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     The sun had not yet risen, but Aleksandr already had company at his house. Only he didn't know it yet. The wet grass numbed Jesse's feet as he waited for any sign of life in the house. Shivers and goose bumps flowed across his skin as he wiped the tear tracks away from his face. Finally, his patience paid off and he was greeted with Aleksandr coming out onto his deck with a cup of coffee. He moved forward causing twigs to snap under his feet. Aleksandr sprang to life at the noise.

      "Who's there?" Aleksandr replied sharply, as he pulled a gun from his holster.

      "Calm down Alek, it's just me" Jesse whisper softly, not intentally; his voice just wasn't strong enough.

      "Oh god, Jesse where have you been!?" Aleksandr shouted as he jumped off the steps and grabbing him.

     Jesse groaned from the pain as Aleksandr hugged him tightly. It was all too much, Jesse could feel the emotion wash over him as he was hugged. That never happened before he thought before the pain distracted him. His body was sore and the bite marks seemed to light up on fire. Before he knew it, Jesse passed out into Aleksandr's arms.

      "Jesus Jesse, who would do this to you?" Aleksandr asked softly as he ran his hand over the multiple bite marks and bruises.

     The day passed quickly as Aleksandr took care of Jesse's defeated body. As Aleksandr dressed the abundance of wounds, he noticed the deep bite marks across his arms and neck. They were much too deeper then the average bites caused by a regular vampire. "This couldn't be" Aleksandr said softly, "an elder's bites?" Jesse's slight murmers broke Alek's chain of thought as he began to clean the wounds again. Jesse stirred as his dream brought him a few moments of peace

      "Wait, stop" said Jessie as he gasped from the man's lips. "Should we be doing this?"

      "Let's forget about the rules tonight" he said softly before kissing Jesse's lips again.

     Jesse sighed from the remark as well as the man's assault on his lips before fully giving into his touch. Part of Jesse knew he shouldn't be doing this. The rules of the order were for him not to engage in any act that could lead to strong feelings or possibly love towards another member. But it was too late for rules now as Jesse gasped from the man's slight twist of his nipple.

      "It's more then just sex right?" Jesse asked before turning his head from the man's lips. "I can't go back to the way it was"

      "Of course it's more Jess" The man replied before kissing Jesse's finger-tips.

     Jesse woke up abruptly and panting hard. As he felt around in the bed a sense of loneliness crept into Jesse's stomach as he slowly got up. The bed was empty, he didn't expect anyone to sleep with him and hold him through the dreams and his recovery. But the thought would of been nice, he thought as he went through Aleksandr's closet looking for suitable attire. As he pulled a tee over his head, Jesse could hear the faint voice of Aleksandr as he discussed something in a hushed voice. Slowly Jesse sneaked into the other room desperately wanting to hear more.

      "He was just there in the grass Lee. I've never seem him look so horrible" Aleksandr said softly trying to keep his voice down.

      "Is he okay? Does he remember anything?" Lee replied making an echo on the speaker-phone.

      "I haven't tried to ask him. He's been out all day. You should bring Sam and come over now" Aleksandr said.

     Jesse's stomach dropped and a wave of fear washed over him like the tide at sunset. "I'm not ready for this" Jesse whispered to himself as he quickly pulled the newly discovered clothes on, as Jesse ran his fingers through his long black hair. A year without a haircut and Jesse was starting to look like Cher on a bad day. He put a baseball cap on his head and was about to make a run for it when he spotted Aleksandr's briefcase.

      "Lee calm down. You've been acting like a geek on prom night" Samantha said in a cheerful tone, obviously happy for the latest news on Jesse.

      "It's been over a year Sam. He was my order partner for years. We're good friends" Lee replied as he knocked on Aleksandr's door.

      "Right" Samantha said in a low voice, "Friends get all jumpy and mushy and lovesick over a reunion"

     Aleksandr opened the door slowly, his face bore a sad expression. Both Samantha and Lee thought the worst as they entered the apartment. "He's gone" Aleksandr said softly. Samantha rushed past Alek and begin trying to pick up any past energy trails.

      "You were supposed to be watching him!" Lee spat as he followed behind Samantha.

      "Oh yea Lee, we all have been searching for a year for him and when we find him. I just let him leave like nothing's happened!" Aleksandr shouted back trying desperately not to punch Lee.

     Jesse sat indian-style on the hardwood floor as he began going through the plethora of weapons spread out before him. Knives, guns, and some items that Jesse had no clue what was. He had already broken open Alek's briefcase and had taken advantage of the healing potions. Obviously Aleksandr had gotten them for his own welfare. The wounds had closed, but it would be weeks before they would be fully healed. The potions would only speed up the healing process for short amounts of time. Nothing would get him back in his original condition. Jesse could remember it all too clearly, Lewis pouring his very life essence into his own. But after everything that had happened, he couldn't help but feel that Lewis' life was wasted on his own. Jesse wiped his eyes and tried to find something to take his mind off of the constant painful thoughts or Gavin's memories which seemed to pop up uncontrollably. Reaching for the dayplanner of Alek's, Jesse began skimping through the pages seeing what was on his agenda. What he found nearly took his breath away, under weekly events: Elder Gavin's Lord Ceremony - Friday 10:00P.M.. Jesse let out a loud cry as he slung the dayplanner through the window breaking the glass.

      "I wish I could sense his energy. I used to be able to do it so well" Samantha said in a defeated tone.

      "Samantha when Jesse returned onto the physic plain his energy force landed you into the hospital for the night. Your with child remember?" Lee question sternly.

      "Yes Father" Samantha replied smuggly.

      "I'll alert a search crew to find him. In the meantime, we all have to prepare for Elder Gavin's Lord Ceremony" Aleksandr stated trying to change the mood.

      "Oh fuck" Samantha and Lee said in unison. "He's such a prick" Samantha chimed in.

      "He's an ancient prick, over a few centuries old" Lee replied as he eyed his watch.

      "It's not for a few more days Alek. I think Jesse's safety outweighs Gavin" Samantha said as she rubbed her stomach.

      "Your right, but as members of the order. Our presence has been requested specifically" Aleksandr replied as he searched for his briefcase.

     Large doors flew open as Alisha and others stormed into Gavin's study. Alisha coughed slightly only to be stopped by Gavin's hand as he continued to read a section from a very ancient book. When he finished the section, he quickly placed the book within his robes and awaited for Alisha to speak.

      "The knight has escaped" Alisha spoke with a smirk, "John is also dead"

      "Everything is moving to plan then" Gavin replied in a delighted mood.

      "My lord, your ceremony is in a few days. We must leave for Scotland tomorrow" said a lone figure.

      "Ahh, Lord" Gavin said in a light voice, "I shall enjoy that title. You always seem to keep my on my toes Brian"

      "Who knew a werewolf could be so useful?" Alisha replied coldly.

      "Go suck something Alisha" Brian replied with a sneer.

      "How about a wolf's blood?" Alisha shot back revealing her fangs.

      "That's enough you too. You two are going to find the knight and make sure he doesn't get in the way at the ceremony" Gavin said before exiting the room.

     Jesse wandered down the alley. By now dusk was settling across the streets as he walked into an old store front. The elderly couple at the counter took one look at Jesse and begin to close the shop. After removing his hood, the couple ushered Jesse to a room in the back. The elderly man took a large jar of purple powder off a nearby shelf as the wife helped remove Jesse's shirt before handing him a cup of tea. The couple were of asian descent or so it appeared. Jesse had known them for years. It made him feel guilty for bringing his problems to their doorstep.

      "Child, there is no reason to feel guilt" said the elderly man softly as he mixed several contents in a mortar.

      "Master, I have become weak" Jesse said weakly, his voice mere seconds away from cracking.

      "Ah, but child; I am not your master. I have only shown you the love and devotion that any one above you in age should have shown you" the man replied.

      "How have you become weak?" asked the wife, "or do you blame yourself for fate?"

      "I realize I've been gone for so long" Jesse answered as the tears streamed down his cheeks, "the lives I've vowed to protect are lost".

      "You cannot control the events that led you to your absence Jesse" the wife said as she stroked his black hair.

      "Sango will cut your hair and I'll dress the wounds child. Just rest" said the man as he touched Jesse's forehead causing his head to drop to his chest.

      "Mikyso, his shell is cracked and broken; his energy returns to the Mother" Sango said as she pulled a pair of scissors from her apron pocket.

      "It is our duty to give him the tools and assistance he needs to fulfill his destiny before he passes my dear wife" Mikyso said as he rubbed the purple mixture onto the wounds that were starting to appear on Jesse's body again.

      "The potions won't help him. I suppose Aleksandr's craft is out of practice" Sango spoke as she cut.

      "My craft is perfectly fine Sango" Aleksandr said sharply as he walked into the small room.

      "Where are the others?" Mikyso asked as he kept attending to Jesse's wounds.

      "I made sure they didn't follow" Aleksandr replied as he knelt down to get a better look at Jesse.

      "You know what caused these wounds Aleksandr. The very same person you report to" Sango said firmly as she cut another lock of Jesse's hair.

      "It couldn't of been Gavin!" Aleksandr spat, "He only drinks animal blood".

      "Sango has the gift of sight, do not question her visions" Mikyso replied as he wiped his hands.

     Aleksandr sank to the floor. Could it be true? Could the one person he thought of as a father over the years be the very cause for his friend's pain? Gavin had taken Aleksandr in when his parents were killed. They were members of the order, respected by allies; feared by their enemies. There was no real reason for Gavin's kindness, yet he took Alek in and gave him a home and the knowledge of the craft. It was far more then anyone else had offered. It couldn't be true, he thought. The wounds were caused by an Elder vampire, Aleksandr knew that. An Elder's fangs were longer and had the ability to draw the blood directly from the prey and through their fangs. Younger vampires would have to ingest the blood and that led to such waste and death. No vampire could drink that fast without wasting the blood and soon after bleeding the victim dry. Aleksandr knew these things, but it just couldn't be Gavin!

     The dreams were back now. It seemed when Jesse was asleep, his mind would struggle between Gavin's memories and his own. It was too powerful and it had taken every ounce of strength Jesse had to make it to the couple's store. When Jesse first found out he was a knight, it was the couple who helped in his emotional and spiritual growth so he could accept his destiny.

     Jesse was back in the gallery, his sword at his left and revolver at his right. As the knight, he usually had several more weapons; but for tonight. Those would be his only protection, if he had the chance to use it. The gallery was empty, except for the various Vampires and stray Wolf. Jesse stood in the middle of the large room. Gavin looked down from the second floor, Jesse knew what he wanted. Then the moment was fast-forwarded and now Jesse's body was limp in Gavin's arms as he large fangs dug deeper into his neck. Jesse tried to scream out from the pain, but his mouth couldn't form the sound. Gavin yanked his fangs away from Jesse's neck. The pain was horrible and Jesse tired to release the pain, but he couldn't scream; he couldn't even yell. Gavin wiped the blood from his lips, murmers of approval wafted throughout the gallery as other vampires saw this. Jesse's body grew cold and his vision started to blur as Gavin licked his ear and whispered "Silly boy, you give yourself for someone who doesn't feel the same". As Gavin finished his words, he dropped Jesse's form to the floor before allowing the others to take their revenge on him.

      "Oh God!" Jesse gasped out loud as he sprung forward from the bed.

     Jesse's body was covered in sweat and had soaked through his clothes as he kicked the covers off. His breath came in short gasps, he was close to hyperventilating. The bedroom door swung open and Aleksandr rushed in instantly grabbing ahold of Jesse. Instinct and need took over, and Jesse clung to Aleksandr as if he was drowning. Hard sobs rocked through Jesse's body, the site tore at Aleksandr's heart as he held Jesse closer to himself. Alek rocked Jesse back and fourth until they both fell asleep.

     When morning came, neither man was prepared to face last night's events. Jesse didn't know how he made it back to Aleksandr's, but he wasn't going to stick around. As Aleksandr slept closely behind him, he thought of everything he had missed within the last year. How he was awake to the actions going on, yet he was so powerless to do anything to stop them. For a year he saw and heard everything, and now he was cursed with Gavin's memories. Hundreds of years of pain and suffering he inflicted on millions of people. Gavin wasn't the mild mannered Elder he made himself out to be. Slowly Jesse stepped out of bed and took a couple of steps before crashing down onto the carpet. Aleksandr jumped up and was by Jesse's side quicker then humanly possible, but Jesse didn't notice. He was too busy reeling in self-pity. Aleksandr's touch brought him back away from embarrassment as he tried to push himself up.

      "Stop running. Please." Aleksandr said softly as he looked into Jesse's blue eyes.

     Jesse's first impulse was to punch the living shit out of Alek. But he stopped himself when he suddenly felt a wave of sadness and regret wash over himself. Jesse knew these emotions too well, but at this moment; they weren't his. He looked up at Alek's brown eyes and the emotions were stronger. They were Aleksandr's emotions. Jesse took a deep breath and nodded before allowing Aleksandr to help him up. Jesse hated being weak, he had been so closed and vulnerable his entire life. When he had became a knight, he became stronger then he had ever been. Jesse vowed to never be weak again. Whenever he broke that vow, it felt like there was a pit in his stomach.

      "There gone" Jesse muttered softly as Alek placed the covers over Jesse.

      "The memories?" Aleksandr said aloud, already knowing the answer.

     Jesse nodded slowly before placing his head in his hands. For once since he had awaken, the thoughts were not there. It was as if someone had put up a wall to block out the chaos in his head. Jesse sighed as he laid back on the bed.

      "The couple helped me in more ways then one" Jesse said.

      "I need to know Jesse" Alek said sternly, not out of harshness but more from curiosity; "You must tell me".

     Gavin stood on the balcony looking out at the oceanside. His train of thought was broken when he felt a presence outside with him. A lone figure stood at the doorway awaiting permission. This brought a smile to Gavin's face.

      "What is it Brian?" Gavin asked the wolf.

      "Lord, your ceremony is in a few days. Am I to assist or will Alisha carry out your plans?" Brain asked with a slight stutter.

      "Alisha will have enough trouble with the Guardian. But I myself will have no problems, but your assistance may be of some use" Gavin replied, still not turning to look at Brian.

      "Those plans are, my Lord?" Brian pushed on.

      "I'll need time. I have to be alone with the other Lords to be able to complete the process. You can buy me those precious minutes" Gavin replied.

      "And the Knight?" Brian asked.

      "He's too weak to be of any real concern" Gavin began, "But I shall eliminate him once I am through with the Lords".

      "What of the other order members?" Brian questioned.

      "Even a wolf has to eat Brian" Gavin said darkly.

      "We'll be starting a war sir" said Brian trying not to show his fear.

      "The blood of the Knight runs through my veins, so does the powers of an Elder; and soon Lords" Gavin said with much confidence.

      "Then you'll be strong enough to fight everyone?" Brian asked moving closer to the door.

      "Without a Knight, and no Guardian; the order stands no chance of survival. They were my only concern, anyone else is just child's play" Gavin answered as the wind blew his white hair around.

      "He's an Elder Jesse!" Gavin shouted, "He practically raised me!"

      "He did this to me Aleksandr, I wouldn't lie about this!" Jesse shouted back in a half-hearted defense.

      "Perhaps it was a glamor, not really Gavin; it just cannot be him. It was John" Aleksandr said, his voice lower now but still filled with the sense of panic.

      "John was involved as well, but Gavin is the mastermind. He planned all of this Aleksandr!" Jesse shouted as he stumbled out of bed and towards Aleksandr.

      "Jesse... Get back in bed" Alek started but was cut off by Jesse.

      "I came here to warn you Alek. You work for him, I won't let my family be destroyed by that monster!" Jesse screamed.

     Jesse's legs felt like rubber and before he knew it he was falling face first towards the floor. Aleksandr caught Jesse in mid-air and placed him back on the bed.

      "Jesus, Jess. Please calm down, I believe you; I do" Alek said as he tried to make Jesse believe his sincerity, "Please calm down Jesse, I can't loose you again".

     "I can't loose you again" Those words slipped across Jesse's brain as he drifted off to sleep. The spells the couple had performed were working. Jesse was having a dreamless sleep, where no memories of Gavin's or anything else dared to interrupt. Aleksandr pulled off his frames and curled up beside Jesse. They may of not had no connection, no real interest; but for tonight, this would satisfy him.