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Here is the second chapter to Forgotten Knight. This will be by far the most complex story I have ever written. I'm using allot of elements and styles that I usually wouldn't. It took over six months before I could get the groundwork for this story ready. The feedback I have received has been amazing. Thanks to everyone who helped make this chapter a success!
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     Lee was lost in a sea of paperwork as Samantha slipped into the room. Everyone knew the responsibilities of the guardian were great, but Lee never knew there was so much paperwork involved. Budgets, training costs, Jesse's newly acquired medical bills. There was paperwork for everything. Samantha took a seat on the nearby couch and awaited until Lee would notice her.

      "Kinda busy Sam. What's up?" Lee asked still focusing on the paperwork.

      "It's been two weeks and you haven't been back to see him" Samantha said softly.

      "I've been busy" Lee said harshly.

      "Only excuse you can come up with?" Samantha replied as she tied her red locks into a pony tail.

     Before Lee could make a snappy comeback, he was interrupted by a hectic knock on his door. Before he could answer, a young girl rushed into the room with numerous folders and a look of complete confusion on her face.

      "Yes Robin, what is it?" Lee asked glancing up at the girl.

      "Guardian, Aleksandr has just reported in" Robin said as she shuffled around trying not to drop her folders.

      "Well what is it?" Samantha said trying not to loose her cool with the girl.

      "The knight is missing" Robin replied.

     Jesse howled out in pain as his broken sword was shoved swiftly into his shoulder. His attacker touched the blood that was spilling out onto Jesse's jacket. After acquiring a quick taste, his attacker laughed.

      "It may have taken four-hundred years to create you knight. But your blood is perfectly delicious" spoke the attacker.

      "Can we just kill him already?" spoke a bald woman from the corner.

      "No! Our orders are to put him out of commission" spoke the attacker.

      "He's right Alisha, Gavin would be very displeased with us if this knight died" spoke an older man who just entered the room.

      "Stupid human. You know nothing of Gavin's wrath" Alisha spoke through gritted teeth.

      "It's about time you got here John. It was getting boring without a proper audience" spoke the attacker as he pulled the sword out of Jesse's shoulder causing blood to flow even more freely.

      "How in the fuck could he leave without anyone seeing him?" Lee yelled into his cell phone as he paced the hospital floors.

      "Jesus Lee" Samantha sighed as she motioned her fingers toward's Lee's phone which instantly brought it to her hand.

      "Give me my phone Samantha Lawrence" Lee spoke in an angry tone.

      "Damn it Lee" Samantha started before grabbing her forehead and dropping the phone to the floor.

      "Sam, what's wrong. Tell me!" Lee yelled as he caught her from falling.

    Visions flooded Samantha's head as she tried to focus on each scene before her. First she was seeing the healing process from Lewis, then she fast-forwarded to a mysterious man standing over Jesse as he slept. A small beam of white light from his palm connected him to Jesse's forehead. Samantha tried to move within her mind and see the man, but his face was a black void as he performed his task. Suddenly, Samantha sprang forward from Lee's arms gasping for air.

     "He was doing something to Jesse!" She choked out as she braced herself against the wall.

      "What? Who!?" Lee asked frantically.

      "I couldn't see his face, but he was doing something to Jesse's head" Samantha replied trying to catch her breath.

     Lee knelt down quickly and grabbed his cell phone before entering the empty room where Jesse had laid no more then a few hours ago. He blamed himself for Jesse's disappearance, even from the beginning. Lee thought back to when Lewis scalded him when Jesse hadn't reported in for two days. Jesse was his partner, even though he was younger then any of the other agents of the order. It was Lee's responsibility to protect Jesse when they were on missions. But something had freaked Jesse out before he went missing, even Lewis and the others couldn't figure it out. Lee shuttered briefly when the memory of Jesse's return played in his head.

      "I'll be in a few minutes Lewis. Goodbye" Lee spoke into his cell phone as he stepped out of his building.

     Lee stopped at the edge of the sidewalk and started searching for his keys. Damn these cargo pockets, he thought as he kept searching. Suddenly a black impala came to a screeching halt, nearly hitting Lee. The back door swung open and a man wearing a mask tossed Jesse's lifeless body onto the cold pavement before driving off. Lee fell to the ground and immediately clutched Jesse's body. His clothes were torn and covered in sweat and blood, Lee not being able to tell which one there was more of. Jesse started coughing up blood as Lee scrambled to call 911.

      "L-Lee" Jesse choked out between coughs.

      "Jesse, don't try to talk. Just please hang on" Lee spoke, trying to explain his directions to the operator.

      "I couldn't let them hurt you" Jesse spoke before falling unconscious.

      "Jesse! Jesse, please stay with me" Lee yelled out, clutching Jesse even harder.

     Lee was lost in the memories as Samantha tried to find the source of her sudden flashback. Samantha knew the laws of nature and energies. Simply put, someone with her talent could pick up old energy trails if there was enough left behind. She just didn't know why it had come so sharply and suddenly. Someone was working their magic into the environment. While she did her search, Lee just relaxed and let past thoughts take over.

      "Jesse, I want you to meet your partner" Lewis said softly as he led Jesse into a large conference room.

      "Yay, I'm a supernatural cop" Jesse said with little enthusiasm.

      "Doesn't look very supernatural to me" Lee snorted.

     Lee rolled his eyes and propped his legs on the long table. Jesse sighed and took a seat on the other end. This was one of Lewis' latest tricks, Lee thought. Lewis had been trying to bring him out of his shell since he joined the order. Everything Lewis did wasn't really working. Even pairing the sexy Samantha up with him did nothing more then annoy him.

      "I'm no longer worried about your personal character Lee. If you wish to remain like a pompous jackass, then fine. I have other pressing issues" Lewis said softly as he took a sip of his tea.

     "Fucker" Lee thought harshly. Lewis' Guardian powers allowed him to do much more then the average mortal or witch. Lee couldn't help be a little jealous of that. Lee would of settled on just mind-reading, hell it would help during interrogations. Instead, all he could do was fight, far from mystical; he thought.

     Jesse on the other hand was not enjoying this "first encounter" In the past few days his life had been turned upside down, the last thing he needed was some older macho prick. Even if he was hot, being a prick overruled everything, Jesse thought quietly to himself.

     Two men dragged Jesse's body into a large courtyard as the mysterious driver made a call on his cell phone. Jesse let out a soft grunt as his unconscious body was dropped to the ground. As the man talked, Gavin made his entrance. Tonight he was wearing clothes of times past. Gavin's slim, but muscular frame was covered in black slacks and a matching vest, his shirt had the slightest touches of black lace that brought the outfit to it's aristocratic nature. Gavin would usually let his long black hair flow freely, but tonight it was tied back, this seemed to bring out his almond eyes even more in the moonlit courtyard.

      "Imbeciles!" Gavin spat as he eyed Jesse's body.

      "Calm Down Gavin" Alisha spoke as she entered the courtyard.

      "I sneaked him out of the hospital Gavin, that was supposed to be your job; not mine" spoke the driver.

      "He was healed, it was that Guardian of his; wasn't it!" Gavin shouted ignoring the man's earlier comment.

      "Yes, Lewis did heal the boy. But he won't be doing it again" replied the driver.

      "Dead? How John?" Gavin asked, his anger drifting away by this latest news.

      "Equal Law" John breathed.

      "To gain something back, something of equal value must be given" Gavin muttered softly.

      "Yes, his own life for the boy" John replied as he polished his glasses.

      "Excellent, now let's just put him back in his previous condition" Gavin replied darkly.

      "Let's. Then his new Guardian will heal him" John muttered as he put on his glasses.

      "He has a new Guardian already?" Alisha asked.

      "The Order's high council picked the new Guardian as soon as Lewis was pronounced dead" John said as he eyed Alisha in her crimson dress.

      "You were supposed to delay the process John. How can you be working from the inside if your not doing a damn thing?" Gavin questioned harshly.

      "The order is a secret organization that is older then you are Gavin. It's demise cannot be brought down within a few months" John said as he checked Jesse's pulse.

      "What's wrong with him?" Alisha asked in a smoky voice regarding Jesse.

      "A simple parlor trick Madame. His thoughts are chaotic and best forgotten at most. This knight doesn't know anything about himself" answered John.

     Gavin snapped his fingers and the two men picked up Jesse's lifeless form and carried him away. Alisha soon followed, causing John to stiffen at the thought of her alone with Jesse. Gavin picked up the sudden change in John's character and immediately went from several feet away to being right behind John in the blink of an eye.

      "Not trying to back out on our offer, are you John?" Gavin whispered.

      "No, of course not" John replied with a bit of coldness.

      "Good, I really wouldn't want to have to break your neck" Gavin replied as his long fingers traced the side of John's neck, as if to make the point even more clearer.

     John stepped forward allowing Gavin's hands to drop away freeing his neck. Perhaps he had made a mistake? John thought to himself. It was too late now, history had been put in motion; there was no way to stop the past and upcoming events. No matter how much John wanted.

      "I've used a simple spell to keep him asleep and forgetful, but we'll need to introduce another form of sleep to the boy; otherwise he'll break free from the spell's hold and remember everything" John said as he turned to face Gavin.

      "Very well. I'll bite him in a few moments. The full force of the toxin should keep him out for a week at the most. Then, I'll just keep doing it. I hear his blood is quite delicious" Gavin replied as he walked off leaving John to his thoughts.

     After several hours of searching and team reports, Lee had passed out on his office sofa. Everyone was on a full-scale search for Jesse. Samantha had spent the evening in her office trying to pick up Jesse's thoughts. The thought seemed useless to Lee, only Lewis could sense Jesse's whereabouts. Lee highly doubted if Samantha could do it, she may of been a witch; but she wasn't powerful enough to pull off the magic they needed to find Jesse. The guilt was starting to wear Lee down, so much had happened before Jesse's disappearance; and now there was this. I've only been a Guardian for a few weeks and I'm failing miserably, Lee thought as he started to drift to sleep.

     Jesse was moved to the medical wing of Gavin's mansion. It was decided that for as long as Jesse could be sedate and unconscious, he would be no threat. Gavin had already released the toxin into Jesse's bloodstream by feeding off of him. With the help of John's magic, Jesse would never awake unless his captors wanted him to. Gavin was over seven-hundred years old, surely a humorous number to some people; but it was true. His skills would help pull this charade off. When Gavin was turned on his twenty-eighth birthday, he instantly became one of the most powerful vampires known to his kind. This fact only got truer with time. By now, Gavin was a respected and highly-feared vampire elder. Not only did he outrank others with seniority, but he also had the powers to match.

     Unfortunately for Gavin, what Jesse lacked in supernatural means; he made up with strength and intelligence. Gavin knew of the Knight line. He had been studying them for years and the knowledge he contained was simply priceless. But knowledge had nothing to do with his capture of the knight. All it took was the threat of murder and an untraceable drug. Gavin smiled at the simplicity of his plan. It had worked from day one; and now he had the knight under his control. Gavin wouldn't kill Jesse, he knew from past experience the dangers a dead knight could cause to "their" society. No, this was the best plan. Perhaps in time, Gavin would attempt to lead Jesse to be his personal bodyguard. Being one of the highest elders did bring an occasional murder attempt every now and then.

     "Soft breathing was the only sound heard in the room as Jesse quietly slept. His arms were tired down to prevent any escape, but it seemed pointless to John as he ran his old fingers across the leather restraints. There's no possible way for the boy to wake up, John reassured himself. But he wasn't so confident at his remark. The spell he had casted before Jesse was returned, was supposed to keep him in a painless slumber for at least a month. Unfortunately, the spell was broken; or perhaps not strong enough. Whatever the reason, Jesse wouldn't awaken now. John had spent days perfecting the spells he used, it just had to work. For his sake, it just had to.

      "You're going to be here for a while Knight. Welcome Home" John muttered as he walked out of the cold room.