Future Times - Learning


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Fear and Sam went a short way from the cave into a tree shaded area, loaded with berry bushes and grapes.

Sam eat good food,” Fear rumbled, rather strange for him, as he would have normally just pushed his prisoner into the bushes. “How Sam come to the territory of hybrids?”

I grew tired of fighting and performing my breeding duties without finding a true home,” Sam said without looking at Fear, like having a casual conversation humans might have had. “I never explored this area and no one knew much of it, so I decided to explore and see where it lead me.”

Lead Sam to Fear it did,” Fear roared with a laugh.

Well, one can't deny that for sure,” Sam had to admit. “I made the mistake of letting my weapons get far from me which is why Balno was able to capture me. For that I am ashamed, a sign of my weakness as a warrior.”

Ah, so Sam was a good human warrior?” Fear asked.

Yes, I am indeed. Many a hybrid have come to their end or tasted defeat from my warrior skills.” Sam said while looking off into the distance as a few memories passed in his mind.

No, Sam WAS a good human warrior, not from now. Sam is pleasure slave to Fear for good now,” Fear said seriously, just to remind Sam of his situation. “Maybe Fear should punish Sam for all the hybrids Sam has beaten.”

I did not know hybrids were burdened with thoughts of revenge for other hybrid defeats,” Sam said seriously looking at Fear, unable to stop looking at the various muscles on Fear's body that flexed and rippled as he ate.

Fear does not bother with revenge, not part of Bruisers thought at all. Each of us is alone and has no feeling of tribe at all,” Fear said. “Sam as warrior should have known this.”

Very little is known of Bruisers since all the old ones who knew of what was created are dead now. Only written stories kept by teachers are known and since no one who ever met a Bruiser came to tell of it, no one really knows,” Sam explained feeling he needed to defend himself as a warrior.

Fear understands. It would be hard to believe a warrior who said he met a Bruiser and lived to tell all,” Fear laughed. “Since wars ended, lands have kept under control of hybrids or humans but never both. When hybrids want humans then we go and take, otherwise of no use.”

We were taught that was why Warriors began,” Sam said proudly. “If we take many grapes and bring them to the cave, I have knowledge of making wine, a good drink of humans.”

Fear has taken this wine from humans before, it is good,” Fear said looking at Sam and noticing how Sam didn't take his eyes off of Fear's body. “Sam like Fear's power? Here, come feel and know the strength of your new master.”

Fear turned toward Sam and spread his legs wide and his arms as he began slowly moving them around making all of his muscles flex and bulge, close to putting on a posing routine of sorts. Sam's eyes got bigger and he found it impossible to look away. He had to admit Fear's body was truly impressive, the biggest and most powerful Sam had ever seen. He was drawn to Fear for some reason and without thinking about it, his hands were feeling Fear's thighs, abs, pecs and lower arms. Fear's was excited with Sam's attention to his body and his cock began to grow hard and precum started to drip from the tip of his cock.

Sam give pleasure to Fear, taste of my juices now,” Fear growled.

Sam knew exactly what Fear was talking about and remembered how quickly Fear punished. He bent down and licked the tip of Fear's cock, feeling the electric charges his body felt from Fear's fluids. He knelt down, grabbed Fear's cock and pulled it down towards his mouth. He managed to get half of the glans into his mouth and used his tongue to rub around it and push into the urethra opening. Fear never felt that before and bellowed out as his lower hands latched on to Sam's head and pushed more of his cock into Sam's mouth, flooding Sam's mouth with precum. Soon, Fear was rocking his hips back and forth, ramming his cock in and out of Sam's mouth. Sam lost the feeling of panic that is jaw would be cracked wide as the effect of Fear's precum flooded his mind with only pleasure. It didn't take long for Fear to begin shooting thick huge globs of cum down Sam's throat and fill his mouth faster then Sam could swallow it all. When Fear was finished with his orgasm, his upper hands grabbed Sam under his armpits and lifted him up towards Fear's head. His lower hands rubbed the cum that flowed from Sam's mouth all over his chest, arms and abs to be absorbed by Sam's skin. The feeling was almost too much for Sam to handle as he heard himself moaning like a young maiden when they felt Sam's cock over their body. Fear then moved Sam's body close to his face and devoured Sam's cock and balls in his mouth. His left lower hand moved to Sam's ass and quickly a finger was moving in and out of Sam's ass, massaging his prostrate. Fear took 3 loads from Sam before he licked the sweat from Sam's body and lowered him to the ground.

Sam was panting and wiggling on the ground like a stepped on snake. Fear watched this as he began to feel the effects Sam's cum had on him. He wondered if his body would like what he did to Sam's ass since he never had anyone even attempt to get close to it before. He moved over Sam and stooped down so that his ass was over Sam's face, used his lower arms to spread open his ass cheeks and pulled up Sam's head into his open ass cheeks. Sam's mouth, lips and breath against Fear's rosebud made him gasp and bellow in pleasure. He liked the feeling very much. He screamed at Sam to lick his opening and Sam's tongue began moving along and slowly push into Fear's rosebud. Fear screamed for more and Sam let his lips and tongue go wild in and round Fear's rosebud until it seemed like it was another creature, opening and closing, puckering and latching on to Sam's tongue. Sam knew his tongue would never be able to get to Fear's pleasure spot, so he moved his right hand on to the tip of Fear's cock, got it completely coated with the thick precum and then pushed it into Fear's ass, past his pulsing rosebud. Fear bellowed out and his eyes nearly flew out of his head as Sam's hand felt around for Fear's pleasure spot. He knew he found it when he felt his head being covered with a thick layer of Fear's precum as it poured from his cock.

In a flash, Fear reached down, lifted Sam from the ground, spun him around and had his cock deep inside of Sam. Sam gasped from the intrusion of that massive cock into his ass, but it was so covered in a thick layer of precum, it slid in easily. Fear used his lower hands on Sam's hips to move him up and down his throbbing cock and had his upper arms wrapped tight around Sam's upper body. Sam's body seemed to really get into the act, his muscles massaging Fear's cock and his cock bouncing up and down, dripping loads of precum. Suddenly, Sam felt like he was being crushed in Fear's arms as then tightened their grip and Fear's muscles flexed. Sam thought the force of Fear's cum shooting inside of him would come out through his head. Sam's cock erupted and streams of his cum shot out, some straight up his abs and some out away from him. Fear moved his lower arms around Sam's hips and squeezed them so that Sam's entire upper body was pushed hard into Fear's body, Sam feeling every muscle of Fear's abs and pecs along his back. Sam thought he was about to meet his end, being crushed in the mighty arms of a Bruiser. Just when he was about to pass out, Fear loosened his hold on Sam and began licking the sweat from Sam's face, neck and shoulders. He was taking deep breaths, until his body slowly calmed down from the intensity of his orgasm. When he was finished, he lifted Sam up and away from his body and licked the thick buildup of sweat from all of Sam's back and ass, turned him around and did the same thing as Fear liked the taste of Sam's sweat. Fear took in Sam's cock and balls and used his tongue to clean them of any residual cum.

Fear walked them to the river and laid down into the cool flowing water, making sure Sam's head was above the water. His lower arms held Sam in place, even moving separately up and down Sam's body, his hands kneading Sam's muscles. Sam was completely relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of complete pleasure his entire body felt as more of Fear's cum was absorbed.

Sam please Fear much,” Fear rumbled, his hands squeezing to emphasize the point.

All Sam could do was moan in response which brought a big smile to Fear. He knew this Warrior was a true prize and would give him much pleasure for a very, very long time. Like the Goblin's cum and fluids, Bruiser's made humans stronger, more developed and heal quickly, keeping them alive much longer then normal, except Bruiser's had a much stronger reaction on humans, a side benefit of their genetic structure that gave them such strength and size.

When Fear felt Sam waking up, he got up out of the river and lowered Sam to the ground.

Come, Sam make wine now,” Fear ordered.

He helped Sam pick a large amount of grapes and berries. Fear noticed Sam looking around.

What Sam looking for?”, Fear asked.

Something to put the grapes and berries into so that I can mash them to get all the wet from them and the wine can get strong in,” Sam answered.

Fear looked around and spotted a very large stump left from a tree that was hit by lightening. He walked over to it and picked up a sharp stone from the river bank and started to clean out the inside of the stump. It was very wide and high and had been exposed for a long time so that the insides were easy for Fear to clean out. Sam couldn't help but marvel at the power Fear had as he quickly and easily scraped out the stump.

Here, good place for wine making,” Fear said pointing at the stump that now looked like a barrel without the top on.

Yes, it will be good,” Sam laughed as he began filling it with the grapes and berries.

Fear sat on the ground, his back resting on a large tree trunk, watching Sam work on making the wine. Sam climbed up into the stump and began marching around, stomping the juices from the grapes and berries. Fear noticed a large bush of the same plant Balno used to drug Sam. He broke off large sections of it and smashed it up in his hands over the stump so that the thick liquid fell into the growing juice coming from Sam's efforts. Sam wasn't sure why Fear did that, but guessed Fear knew what was good to have. Sam was finally satisfied that he had smashed up the grapes and berries as good as can be and climbed out of the stump. Fear began to laugh at Sam as Sam's legs were now a dark blue color from the berries and grapes. Sam went into the river and began to wash himself off. The sun was beating down on the new wine cask so fermenting would speed up, aided by the plant juice Fear added.

Did Sam have people among the humans?” Fear asked.

No, I never knew my father or mother since I was taken to Warrior/Breeder training early on. Somehow the elders knew which young ones would be chosen,” Sam said drifting off into some thought.

Fear also, never knew if any. Some say hybrids made in tubes, but Fear thinks from human females,” Fear said seriously. “Now human females taken for breeding and none survive a birthing. No female Bruiser hybrids.”

Now I know why hybrids take females. Not often but it is known. Elders could not tell why, maybe sacrifice to some god,” Sam said seriously, “now I understand.”

No gods for hybrids, never been, only war, fighting, winning,” Fear said with a serious look. “Come Sam, I would have pleasure and fill you with my juices again.”

Sam moved towards Fear, knowing he would pay a heavy price if he did not obey. He knew he was in no condition to take on Fear, if he would ever have been, but if he was punished, chance of making an escape would be impossible. Fear grabbed Sam, pulled him down to his knees and pushed his head towards his cock. Sam grabbed it and began to stroke it and lick the glans until it grew big and hard and precum started to flow from it. Fear lifted Sam up towards his body and moved Sam down so that Sam's ass was over Fear's throbbing cock. Fear moved Sam around to get Sam's rosebud covered in a thick layer of precum, moving the tip of his cock in past the rosebud to fill Sam's ass with the lube. Again before Sam could prepare himself, he was pushed down on Fear's cock which caused him to gasp for air. Fear let Sam's body slowly slide down his cock as more and more of his precum filled Sam's intestines. Sam moaned and groaned as Fear's monster cock snaked and pushed its way deep inside, pushing all of Sam's major organs to the side and causing his abs to flex and almost pulsate in response to the invader. Fear watched Sam's face and body, as more and more of his cock filled Sam. When he felt Sam's ass cheeks against his pubes, he used all 4 arms to push Sam's body further down and then slowly up his cock. Sam's eyes shot wide open and he had a very hard time catching his breath. His mind told him that a Warrior/Breeder could not feel such things especially from a hybrid using him for his pleasure. He should feel ashamed and disgraced, but he didn't at all. Those feelings seemed further and further away as he was filled with more and more hybrid fluids, beginning with the Goblin's. He admired the look and power of this Bruiser and felt this was indeed a hybrid worthy of being a prisoner of and even used by. No other warrior or hybrid he knew of could conquer him like Fear has. It was confusing but yet less and less of a concern it seemed.

When Fear felt Sam's insides tightening and his body stiffen, he quickly pulled Sam up off of his cock and devoured Sam's cock and balls, sucking Sam dry of his cum and then returned Sam on to his cock. The last time Fear did this, Sam was already limp in his hands, passed out. Fear placed Sam back on his cock and this time began to pump Sam hard up and down on his cock. He bellowed out as his cock expanded and began to fire like some sort of cannon, loads of cum inside of Sam. He held Sam tight to his body and pushed Sam down tight to insure none of the cum leaked out. He even pissed inside of Sam to push his cum further inside moving his cum deeper. When he was finally satisfied that Sam's body had absorbed his cum, he got up, moved to the river and got in, slowly pulled Sam off of his cock and allowed his piss to spray out of Sam's ass. Fear didn't like the idea of filling Sam with his piss but knew for now it was necessary to insure Sam would quickly develop a need for Fear's fluids. He planned on the next step being Sam in jesting Fear's milk, since all hybrids have the ability to produce milk as a safety feature to keep from becoming weak from lack of food. It had no ill effect on the hybrids at all, however it was known humans would quickly develop an addiction to it and it would help keeping their bodies fit and strong.

Fear took Sam out of the water and laid him down under a large tree. He went off to search for a plant that had very large leaves they could use as cups for drinking the wine. Fear returned and was pleased Sam was still asleep and had not tried to escape. He hadn't felt his temper for quite some time but knew he would have to punish Sam very severely so that any thought of escape left his mind. He knew with a Warrior it would be difficult to instill fear, but eventually it would happen.

Fear sampled the wine and liked its taste. He knew wine had an effect humans called drunkenness, and thought this would be a good test of Sam's intentions as far as escape might be. When Sam first mentioned making wine, Fear thought this would be Sam's attempt at escape, getting Fear drunk and unable to catch him. He knew Sam had no idea that Fear's body would process the alcohol quickly, making it nearly impossible for him to become fully drunk. The scientists knew that if hybrid bodies didn't stay able to fight and destroy at all times they could be defeated by the enemy, so they insured the hybrid systems would handle alcohol and drugs quickly and efficiently.

While looking for the leaves, Fear caught a small deer, cleaned it and built a fire to roast it. He was hungry and knew Sam would be also. They would eat well having meat, fruit and wine. Sam finally woke and stretched his body out, rubbing his abs as there was a very good feeling inside of him. He smelled the roasting meat and sat up to see Fear sitting near a fire, checking on the deer meat.

So Sam lives!” Fear laughed. “Come, we eat and drink wine. It is all good and Sam will like.” Fear caught himself and wondered where that thought came from as it was completely against his personality of being fierce, mean and quick to anger.

Yes, Sam lives!” Sam laughed as he walked over to Fear. “I have not had meat in a very long time it seems to me. My mouth waters for the taste of it.”

Sam sat down next to Fear and Fear ripped off a piece of meat for himself and one for Sam. They both ripped into the meat as if they were starved animals. Fear handed Sam a large leaf and showed him how to scoop up the wine with it and drink from it as if it were a bowl. Sam laughed and thought it was a very smart thing to know. He drank a leaf full of the wine, ate more meat and a good helping of fruit. He noticed how potent the wine was, not remembering the plant juice Fear added to it. Fear noticed Sam's eyebrows lift as he tasted the wine and knew Sam caught on to its potency. Sam reached his limit on meat and fruit and slowed down on his drinking of the wine. Fear ate more then half the deer meat and fruit and had leaf after leaf of wine. He patted his abs and laughed, moved back to a tree, pulling Sam with him. He pulled Sam in between his legs and held his head against Fear's lower abs. He pretended to fall asleep and let his hand slide off of Sam's head. He felt Sam move off of him and waited to hear the sound of Sam's feet running from him.

Sam moved off of Fear and looked at all of Fear's body, still admiring how he looked and marveling at the obvious power of Fear. A thought of escape briefly crossed his mind, his Warrior mindset screaming for him to flee from captivity and being used by a hybrid, but his body refused to listen. He felt his abs, extended from being full of food and feeling very good from the effects of Fear's huge load of cum. He sat in between Fear's stretched out legs, his legs crossed under him, taking in all of Fear's body, watching his abs and chest muscles expand and contract with each breath. He looked at Fear's cock and large balls and felt more admiration for him. He grew tired from being full and the effect of the wine, so he moved up towards Fear, laid his head next to Fear's cock and moved Fear's balls onto his neck and his cock over his face. Fear smiled and opened his eyes, pleased that Sam had not tried to escape and had in fact shown very powerfully his submission to Fear. Fear was now very pleased and although he would always keep an eye on Sam to make certain he did not try to escape, it was something he did not feel was going to happen, at least not anytime soon. This Warrior/Breeder was his now, his very own prize that he intended to keep for a very, very long time indeed.

Fear reached down, lifted Sam up and carried him back to the cave, placed him on the bed of grass and laid down next to him. Sam moved himself into Fear's body and reached around until he found Fear's cock and kept his hand on it while he slept. Fear and Sam woke up to the sound of loud thunder and frequent blasts of lightening as a storm moved into the land. Storms were now very ferocious and deadly if one was caught out in the open. The heavy rain, hail and lightening usually did lots of damage and caused much flooding, all a result of the wars that were fought and the effects they had on the atmosphere. Fear sat up and braced his back against the cave wall where the bed of grass was. Sam walked up to the water fall in the cave which was much more forceful from the storm, and washed himself. He noticed a thick layer of slimy moss on the overflow of the waterfall to the pool. He scooped up a large amount of it and brought it over towards Fear. Fear watched Sam curious as to what he was doing. Sam put the slimy moss on the floor of the cave and began to work it around, turning it into a thick, slimy liquid. He looked at Fear and smiled, seeing the curious look on Fear's face.

Lean forward and I will rub your neck, shoulders and arms,” Sam said. “I have used this moss as a salve many a times after battles to sooth my muscles.”

Fear moved himself away from the wall and bent himself slightly over, his back facing Sam. Sam took large globs of it in each hand and put it on the tops of Fear's shoulders, slowly spreading it out to cover his neck and upper arms. He began to use his fingers to knead and massage Fear's neck, shoulders and upper arms. Fear wasn't sure at first but then liked the feeling of Sam's strong hands working his muscles and the strange cooling like effect the moss goop was having on his skin. Sam smiled as he felt Fear's muscles begin to relax the more he worked them. He told Fear to lay down on his stomach and when Fear did, Sam moved more goop onto Fear's back and began to knead and massage Fear's entire back, his ass cheeks and lower arms. Fear couldn't help but to relax and from his occasional moans and sighs, Sam knew he was doing a good job on Fear's muscles. Sam worked on all 4 arms, and the entire back before moving in between Fear's legs and working on his ass cheeks and legs. Fear like this and allowed himself to just relax and enjoy the attention Sam was giving his muscles. When Sam finished with Fear's feet, he told Fear to turn over. He began at Fear's feet and slowly worked his was up Fear's body, skipping past Fear's cock and balls. Fear had a very hard erect cock when he turned over and was surprised Sam moved past it. When reached Fear's massive pecs, he took his time working on them, even pinching and twisting Fear's nips in his fingers occasionally. Fear growled over and over in response, along with making his pecs bounce up and down as Sam's hands were on them. Finally finished with Fear's body, Sam moved back in between Fear's legs, picked up another large goop of the moss and put it on each side of Fear's crotch. He then took a testicle of Fear into each hand and began to pull and rub and gently squeeze till the testicles slid out of his hands. Fear growled even louder and his breathing became heavier and harder. Sam smiled and when he saw Fear's cock covered in a thick layer of precum which was now flowing non stop, he bent down, sucked in the head of Fear's cock into his mouth as his hand moved in between Fear's ass cheeks and past his rosebud. Fear bellowed and yelled out and his entire body tightened at the unexpected move by Sam. He braced his upper back and head up on his bent arms and watched Sam just about worship his cock and saw Sam's arm moving his hand in out and around the inside of Fear's ass. Sam took it slow and was driving Fear insane. Remembering before, Sam spead up his sucking and hand movements and then forced the tip of his tongue inside the piss slit of Fear's cock. Fear's head bolted back and his hips shot up taking Sam with them as his cock exploded huge loads of cum into and out of Sam's mouth. Then before Fear began to calm down, Sam moved himself over Fear's hips and stooped down, swallowing Fear's still throbbing cock into his ass. Fear's head and shoulders collapsed to the ground and he was doing a continual bellowing as Sam's ass rode up and down his cock, Sam's ass muscles squeezing on each upstroke to pull out every drop of Fear's cum. Fear began to shoot another round of cum inside of Sam. Fear's lower hand reached down and clamped tight around the base of Sam's cock to keep him from shooting off his load of cum which Fear could tell was very close to happening. Sam moaned and began to plead with Fear to let him release but Fear ignored him. Once Fear felt he had filled Sam with all of his cum, he lifted Sam off of his cock, spun him around and with his upper hands held Sam tight into his mouth and began to tongue and chew and suck on Sam's cock and balls as one finger worked inside of Sam's ass. Sam screamed out and reached down for Fear's cum covered cock and managed to just get the very tip into his face which he rubbed all over it and managed to lick and suck in the cum still slowly flowing from Fear's cock. After Fear took 2 loads from Sam, he bent upward moving his cock within full reach of Sam's mouth. As Fear continued to work on Sam's cock and ass, Sam tried his best to devour Fear's cock head and get every drop of cum he could. Finally, Sam was so exhausted, he passed out and went limp on top of Fear. Fear took one more load from Sam and laid down, releasing Sam's cock from his mouth. Fear's insides felt so good, he used all 4 arms to slide Sam's entire body up and down his body until he fell asleep.

When Fear woke, he moved Sam around, got up and walked them both under the waterfall which was falling hard and fast as the storm still was raging outside. The cool water woke Sam and he held his arms tight around the neck of Fear. Fear looked down at Sam's face and before he knew what was happening, Sam's lips touched Fear's and then Sam's tongue began to move over Fear's lips and push through. Fear had never been kissed before and wasn't sure what this was, but he began to like how it made him feel. He opened his mouth slightly and moved his tongue to meet Sam's. He felt his cock stir and was amazed that it would respond in that way especially after being drained not that long ago. Fear quickly got the hang of it and was soon filling Sam's mouth and throat with his tongue. Sam pulled away and licked and played with the outside of Fear's ears which made Fear jerk away. He looked at Sam who was smiling and did the same to Sam. Sam moaned and sighed which made Fear attack his ear and neck all the more. Fear could feel Sam's cock get hard against his abs and decided he liked this new thing very much.

What is this called that you are teaching me?” Fear asked as he pulled his head back away from Sam.

It is called kissing. Humans like doing this as it does give pleasure does it not?” Sam smiled.

It does and Fear likes this. Sam is giving much pleasure to Fear. Fear will give his milk to Sam,” Fear said seriously. “It is not common for Bruisers to do so but Fear wishes for you to take. It will be nourishing and good for Sam to keep you well and strong.”

Sam was about to tell Fear that it wasn't right to take milk from a male, but remembered how good it was to take milk from the Goblin. Fear moved them from the waterfall to the bed and sat down, leaning his back towards the cave wall, moved Sam's body down so his face was even with Fear's pecs. Sam remembered what he did with the Goblin and he began to slowly knead Fear's pecs, one in each hand. He licked and suck and bit on each nipple, becoming more forceful each time. Soon, Fear's head was moving from side to side and he was beginning to groan. Sam could feel Fear's hard cock leaking precum down his back, through his ass cheeks and drip off. He squeezed and kneaded more forcefully with his hands and sucked harder with occasional bites. He soon began to taste something in his mouth. He moved his head back and watched as he squeezed and kneaded a pec, a milky like liquid slowly begin to come out of the nipple. He worked harder on it and was soon getting a good amount of milk from the nipple. He moved to the other pec and continued working that until it gave up its milk. Fear was growling and moaning as more and more milk was sucked from his nips. Sam could feel his body reacting to this milk more so then it did with the Goblin. This was 10 times stronger in taste and effect. He was amazed at how the more he ingested the more it seemed like his tongue, mouth and insides were having their own orgasms. The pleasure was almost too much to handle. He finally stopped, his head resting in between Fear's pecs.

Thank you Fear, for the gift of your milk,” Sam managed to get out.

Fear's arms squeezed Sam tight to his body and the side of his head rested on the top of Sam's head. From Fear's long slow breaths, Sam knew Fear was asleep and he too snuggled into Fear and fell sound asleep.

When Fear woke, he felt invigorated, one of the after effects of having your milk extracted. He had never felt it before as this was the first time he had let someone take of his milk. He felt glad he allowed Sam to have this honor and that Sam seemed to realize how much of an honor it was for Sam. Fear took them back to the waterfall which woke Sam up. Sam pulled himself up and kissed Fear which pleased Fear very much.

Did Sam like Fear's milk?” Fear asked in an unusually soft voice.

Very much so Fear. Thank you again for giving me such a great honor,” Sam said.

I am pleased you know it is a great honor,” Fear said. “You are the first and only one to have done so.”

Then I am even more grateful for this honor,” Sam smiled.

Sam pleases Fear greatly, more and more,” Fear said smiling. “We will need to go out and eat soon. Our fluids keep us sustained but it is good to have food also.”

The storm was still raging and Sam went to the cave entrance followed by Fear. The river did overflow its banks and was raging past the cliff face with all sorts of branches and tree trunks in it.

When it is all finished, we will gather food and then return to the cave of Balno and take back your belongings,” Fear said as he stood behind Sam and wrapped his lower arms around Sam's chest. “I wish for you to have your things as I know things mean much to humans.”

We don't have to do that, Fear,” Sam said bending his head back to look up at Fear. “I no longer have need of those things I had as a Warrior and Breeder, for I am no longer either of those.”

Do not think this way. You are still a Warrior/Breeder as I am a Bruiser,” Fear said seriously. “That will never change for either of us. You are human and I am hybrid, always. It is how it is to be and always will be.”

Sam lowered his head and thought about what Fear just said. He was amazed in a way that a Bruiser even had such insight and beliefs, more so then he had it seemed. He now felt doubly honored since Fear still believed him to be a Warrior/Breeder even though he was captured and used by a hybrid, the end of life he was taught. Yet he never felt more alive and well as he had now with this Bruiser. He felt he had now found his true life and what was in the past was just that, past and no longer to be acted upon. Just as the ancient ones finally let go of their past life, so too would he now do.

As you say, Fear,” Sam whispered. “It is now I who is honored by you. For this I thank you.”

Fear squeezed Sam close to him, pleased with Sam's feelings.

Are there many Bruisers in this territory?” Sam asked as they watched the river raging below them.

A few I have encountered, but not many,” Fear responded. “We know somehow that we cannot be close and are meant to be alone and were created to each bring terror to the enemy villages. All of the hybrids are that way, the Bruisers more so then others. Cyclops may attempt to take over a Bruisers territory as they do with other hybrids, but are rarely able to do so. We are stronger and bigger and have more anger then they. We were bred to surpass them and be more powerful and so it is.”

I hope it is not necessary to battle Balno to take back my things,” Sam said surprisingly as a Warrior is always up for a good fight. “I would not like to see Fear hurt over such a matter.”

Balno will not hurt Fear in any way,” Fear laughed. “Goblins are no match for Bruisers. As you saw, I took you from him without a fight. I watched his pleasure with you and would have thought he would fight me for you, but I should have known better. It has never happened and will not. We hybrids know it is futile to fight a better, stronger hybrid breed. Only those below your power are to be fought, never those above. It is a primary rule of survival.”

Strange how that happened,” Sam wondered out loud. “The ancient ones must have thought very hard on such things. We humans have no such knowledge and instinct such as you. That is why we have Warriors I think. If we had such instinct, there would be little need.”

That is one of the things hybrids cannot understand of humans,” Fear said. “Humans go up against those stronger and bigger then themselves all the time and never seem to understand why they are defeated, as if it was not possible to defeat one. If humans had learned any lesson from the ancient times, it would have been to not fight against those stronger.”

I had never thought about it in that way. I do remember being taught that being free to ones self without bondage or slavery to any man is the greatest reason to fight even those more powerful then you,” Sam said remembering some of his lessons. “It was the attempt by those who thought they were stronger and should rule over weaker ones that caused all of the ancient wars.”

Fear liked what Sam said and had respect for his knowledge and belief, even though in a way, here was this Warrior/Breeder slave to a Bruiser and seems to be willing to be so. Yes, they would go to Balno and take all of Sam's possessions back.

The storm finally ended sometime during the night when Fear and Sam were sound asleep after pleasing each other as always. When the sun light brightened up the cave, Fear stretched out his body which caused Sam to fall off of him and roll over. Fear smiled and went to wash himself under the waterfall. Once he was satisfied, he went to the cave entrance and saw the leftover damage from the storm. The river was still over its banks and the debris covered a very wide path for as far as Fear could see. Since the river was receding at least away from the base of the cliff his cave was at, he decided it would be good to get Sam's things from Balno. Before he could turn around and go wake up Sam, he felt Sam's arms around his waist, and his face nuzzling into Fear's side.

Sam did sleep well?” Fear asked reaching around and pulling Sam in front of him with his arms over Sam's shoulders and his hands resting on Sam's pecs.

Sam did indeed sleep very well,” Sam laughed. “I hope Fear did the same?”

Fear did the same as well,” Fear said as his hands squeezed Sam into his body. “The river is receding so we can go to Balno to get Sam's things today. It may be faster since the river has washed away all the loose and dead brush. We will eat fruit on the way.”

It is a good plan, if any of the fruit is still left now,” Sam laughed. He was surprised when Fear pinched his nipple after saying that. It didn't seem normal for a Bruiser to act in such a manner, well as far as Sam knew anyway.

Come, we will go now,” Fear said as he moved Sam forward towards the edge of the cave entrance.

Fear and Sam climbed down to the ground and Fear laughed when Sam's legs got stuck in the deep mud.

It would seem the Warrior is not aware of how wet ground is after a storm,” Fear laughed.

Funny Fear,” Sam pretended to be offended. “I didn't expect it to be this deep near the cliff.”

Here, give me your arm and I will help you from the clutches of mud,” Fear teased, again, something that seemed out of character for a Bruiser.

Fear latched on to the outstretched arm of Sam and easily pulled him up and out of the thick mud. Sam decided to follow behind Fear in case they happened on a patch of deep mud again. Fear would turn his head around every now and then to make sure Sam was well. He noticed how much Sam started sweating as they walked a long distance. The mud was not very deep but it still made walking hard for Sam and of course he insisted on keeping pace with Fear.

Does Sam wish to rest?” Fear asked seriously when they stopped to grab some fruit still in a tree.

No, it is good,” Sam said not wanting to show weakness. “I am not accustomed to walking long distance in bare feet.”

Ah, well that will be ended when you have your things again,” Fear said seriously.

Bruisers might use an animal skin wrapping on their feet if they were in a sandy area because of the heat, or in the freezing time when snow and ice covered the ground. That and animal skins and furs to stay warm and nothing much otherwise as it was not needed in their minds.

Fear stopped walking after a number of hours, lifted his head high in the air and took several deep breaths.

We are near Balno's cave,” Fear said. “I can smell his scent. It is strongest in that direction.”

Sam looked where Fear pointed and tried to sniff the air to see if he could pick up the scent like Fear. He didn't smell anything that he felt was different. He marveled at the ability Fear had to sniff out scents. Sam then knew that Fear or any Bruiser would pick up the scent of a Warrior way before the Warrior would think possible. Bruisers were indeed powerful foes.

Fear walked quickly and then slowed down, sniffing the air more and more. He recognized the area and looked around, finding the ledge with Balno's shelter.

Sam stays here, close to the cliff,” Fear said as he turned and looked at Sam seriously. “Fear will make certain Balno gives up Sam's things.”

I can help you, I am a Warrior,” Sam said defensively.

If you are with me, I will be distracted from my defense and put at a disadvantage if you were taken,” Fear said very seriously. “Sam will stay here.”

Sam knew Fear was very serious and wasn't about to be questioned further by Sam. It was one of those times when it was necessary for Fear to remind Sam he was a captive of Fear and Fear was not to be questioned.

As you say, Sam will do,” Sam said with his head down.

He was shocked when Fear reached out and took his head into his hand, leaned down and deep kissed Sam and then licked the sweat from his face. He smiled and then turned towards his target, almost on the ground as he moved slowly between the bushes and trees. Sam admired how skillful Fear was in such things, far more advanced then any Warrior Sam knew. He couldn't get the thought of what Fear did after ordering Sam to stay and before leaving Sam. It was as if he wanted to lesson the pain of being ordered and reminded he was in fact a slave. He smiled and sat down, under some large bushes, giving deep thought to all the things he has noticed about Fear that did not seem to match how Bruisers were, especially with humans. It made him feel warm and good inside for some reason that Fear kissed him without them giving each other pleasure. It was more like human mates do when one is leaving the hut or heading off to a battle. Hybrids were starting to amaze Sam, realizing how little was taught about them to Warriors during their training.

Fear kept sniffing to make certain the scent grew stronger as he came closer to the rope ladder to Balno's cave. He satisfied himself that the scent was stronger as he climbed slowly up the ladder so as to not make any sound. Once he was on the ledge, he positioned himself in front of the door and kicked it down. Balno was shocked and began to panic knowing he had no escape except around Fear.

Goblin, I come for my humans things,” Fear bellowed as he took a threatening stance.

What things from human?” Balno blurted out not sure which human Fear was talking about.

Goblin knows, my human Sam,” Fear screamed. “The Warrior/Breeder.”

Balno have, give, give,” Balno said bowing and doing anything he could to show submission.

Balno slowly moved himself towards one corner of the shelter and pulled out several animal furs and skins rolled up with things inside, moving it towards Fear's feet.

It best be all, Goblin,” Fear screamed, “for if my Sam is missing anything of his, I will destroy your shelter and take all of your things. If I feel generous, I may even let you live, but then again, Bruisers do not like being toyed with.”

Here, here, more things, yes more,” Balno said moving towards his bed where he had Sam's clothing rolled up as he liked falling asleep with the scent of Sam near him.

Take that large fur and put it all in, Goblin,” Fear said pointing to a very large fur on Balno's bed. “Tie it up well with that rope hanging and bring it to the ledge of this sorry shelter.”

Yes, yes, see, Balno do,” Balno said doing his best to hide his building anger especially with the loss of Sam's clothing and now his best fur.

When Balno had finished wrapping all of Sam's things inside the large fur, tied up with the same rope Balno used to tether Sam, Fear moved to the side and pointed to the now open space where once a door stood. Balno stayed bowed down as he moved the bundle out the doorway to the ledge.

Drop it over the ledge Goblin,” Fear ordered.

Balno did as he was told.

Now you go down the ladder,” Fear said.

As Balno headed down the rope ladder to the ground, Fear used a thick vine to get down, his arms strong enough to hold his weight without much effort. When he reached the ground, ahead of Balno, he lifted the bundle and arranged it so that part of the rope was looped around his shoulder. Balno made it to the ground and quickly faced Fear, in a position of submission as was the custom. Fear not trusting the Goblin, kicked him hard in the head causing Balno to fall over. Fear kicked him again, making sure he knocked Balno unconscious. Satisfied Balno was not going to be a worry, Fear turned and headed towards Sam.

Sam heard Fear and watched as Balno threw a bundle from the ledge and then climbed down the rope ladder. He was impressed with how easily Fear used a thick vine to quickly get to the ground before Balno. In a way, it surprised him that Fear hadn't killed Balno, which was more like Bruisers were known to be like.

Sam now has his things,” Fear said almost proudly. “Open it and see if the Goblin snake did indeed return all.”

Sam took the bundle apart and was glad to see all of his things there. He took his boots and put those on. It felt good to be wearing boots again. Fear watched Sam with a look of confusion on his face. He never felt like Sam did about his things. He could see the joy on Sam's face as he looked at each item. Fear grabbed one of Sam's boots to inspect it. He decided it was too cumbersome and would feel constricting. Sam then put on his breeches and leather skirting, then his chest harness. He had taken his time examining a gleaming stone hanging on a leather strap which he seemed to handle reverently. He placed it over his head and held his hand over it on his chest with his eyes closed for a moment.

This shiny thing is important to Sam?” Fear asked.

Yes, this was given to me by my teacher as a talisman of luck,” Sam said with some emotion. “He was not only my teacher, but also my bed mate for some time. I grew fond of him and haven't thought of those memories in a very long time.”

Sam had another male human as a bed mate?” Fear asked confused. “Is this the custom of humans?”

Not the custom for most humans,” Sam said, “mostly of men training to be Warriors. It can be very lonely that life. Humans do not do well being alone for long times. It is part of the reason most Warriors become Breeders as well. They are treated very well by villagers and have all the bed mates they could want, when traveling the lands weighs on them. It is not something open in public as it is with a female companion, more just between males when away from village life.”

Bruisers are loners by breeding,” Fear said thoughtfully. “Battle and defeating enemies is all we know. It seems a good thing Warriors do with each other.”

Sam looked at Fear seriously and then smiled, again thinking how Fear was not just some huge fearsome animal brute, but thoughtful, and curious to learn about other customs.

It is all here,” Sam said smiling at Fear. “Here are my weapons for you to do with as you will.”

Fear looked down at Sam holding out his sword and daggers to give to Fear. He rarely had any use for weapons now that the wars were finished and Warrior weapons were easy to remove from them. He thought about what he should do, while Sam held them out with his head bowed down. Sam expected Fear to take them and either break them to pieces or throw them into the river. He looked up at Fear and could tell he was in deep thought.

Sam keep weapons,” Fear finally said. “Warriors are just humans without them. Sam is still Warrior and will keep them.”

Sam was completely taken aback. He never imagined Fear would do such a thing. Sam dropped the weapons, stood up and went to Fear, wrapped his arms around Fear's waist and hugged him. Fear wasn't sure what to do so Sam told him to sit down. Fear did as asked and Sam straddled his lap, stretching up to take Fear's neck into his hands. He pulled Fear's head down and began to gently and passionately kiss Fear. Fear wrapped his arms around Sam and returned the kisses. This was again something new to Fear and his body liked these feelings. He quickly had Sam's clothing off and pushed Sam's ass down on his throbbing, precum covered cock before returning to this new kissing thing. Sam gasped, yelled and moaned in pleasure as Fear moved Sam up and down his throbbing cock. Fear straightened up his upper body and took the back of Sam's head in his upper hand, pulling Sam's face to his pec. Sam knew what that meant and he began massaging and kneading Fear's pecs as well as bite, kiss and lick. He gently latched on to one, sucking and licking the nipple, being rewarded by a flowing of Fear's milk. Fear moaned in pleasure as the milking seemed to excite more nerves throughout his body, especially his cock and balls. He wrapped both his upper arms around Sam, holding him tight to his body. Sam moved from pec to pec, making sure each one got equal treatment. The milk sent electric shivers throughout Sam's body, made him feel he was becoming stronger and caused his cock to flow with precum like never before. He knew when Fear was close to reaching climax and really clamped down with his teeth on Fear's pec. Fear bellowed out and his lower hands pushed Sam down hard on his cock as it began to explode inside Sam. Sam could feel the expansion of Fear's glans and cock as well as the retraction before it jammed forward a thick load of hot cum shooting out. Fear moved one hand onto Sam's cock to keep him from shooting his juices. When Fear began to settle down, he latched on to Sam's body with all 4 hands, lifted him up off his cock and devoured Sam's cock and balls into his mouth. His lower hands worked on Sam's ass cheeks and then one of Fear's fingers made it inside of Sam's ass, right to his pleasure spot. Fear's sucking and licking along with his finger went wild on Sam. Sam jerked, screamed and his entire body tightened and his muscles flexed as Fear sucked all of Sam's juices from him. Before Fear was finished, Sam had gone unconscious from the overload of pleasure. Fear's cum had become a very potent pleasure inducing drug to Sam, sending shock waves of pleasure all throughout his body as it was slowly absorbed. Fear cleaned Sam's body of his sweat and other fluids, stood up and got them into the river. He washed Sam and himself and then laid Sam on top of the large fur.

Sam likes his things I see,” Fear laughed when Sam woke.

Sam thanks Fear for so many honors and for having my things returned,” Sam said softly. “Sam thinks Fear now means more to him then Sam's things.”

Fear was surprised and shocked to hear Sam say such a thing. No one felt like that for hybrids, especially for Bruisers. There was a deep twinge of pleasure deep inside, but he was just not sure what all this meant. He saw how important and the great pleasure Sam's things gave Sam, but to now hear he meant more to Sam then his things, this was unknown and very new.

Sam will wrap things up and we leave this place,” Fear ordered, very shaken by what Sam said to him.

Sam smiled and from the look on Fear's face and his actions, Sam could see Fear didn't know how to deal with what Sam told him. He began to figure out that Bruisers were not equipped to handle emotions or tender feelings, especially from humans. He knew he would have to slowly work on Fear to help him understand what emotion was and what tender, deep feelings for another were about.

Sam dressed himself again, wrapped up the rest of his things, bundled it in the large fur and tied it all back up. He went to put his arm through one of the ropes on the bundle when Fear took the bundle, put his upper arm through the rope.

Come, we go now,” Fear ordered, stood up and began walking back to their cave.

Sam smiled and followed Fear, grateful he was now wearing his boots and not having to trek around barefoot. They stopped a few times to eat fruits and berries along the way and Fear caught some fish in the river, make a fire and cooked them. He didn't say much of anything, still having that serious look of deep thought on his face. Sam just ate and thanked him for the meal. Fear nodded moved up against a tree trunk and leaned into it. He closed his eyes and Sam figured Fear felt like napping so he moved in between Fear's legs and laid down with his head on Fear's crotch. Fear opened his eyes, smiled and put his lower hands on Sam's head.

Sam had to admit it felt good to nap after eating. Fear was used to long hard marches which Sam was not. Sam learned the value of resting to always keep ones strength at fighting level which one cannot do when exhausted. Fear lifted Sam from his crotch and stood up.

We go now,” Fear said as he picked up Sam's bundle.

Sam pushed dirt and sand over the hot coals so no fire would start, even though the ground was still saturated from the storm, it was how he was trained.