The following story is adult fiction. This story will contain elements of a sexual nature. If it is illegal to view this sort of material in your area, or if you are not old enough. Please leave now.

I'm not new to writing, but this will be my first Science Fiction / Fantasy story. You'll notice the story jumps from certain time periods. But I have tried my best to write it in great detail so it's understandable. Thanks for everyone's support as I venture to my second published story.
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     Soft breathing and the occasional electronic beep were the only sounds heard in the sterile hospital room that cold autumn's night. There lying on the bed under a mountain of sheets was a eighteen year old man. The fact he was still alive was very much a miracle. Bandages and IV tubes danced across the man's arms as the radiators breathed for him. In the far corner of the room sat another man, his face showing a blank expression. His green eyes not once blinking. It was as if he were a statue, barely taking the time to breath. Suddenly, there was a slight rapping on the door. Immediately the man's head jerked to the source of distraction.

     Fresh blood was everywhere in the gallery as a young man struggled to pull himself closer to his gun that had slid across the room in earlier combat. Before he could wrap his fingers around the handle, he was immediately thrown into the opposite wall. Falling back to the floor, the young man started coughing up blood. Seeing this brought a smile to his attacker's faces.

      "You won't be a knight when this is over boy!" shouted one of his attackers before he kicked the man in his chest causing him to fly backwards landing on his back.


     The man ran his fingers in his blonde hair before letting out a grunt of acknowledgment. His green eyes not once leaving sight of the bed. Slowly, the room was lit up from the hallway lights as a young woman walked inside. She was in her late-twenties, but her face bore the expression of someone in their later years. She closed the door and took a seat beside the man and sighed trying to find the best words to address the situation.

      "Sam, I'm in no mood for chit chat" the man spoke before growing silent again.

      "Lee, it's been two days. You've not left this room once" Sam said as she tied her long red locks up in a pony tail.

      "It's my life, I'll spend my time the way I see fit" Lee replied harshly.

      "I didn't do this to him Lee, but you need to eat and more importantly rest" Sam said as she grabbed onto Lee's hand.

      "I know you didn't, but don't try to make me leave" Lee said, his voice cracking slightly.

     Sam's eyes turned cloud-white as her grip grew tighter on Lee's hand. Lee started to notice and tried to break away but she slammed his hand back down on the arm-rest.

      "Sam stop it" Lee said, his voice laced with hate.

      "Come with me now" Sam said in a demanding tone.

      "Fine, damn it" Lee said as he got up.

     Lee had been a member of the order for four years. By now, he knew not to question Samantha when she allowed her powers to get involved. He had seen too many vamps and wolves face off against her and somehow spent the rest of the night trying to separate themselves from the walls they were slammed into. Sam unlocked the car doors with her remote as she ushered Lee into the parking lot. After finally getting him out of that dreaded hospital room, she wanted to pump back as much life into him as possible before he went back.

      "So where are we going?" Lee asked as he stared out of the car window.

      It's three in the morning, somewhere that serves breakfast" Sam replied as her eyes were transfixed on the road.

     Meanwhile, a conversation of urgency was in progress in the hospital's hallway. Two men bickered back and fourth over the condition of a certain patient.

      "Lewis, the boy is in a very fragile condition. We're doing everything we can" said one of the men who appeared to be a doctor.

      "That's not good enough Robert. He's the first in over four-hundred years, I will not have him die after so many years of service to our cause" Lewis replied in a stern tone.

      "He's lost allot of blood, not to mention the strange chemicals that were found in his body. Broken bones and severe bruises. He got one hell of a beating" replied the doctor as he eyed the chart.

      "Who could he have been fighting that was this powerful?" Lewis asked, not really expecting an answer.

      "You know very well what attacked him. The question is why?" stated the doctor as he gestured Lewis into the room.

      "He's the knight, that's a general reason right there" replied Lewis as he shifted his glasses.

     To say Lewis was an older gentleman was putting it mildly. Lewis had been well over a century old. Magic was surely kind to him. But he still showed signs of aging. There were wrinkles and liverspots as well as a head that was completely devoid of hair. Physical features no longer appealed to Lewis, his main concern was the knight. His knight, the very person he swore to serve and guide. At this very moment, Lewis felt like a failure.

     Lee was lost in the constant stabbing of his eggs as Sam downed a bottle water. Even though the small diner was empty at this time of night, it was filled with undeniable tension. It all seemed to be coming from Lee. Sam rubbed her temples trying to block out the extra weight of emotions, but it wasn't really helping.

      "Spit it out Lee. My head is gonna explode unless you do some type of venting" Sam said in a strained voice.

      "I'm worried about him okay? He's like a brother to me" replied Lee as he tried to force the urge to continue the conversation.

      "We all are worried about him. But I know he'll be fine. As long as he has a pulse, he has a chance Lee" Sam said as she reached across the table and grabbed his hand.

      "Those machines are providing his pulse Samantha! He cannot even breath on his own!" Lee yelled as he threw his plate off the table.

     In the early hours of the morning, a cloaked figure braved the rain as it made it's way to the large doors of a manor. Once inside, the figure dropped the soaking cloak to the floor and made his way to the study. There by the fire sat a man, legs crossed reading a book of great age as the firelight danced upon the walls and ceiling.

      "Elder" The man gasped out, trying to catch his breath.

      "What's his condition slave?" The man said, his voice tainted with dominance.

     That remark made the man cower even more so as his hands began searching frantically for something within his jacket. The man made a grunt which only made the weaker man cower more until he found a small envelope. Carefully he handed it over to his lord praying that he would not be punished for the extreme amount of fear he was currently feeling. Slowly the man reviewed the contents of his letter as the nervous man cowered in the corner.

      "Perfect. Injured to the most highest degree. But not killed, it's all too perfect" The man replied as he tossed the letter and it's contents into the fire.

      "You are pleased Elder Gavin?" The man asked as his insides ached with fear.

      "Not quite Slave. Such delightful news should be served with a meal" Gavin replied as his fangs extended causing the man to quake with fear.

     By now, only Lewis was remaining in the room. Great guilt coursed through his veins as he looked at the lifeless body before him. He knew all about the healing powers of a knight, but he feared that not even Jesse could heal after this. After debating his decision for a few more minutes, Lewis placed both of his hands above Jesse's body. Lewis began chanting softly and slowly a green light started to build at the edge of his palms.

      "My life for your own my child" Lewis spoke before pushing the light directly into Jesse's lifeless body.

     Almost immediately color rushed back to Jesse's skin. Bruises started to fade and the sounds of bones repositioning themselves could be heard. Jesse's body started to convulse and jerk off of the bed as the monitoring equipment started giving readings off of the chart.

      "Jesse" Lewis' voice was strained and weak as he spoke; "I can provide the energy, but you must provide the will. You must want to live, breath with me. Reach out and grab life my boy"

     Suddenly one by one the monitoring equipment started to blow up as Jesse's eyes opened weakly. Lewis took his last breath and fell to the floor cold. Nurses and Doctors ran into the room trying to find the source for the explosions. Jesse started choking as he couldn't breath with the numerous tubes down his throat.

      "Oh god!" Sam shouted as she grabbed her head.

      "Sam! What's wrong? Tell me!" Lee shouted as he tired to grab onto her.

      "It's Lewis. He's dead!" Sam choked out as she started to cry.

     Lee pushed himself away from the toilet, as he wiped his mouth. There was so much going wrong and now Lewis was dead. It was just too much for him to handle. The order had been one of the most respected and feared groups in the world, and now it was slowly falling apart. Jesse was on the verge of death, Lewis was already dead, but he had to see for himself as he walked out to the car.

      "Lee, stop fucking around" Jesse shouted into the woods.

     Walking through the woods was Jesse. His short black hair captured the moonlight as he continued to search for Lee. Jesse was only seventeen at the time, but the skills and talents he had were for someone much older. Jesse held his sword outward as the twigs broke beneath his feet. To anyone else, Jesse was just your normal guy. Average build, some muscle too. Perhaps he needed to spend more time in the gym, but when did he have the time? Jesse had to take up home-schooling just to finish high-school. Suddenly, gunfire could be heard in the distance; and that set Jesse off on a run to it's origin. Lee was busy trying to take down two wolves as they clawed at him. Another shot rang through the air as Lee's shirt was ripped open by one of the wolf's claws.

      "Lee run! They can turn you!" Jesse shouted as he brought his sword down swiftly into the wolf's back.

     Jesse pulled his sword out as blood splattered over his jacket. Lee thought about running away, but couldn't bear to leave his friend to fight alone. Jesse kicked at the fallen wolf before it had a chance to attack again. Little did Jesse know, the other wolf was inches away and was ready to strike.

      "Jesse! Move!" Lee shouted as he began to fire upon the wolf.

     Bullets flew through the air as Jesse jumped out of harm's way. The other wolf was already dead and had reverted back to human form. Unearthly screams were heard as the bullets tore into the wolf's flesh. After a few more moments of gunfire, the wolf dropped dead transforming into a young woman.

      "They were lovers" Jesse said as he checked the bodies for a pulse.

      "Worst kind of wolves. They hunt and kill together better then an entire pack" Lee said as he reloaded his gun.

      "One of them must of turned the other" Jesse said as he placed his sword back in it's sheath.

      "It's sick" Lee said as he handed Jesse a tissue.

      "It's love. Both sharing the burden of being a wolf" Jesse replied as he removed the blood on his face.

      "Such a romantic" Lee said as he laughed.
      "Did he suffer?" Sam asked the doctor as she held onto Lee for support.

      "From what we can tell, he died from a heart-attack. But it was quick Ms. Summers" replied Robert as he put on his glasses and walked away.

      "How could of this happen to him?" Sam asked as she wiped her eyes.

      "Look" Lee said softly nodding at the window to Jesse's room.

     Sam moved closer to the window. Jesse was now only using one iv hookup, and the bruises and cuts were gone. Lee moved slowly into the room, carefully trying not to make a sound. Sam took a seat watching Lee as he placed his hand over Jesse's.

      "When he wakes up, you should tell him how you feel" Sam said in a serious tone.

      "How I feel? What are you getting at?" Lee asked turning to face her.

      "Uhhh" Jesse moaned out as he tried to open his eyes.

     Lee and Sam both jumped up moving closer to Jesse. Slowly, Jesse's eyes open and he looked up at Lee. A faint smile cross Lee's lips as he held onto Jesse's hands. Sam gave a similar smile before running off to find a doctor. Jesse looked down at Lee's hand before blacking out again.

      "Lee, I've got a doctor to look at Jesse" Sam said in a cheery voice that quickly faded when she saw Lee's expression.

      "Signs show that's he's in a coma, Ms. Summers. My tests have made sure of that, he'll wake up. But in his own time" said the doctor softly.

      "But he was just awake!" Sam yelled out trying to understand what just happened.

      "He's not ready yet Sam. We'll give him time. We'll wait for him" Lee said calmly before walking out of the room.

     Days had passed and Jesse showed no signs of waking up. Jesse was given a clean bill of health, doctors other then Robert were amazed at how fast Jesse's body had recovered. But still, Jesse had not awaken. Lee waited by Jesse's side for days, and finally after much reasoning from Sam decided to take care of business with the order. After arriving in New York, Lee had been given the duties of guardian by the higher members of the order. Quite simply, it was a very honorable position. But Lee knew he wouldn't of received the title if Lewis hadn't died. The order served as the official headquarters for a knight. Everything a knight needed could be obtained for him or her. Weapons, money, protection and power. It all came so easily for a knight, as it should. For over four years, Lee had served the order after the tragedy he faced. The order were the only group who offered to take him in and allow his thirst for revenge fuel him to do even greater things then he could ever imagine. For centuries, the order had been the protectors for knights. Lee just prayed that their mission would not end with Jesse. Lewis had given his life to save Jesse. Lee knew he would do the same to protect his best friend, if he needed too. As Lee thought of all the new responsibilities that faced him, he was suddenly brought back to reality by a soft voice.

      "Congratulations Mr. Parker. I hear your now the knight's guardian" said an older man from the doorway.

      "Yea, It's true" Lee replied looking down.

      "Well, you don't seem very thrilled about it" said the man as he took a seat in front of Lee's desk.

      "I think Lewis would of done a better job then myself; John" Lee replied still keeping his head down.

      "Lewis left his recommendation for you as guardian. He knew the risks he took, and as any guardian would, he gave his life to protect his charge" John replied sternly as he searched his pockets for his pipe.

      "It's just not what I was expecting. I know nothing of being a guardian, I'm just the muscle around here" Lee stated as he pulled off his jacket revealing a long scar on his bicep.

      "Once you've been given the knowledge, you'll be perfectly fine" John said as walked over to open the door.

     Standing in the doorway were two young women wearing blindfolds. With hardly any effort, they walked into the room and stood at either side of Lee. To the naked eye, the two women looked like twins. But on the inside, they were two very different creatures. Lee got very uncomfortable as the two women pulled amulets from the insides of their dark sweaters. John lit his pipe, paying no mind to the ladies as they began to chant softly. White light started to escape their amulets as Lee prepared to make a run for it.

      "Prepare for a headache Mr. Parker" John said softly before he took a drag from his pipe.

     Still being in a coma, Jesse had started to dream and had been doing so for days. Images crashed around in his head. Screams, and laughter could be heard as Jesse tried to fight and save the innocents, but his attackers were just too strong. The last thing Jesse saw was a blue light crashing into him. Instantly Jesse sprung up from the bed, covered in sweat.

      "Welcome back Jesse. It's time we take you home knight" spoke a stranger in the darkest corner of the room.

      "What?" Jesse spoke trying to catch his breath. "What's a knight? "

     The stranger turned their back to Jesse and made a call on their cell phone. A smile dashed across their face as they spoke into the phone.

      "Everything is perfect. He has no idea about the order, or himself" replied the stranger before hanging up.