Future Times - Captured


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There weren't any old ones left that remembered what it was like in times past, before and during the end times, they had all died. Life was a blend of past and fantasy. There were no alien invaders, just whole breeds of species created by the gods of science; experiments for military use that went completely out of human control. The economies and governments just failed and everything else deemed important in society followed. New plagues spread all over the globe, killing millions. Survivors gradually pieced together a type of civilization that did manage to set up a series of customs recognized everywhere. One of the new customs was the creation of the Breeders; strong, fierce, brave men who were trained from their youth to be true warriors. They had to be big, strong and tough. If they managed to complete the final tests when they were 25, they were marked with a special tattoo and given a necklace with a special medallion and stone, telling all who saw them that they were Breeders. Villages would honor them and pay handsomely to have them mate with females; hoping to provide the village with strong sons, future Breeders and fierce warriors. The children of the science experiments were known as hybrids, creatures that would have been recognized by humans in far times past, but just part of life on earth now. They varied in size and looks including some that seemed to have been born out of the pages of Grecian legends of old. Most had evolved to the degree that they could mate with human females and guarantee the continuation of their species, their genes being that dominant. A constant battle went on between the humans and the hybrids to survive. Lands were no longer divided by countries, but rather by species dominance in an area. The boundaries were fluid and not clearly marked.

Sam was a Breeder. He stood 6'8” tall, weighed in at a little over 315 lbs, thickly muscled from years of hard training and work, bearing a number of scars from battles he fought against hybrids and other warriors like himself. At 28, he was growing tired of the roaming from village to village to provide his services. Most of his fights now were with hybrids and even those became tiring. He wanted to find a real home, a place where he could enjoy nature and be content.

He had performed his breeder tasks in a small village that paid him well. He was fitted with a new suite of battle armor and fine quality garments. A few of the females and their fathers worked hard to convince him to stay and settled in their village, knowing he would insure their safety. Sam didn't feel comfortable in the village and quickly knew he was basically just being used; not really wanted, so he declined and as soon as his goods were ready he packed up and left the village. He had never traveled the land to the west and south, so he was not familiar with it at all. He knew he would have to watch for signs of hybrid activity, but that was second nature to him at this point in his life. He couldn't get any information about the lands he wanted to travel from the villagers as none of them ever ventured in that direction, especially since they hadn't met anyone coming from that direction.

Sam wondered to himself as he walked through the meadows and then thick woods, how people could be so afraid to explore new lands and meet new people. He left just before sunrise and walked at a fast pace all throughout the day. When he looked at the sky and knew sunset was soon to happen, he looked for a place to spend the night. As luck would have it, there were a number of high rocky cliffs he was traveling along and finding a cave for shelter wasn't hard at all. He found one he liked that was up the cliff side, preventing anything from walking directly into the cave as he slept. The cave was deep enough for him to even have a camp fire if he wished, not that it was cold during the night yet, as it was the warming season, what ancients would have called spring. Sam chopped some brush and tree branches which he pulled up to the cave, setting them up to shield the entrance from easy view. He laid out a rolled up fur to sleep on and removed all his clothing before eating a few pieces of dried sausage, carrots and fruit. Satisfied and not wanting to light a fire, he got comfortable on his fur mat and quickly fell sound asleep.

When the sunrise filled the cave with its warming light, he woke, stretched and took the time to look out of the cave opening to view the land around him. He saw a number of birds and knew there had to be grains or something else to eat, possibly a river or lake which he would love to swim in and wash. He climbed up higher on the cliff and sure enough, he spotted a small meadow with a good size stream running through it. He got his bearings so he could find his way back to the cave as he decided to stay in that location for awhile. Sam reset the brush and branches at the opening of the cave and headed towards the meadow and stream. On the way to the stream, he was glad to have found a large variety of berries and even some fruit trees near the stream. The stream was a good size and the water was moving quite fast. He spotted a pool that the water must have dug out removed his clothes and got into the water. It was a bit cold, but it felt refreshing. He spotted a fragrant herb bush that he used its stripped leaves as a soap. When he finished washing, he moved to a sunny spot in the meadow to let the sun dry his body off. The slight breeze gave his skin goose bumps but it felt wonderful. The grass was thick and soft. Since he was alone, he took advantage of how good things felt and rolled around on the grass, laughing as the blades tickled him. Even his thick, 9” cock got into the fun, hardening and pulsing, letting him know it too wanted to have some fun. Sam stretched out on the grass, reached down to his crotch and gently massaged his balls and cock. His cock always responded to touch and sensation by leaking gobs of precum. Sam stroked his cock from base to tip and lifted his fingers to his lips, licking the thick coating of his precum from his fingers. He wasn't sure if it was the chilly water or the force of the streams flow that made his cock feel so good. He felt shudders of pleasure shoot throughout his body as he slowly stroked his cock and massaged his balls. He took his time, totally enjoying the sensations. Suddenly he noticed the birds stopped chirping and singing. He knew that was a warning that something was in the area to be afraid of. He swiftly got up, went to his pile of clothes and just finished getting dressed when he heard heavy breathing behind him. He slowly turned his body around and there it was, moving right towards him.

It was what they called a goblin. It was at least 7'6” tall and had to weigh at least 450 lbs. Its skin looked like someone had torched it, with crusty blotches spread all over. Its arms were very long and thick, with sharp nails on its fingers. It had large pointed ears and its head seemed to almost go into a point. Its chest was very large and it had large thick nipples. It almost looked fat with the girth of its abdomen. It had legs that seemed too short for its size, but they were thick and obviously carried the weight of this hybrid with ease. It had large thick feet and sharp pointed nails on its toes. It was wearing a hide and fur wrapping around its waist and up its body over one shoulder. It had a very large head with deep set eyes, a hooked nose and large mouth. Its face was somewhat threatening. It looked as if it wasn't angry but rather had an almost surprised and happy expression, with its eyes wide and what could only be described as a smile.

Sam forced himself to remain calm and not react carelessly to this hybrid do to its size and the fact that his weapons were behind the hybrid. It came within 4 feet of Sam and stopped, lifted its long thick arms into the air and gave out a sound that Sam thought might be a laugh.

“Human, what do here?” the Goblin asked.

“I was just resting on my journey to the southwest,” Sam said calmly.

“You like? My tory,” the Goblin said, tory being their way of saying territory.

“Oh it is very good here,” Sam said with a forced smile. “I did not know anyone lived here.”

“Few human here go by,” the Goblin said. “Ahhh, you be Breeder I see.”

“Yes, you know of such things do you?” Sam asked, curious that a hybrid this far out would know of such things.

“Oh, for sure me know,” the Goblin said seriously. “You be strong and tough muscle me see.”

“Thank you, I am proud to be a Breeder,” Sam said.

“Yes, good good, I think,” the Goblin said. “Me Balno.”

“Oh, I am called Sam,” Sam said touching his chest. “Good meeting you.”

“Yes, good good I think,” Balno said as he slowly looked Sam up and down very slowly. “You stay for Balno me think. Balno have juice of Sam.”

“No, that I cannot do,” Sam said shaking his head. “I will leave your tory and no troubles be had.”

“Yes, Sam stay for Balno. Balno want and will have me think. Juice from Breeder, strong like you very special and good for Balno. Balno want.” Balno said calmly, spreading his smile even wider as well as stretching out his arms out to his side.

“No, Sam cannot stay for Balno, Sam go,” Sam said as he slowly started to move back and to the side, ready to run for it.

“Yes, Balno say Sam stay and give juice. Sam no go. Sam give good or Balno take, bad for Sam,” Balno said his expression turning serious.

Sam was just about to make his move to run when quick as a flash, Balno's hand became a fist and slammed hard into Sam's head, knocking him off balance. It stunned Sam just enough for Balno to grab Sam's head, his nails digging into his scalp and then his fist started to pound Sam's head and shoulder. Sam went into fight mode and landed a few good blows to Balno's chest, but it didn't seem to have much of an effect as Balno's grip on his head kept him off balance. Balno's punches were starting to do their damage and Sam could feel himself weakening. Balno used his grip on Sam's head to bend it backwards followed by a hard thrust to Sam's throat. Sam gasped and his hands reached for his throat. Balno punched Sam hard on the side of his head and then started pounding on Sam's upper back and the back of his neck. When Balno let go of his grip on Sam's head, Sam went down on his knee, still having a hard time breathing and dealing with the pounding on his head, neck and back. Balno reached down and clubbed the small of Sam's back like he was playing a kettle drum. Sam fell down to the ground, thinking about how he could mount a defense and get away from this Goblin.

Balno grabbed on to the bottom of Sam's upper garment and armor and in one hard jerk upwards, ripped it completely off of Sam's body. Balno's eyes went wide when he saw the thick hard muscles on Sam. Balno reached down and grabbed Sam by his shoulder, his nails digging in, pulled Sam up to his feet and with his free hand started roughly kneading Sam's arm, pecs, abs and thighs. Sam started swinging and punching any part of Balno he could reach. Balno snorted and gave Sam's throat another hard shot with his fingers. Sam's eyes bulged, he gasped and felt like he was unable to take in air. He reached for his throat. Balno swung his arms hard around Sam's midsection, clamped on a tight bear hug, lifting Sam off the ground. Pain shot up and down Sam's back from the force of the bear hug and the pounding his back took before. Balno's arms were way stronger then Sam thought and much thicker, making it extremely hard for Sam to suck in air. Sam struggled and could only think of pounding hard on Balno's head to get free of his grip. Balno responded by lifting Sam up higher in the air and then biting hard into the side of Sam. Sam screamed in pain and shook his body, desperately trying to get free and most importantly to breathe. Balno shook Sam like a wet rag, bit hard into Sam's side again while shaking his head. Sam felt his strength leaving him and knew he just couldn't give up or it was his life he would loose.

Balno decided he would drain Sam which would make him too weak to fight any more. Balno slammed Sam to the ground, stomped his foot into Sam's abs, holding him down as he reached down and proceeded to rip off every piece of clothing left on Sam's body, including his boots. Sam was now naked and had no protection left he felt. Balno stomped his foot hard a few times on Sam's abs, moved off of him and took in every inch of Sam's body. He licked his lips and gave out a loud bellow like sound, bent down, dug his fingers into Sam's hips and pulled him up into the air. Balno held Sam up and away from him, giving him a good view of Sam's crotch and how Sam's thick muscles rippled and tightened as they tried to balance. Balno moved Sam's crotch to his wide opened mouth and sucked in Sam's cock and balls. His thick tongue immediately began working on Sam's cock and balls, quickly making Sam's cock grow thick and hard. Balno tasted the growing volume of Sam's precum and loved the taste. He began to suck and massage Sam's cock and balls. Sam was screaming and trying to fight Balno off, which was a lost cause now. Sam fought the intense feeling growing inside, his cock and balls taking over all reason. Sam was loosing the battle for control. The more he fought, the faster and harder Balno's mouth worked on Sam's cock and balls. Suddenly, Sam's entire body stiffened, his cock throbbed and huge loads of his cum flooded into Balno's mouth and throat. Balno increased the intensity of his sucking and massaging, Sam's entire body shaking and jerking as volley after volley of cum was sucked out of his cock and balls. Balno wouldn't stop, wanting even more from Sam. He could feel his strength building from Sam's juices. Goblins hunt and eat like humans, and occasionally even for humans, but the biggest desire is to ingest what they called human juices which seemed to transfer whatever strength and power the human had to them, even though the human could regenerate it again and again. To the Goblins, it was almost magical and mystical, the best high they could experience.

Sam was no longer fighting, but pleading with Balno to stop as lightening bolts of nerve responses were shooting throughout Sam's body and he started to really feel the pain of Balno's sharp nails dug into his hips, squeezing very tight to keep his grip secure. He even started to fill Balno's mouth with his piss, which didn't slow down Balno at all.

Finally, Balno moved Sam's cock and balls from his mouth and looked up and down Sam's body. He had a contented, mellow look on his face. He licked and sucked Sam's abs and chest, focusing on Sam's pecs. He pulled Sam's body into his, holding Sam up against it with one arm behind Sam's back. With his free hand, he began to squeeze and massage Sam's pecs, moving his mouth to them and sucking and licking. Eventually, Sam couldn't help himself from moaning and groaning from the sensations of Balno's working over his pecs. That seemed to please Balno as he started maneuvering his arm and hand to almost cradle Sam's body against his, by accident his middle finger pushed inside Sam's ass, pushing past his rosebud. Balno quickly picked up on the reaction that had on Sam's body. Sam's moans were louder, his body actually was moving up and down Balno's finger and Sam's cock was hardening. Balno wiggled his finger and Sam gasped as Balno's finger pushed and rubbed on his prostrate. Balno saw the precum start flowing and he moved his mouth down over Sam's cock as his finger fucked Sam. Balno moved his mouth to Sam's pecs and then back to Sam's cock. Balno was now sitting down on the ground, had Sam on the ground and used the hand that was across Sam's back to now work on Sam's pecs and nipples and had more free movement of his other hand with finger inside Sam's ass. Balno put in another finger and Sam's body went wild, as did his cock and the precum. Balno now knew that when Sam's body started to stiffen, he needed to take in Sam's cock and work that over to get rewarded with Sam's juice. Balno was thrilled when Sam's mouth latched on to one of his nipples and began sucking, licking and chewing and his hands started digging in and tugging and rubbing on Balno's chest and arm. Balno kept working on Sam until Sam's body went completely limp and stopped responding except with a jerk now and again. Balno looked at Sam's face and saw his eyes were closed. He grabbed his face and shook it. He then grabbed Sam's arm and lifted it. When he did that a few times, he realized Sam was no longer conscious. Balno stood up, patted his abs a few times, stretched out and went to the stream. He washed his face and arms, deciding not to undress and bathe until he had Sam tied up and safely in his den.

Balno had watched Sam since he first entered into his territory. He knew exactly where Sam's cave was and after tying Sam's arms and legs together, went to the cave and gathered all of Sam's belongings. Sam was still out when he returned and he carefully packed up all the clothing he ripped off of Sam's body, arranged it all in Sam's sack, lifted Sam up putting his tied up arms around his neck so Sam's body was hanging against the front of Balno's body. If by any chance any human came looking for Sam, they would find nothing here that would say Sam was here at all.

Balno had his den set up a high rocky cliff ledge, fronting a cave. He could see just about all his territory from it and anyone trying to attack him would have to climb the steep rocky cliff walls. A part of the large stream that Sam bathed in was right below Balno's den, so he always had access to fresh running water. In hybrid style, he built his den like a human would a log cabin, except it didn't have any fancy windows or separate rooms. It was large, easily fortified and the cave kept it cool, acting like a larder. He even had a bed of sorts, fashioned out of thick timbers, a mattress stuffed thick with grasses and covered in thick layers of animal furs. There was a fire pit in the center open on 2 sides with a stone chimney going up through the roof. He put all of Sam's belongings inside the den, went down the cliff to the stream with Sam still hanging from his neck. He took Sam off, laid him on the stream bank and stripped. He looked around and found what he thought was the perfect sized branch of a dead tree to use as Sam's restrainer. He untied Sam's arms and legs and after spreading Sam's arms to the sides, broke off parts of the branch until he felt it was a good size to keep Sam's arms secured. He tied Sam's wrists to the branch so that the branch went over Sam's wrists and across the upper part of his back. He lifted Sam up by the branch and shook him, just to be sure he was tied on secure. Balno lowered Sam's body into the stream, making sure his head was safely on the bank. Balno laid in the stream and stretched out, still feeling the pleasure and strength he gained from taking Sam's juices. He moved next to Sam's body and slowly explored every inch of it. He was pleased with the thick hard muscles Sam had. The fast movement of the water combined with the sensations Balno was having exploring Sam's body, to make his penis grow thick and hard and his balls to begin to ache for release. He began to stroke his cock as he licked and nibbled on Sam's body. Then he got on top of Sam's body, careful not to smash him. He put just enough pressure to feel his cock sliding up and down the moving muscles of Sam as he was breathing. He put a bit more pressure down and had to groan as the pleasure went through his body. He then decided to move the head of his cock into Sam's mouth. He moved so he was straddling Sam's chest with his thighs and began rubbing his cock head across Sam's lips and around his face. He used his fingers and thumbs to open Sam's mouth as he placed the tip of his leaking cock just inside Sam's lips. He moved his body and Sam's position around until it was an almost straight line between Sam's mouth and Balno's cock. He used his thumbs to push down on Sam's chin as he pushed more of his cock head inside Sam's mouth. He moved his one hand behind Sam's head to keep his cock head inside Sam's mouth as he used his other hand to slowly stroke his cock. When a large thick glob of his precum got into Sam's mouth, Sam's tongue licked around the head and he sucked the precum out of Balno's cock. Balno gasped as he had never felt a sensation like that before. The more he stroked and filled Sam's mouth with precum, the more Sam sucked and his tongue licked Balno's cock head. Finally he could take no more and he let out a loud groan and yell, his back straightened and his cock got thicker and pulsed wildly as he filled Sam's mouth and throat with his cum. Sam woke up as he was choking, trying to swallow the hot liquid filling his mouth and throat. It was shooting out of Sam's mouth all around Balno's cock head, running down the sides of Sam's face, down his neck and into the stream. He tried to use his hands to push Balno's cock away, but realized his hands were tied down. The only thing he could do was kick his legs wildly and jerk his body around as Balno's cum was starting to drown him. Balno looked down at Sam's head and he had a very wild look on his face. He was drooling and that was running on to Sam's forehead and into his eyes. Balno realized Sam was drowning and he pulled his cock head out of Sam's mouth. Sam started spitting and coughing the thick cum out of his throat so that he could breath. As he took in more air, he started to calm down, now noticing the taste of the thick liquid that was still coating his mouth and throat. He started to feel a nice mellow feeling along with a spreading tingling through his chest and abdomen. Balno was watching Sam carefully to make sure he wasn't hurt. He didn't want to loose Sam so quickly. Sam looked at Balno and then at Balno's cock, still spurting thick cum and throbbing. Sam couldn't seem to stop himself as his tongue licked at the cum coming from Balno's cock, stretched his head to get the tip back inside his mouth and suck and lick more and more. Balno grabbed Sam's head in both hands and pushed it hard into his cock, letting more slide inside Sam's now stretched out mouth. It didn't seem to bother Sam as he was only concentrating on taking in as much of Balno's cum as he could get. Balno smiled and gave out a loud yell as his cock and balls responded to Sam's sucking and licking, sending off another long, thick load upon load of cum into Sam's mouth.

Balno suddenly remembered being taught that humans get nourished and regain strength and power from Goblin juices, but not at the expense of the Goblins, like is the case with humans feeding Goblins their juices. It was all part of the genetic manipulation done by the scientists long ago that brought about the existence of the new species on earth. If Balno made sure Sam had a steady diet of Balno's fluids, he would become addicted. He would maintain his muscle development and even have it improved with more bulk and thickness and be less susceptible to disease. This excited Balno even more and the volume of his cum was way more then Sam could handle. When Balno pulled his cock from Sam's mouth, just about all of Sam's face was covered in a thick layer of cum along with his neck and chest. Balno moved down and licked off all of his cum from Sam's face, neck and chest. Sam was again out, his body overwhelmed by the overdose of Balno's cum.

Balno moved Sam further into the water of the stream, washed him from head to toe and placed him on the bank while he washed his clothing and himself. He rolled his washed clothing into a tight roll, lifted Sam up and over his shoulder, picked up his clothing roll and went up to his den. He had 2 pegs coming out of one wall near his bed and he hung Sam there while he put his clothes near the fire pit and started a fire so they would dry and the den would be warm for the night. He thought about untying Sam but decided it was too soon. He would do that once he felt Sam was addicted to his juices. Balno laid on his bed, satisfied like he hadn't been in a very long time. He looked at Sam and decided he would take him off the wall and lay him on his bed so he could feel him and maybe even take more juices from Sam before he went to sleep.

As his fingers, lips and tongue explored more and more of Sam's body, Sam's cock responded by getting thick, hard and throbbing. Balno played with Sam's pecs and nipples, trying different approaches to see which got the best reaction from Sam's body. He began to wonder if humans could lactate like Goblins could. He also wondered what Sam's reaction would be to his sucking Balno's milk into him. He decided to see what would happen, so he moved up against Sam's body, turning Sam's head so that Balno's pec and nipple were right against Sam's lips. He then began rubbing Sam's lower abs, cock, balls and thighs, and then deep massaging Sam's pecs. Sam moaned and licked his lips, brushing his tongue and lips around Balno's nipple. Balno hissed with the sensation. He moved his free arm behind Sam's head so he could force it into his pec and nipple. The more he massaged Sam, the more Sam's lips, mouth and tongue would react to Balno's nipple. Finally, as the pleasure of being massaged like he was, moved to another level, something seemed to automatically kick in for Sam as his mouth sucked in Balno's nipple, his teeth began gently chewing and his tongue worked feverishly on it. The feeling and sensation for Balno was more then he imagined it would be, spikes of electrical charges shooting from his pecs through his abdomen into his now hard and throbbing cock. He had Sam's thigh locked inside his thighs so his cock was pushing up and down a part of Sam's thigh, coating it in a thick layer of precum. Balno remembered Sam's reaction to his ass being massaged, so he pushed Sam's outside leg outward, rubbed his thick middle finger in his precum and pushed it inside Sam's ass. Immediately, Sam clamped down and sucked wildly on Balno's nipple, causing it to begin producing a milk like substance. As Sam's tongue tasted the liquid, he attacked it like a baby that was starved for days, even trying to move his body closer into Balno's and stretching his head further to get as much of Balno's pec and nipple into his mouth as possible. Balno saw how much precum was flooding out of Sam's cock, so he pulled his finger out of Sam, latched on to Sam's cock and squeezed as his hand moved from the base to the tip, his top finger and thumb opened enough so the precum filled Balno's hand. Balno licked his hand and did it again a few more times, savoring the taste and sensations from Sam's juices. Sam was getting a good amount of milk from Balno's nipple. Balno couldn't hold off and he used his hand that was on Sam's ass to lift his lower body up and towards his mouth. He took his time licking and nibbling on Sam's balls and cock before devouring them both inside his mouth. It took just a few moves of Balno's finger against Sam's prostate to get Sam's cock to explode inside Balno's mouth. Balno's mouth sucked and his tongue hard massaged Sam's throbbing and spitting cock until Sam's pee rinsed down his cum from Balno's mouth and throat. Balno then flopped down on his back, pulled Sam over his body and down in between his legs so that Sam was on his abdomen and his face was right on top of Balno's cock head. Balno moved Sam's body and his cock so that Sam could take in as much of Balno's cock head as was possible. Sam moved his head from side to side and up and down, getting as much of Balno's cock into his mouth as he could. It didn't take long for Balno's cum to begin flooding into Sam's mouth and throat. Sam sucked and swallowed as much and as fast as he could, but still, huge globs of it were spitting out around Balno's cock. Sam couldn't seem to get enough and when finally Balno's cock stopped flowing cum, Sam licked every bit of the cum he could get from Balno's crotch, balls and inner thighs. Balno spread his thigh wide and let Sam get any cum that ran down towards Balno's ass crack. When Sam's mouth and tongue moved inside Balno's ass cheeks, he gasped at the sensation of Sam's mouth and tongue at the entrance to his ass. He even grabbed his thighs and pulled them apart and up so that Sam could get at his rosebud easier. When Sam stopped, because he was exhausted and he passed out, Balno pulled Sam up on to his body and held him tight as he fell asleep.

Sam woke during the night and it took him awhile to realize he was laying on top of a Goblin, his arms tied to a branch and the Goblin was holding him. He thought about all that had happened and was finding it hard to believe that he was taken captive by a hybrid and used. He was a Breeder, strong, brave, ferocious, a warrior and yet here he was, like some teenage maiden learning about sexual pleasure for the first time. The last time any man had used him for sex he was a young teenager, still unsure of what sex was all about and wanting to experience it all. He was always the one in control. He was the one who used other men after he bested them in combat. How was this possible? He had no previous experience with Goblins, so he had nothing to judge by. He knew this was not how it was supposed to be and yet, his mind brought back the sensations of pleasure and new heights of ecstasy he felt tasting the cum and milk of the Goblin, and how he couldn't seem to be satisfied enough for the precum. The muscles in his arms were beginning to react to being held against that branch. Every time he began to plan on his escape, his mind flooded with the sensations of Goblin cum. This Goblin was taking him to new heights of sexual pleasure. No human had ever made him feel like he did with the Goblin. Even the feelings as the Goblin fucked him with his finger, such an act would have cost another man his life, and yet his body enjoyed it and wished for more. How could this be? Those thoughts kept playing over and over in his mind until he was released by a deep sleep.

Sam was startled awake when he was roughly moved off of Balno's body. Whatever movement Balno did, flipped Sam off of him and on to his front. He had the thought that the soft thick furs felt good on his body as he drifted back into a deep sleep. Balno was sleeping on his side, his head resting on his folded arm and his body facing towards Sam. He woke up, moved his arm and touched for Sam. The only light in the den was the soft glow from the embers in the fire pit. Balno thought about untying Sam but thought it best to wait until sleep was finished. He knew he'd have to try and break Sam's will in order to force Sam into needing him and knowing pain would be his punishment for attempting to escape. Balno's fingers latched on to one of Sam's ass cheeks and held it tight as he fell back asleep.

Balno woke after a good sleep. He stretched out and looked over to his side and watched Sam sleeping. He noticed bruises and some dried up blood on Sam's hips from where his finger nails dug in. He sat up, stretched again and moved off of the bed, reaching over and taking hold of Sam's branch restrainer and dragged Sam towards him. The movement woke Sam and startled him, for a moment forgetting that he was a prisoner of a Goblin.

“Come Sam, stream,” Balno said to Sam as he dragged the branch away from the bed, forcing Sam to use his body and legs to keep himself from slamming on to the floor.

When Sam was on his feet and stooped over, Balno released the branch and let Sam stand upright. He grabbed Sam by the back of his neck and moved him towards the door of the den, opening it with his other hand. The bright sunlight blinded Sam's eyes, so he shook his head with his eyes closed shut. Balno pushed Sam's back up against the wall of the den, bent down for a thick rope and stood in front of Sam. He wrapped the rope around Sam's neck and then tied the other end around his waste so Sam would be anchored to Balno. He untied Sam's wrists from the branch. Sam's arms fell down to his sides, a rush of relief and pain all at the same time. He had very little circulation in them so he started to shake them and try his best to move them. Balno laughed and grabbed Sam's arms with his hands and roughly massaged them and jerked them around. It hurt but Sam could feel his arms responding.

“Sam no run from Balno or be punished. Sam obey,” Balno told him with his face right in Sam's face, grabbing the rope around Sam's neck and jerking it just to make sure Sam understood.

“Sam will not run,” Sam said trying very hard to hold his temper.

“We go water, wash, drink,” Balno said as he headed towards the edge of the cliff.

He turned and motioned for Sam to go in front of him down a make shift ladder set up. Sam followed Balno's orders and slowly began to climb down the cliff side, not really sure his arms and hands were up to it just yet. Balno saw Sam was having some difficulty grabbing on to the ladder so he moved over Sam, and told him to hold on to Balno's neck. Sam carefully turned himself around and wrapped his arms around Balno's neck. Balno quickly headed down the side of the cliff, not sure if Sam's arms could hold on for very long. As they moved through some brush and tall grass, Sam suddenly realized that he was completely naked. He noticed that Balno was naked as well. Walking behind Balno, he got a good view of the size of Balno. He was the biggest hybrid Sam had ever seen. Physical strength would not win a battle with this hybrid. Not only because of his height and weight, but also the length of his arms and size of his hands. The Goblin had a thick muscle mass that was carefully hidden in a thick layer of fat. If Sam was to get free, he would have to use cunning and thought.

When they reached the stream, Balno just walked in, obviously knowing where the deepest part was in the stream. Sam hesitated, not sure he could handle the depth like Balno was. Balno looked at Sam, grabbed the rope tied to his waist and pulled Sam into the stream. The force of the stream was much stronger here then at the spot Sam found the previous day. He lost his balance and fell into the water, the current of the stream quickly moving him towards Balno. He did his best to get his bearing and swim, but the stream was in control. Balno grabbed Sam by his arm and pulled him up against his body.

“Sam no swim?” Balno asked.

“Yes, Sam swim, but not ready for the pull of the water,” Sam said.

“Good, strong, Balno like,” Balno said.

Balno moved them towards a shallower part, grabbed a large handful of a thick moss that was growing all along the stream.

“Here, take, wash Balno,” Balno ordered holding out his hand loaded with the moss.

Sam took a thick bunch and dipped it into the stream and then began rubbing Balno's body.

“Sam do hard, wash good,” Balno said seriously.

Sam increased the pressure of his rubbing. He felt the strength just about fully back in his arms and hands. As he thought about it, he actually felt stronger from the day before. He was expecting to feel sore from his fight with Balno and weak from the amount of cum Balno took from him, but he didn't feel that way at all.

Balno liked the feel of being washed by Sam. He moved them to an shallower spot so that Sam could wash his legs, crotch and ass. As Sam was washing Balno's ass, Balno began a very forceful, long piss. It amazed Sam at its volume.

“Sam do same,” Balno suddenly said as he flicked Sam's cock with a finger.

Sam felt strange, but did as Balno told him, which was good since he really wanted to relieve himself. As he was finishing his piss, Balno started washing Sam's body with the moss, making Sam lift his arms and spread his legs. He wasn't gentle by any means and Sam wondered how much of his skin was being rubbed off. When Balno was finished washing Sam, he sat down and pulled Sam in between his legs facing him.

“Sam take, drink from Balno, good for Sam,” Balno said as he massaged his left pec.

“No, Sam no drink, not right to take milk from man,” Sam said seriously.

Balno wasn't asking nor was he about to have a discussion with Sam. He grabbed Sam behind his head and pulled his face into his pec.

“Sam drink,” was all Balno said.

When Sam didn't begin sucking on Balno's nipple, he moved his hand into Sam's armpit and pushed his thumb into the center as his hand squeezed hard, holding Sam in place as the pain shot through his arm, shoulder and neck. Balno put move pressure on his thumb and started moving it around. The pain increased and Sam couldn't help from screaming out in pain. He couldn't move away from Balno as he was held by the back of his neck and around his upper arm. No matter how hard his body jumped and pulled and shook, Balno held him in place. Sam realized the only way to stop the pain was to do as Balno said, so he forced his mouth on to Balno's nipple and used his hands to massage and knead his pec.

Balno released the painful grip on Sam's armpit, satisfied that Sam had learned his first lesson in doing what Balno said to do. The kneading, massaging and sucking began to work as Sam's mouth was filling with the thick fluid. He wasn't sure about the taste, but did not want to feel pain again. He was surprised when his cock began to react on its own, getting hard and throbbing. Balno moved Sam's mouth to his other pec and nipple and Sam complied with Balno's order. It felt very good to Balno. He noticed Sam's hard cock and began slow stroking it with his index finger and thumb wrapped around it so his palm would catch the precum flowing from Sam's cock. He licked it from his hand and kept stroking Sam's cock. He wanted more juice from Sam, so he pushed Sam down on his back on the shoreline, dug his fingers into Sam's thighs and lifted Sam's bottom half of his body up to his mouth. He devoured Sam's cock and balls and he even began moving his tongue which was long, thick and rough, in between Sam's ass cheeks. Sam seemed to stop thinking about the pain in his thighs from Balno's fingernails pushing into his skin and muscle as the action of Balno's mouth and tongue on his ass, cock and balls was all that mattered. As his body began to stiffen and jerk, Balno pulled Sam's crotch hard deeper into his mouth and his tongue forced its way inside Sam's ass. Sam gasped, screamed and shouted as his cum exploded inside Balno's mouth. This time, even after he pissed, Balno didn't stop. He forced more of his tongue inside Sam's ass and was able to make it thicker and harder, rubbing and pushing wildly on Sam's pleasure spot. Balno made Sam give him 4 large loads of his juices before he released Sam. Balno moved his cock up to Sam's mouth and pushed until the head of his cock was mostly inside of Sam's mouth. Sam sucked, licked and chewed, getting his reward, a full mouth of Balno's precum. Balno decided he was going to really fill Sam with his juices, making Sam addicted much sooner. Balno looked around and saw just what he thought he needed. He moved off of Sam, broke off a chunk of this strange looking plant which oozed a thick clear liquid from where the chunk came off. He picked something that looked like a mushroom and pushed it into Sam's mouth. Sam ate it and very quickly felt dizzy and light headed. He seemed to not care that he could barely feel his body less and less with each breath. Balno scooped up a large thick amount of the oozing liquid, flipped Sam over and began pushing the liquid deep inside Sam's ass. Balno quickly was able to force in 4 of his huge fingers, moving them around and filling Sam's ass with as much of the liquid as he could. The liquid seemed to relax Sam's rosebud and rectum. Balno used both his hands to completely cover his hard, thick, throbbing cock with the liquid. He flipped Sam on to his stomach and laid on top of him, making sure his cock was right in between Sam's ass cheeks. Balno began to slide his hips forward and back, stimulating Sam's rosebud. Sam was grunting and panting and began pushing his ass back as Balno was pushing his cock forward. Balno's cock head connected with Sam's rosebud and was slowly pushing in Sam's ass. Because of the size of Balno's cock, it did hurt, but not all that bad. The liquid was making the muscles and lining of Sam's rectum relax and stretch, accommodating the monster snake that was moving further and further inside of Sam's insides. Balno was soon in a fucking frenzy, moving his cock fully inside of Sam and back out. Sam was in some other world now, unable to deal with the sensations of having his insides massaged and moved around by Balno's cock. Balno wrapped his arms around Sam's body and held him tight as he picked up a slow rhythm to his thrusts. Finally it was too much and he just about crushed Sam in his arms as his cock exploded inside of Sam. Sam screamed out as he felt the bursts of hot thick cum filling his insides. There would be no leaking of Balno's cum from his ass since the head of Balno's cock was so far inside of Sam's intestines. In addition, as Balno began filling Sam with his cum, the base of his cock swelled, effectively blocking any means of escape for his cum. Sam's body would have to absorb it all. Sam became delirious. His mind and body could not deal with the amount of pleasure it was feeling; like electrical pulses moving out from the tip of Balno's cock and spreading out throughout Sam's body. Sam's ab muscles and intestines were flexing and massaging Balno's cock, like they were trying to milk every drop of Balno's cum from it. Balno knew then that he would do this often since the sensations were so intense and it also filled Sam with more of his juices then any other method. Sam was obviously not hurt so this would be his reward for taking a human Breeder captive.

Balno rested awhile, enjoying the sensations. He became hungry so he slowly moved Sam's body around on his cock until Sam was facing his body. He moved Sam's mouth to his pec and Sam lazily began licking, nibbling and sucking, his hands gently massaging and kneading Balno's pec. Balno stood up and walked over to a grove of fruit trees. He picked fruit and ate it, able to use both hands as Sam became steady holding on to Balno's pec, feeding on his milk. His cock was still throbbing deep inside of Sam and being massaged by Sam's muscles. When Balno was full, he found a spot with thick grass, and rested his back up against a tree trunk. Sam fell asleep on Balno's chest and ample stomach, still impaled on Balno's cock. While Sam was in a very deep sleep, Balno took the opportunity to fill Sam's inside 3 more times with his cum, the sensations being just way too much for him to pass up. He didn't know if Sam could get ill from too much of his juices, but at this point, it didn't matter to him. His pleasure and the new sensations outweighed any cautions his mind suggested.

When Sam finally began to wake up, he unwillingly snuggled his face in Balno's pec and his hands reached up and massaged Balno's chest. Suddenly, his eyes shot open and he realized he was laying on Balno and snuggling into him. When he went to move, his eyes nearly flew out of his head as his ass and intestines let him know they were filled with a thick throbbing snake. He went to move up off of Balno's cock, but the swelling of the base of Balno's cock was not about to allow him off. He winced in pain as he started to go into a panic, his ass muscles flexing and cramping as his mind began to fully realize he, the Breeder, warrior was being used by a Goblin. His stirrings woke Balno who calmly stretched out his arms and neck before looking at Sam's face. He could see the panic written all over Sam's face and knew Sam was now trying to come to terms with being fucked by a hybrid. Knowing full well the reputation of the Breeders, this was not a situation they were prepared for by any means.

“See, good good you give Balno juices, Balno fill you with juices,” Balno said with a smile as he pinched the muscles on Sam's arms, thighs, shoulders and chest. “Sam like soon, very soon good, feel good good.”

Sam became furious and was determined he would remove Balno's cock from him. He struggled more and more, even pushing his hands against Balno's chest as hard as he could. It only caused him pain which infuriated him all the more.

Balno let Sam build his frustrations and anger, knowing full well that Sam would never be able to get Balno's cock out of him on his own. Balno's cock actually began to feel more and more pleasure from the movements of Sam and the building intensity of movement his abs and chest were developing from his struggling and heavy breathing. It didn't take much of all this stimulation to get Balno in the mood to fill Sam with his juices again. Balno grabbed Sam's neck in his hand and squeezed as he shifted his position. Sam latched his hands on top of Balno's, trying to pry it from his throat. Balno stood up keeping his knees bent and jerked his body up and down, forcing Sam's body to ride up and down his cock. That truly got Sam's attention. The way Balno held his throat and had Sam's body pushed away from his chest, made the whole weight of Sam's body move hard up and down, controlled by Balno's thrusts. Balno really liked how this was feeling and he also noticed Sam was reacting with painful expressions. The plant goop was fully absorbed by his intestines and its numbing effects were very slight. The fluids of Sam's intestines and the thick slimy cum of Balno were all the lubrication available now. His insides were scrambling to move out of the way of Balno's thick, throbbing and jabbing cock and Sam now felt it completely as his body slid up and down most of its length. He definitely knew now how it felt to be fucked by a Goblin. As the pleasure sensations built in Balno, he increased the speed and force of his jerking movements, increasing the up and down motions of Sam's body on his cock, which increased the strength of the contractions of Sam's muscles in response. Sam couldn't hold back gasps, yells and all manner of cursing as his entire body flopped up and down Balno's cock. Sam tried holding on to Balno's forearm, tried using his feet to brace himself and stop his body from moving so forcefully up and down that monster cock, all to no avail. All it did mostly was add to his pain and frustration. Balno was in complete control and it was taking Sam some time to finally realize it. It was a complete change of his mindset dealing with his masculinity and sexual prowess. This was not just a physical lesson but more importantly a mental one as well.

Sam got to the point of physical and mental exhaustion as Balno seemed to now be in some sort of frenzied trance. Sam's legs and arms were now just flopping wildly up and about. Finally, Balno's body did some very hard, spaced jerks up and down and this very loud bellow came out of his mouth. Sam felt his insides being flooded with Balno's hot, thick cum. He could feel the swollen throbbing head of Balno's cock shooting like a cannon inside of him. He then felt an intense flood of feelings shooting all throughout his body centered on his abdomen. He also started to feel as if he just ate an entire feast by himself as his stomach swelled from the thick cum filling him. Balno was now covered in a thick coating of sweat, as was Sam. He staggered back to the stream and flopped down into the water, breathing very fast and hard. He laid back and let the fast flowing water run over much of his body. Sam just collapsed on top of his body, as the water flowed under and over his torso. Sam dunked his head into the water and took in large drinks as it felt so refreshing and cool. He was completely exhausted and very sore. His body went limp as he closed his eyes and semi floated in the stream, anchored by Balno's cock still deep inside of him.

When Balno finally calmed down and came to his senses, he made sure Sam was still breathing before concentrating on making his cock go limp and allow it to slide out of Sam's ass. He knew Sam now had a very large amount of his juices inside of his body and it needed to rest and recover. He placed his hands under Sam's ass cheeks and began to maneuver his cock from Sam's ass. Once he got the base swelling to go down, he gently began to push Sam's body up. He felt a great relief once his cock slid all the way out of Sam and was washed by the cool water. He did indeed love the sensations and pleasure, but it did begin to feel uncomfortable for him as well, though not in the same way it was for Sam. Balno washed Sam's body and checked his ass to be certain there was no serious bleeding before he stood up, picked Sam up and flopped his body over his shoulder and headed back to the den. Once inside, he put Sam on the bed, secured the door, started a fire and fell on to the bed next to Sam. Balno knew both of them would be in a deep, deep sleep for some time after the day they both had.

He could smell it; definitely a human male, and from the strength of the scents, possibly a breeder. It was a very, very rare occurrence indeed if in fact there was a breeder let alone a male human in the territory. The area was prime hybrid, mutant land, home to a great number of the varied creatures. He himself was quite the loner, mostly due to his DNA and chemically implanted training. He was created to be the military's land version of shock and awe. He would be sent into a town or military camp and within minutes, cause a panic and within hours have most if not all the inhabitants subdued or dead. He was known as a Bruiser, very powerful, muscular and big. He was nearly 8ft tall and weighed close to 490 lbs all rippling, solid muscle thanks to genetics. Adding to his abilities, he actually had 4 arms with which he could handle multiple weapons and take on many opponents if any dared to challenge him. He had 3 thick fingers, well 2 fingers and a type of thumb, on each hand and his feet were wide, thick and had 2 very large toes. He was called Fear, a very fitting name indeed. The other hybrids and mutants stayed clear of Fear since he had a very short fuse and all knew he would take whatever he wanted from whomever or whatever. The only hybrid that came close was a mutated hybrid from the same stock as he that was a cyclops, having only one large eye, only 2 arms, but also was huge, powerful, thickly muscled and also had 3 fingers and 2 large toes. He was created to be part of shock and awe, but was surpassed by Bruisers. The one eye and only 2 arms proved to be a handicap of sorts, limiting the amount of damage and carnage they could accomplish in the same amount of time of the Bruisers.

Fear called up all his heightened senses and began tracking the Human Breeder with great purpose. Grabbing a Breeder was like the top prize for a hybrid. Hopefully the Breeder was not severely damaged or sick and would last a good amount of time. Having their juices was the best accomplishment for a virile hybrid, well worth fighting for and protecting. He picked up the scent of a large Goblin along with the Breeder scent, quickly reasoning that the Goblin had possession of the Breeder, well for now at least. Fear would make certain that arrangement would change in his favor. When he reached the area next to the stream where Balno and Sam played, Fear could smell the strong scent of the Breeder. He even found a spot where a large amount of the dried up juice of the Breeder was clinging to a swatch of grass. He pulled out the grass and put it in his mouth. He immediately felt a strong rush of intense sensations, even though the juices were dried. This Breeder was strong and virile, a prime catch. He quickly looked around the area and spotted the ropes going up the cliff sides, walked back from the cliff and spotted the den of the Goblin. Fear smiled, something rare for him, found a spot he could keep hidden and observe the Goblin and Breeder; wait for the just right moment to claim his new prize possession.

Balno and Sam did indeed fall into a very deep and long sleep. Sam didn't wake during the night like before. He barely moved on the bed once Balno placed him on it. Balno also slept very well, exhausted and satiated with the juices of Sam. It was several hours after daybreak before Balno woke. He stretched and felt for Sam on the bed. He placed his hand on Sam's abs and rubbed and squeezed, making sure Sam's body still was filled with his juices. He would fill Sam with more today, and probably tomorrow. He worked out that Sam would then be fully dependent on his juices and could be taken off the security rope. As he rubbed Sam and watched him, his urge to empty Sam of his juices grew stronger by the minute. He stopped himself and woke Sam up so they could go down to the stream, wash, eat and continue with Sam's training. When Sam finally woke up, he was pulled off of the bed by the security rope tied on him. He didn't catch his balance fast enough and fell to the hard floor.

“Sam get up, we go now wash,” Balno said matter of factually.

“Yeah, wash, lets wash. I'm thirsty and hungry,” Sam moaned.

“Yes, wash, eat,” Balno stated as he opened up the den door.

He looked around and made certain nothing was out of the ordinary before picking up Sam and putting him over his shoulder before going down the rope. Balno wasn't in the mood to wait for Sam to climb down on his own. When they reached the stream, Balno went into the deeper part and pulled Sam into the stream, close to where he was at. Sam mumbled as he washed himself, dunked under the water and even drank a good amount. It was fresh, cool and had a very good taste. Balno pulled Sam to him by the rope and handed Sam a handful of the moss he used as a wash cloth. Sam knew what he wanted and just began rubbing Balno's shoulders, neck, arms and back. Balno moved them into shallower water and stood with legs spread, so Sam could wash him completely. Balno grabbed Sam by his forearm, lifted him up out of the water and proceeded to scrub all of Sam with the moss. Once that ritual was finished, Balno still holding Sam by his forearm, walked to the shore, found a bush full of berries and a thick vine of grapes. He plopped Sam down on his feet and just said, “Eat.”

Sam liked the berries and grapes. He thought about getting Balno to help him pick lots of them and get some things so they could make wine. Sam thought he could get Balno drunk and make his escape. Before he could formulate a plan in detail, Balno lifted him up by his hips, and devoured Sam's cock and balls into his mouth which was filled with grapes. It took Sam's breath away. Balno worked a finger into Sam's ass and found his pleasure spot. Sam's body seemed to melt and all he could do was moan and groan, his hands holding on to the head of Balno. Balno sat down on the grass and braced his back with a thick tree trunk. He took his time draining Sam's juices. After the 3rd draining, Balno lowered Sam on to his lap, rubbed his leaking and throbbing cock along Sam's rosebud and held his cock shaft as he lowered Sam's ass on to his cock. A few globs of Balno's precum and his cock head pushed easily inside of Sam's ass. Sam's body stiffened in reaction to the monstrous object pushing into him. Balno moved Sam's face to his pec and rubbed Sam's face over his pec and nipple. Sam's hands seemed to know he needed to knead and massage Balno's pec as his tongue and mouth worked on Balno's nipple. He was rewarded with a flowing of that special man milk of Balno's that his body seemed to crave more and more as it took more and more. Sam's body relaxed and Balno's monster cock pushed its way deep inside of Sam. When Sam's ass was pushed up against the pubic hair of Balno, Balno's cock seemed to throb more and grow thicker. More of his precum was flowing now inside of Sam's intestines, spreading a sensation of pleasure throughout Sam's body. Balno didn't even have to hold on to Sam's body. He lifted and stretched his arms up and back, grabbing on to the tree trunk, enjoying Sam's milking and how Sam's body was slowly moving itself up and down Balno's cock, his inside muscles pulsing and holding on as he slid up and down.

Fear watched all of this with keen interest. He found himself stroking his thick throbbing cock as he watched Sam's body moving up and down Balno's cock, the look of pure pleasure on his face and on the face of Balno excited him very much. >From what he could see, the human was indeed a Breeder and a very fit and powerful one. Yes, his prize awaited its new reward, a reward of having a real powerful and mighty hybrid master; truly an honor for the Breeder.

Fear waited until he could see Balno would be his weakest, not that he had much of a chance against Fear, but still, always best to take advantage of a situation, making certain things are in your favor. He waited patiently until the moment when Sam was unconscious and Balno was completely spent from filling Sam with his seed for the 4th time. Balno felt like he was in a dream state, his entire body weakened from the total pleasure he had filling Sam. He moved on to the thick grassy area with Sam still impaled on his cock and laid down on his back to wait for the base of his now sore cock to return to normal and allow him to slide his cock from inside of Sam. Fear smiled and couldn't help himself from drooling as he watched Balno stretch out his body and Sam's sweat covered body spread out on top. Fear quietly and slowly moved to a position that placed him facing the top of Balno's head. He looked around to be certain there were no twigs in his path that would give Balno warning something was moving towards him. The strength of his 4 arms and thickly muscled legs allowed him to move rather quickly over the ground, moving as a 4 legged animal might. He stopped every time he saw Balno move, making certain Balno suspected nothing before moving forward. When he was just about on top of Balno, he slowly stood up and took a wide stance with his feet; bent over and positioned his lower 2 hands over Balno's face and held his top 2 arms out and wide, ready to rip Sam off of Balno's body if necessary. He moved his lower arms until his fingers were at a perfect height to grab on to Balno's head with his thumbs over Balno's eyes.

Balno jumped as he felt the fingers of Fear grab tight on to his head.

“I have come to claim the Breeder,” Fear said in a threatening voice. “Goblins aren't worth the prize of having a human Breeder.”

“Who says this about Goblins?” Balno spit.

“I, Fear, fierce Bruiser, your worst nightmare says this,” Fear snarled.

“I know no Fear Bruiser,” Balno growled.

“Now you do Goblin,” Fear laughed. “Do you choose to fight me for the Breeder?”

Fear upped the stakes as his upper hands latched on to Balno's wrists, tightened and pulled outward. Balno now knew for sure that Fear was indeed a Bruiser as they were the only hybrid to have 4 arms. He also knew, as all hybrids did, that he was no match for a Bruiser and could only end up badly damaged and possibly dead.

“No, I will not fight you for Breeder,” Balno said. “Take him and leave my land in peace.”

“Oh, I will take him Goblin, fear not,” Fear laughed. “Well, fear yes for I may be generous and let you live and leave you with your shelter and possessions.”

Balno knew the Bruiser could be vicious and cruel, destroying Balno's cave and taking all of his possessions if he wished. If it were any other type of hybrid, Balno wouldn't hesitate to challenge but not this kind. Balno relaxed his arms and opened his hands, palms up, fingers spread wide, letting Fear know he submitted. Fear smiled, released his grip on Balno's wrists, grabbed Sam's arms where they met his shoulders and easily lifted him off of Balno's body. He gave Sam's body a quick look and licked it from his crotch to his face several times, completely taken by the strong taste and hard feel of the Breeder's muscled body. He flopped Sam over his shoulder and used one of his upper hands to hold him secure by his ass cheek. When Fear released Balno's head, he finally got to see the Bruiser who was taking his prize from him. He suppressed the feelings of anger, knowing from now seeing the size and strength of Fear, he would not win any fight.

“Show me submission and I will leave you whole,” Fear snarled.

Balno knew how it worked. He rolled himself over on to his stomach, moved his knees forward, lifting his ass cheeks up into the air with his face down on the ground, his arms stretched out above his head. Fear smiled and moved around behind Balno, knelt down between Balno's legs and grabbed on to Balno's cock and balls, making certain to squeeze hard enough to get Balno to yell out in pain. Fear rubbed the head of his leaking rock hard cock over the ass crack of Balno, placed the tip at the rosebud and rammed his hips forward, 2 hands latching on to Balno's hips. Balno bellowed from the pain of the sudden invasion of Fear's fat, long cock fully inside his ass. Fear pounded Balno's ass fast and hard until his cock finally swelled fatter, pulsed and filled Balno's insides with his cum. Fear yanked his cock out of Balno, stood up, raised his upper arms into the air and began to bellow as he pissed on Balno's head and back. When he finished, he stomped on Balno's back with his foot, pushing Balno hard into the ground.

“I feel generous Goblin,” Fear snarled. “I leave you whole and let you live.”

Fear turned and walked towards the woods, his ego fed and his new prize secure on his shoulder.

Balno stayed on the ground until he could no longer hear the footsteps of Fear. He crawled into the stream and let the cool fast running water caress his body. He dunked his head under the water and screamed out in rage and anger, not daring to do so out in the open unless the Bruiser heard him and returned angry. It was the way of hybrid life, stronger always won and rituals followed.

Fear moved quickly through the woods, determined to find just the right spot for his temporary home. He was anxious to more closely examine his human Breeder and feel and taste him. He traveled quite a distance before he found what he was seeking. A very large river running close to high walled rock cliffs with a cave opening off the ground. He went into the river to wash the scent of the Goblin off of him and Sam. Once satisfied all scent was gone, he climbed up the rock wall and examined the cave. It was deep, the opening narrow but after a short entrance hallway, opened up into a large cave with a number of ledges and even a waterfall that ran along one wall and emptied into a large pool that drained further back into the cave. He knew he would have to go out and find some long vines to use as a rope to keep the Breeder from running off. He thought about breaking the foot of the Breeder to make escape impossible, but didn't want to damage him in any way. He looked around and found a high enough ledge that would be very difficult for the Breeder to climb down without hurting himself. He banged Sam on the head just to be sure he was knocked unconscious and placed him on the ledge. Once outside the cave, he quickly surveyed the area, determining where he might find vines. It took him no time at all to find what he wanted. He broke off several pieces of different thicknesses of vines, picked some fruit and made a bag of sorts out of some big plant leaf. When he climbed back into the cave, Sam was still laying as he left him. Fear took a long vine and worked it on the rocks and in the water until he was satisfied it was strong and flexible. He brought Sam down from the ledge and tied the vine around Sam's ankle and the other end fashioned a loop that he connected to a protruding rock. He went back out and gathered a large amount of thick soft grasses to fashion a bed. After several trips, he had a very thick bed to lay on. He picked Sam up and laid him on the bed, laid down next to him on his side and proceeded to fully inspect Sam's entire body. He played with Sam's cock and balls along with his nipples and pecs. When precum started flowing from Sam's cock, he squeezed Sam's cock from base to head and covered a finger with it. Lifting his finger to his mouth, he let his tongue taste the Breeder juice and was extremely pleased at the taste and the tingly sensation it gave him. The more he repeated this test, the more pleasing it became. Finally he just positioned Sam so he could take into his mouth all of Sam's cock and balls. His tongue did a lot of stroking and rubbing as he sucked gently as he could, not knowing the tolerance of the human just yet. He remembered what he saw Balno doing so he wiggled in a finger between Sam's ass cheeks. Sam's body reacted so Fear stroked his cock to cover his finger with his precum and rub it on Sam's rosebud, making it easier to push his finger inside. Sam's cock released a good deal of precum which Fear relished. Even though Sam was unconscious, he still started to moan and groan as Fear worked over his equipment. Finally his body stiffened and jerked violently as he shot load after load of his cum inside of Fear's mouth. Fear really liked the taste and reaction his body had to this juice. He made certain he drained Sam of all he could before releasing Sam's cock and balls from his mouth. Fear moved Sam's body around and carefully examined his backside, especially his ass. He noticed how Sam's rosebud was pulsing, as if it was still filled with his finger. His cock was drooling precum and wasn't fully erect or hard just yet, so he moved Sam's ass over his cock head and pushed the tip inside of Sam as with another hand he pumped his cock from base to tip filling Sam's rectum with his precum. After being filled with Balno's cock, Sam's ass had no problem accepting Fear's thick, long cock. Once Sam was completely impaled on Fear's cock, he moved Sam's body up and down slowly as his cock got harder and thicker. It was even better then Fear thought it would be. He moved Sam and himself around so that Sam was laying on his back and Fear was over him in a missionary position with one set of hands holding Sam's legs wide apart and up and another set working on Sam's pecs and nipples. Fear slowly pushed in and out of Sam's ass, relishing the feeling of his cock being massaged and grabbed by the muscles and insides of Sam. He felt Sam's cock get hard again and poke at his lower abs, so he released on of Sam's legs and slowly stroked Sam's cock with his hand. The long and thick cock of Fear slowly moving in and out of Sam was driving his entire body wild. Fear's fluids were more powerful and plentiful then Balno's and Sam's body seemed to pick up on the difference. While he was being slowly fucked by Fear, Sam came awake and thought he was in a dream of some sort. It wasn't the Goblin fucking him but something bigger and more powerful. He didn't know what it was, but it was making his entire body wild with pleasure and desire and he just went with it all. After he climaxed the second time, his hands were grabbing and feeling as much of Fear's muscled body and arms as he could manage to reach, his mouth and tongue joined in the act and his mind seemed to drift into another world. Fear scooped up any of Sam's cum that pooled on his body and put in into his mouth. Yes, he would want more of this Breeder's juices. Fear slowly intensified the force and speed of his thrusts until he had to use a hand to hold Sam's body in place to keep it from moving a lot. Finally, his cock got even thicker and seemed to get longer and shorter on its own, Fear's body jerked and his muscles rippled as his hot cum began filling Sam's insides. Fear's cum had an even stronger effect on Sam then Balno's did. His entire body seemed to tingle and vibrate, strong sensations of pleasure radiating out from the expanding pool of hot liquid getting larger inside him. It seemed to take Fear an exceptionally long time before he stopped filling Sam with his juice. Sam's cock even exploded again. Sam was completely exhausted and went unconscious again. Fear was drenched in sweat as was Sam. Fear waited until his cock softened before sliding it out of Sam. He licked the sweat and cum from Sam's body, rolled onto his back and wrapped one arm under and around Sam's waist. He slowly fell sound asleep, well pleased and satisfied.

Sam slept for a very long time. He turned in his sleep a number of times only because Fear left his arm loose around his waist. Fear could have easily have wrapped Sam's body in all 4 arms and thereby made it impossible for Sam to move, but he didn't. If Fear would have thought about it, he would have thought it odd that he did that, almost being nice it would seem, totally out of character. Sam stretched with his eyes closed, his body still feeling the tingling from Fear's juices. He opened his eyes and was startled he was looking at a very muscular abdomen and chest, moving up and down obviously breathing. It was not the Goblin Balno he knew, but couldn't remember what hybrid obviously took him away from Balno. He slowly moved his head so he could take in the upper half of the hybrid and was startled when he looked at Fear's 4 arms and large threatening head, knowing he was now a prisoner of a Bruiser. Sam knew of their reputation, which was mostly from rumor since no human who ever encountered one came back to tell their story. Folklore and traditional stories were all any human had to go by about this hybrid type. As a Warrior, Sam knew as much about them as anyone since that was part of his training and study of hybrids. As any good Warrior, he believed in the creed, “know your enemy.” Sam's slight movement caused Fear to roll over on to his back, dragging Sam's body with him. Sam ended up on top of Fear's body. He got a much better appreciation of the size and power of this hybrid giant. He was fascinated by the 4 arms, none seeming to be weaker then the other. Sam felt like a young boy laying on top of Fear. Sam felt one of Fear's hands move across his ass cheeks, probing and pushing as it traveled across and up and down. He felt his ass cheeks pushed apart and a very thick finger pushing in and out, putting more and more pressure on his rosebud. Sam knew what was coming so he purposely tightened his ass muscles to try and keep the intruding finger from pushing inside of him. The hand seemed to move away giving Sam a feeling of relief. He didn't know that Fear was indeed awake and was setting Sam up to be fully drained of his juices. Fear's fingers moved down to his monster cock and worked a thick covering of his precum on the center finger, moved the hand back to Sam's ass cheeks and repeated the maneuver, except this time, the finger was very slick and the precum made Sam's rosebud pucker. No amount of tightening of his ass cheeks kept the finger from pushing inside his ass. The thickness of it meant that it easily massaged his pleasure spot, getting his cock to get very hard and leaking precum. Fear heard the moaning that Sam was trying hard to suppress and felt the hardening of Sam's cock. Before Sam realized it, he was held up in the air by Fear's 4 hands and his cock was moving up towards Fear's mouth. He saw Fear's tongue licking his lips and the wide eye of excitement on Fear's face. The sound of a low rumbling growl from Fear sent a chill up Sam's spine.

Fear could feel Sam's body tensing and took great pleasure in seeing the look of fear Sam was trying hard to hide. Fear used his tongue to lavish Sam's abs, cock and balls with saliva. The alternating hard and soft movements of his long thick tongue was driving Sam crazy. It was a completely new sensation for him, one which his entire body really liked. His mind was screaming at him that he was a Warrior and had to fight as best he could against this monster hybrid, but his body just wanted more and more of the intense pleasures it was feeling. Then without warning, Sam's body was lowered and his cock and balls were completely inside Fear's mouth. His teeth seemed to anchor Sam's crotch in place as his tongue worked wildly on Sam's cock and balls. Every now and then, Fear would suck as his tongue moved hard up and down the entire bottom side of Sam's cock. The finger was still working inside his ass adding to the building intensity of pleasure. When Fear started doing this deep, rumbling, growling noise, the vibrations around and in Sam's cock and balls made Sam gasp and sigh loudly. Fear picked up on the reactions of Sam's body and repeated the actions that got the most reaction from Sam. Fear could begin to taste Sam's precum which was flooding out of his cock. It was very good indeed. Fear wanted the thick juices from Sam's cock and knew he would soon get what he wanted. Sam's body stiffened, his muscles rippled and pumped hard as he began to violently shoot his cum into Fear's magical mouth. Fear used his tongue to help the cum move up Sam's cock shaft on to his tongue and added some gentle sucking action to help things along. Fear felt the pleasure lightening shooting down his body as more and more of Sam's cum made its way down Fear's throat. It seemed to get Fear into a frenzy of sorts as his mouth and tongue went wild on Sam's cock and balls and the finger up his ass was like a piston now. Sam loved the intense pleasure but as the intensity increased he began to feel a fear that this hybrid would suck his insides through his cock. Sam's body began to try its best to fight its way free of Fear's grasp. Sam began screaming for Fear to stop. Fear went on for a bit before releasing Sam's cock and balls from his mouth. He moved Sam down so he could look at Sam's face.

“Breeder you have good juices,” Fear laughed as his tongue licked the sweat off of Sam's face and neck. “I am Fear, your new master. As a warrior you know of my kind, Bruisers. You also know I am not kind or prone to reasoning, especially with a human. If you were not a Breeder, you would already be roasting on my fire spit. Accept your fate and learn to please me and you will live a long life. Get me to anger and you will certainly regret doing so. How are you called?”

“I am called Sam, a Warrior and Breeder well fought and honored,” Sam said panting, still trying to catch his breath.

“Sam, it is a fair name. You have putrid Goblin juice in you and I will make certain it is removed. You will come to desire my juices very soon,” Fear said with a smile.

“I have no desire to have a hybrid master nor to have any desire for Bruiser juices,” Sam said angrily.

“Well said, but not very intelligent of you, seeing the position you are in,” Fear said with a serious look. “You are no longer a Breeder Warrior, but a prize of the fearsome Bruiser Fear, master of all he chooses. You will learn.”

With that, Fear moved Sam's body sideways and stretched out Sam's left arm, twisting it so that his bicep and tricep swelled. He gave Sam an evil looking smile and then before Sam knew what was happening, had his teeth imbedded deep into Sam's muscles on his arm. Sam screamed in pain and Fear moved his head slightly from side to side just to add more pain as he increased and decreased the force of his jaws. As a final punishment, he moved his jaws forward and back as if he was sawing the muscles off of Sam's arm. When Fear released Sam's arm from his bite, blood was flowing down Sam's arm and dripping on to Fear's chest. Fear untwisted Sam's arm and began to lick the blood from his arm and the puncture wounds. His saliva had the effect of a coagulator, closing the bleeding wounds and stopping the bleeding, but not the pain.

“Fear does not warn again. Sam will learn Fear is master,” Fear said seriously.

Fear slammed Sam's body hard on to the thick pile of grasses which cushioned his back somewhat since the base was still hard rock. Sam reached over to his arm with his good arm and hissed and moaned as the pain began to intensify. He was somewhat surprised at the intensity of Fear's punishment, but the lesson was indeed learned.

Fear moved over Sam's abs, grabbed his hair and pulled it up towards his waiting cock which was oozing thick globs of precum. He used his 2 lower hands to grab on to Sam's head and push his thumbs into Sam's jaws forcing his mouth to open very wide. He pushed in the tip of his cock and told Sam to suck. Sam obeyed without any fight. The more he swallowed Fear's precum, the better his body began to feel. The pain in his arm was now tingling and seemed to be relaxing. Fear reached down and took Sam's hands and put them on his cock. Sam instinctively began to long stroke Fear's thick long cock, making even more precum to fill his mouth. Fear soon grabbed his own cock and began to stroke it fast and hard, his fingers in Sam's hair squeezing tighter and tighter. It sounded like someone punched the air from Fear's lungs as he jerked, his body stiffened and he began drowning Sam in a flood of his cum. Sam couldn't swallow fast enough and it was shooting out of his mouth around Fear's throbbing and swollen cock head. Sam was sure he would drown and his body wanted to panic, but the effect of Fear's cum was quickly working through Sam's entire body. It was definitely a drug to Sam's body, giving him feelings of strength, pleasure, tingling, total relaxation and stimulation, all at the same time. When Fear finally stopped flooding Sam's mouth with his cum, Sam's stomach was swollen having been filled with the magical cum. Fear released Sam's head and rubbed all the cum that flowed out of Sam's mouth all over Sam's body. Sam could feel the tingling and warmth of it as it spread all over his body, his skin seemed to suck it in as fast as Fear would rub it on. Fear stood up and laughed as he watched Sam's body squirming in pleasure on the grass bed. He walked over to the water fall and pool, stood against the wall with the running water and washed his entire body, watching Sam the whole time. The look of Sam's thickly muscled body pleased him. He had an appreciation of a warriors body and understood how humans would want him as their breeder. His offspring would have to be powerful and brave.

“Come, we eat,” Fear said as he moved past Sam.

He took a vine and tied it on to Sam's ankle and untied the one he originally put on. He tied the other end around his ankle and moved towards the mouth of the cave. Sam followed his lead.

“You run from Fear and Fear break your foot so you never run again,” Fear said sternly.

Sam knew that was his only warning and had no doubt Fear would indeed cripple him for life. He quickly dismissed any thoughts that were building in his mind about making an escape.