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'Gawd... I swear, one of these days I'll carry out my vendetta against these damn alarm clocks.' I thought to myself.

I swiped at it and made contact. It cried out its final chime as it fell to the ground. I couldn't resist an evil snicker. Bwahaha!
'Ugh... better get ready for school. Uh... what time is it?'
I glanced at its remains, the hands clearly showing 12:45.
"I'm gonna be late", I said. "Was that out loud?"

Well before I go on, let me introduce myself. Name's Tyler. I guess I'd call myself slim. Uh.. brown eyes, brown hair, and fair skin.
What else? I think I'm 5' 8''. I don't really bother with things like this. Urm... Oh right. I'm seventeen and in my last semester of my
last year in school. Just a few months until 'freedom', I guess.
Crap! School! Gotta shower!

The rest of my morning routine went smoothly. Better grab a bite before I head off to my class. Yeah, you heard right. Class.
As in singular. I'm kinda nerdy that way, finishing off most of my subjects ahead of everyone else. I mean, I could have taken them
the same time as everyone else but what's the point? Waste of time, if ya ask me.

I headed out the door of my parent's two story house. From the outside, it looks really white. Wanna know why? No? I'll tell you anyway.
The most frigid abomination of this planet covered it. The roof, the ground, the grass, the trees, and even the wind was covered up by snow.
You might've noticed. The cold and I don't get along very well.

I could hear the snow taunt me with each step. That annoying crunching sound that it played with each of my steps.
The walk to school wasn't long. And at the speed I walk, it was even shorter. The front doors of the school brought me salvation
from that frozen abyss that was the outside. I could have enjoyed the warmth more if the bells hadn't rang.

My school served all grades, from grade 1 to 12. The elementary kids were at one wing of the school. The junior high kids at another.
And us seniors at the top of the school, literally. We were on the second floor. Now, you might be thinking that the place was packed.
Well... you're dead wrong. All in all, there must've been a total of 1,000 students. Yeap, small town, small school. Anyway, I headed off
to meet my last class: Precalculus.

The rest of the class was fine. Explicit and Implicit differentiation. Fun... That was sarcasm. And the very bell that doomed me to this torture
rang its sweet sound once more. 'cept this time, I wanted to hear it. It meant that class, and school, was over for the day. Hell, it couldn't have rang
any earlier. Sometimes, I just wish time would speed up. There's not really much I'm missing.

The first thing I notice as I stepped out into the harsh, frozen abyss was the light. Or lack thereof. Clouds, storm clouds more like, covered the sky.
Wait... Storm clouds?

"Rain? It's gonna rain?", I said, exasperated.

"Yeah, it does look like it...", a voice behind me replied.

I turned my head, I was too lazy to turn the rest of me, to see the source of the voice. Tiffany.

'She must've seen me leave...' I thought to myself.

"Hey Tyler", she greeted.

"Uh... good afternoon", I greeted her back. "I gotta get home. Bye"

I didn't even turn back when she said bye back. I swear she must have a crush on me. I just couldn't tell her off. I mean, I hardly talk to anyone at all,
save myself. It's not she's intimidating either. I just didn't like people. And don't go thinking she's ugly. It's just... not my thing. Ugh all right, I'll say it.
Yea, I'm gay.

Didn't shock you too bad, did I?

Right, I turned around and started walking towards the next warmest place I could think of. My parent's house. The walk there was uneventful.
I mean, most of the cute guys from school usually hang around and wait for their friends. Me? I already said didn't I? I don't like people much.
Friends are people too. It probably has something to do with my secret. One I swore I would take to the grave.

My parent's house was quiet. Did I forget? I'm an only child. And my parents are both at work. We're not rich or anything like that, but we get by.
They work most of the day and I get to enjoy the solitude until they get home, somewhere around 1:00 in the morning. I used to have a baby sitter.
But I managed to convice my parents when I was 12 that I'll be fine. What sort of trouble could I get into anyway?

I ran up the stairs to change out of my school clothes. And there, beside my bed was my hobby. My computer. I told you I was nerdy. I started up
my favourite online game.

And off I went into the land of Rodesia.

It was around 6 in the afternoon that the downpour started. I remember this because it took the power out. Now, at seventeen, I'm not afraid of the dark, but the lack of light was suddenly broken by a large lightning bolt that flashed right infront of my room.

"Holy... That was close", I breathed out.

My heart was pounding. I went downstairs into the kitchen to grab some flashlights. Hey, don't look at me like I'm a hypocrite. I said I wasn't afraid of the dark, but that didn't mean I enjoyed wallowing in it either.

After a few minutes, I started to get drowsy. The rain always made me feel sleepy. I couldn't fight it off and with my computer down for the count, there was nothing better to do.
So, I crawled upstairs and lay down on my bed and shut my eyes.

-Bang bang bang-

That was the sound that woke me from my very vivd dream with one of the cutest boys in school. Hey, a person is not the same as a people. And he was cute. Really cute.
I readjusted myself and slowly crept towards the stairs. A window was beside the door so we could see who it was. Of course, my rude visitor must've figured that out.
I didn't see him. He just kept banging on the door.

I looked through the little peephole and had to take a deep breath to calm myself. On the other side of my door was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen. He was about as tall as me.
But his hair was wet. Probably from the rain. The clouds still covered the sky and it was getting dark. My eyes strayed just a little bit lower and I saw his chest. Damn... Please don't
let me wake up yet... Wait... That's his chest... He's shirtless? But there's snow and rain... Oh...

I opened the door. It turns out he was leaning on it. How did I know? He fell on top of me. I had to take another breath here. Why, you ask? He was naked. Not shirtless like I thought.
He wasn't all that cold so I guessed he hasn't been outside for long.

Here, my train of thoughts broke and went in two directions. Should I help him? Or should I help myself first? I mean, I could help him get warm and *maybe* ravage him a little.
Of course, I didn't but the thoughts were there. Definitely there. I carried him into the living room next to the fireplace. Then, I ran upstairs to get him a comforter and a pillow from the spare room.
I wrapped him up tight and just watched him rest. I hope he's okay...

I turned around to sit in the couch to get more comfortable. And that drowsiness came back. With a vengeance. I didn't even remember falling asleep.

I woke up and found myself in my room. That boy must've been a dream I guess. It was even darker now. The sun must've set already. I was about to get up from my bed to get some dinner
but I felt a tug at my shirt.

I turned to look and there he was. My dream boy. Literally. He was wrapped up in that comforter that I brought, laying next to me. That definitely stirred me in places. And that got me worked up.
So much so that I fell off my bed.

I ran towards the light switch and flipped it on. And I saw him clearly for the first time. He had blond hair that reached just above his shoulders. Some of it fell in strands close slightly covering his eyes.
And his eyes... One of them, the right, was the most beautiful shade of green. The left was a light blue. I could see his smooth, and if I do say so myself, defined chest. Not hulking or anything,
but defined. I would've looked him over more but something else took my attention. A woman floating above him on a cloud. She was wearing a robe adorned with what looked like diamonds.
I don't know my rocks and gems, sorry.

"Hello!", she said to me.

"Urm.. hi?", I replied.

Then she started to move sideways. Until I hit the floor.

"Oh... Well, that was longer than I expected", she said, smiling. "Humans never take our presence well."

My vision was starting to blur. Ugh... am I passing out? God, what a lame thing to do in front of my dream boy...

The woman looked towards him as if he called her name.

"Fine, fine. You take care of him", she said as she hovered off towards the door. And then through it.

'Hey', the boy said.

"Urm... hi?", I said to him.

'Hrm... It's taking longer than I expected to adapt. Don't worry. My language parser should be functional shortly'.

"Okay?", I said. That's when I noticed his lips weren't moving.

"Ah. There we go", he said. Ah! He speaks!

He crawled out of bed and walked towards me. He was still naked. And of course, the loner virgin gay boy that I am, hardened instantly. Ugh... how embarrassing. He held out his hand to help me up.

"Urm... You're supposed to take it. I'm trying to help you stand", he joked.

"Oh right.", I said as I took his hand. "Urm... I have some clothes you could put on."

"What? Oh. I see", he replied. "Sorry, I forgot to conjure some up."

Then, he looked at the door and the woman from before glided back through the door. She stepped off her cloud and put her feet on the ground.

"Hehehe. I just wanted to", she began.

"I don't want to hear it. Just give me my staff, Eos.", he interrupted.

"Alright", she giggled.

"Wait, staff?", I said. Oops, that was out loud again.

"Oh. Don't worry about it. I just need something to wear", he said.

"Oh bringer of the glorious dawn, Eos.", he chanted.

Then the lights went flickered, and went out completely.

And then they came back.

And my dream boy was fully clothed, to my chagrin, in the most stylish thing that's ever graced this house. Designer pants, designer shirt, designer shoes. I was willing to bet he had designer underwear...
Then, I started to panic. Where did that come from? Why was that woman gliding? What is an Eos?

"Eos is my guardian. A fragment", he answered.

"I glide because I can", Eos answered.

"These clothes I saw in your mind. In a strange book with many illustrations and few words. I recreated them using spare energy", he answered again. "Is transmutation still unachieved?"

That word triggered panic. Transmutation? Like Fullmetal Alchemist transmutation? Where was the cool effects? The circle?

"What is a Fullmetal Alchemist?", the boy asked.

"What and who are you?", I asked him, ignoring his question.

"Me? Oh, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Lucas. As you know, this is my fragment, Eos", he introduced.

His voice was angelic. Oh he stopped talking.

"Uhh..", I blabbed, trying to fill the silence.

"It's customary for you to introduce yourself, as we have done", The woman, Eos, said.

"Right. Tyler.", I replied.

"It's nice to meet you. Now, could you tell me? What year is it?", he asked. God, his voice sounded like a symphony of heralding seraphims.

"Urm.. 2009?", I answered.

"We are in the right time. And the place is certainly correct.", Eos spoke, her tone become serious as opposed to the bubbly, cheerful one she started with. "There was no deviation in vector space"

"I see. He doesn't match the description...", Lucas told Eos, after looking me over. I might've been flattered had it not been for his remark. "Where is your guardian?"

"I'm sorry?", I said.

"Oh... Don't you have one?", he asked again.

"A guardian? What's that?", I answered.

"This is bad.", he said, looking grim.

"If they come here, there's nothing I can do. You've yet to awaken any of the Radiant spells. I'll be unable to fight them off", Eos told him.

"I don't know how to erect barriers yet...", Lucas said.

"Urm.. excuse me. But it looks like you're looking for someone. And they don't appear to be here", I started. "So, if you don't mind, I'd really like it if you didn't 'fight' here"

Spells? Didn't he just use alchemy? Wait! Does that mean I'm radioactive?

"Too late...", Eos answered.

"What? I'm radioactive?!?!", I shouted.

"What? No, not that. I meant, they're here", Eos replied. She was giggling a bit. That made me flush. With anger.

"There's no choice. Eos, release limiter alpha", Lucas commanded.

"Sure thing", she replied. "Eos, Class III. Limiter Release Alpha. Mana flow normal. Elemental manipulation: Light. Region: Radiant"

"What? What's going on?", I asked.

Then, another lightning bolt. This time, it hit the house. More specifically, my window.

"Well now, you we're always bad at hiding your presence, Eos", another *floating* person said.

"It's been a while, Bacchus", Eos answered.

"As light fades to dark, as the moon takes its place in the sky, let loose the wrath of the night! Tainted Shade", a voice said.

In front of me, Lucas was brought to his knees. And Eos vanished in a cloud of smoke. Wait, are these guys wizards or something? Are they doing magic? Cool! Hey wait!

"What did you do to my dream boy?", I cried out.

"It would be wise for you to hold your tongue, boy. This is of no concern to you", the floating man, Bacchus answered.

You know how I said I hated people. I was right, and wrong. Wrong because Lucas' beauty was enchanting and, againt my better judgment, I became infatuated with him.
Right because this creepy mage/wizard floating guy just made me realize how I was wrong about hating people.

I ran to Lucas side and tried to shake him. He looked like he was sleeping but something was off. His eyebrows were scrunched up as if he was trying to fight off something...

"What are you doing to him?", I shouted.

"That was the last of my patience", the voice answered. "And let the harbinger of darkness entomb thee in the unending void. Netherworld!"

With that, my vision faded. I could feel Lucas in my arms, but I couldn't see him. I couldn't hear anything. I bet that if I tried to talk, nothing would come out. Slowly, the cold not unlike
the one I felt outside today started to creep up at me. It started with my feet and worked its way up. Was I freezing to death? Now? But I just met my dream boy! Help! Lucas said I had
a guardian. Where is he now?