Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

By the same author: Previously I've written the multipart story "A Different World" which can be found under gay/sciencefiction at nifty. I've recently also started a spin off/sequel to that story, which is published in the same subdirectory, i.e. the directory for "A Different World". The spin off/sequel is called "What Dreams May Come".

This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 14

Written by Adam

The ball shot up out of the pole in the middle and while Tim swung his pole hitting both K'ch'kt-aa and the other red team member that were both taking a swing each at him Kenny jumped up and hit the ball towards Paul. I ran across the court and emediatly had to duck and jump, sommersault forwards and making backflips to avoid being hit by the rods they were swinging at me and in one of those sommersaults I caught the ball that Paul had passed to me with the dish on the pole and easily slammed it into the pit and the buzzer sounded.

"Blue Three now has ten seconds to touch the pole... nine... " the computer said starting the countdown.

My legs were pulled out from under me and I landed on the ground but quickly got up and ran towards the pole without any resistance from the red team who all ran for the sides of the court except K'ch'kt-aa who stood just in front of the pole, aiming the bolt gun at me and pulled the trigger before I was halfway across the court.

"Error! Unable to fire! Security ring not present on bolt! Unable to fire! Error! Security ring not present on bolt! Unable to fire!" the computer voice from the bolt gun said and K'ch'kt-aa screamed some more cuss words that weren't translated by our collars.

I ran around K'ch'kt-aa and touched the pole.

"Blue Three touched the pole after three seconds! Blue team leads with 4-0!" The computer said.

"What the fuck is a security ring?!" yelled K'ch'kt-aa.

"I thought you were going to kill me some other way when the bolt gun failed, especially since I scored" I said.

"No, I'll do that next time you try to reach the pole. Now answer the question!" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"You tossed the security ring over the fence before, it's what the balloon is attached to" I said and pointed to the security ring on the ground outside the court.

"Go get it! And if you try to leave I'll shoot you with this gun that I've loaded with exploding bullets instead of dissolving bullets for a change" K'ch'kt-aa said pointing the gun at me and locking me as target.

"I wouldn't leave my boyfriend and team mates when they need me the most... at least not by trying to run away and especially not since we're having a good time in spite of the fact that we know you'll be killing us off one by one from now on" I said while I ran over and picked up the security ring and brought it back to K'ch'kt-aa.

"How dare you say that we're not going to stand by our promise?" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"I'm not criticising, I'm just stating how things are, I can't do anything about and I don't care... do whatever you like, just continue the game" I said.

"Right! So, about the bolts, this ring has to be attached for the bolts to fire? I have to wait until after I fired to remove it?" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Not necessarily... let me borrow the ring and your knife and I'll demonstrate... if you like you can keep a safe distance from me with every gun you've got pointed at me while I hold the knife..." I said and held out my hands for the things I asked for.

"The game must resume within twenty seconds or Red Team will forfeit the game!" the computer said.

"Some other time, Terran! Computer, resume game!" K'ch'kt-aa said and put the unloaded boltgun and the bolt on the bench.

"I'll go to the other side this time and run the risk of being killed... I don't mind joining Stan" Tim said and the rest of us exchanged looks and nodded since we understood how he felt.

"Try to avoid being killed if you can though. Everybody's needed in order to win the game" I said.

"Ofcourse" Tim said.

The countdown ended and the ball was fired into the air. K'ch'kt-aa jumped up and hit the ball sending it to one of his team mates on the red side of the court. I swung the rod sideways hitting K'ch'kt-aa's legs so he landed on his side. On the red side the ball was passed among the red team and then they tried to pass it to their team member on the blue side who happened to be standing behind me trying to get free from the rods that blocked his path in every direction. I moved my hands up to the middle of my rod and swung it from vertical to almost horizontal position, hitting the red team member behind me between his legs. He ended up on the ground in a private world of pain. You may think this a nasty move, but I should point out that they'd made several attempts to hit me as well as the others in the team in that very tender spot several times though luckily we've been able to deflect those blows. On the other side Tim intercepted the ball flying towards our side and flung it into the pit on the red side causing the buzzer to sound.

"Blue Six now has ten seconds to touch the pole" the computer said.

During the countdown Tim ran towards the pole and tried to tackle K'ch'kt-aa out of his way but as Tim hit K'ch'kt-aa he made a groaning sound and his eyes showed he was in a lot of pain. K'ch'kt-aa made a strange movement with his arm and Tim groaned some more and blood poured from his mouth. K'ch'kt-aa pulled his arm back and stepped away from Tim so we saw that K'ch'kt-aa was holding his knife and that the blade was red from Terran blood. Tim tried to walk unsteadily forwards with one hand stretched towards the pole and the other pressed to his stomach and covered with his own blood trying to keep his intestines to fall out through the large cut in his formerly white shirt.

"Blue Six failed to touch the pole within ten seconds. One point to Red Team. The score is 4-1!" the computer said.

"Shit! I only had to touch the pole and we would have won the game! Sorry I failed you guys!" Tim said just before he died and then fell to the ground.

"Failed us?! No way! He tried, we can't ask for anything more... He was dying but was determined to reach the pole before he died, it wasn't his fault he didn't make it!" Kenny said.

"Yeah, we'll tell him so in the morning!" I said.

"Hey, Terrans! There's garbage on our side of the court, get rid of it!" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Can we cross the line without getting penalty?" I said.

"You only get penalty while the ball is in play" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Come on, let's move him!" I said and Kenny and I walked over and carried Tim's body over to our bench.

When we set his body down my comm device chirped again.

"Damn it, not now Mark... Kim, you're still a Master?" I said when I saw the young Master's face on the screen.

"The execution isn't until the morning since the court had already closed last night, I'm in a cell that has the only luxury of a screen so I've been watching the game, but there isn't much time so I'll be brief! You know I've been member of an elite t'chaaa team so listen to my advice on how to win this game!" Kim said.

"Hey, are you going to play or not?" K'ch'kt-aa yelled.

"Just a second!" I called to him.

"Their guy that was knocked unconscious is now back in play making them a full team of six players while there's only four left of you. Now, knowing my species I don't expect to put two men on the bench to even the teams out so you'll have to change strategy! Don't send anyone over to their side anymore, they'll only kill you and there'll be even less of you, and there's nothing in the rules that says that you have to send someone over. Instead you should all stay and let them put the ball into your pit and then all of you throw yourselves on the player and keep him on the ground until the ten seconds are up, like you did with K'ch'kt-aa before. You only have to do this twice to win! Get back to the game and win it now! Good luck!" Kim said and then ended the transmission.

Kenny and I had moved to the middle of our side of the court and let Brian and Paul listen in on the suggestions as well. When the transmission ended I looked up at the others and they thought for a while.

"We'll do it his way if you promis to explain who the hell that was in the morning" Paul said.

"I recognise him, I can explain most of it I think" Brian said.

"He did look familiar" Paul said.

"Later! We're ready to play!" I said aiming the last bit at K'ch'kt-aa.

"Computer resume game!" K'ch'kt-aa said.

The ball was fired and K'ch'kt-aa jumped up and passed it to a player further in on his side who passed it to another player on that side and then K'ch'kt-aa noticed that none of our team was moving to cross the line to their side.

"Time out!" K'ch'kt-aa called.

"Time out!" the computer said.

"They're cheating! They're not sending anybody over to our side of the court!" K'ch'kt-aa complained.

"A team is not required to send a player to the other team's side. It's well within the rules to allow all team members to stay on one side and defend the base. Their play is not cheating and you will not recieve any point for this. Return ball to pit so game can continue" the computer said.

I saw that the ball was lying next to my feet and I picked it up and tossed it into the pit. The computer thanked me and made another countdown. The ball was fired and again K'ch'kt-aa hit it to a player on his side who in turned passed it to another player who passed it towards the player that had moved to our side. Brian intercepted the ball and passed it to me and I passed it to Kenny who hit the ball over to their side where they passed the ball among themselves for a while before they hit it towards our side again. While the ball was over there we played around with their player, bouncing him off our rods and even beating him a bit with it and then when the ball returned we passed it among ourselves and then I struck it back towards their side and the procedure was repeated a few more times and all the while K'ch'kt-aa was getting more and more irritated. Then Kenny hit the ball towards their side and K'ch'kt-aa hit it right back and this time we allowed the red player on our side to hit the ball into our pit. When the computer declared that the player had ten seconds to get to the pole we all rushed him and forced him to the ground and held him there. However, the player drew his knife and tried to cut us with it to get us off him but we kept holding him down untill the ten seconds was up and the score changed to 5-1. K'ch'kt-aa roared with anger.

"Only one more point and we win! Right, Brian? Paul? Kenny? ... Kenny?" I said and then looked down at his chest between the rip in his shirt and noticed that the handle of the knife that the Master had been wielding now was sticking out of Kenny's chest just below the left nipple.

"See you in the morning love! Make sure to win this now, the three of you! A kiss before dying?" Kenny said and I kissed him.

The normal taste of a kiss was mixed with the taste of Kenny's blood and then his tongue stopped moving in my mouth and just followed my tongue around. I broke the kiss and saw that Kenny no longer was looking at anything in this world. The Master that we were still lying on top of looked disgusted as he reached up and took back his knife. We got up and Brian and I helped carrying Kenny's body off the court. The game resumed and we played it mostly like before, except that this time it was K'ch'kt-aa that was on our side of the court and gave us quite a hard time with his rod and this time we let him catch the ball sooner than we had done to his team mate on the last round and quite soon he put the ball in the pit.

"Red One now has ten seconds to touch the pole" the computer said.

Paul stepped in K'ch'kt-aa's way to try to block his path until Brian and I could get to him and we all could wrestle him to the ground but then K'ch'kt-aa brought out his remote, pointed it at Paul and pressed a button. There was a strange noise of metal grinding against metal that lasted less than a second and then Paul's head tumbled to the ground while the rest of his body remained standing for a couple of seconds before the rod fell out of it's hands and the legs gave away at the knees and the body fell to the ground. Brian and I didn't let this stop us but continued towards K'ch'kt-aa to stop him and I managed to grab one of his arms but he just turned his upper body and stretched the other arm and touched the pole.

"Red One touched the pole after nine seconds! Blue team leads with 5-3!" the computer said.

I let go of K'ch'kt-aa's arm and then got on all fours beside Paul's body and looked at the collar that was still attached to the neck. Inside there was like an iris made out of crescent shaped razor blades that now was closed and was what had efficiently decapitated Paul.

"What the hell's this? I've never been told about this device!" I said.

"It was introduced at the same time as the choking balloons, but I don't like using this devise normally... it kills too quickly and painlessly. The only reason I used it this time was that I needed to get him out of the way quickly" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"I'm not surprised, the Masters seldom tells us Terrans of new devices that have been introduced, they prefer to surprise us by making sure we notice anything's different until they suddenly use it on us" Brian said.

"I suppose you're right... come on, let's carry the body first and you can take the head later" I said.

We added Paul's body and head to the pile that was building on the side of the court. And then the game resumed. As usual we let the red team take the ball but quite soon we noticed that they had changed their strategy. They were just passing the ball among each other and just once struck it across the court and allowed us to have it for a while and then we struck it back to them waiting for them to send their team member over to us, but they didn't. After they'd passed the ball among themselves for quite a while and grinning at us we understood that they wouldn't send anybody over as long as we didn't send anyone over to their side. Brian turned and looked at me and after a few seconds winked at me and then also blew a kiss at me before he ran across and started being beaten up by their rods for a few seconds before he managed to start ducking, jumping and doing sommersaults while giving them quite a few prods with his own rod. Then K'ch'kt-aa unexpectedly hit the ball across the court to where I was standing and I hit it back across the court passing it to Brian who caught it in the dish and then slammed it into the pit. The buzzer sounded once more.

"Blue Two now has ten seconds to touch the pole!" the computer said.

"Come on now Brian, don't get killed until you touch that damned pole" I said under my breath.

Brian started running towards the pole but halfway there one of the Masters grabbed one of his arms and swung him round until he stood with his back to the end of the court where the benches were and K'ch'kt-aa raised the bolt gun that he had reloaded and fired the bolt hitting Brian in the middle of the chest and sent him flying across the court until he hit the wall and the ball attached him there. K'ch'kt-aa walked across and unscrewed the security ring with the balloon attached to it and then stepped aside as Brian's blood started pumping out onto the ground.

"Blue Two failed to touch the pole within ten seconds. One point to Red Team. Blue team leads with 5-4!" The computer said.

"Say this is the second night in a row that I bolt you to a wall and not too far from where it happened yesterday! It's just up there, you know! Your old body is still hanging there, you know, I had it preserved so it can hang there indefinatly. I could have the same thing done to this one if you like. Would you like that?... Hello?... Oh, you're dead already" K'ch'kt-aa said to Paul.

I stood still on the spot where I'd been when I'd passed the ball to Brian and now I was shaking all over and crying from anger, frustration and resentment at the way the Masters treated us Terrans. I could fully understand why Kim hated what he was so much and wished to be one of us rather one of those arrogant bastards even if it meant that he too would get killed over and over again.

"Hej Jack... ass... are your ready over there? Good! Computer, resume game!" K'ch'kt-aa said without letting me answer the question. But I was ready. Ready to do my outmost to score that final point and win the game and not die until I had done that.

The ball was fired into the air and I struck it sending it into their playing field in a direction they hadn't expected or covered so one of them had to run to catch it. This time they sent a team member over. Since K'ch'kt-aa had scored their last goal he couldn't cross 'cause then the blue team... there was no blue team any more, there was just me... then I would get one more point and the Terrans would have one so they sent another player who wasn't as big and strong as K'ch'kt-aa and they made the mistake of sending the same guy that already had been given two concussions by Stan and therefore made it quite easy for me to simply swing my rod and hit him right in the face to strike him out again. He fell to the ground unconscious for the third time this night. K'ch'kt-aa stood at the middle line glaring at me and I glared back in defiance as we both knew that they couldn't send anyone else across because the computer didn't register the player as unconscious and wouldn't stop the game unless a goal was scored or a time out was called and there were no valid reason to call a time out so if anyone from their side crossed the line they would break the rule of no more than one player on the other team's side and I would get a point for that rule break as well. Meanwhile his team mates where desperatly passing the ball among themselves because if they dropped it or if it bounced on the ground on their side the opponent team, i.e. me would get a point and win the game. K'ch'kt-aa raised his hand and made a beckoning movement challenging me to come to their side to finish the game and since I was ready for this now, knowing that they couldn't score against me I did run across the line. K'ch'kt-aa swung his rod at me just as I had expected and I easily somersaulted over it and then the others took a few symbolic swings at me but still made it fairly easy for me to catch the ball in the dish and slam it into the pit. The buzzer sounded for the last time... I think. At least it was the last time I was alive to hear it that night.... actually it was not night any longer. The flood lights that had illuminated the court was turned off automatically as the first sunrays of dawn flooded in and illuminated the court.

"Blue Three now has ten seconds to touch the pole" the computer said, though I only heard it distantly as if I had cotton in my ears.

I ran towards the pole and no red team member blocked my path, actually they all seemed to have disappeared except for K'ch'kt-aa who stood at the side of the court and brought out his gun with the explosive bullets that he had pointed at me earlier and locked me as target when I was about to get the security ring for him. He didn't point the gun directly at me, he didn't need to since I still was locked as the target. In fact K'ch'kt-aa pointed the gun in a straight angle to where I was and fired it ten times and as I still approached the pole I saw the bullets fly out of the gun and turn in a wide arc and then came straight for me and thudded into my chest and stomach one by one, and knocking me to the ground. I landed just by the pole with one leg on either side of it and the pole sticking up just below my groin lie a huge erect metallic cock.

"... three... two..." the computer counted.

With a great amount of effort and pain I raised my torso off the ground just enough so I could grab the pole on the middle with my left hand and pull myself up further and placed my right hand on the bulb.

"Blue Three touched the pole after nine seconds. Blue team wins the set with 7-4 and the match with 2-0 in sets" the computer said.

I lay back on the ground and in spite of the pain and feeling ten explosive bullets arm themselves inside me I couldn't help grinning triumphantly and even laughing.

"What are you laughing at? You're dying! Shut up!" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"But my next clone will soon be brought to life and that clone will know that I won the match for myself and the others that you already killed, and since the pick up from the surveillance cameras was broadcast across the world millions of Masters and Terrans alike has seen this" I said coughing blood every once in a while.

"It's 5:30 in the morning, curfew is ended and Terrans may freely walk the streets again with only moderat risk to their lives" a P.A. voice said.

"One more, thing... in a second or two there will be more of you than your gloves that will be red!" I said.

"What?!" K'ch'kt-aa said.

Then the bullets exploded and for a fraction of a second before I died I could see my prediction come true as K'ch'kt-aa was covered with my blood and guts.

I opened my eyes and sat up on the bench in the waking up room at the cloning plant and saw the clock on the far wall change to 5:31. Brian, Paul, Stan, Tim and Kenny were all standing around me and smiling. Then I noticed the large screen beneath the clock that showed the t'chaaa court from above and the remains of me lying at the base of the pole in the middle and K'ch'kt-aa standing right next to the pole, all red from my blood and screaming with rage while the other Masters from the red team where huddled in one corner except for one who was still lying unconscious on the blue side of the court.

"Extremly well played, Jack! We're all very proud of you!" Stan said.

"Well, we're actually not so proud of you 47589620..." Brian said.

"What?!" I said suspiciously as I knew Brian was only heading for one of his stupid jokes.

"We're really mostly proud of his achievements, 47589619 there... whereas you haven't proved yourself at all to us yet!" Brian said.

"Brian!! Hey, Jack never mind that Brian guy, he's just being silly!" Paul said.

"I know. Don't lose your head over him though!" I said.

"That's not funny!" Paul said.

"Yes it is, lighten up a little! Jack's got a nice sense of humour I've found" Brian said.

"Okay, it was a little funny since it came from him" Paul said.

"Hey, I'm gonna have to kiss you for saying that!" Brian said and kissed Paul.

"I wanna kiss too!" Tim said and Stan emediatly answered by kissing Tim.

"That only leaves us... and our last kiss mostly tasted blood and you died in the middle of the kiss" I said.

"Okay, let me give you a real kiss now" Kenny said and kissed me.

"Hey hey hey! You're all very cute standing around naked and kissing, but you're in the way!" the gold collar who usually revives me said and all of us broke the kisses simultaneously.

As we started to leave I noticed the clone they were working on on the next bench. It was a boy about our age, well built like all Terrans and totally gorgeous. Almost as good looking as Kenny, but not quite. The gold collar was putting a brand new silver collar on the boy and welded it shut with ease in spite of the fact that the entire body was twitching all the time on the bench.

"Why's he twitching like that?" I said.

"We're uploading a whole lot of memories into the memory circuit" the gold collar said.

"Do I twitch like that too when I recieve memories?" I said.

"Nope, this only happens when a Terran is recieving five years worth of Master's memories... there's this young Master who murdered his father last night and decided to take the responsibility of his actions and stand trial instead of blaming it on some innocent Terran, and so he's sentenced to be killed and have his memories transferred to a Terran's body to continue his existence as a Terran... this also means that we take tissue samples from a great number of Terrans and do some nice gene splicing until he get a dna code that's a Terran equivalent to the one he had as a Master though some changes to make him have the same kind of physique as all Terrans... I believe we took gene samples from both you and you so you could say that he's your son in a way... though not really closely related enough to count as incest if you decide to have sex, don't worry" the gold collar said, looking at both me and Kenny.

"So Kim's going to be our son, kewl!" I said.

"Yeah!" Kenny said.

"Could somebody tell me what you're talking about?" Paul said.

"Tell them somewhere else, you're still in the way and if you want to meet him you can do that too somewhere else!" the gold collar said irritably.

"Come on, let's go see Mike and wait there!" Stan said and we did go out to the clothes store.

"Hey dudes! Great game! Congratulations! Mark called me and told me to watch the game! Really impressive how you reached up and touched the pole at every cost and winning the game, Jack... Tim, you did great too, you didn't let anybody down" Mike said.

"Yeah, the others have already told me so!" Tim said.

"Hey, Mike I don't want to sound rude but how about giving us some clothes? It's kinda cold here!" Brian said.

"It's not rude, you're absolutly right! Same colours as usual or do you want me to colour coordinate you like I did for Kenny and Jack?" Mike said.

"Some other time" Brian said.

"We should get the cheaper white clothes since we've volonteered for brothel duty today" Kenny said.

"Nope, when we called to volonteer last night they told us they already had a full compliment of rent boys... we've all been assigned to cleaning duty in the city today... picking up Terran corpses and putting them into dumpsters" Paul said.

"Well, give us the usual clothes then... I mean the ones yu picked out for me last morning" I said.

"I know you mean those!" Mike said as he was already putting a set of them on the counter.

"Hey, Mike could you switch to the execution channel, a friend of us is about to be executed and we'd like to see it so we'll know when to expect him through that door" Kenny said.

"I don't like that channel, but I'll do anything for the two of you! Oh yes, do get dressed in here if you like, I don't mind"" Mike said switching on the screen behind the counter.

We were all starting to put our clothes on while watching the screen witch showed Kim, still as a Master, standing in a special transparent cage on the opposite side of the court room from where the Terran's cages were. This cage appeared to be slightly larger and contained a large chair in which Kim sat with his arms and legs strapped to the chair and the special collar that we watched the cops put on him last night attached to the chair as well. Kim was twitching in the chair just like the body waiting for him in the cloning plant and this appeared to be very uncomfortable and even painful to him.

"He's the one who called you and gave us those tips on how to finish the game last night, but I've seen him somewhere else before that!" Paul said.

"I recognise him, he's the young Master whose birthday it was two days ago and who got a visit to the brothel as a birthday present and picked Jack" Brian said.

"Yeah, and his father picked me!" Stan said.

"You mean, that's the guy who's cum you used to kill yourself?" Mike said.

"Oh, yes now I remember... they didn't stand in front of my stall for very long and I had no way to see into Jack's stall what was happening there so it wasn't easy for me to recognise him" Paul said.

"And you say he's your friend?" Mike said.

"Yes, then last night he hired Kenny and me to come and have sex with each other while he looked on and then when he started jacking both of us off his father came into the room apparently with the intention of killing his own son and blaming us for it, but instead he killed his father and insisted on turning himself in and admitting to the crime instead of blaming us so now he's being given the worst punishment imaginable to any Master except to him, to be turned into a Terran... but he resents his own species and how they treat Terrans so much that to him it is a reward to become Terran" I said.

"Did I hear you call him Kim before? A Terran name?" Brian said.

"Yes you did... I'll explain later... or let him explain... I think it's almost time now" Kenny said.

Indeed something changed on the screen. Kim stopped twitching in the chair and then he started looking around himself in surprise as if wondering; 'was that all?' and then seemed to realise that the memory transfer was complete and therefore it was time for him to die. He looked down at his chest where two thin electric wires from his collar led in under a band aid on his otherwise bare chest. Apparently he had seen on many times how Terrans would remove their shirts before stepping into the cell and presumably Kim had wanted to do the same. And then as his eyes focused on the band aid there was a small explosion in his chest that rocked his body and then he started getting limp all over and just before he died a smile appeared on his face as he knew that his dream was becoming fullfilled. All of us in the clothing store looked at each other and then expectantly at the door. I felt a hand take my hand interlacing it's fingers with my own and I looke to the side, though I knew that it was Kenny and we looked into each other's eyes and smiled. After several minutes of waiting the door was swung open and the new Terran boy we had seen earlier stepped three totally naked and with a wide grin on his face that got even wider when he saw me and Kenny.

"Congratulations, it's a Terran! Jack! Kenny!" the boy shouted and rushed over and hugged us and we knew for sure that it was Kim while the others watched in stunned silence.

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