowly and thrust it back in to heighten Jake's orgasm.  Jake pulsed and spurted his entire load out onto Chet's furry belly until he was completely spent.

Chet groaned again and his lust reached its peak as he thrust his tongue back in to Jake's dirtiest and most private area.  The bear was so turned on he couldn't take anymore and his toes curled tightly as his massive balls began to stiffen and tighten up, squeezing their huge load of semen up through the long shaft of his hard cock to explode into a long jet that shot right into Jake's stomach as Chet bucked hard against his face.

The bear continued to moan and buck, pulling his cock back and pushing it in to Jake's throat as deep as it would go with his tongue still jammed deep into Jake's rectum, snaking around and tasting his insides.  Again and again he thrust and spurted more of his cum down Jake's throat.  His load was not nearly as big now as it had been earlier but for some reason it felt twice as good to shoot it.  The orgasm continued to hammer Chet's body in waves as his hips bucked against Jake's face until finally the effect began to fade and his bucking slowed to light humping and then finally stopped.

He pulled his tongue out of Jake's ass and pushed him downward onto his cock and held him there tightly while his body pulsed out the last of his seed into the man.

Finally Jake felt the hard penis begin to retract from his throat and pull back into Chet's body.

As soon as Chet's cock retreated fully back into the sheath the big bear lifted Jake up and turned him around and pulled him in to him and wrapped his massive fore legs around the man and held him in a tight hug.

"That was so wonderful.  I did not know that sex for the sake of pleasure could feel so much better than the sex that my body drives me to do.  I have never been pleasured so completely.  The things I did were so incredibly dirty yet they felt so wonderfully good.  I have never fucked someone while upside down, lying on my back, nor have I ever fucked anyone's throat.  You smelled and tasted so good to me that it drove my lust further than it has ever gone.  I can't wait to try other ways of enjoying your body.  I have never felt so aroused before, Jake, and I do not understand why it is happening.  I wish to try it again right away but my body does not feel quite ready."

"I want you to cut loose and try anything your heart desires with me.  Let's take a rest and give it another go in a while," Jake said.

The bear nodded and rolled over on to his side with Jake still wrapped in his arms.  He lay Jake down on the sleeping mat and then moved partially over top of him and then brought up his massive hind leg to cover Jake's lower half.  He pulled Jake right into him and Jake was deep inside an incredibly warm and comfortable, soft and furry cocoon and protected against the chill of the room.

He was wrapped deep down in his new lover's embrace and as he listened to the massive bear's slowing heartbeat, and heard his breathing get deeper and deeper, the two of them quickly drifted off to sleep.


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