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This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 17

Written by Adam

"Pregnant? How do you know?" Kenny said.

"My mother was pregnant several times and gave birth to several sisters and brothers of mine so I recognise the look... another indication that the differences between our species are mostly superficial" Kim said.

"Yeah, I've kinda wondered; where's your mother? Is she still alive? And what about those brothers and sisters?" I said.

"I don't know... she was alive the last time I saw her... she taught us respect for all life and how wrong it is to kill another being, sentient or not... some Masters actually claim that Terrans aren't sentient, that we only mimic sentient behaviour, which I believe is a bit of a paradox since I feel that it takes sentience to mimic something, not to mention to develop language skills and so on which the Terrans had long before the Masters... but to continue answering your question; my mother suspected that my father planned to murder her and blame it on some poor Terran and then raise his children his own way started smugling my brothers and sisters out to my grandparents who live in another continental city, I don't know which and who raised her the same way she raised us. I was the last one she intended to send but my father quickly invented a story that I'd been infected with some mysterious Terran virus that don't really exist so I had to be quarantined in the hospital. By then my mother had already left him to hide from his assassins... One night she managed to sneak into the hospital and told me she would make one and only one attempt to get me out of the quarantine containment and take me with her to her parents and my brothers and sisters but if she didn't succeed she would have to leave without me for the time being and then try to come get me or send somebody else for me within a year... if nothing happened within a year I would know that she didn't make it and that I should check if any Terran got executed for killing her... She then tried to hack the computer that controlled the lock to the containment... but an alarm went off and I shouted to her to run and after some hesitation she did..." Kim said.

"Shit! Some story... how long ago was this?" I said.

"One year tomorrow" Kim said.

"She didn't make it then?" Kenny said.

"Yes, she was on the roof of the building where I lived last night... she'd come to pick me up finally, but then I'd already been arrested so she couldn't approach me and I shouted to her to forget me since I was to be executed and her worries were over since the man who had hunted her was dead... my father that is... she rushed towards the police car as it took off but got there to late... and she shouted something about her parents and my sisters and brothers but I couldn't hear what it was" Kim said and a tear rolled down his cheek.

I reached up and dried the tear off with my thumb and then hugged him out of sympathy. Then I noticed I was crying too. I heard a sob from my right and then a crying Kenny came and joined the hug.

"Sorry to break the mood, but I'd like to know what happened in there" I said after a while.

"Well, Terrans aren't allowed to concieve in the natural way... normally, if they detect that a female Terran has gotten pregnant, which they can do in the earliest stages of pregnancy they simply abort the child in the simplest way they know" Kenny said.

"Let me guess, they kill the pregnant girl?" I said.

"Exactly, since the next clone isn't pregnant for very obvious reasons... somehow this girl must have managed to hide for months without being missed by the Masters somehow so only just before she was due to give birth did they find her" Kenny said.

"Okay, but what was I doing there?" I said.

"Let's ask you" Kenny said.

"Ask me? I asked the question in the first place, so how could I answer?" I said.

"There are some interesting features to those bolts that you learn about if you've been around for a while... lend me your data pad" Kenny said.

I gave him my data pad and he walked into the little room and all the way to the back where my corpse was hanging on the wall. Kim and and I followed and watched as Kenny opened the back of the pad and took out two thin cables that he plugged into two holes in the end of the bolt beside the nozzle that once had pumped the blood out of that version of me.

"There's always a small amount of blood left in the body that the bolt can't get out and then when the body has been preserved by replacing the blood with certain embalming fluids the body can actually be temporarily revived... the pump in the bolt that normally pumps the blood out and the fluids in now can oxygenate the fluid and pump it around in the body and this is what I'm going to do" Kenny said.

"Won't he be in pain?" Kim said.

"Well probably, since he's got a thick bolt through his chest" Kenny said.

"I know how it feels, and I didn't think it was so terrible... I wouldn't mind being revived temporarily if it was something important and I suspect that that corpse on the wall wasn't very much different when he was alive" I said.

"Shall I go ahead then?" Kenny said.

"Yeah, I've always wanted to meet myself" I said.

Kenny smiled at my last comment and then tapped one of the small icons that had appeared on the little screen. The bolt suddenly started making a dull throbbing sound, like a mechanical heart beat and a small red light started blinking on the end of the bolt. After a few seconds the dead Jack on the wall suddenly jerked and then he raised his head and looked around while he moved his leg in a strange fasion like he wanted to get up off the ground that really was a wall and then he looked down on his chest and raised his hands to the bolt and held it. Then he seemed to notice the cables and followed them to the data pad that in Kenny's hands and further up until he saw Kenny's face and then he smiled.

"Kenny! It's you! My Kenny!... but they drafted you weeks ago... wait, you look much younger than when I last saw you... then we were both eighteen, you look only fifteen now... hold on, how long have I been hanging dead here?" the other Jack said.

"Over a year... possibly more" I said.

"Who said that? Come closer so I can see you! And that other one at the back!" the other Jack said and both Kim and I obeyed.

"Hi there!" I said.

"Oh my God! It's me... well ofcourse, since I got a bolt through me they brought another clone on line and... sent off to the war... they came here to draft me, so you shouldn't be here, you should be in the war... or preferably you'd have deserted as soon as posible and gone off to find Earth... no, you look as young as Kenny... I get it! I did manage to escape and go off to find Earth so they started me over with a blank memory here" the other Jack said.

"Yes, Mark said that you managed to get away from the war together with your versions of Kenny, Brian, Paul, Stan and Tim... now there's a reason why we revived you" I said.

"Excuse me for a second!" Kim said.

"Yes?" both I and the other Jack said.

"Who's that?" the other Jack then said.

"A new friend who was a Master until this morning, his name's Kim" I said.

"If the other me says you're a friend in spite of having been a Master, I believe him. What did you want to say?" the other Jack said.

"You said that you were eighteen years old and that Kenny and... this Jack looked fifteen... but they're only one year old or five years of physical age and you don't look older than 6 years old. I'm 5 years old too" Kim said.

"I switched to counting age in Earth years about three years ago... sorry, one of this planet's years... in Earth year's you'd be fifteen too... so I wasn't saying that I was 18 of this planet's years, that would mean... 54 Earth years... so I can understand your confusion in a way" the other me said.

"I know about Earth years too, so I can explain it further later if necessary. Right now we want to know who that girl is, and what happened here...?" I said.

"Kim!" the other me shouted.

"Yes?" Kim said.

"What?" the other me said.

"You called my name... though I don't know how you could know since nobody told you..." Kim said.

"Your name is Kim?" the other me said.

"Yes!" Kim said.

"Curious... the girl, her name is Kim, it was her I was calling to! Where is she? Is she alright? Is the baby alright?" the other me said.

"How can both a girl and a guy be named Kim?" I said.

"It's one of those names that can be either" Kenny said.

"It seems you're the smarter and more experience one this time around Kenny" the other me said.

"More experienced at least... well the girl didn't make it, they set off her heart charge and I suspect that they discontinued her too as a punishment for trying to give natural birth... the baby... is still in the corpse of the womb... in other words, the baby was never born... I'm sorry!" Kenny said as he saw the reaction on the other Jack.

"Noooooo!" the other Jack screamed.

"That's why I'm here... the Masters ordered that this room should be left as it was when you three died in here over five years ago, I mean the guy on the wall you've temporarily revived and the woman and the foetus, as a warning to other Terrans who thought they might try to concieve naturally... when the Masters assigned the number to this new Terran... who by some freakish coincidence calls himself Kim just like she did... I knew that they had forgotten about this girl's attempt to bring a child into the world naturally so I took a cab and hurried here to take a major tissue sample from the foetus that a new Terran may be cloned from and so that the child will come to life after all... this is highly ilegal, the Masters must never know I've been here... I never was here, you didn't see me, you just got rid of the corpses and helped your friend get to terms with his new existance as Terran. Understood?" the gold collar who usually brings my clones to life said standing in the door.

"Yes, we understand" Kim said and Kenny and both of me nodded.

"I'll wait until you've finished talking to the guy on the wall" the gold collar said.

"Thanks, Pete" the other me said.

"You're welcome Jack" the gold collar named Pete said.

"Right. I wanna know why you were in here... and... are you the father of the child?" I said.

"Yes, I'm father of the child... well a previous clone of me did the actual... you know... fucking. I was in here helping her with a few things she couldn't do on her own, due to her condition... she felt a contraction and dropped... something, I don't remember... I was picking it up and then they burst in here to draft me and her too, actually but then they realised her condition and were about to kill her and the baby... they were going to detonate her heart charge and then they would electrocute the foetus somehow... that's what they said... I got really, really pissed off and rushed at them to save her and the child but the shot a bolt through me, while I died she was kicking and screaming at them and... and the water broke and... mixed with my blood on the floor... and then... then I died" the other me said.

"So you had sex with her? But aren't you... gay, like me?" I said.

"Yes... well, she seduced me... it was at one of Mark's parties that he always had in spite of the fact that Terrans aren't really allowed to get together like that... the Masters are affraid we might conspire against them if we gather too many in one place without their supervision... he always had some kind of fluid called alcohol... or that contained alcohol, don't remember which... this thing called alcohol has a certain effect on Terrans and she used that effect to get me into a state where I didn't mind too much having sex with somebody of the opposite sex... it's a good thing Mark stopped having those parties, or they would have made him a silver collar" the other me said.

"Apparently he just took a break from them... and if he serves alcohol tonight I'll see if it makes me wanna have sex with girls" I said.

"Whaddaya mean... tonight? He shouldn't have another party they'll... well, if it's been five years and he's had no party at all in that time I guess it might be okay" the other me said.

"I can't keep him alive much longer" Kenny said.

"We've found out what we wanted... or at least as much as I... the other I could tell, I mean. Damn, it's confusing with two versions of oneself" I said.

"Yes, let me go... I'm sure Jack here will carry on in the good tradition of all Jacks... there's just one more thing I wanna do before I die again... come closer Jack" the other me said and I stepped closer.

The other Jack put a hand behind my head and pulled me close until my lips met his and I felt his tongue meet my own and both our tongues danced with each other which was a strange experience since it also was the same tongue. Then there came two small electronic beeps from the bolt and it stopped pumping. The other me released his grip on my head and let me pull back.

"Yeah, I've always wanted to kiss myself too... and it was wonderful" I said.

"Yes, it was... you're a... I'm a... we're good kissers I guess" the other me said and then died again, this time with a big smile on his lips.

"Wow! I never thought this would happen!" Kenny said.

"What?" I said.

"I'm jelous at my own boyfriend 'cause he got to kiss my boyfriend" Kenny said.

"Well kissing oneself is chance you may never get again so if it presents itself to you take it! ... In the meantime, I know exactly how to take care of that jelousy!" I said.

"How?" Kenny said.

I didn't say anything, just pulled him close and put my arms around him and kissed him. It didn't take Kenny long to put his arms around me and our tongues met and entangled.

"Aren't they just sweet?" Kim said.

"Sure. Listen, I need to be alone in here for this procedure so if the three of you wouldn't mind stepping out onto the landing outside... you can kiss there... oh, and Kim, you can leave the discs in some drawer or something... where ever you like, since it is your home now so you don't have to walk around carrying them all the time" Pete said.

Kenny and I broke the kiss and nodded to Pete, as I had learned from the other me that the gold collar's name was. Kim bent down and put the box with discs into a drawer under the bunk bed and then joined Kenny and me on the landing outside. Pete closed the door after himself. Kenny and I kissed for a while longer. Then Kim suddenly tapped me on the shoulder and I broke the kiss.

"Sorry to interrupt, but... I felt left out and also... could I see your room?" Kim said.

"Sure! Kenny and I can do this later when we're alone. Right Kenny?" I said.

"Certainly... sorry, didn't mean to make you feel left out" Kenny said.

We walked down to my room and I opened it and allowed Kim to walk in first and then Kenny. Then I heard a small scream from Kim.

"What?" I said.

"Sorry, I just wasn't prepared to find you dead so soon again... can we revive this one as well?" Kim said pointing at mine and Kenny's corpses on my bunk.

"I was affraid of this... the guys who are supposed to get rid of the bodies here are getting sloppier all the time... No Kim, it's only possible to revive a person that's been bolted... besides we know what happened to these versions of us, it was only two days ago" Kenny said.

"Yeah, now I remember... I saw a picture of precisely this outside your stalls in the brothel!" Kim said.

"Yes, these two clones self triggered that morning... I can't have two corpses in my room, especially since they're not conservated... they've started to decompose already" I said.

"Let's get rid of them then... could you help me with my corpse, Kim?" Kenny said.

"Sure, tell me what to do" Kim said.

"Grab my feet... no, the corpse's feet, not the feet of the clone I'm using now!" Kenny said.

"Sorry, bad joke.... couldn't resist" Kim said and let go of Kenny's ankles, got up and grabbed the ankles of Kenny's corpse and then carried it out of my room.

I grabbed my own corpse under the arms and dragged it out of the bed and out onto the landing where Kenny and Kim helped by grabbing a foot each of my corpse and lifted them over the railing at the side of the landing so I was standing and holding my corpse over a fifty meter drop to a conveyor belt that now was moving, making a ratling noice and I could see the occasional naked body get carried along down there. I let go of my corpse and watched it drop to the conveyor where it landed with a thud and one leg ended up in a strange and unatural angle to the body.

"Shit, I broke my leg! ... good thing I'm dead so I won't feel it" I said.

"Brian, Kim and my own boyfriend all making silly jokes! Enough to drive a person crazy" Kenny said.

"Shut up!" I said and kissed Kenny.

"I'm finished in here now, do you... where did they go? Shit I asked them to wait outside... I didn't say 'wander off so I won't find you'" Pete said on the landing above.

"We're down here, cleaning up a bit in my boyfriend's room... we'll be right up... computer, sanitize living area!" Kenny said and the door to my room closed and there was a wooshing sound from inside.

I pressed the button on my collar and the door opened. My room was now filled with a fresh smell instead of the stench of rotting Kenny and me. We then walked back up to Kim's room.

"I have the necessary equipment with me to easily remove a bolt, do you want me to use it?" Pete said.

"Sure, go ahead" I said.

"I insist that you remove the corpse. Jack is my best friend... and Kenny too ofcourse... and I know that I wouldn't be able to sleep if there was a corpse of him hanging on that wall" Kim said.

"Oh yes, here's your data pad back" Kenny said, giving me a charred piece of metal that once was a data pad while we followed Pete inside.

"Hey, this is broken!" I said.

"You used the pad to revive the corpse, that invariably produces a feedback surge when the body dies again which fries the datapad" Pete said.

"And that's why I asked for your pad, so I wouldn't have to destroy my own" Kenny said.

"How considerate of you" I said and pinched Kenny in the buttock.

"Ow!" Kenny said and then pulled me close and kissed me.

"And what if I need to use a pad today at work?" I said.

"You can borrow mine" Kenny said and then we kissed again.

"Hey, you're very cute, but if you could stand still for a while. This is a bit tricky, you know" Pete said as he held up a long tube in front of us.

We broke the kiss and I watched Pete at work while Kenny gently nibbled my earlobe that was closest to him. Pete unscrewed the security ring and handed it to me and then he screwed the open end of the tube on where the the ring had been attached. He then held onto the tube with both hands and then pressed a button on the back end of the tube and there was a very loud noice as if a large piston had punched through several layers of sheet metal... which I soon learned was exactly what had happened. Then my corpse on the wall suddenly dropped to the floor but Pete who was prepared for this quickly caught the corpse under the arms and maneuvered it so it lay on it's back on the floor. Pete then pulled at the tube and the remains of the bolt was pulled with the tube out of the remains of my former self. With a swift movement Pete unscrewed the bolt from the tube and handed the bolt to Kim who raised it to his eye and glanced at me through the hole that had been punched right through it and I simply cocked my head and glanced back for a second before I knelt beside the corpse and looked at the wound in the chest. It was a pretty clean hole straight through and I could see the floor beneath. Then I got up again and walked over to the wall and looked at the hole there where the bolt had been and inside it was still the ball with spikes from the end of the bolt that had come out and locked the bolt to the wall after it had been fired.

"Move aside!" Pete said and as I did he placed a large and thick disc over the hole and pressed a button on it. There was a wosh sound and then a terrible whining noise and then he removed the disc an the hole had been filled with metal that was orange with heat at first but then as it cooled down it became almost impossible to see where the hole had been.

"Amazing!" I said.

"Jack, help me with this corpse of you and Kenny and Kim take the girl" Pete said grabbing my corpse under the arms.

I took the legs and we lifted and carried the corpse out onto the landing and I move the legs outside the railing.

"Jack, did you notice the clothes your corpse was wearing... what colours they were?" Kenny said.

"Yes, khaki shirt and red ochra trousers... I suspect Mike may have known in advance what to give me the other day" I said as I watched my corpse drop to the conveyor.

"Maybe... but I still believe that he originally picked the combination out specifically for you, just that it was for a different clone of you, long, long ago" Kenny said as he dropped the legs of the girl outside the rail and Kim dropped the body and started get pulled over with it.

Kenny, Pete and I all grabbed onto Kim and pulled him back.

"Careful, you don't want to fall down there!" Pete said.

"Thanks! You're right, I don't want to fall down there" Kim said.

"Right, I've gotta get back to the cloning plant before I'm missed. You have one hour left before you have to report to work, use it well!" Pete said and winked before he started down the steps.

"Wait... I noticed that the belly of the girl's corpse was cut open and flat! You removed the entire foetus, didn't you?" Kim said.

"Yes, I'm affraid so... in order to be able to clone it and get a living, breathing person I need all the tissue I can get... I'm sorry... you must think I'm horrible" Pete said.

"Yes, as a matter of fact..." Kim started but I put a hand over his mouth.

"We have no oppinion of this, since you were never here, like you said earlier so we can't know what you didn't do when you weren't here" I said and Pete and Kenny nodded and then Pete left.

"How can you let him get away with that?" Kim said when I removed my hand.

"Let who get away with what?" I said.

"That Pete guy get away, taking that foetus to experiment on!" Kim said.

"Pete? There's no Pete here... there never were. There was just the three of us that managed to get Jack's corpse off the wall and throw him down as well as that pregnant girl with the dead baby in her belly" Kenny said.

"You're not going to report this?" Kim said.

"Who would we report it to? The Masters? They wouldn't thank us, they'd just kill us and drag innocent gold collars that never were here into the mess and kill them too... if we report it to some gold collar they'll just say that there never were anybody from the cloning plant here today and that we must be delusional" Kenny said.

"You see, since we Terrans are treated the way we are by the Masters we tend to stick out for each other... well most of us anyway, there are exceptions like that asshole that Mark threatened to kill this morning" I said.

"Yeah, you two must really be delusional if you think there was somebody from the cloning plant here today" Kim said, having finally caught on.

"Oh yes, very delusional... know what my favorite delusion is?" I said.

"No, tell me!" Kenny said.

"That a gorgeous guy in maroon shirt and bright yellow trousers will suddenly invite me and my boyfriend into his room for a threesome without any apparent reason whatsoever" I said.

"Funny, that's my favorite delusion as well" Kenny said.

"Sounds nice... if I see such a guy, I'll let him know that you're looking for him... in the meantime I'd like to invite the to of you to a threesome in my room for the very obvious reason that you two are both gorgeous and I like you a lot" Kim said and took our hands and led us inside.

"Okay, that may work for me too" I said as the door closed behind us.

"Now, where were we?" Kim said.

"In your room in the honeycombs, we were going to have a threesome. Is your memory that short?" Kenny said.

"No, I mean where were we last night, when my dad interrupted us?" Kim said.

"Let's see, I was about to touch your cock but you wouldn't let me 'cause your pre cum might hurt me... but that's not a problem anymore" I said as I opened Kim's fly and brought his erect cock out and held it for a second. I then used my thumb to wipe some pre cum off the top of it and then licked it off my thumb.

"I remember that... but that was some time before my dad appeared" Kim said as he started to unbuckle my belt.

"You started jacking us off... and that's when your father appeared... but now that you're Terran we can do much more exciting things without having to worry about your cum or anything else of yours hurting us" Kenny said as he unbuckled Kim's belt.

As Kim undid my fly and made my trousers fall to the floor at the same moments as Kenny made Kim's trousers fall I unbuckled Kenny's belt and then had to lift my arms over my head as Kim pulled my shirt off, making me practically naked except for my trousers round my ancles, my shoes and ofcourse my collar. I undid Kenny's fly and let his trousers drop to the floor while he pulled Kim's shirt off and I felt Kim's hands caress my abs and pecs. Finally, as I pulled off Kenny his shirt I felt Kim's hand round my erect cock gently jacking it for a few seconds and then Kim dropped to his knees and started playing around with the tip of his tongue on my glans before he engulfed my entire cock and started to blow me and I noticed that he had payed very much intention to the instructions that Mike had given me yesterday and now followed them incredibly well.

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