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By the same author: Previously I've written the multipart story "A Different World" which can be found under gay/sciencefiction at nifty. I've recently also started a spin off/sequel to that story, which is published in the same subdirectory, i.e. the directory for "A Different World". The spin off/sequel is called "What Dreams May Come". This is a spin off to "Going Home".

A Captive Audience, part 2

Written by Adam

That night my parents were going to New York for some important conference or something or other and wouldn't be back until next morning. I did assume that they would still be home when Alex and I got to my place after school, though I was wrong. They had already left. There was a note and some money for me on the kitchen table.

"Scott! We had to leave earlier than expected but will be home at the time tomorrow that we've said before. We will call you if that changes. You mentioned that you would ask Alex to stay with you overnight. We just want you to know that it's okay by us. Leaving enough money for both of you to order pizza for dinner since there wasn't enought time to make anything that you could heat in the microwave oven. See you tomorrow! Love Mum and Dad" the note said.

"Your parents are always so nice to you, I wish I had parents like that... speaking of which, I'd better call them and ask if I can stay here to do homework with you" Alex said.

"When are you going to kick that habit of reading over other people's shoulders?" I joked.

"Sorry" Alex said.

"Don't sweat it. The phone is..." I said.

"Right over there, I know. I've been here before, remember" Alex said and went over to the phone on the counter separating the kitchen from the livingroom and started dialing.

"While you're on the phone, why don't you order a couple of pizzas for us?" I said.

"From my parents?" Alex said.

"No, from where we usually order pizza, silly!" I said.

"I know I was just kidding around. The usual toppings?" Alex said.

"Yes. Best thing about a best mate is that you know what I like on my pizza" I said.

"Interesting that you used that word... 'mate'... Something to do why you asked me over I suspect! Hold on, my mom just picked up the phone. Hi mom it's me, Alex. Listen, Scott asked me to stay over at his place tonight. His parents are away and he doesn't like to be alone in the house and also we'll help each other with homework... Thanks mom! See you tomorrow! ... Sorry Scott, she said I had to return home immediatly" Alex said, pressing down the button on the phone to break the connection long enough to get a new dial up tone. I just laughed at his joke and gave him a friendly jab on the shoulder.

Then Alex ordered pizzas for both of us and we sat down on the couch in the living room while waiting for them to be delivered and jumped from channel to channel on the TV without finding anything good on. Then the pizzas arrived and we ate them in front of the TV and in silence to begin with.

"So what did you have in mind for tonight? I mean, we don't have any biology homework... in fact we don't have anything that's due before Monday, and that's a book report" Alex said eating his next to last slice.

"True... but it's biology related so..." I said.

"Biology related, how?" Alex said with a smile that seemed to say that he knew exactly what I meant but was intent on making me say it before he would admit to wanting the same thing himself.

"Well, biology related in the area of... the birds and the bees" I said smiling a smile back that said that I was going to make him work hard for a while dragging it out of me.

"Ah yes, the birds and the bees... don't we need girls for that?" Alex said and still smiling and finishing his last slice he shifted his gaze from looking into my eyes to looking... well at my crotch region actually where I was very aware of something groving beneath the fabrics of my Levi's and the briefs under them.

"No, I was more intent of what the birds do when there are no bees around... or if it's vice versa... Besides, when was the last time you had a girlfriend anyway?" I said and then finished the 20 ounze Mountain Dew bottle I had with the pizza while looking at Alex's crotch as obviously as he was looking at mine.

"Never... And I can't remember you ever having a girlfriend either, which makes me wonder" Alex said and looked into my eyes again while taking a few more sips from his own Mountain Dew.

"What are you wondering?" I said realising that the roles had changed so that it was now me who was teasing Alex to spell it out.

"I wonder if you are as a dissinterested in girls as I am... and then on the other hand very much interrested in guys" Alex said getting a more serious look as he obviously felt he'd made himself vulnerable to me and didn't know for sure how I would react.

"So you really were checking me out in the lockerroom today?" I said.

"Not just today, every day" Alex said.

"Not in the lockerroom... usually you check me out mostly in the showers" I said.

"So you've noticed" Alex said with a smile that said that his suspicion had been confirmed.

"Yes. It's something I do automatically while checking you out" I said.

"Yes, I thought that was it... but I wasn't sure, you must be much better than me at checking guys out covertly" Alex said.

"No... I think we both have the same level of expertise at that" I said with a smile.

"Thanks... I think... So now what do we do?" Alex said.

"We do our biology experiment" I suggested.

"Yes, I can see by that bulge in your trousers that you really want that" Alex said and nervously stretched out a hand towards it but then stopped an inch from it and looked into my eyes for permission.

"You've got a very obvious bulge too... don't hesitate like that, do what you feel like. I won't object" I said.

Alex put his hand down on the bulge in my Levi's and started gently stroking it. I bent forwards and let out lips meet briefly and then pulled back a moment to see the reaction on his face.

"What did you just tell me about hesitating?" Alex said.

"I wanted to see if you liked it" I said.

"And what did you find? Did I like it?" Alex said.

"If you didn't you would probably stop me from doing this" I said and leaned in and our lips met again for a longer period and I opened my mouth making his mouth open at the same time without any resistence on his part and my tongue started forward to enter his mouth but was met by his mouth in my mouth and they started a very interesting wrestling match.

After a few moments Alex pulled back from the kiss and looked into my eyes with a weird smile on his lips.

"What?" I said.

"There are things I want to do with you, but..." Alex said.

"But what?" I said.

"But I think it would be easier and more comfortable to do them on your bed that this couch" Alex said and got up and took my hand and dragged me off towards the stairs. I stumbled a bit at first as I wasn't prepared but then I kept up with Alex and we ran into my room and he slammed the door shut.

We embraced and started kissing again, our tongues wrestling even more voilently now and we also started rubbing the bulges in our trousers against each other. Then Alex fingers pulled up my T-shirt to my armpits and I lifted my arms and pulled back from the kiss for a couple of moments while he pulled it off completly and then I almost emediatly pulled off his T-shirt the same way. We went back to embracing and kissing and both noticed that the feeling of our own bare flesh against somebody else's was sensational, electrical even and the kissing got even hotter. Suddenly Alex stopped kissing and pulled on the end of my belt through the belt buckle so he with one more tug would be able to open the buckle and get at the top button of my Levi's.

"We've reached the point of no return... shall I continue?" Alex said.

"Wrong, we passed the point of no return when we decided to continue in here for those things you wanted to do with me... you have no choice but to continue. Undo that belt!" I said.

"Aye Captain" Alex said and opened my belt buckle and undid the top button and the button fly.

Alex started feeling the bulge in my briefs with his hand while looking into my eyes and smiling. He bit his lower lip thinking and then started walking forwards forcing me to go backwards until my legs hit the edge of my bed and he gently pressed his hands on my shoulders making me sit down on the bed.Suddenly Alex changed his mind and pulled me back up to standing and pushed down my Levi's and my briefs onto my thighs, grabbed my erect cock for a moment and then made up his mind and pushed me down on the bed again until I was lying on my back and then he pulled my jeans, briefs and socks off so I was naked. Then Alex climbed up on the bed and sat astride my legs and started wanking me and I started undoing his belt and fly.

Suddenly there was a beeping noice.

"What's that?" I said.

"It's this memory box, it's finished recording your lifetime of memories up to the present, so now it's only recording what's happening now in this cell" Jack said and pulled the small wires from the back of my neck and the small screen went blank.

"But shouldn't we record this as well up to the point where you start... taking my blood. Otherwise the memories of the clone won't be complete... will it?" I said.

"Don't worry, I'll reconnect it again afterwards and the memory of what's about to happen will be included in the memories we upload to the clone... but for now it's only in the way" Jack said.

"In the way for what?" I said.

"Hearing you tell about that sexual experience with Alex has made me horny, so I was hoping you would let me seduce you" Jack said as he started pulling off my shirt.

"But I've only in the middle of the foreplay Alex and I had. I was just getting to the interesting bits" I said.

"Why don't you tell me while having sex with me?" Jack said throwing my shirt on the floor.

"What will Kenny say?" I said.

"We have a pretty open relationship... he would probably want to have sex with you if he was the one left here with you... There is one thing however" Jack said as he undid my trousers and started taking them off, so I would be naked and pushed me down to lie on my back on the bunk bed and then sat astride me.

"And that is?" I said.

"You'll be expected to make it up to Kenny for having sex with his boyfriend" Jack said.

"How?" I said even though I knew the answer... I had gotten a pretty good idea how the minds of these clones worked.

"By having sex with him when we get back to the ship" Jack said proving me right.

"Sure" I said and started undoing Jack's belt buckle and fly.

"Do to me what you did to Alex" Jack said.

"I had a feeling that's what you wanted me to and that's what I'm doing... but if you want to copy what Alex and I did you should be jacking me off now" I said and pulled out Jack's cock from his trousers and briefs and started jacking it just as he was jacking mine.

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