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This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 12

Written by Adam

Kenny kissed his way up along the bulge while his hands busied themselves with my belt buckle and as continued to struggle to get it opened he turned his head and opened his mouth and let his lips follow the shape of the bulge. I reached my hands down to unbuckle the belt myself but Kenny lifted his head and looked at me while he slapped the backs of my hands and brushed them away from the belt buckle before he waggled his finger at me to indicate that I was not allowed to help him. Then he finished opening the belt buckle without returning to kissing the bulge. He also opened the fly, actually tore it open and then impatiently motioned for me to lift my bum off the bed so he could pull the trousers free and then he grabbed my fully erect cock and started licking and kissing it. Knowing that our employer had requested us for something sexual we had agreed to not wear the underwear in order to shorten the time of undressing.

"Kenny, don't suck Jack's cock now, let him suck yours" Kim said.

"I'm not going to suck his cock now, I'm just kissing and licking it! It's part of this new way of undressing him that I'm trying" Kenny said as he moved down and pulled off my shoes without untying the strings and then he pulled off my trousers completely.

Kenny returned to the level of my groin and licked and kissed my cock some more and then he started pushing my shirt up while kissing my abdominals as the skin became bare and continued that way up over my chest and stopped at my right nipple and licked and nibbled at it for a while and then kissed his way sideways to my left nipple. I started to tug at Kenny's shirt to take it off but again he slapped my hands away and then tucked the shirt back in.

"Not yet!" Kenny said.

"Wow, some temper your boyfriend has... but he's hot on you, that's for sure" Kim said.

"That has to do with the fact that this is only the second time we've ever had sex and it's been way too long since the first time" Kenny said.

"Er, wasn't just under 48 hours ago?" Kim said.

"Like I said, way too long!" Kenny said and then before either I or Kim could react Kenny took the knife hanging on the wall by the bed and pulled the neck of the shirt up and away from my body and made a small cut, careful so the knife wouldn't hurt me.

Then Kenny made a small cut in the neck of his own shirt and tossed the knife onto the small table by the bed. He grabbed the neck of the shirt on each side of the small cut and then pulled hard, tearing my shirt open. He started kissing and licking and caressing my bare chest and stomach frantically and then started kissing his way up my neck and chin to my mouth while he pulled my arms out of the remains of the shirt, one at a time. And now that I was finally naked we kissed passionatly our tongues dancing around in our mouths for quite a while. Then Kenny broke the kiss and moved further up untill he was sitting astride my chest.

"Now you can undress me" Kenny said.

I started pulling his shirt out of his trousers but then he slapped the back of my hands again. I raised my eyebrows.

"No no, tear the shirt like I did to you!" Kenny said.

"What's with the tearing of the shirts?" I said.

"I feel like it! Now, do it!" Kenny said.

I shrugged and then pulled at the neck of his shirt ripping it open just as he had done to my shirt and found it extremely exciting without quite knowing why and I started caressing his bare pecs and abs and pinching his nipples. Then I moved down my hands and started undoing the belt buckle with one hand while feeling the large, hard bulge in his trousers with the other. I got the belt and fly open and pulled down the trousers a bit so his erect cock fell free and then I raised a bit off the bed and started licking and kissing it while I pulled off his shoes and then managed to get his trousers off somehow, while the only help he gave was to lift his legs one at a time. I had to stop kissing and licking his cock while I did this but when I was done and he was sitting naked astride my own naked body I licked up the shaft of his cock once and then I started giving him a blow job the way that Mike had instructed me, bringing Kenny the ultimate cock stimulation bringing him to the brink of cuming and then stopping the blow job for a while and then start again, just to stop just before he came over and over again also the way that Mike had instructed.

"Jack, when you let Kenny cum, don't take the load in your mouth... this time... take his load on your chest where you took mine yesterday... I want to see you get cum on you without getting harmed" Kim instructed from his chair and I glanced over at him and gave him a look that said 'sure, why not?'.

I then did the last little extra thing that Mike taught me making Kenny shout out loud from pleasure and then I took his cock out of my mouth and aimed it at my heart as I had done with Kim's the day before, knowing without having to hear him say it that Kenny was about to cum. And Kenny shot his load onto my chest in several long squirts making a large, sticky white puddle on my chest. When Kenny finnished shooting he just fell over to the side and lay exhausted by my side, staring at the ceiling. Kim got out of his chair and walked over to me and dipped his fingers in Kenny's cum on my chest and then put them to my mouth and let me lick it off almost scratching my tongue on his scaly fingers. Then he dipped his fingers again and licked them himself and looked thoughtful as he savoured the taste and finally decided he liked it. I noticed that his erect cock was sticking out of his trousers and remembered that he had been jacking off while watching us. I reached over to touch his glans but he grabbed my wrist and held my arm away from him.

"Don't touch it, it's got my precum on it, and I don't want you to be hurt by my cum again!" Kim said with a smile.

When a Master smiles I usually want to run away from him as fast as I can but Kim was a very unusual Master and his smile, though looking really hideous with all the pointed teeth and fangs wasn't half as bad as any of the other's. And then it helped a lot by knowing that he smiled 'caused he liked me and Kenny and didn't want us to get harmed in any way in difference to any other Master who would only smile at a Terran when he'd invented a new way of torturing the Terran to death.

"Oh... okay" I said.

"You seemed so much better at it now than when Mike taught you this technique" Kim said.

"Yes, well... then I was a bit busy listening to his instructions, while I could improvise a bit now and concentrate on giving the best blow job I possibly could" I said.

"I guess that must be it! I have condoms, so I could join you if I may? ... Actually, I could just jack you off, both at the same time, then there wouldn't be any need for the condoms... no, I'll put one on anyway to prevent any precum of mine from hitting you" Kim said.

"I'll ask Kenny" I said.

I rolled over to lay half on top of Kenny. He was still staring at the ceiling. I patted his cheek.

"Kenny? Hello? Wanna let Kim jack us off?" I said.

"Mmm? What?" Kenny said.

"Wanna let Kim jack us off?" I said.

"Yeah sure! Boy, that was a fantastic bj you gave me! You learned that from Mike?" Kenny said.

"Yes" I said.

"And why did he teach it to you?" Kenny said.

"He said it was to repay the debt to me since a previous clone of me taught it to him before they started me with a blank memory, last time" I said.

"Kewl... oh yes, there was something that Kim mentioned before" Kenny said.

"Yes?" I said.

"He said you had a surprise for me, when am I going to get that?" Kenny said.

"But I just gave... the surprise was the... Oh! Why you...!" I said and then 'punished' Kenny with a kiss that effectivelly stopped his laughter.

Then Kim had finished putting the condom on and we lay on our backs and Kim sat ob the bed between us, taking one cock in each hand and started jacking us. He managed to work us up pretty close to cuming when the door to his room opened and his father stepped in.

"I've seen enough of this disgrace on the monitors in my room... it was sweet when you brought them here to work for you to make up for what happened to 47589619 here, and the fact that you employed Terrans made me think that there was still hope for you. I could even accept that you let them have sex with each other and you got off on watching them, even I likes to watch the surveillance discs of male Terrans having sex with each other occasionally... but you touching and even jacking them off is totally unacceptable! When they had sex with each they became tainted, and have to be killed before a Master can touch them, otherwise the Master becomes tainted too and you know that, I've told you about that so many times before! Now you are tainted! You're no better than them, you're a Terran!" Kim's father said with a look and tone of disgust as he spoke the last word.

"Why, thank you father!" Kim said defiantly.

"Don't call me father! You're not my son, you're tainted! You're a Terran! Get out of my house! And you two... I'll better deal with you now so you won't taint any other Master!" Kim's father yelled and raised the remote towards us.

"No! Don't touch them!" Kim yelled and took the remote from his father's grip and flung it across the room where it by a freakish accident bounced against the corner of the desk and there pressing the button that removed our motor control and making us lying limp on the bed unable to move a muscle to prevent Kim from doing what he did next.

"You don't talk to me that way, tainted little bastard!" Kim's father yelled hitting his son with the back of his hand sending Kim flying across the room and landing in top of Kenny and me.

Kim bounced off the bed as soon as he landed and we could only groan from the pain and hear Kim quickly apologise for landing on top of us. Then he grabbed the unsheathed knife that Kenny had tossed onto the table by the bed and Kim got to his feet and plunged the knife into his father's chest. Kim's father looked down in horror and shock at the knife handle attached to his chest and then he fell dead onto the floor. Kim screamed when he realised what he had done!

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" Kim kept muttering to himself when he stopped screaming... but then he went quiet and seemed to make compose himself again and make up his mind about somehing.

"There's something odd here! He's not apologising!" I said.

"Why would I apologise to him? He was just an evil master who liked to torture and kill Terrans!" Kim said bitterly.

"Hey Kim! Call the cops and let them alter the surveillance disc to make it look like we did it, they'll only kill us for it... we'll survi... we'll be alright!" Kenny said.

"No... that's what he... I mean that thing would do! I'll edit the disc myself to make it look like you left before I killed him! Now go get out of here! I'll give you passes so you'll get free passage to the honeycombs even though the curfew is in effect!" Kim said.

"No! Do as Kenny said! No one will believe you if you try to say that you killed him 'cause in their minds no Master ever kills another Master, they'll give us the blame anyway!" I said.

"No! There have been cases like this before! And when a Master admits to killing another Master and turns in a surveillance disc that supports his story however edited they give him the worst punishment they can think of... they make him a Terran!" Kim said with a triumphant smile.

"That's not possible!" I said.

"Yes it is... well the way the they do it is very much possible... they give me a collar... a special collar with an external memory circuit and a heart charge and the memory circuit is different to the ones you have in the way it can interface with and read all memories and experiences from a Masters brain and when the process of reading and recording all my memories they detonate the heart charge... Then they have made sure to have a Terran that has a blank memory to receive the memories of the dying Master so when the clone wakes up he's a Terran with the memories and experiences of the Master and thereby he is the former Master. They think it's a cruel punishment to a Master, but to me it's something I've always more or less has wished for.... hey, I told you to get out!" Kim said.

"We can't, we're paralysed... the motor controll button on the remote must have been pressed accidentally" I said.

"Don't be ridiculus!" Kim said and tried to pull me to my feet but I simply fell onto the floor in an uncomfortable position.

Kim looked at me and then bent over and picked Kenny's left arm up and released it to see that it fell back onto the bed and that Kenny was unable to controll it. Kim looked around on the floor and then he found and picked up the remote and looked at it for a long time reading the labels on all the buttons and then he pressed the right one and we could move again.

"Thanks!" Kenny and I said simultaneously and started getting dressed, including the torn shirts and I saw that Kenny looked very sexy with part of his chest bare that way and he was looking at me like he was finding me irresistable.

"There's no time for that! Get out, you horny guys! Here! These passes will allow you to get safely to the Terran Quarter" Kim said giving us a small transparent rectangle each before ushering out of his room where we met two police officers.

"You're father asked us to stay in his study and watch the monitors to move in and take care of these two Terrans after he'd killed you... he payed us a substantial amount of money to edit the disc so they would take the fall and die from an hour of pain... if you like we can keep the money and blame them for the murder of your father instead" one of the police officers said.

"He was gonna kill me?!" Kim said.

"You're tainted, so to him you were just a Terran... but if we get to keep the money we'll forget that you're tainted!" the police officer said.

"Do as they say! Let them keep the money and take us to the court house to be executed" I said.

"The court closes at curfew, we'll kill you and then execute your next clones first thing in the morning" the police officer said.

"You should listen to the Terrans, they don't even mind doing it!" the other police officer said.

"No! He was going to kill me, so I had to kill him first... he was going to kill them and I had to stop him from doing that! I killed him and I'm glad I did it... and I recorded a disc of my own from the surveillance cam in my room to capture their having sex and keep it as porn for later but now it's evidence that things happened the way I'm going to tell the court tomorrow, it'll be easier on you if you let me take the blame rather than bring forth this evidence in court 'cause I intend to admit to killing him, no matter what... as for the money... keep it! When they've made me Terran as punishment I won't be allowed to have money. Now, let them go back to the Terran Quarter, that's an order!" Kim said.

"Are you sure?!" the first police officer said.

"Yes!" Kim said.

"Very well, as you wish... did you bring the collar for Masters like I told you?" the first cop said and the other one brought out a collar that looked slightly like the ones we Terrans wore but with a few add ons that I didn't recognise.

Kim allowed the second cop to put the collar on. He almost seemed eager to get to wear a collar. Then the first cop pressed a button on his remote and three small metallic tentacles came out of the collar and plunged themselves into the back of Kim's neck making him vince and fall to his knees from the pain.

"Hey! Are you two still here? Go home to the Terran Quarters before we change our minds!" the first cop said and Kenny grabbed my arm and pulled me with him out through the door.

We rushed through the corridor back to the stairwell and just before we went through the door we saw Kim come out of the appartment with the two officers flanking him and then Kenny pulled the door close and started running down the stairs.

"What's the hurry? We've got passes that gives us right to get back to the honeycombs unharmed" I said.

"Yes, but I want to get as far as possible before they change their minds, 'cause they will change their minds and when they do the passes will be worthless... there's only one thing we can be sure of appart from the fact that they will revoke the passes" Kenny said.

"And that is?" I said.

"We won't have a chance to make it home before they do... be prepared to wake up in cloning plant in the morning" Kenny said.

"I'm always prepared to wake up there nowadays" I said.

"Sidwalk level!" Kenny said pointing at a sign saying the very same and we exited onto the sidewalk.

"Halt!" a voice behind us said.

"We've got passes! You're not allowed to shoot us!" I said and both Kenny and I brought out the little transparent rectangles and handed them to the gang leader.

The Masters inserted the rectangles into a datapad each and there was small beeps as the information appeared on the screens.

"Okay, it says that you're to be allowed to get back to the Terran Quarters unharmed and it is your numbers, okay" the leader of the gang said and removed the rectangle from the datapad he was holding himself but then there was a beep from the other pad and he reinserted the rectangle into his.

"I hope they kill us quickly" Kenny whispered to me.

"Hey, are you Terrans good with words? Perhaps you could tell us what the word 'revoked' mean?" the leader of the gang said and then all of them laughed.

"Was that a fast or slow? I mean the time it took them to revoke the passes?" I said.

"Fast... though, we could have been luckier than meeting a gang just as we stepped out the door" Kenny said.

"You're right... but too late to change that... or is it? We could let you run for a bit, makes it sorta more fun" the leader said and raised his gun and pointed it at me and then pressed a button making the gun give a small beep as it locked me as a target and then he lowered his gun again and nudged his friend standing next to him who raised his gun and locked it on to Kenny.

"Ah, nice... so you're going to shoot us!" Kenny said.

"Run now or we'll kill you some other way!" the gang leader said.

We ran. At the end of the sidewalk and the block there was a bridge to the right and we crossed it to the block on the other side of the street. This bridge led straight into an alley that we ran along and and turned a corner into a slightly larger alley and as we ran to the left I noticed a large dark red patch on the ground to the right that looked terribly familiar and I stopped.

"What?" Kenny said.

"Let's run this way instead!" I said grabbing Kenny's arm and ran off to the right to a small alley that led us to a t'chaaa-ball court that I recognised and that was quite crowded this time.

"I knew it, this is the same block where we were last night!" I said.

"Yeah, and we ran straight into the arms of mister charm boy who bolted you to a police car yesterday" Kenny said.

"Yes, but he'll get very angry now that he sees that that other gang are hunting in his territory again" I said and pointed at the other gang that had just rushed into the alley without thinking.

"You stay there with those four Terrans we captured, while I deal with them!" K'ch'kt-aa roared at me and Kenny, not that we would dare to do anything than what he ordered us to considering all the guns aimed at us and then we weren't the only Terrans here.

"Jack! Kenny! Nice to see you! Are you the same clones I talked to earlier before you went to that customer?" Paul shouted and waved and we waved back at him and Brian, Stan and Tim who also waved and then as we joined them in the middle of the ball court everyone hugged.

"Yes, but we don't know for how much longer" I said.

"Yeah, but that's how it is for all Terrans" Brian said.

"True" I said.

We turned our heads suddenly as the voilent argument between K'ch'kt-aa and the other gang leader suddenly ended with K'ch'kt-aa firing his gun, killing the entire other gang and then walked back towards us.

"Don't worry Terrans, you won't get blamed for this! They were hunting on my territory and that gave me the right to kill them... now, the four of you Terrans who were captured before these two, do you remember what I said earlier?" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Er... that you were going to kill us horribly right away!" Brian said.

"Yes, but there was a 'unless' there too" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Er, unless two more Terrans turned up and then you wouldn't kill us... though I don't understand why... and I don't really expect you to keep your word to a 'simple Terran', no Master ever does. Do what you like with us, we're ready to die horribly right away even though two more Terrans turned up" Paul said.

"I said that I might not kill you, it depends on wether you win or not" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Win?" I said.

"At t'chaaa... there's six of you and six of us, perfect for a game of t'chaaa... it'll be the first interspecies match... I've felt like playing t'chaaa all week but haven't been able to find a worthy oponent, and every time I find Terrans here I end up killing them right away... why not have a little fun together before I kill you this time and to make it more interesting, let's gamble little and up the stakes; if my team wins, we'll kill you but if you win we'll let you get away unharmed... well, at least we'll give you a head start before we start hunting you down again" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"It's a nice thought, but we can't play t'chaaa, we don't know the rules or anything like that" Brian said.

"The rules are simple. All players wear a pair of these gloves... it's for the scoring computer to keep track of who scores a goal... and has a rod. You're not allowed to touch the ball with any part of the body while tha ball is in play, you may only hit it with the dish at the end of the rod. The object of the game is to get the ball into the other teams pit and then for the player to managed to get it into the pit to rush to the pole in the middle of the court and touch it with your gloved hand withing ten seconds of putting the ball in the pit in order for the score to count, otherwise one point goes to the other team. The gloves makes it posible for the computer to make sure that the person touching the pole is the same who put the ball into the pit. During those ten seconds the other team are allowed to tackle and hold on to you in order to prevent you from reaching the pole. There's no tackling or any other physical contact allowed except during those ten seconds. When the pole has been touched or not touched depending the scoring team gets two points while the other team only gets one point if they manages to hold you back... has everybody understood the rules? And do you accept the challenge?" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"I have a feeling they'll cheat like hell when playing against Terrans" I said quietly to the others.

"Probably, and you can count on the fact that I'll be extra rough on you.... but consider that we may all have some fun anyway, both Terrans and Masters" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Come on, I think it'll be fun too... don't be such a stiff!" Brian said to me.

"Oh, I'm not saying that we shouldn't play, I just pointed out that we can't count on fair play from them... and I'm not a stiff... not until they kill me, then I'll be a stiff... how about a vote? Everybody who wants to play this game against them raise a hand!" I said and raised my hand along with the five other Terrans.

"I think that vote was a bit superflous" Stan said.

"Yes, but I didn't know that when I suggested it... okay, K'ch... er... sir, let's play!" I said and K'ch'kt-aa grinned.

"Every time they smile I wanna run like hell!" Tim said.

"That's good, as long as you run over to their side of the court and put the ball into the pit!" Brian said.

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