Chapter 5

I thought I was dead. I was so sure I was dead. My entire life flashed right in front of my eyes and I could feel myself being lost but all of a sudden I wasn't lost anymore.

I was on the bathroom floor.

I could hear screaming. I could hear a fight ensuing.

“Find a nurse! FIND A NURSE!” I heard Cid scream.

Cid's voice was screaming at one of his staff members. I looked up over me and saw someone holding me in his arms. It was Marcel. He was holding my naked body in his arms and keeping it close to him. He had this protectiveness over me.

“I'm fine...” I tell Cid.

Cid doesn't listen to me. I don't have the energy to keep arguing with him. I fall back asleep in Marcel's arms.

“It's ok...I got you,” Marcel tells me.

That is the last thing that I remember.

When I wake up I'm in my bedroom and there are robots all around me scanning me. Buzzing noises sound. I look to my right to see Cid, Marcel, Natasha and Latosha sitting there. The lesbians are crying with exaggerrated tears. Marcel is leaning over me. Cid is off to the side pacing around the room back and forth. I'm not sure what happened exactly because everything is a blur. I just remembered someone running up and attacking me while I was taking a bath.

“We should report this. We should call the cyborg sentinals,” Marcel stated looking over at Cid.

They didn't realize that I was awake. Marcel was shaking. He looked beyond pissed. I had never seen him lose his cool. His beautiful smooth face that was always so put together and composed looked written with anger right now.

Cid shook his head, “That's exactly what they want. If they wanted to really kill him they would have. They want him shaken. They want our campaign to be more of a media spectacle than it already is...”

“Someone ran into the bathroom and tried to drown my husband. I refuse to just let that shit go!” Marcel retorted.

His voice was so full of command that the lesbians seemed to get up and walk out of the room feeling uncomfortable leaving only Marcel and Cid there. I had never seen Marcel so angry. The way he claimed me saying “My husband” made me feel so wanted. He wasn't leaving my side. He stood close. He was raising his voice at Cid of all people and Cid seemed to be understanding.

“We won't let this go unchecked, but officials are not the way to do this.”

“I want to know who attacked him.”

“I'll find out,” Cid explained.

“FIND OUT NOW!” Marcel replied, “And take your fucking robot nurses out of here Cid. They are fucking useless. I got there in time. But if this happens again Cid...this campaign is over.”

Marcel was angry and for the first time Cid didn't combat him. The robots stopped scanning me for health issues and followed Cid out of the room.

Marcel and I were alone in the room at that moment.

“Never thought I'd be the one telling you to calm down,” I tell him.

Marcel looks at me. There is something about his face that turns me on. He's so beautiful.

“You're up...” he states.

“What happened?”

He turned around and walked to the other side of the room to a small freezer in our sleeping quarters. He pulled out a bottle, “You're going to need some alcohol for this one.”

“Bring the whole bottle...”

Marcel laughs flashing me his pearly white smile. He walks back over towards me and pours me a glass of the stuff. I take it to the head. It's straight alcohol. It burns the back of my throat but Marcel comforts me by taking a glass for himself as well.

He doesn't touch me again but he sits at the edge of the bed.

“I was fucking...worried,” he tells me, “An assassin came into your room. I ran in just in time. I pulled him off of you and fought him off. By the time I got you out of the tub he fucking escaped.”


“Yeah but I should have gotten him. I should have pulled you out and ran after the fucking guy. I just couldn't leave you like that. I had to make sure you were ok. I'm so pissed. All the staff we have in these quarters and no one saw anything suspicious. I want to fire the whole fuckin' bunch. I swear...including Cid.”

Marcel was beyond angry. He was breathing harder and harder. I looked over at him. He cared about me. Regardless of how much we didn't get along it was clear that he cared about me, even if he didn't want to.

“I didn't think my life was in danger here,” I admitted to him.

I was shaken up by it. A part of me wanted to be mad and upset.

“I know you probably want to back out. Cid will try to talk you out of it, but if you want to back out I'll support you one hundred percent. I should have warned you. Politics here...they are a dangerous game...”

“Why me?” I asked.

Marcel shrugged, “The rose that grew from concrete. People are interested in you. They are interested in your story. Good or bad, you exploding on Nazarius is getting you talked about. It can either go really bad or really well for the campaign.”

“Do you think it was one of the competitors?” I asked.

Marcel shrugged, “I don't know. This whole thing is getting a little over my head. I don't want to hurt anyone else.”

“Anyone else?”

Marcel shook his head, “Look. I had to sacrifice a lot in order to be the man who I am today. One thing I refuse to sacrifice though is my character. You are annoying at times, you are a little bit rude and you have no idea what you're doing...”

“Is there a moral to this story?” I raise my eyebrows.

He laughs, “I was going to say But. But you are genuine. But you are honest. But you are a good person and good people don't last long in New Jerusalem.”

“You seem like a good person...” I replied

Marcel smiles. He takes another drink of the bottle. I take one as well. It's nice to start feeling tipsy around him. I feel myself loosening up a little bit. I feel myself gathering my strength a little more than I should.

Marcel seems like he's comforted as well.

“You think so?” he asks, “I like the sound of that. You know. Truth be told I was passed the gay scale at a really young age. I was abandoned in a way too. Just like you. Except my parents forced me to take the Kingsley scale while they remained in the Breeding Grounds. They shipped me off to New Jerusalem at 9 years old...earlier than most people.”

I heard about that. I heard about some people taking the Kingsley Scale measurement even before puberty. That was the thing about sexuality. Scientists proved that you could be born gay awhile ago. The lucky ones got to leave the Breeding Grounds early.

I smiled over at Marcel, “They wanted better for you. More alcohol?”

He poured me another drink and smiled.

“I suppose. I grew up just wanting a family though. I grew up being told I was better than straight people. You know. I was more advanced. The Gay Agenda got worse and worse with their policies towards straight people. That's why I wanted to run for president. I wanted to make things more fair, you know. My parents are still in the Breeding grounds. My entire family is. God knows what kind of life they are living.”

I remembered the Breeding grounds below.

“I have people down there that I love too. Silk and Roman. Especially Silk...”

Marcel looked over at me, “Were you in love with him?”

The question came out of no where. I wasn't expecting it. We had never had an in depth conversation about our lives as of yet. Even though we were married, I felt like we still didn't know each other. Silk and Roman were such big factors in my life and this was the first time I was telling Marcel about them at all.

I was laughing trying not to answer the question. We were both drinking and before I knew it Marcel was laughing with me. It may have been the alcohol.

“That's ridiculous,” I told him.

Marcel took a drink and leaned across the bed, “Is it so ridiculous for you to be in love? Don't try to avoid the question.”

I laughed at his question, “Silk was straight.”

“So what?” Marcel asked, “That's not what I wanted to know. C`mon. I can't imagine being your age and not having found anyone attractive in the Breeding grounds, even if he was straight.”

“I'm supposed to be asexual remember?”

“You aren't though.”

“How do you know? Before Cid did what he did I used to break the scales.”

“That doesn't mean you're asexual,” Marcel replied, “Maybe your sexuality just couldn't be measured. You know. Maybe you're more special then you think.”

“There is nothing special about me.”

Marcel's eyes landed on mine, “Everything is special about you...”

He sticks what he is saying right there. His eyes are low. He's drunk. I can tell. So am I though. The alcohol is stronger than I'd ever had in the breeding grounds. It must be some hi-tech alcohol like everything else in New Jerusalem. Everything was better quality. Now I was taking deep breaths looking at this sexy man across from me and just feeling like this room was so small. I had forgotten that I had just been attacked but I didn't forget Marcel had saved me. My attraction for him was climbing even though I didn't want it to.

“You treat me like I'm an asexual,” I respond.

“Do I?” he asks, “Maybe it's because you...scare me...”

“I...scare you? The important politician who is famous and probably going to be the next president? You're scared by an asexual.”

He shrugged, “Maybe. I wish you'd stop calling yourself that though. I don't believe it. I think you're very gay.”

“How do you know...”

“Only one way to find out,” Marcel states.

He leans over to me at that moment and kisses me. I am shocked. My heart seems to stop beating. My world seems to stand still. His tongue enters my mouth with just as much passion as on the wedding day. As he kisses me I notice his hand gliding on my dick. He squeezes. I'm as hard as a rock and I'm aware.

I'm shocked by him squeezing my dick that I jump back almost immediately.

“I'm sorry!” He replies, “It's the alcohol. I...I'm sorry...”

So odd that he is so upset. I'm supposed to be his husband. We are legally supposed to be having as much sex as we want. Instead we are both flushed with red though. Our faces show so much more embarrassment.

I can't take how embarrassed I am, “I'm 'bout to go to sleep.”

“Ok cool, cool. Um...I'll know the couch as usual.”

I stop him before he leaves, “Wait, sit with me for awhile. Let's drink. I was enjoying this. You”

I am holding onto his head across the bed. We are holding onto each other's hands. Our hands mesh together and he is staring at it. I can feel my heart racing with his. He looks up at me. His face is like a fucking angel. A dark toned angel with a perfect face. His adam's apple is big and for some reason I'm attracted to him. I watch as he swallows his spit. His adam's apple drops.


I wake up with the biggest headache.

The door swings open at that moment. I know only one person is able to open the door without knocking like that.

“Cid, it's so early.”

“WHOA!” I hear Cid's voice scream.

He turns around. Cid isn't alone. He's with the lesbians. They are giggling. I'm not sure what they are giggling about but then I feel it.

“Oh my god...”

I turn behind me and notice Marcel sitting there. Marcel is...he's NAKED and so am I. Marcel is spooning me from behind. His dick is still in me. I call his semi hard dick still in my ass. The covers aren't over us!

Marcel pulls out immediately! His dick is so big that it swings as he grabs a pillow and stands on the other side of the room.

Marcel is clearly in shock and he isn't the only one.

“What the hell just happened!” he said.

Latosha and Natasha are giggling so hard that they run out into the hallway. Cid turns back around just in time for me to pull the covers over myself. I look at the other side of the room to see Marcel standing there with a pillow barely covering his groin. He holds the pillow for dear life and looks at me with wide eyes.

“We didn't...” I start out, “Did we?”

Marcel looks at me. He looks down at that moment. I'm not sure what he's looking at but he's very much aware that something must have gone down.

“I think we did something but maybe we didn't go all the way...maybe...”

I stopped. I couldn't remember a fucking thing from last night. I have the illest headache. I feel like I'm hungover. I can still feel the alcohol in my system.

I can feel something else too. My ass was...wet...

My asshole was so moist with something. It was dripping. I reached down below the sheets and when I pulled my hands up there was semen. More semen than I had ever seen before. That was when I finally felt the pain. My ass was fucking sore.

“We did...we went all the way...” I replied.

“Oh god...oh god I have to throw up...” Marcel stated before running into the bathroom.

Cid has the widest smile on his face. Great I make him throw up. I'm sure it's the alcohol because a part of me wants to throw up too but the rest of me just feels used. The first time I have sex and I don't even remember it.

The first time I have sex and the guy I have sex with wants to throw up...

“You two are definitely in character huh?” he asks me.

“Can you not...not right now?” I ask.

“I wrote some talking points for you,” Cid stated, “Your interview is scheduled for this afternoon...”

Cid tries to change the subject but I can read his face. He is still amused by the fact that he caught Marcel and I. Marcel walks out of the bathroom and doesn't look me in my face. I'm glad because I can't look him in the face either. I wonder if he's aware that he took my virginity. He probably isn't and I'm not sure if I want to let him know.

My heart is just racing by the time I got to the bathroom and clean myself off.

Marcel and I avoid each other for the rest of the morning. The awkwardness of having drunk sex with my husband just seemed beyond understandable to me. Luckily Cid is going over talking points with me for this interview and I have something to keep my mind off of it though.

When Cid leaves for the morning I am back to thinking about Marcel and the sex we just had. There is an urge I talk to him but the majority of me just doesn't want to know.

“How was it?” Natasha asks.

The lesbians come in to prep me for the interview. They bring all their gadgets and I am not surprised this was the first question they ask me.

“I don't remember...I was drunk...” I replied.

Natasha laughs, “I notice you walking a little different...”

The two girls laugh teasing me. I'm pretty sure this is going to go on during my entire prep time. I tried to mentally prepare myself for it but regardless my face is getting beat red.

“He was so...big...I think I dropped a few points on the Kingsley scale,” Latosha teased, “Goodness. That thing is massive meat.”

“Yes gawd,” Natasha replies, “Marcel needs to add that to his talking points on the campaign. Tell everyone about his third leg. He'll kill everyone in the primaries.”

I can't help but laugh at that moment. I can't help but to think about Marcel. It was pretty big. It was so thick and I had to admit I was walking funny. My ass hurt but it was a welcoming pain. I still could kind of feel him inside of me.

“Have you guys heard him say anything about it?”

“No but he's acting strange,” Latosha replied, “And we've been around Marcel for a while. He's had his fair share of guys like everyone else in New Jerusalem but this is the first time he's acting this strange about it.”

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” I ask.

Natasha shrugs, “Baby, it's an amazing thing. The chemistry the two of you have. It's inspiring. Is that the first time the two of you...did it?”

“ is.”

“Not even on your wedding night?”

“No...” I replied, “He took my virginity last night.”

The two girls giggle like little school girls. I have to admit that I giggle a little as well. For some reason thinking about Marcel makes me want to giggle like this. I am beyond taken by him.

“Why don't you go show him your interview outfit?” Latosha states.

“Where is he?”

“The observation car. It's two cars down. It's beautiful, clear windows and everything.”

“I'm not supposed to leave the car. Especially not after that attack,” I tell them.

“You'll be fine. You're hero is out there...remember. He saved you then. He'll save you again,” Latosha replies.

They talk me into going outside on the rest of the train. My interview is in about two hours and my nerves are getting to me but I figure I need to talk to Marcel and clear up what happened last night. I wasn't sure what it was but I wanted to figure it out. We had this love-hate relationship going on and I didn't quite understand it.

The train was large and as I made my way across it luckily people didn't recognize me. People walked past me really busy and all seeming to get ready different interviews and speeches that were about to happen when we pulled into the Art Territories.

I made my way to the near center of the train and read above the words “Observation”.

This had to be it. This had to be where they said I would find Marcel. I walked out onto the observation car and realized how beautiful it was. The walls of this car were all glass. As I looked over I could see the city below me. The beautiful city seemed to sparkle. We seemed to be flying over the city between tall skyscrapers. There were flying vehicles zooming past us. Large massive building formed the art district and the beautiful displays of art decorated the skies by way of holograms. I watched all of this amazed by it and realizing why they called it this area of the city the Art Territories.

As I turned my attention into the cart I saw booths. People were sitting at the booths and they were enjoying the view of the city around them from the Observation car.

I didn't see Marcel but I heard him.

“I wanted to tell you something,” I heard Marcel saying.

He wasn't talking to me though. I realized that he was in a white booth that was looking over the city. He wasn't paying any attention to me. He was whispering something to someone. They didn't see me but as I leaned over the booth I saw who Marcel was talking to.

It was Florian. I should have known.

“What's wrong baby...” Florian asked.


My heart raced at that moment. I hid behind them spying on them. I couldn't take this. I couldn't take what was going on. Why the hell was Florian calling my husband baby?

“I...I did something...” Marcel responded.

“Something like what?”

Marcel seemed to hesitate. Why the hell was he explaining himself to Florian.

“I...I had sex with Marx,” Marcel states.

I look at Florian's face. He looks devastated. I understand that the history they had must not have been history at all. The look in Florian's face said it all. I could see him crying all of a sudden leaning over and breaking out into tears. Florian is clearly upset. He's clearly bothered.

“You did what?” Florian asks him.

“I didn't know it was happening,” Marcel replied, “It just...happened. We were drinking, we were talking and just...happened. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you...”

Florian shook his head, “You promised you were going to leave him. As soon as you got elected you would divorce him and marry me. You promised that.”

Marcel shook his head, “Me and him don't even get along. I don't know where it happened. Florian I didn't mean to hurt you man...”

I can't take it anymore.

I find myself walking away. No. I'm storming away.

Marcel's plan was to get rid of me as soon as I got elected. He didn't even plan on keeping me around if he won. That was his plan? I couldn't take it.

My heart was racing. Harder and harder.

We had pulled up to a stop of the train before I saw Marcel again. By this time I was heated. Cid looked over at me.

“Smile, remember...”

I tried my best to fake a smile. I couldn't get the conversation that Marcel had with Florian out of my head. I had just given myself to Marcel. Sure, I didn't remember it. Sure, I didn't plan it. But regardless he had taken my virginity. And he was the asshole that I thought he was all along. He was the asshole who planned on dumping me as soon as he got a chance.

Marcel walked over to me, “You look nice. You'll do great...”

I ignored him, “Cid lead the way.”

I walked away from Marcel not giving him a second look as we got out onto the platform. The platform were full of people taking pics. The first person I noticed was my father and Florian. They were wrapped up in each other's arms looking like a loving couple. My father had his arms around Florian at that moment.

I could see Marcel come up behind me as the camera's turned their attention towards us. He seemed to be trying to mimic what my father was doing with Florian. He put his arm around me in order to strike a pose.

I found myself taking a step away.

“Please don't touch me,” I replied.

Marcel raised his eyebrow, “Excuse me.”

“We can stand next to each other. You don't have to pretend so much. The camera's won't care if you are touching me or not as long as we are standing next to each other.”

My voice is sharp and I come across as rude. Cid seems to notice but doesn't say anything. I can tell Marcel is offended. He puts his hands in his pocket instead of touching me and we wave to the cameras left and right at that moment. I can't stand being around Marcel right now.

Marcel leans over to me, “Can we talk?”

I ignore him again.

“Cid where is the interview going to take place?” I ask him.

I take a step away from Marcel and move further into the platform completely away from Marcel leaving him in the dust. I can feel his eyes on me probably wondering. It was probably immature not to let him know I overheard his conversation with Florian. He seems beyond confused at this moment but that's completely fine by me.

Cid nods and smiles, “You are ready. I like that.”

I shook my head, “It's business. I have my head in the game more than ever now.”

I can't sit there and let Marcel distract me. If his plan was to divorce me then there was no point in us getting to know each other. There was no point in us even being nice to one another.

What happened last night was a mistake. Marcel was a business partner. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Cid seems to like this, “Good. I have new security for you. He'll be escorting you everywhere, especially after the attack.”

“Security? Is it that serious?” I ask Cid.

He nods, “Very much so. He's a cyborg. A new one but supposedly has all the best enhancements for defense.”

I nod at that moment, “Where is he?”

“Right here...”

I turn at that moment to realize who this cyborg is. The person has a metal arm and is armed with a gun at his waist. One of his eyes is covered with metal. All of the metal isn't what bothers me though. I take a look at this man and realize exactly who this cyborg is.

It was my friend. It was my old friend from the breeding ground. What had he done to himself?


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