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Gaylactic Knight

Chapter 1

As I stepped through the hatch of the lander, I was hit with a blast of heat from outside. I looked around at the barren landscape. It was so bright that I had to squint to see the strange looking trees and bushes that swept across the valley and up the mountainside nearby. I stood there surveying my new home. Someone pushed me from behind,

"Come on kid, move it." Grumbled a deep voice.

I looked back and saw a huge man standing behind me with a frown on his bearded face.

"Yes sir." I replied as I started down the ramp to the tarmac.

I was still gawking at my surroundings as I walked with the other passengers from the lander toward a group of buildings in the distance. I was intrigued with the vegetation. It really looked odd, but I couldn't quite figure out what it was, the color was a little strange, and the shapes weren't right. I had to get a closer look, but that would have to wait.

Sweat was already soaking my jump suit. It must have been 40 degrees out here, add that to the heat radiating from the tarmac, and the high humidity, it was almost unbearable. I was carrying my duffel, or should I say dragging my duffel behind me. I had everything I owned in that bag, every piece of my life in one medium sized tube of Polymeraluminum. From my earliest memory until today, it was all in there. Including my clothing, a vidscreen, 20 memblocks and even some dehyd packs in case I ever found myself hungry again. I had learned to travel light a long time ago. Epsilon had just opened up to settlement about a year ago. The towns were still small and didn't have a lot to offer in the way of conveniences. At least that is what I was told on the flight by one of the crew. He told me that it was really rough on this frontier planet. He cautioned me to always watch my back. What he didn't know is that I already knew how to watch my back. Even though I'm not tall, only about 168 cm. That's 5 feet 6 inches for those of you still using Old Anglish, and a little over 40 kilos or 90 lbs. in weight. Yes, I am short and skinny but I can move at the speed of light. I don't fool around when it comes to protecting myself, I fight dirty, had to or I wouldn't be alive today and if I wasn't alive today, you wouldn't be reading my story. Now that would be a shame, wouldn't it?

So here I am, starting a new life on a New World. Not that I had a lot of choice in the matter. You see, I got into a little trouble on Capistiro. It was either stay and face the wrath of the magistrate or get the hell out. That is how I find myself on the frontier world of Epsilon.

I guess I should tell you a little more about myself. It all started 16 years, 2 months and three days ago. My mother pushed me from her body with great pain and suffering. She died shortly after, leaving this very small, screaming boy, with his father. My father didn't like me because he blamed me for my mother's death. I guess you could say he hated me. You see, my father was really in love with my mother and I guess he felt that I took her away from him. So, I was shipped off to his sister's.

My Aunt Jeannie was a very large woman. When she entered or left a room, you could feel the air pressure change. That's what I mean by large, really large. She was also very strong, not only physically but mentally too. No one even dared to look cross eyed at her. She ruled the household with a firm hand. I do say one thing about her though. She was fair. She cherished me. She couldn't have children of her own and she always wanted them, so when the opportunity came along to take me, she jumped at it. (They recorded a 5.2 quake that day.) She had me reading when I was 3. Pushed me to learn everything I could. I am a little smarter than the average kid my age. She started teaching me Martial Arts as soon as I could walk. As I said before, My Aunt was mentally strong, she knew so much that I was constantly amazed with what she could do. I loved my Aunt. I really miss her.

We were walking across the tarmac, all 50 of us. Immigration to Epsilon wasn't very popular. I don't know why. It doesn't seem like it is that bad of a world. I had talked to most of my fellow travelers during the transwarp crossing. I discovered that we were a mixed lot, ranging in ages from me at 15, up to an old shuttle jockey of 85. I took to the old guy right off. He didn't look like he was 85, maybe 60. He had some great stories to tell and they kept me occupied for most of the trip out. There were four husband-wife teams. The rest of us were male, single and trying to start a new life. But to be honest, I think this world was really a place that people have gotten into trouble with their local government or didn't have a dime to their names, or both, emigrated to. Like me.

We were ushered into a large building. There were benches arranged in a semi circle facing a table. Sitting at the table were two men and two women.

"Ok people, find a seat and quite down." Said one of the men at the table.

After a few minutes all of us finally got ourselves seated. It was eerily quiet. All I could hear was breathing and shuffling.

"Welcome to Epsilon, ladies and gentlemen. I am not going to bore you with all of the rules and regulations of our little community. As you see there are packets being passed out to each of you. These packets are your survival guides to the planet Epsilon. READ THEM! They will save your lives. This planet can be very unforgiving if you don't pay attention to where you are and what you are doing at all times. Again, it is mandatory that you read the material that you receive here today.

All of you will be assigned accommodations. The married couples will be billeted in a cabin with full housekeeping facilities. The single men will be billeted at the barracks. If you want to have something different than what you are assigned here today, you will have to either buy it or build it yourself.

You will be paid twice a month, on the 1st and 15th. There will be NO advances or loans. The following are in addition to the standard deductions from your wages, room and board, out bound transportation cost, medical insurance, life insurance and return transportation costs. If you have further questions about these deductions, read the material provided to you.

You are working for Epsilon Enterprises. They run this planet by contract from the Federation. They are the government here. They run a very strict operation and do not take kindly to people who break the laws or who are slackers. The best advice I can give you is to be straight and work hard. If you do that, you will prosper here on Epsilon.

You will have 36 hours to get yourselves settled in. During that time, I strongly urge you to read all of the material given to you today.

I will call each of you by name, when I do, you will come forward to obtain your billet and work assignments. You will be required to return here day after tomorrow at 08:00 hours."

I sat there thinking about what he had said. What could be so dangerous about this place. I started leafing through the material I had been given when I heard my name being called.

"Peter Bouchard." I got up and walked to the table.

"Name." Said one of the women.

"Peter Bouchard." I replied.

She shuffled some papers and handed me two packets. "Take the card on the front of the packet, thumb print it and return it. Ink is on your left."

I did as she instructed and went back to the benches and sat down. Looking over the information, it seems that I have been assigned to the energy division, what every that is. That was all it really said. No job description or what shift I would be working. My billet was Barracks D-41F. Ok, now what? I looked around and everyone was milling about.

The man that had spoken before got up. "Ok people, open packet A-5, inside you will find a facility map. That will give you directions to you billet."

Well, here I was again, in a new, strange place. Starting a new life.

The day my Aunt was killed, was the day that I took off with everything I could carry, which wasn't much considering who was after me. I am still trying to figure out why those men did that to her. She wasn't really a bad person, all I knew was that they had broken into our house, killed my Aunt and started after me. So, I grabbed what little I could and I ran and I ran and I ran.

When I finally stopped running, I hid in an abandoned shed. Where could I go? If I went to one of Aunt Jeannie's friends, those men might find me. I decided that I would go to Calipistown. It was only 100 klicks from where I was.

I slept that night in the old shed and the next morning I started walking toward Calipistown. I avoided the main routes and hid every time a vehicle came near. It took me 5 days to make the trip on foot. I was able to steal a little food along the way to supplement what I could forage from the countryside.

As I entered the city, I was thinking about where I could find a place to hide. Someplace that was warm and dry and at the same time hidden to give me some safety. I spent the next two days walking around checking out different places. Finally near sunset on the second day, I found an abandoned warehouse located near the spaceport, you know the type of neighborhood, dark, dirty, with every type of low life you could think of. I had only been there for a couple of hours when I heard the footsteps of someone coming down the hallway. I quickly hid in a corner and waited. The sound got closer and then I saw the shape of a tall muscular person. The figure stopped and sniffed.

"Ok, who da hells in here?" The male voice said quietly. "I know summins is here. I cun smell ya, so yu's had better come out before I gets mad."

I was scared. I didn't know what to do. I trembled where I sat. I had tears running down my face. I was exhausted and hungry.

"Hey, there ya are. Why ya cryin?" He asked.

"Snif-I, I, I'm scared." I blubbered. Yeah, I was scared. I didn't know what I was going to do.

"Ok, look. I'm not gonna to urt ya. Ya seems fairly harmless." He told me.

As he got closer I could tell that it wasn't a man but another boy.

"Thanks." I squeaked out.

"Hey, whas ur name?" The boy asked.

"I, I'm Peter." I answered.

"Hi Peter, nice ta meet ya. My names Thad."

"Hi Thad. Uh, thanks."

"Hey, no prob kid. So, whats ya doin here?"

"I had to find a warm place to stay."

"No, I mean why're ya here?" Thad asked.

"My Aunt died and I didn't have any place else to go."

"Oh, thas a bummer dude. Well, I live here alone an I guess is big nuff for two of us. Whadda ya say? Wanna give it a go?"

"Ahh, sure." I looked at him closely for the first time as I answered. He was tall, really tall and very muscular. He was almost the complete opposite of me. Where I had dark brown eyes, his were light blue. Where he had hair so black that it shined, mine was almost white. I had very pale skin, while his was real dark. His muscles bulged, where I only had skin and bones. I thought he was beautiful.

Oh, did I shock you with that? I guess I have told you a little more than I planned on this early in the story. Yes, I like other boys. Well at least I thought I did at that tender age. All I knew is that I would look at a guy and all I wanted was for him to hold me tight. I just knew that I would be safe in another boy's arms. While girls seemed really strange to me. Almost like aliens from another galaxy. I still don't think that they, girls that is, are the same race as we are and I still like boys better. Not that it is a real problem these days. I remember reading somewhere that about a thousand years ago, people were afraid of people that loved someone of the same sex. They said that it was so bad that people would beat them up and sometimes even kill them. That is so strange. Why were people like that? Oh, don't get me wrong. There are still a few around that think that way, but they don't get violent about it. Out here in the frontier, they are always saying, "A man should take a woman and increase the population.". It isn't really as bad as it was way back though. Guys can live with guys and gals can live with gals and no one bothers them, but there is still talk about how they shouldn't be wasting the gene pool and stuff like that.

I got a little off the story line didn't I? Anyway.....back to the warehouse. Thad took me under his wing and taught me how to survive. One of the first things I learned was how to steal to survive. I know what you are thinking, so just get that out of your mind right now. We had to steal food when we didn't have the credits to buy it. Thad worked as much as he could. Usually it only took a few days before they found out how old he really was, and that was usually when they were paying him. They had to do a retscan to verify the persons identity for taxes and other crap. Sometimes Thad would get his money and sometimes he wouldn't. It just depended on the paymaster. See the problem was that Thad was only 14 at that time, but he looked like he was 18, because of his muscles and height. Sometimes the paymaster would feel sorry for him and give him the credits anyway. We wouldn't steal a lot of food, just enough to keep us healthy and only when we didn't have the credits to buy it.

Thad also taught me how to fight. Down and dirty fighting. I think it is what some of you call street fighting. In turn, I taught him Martial Arts. We would practice all of the time. We both got pretty good at it too. Because I am small and thin, I can move really fast. Thad taught me how to use that to my advantage. Now, I can take down a man three times my size.

When we first met. Thad didn't have a hair on his body, well except on his head. Yes, I saw him nude and he saw me nude. Shit, what else were two boys going to do when they lived alone? We were naked most of the time. It sure saved having to wash laundry and our clothes lasted a long time too. Thad didn't try a thing with me, sexually that is. It wasn't until I was almost 14 and I was the one that made the move on him. I was (still am) a very horny young man. I had fallen in love with Thad the first day we met. Over the 2 years prior to that fabulous night, I had done everything I could think of to get him to have sex with me. I would sit in his lap while we were naked, get an erection and flaunt it in front of him. He would get hard too but he never did anything with me. I could hear him at night, flogging his meat and groaning as he came. Sometimes I would watch him, though he didn't know it. I would try the same thing and nothing would happen. But the night before I made the move on him, I had my first real orgasm. I was finally a man and I wanted to share my new found maturity with him.

That night, I waited until I thought Thad was asleep and crawled over to his sleeping mat. I gently lifted the cover off of his body and moved lower. I snuggled up close to his crotch and stuck out my tongue, licking the head of his penis. Thad moaned and his cock started expanding. I licked it again and it grew more. I reached up with my hand and pulled it away from his firm stomach, so I could take it into my mouth.

You don't really want to hear about this do you? I didn't think you would.

As it turned out, Thad was waiting for me to reach adulthood. We had a marvelous time that night and many a night after that.

Copyright S. John Holder 2000

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