Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

By the same author: Previously I've written the multipart story "A Different World" which can be found under gay/sciencefiction at nifty.

This story contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story. It also contains non consentual heterosexual intercourse, so those gay people who don't like that should be warned and skipp to the next paragraph when things turn... ugly.

Going Home

Written by Adam

Who am I? Now that's a very good question. It's not as though I don't have a name. Actually I've got several. First there's the name that the Masters — as we are supposed to call them — have given me which sounds something like... no, I can't even imitate the sound, even in writing, their name for me is unpronouncable by any human. Then, there's the name I hear them say when I've got the translator on. It's the same name as the first, only a small computer, fitted over my left ear and connected to the collar reads it back to me with a synthetic voice as "Fuck face". Not a very pretty name, I know and not very fitting, because I'm not ugly. It's just that the Masters think all 'Terrans' — as they call us, when they don't call us slaves — are ugly and thus they give us, their slaves ugly names. In fact I'm considered very good looking by the others humans, and a lot of girls keep trying to get me in bed with them, and a few boys too. Though only the boys get lucky, since I'm gay. I said that we are ugly to the Masters but they, on the other hand are as ugly to us. They, have two arms and two legs and are all in all basically shaped like us but they're lizards while we're mamals, so their skins are scaly and also lots of horns and sharp teeth. Then there's the name the other Terrans have given me, which is simply Jack. Why, you ask? Well, the first syllable of the Masters name for me sound kinda like 'Jack' so it quickly turned to simply Jack. That's the only part of their name for me that's remotely pronouncable. And then finally, there's the serial number 47589612 tattooed as numbers and barcode on the back of my neck and also stamped on the metal collar that all of us Terrans are wearing. That's the number I have currently, at least. Until yesterday it was 47589611. I'll explain that later. That's my names, though I will stick to Jack as much as posible when writing this story.

I'm one year old. I've later come to understand that this is about three Earth years. But before I was 'hatched' a year ago they grew my body for four of this planet's years so when I first was brought out of that transparent tube I had grown to the physical age of a 12 year old on Earth. All Terrans here are 'hatched' at this age since the Masters considers it an ideal age to start our training to be their slaves, hores and soldiers in their army... or simply kill each other off in gladiator like games on their amusement channel. So, why do they 'hatch' us at this age? They simply think that we don't have any need for a childhood. By now I expect you will have calculated that I have the physical age of a 15 year old on Earth. I'm 6' tall, blonde hair cut to the crew cut all Terran boys have, blue-green eyes and well defined muscles. All Terrans are born well trained so we'll be strong and fit slaves and able to work hard in jobs in construction and lifting heavy objects, be physically attractive prostitutes and eventually become good soldiers. We seldom have the same job from day to day, we're sent to work where we're needed that particular day until they consider us needed in the war. Since we all occasionally are used as prostitutes they've made sure that all boys are well endowed.

You're wondering about the war? Well, the Masters are at war with another species. Which species, I don't know. They live on another world, about ten lightyears away. Though the Masters never fight the war themselves, that's what they've got us for. When we turn two years old at the latest, often earlier, we're sent to the military academy where they train us to become soldiers and as part of the training the soldiers to be are put in an arena with a weapon each and then they film them killing each other. So how can there be any soldiers left to fight in the war? Simple. The collar we all wear contains a circuit connected to the memory center of the brain and when we die all the memories since we were 'hatched' gets downloaded and sent to another collar on the next clone and uploaded into his brain just before he's hatched. And then that clone has learned the mistakes of the previous one and won't repeat them. You probably think this is a callous way to treat us, and you'd be right. When I was hatched a year ago, there were rows upon rows of clones of me in tubes similar to the one I came out of, I simply was the first clone. Yep, wasn't even the original Terran... that body is locked away somewhere among all the other originals which all contain the real memories of those individuals. Yes, I said I was the first clone, past tense. I, who am writing this, am actually the second clone. I've died once. Don't ask how or why, I don't want to go into that right now but you will learn about it soon enough. You'll have to make do reading about the many deaths that are certain to come. The real advantage for the Masters to clone us Terrans over and over and transfer the memories to the new clones is that they never run out of soldiers, they breed new ones, but still have the old ones left to send against their enemy over and over again. But it's not very pleasant for us.

All of this also means that none of us Terrans have any parents... none that we know of at least. Sometimes, when I sleep, I dream of places I've never been and people I've never met but I seem to know them well in my dreams. I've figured out as much that the places I dream of are somewhere on the planet Earth. I dream of different cities, and names somehow spring to mind like Paris, London, Rome and Stockholm... but I can't quite grasp which is which. All those cities seem extremely small by comparison to the enormous city I live in on this planet. I imagine some of the people of which I dream were parents and brothers, sisters or friends of the original person from which I was cloned. I believe these dreams consists of fragments of memories of the original host body that somehow freakishly came along in the cloning process. I've never seen the planet Earth for real. I have no idea where it is at. It could be in the same solar system as this planet. It could be a couple of lightyears away. It could be on the other end of the galaxy or a completely different galaxy billions of lightyears away. For a while I thought that this planet might be Earth that had been invaded by the Masters, but now I know this is not so, 'cause the orbit is different, like I indicated before, and it's about for times larger than Earth. I don't know how long ago the events I dream of took place... it could be fifteen earth years ago or it could be thousands of millions of Earth years. The Earth could be long ago destroyed. But I've decided that one day, be it a hundred years from now, I will go there and find out for myself. And I mean a hundred of this planet's years, which is 300 Earth years. Nobody grows to be that old, you think? Well, we clones live much shorter lives than that, but on the other hand they stop the age process of the unhatched clones at the age of six years old... 18 for you. But keep them the same age as the living clone until then.

I took this decision yesterday to find Earth and go there no matter what. And now, I've started writing this to chronicle my life until I reach this goal.

I believe I mentioned I'm gay. I also said that only the guys get lucky with me, but that is not entirely true. Simply because I've never been with a Terran guy before last night and never ever Terran girl. On the other hand I've been fucked by many of the Masters on several occasions and also their females have had me in them when I've been taken into service at one of their brothels. I also have to have sex with them sometimes when I do household work like yesterday. I was working for this really rich family of man and wife and three children and after having served them dinner and I'd been granted my ration of nutrional fluids from the collar I was allowed to take a nap. I dreamt a strange dream in which I walked in some kind of parade through a small city which I somehow associate with the name Stockholm. There were lots of people in this parade. I walked behind a truck marked with the text Gaywatch, and on it there was built some wooden structure, painted wait and a lot of well trained guys were dancing to loud music wearing only swimming trunks and then there were also a guy in a womans swimsuit and fake breasts and a white ribbon across his chest marked "Miss Gay Pride" or something like that. There were lots of people with flags that were red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. I seemed very happy walking in that parade and it seemed a very fine day too, and a beautiful city. And so, when I woke up I decided that I should find Earth, and that city and the parade if posible, even if it took thousands of years and as many clones. Then I noticed that I were not alone in that little room, reserved for slaves to rest in. I was a really small room, barely room for a small mattress on the floor and one terran to stand next to it. The person standing there was the lady of the house. Once she knew that I noticed she was there she sat down beside me on the matress. She started to caress the bulge in my slacks and more or less against my will my dick started to harden. But it was also fortunate that it did because, otherwise she would most likely have let me feel her dislike with press on the pain button on the remote for the collar. She removed the top and took my hand an put it on her breast and had me caress the scaly skin of her boobs. I reluctantly did all she wanted because we both knew what would happen if I refused. Fortunatly she didn't mind that I closed my eyes and tried to imagine that she was that beautiful Terran boy I sometimes saw on the air tram. In fact, I believe she closed her eyes too and imagined I was someone of her species. Then she removed her leg coverings and after that undid my fly and brought out my hard dick. She brought out one of the special condoms for inter species sex which can be quite deadly to both humans and Masters without this simple protection and rolled it onto my dick. She then sat astride me and took my dick to her vagina and quickly slid down over it and then ordered me to make movements with my hip as she pointed the remote at my collar with her thumb on the pain button. I obeyed. She quickly started to groan with pleasure as I did my hip movements up and down from the mattress, while I felt nothing, I just went through the motions since I had no choice.

Her husband must have seen her go into the room and then when he heard her groans he took out his remote and pressed the pain button. These collars are really remarkable things that can be used to identify us, which is necessary, because to them we all look alike and then they're used to feed us with nutritional fluids, since we don't get to eat food in the normal way and then they pay us by pressing the pleasure button, sending endorphins into our brains and making us addicts too. Then they can punish us in any number of ways, by denying us food or payment so we'll get terrible withdrawal symptoms and then ofcourse there's the pain button that gives us either pain in a specific region or all throught the body. Finally, they can kill us by refusing us nutrients for so long time that we starve and dehydrate to death or give us an overdose of the pleasure button. If they leave the pain button on for an hour we die from the pain and electrocution and then there's two instant kill buttons; one that cuts the spinal cord at the nape of the neck and one that triggers a small explosive in our chest blowing up our hearts and half of the left lung. Not particularly pleasant. When you come to serve in a place they use one remote to read the bar code on the collar and then all remotes in the household can controll your collar. And all Masters, adults and children have one remote. There's been reports that young Masters, their equivalent of teens sometimes have tortured and killed Terrans just for amusement, and no one has done anything about it, since the Terrans had been 'seriously harmed' since the next clone could be brought to life almost instantly. They can also use the remote to remove all our motor controll, without any pain, so we can't even stand up, we just fall down on the ground and remain there until they press that button again. And then appart from the collars, they have a great number of weapons that they can use to kill us with.

Suddenly, as I was fucking this female Master the collar was suddenly activated and I felt sharp pain coursing through my body. The woman looked in surprise at her remote and assured me over and over again that she didn't press the button. Then the door opened and her husband stepped inside.

"I pressed the button. I've had it with you always laying the male slaves that we bring in" he said.

"Please... release... the... button..." I gasped while clawing at the collar.

"Release him! It's not his fault, he had no choice... it was all on my initiative. I think he doesn't like doing it with women, anyway" she said.

"I don't care! I will release him, but only if he does everything I tell him too" he said and looked at me so I nodded with difficulty and then he released the button.

"Thanks" I gasped when the pain stopped.

"Get up! Hold this gun!" he said and I stood up and took the bolt gun he handed me.

"Point the gun at her!" he said and I did.

"Honney, what are you doing?" she said.

"I won't shoot her!" I said.

"Yes you will, with my help!" he said and typed something on the keypad of the remote before he pressed the motor controll button so it caused my index finger to twitch and the gun fired a foot long metal rod through the woman, nailing her to the wall and the plastic bag on the end of it started to fill as her blood was sucked into it, but started to dissolve and spill the blood on the floor as the material is only meant for human blood.

"Oh my God! What are you doing, Terran? You murdered my wife! Police!" the man screamed and the door to their appartment opened and two policemen stepped in and walked over and grabbed my arms.

He didn't really say "Oh, my God", that's only what the translation unit in the collar translated into. The Master are as far from Christians as you can get and barelle know about our religion. They believe in their own pantheon of gods and he really said the name of the head god, equivalent to Zeus in the Greek mythology or possibly more accuratly Ra in the Egyptian. But this name is unpronouncable by humans as all names in their language so the translators in our collars have been programmed to replace his name with adequate similarities in Christian religion.

The first thoughts through my head was that the police couldn't have gotten there this fast. They must have been waiting outside to come in and grab me, which meant that the man must have planned this in advance and deliberatly framed me and payed the cops to wait to pick me up along with the disk from the security camera that they later tampered with to make it look like I killed her all on my own. Those were the thoughts that ran through my head as they dragged me out of the apartment, down the corridor to the lift wich took us to the landing pad on the roof where the police van stood waiting. They threw me into the back of the van and pressed the button on their remotes so all motor control from the neck down disappeared so I lay there sprawled and could do nothing but turn my head a little and talk to the two other boys that lay there in the same condition. They presented themselves as Brian and Paul who told me they had been arrested when they'd been caught having sex with each other rather than with a Master each at the brothel where they'd been put to work for the night.

"Doesn't sound like a crime to me" I said.

"Well it is to them. We're supposed to supposed to serve the Masters in every way they want us too, including having sex with them. But you look the same age as us so I suppose you know this already" Brian said.

"Yes, I know" I said.

"But that's only until we get drafted, 'cause after that we're only supposed to serve by going out into battle and kill and be killed over and over again and then we can fuck each other as much as we like between battles" Paul said.

"Do they consider it a serious crime, having sex with each other now? Do you know what your punishment will be?" I said.

"No, not that serious. They usually give us pain for a minute and then cut our spinal cords" Paul said.

"Usually? This has happened before?" I asked.

"Yeah, they catch us out every once in a while, send us to the court house and execute us and then our next clones goes out and does the same thing" Brian said.

"We simply prefer each other to them" Paul said.

"I'd prefer you to them too and wouldn't mind risking a minute of pain and having my spinal cord cut every once in a while. I'm sure that's more pleasant than what they are going to do to me now" I said.

I didn't need to tell them what I was accused of, because we could all see through the transparency into the cockpit as the cop riding shotgun edited the disk to make the husband disappear until after I'd shot his wife. They made no effort to hide the fact that they tampered with the evidence since Terrans couldn't testify against a Master so it wouldn't matter what anyone of us said.

"Yes, I can see that they will. Have you ever been arrested and executed before?" Brian said.

"No" I said.

"That's very unusual for a Terran of our age. They usually find some reason to execute us within weeks of being hatched so that we'll get used to being punished and the fact that there's only one punishment with some variations for us in their system" Paul said.

"But on the other hand it's good for you that you haven't been accused of anything before, 'cause if you're lucky they won't give you the full, normal punishment for having killed a Master... it's very usual that they kill each other off and blame it on one of us like they've done to you" Brian said.

"Yeah, normally they leave the pain on for an hour so you'll die from it" Paul said.

"That's okay, I know how it feels... once an infant Master that I was babysitting accidentally pressed the pain button, leaving it on and he was so small that he didn't know what he'd done or how to turn it off. After 57 minutes his parents found me and turned it off and apologised a lot and then it took me days before I could walk properly not to mention work... they were prepared to kill this body and so I'd get a new one if I hadn't gone back to work when I did." I said.

"Oh my God! That's horrible! But at least you know what to expect... though I've heard that it's the last three minutes before death that are the worst when you get killed like that" Paul said.

"I've heard so too, but I can tell you it was pretty bad when they turned it off" I said.

"Er, if you don't mind, I'd prefer to change the subject to something more pleasant" Brian said.

"I'd prefer that too" I said.

"Go right ahead" Paul said.

"You said you wouldn't mind risking execution to have sex with us..." Brian said.

"Yes, I said that and I mean it" I said.

"Er so you're gay like us?" Brian said.

"I'm sure Paul can testify that I am" I said.

"You've met before?" Brian said.

"No, but... well he's lying mostly on top of me as you can see, and I can feel his boner against my leg and it got hard soon after he landed on top of me, before we told him that we like to have sex with each other" Paul said.

"Oh, okay. Sounds like we, that is our next clones, should go on a date some time after the execution, and we can move our limbs again" Brian said.

"Sounds nice... oh, and Paul's got quite a hard on too that I can feel against my stomach" I said.

"A three some date, great. At least I'll have something to look forward to, while I'm in pain" Paul said.

"Same here" I said.

"Sorry, I forgot that you'd be in pain a lot longer than me" Paul said.

"That's okay" I said.

They flew the van between the buildings that stretched up for miles above us along streets that also were miles deep to the ground below us. It took them about an hour to fly halfway round the planet to the court building. We hover parked in the air in front of the building while they processed the cases that had been delivered by another police van just before us. On a big screen on the side of the building we could see the whole thing as well as on smaller screen inside the holding compartment of the van. We could see how the arrested Terrans were brought in front of the Master judge, and the policemen showed the evidence that was obviously tampered with and the judge then declared the boy guilty and sentenced him to death after one minute of pain and then they led the boy to a cell with transparent walls and large blood stains on the floor and put him in it. Actually this took place on the second screen while the judge processed the next case on the first screen. We saw the poor boy, looking barely newborn... that is twelve in normal Earth years, squirm from the pain for a minute before they aparently pressed the button that cut his spinal cord and he died instantly. And then they carried his body out as the next guy was led inside that horrible cell. We didn't see any more of the screens as the doors below the screens on the side of the building opened and after an empty police van had left we flew inside, directly into the court room and turned around so when the back doors of the van opened we could see the judge sitting there and the transparent cell off to the right. Actually there was more than one cell like that. There were four or five cells in a row and in the farthest one they put the ones given the sentence; death from one hour of pain where a girl was convulsing on the floor right now, indicating there would only be a few minutes left for her. Most of the other cells were empty and only the middle cell, for instant death to one minute cases were put was used constantly. The cops pressed a button and the van raised the front so we helplessly glided onto the floor and lay in a pile there before they gave the motor control back to Brian and Paul and led them up to the judge who quickly declared them guilty and gave them the same sentence as the boy we had seen on the screen. While they were squirming in a cell each I was given back my motor control and led to the judge to be sentenced. The cops played the tampered disk and the judge watched and took it all in as fact and then declared me guilty to one of the most serious crimes in their law.

"But since this is a first offence, I'm going to be lenient with you, Terran. I'll only sentence you to twenty minutes of searing pain and kill you with the heart charge instead of the killing you by leaving the pain on until you die from it, which is normal in this kind of case" the judge said.

"I was framed!" I said.

"Thirty minutes of pain! Say one more thing and you're get full sentence!" the judge said and I wisely shut up.

As I was led to an empty cell I watched the bodies of George and Paul be carried away and dropped into a hole in the wall on the far end of the room.

"I suggest you remove your shirt" one of the policemen said.

"Why?" I said.

"You don't have to if you don't want to, but we recomend that to those who's charge we are going to detonate like in your case" the policeman said.

"The explosion invariably ruins the shirt by making a big hole in it and staining it with blood so if you remove it it can be used again by your next clone for instance" the other policeman said.

"And in addition to that, some Terrans thinks it makes them more heroic somehow, meeting death with a bare chest... I don't really know why. But it's all up to you. Go into the cell with or without shirt, just do it quickly. The judge is getting impatient" the first policeman said.

I shrugged and removed my shirt before I stepped into the cell. Just as soon as the door closed the pain started and very quickly my knees buckled and I lay the rest of the time on the floor. To relieve the pain I began to fantisize about followint Brian and Paul to one of their litte cubicles they lived in and there all of us would undress and start to kiss. I thought about taking their hard cocks, one in each hand and jacking them. Then Brian got down on the floor and took my cock into his mouth and started to suck as I sat down on the side of the cot and Paul stood beside me and let me take his cock into his mouth. After a while we climbed up on the cot and I stood there on all fours while Brian stood on his knees behind me and I felt his glans press against my anus for a second before the cock moved into me and his movements made the cock rub against my prostate. Paul stood in front of me and let me continue the blow job I was giving him. While I was fantasising about all this time passed quickly and I forgot all about the pain coursing through my body. In my fantasy Paul's cock started twitching and his eyes rolled up as my mouth filled with his cum and at the same time Brian filled my ass with his cum and this made me cum on the hard mattress in the fantasy and inside my slacks in reality and at the same time my body in the cell jerked voilently and a large hole opened in my chest with a bang, stainging me, the walls and the floor with blood. I lay there twitching involontarily as my nerves tried to deal with the explosion and the fact I no longer had a heart and then all went dark.

I opened my eyes and sat up on the bench I had been laying on. I felt my chest but it was whole again. Then I remembered that this was not the same body that I'd come to know for the past year but a totally new one. I was sitting there naked except for my collar in a room full of other naked boys who'd just recieved new bodies. The only ones with clothes were the Terran cloning technicians who wore white robes apart from their collars which were gold colored instead of the silver ones the rest of us wore signifying that those with gold collars had important jobs which they always did instead of being shipped around like the rest of us. The gold collars usually were allowed to have remotes for the silver collars, but without the kill buttons. And then there were Brian and Paul who also had been given a new set of clothes since they recieved new bodies over half an hour ago and now stood beside the bench. Brian had his arm over Paul's shoulders while Paul got his arm around Brian's back.

"Hey dude! We decided to wait for you" Brian said.

"And watched the screen so we'd now when you'd be waking up" Paul said.

"Yeah, though it's pretty terrible to watch, knowing that they've done the same to my heart charge a couple of times and I'll be killed that way many times more" Brian said.

"Same here, and it's not the best way to die your first time. Take it from me, I know" Paul said.

"I believe you" I said shakily.

"So, what do you say? Let's head on out to the storage to get you some clothes and then go over to the cafeteria and get some snacks... when we've recieved new clones is the only time we Terrans are allowed to eat and drink normally on our own" Brian said punching me playfully on the shoulder.

"Deal" I said and got up off the bench and walked unsteadily towards the door.

I almost fell over right away.

"Easy there, remember that this body has never walked before" Paul said as he and Brian caught me and helped me walk the rest of the way over to the next room which was the clothing storage.

"Hey! Could our pal here get some clothing?" Brian said banging his palm on the little bell and made a terrible noise that way.

"Sure! Male clothing for one! Any particular color you like?" the silver collar behind the counter said.

"How about pink slacks and purple shirt?" I said jokingly.

"Coming right up!" said the guy behind the counter and bent down and picked those particular clothes from a shelf inside the counter. He also placed a set of black briefs, white socks and a pair of sneakers there.

"Er, don't you need to know my size and so on?" I asked.

"Take a look around you pal, Terrans are all grown to the same size so they only have to make one size clothes for us. So you mostly work in the brothels then, I mean since you asked for those colors and since you hang around with these two" the guy behind the counter said.

"Actually, the colors were a joke... at first, but I kinda like them now, and I only met these two today and found I like them so I've decided to work the brothels more now than my last clone did" I said.

"If you say so. Welcome into the world 47589612, hope you'll last longer than your last clone, number 47589611... though not very likely if you hang around these two for a longer period, they're known to be rather reckless with their clones" the guy behind the counter said.

"I don't mind being reckless" I said as we walked towards the dressing area. My walk was more steady now and I no longer needed the support of Paul and Brian, though they came along anyway. I didn't mind that though.

When I'd finished dressing, which was a bit distracting as I had to watch Brian and Paul kiss on the other side of the room, we walked out the door into the corridor which lead to the stairwell which was also a storage compartment I found out. I also learned through shock that the cloning facility was downstairs in the same building as the court house. On one side of the corridor there was a conveyor belt carrying executed bodies from where they came out of the chute to the large dump in the stairwell. The stench was horrible, but more horrible was the sight I saw coming out of the door. On the conveyor belt came a body I recognised very well. Blonde, blue-green eyes and wearing slacks and shoes and a bare upper chest with a big hole where the heart had been. I fainted from seeing myself dead on a conveyor belt among loads of other dead bodies.

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