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Going Home, part 15

Written by Adam

While Kim was hugging me and Kenny I looked at Mike and mouthed the word 'clothes' while pointing at Kim and Mike nodded and bent down behind the counter.

"Hey Jack, aren't you going to introduce us to this gorgeous young man?" Paul said.

"Oh yes, everybody this is Kim whom you just saw get executed on that screen!" I said and pointed.

Kim turned around and looked at the screen and stood there gaping for a few moments.

"Kewl, there my former self is dead... feels odd seeing yourself dead like this... God, I was ugly as a Master, I'm so glad to finally be a Terran with smooth skin like yours... odd really, I don't feel very much different... I mean, I'm still breathing the same way and my heart is still breathing the same way, but there are some differences too... my sense of smell is gone and all colours are much more vivid... I do sense some smell, but not as strongly as before and well I see more colours than before, as a Master you only see a few colours very faintly like red and blue and those has to be very bright for us to see the difference, while Kenny's and Jack's clothes last now were gray... except for Kenny's shirt which was black like now... but today you've put on brightly coloured clothes... everything sounds different too... as a Master everything was sort of muffled... and then it's much colder too" Kim said.

"Brave new world, that has such people in it" I said.

"What?" Kim said.

"I agree! What?!" Brian said.

"What? I don't know why I said that, it sorta just appeared from some dark forgotten part of my mind like those dreams" I said.

"What dreams?" Kim said.

"I'll explain later, as for feeling cold it has to do with the fact that it actually is a bit cold in here and you're still nude" I said.

"Oh yes, ofcourse... though I can see that you all like what you're seeing" Kim said looking down in the very apparent bulges in our trousers and most of us blushed.

"I've got some clothes for you so you don't have to walk around naked the whole time" Mike said.

"So what have you picked out for him?" I said.

"I felt he would look very good in a maroon shirt and bright yellow trousers" Mike said pointing to the set of clothes on the counter.

"Good choice. Kim this guy with the gold collar behind the counter is Mike, since colours are new to you I think you should trust his expert taste in choosing and combining colours for you" I said.

"How do you do, Mike!" Kim said stretching his hand out and Mike shook it.

"How do you do" Mike said.

"We'll do the rest of the introductions on the way down to the cafeteria, we need to hurry if we are going to get some food before we have to go to work! Kim, grab those clothes Mike gave you and let's go to the next room where you can put them on" I said.

"Thanks for the clothes Mike, I'm sure you've picked colours that will look fine on me" Kim said and picked up the pack of clothes and followed Kenny towards the dressing room and the others following him and as I was about to step through the door I noticed that Mike dialed a number and Mark's face appeared on the screen.

"Hey Mark! Check out the new guy who'll be coming down to the cafeteria soon with Jack and Kenny and the others, he's gorgeous! I'm sure you'll love him!" Mike said.

"Tell Mark I'll make sure to introduce them to each other... 'cause I agree that he will like Kim" I said and then went through the door.

"... and then that's Tim... I think you'll remember he's the one who spilled his guts on the court last night" Kenny said to Kim who was shaking hands with everybody and saying 'how do you do' all the time.

"Ah yes, you played extremly well last night up until K'ch'kt-aa cheated by killing you to prevent you from reaching the pole. So don't think you let the others down like you said before you died, you couldn't help what happened to you, at least you tried to reach the pole... it's not your fault you died before you reached it" Kim said.

"Yeah, that's what everybody else have been saying too, including the gold collar that brought me to life this morning... it seems everybody watched that game. What do you mean by cheating? Do you know t'chaaa rules well?" Tim said.

"As a Master I was first player in an elite t'chaaa team... it was me that kept them at the top of the league, they'll probably plummet to the bottom now" Kim said.

"I guess we could have used you last night then" Stan said.

"Only last night I was sitting in a room a few floors up from here with all motor controll removed from me so I couldn't get out of the chair, the only thing I could do was controll the screen vocally... and then I was also still a Master and I doubt K'ch'kt-aa would have agreed to let a Master play on the Terran team" Kim said.

"I don't think he would either... I'm amazed you can pronounce his name so easily, it's impossible for me" I said.

"It's not easy, I almost break my jaw every time" Kim said as he finished tying his shoes and thereby was fully dressed.

Then the door to the area behind the counter in the clothes store opened and Mike stepped through with a box containing a lot of discs.

"Hey Kim, was it? What's your number?" Mike said.

"I don't know... no wait, suddenly I do know..." Kim said.

"It's automatically stored in the memory circuit" I said.

"Oh! Well it's 47588001" Kim said.

"Oh, then this box is for you... it came during the night apparently. There's a note saying that it's a lot of surveillance camera porn that belonged to the Master that you were, including a disc... that's been slightly edited it says, that was made last night... it says it shows 47589619 and 78651229 having sex with each other in the Master's bedroom" Mike said and handed the box to Kim.

"Thanks... but I don't know where to put this... I suspect that I'm supposed to work all day before I can go to the Honeycombs and put it away there" Kim said.

"Nope, there's also a note saying that 'since 478589619 and 78651229 were present there last night they or more likely 47858920 and 78651230 have the morning off to guide 47588001 to the Terran Quarters and help him get installed there and then after midday they can show him the ropes of cleaning the city from Terran corpses' ... so you three have a few hours to..." Mike said and winked at us.

In the meantime Kim had found the disc from last night and inserted it in his datapad where he was watching Kenny and Me doing it. On the screen Kenny had just pulled down my trousers and was licking and kissing my erect cock.

"Hey, you're clothes weren't that gray after all, they're actually the same colours as the ones you have now... actually I believe I remember thinking that Jack's trousers looked a bit reddish to me even then" Kim said.

"Yeah, how about you watch that later Kim... actually I'd like to watch it with you but right now I'm dying for some breakfast" I said.

"Dying? Why? This clone just recently came alive, didn't it? Why should you die so soon?" Kim said alarmed.

"It's just an expression" I said.

"Oh... sorry, I didn't think" Kim said blushing.

"It's okay, you'll need some time to get used to being Terran I suspect" Kenny said.

"And then there's Mark who's eager to meet a new gorgeous Terran boy" I said.

"Yes he said he was, and apparently he heard what you said so I didn't have to repeat it" Mike said to me.

"I don't know who this Mark is but I'd like to meet that new gorgeous Terran boy too" Kim said.

"That's difficult since he's you" I said as we stepped through the door to the corridor which now seemed a lot wider and I couldn't understand why until I realised that the conveyor was gone.

"Me, didn't you hear me say that I was ugly before?" Kim said.

"You did say that you were ugly as a Master, though I think that a lot of Masters may have found you very attractive but I on the other hand think all Masters are ugly... but you're new Terran body is gorgeous, trust me!" I said.

"Oh yes, you're real sexy!" Brian said.

"I think we all find you gorgeous" Stan said and there was general murmur of agreement.

"I guess I'll have to take your word for it until I can find a mirror to look in" Kim said.

Then we stepped into the stairwell where Steff just had begun work stacking bodies level with this landing we were on. Kim stopped and just stared around him terrified at the amount of dead Terrans that he saw. I didn't notice this at first since I was busy waving at Steff like the others and it wasn't until Steff started pointing at Kim and making gestures to indicate that he thought that Kim was hot. I turned around and saw that Kim was practically petrified. I grabbe him by the shoulders and shook him.

"Kim?" I said.

"What kind of horrible place is this? I can't stay in here! Can't we take the elevator instead?" Kim said.

"Sorry, Terrans are seldom allowed to ride elevators alone... there is a Terrans only elevator in the building but..." I said scratching the back of my head.

"But what?" Kim said.

"It's 'decorated' the same way as this stairwell" Brian said.

"I found it horrible too the first time I walked down this stairwell the first time, which was... three days ago, but now I've gotten used to it... especially since we all helped stacking bodies yesterday up to the point where you sent for us" I said.

"Are you saying I'll get used to it too? I don't think I can..." Kim said.

"Come on, let's go down the stairs... and you'll see" I said.

"We'll be here for you!" Kenny said.

"No Steff, don't say anything to Kenny or Jack, I want it to be a surprise" Brian was saying to Steff via his wrist comm.

"What's a surprise?" I said.

"You'll see soon enough. See ya Steff!" Brian said and turned off the wrist comm.

The rest of us waved at Steff and the former cab driver who apparently had been ordered to work an entire week here as punishment and then started walking down the stairs while making sure that Kim was alright. Then we stopped at the next landing as Kenny and I saw our corpses from yesterday and how they had been positioned. Instead of facing the transparency and the stairwell Kenny's and my corpse were facing each other with the arms wrapped around each other and the mouths put together into an eternal kiss. The only indication to what had happened to our former selves was the small glimpse visible of the hole in my chest.

"Surprise!" Brian said.

"That's so sweet, who's idea was this?" I asked.

"Brian's he can be very romantic at times" Paul said and put his arm around Brian's shoulder.

"Stop it, you're making me blush" Brian said and kissed Paul.

"Let's follow theirs and our corpses example!" Kenny said and then we kissed too.

"I can't see how you can get romantic while looking at your own dead bodies... okay, it's kinda cute the way they've been arranged but shouldn't the dead be treated with more respect?" Kim said.

"This is showing them respect and I happen to know that this is how 47589618 would have wanted to be remembered" I said.

"How can you know... oh, you were him yesterday... sorry. But still such romanticism about the dead... aren't you horrified at seeing yourself dead? I was a bit horrified at seeing my corpse on that screen but that was a disgusting and ugly Master, I think I would have more trouble seeing my Terran body dead" Kim said.

"Well, three days ago I saw my own dead body the first time and I fainted at the sight, now I'm getting used to it... and this is much better than dumping your own body into a garbage chute like we have to do at the brothel" I said.

"I don't know... I doubt I could ever get used to seeing this body dead" Kim said indicating his present body.

"You won't know until you've seen it dead. Come on, let's continue!" I said.

We continued down the stairs but stopped several more times to point out 47589617 that had been executed yesterday morning and then Kenny and I payed our usual respect to the other two corpses of us that were holding each other, though these ones were looking out at the stairwell and Brian and Paul pointed out the corpses they had pointed out to me three days ago and Tim and Stan also pointed out a couple of corpses of themselves. When we paid our usual respects like I mentioned before, Kim noticed that next to me on the other side of me from Kenny was Tim, also with a wide hole in his chest and it turned out that Tim had practically forgotten about that one and then told Kim about what had happened when Brian, Paul and I had found Kenny and Tim groping my corpse and how this had brought Kenny and me together after having glanced at each other on the tram for a year without daring to approach each other.

"You got together only three days ago? I thought you'd belonged together forever!" Kim said.

"In a way we have... I'll explain later" I said.

Finally we stepped into the cafeteria and walked directly to the counter and got a tray each and then stood in line to get our rations from Mark. When we got to him Mark just stared wide eyed at Kim.

"Good morning, Mark! How are you? Mark?" I said.

"Hmm?" Mark said.

"Mark, this is Kim, that new gorgeous Terran that Mike told you about... and I can see that both of us was right in thinking that you would like him" I said.

"Hmm?... Er... Oh.... How do you do" Mark said

"Kim, this is Mark he runs this cafeteria... and you seem to like him too" I said.

"Hmm?" Kim said.

"Hello Kim, how are you? Where have you been all my lives?" Mark said.

"Apparently part of him was in me and another part of him was in Kenny and then a whole lot others to put together a Terran DNA that matched the DNA he had as Master" I said.

"Oh my God. Yes I heard that there was this Master that was to be executed this morning and given a new Terran body... sorry I didn't realise... I suspect that even though I find him irresistable there can never be anything because those Masters that have been Terrans this way still hates all Terrans and are disgusted at their own Terran bodies and don't want to be around other Terrans, sorry to inconvenience you sir, Jack and Mike should have known better" Mark said.

"I guess that would be true about any Master except me... I always hated my own species, while I was a Master, for the horrible things they did to the Terrans and I refused to ever volontarily kill Terrans though I more or less did it twice anyway, once by accident and once by the Terran's own hand as he made me cum on him in the brothel two days ago" Kim said.

"Oh... oh... er... so you know Jack already, then?" Mark said.

"Yes, I more or less fell in love with him then... though I know there can't really be anything serious between us since he and Kenny love each other so much and really belong together... but today I saw someone else whom I find absolutly gorgeous... so good looking that if it was allowed for Terrans to marry each other I would propose to him right away" Kim said.

"Damn! See, there I am out of luck with this dream boy after all! All the good ones are always already in love with somebody else! So is this guy whom you wanna marry here somewhere?" Mark said.

"Oh yes!" Kim said.

"Where?" Mark said.

"I could point him out to you... though he doesn't seem to know that I like him and I want to point him out in a special way by doing something that I've always wanted to try but never could when I was a Master... I want him to be the first person I kiss... I just hope he won't be too shocked" Kim said.

"Well if he's gay, I'm sure he won't object. Do you know if he's gay?" Mark said.

"Brian, stop laughing" Paul whispered angrilly behind my back.

"Oh, he's gay as far as I've understood from the way he and his friends talk about other guys" Kim said.

"Well then, I think you should just go over to him and kiss him... Brian, what's so funny?" Mark said.

"Nothing!" Brian managed to say between giggles and the fingers Paul's hand pressed over his mouth.

"If you say so, but I really don't have to go anywhere!" Kim said and leaned over the counter and grabbed Mark's head and pulled him close until their lips met.

At first it looked like Kim hadn't quite understood what a kiss is since he'd only watched Terrans do it but never done it himself so he just pressed his open lips against Mark's open lips and moved his jaw the way he had seen us do but then Mark got over the surprise and placed his hand on the back of Kim's head and stuck his tongue into Kim's mouth i guess and started moving it against Kim's tongue and then Kim seemed to realise what was so wonderful about a kiss and started moving his tongue on his own and it turned into quite a passionate kiss.

"Hey faggots, stop kissing you're holding up the line!" an obnoxious male voice said beside me and when I turned my head I saw it was the guy who'd almost triggered Brian's heart charge three days ago. Mark broke the kiss and looked at the guy.

"Complain again and I'll order you to return to the back of the line!" Mark said and went back to kissing Kim.

"You can't order me to do anything, you may have a gold collar but you're being a faggot makes you worth less than a bronze collar" the guy said.

"In that case I'll make return to the back of the line!" Mark said and raised his remote towards the guy who turned very pale and then rushed off to the back of the line.

"You were going to kill him?!" Kim said.

"No! As a gold collar I do have the right to kill other Terrans under certain conditions like if they are disturbing the peace, and I exercise this power occasionally but very reluctantly since I don't like killing... he wasn't disturbing the peace, he was just rude, obnoxious and stupid... but sometimes the threat of killing can be more effective that actually killing, like in this case" Mark said quietly to make sure the guy at the end of the line didn't hear this.

"Er, okay... maybe we should get to know each other better before we do anything more than just kiss. Right now, I'll go and have breakfast with my friends here... I think I need one more kiss first though" Kim said and kissed Mark.

We found an empty table and managed to find some extra chairs and miraculusly managed to squeeze in all seven at the table made for four people. We all started on our sandwishes, though everybody looked at Kim as he carefully bit into his and started to chew it thoughtfully considering the taste. Terran food is very different from what the Masters eat, I've seen their food and thought that that could never agree with me. After a while Kim swallowed the first bite and took another which he chewed and swallowed much faster and then another before he put the sandwish away and picked up the coffee mug and drank from it just a little before he spit it out.

"Ow! What is this? Your food is cold and the drink is hot?" Kim said.

"That's only normal for sandwishes and coffee, otherwise we normally eat hot food and drink cold fluids" I said.

"There are other Terran foods that are cold and fluids that are drunken warm, but we need not go into that now" Paul said.

"As for the taste... ugh... it tasted bad actually... but then I feel like I need to drink more of it" Kim said and lifted the mug of the table and drank more carefully this time since he knew it was hot.

"You don't like it, yet you drink it?" Kenny said.

"Actually it's not that bad... the taste kinda grows on you..." Kim said drinking some more and then got back to eating the sandwish.

"I reacted about the same way when I tried it the first time" I said.

"And how long ago was this?" Kim said.

"Two days ago" I said.

"It seems a lot of things has happened to you in the last three days, how was your life before then?" Kim said.

"Then I thought it was a good life, but now I think back on it as kinda boring" I said.

"Okay... now explain this thing about some dream that I've heard you mention a couple of times" Kim said.

I nodded and then I told Kim about the dreams and how they made me start this journal and our plans to get off this planet to find Earth. The others helped by mentioning things that I happened to leave out and helped me try to explain about the t-shirt that Kenny had been wearing in my dream and about having seen the cartoon characters move on a screen, not unlike the one that was showing gladiator games in one corner of the cafeteria. This time I also mentioned that I'd come to remember that on the same screen that I've seen the cartoon characters I had also seen a lot of Brian, and that sometimes he'd been just Brian sitting in a chair by a desk and another, older and larger Terran with mostly gray hair with a few streaks of black in the middle and a large chin while other times Brian had been pretending to be other people and talking to others that also pretended to be somebody else, acting out a story together. I also remembered having seen the other, larger and older Terran man on the screen daily and that he'd always started by just standing alone on the stage and talking and making the audience laugh and also talked a lot to a black man with quite a muscular body shaved head and just to have a strangely shaped board in front of his body with a plank sticking up from it and strings on the plank and that it appeared to be some kind of musical instrument. Then there would be a break where there were small films about things that they wanted the watchers of the screen to buy and after this the gray haired Terran would do different things each day like walk around in streets and ask people questions and have fun at the stupid answers they were giving or he would hold up black boards in front of the camera to wich pieces of paper with text and images had been glued and laugh at the actually quite stupid things written there. Then after another break with films about different products there would be people like Brian who came and talked to the gray haired man and at the end of each discussion there almost always would come up a large screen behind them and there would be an excerpt from one of those other programs where the same person that was talking to the gray haired man pretended to be someone else. After this yet another break and then another guest would come in to talk to the gray haired man and they too would watch an excerpt from a program where that guest pretended to be somebody else. Then I told them I remembered having seen a larger piece of paper with text like the ones pasted to black boards that the gray haired man had been showing though this was apparently a normal thing where lots of large sheats of paper with such text and images were put together and sold and one day most of them were about how Brian, who apparently everybody knew who he was had dissappeared... well, it didn't say 'Brian' on those pieces of paper but a different name, no two names! First one name and then a second, family name like the Masters has.

"I dissappeared?" Brian said.

"Yes... though, I have a feeling that we all dissappeared... we that have been cloned from original Terrans that is... the original people dissappeared, and that's when they were cloned... only people noticed and wrote about it when you dissappeared because everybody knew you thanks to your being so much on the screen" I said.

"Are you saying he was an actor, or something?" Mark said.

"You have an irritating tendence to sneak up on us without us noticing it" I said.

"Sorry!" Mark said and turned to leave.

"Not that I mind, and I'm sure that Kim here wants you to stay" I said hurriedly.

"Really? Even though I threatened to kill that guy earlier?" Mark said.

"Yeah, please stay... afterwards I came to think about what he said to you that you were supposed to be worth less because of your sexual preferences so now I wouldn't object to killing him at all... I mean, I can't understand how Terrans can talk that way to other Terrans, we should stick together against the fucking Masters!" Kim said.

"Yes, just keep you're voice down, there are surveillance cams and microphones in here too, you know" Mark said.

"Oh, sorry... I didn't realise... " Kim said.

"It's okay... I really came over to invite you all to my appartment tonight, just be sure to be there before curfew and then stay until the curfew lifts in the morning... I thought it could be a nice change to playing t'chaaa and being killed..." Mark said.

"That would be nice" I said.

"We'll be there all seven of us!" Brian said.

"Er... but what if K'ch'kt-aa wants a re-match? Since everybody watched the game last night he can't edit the recording to make it look like he won so his only other option to regain face is to challenge you to a re-match and defeat you... I'm sure he will" Kim said.

"We'll accept the challenge, won't we? So we can defeat him again, I mean" Stan said.

"Yes, but if he challenges us today we accept but make sure to schedule it to take place some other night" Kenny said.

"He'll want to play emediatly and won't take no for an answer" Kim said.

"He can't force us. He can't kill us for no reason at all for everyone to see through the surveillance cams before curfew... at least not just because we say we want to play another time and if he kills us all off after curfew for refusing to play with him tonight he won't have anybody to play with until morning" I said.

"What if he just kills one or two of us after curfew to make us fewer that his team at the start of the game?" Kim said.

"Not with his temper, he'll kill us all for refusing... besides, he won't catch us out after curfew 'cause we'll be at Mark's place before curfew" I said.

"True about his temper... but I have a bad feeling" Kim said.

"I always have a bad feeling it comes with being Terran and being killed the whole time, and therefore it's important to think positive as much as one can... We will be at Mark's before curfew" Tim said.

"And that comes from the guy who really enjoys staying out after curfew" Kenny said.

"So when I say that we will be at Mark's tonight, you'd better believe it!" Tim said.

"Glad to hear it! See you at my place tonight then! This means that I don't want to see any of you come into my cafeteria through that door today, understood?" Mark said pointing to the door to the stairwell.

"Why not?" Kim said.

"'Cause that would mean that you'd have gotten killed and it's the next clone of you coming through that door... I suppose he wants us to awoid getting killed at all during one day at least for a change... and I think that would be a nice change too" I said.

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