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This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 11

Written by Adam

Mike was quicker than me at unbuckling another guy's belt and pushed my trousers down long enough on my thighs for my hard cock to come free and stand at almost right angle to my body. He started to gently stroke my cock and balls with one hand while placing the other hand on my chest and pinched and flicked my right nipple. I pulled his head closer untill our lips met and our tongues met and wrestled for a while as I pushed his trousers down as well and then we broke the kiss and looked down as we let our cocks meet and momentarily fenced with our hard cocks with our hands placed firmly on each other's hips. Mike put his hand round both cocks and jacked them both simultaneously and we kissed once more. I started to kiss my way down over his chin, neck and chest to his left nipple which I licked and nibbled at and then I continued down kissing his well defined six pack abdomen and round the navel and from there alongside the trail of hair that showed the way to the erect cock. By this time I was down on my knees and licked the shaft of his cock, played around with the tip of my tongue on his glans before I let my mouth engulf it and I started sucking and licking at the head and then moved down taking the hole cock into my mouth down to the root.

"Hey, Jack, wait a second" Mike said suddenly.

"What?" I said after I took his cock out of my mouth.

"You give a very good blow job but I can give you a few tips to make it even better... I deliberatly didn't blow Kenny's cock earlier 'cause I already planned to teach you my special techniques so when you do it to him next time you have sex you can give hime a real surprise by giving him the best blow job he ever had and he won't know that it was me who taught you... and then there's this other thing I ought to tell you about this technique" Mike said.

"And that is?" I said.

"It was you.... well a previous you before they started you with a blank memory last time... that taught me this special technique... let's see... I believe it was 47589533 that taught it to me... so I feel it's time I repay my debt to you by teaching you this technique as well" Mike said.

"You mean, we were like a couple then?" I said.

"No, you and Kenny managed to overcome your shyness that time around also... I think it's pretty unique that that's happened twice in a row... and I'm happy for you, for you two belong together... but it never stops you for the occasional sex with me... now start blowing me like you just did and I'll give you a few pointers and tips" Mike said.

I did as he said and as he told me how to improve my blowjob I followed his instructions, though it became harder and harder for him to speak due to the intense pleasure I was giving him but then he declared that I had learned the technique and then he moaned one more time and my mouth filled with his cum.

"Thanks mate that was the best blow job I've ever had since 47589533... actually it was better than the one he gave me. And I didn't even have to give you as much instructions on it as I thought I would, I'm beginning to think that it's something that the original Jack knew and the memory of how to do it is there with those memories of Earth" Mike said.

"Who told you about that? I've only told Kenny, Tim, Stan, Brian and Paul about it... and Mark overheard it once... did he tell you" I said.

"No, most gold collars in this house knows about it because the memories of Earth is something all Jack clones have and because of his telling people about it, well mostly Kenny and the others, it's become sorta legendary here... and then we're very careful never to mention it to the Masters and so should you be because they might decide to stop cloning you then... I think that there were a lot of Terran slaves at the time when they started the cloning of you so that there was only Terrans that handled the cloning even and they instructed the original to think about Earth and his happiest memories of that planet while they took the necessary tissue samples and somehow managed to include the memories so that they would always be present in you and so there would always be a Terran with memories of Earth and a desire to find his roots" Mike said.

"So how did those Terrans know about Earth, and where are they now?" I said.

"They were on the ships that the Masters used to abduct people from Earth and clone them while the Masters merely piloted them but when they stopped the abductions those gold collars were killed and restarted as silver collars with blank memories" Mike said.

"You'll have to tell me more about that later. I think I should return to work before I'm missed" I said and started to pull my trousers up.

"You can stay here as long as you like and not be missed by Steff since he'll get his moment with me after work today... and I know that you're longing to have my cock in your ass" Mike said.

"Well if you put it like that. How do you want me?" I said.

"However you want to be taken... how about on the table?" Mike said.

"Sounds nice... though I've almost had that before, with Stan... but we didn't get the chance to finish it, unfortunatly" I said and then I lay on my belly on the table facing away from Mike.

"From behind? That's more fun standing up! Come on, over here by the wall. Stand with your palms against the wall, like that, and arms stretched so the rest of the body is a bit away from the wall and bend forward a bit and legs apart" Mike said as I did as he told me.

I felt a wet finger against my anus press slightly and then slid right in and started rubbing against the prostate shortly before it disappeared. Then he placed his hands on my buttocks and I felt his cock press against my hole for a while and then the muscle gave way and I gasped from a mixture of pain and pleasure as the long and thick cock slid into me all the way until his hip bumped into my buttocks. I felt his chest and belly against my back and his arms round my belly and he started pulling out untill his glans was just inside the muscle and then he pushed back in hard and then he repeated that movement over and over again faster and faster. He kept one arm round my chest while he grabbed my cock with his right hand and started jacking my cock. Having Mike's cock in me was almost as fantastic as the first time Kenny was in me... actually the one time that Kenny was in me. Shit, I want Kenny in me again! After almost ten minutes of this treatment I couldn't hold back any more against the blissful feeling that spread through my body and my cock started squirting my cum onto the wall and the contractions of my muscle made Mike start to pump his load inside me. Mike stood still for a while with his cock still inside me and his arms around me leaning his head against my shoulders and then he pulled out of me and started putting his clothes back on and I did the same. We kissed once more and then we stepped out of the back room and I started towards the exit.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Mike said.

"I don't know, I've never done this before" I said.

"Bring back an empty box to fill with wrist comms, so that the next guy can come up here when it's full" Mike said.

"Oh, yes... ofcourse... can't keep Tim, Brian or Paul from experiencing a great guy like you" I said taking the box walked away, but then stopped in the doorway as Mike had one last thing to say.

"Yeah, I guess I should apologise to them since I was so harsch in my judgement the day before yesterday... they're really sweet guys and very sexy... and... well, I still think they're reckless with their lives but I like that, it makes them more exciting... and Mark is overreacting quite a bit, tell him that from me, there really is no risk that they demote you to bronze just because you take risks and willingly die painful deaths, that's exactly what the Masters like... tell Mark that I said that, now go so the next guy can have me, Stan wanted to send Tim as soon as posible!" Mike said and I left.

It was almost noon when I returned and Mark came up with sandwishes for us. This was really a breach of protocol, since Terrans are really only allowed to eat once in each clone's life and that's just after the clone has been brought to life and then we're supposed to be given rations of nutrional fluids that comes in a small vial that we attach to the collar and then the Master or gold collar present presses a button on his remote and the fluid is injected into us, and that was the normal treatment also for all silver collars that worked in the stairwell and that's what the former cab driver got. Only after he had recieved his ration did Mark reveal the sandwishes he had brought for the rest of us. We sat down and ate while we watched the former cab driver stack bodies alone. Then, shortly after we were finished eating another box was full and Steff was about to send Brian with it, though both Stan and I insisted that it was Tim's turn so Steff sent him. Tim was gone for almost half an hour which was almost as long as I had been and then the next box had already been filled and Brian was sent with that, meeting Tim in the exit from the space between the transparency and the wall. Fortyfive minutes later, while Paul was having his meeting with Mike and Brian was talking with the rest of us about how Mike wasn't so bad after all a Master came down the stairwell and stopped where we were working. He looked at us for a while and then he spoke into the microphone on his remote.

"Which one of you is 47589618?" the Master said.

"That would be me" I said.

"You, don't have to work here anymore today. The son of a member of the ruling council has asked for you to come work for him this evening together with 78651228 who I believe is here as well" the Master said.

"That's me. What kind of work is it, if I may ask?" Kenny said.

"I haven't been told that myself except that you're to come to his home for duty there, there's a taxi waiting on the sidewalk just above the tram station to take you to him... apparently it's something sexual though and since I've seen on the surveillance monitors that both of you have had sex with the gold collar in the clothing store - disgusting, Terrans having sex with each other - so I feel it's my duty to make sure that the Master won't be tainted if he intends to have sex with you... he'll have to make do with 47589619 and 78651229 instead... prepare to be heartless!" the Master said and pointed the remote at us while laughing at his own terrible pun.

"Wait just a second, please! Let us take our shirts off first so they won't be ruined! And let us kiss each other goodbye too" I said removing my shirt.

The Master shrugged to indicate that we could go ahead.

"And we'd be greatful if you'd give us a simultaneous trigger" Kenny said before we embraced and kissed.

As usual the feeling of Kenny's bare skin against mine was entrancing and kinda electrical. And then as our tongues danced in our mouths we slowly got down on our knees and then lay on our backs with our arms around each other and both one hand on the other's cock and finally broke the kiss and glanced at the Master shortly before my heart was blown away and Kenny and I turned our heads towards each other and our last actions in these bodies was to press our lips together in a final kiss.

Mike and Paul came out of Mike's back room just as we came naked into the clothes store. Paul was putting his shirt back on and had it over his head so he didn't see us at first.

"Have you been killed? Why? I thought it was moderatly safe working in the stairwell" Mike said.

"Some Master asked for us specifically to come to his appartment and have sex with him, apparently. And since both of us had had sex with another Terran - you - we were considered 'tainted' so the Master who came to give us the message killed us so he could send 'untainted' clones to the customer" I said.

"He knew about us having sex?" Mike said.

Paul quickly finished pulling his shirt on and looked at us, shocked at what he was hearing.

"He mentioned seeing it on some surveillance monitor" Kenny said.

"What?! They've said many times that there aren't any cameras in there and promised that they never would put any there" Mike said.

"What makes you think a Master keeps his word to a Terran or hesitate at lying us straight in the face?" Paul said.

"Er... good point... but then he's seen us two as well!" Mike said to Paul.

"Not all of it, he was busy killing us while you were at it" I said.

"They record everything and while most Masters find it disgusting seeing Terrans having sex with each other some of them actually gets off on it and therefore any surveillance tape that happens to capture two Terrans having sex... particularly gay sex is then sold at the brothel as porn, and there's nothing we can say about it or get payed for" Kenny said.

"Maybe we should help them some time and have sex in front of a camera on purpose... though not now, or they'll kill us again" I said.

"I like the way you're thinking... both the part about having sex in public in front of a camera and making sure that we won't be killed so soon again... but we should hurry now, the customer is waiting for us, the gold collar said that he'd ordered that we shouldn't stop in the cafeteria... actually there was something about Mark having been asked to send sandwishes to the taxi for ust to eat while en route" Kenny said.

"Yes, so we should just get some clothes and hurry off... and since I'm quite pleased with the clothes you picked out for me earlier, Mike I'd like to have the same combination again" I said.

"Yes I know... and then Mark called me earlier and asked me to make sure that you'd get the same combination in the future no matter what you liked to have yourself... I took the liberty of preparing a set for you ready to give to you as soon as you'd come in here and now that I know that you like it I'll prepare several more sets for you" Mike said.

"Thank you, though I hope I won't be killed so often... at least not the days I'm not working in the brothel" I said.

"I know... and here's Steff with a pair of shirts in the colours you like... thank's Steff, I'll just wash these and then Jack and Kenny can get them next time... so they blew your hearts away then?" Mike said as Steff arrived with the shirts that our previous clones had worn.

"Yeah, it's the usual thing when they consider us 'tainted'... We'd love to stay and chat but we really have to go now" Kenny said.

"Yes go! I'll see you... not too soon I hope... except to get 'tainted' again, right now Steff and I are going to make some porn for the Masters!" Mike said as we walked towards the door.

"So you know about the camera in there?" Steff said.

"Now I do!" Mike said.

"Alright, let's make some porn! Hey, Paul! The stairwell is full up to this floor so we have the rest of the day off. Brian and the other two are waiting for you in the cafeteria" Steff said and then we didn't hear or see any more of Mike or Steff that day.

A few moments later as we were getting dressed Paul came out from the other door and sat down by us.

"Hey, Brian and I are thinking about working in the brothel again tomorrow... if you like we can put your numbers up for that too. And then, I have a few strings I can pull and make sure to get copies of those surveillance discs of each of us with Mike. I have a few discs of myself with Brian and some other Terrans and I find they usually turns me on" Paul said.

"Sure, I'd like one of me and Mike" Kenny said.

"Yeah, get mine too" I said.

"Great, I guess I'd better get two copies of each disc, since Mike wanted a copy of each as well" Paul said.

"He keeps surprising me! Give our regards to Brian and the others we've gotta rush, see you at the brothel tomorrow, if not sooner" I said.

"Give them my regards too and see you" Kenny said as we walked out the door and turned right in the corridor while Paul turned left.

"Yes, see ya tomorrow" Paul said.

As promissed there was sandwishes from Mark in the taxi that we just had time to eat during the trip over to the customer's house. It was nowhere near the house where I had been framed for murder and I was relieved at this since when I heard that the customer was the son of a council member I thought it would be that charming guy who had bolted my body to a police car last night. The taxi let us off on the roof and a gold collar porter scanned the numbers off our collars and saw on his datapad who was expecting us and started leading us down the stairwell.

"This is odd!" the porter said as he walked while still looking at his data pad.

"What?" I said.

"Well, normally I would consider you unfortunate since most Terrans who are sent to work in this household gets killed. The son of this council member is very much against cruelty against Terrans and refuses to kill Terrans while his father keeps having Terrans sent to them to make the son practice killing them in order to make him consider it easy and normal and so on but the son always refuses so it's his father that kills them in the end... but the father is not at home today, he's on a business trip to the southern continental city so you're lucky today since this means that you probably aren't sent there to be killed... on the other hand the son also absolutly refuses to employ Terrans as labour... I was a bit shocked that he volontarily followed his father to the brothel for his birthday yesterday, though that ended in a bit of catastrophe as the Terran he had then killed himself in order to have a new customer but in a terribly painful way I understand" the porter said.

By this time we had come out of the stairwell and walked through a narrow corridor with apartment doors every twenty meters.

"Oh, it's him... well, when they told us we'd been hired they said it was something sexual... and knowing who it is I may have some idea what he wants" I said.

"To apologise for killing you, most likely" Kenny said.

"Oh yes, that too" I said.

"You mean that you're the one that killed yourself by making him cum on you?!" the porter said.

"Yes, why?" I said.

"Let me guess, you had never come into contact with their bodily fluids before and didn't know how painful that would be?" the porter said.

"Yes, that is true, and I'll never repeat that mistake" I said.

"I believe you! Here it is!" the porter said and rang the door bell.

"'That too' you said, so what did you have in mind?" Kenny said to me.

"Well... as I recall he was very excited by the thought of the two of us having had sex earlier yesterday morning and since he's asked for both of us to come... and you said yourself that some Masters get turned on by watching to Terrans have sex, I think he's one of them" I said.

"Now that you put it like that... I think you're right!... and from his reaction yesterday I think he would have prefered us 'tainted' already!" Kenny said.

"Doesn't matter, we'll soon get 'tainted' again if we are right" I said.

"True" Kenny said.

The door to the appartment opened and there was the one Master who seemed to like Terrans and was appalled at the way we are treated by his species.

"Here are the Terrans you sent for, numbers 47589619 and 78651229. Please enjoy, and don't kill them to soon" the porter said.

"You're so cute, with your attempts at humour Tom! Next time I'm home alone I think I might invite you in for some sex as soon as you go off duty!" the Master said.

"No offence, sir, but I prefer Terran boys" the porter said.

"I know... makes me wish even more that I was a Terran, but right now I'll make do with these two instead. And I've told you before; don't call me 'sir', call me Kim. See you Tom" the Master said and closed the door after we stepped inside leaving Tom the porter outside.

"Er... excuse me, but did you say you wanted him to call you Kim, sir?" I said.

"Yes, and that goes for you too" the Master said.

"That's a Terran name" Kenny said.

"Yes... oh dear, I hope you don't feel offended by my use of a Terran name for myself!" the Master said.

"No, I'm just curious to why a Master would stoop to taking a Terran name for himself since most of you think we're beneath contempt" Kenny said.

"I'm not like most Masters, which I believe your boyfriend can testify to... and besides, it's a bit fitting to me since it's very close to the first syllable of my real name which no Terran can pronounce. I only took the closest Terran name so I could allow you to be on a first name basis with me" the Master said.

"Yes, he is a very unusual Master, I noticed that yesterday... listen, I'm sorry if I put you in shock yesterday by killing myself that way" I said.

"I was horrified, yes... and I still can't understand how you could do that to yourself, it looked so incredibly painful! I'm actually thankful to my father for being merciful and cutting your spinal cord and thereby ending your pain... I'm really sorry for killing you, I would never kill a Terran volotarily" the Master said.

"Don't apologise, I did it to myself like even you said just now" I said.

"I know but I still feel I have to apologise because something that came out of me killed.... or would have killed you if my father hadn't stepped in... but enough of that, let's talk about what I want of you today instead" the Master said.

"Don't say anything, you want us to have sex with each other while you watch, right sir?" I said.

"I think you got to know me pretty well yesterday... but don't call me 'sir', call me Kim.... and through my research I've found that you are called Jack and you Kenny... may I call you by your Terran names? I feel that calling you 47589619 and 78651229 is so sterile and impersonal while 'hey you!' feels wrong too" the Master who liked to be called Kim said.

"Well, actually I think it's a bit flattering that a Master wants to call me by name instead of number and you're such a sweet person that I'm beginning to think that you're a Terran caught inside a Master's body... if you forgive me for saying so" I said.

"Ofcourse I forgive you, that's the nicest thing anyone of either species has ever said to me... let's not stay here in the hall, where my dad's surveillance devices can see and hear us, let's go into my room instead" Kim said and led the way into his room.

It was quite a small room for a Master, but spatious compared to the Terran's cells in the honeycombs. There was a bookcase against one wall and a huge, oval bed in one corner and in the far end was a desk with a computer on it and beside it a very comfortable looking chair facing an entertainment system for the rythmic noices that Masters like to listen to as well as a large screen on the wall for the broadcasted executions of Terrans and gladiator games. It was pretty dark in the room and the only illumination came from the desk lamp and the reading lamp over the head of the bed. I also noticed that there were a large collection of surveillance discs that I strongly suspected was of Terran guys having sex with each other. Kim sat down in the chair.

"Dad sometimes forces me to watch executions or gladiator games on that thing, but as soon as he's gone I start watching my discs instead... I download a lot of it on my computer and saves on the discs... actually i downloaded the scenes where you had sex with that gold collar earlier today... Hey, Kenny... I don't think I'm really supposed to tell this... though it can't be any harm in just saying that Jack has a surprise for you... but seeing you on disc isn't the same as seeing you do it live, I feel... there's just one thing I want to make clear..." Kim said.

"You're not going to kill us and you won't allow us to kill ourselves, I know... and I promis that we have no intention of killing ourselves tonight" I said.

"Especially not the way you did yesterday" Kim said.

"We're not going to kill ourselves at all, right Kenny?" I said.

"Right. What's this I hear about a surprise?" Kenny said.

"You'll find out soon... my thought is that you two get on the bed and do it while I watch from this chair... but as you also know I don't like to order Terrans around so... if you don't want to have sex while I watch I'll just let you go home, and that's that" Kim said.

"We haven't done it with each other since two nights ago so we'll take any chance we get" Kenny said.

"Stop talking and kiss me, silly" I said, laying down on the bed.

Kenny got on all fours over me and started kissing the bulge in my trousers where my erect cock was outlined by the cloth.

"Actually I meant a kiss on the mouth and a nice dance between our tongues... but that's nice too, do go on" I said.

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