Give it up to me

by Phoenix Rafael & Diva Jase

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Disclaimer: If it is illegal to read this where you are, then don't read it. This story is completely fictional. Any similarities to any persons or events, past or present is purely coincidental. This story contains homosexual themes, along with a sci-fi/fantasy storyline. The song Give it up to me is copyright by Shakira and Epic Records.

February, 2010

Chapter 1 -- The Hand of God

You can have it all

Anything you want you can make it yours

Anything you want in the world

Anything you want in the world

Give it up to me

Nothing too big or small

Anything you want you can make it yours

Anything you want in the world

Anything you want in the world

Give it up to me

Dwayne lay on the ground, almost breathless. It was a cold day, close to being winter. The wind was chilly, and his coat had been stolen. He'd been kicked in the head, the ribs, and the stomach. He expected to die. They called him nasty names like 'fag' and 'nigger'. Something he thought would be gone in a world like this.

Still for Dwayne, he'd lead a good life. He was 17, and up until today, he'd been popular. He was even the star quarterback of the school's award-winning football team. He had an undefeated record this year. Such an accomplishment in the year before he was due to go off to College.

But he'd made a mistake. Well not a mistake as he thought of it, but the others... they saw it as a mistake. And now Michael was dead. He'd died two minutes ago, right beside him. They'd managed to hold hands while the football team beat them both. They'd made the mistake of kissing in the locker room.

Michael wasn't even a football player. He was just a smart fellow 17 year old who had been in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Dwayne passed out from the pain of his injuries.

"Give it up to me."

Dwayne looked around the dark, black room. "What?"

"Give it up to me."

"Who are you?" Dwayne wanted to start freaking out. "Am I dead?"

"You're not dead, Dwayne Bradley Okoro. I am God. Give it up to me."

"Give what up to you?"

"Anything you want in the world."

"But I don't want anything." Dwayne replied, scared of 'God'. If it really was God.

"You want the best and the best things in life are free."

Dwayne woke up, startled. He looked around the room. It seemed like the dream had only lasted a few seconds. But now he was in a hospital room hooked up to an IV, and a cardiac monitor that was beeping with its usual pattern of his heart. No one was in the room, though there were some flowers by the window.

Dwayne pressed the button to call the nurse. He didn't have any pain, strangely enough. But he was still very confused. A teenager of about his age came through the door. He was about his age of 17, lanky with brown hair. He studied the male for a moment. "Who are you?"


He blinked. How could this be 'God'? "Um, dude... God doesn't come down from heaven."

The teen shrugged. "You obviously haven't seen Joan of Arcadia. I have many faces, and I come to those in need, but they just don't always realize it. With you, I'm taking a more... direct approach."

"Was that you in my dream?"

"Anything you want in the world, Dwayne. Anything you want in the world. Give it up to me."

Dwayne fidgeted a little. "Why did you come to me this... directly? I'm so confused."

God smiled upon Dwayne. "You are here, Dwayne, because you were injured by those bullies. I'm sorry, I did everything in my power to help Michael, but he gave up. He asked me to take him to heaven. He said to tell you he loves you so very much and that he's watching over you."

Dwayne started to sob, and curled up in a ball in the hospital bed.

God put his hand on Dwayne's shoulder, attempting to sooth him. "Give it up to me."

Dwayne looked God in the eye. What awesome eyes! "I want the pain to go away."

"No, you don't" God replied a little coldly. "You need it to heal. I'll take some of it away, but I will leave some so you can heal properly."

Dwayne nodded a little. It was better than nothing. "Will I ever find love again?"

God smiled this time. "Oh yes. It is already decided. In fact, you decided on who it was before you were even born. I love you so much, Dwayne. Unconditionally. I hate to see my children in pain. You will meet your twin flame when the time is right."

"When will that be?"


He closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them again he saw that God had left. The door opened and two teenagers came in. One was a girl of about 16, and the other a male of about 17. He recognized the male instantly recognized from his football team. The girl he'd seen around, but she wasn't a cheerleader.

"D... D... Dwayne?" The male started to say.

"What the fuck do you want?!?" Dwayne asked with pure venom.

The male fidgeted. "I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry. Ronnie here told me how wrong I was. I didn't attack you, I promise. But I didn't stop them either. And, for that, I'm so very sorry. I was supposed to be your friend, and I let you down." The male looked to Ronnie, his girlfriend.

Ronnie offered both teens a tentative smile.

"Ben" Dwayne whispered. "Thank you, for your kind words. Will you come to visit?"

Ben smiled and nodded to him. "Yeah, man, I'll come to visit. Ronnie will too."

Now Ronnie finally spoke. "We both want you to get well, Dwayne. My parents said you can come and stay with us when you get out."

"What do you mean?" Dwayne asked, confused.

"You don't know?" Ronnie asked, fidgeting some now herself.

"Know what?"

"Your parents disowned you. When the police told them what happened, they threw all your stuff out on the front lawn. Ben went to your place to get an update from your parents to be told you were not theirs anymore."

Dwayne wanted to cry again. Wanted to, but didn't.

"When I told my Dad what happened, both my parents immediately offered to let you come and stay with us." Ronnie smiled. I knew her very slightly from school. It was very nice of her parents to let me stay with them.

Dwayne just nodded a little. This was all too much. He wanted to be with Michael in... in... heaven. He could understand why he gave up.

A little boy of about 7 came into the room and looked at all 3 of us. They all wondered who he was.

"Who are you?" he asked of Ronnie.

"Veronica, most people call me Ronnie. Who are you?"

"I'm God. Who else would I be?"

Ronnie blinked, and Dwayne noticed that blink. "Um, you can't be God. God doesn't exist. I should know. I'm an atheist."

The little boy gave a big grin. "Sorry to ruin your beliefs, but I'm very real. It's nice to meet the girl who is part of Dwayne's destiny." He shook her hand.


"Destiny. Everyone has one. You. Dwayne. Even Ben. He's hot, by the way."

Ben blinked now. Then he blushed.

"I thought that God didn't like gays." Ronnie stated.

The boy laughed now like a wild banshee. "You've got to be kidding me! I created gays, bisexuals, heterosexuals, hetero-flexible, transgendered, asexual, and so forth. After all," His voice got deeper, almost booming. "I. Am. God."

"Anything you want you can make it yours, Ronnie. Anything you want in the world. Give it up to me." And then the little boy was gone.

"That was... strange." Ben commented.

Dwayne shrugged. "I've been having that kind of strange since I passed out after being beaten and left for dead."

Ben looked sad now. He was going to cry.

"Awe Ben" Dwayne tried to say. Ben was one of his closer friends, he was white and well built. Very hot. "I know. I'm not sure I would have done any different in your place. At least you came to see me."

"Ben isn't my boyfriend" Ronnie clarified.

"What?" Both Ben and Dwayne said at the same time.

"I want him to be your boyfriend, Dwayne. You need him more than I do and I've known for a while that he's gay. Just treat him well. I'll be a close friend to both of you."

Ben and Dwayne blinked. What? "Why would you do this, Ronnie?" Ben finally asked.

Ronnie smiled. "You can have it all. Anything you want you can make it yours."

"What?" Dwayne asked Ronnie.

"Give it up to me." Ronnie left the room.

Dwayne looked at Ben for a moment. "Are you really gay?"

Ben looked stunned. "I thought I hid it so well. That Ronnie and I would get married, have 2.5 kids, and lead good lives. Now I found out she knew, and that... that... God approves."

Dwayne nodded a little quietly. He had so many thoughts going through his head.

Is this all for real? Could he really be gay? Am I still dreaming this all happening and going to wake up some time soon? Will I realize this is all just some sick joke my mind has created to take me away from the pain of reality? Was God really doing all this? Were my prayers finally answered?

As the boys were standing there, a slight tapping broke their silent stares.

"Can I come in?" Called out a deep smooth voice.

"Enter" Dwayne said to the mysterious person behind the door.

After hearing the patient call out his permission to enter, Daniel Stevens, Doctor Daniel Stevens to be exact, walked into the room. Acknowledging both boys as he walked in to the room, Dr. Dan walked over to the side of the hospital bed.

"Hello Dwayne. I am Dr. Daniel Stevens. You can call me Dr. Dan. I don't like things to be too stuffy, especially with people who are going to be with me for a little while. I wanted to come in and introduce myself to you and let you know what is going on. Before we begin, are you feeling any pain?"

"No, Doctor Ste... I mean Dr. Dan. I was feeling bad a bit ago, but seeing my new friends has lessened the pain I was feeling" Dwayne said while staring into the bluest eyes on a person he ever seen. Dwayne couldn't help but notice Dr. Dan. Not only were his eyes mesmerizing, but he was. He never was interested in older men, but Dr. Dan got some blood moving.

Daniel Stevens stood about 6 feet 1 1/2 inches tall, had broad shoulders that tapered down into a nice smaller waist. He must have been a swimmer at one time or something from the looks of him. He had curly medium brown curly hair that was well trimmed and fit hid chiseled European features nicely. He had some colouring to his skin that could only be described like a healthy tan. He had a nice smile and lips that someone probably appreciated nicely. Dwayne couldn't help but to stare.

"Like I said, I wanted to let you know what has happened and what will happen to you. You are in Riverside Medical Center on the surgical care floor" Dr. Dan calmly told Dwayne.

"Surgical Care? What happened and how long have I been here?" Dwayne asked.

"Well you've been unconscious for your protection for 3 days now. You had some pretty serious injuries from your attack. First, I am sorry to have to tell you but the other boy who was attacked with you didn't make it." Dr. Dan began.

"Yes, I know about Michael. He wanted to escape the pain, and asked God to take it away. So he did" Dwayne stated matter-of-factly.

"Huh, What? You say you knew. And, God told you?" Dr. Dan responded questioningly.

"Yes. God. Allah. Yahweh. Jesus. Whatever you wanna call him" Dwayne answered smartly as if there was no need to even ask.

"I am sorry, but God has never really done anything for me, so when people mention Him, I am a little suspicious and doubting. I am sorry if I offend you, but in this business, medicine doesn't rely on God or a higher being, it's simple science and skill" Dr. Dan replied.

"I have had my suspicions too, but you have to admit, sometimes miraculous things happen" Dwayne retorted.

"Miracles? Nah, just luck and skill. Anyways... not to get into a philosophical discussion with you, but if I don't give you an update, I will be remiss in my duties. You suffered some great injuries to your person. As you can see, you have abrasions all over your body. You have bruising and edema in numerous locations. You suffered some broken bones to your torso, one leg, and left wrist. The wrist will be in a splint cast for at least 3 months, your leg will heal hopefully in 6-8 weeks and we can get that cast off. Unfortunately your broken ribs and collarbone don't get anything but taping. So try to take it easy there. We had to remove your appendix, stop a couple bleeders in your left kidney, liver, and spleen. You ruptured a small section of your small intestines which had to be sown closed. And finally, you suffered a concussion and a hematoma near your left eye on your brain which needed to be opened to relieve the pressure. Hence why you are in the surgical recovery ward and was placed in a medical coma. We took out your breathing tube yesterday when your lungs stayed inflated and could function properly on their own. You might have some memory troubles and headaches for a while, but they will lessen as you heal. Other than that, you are in tip top shape because of how young you are. Since you are young, your recovery will not be as difficult as someone older than I" Dr. Dan explained.

"O... Kay.... I guess. That's a lot to take in Doc, but I guess I am lucky to be alive and still with it. I could have been a vegetable I guess. There's something to hope for I guess" Dwayne stated sarcastically.

"Additionally, I don't know if you have been informed yet, but a representative from Child Protection Services will be contacting you. I don't know how to.. um.. say this.... but your parents refused to sign for your medical treatment, and refuse to accept responsibility for you because of your... um... s... se.. sexual... um... choices. " Dr. Dan managed to say.

"Doc, they kicked me out because I am a fag, and they don't want anything to do with me. My friends already relayed the information unfortunately. So that means I am an ass-kicked sorry homeless fag" Dwayne managed to say without screaming as he had wanted to and cry which he would dare not do in front of not only the hot doctor, but his friend.

"Good. Well, you know what I mean. The CPS director I spoke to said a representative should be here tomorrow. Other than that, is there anything else I can do for you?" Dr. Dan asked.

"Um... how about a sponge bath?" Dwayne blurted out before he could catch himself.

"Sure, I will get an orderly to do it as soon as they can. Of course, you can't get your cast or stitches wet." Dr. Dan replied matter-of-factly.

"Not what I meant... but ok. If I can't get you to do that for me, how about your phone number?" Dwayne shot back.

"Why?" Dr. Dan asked.

"Why, so you can take me to dinner and a movie when I get out of here" Dwayne joked.

"Um. Dwayne. I am flattered, but one, I am too old for you, two, I am already seeing someone, three, you're not my type, and four it's against medical ethics. Sorry, but I am flattered. I will tell Kelly there is competition from one of my patients." Dr. Dan returned.

"Awkward!" Dwayne babbled out. "Um, thanks i guess. Tell Kelly she is one lucky woman"

"I will tell him when I get home. I shall see you tomorrow on rounds. Until then, take it easy and maybe you might get an extra jello for being good. See ya buddy." And with that Dr. Dan exited the room leaving Ben and Dwayne alone.

"Soo... wait! He said he would tell HIM! He's gay just like me Ben!" Dwayne blurted.

"Yea, I guess I am chopped liver!" Ben said with a hint of anger and sadness.

"What did you say Ben?" Dwayne asked.

"Never mind, not like it matters... I will never measure up. Fuck it..." Ben cried out and ran out of the hospital room.

Damn! What did I do thought Dwayne. I don't understand Ben and why he just ran out.

"Hey, God, so much for giving it up to you, eh!" Dwayne yelled, and then he pulled up his blanket and went to flip over when pain shot through his body.

"Fu.........." was all Dwayne could say as his world went black.