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This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 18

Written by Adam

"Wow Kim, how many times did you watch that disc of Mike and me?" I said.

"Just once, then I made the call for you and Kenny to come to me... I didn't have time to watch it any more before you arrived" Kim said taking my cock out of his mouth momentarilly to speak.

"And you learned this just from listening to Mike's instructions just once?" I said and then Kenny stopped me from speaking by kissing me.

"And from watching a master at work... blowing his boyfriend in my bedroom last night... please, don't disturb me, you're throwing me off beat when you make me answer those questions... oh, good you know how to keep him quiet Kenny!" Kim said and then went back to blowing me.

As Kenny kissed me I put my hand round his cock and started jacking him. I then felt Kenny's index finger against my hole and then felt him pressing it inside and start to massaging my prostate. I pulled him closer by his dick and then inserted my finger into his ass and gave him the same treatment back. Then Kenny suddenly broke the kiss and looked at me and appeared to get an idea. He removed his finger from my ass and got down on his knee beside Kim so I had to let go of his dick and take my finger out of his hole. Kenny whispered something to Kim who took my cock out of his mouth and then shook his head looking as though he didn't know what Kenny was talking about. Then Kenny whispered in Kim's ear again and suddenly smile appeared on Kim's face and grew wider.

"Hey, what's going on down there?" I said.

"Shush! We're conspiring to bring my boyfriend some pleasure, don't disturb us! Get your shoes and trousers off in the meantime!" Kenny said.

I kicked off my shoes and removed my trousers and Kim and Kenny did the same so we now were entirely naked.

"Good, now stand on all fours on the bunk bed and close your eyes... Good, and lift the arm that closest to the outer edge of the bunk, that would be your right arm!" Kenny said as I followed his instructions.

I had my eyes tightly shut but I couldn't help being aware that something was happening under me, that somebody was carefully maneuvering himself to lie underneath me and that somebody else was happening behind my back, or rather behind where somebody was climbing onto the bunk to stand on his knees. I was beginning to suspect what their plan was.

"Right. Kim, hold your cock so it stands straight up... Jack, open your mouth!" Kenny said, his voice coming from behind me.

I opened my mouth and felt Kim's hand behind my neck drag my head down untill his wide girth cock entered my mouth, and I automatically started blowing it the way that Mike had taught me. I felt Kim's other hand grab my cock and maneuver it into his mouth and then he started over blowing me according to the same technique.

"Good. See Kim, you got the hang of the 69 pretty quick! Jack, you can put down your right hand now... but don't open your eyes just yet" Kenny said and then I felt his glans press against my anus..

Shortly my ring muscle gave way and Kenny's cock slid into me, causing some pain at first and then only pleasure as Kenny started pounding his hip into my buttocks.

"Now you may open your eyes!" Kenny said.

I was in heaven, getting pleasure in three places so it only took me a couple of minutes before I couldn't hold it back any longer and came in Kim's mouth, which appeared to trigger a reaction in Kim making him start to squirm to take his cock out of my mouth, but I kept it in there until it soon filled with Kim's cum and then Kim relaxed and stopped squirming. At the same time my ring muscle made contractions, squeazing Kenny's cock so he shot his load too and I felt my ass fill with his cum. We remained still in the same position for a while and then Kenny pulled out of me and sat down on the bunk. I took Kim's cock out of my mouth and rose up to stand on my knees and Kim took my cock out of his mouth and smiled at me before he sat up and then I sat down in between them and put my arms round their shoulders.

"That was great, guys!" I said.

"Anything for my boyfriend... I owed you that for the amazing bj you gave me last night" Kenny said and I answered by kissing him.

"Er, Jack... you may have noticed that I started squirming and tried to pull my cock out of your mouth just before I came... sorry about that, but I had a flash back to when you killed yourself with my cum... but then when I did cum in your mouth and you failed to scream from pain and start to dissolve I remembered that I'm Terran now and my bodily fluids can't harm you anymore... I'm so glad that I am Terran, it beats being a Master in every way!" Kim said.

"I sort of figured that was the case, and I guess I owed you the pleasure of cumming in me or on me without harming me" I said and this time Kim kissed me.

"In every way? Even having to be killed by Masters over and over again?" Kenny said.

"Rather be killed by a master than being a Master and expected to kill Terrans the whole time" Kim said.

"Are you sure? You've only died once, and that was as a Master... maybe, dying as a Terran is worse? Certainly the ways we are killed... the heart charge is one of the mildest ways they have of killing us and that's pretty horrible... and they've made us blow up our own hearts deliberatly all the time now... they say that it was only intended for us to use as soldiers in the battlefield and not to blow our hearts up here on this planets but I have my doubts... I'm beginning to think that they leaked it to us here deliberatly and somebody is taking some kind of sadistic pleasure in watching us commit suicide the whole time" Kenny said.

"You've got a point there... no several points... The only thing I know for sure is that I don't like killing others... I didn't mind dying this morning, as for Terran dying... since my existence as a Terran doesn't feel much different from my previous existance as a Master, I doubt the dying will be any different either... except the ways they kill me, like you said" Kim said.

There was a knock at the door.

"Surely there can't be anybody come to get us, we still have 15 minutes before we have to leave for work... and for this work they trust us to make it there ourselves" Kenny said.

"Let's see who it is. This is my home now, so I should be the one to open the door to any visitor" Kim said, getting up and walking over to the door.

"Yes, but not naked" I said.

Kim looked down at his naked body and gave out a small scream and then he rummaged round among the clothes on the floor for his underwear but didn't find it so he took his bright yellow trousers and put on. Kenny and I quickly put on our trousers too. The visitor kept on knocking.

"Get up against the front wall so they don't see you if they're Masters, 'cause then they might decide to kill us for having had sex with each other" Kim said.

"If it was a Master, he wouldn't bother to knock, he'd just use his remote to open the door and barge in... and his remote would have already detected our collars and told him who we were" Kenny said and Kim realised that he was telling the truth so he opened the door without waiting for us to hide.

"Mom!" Kim said and we looked out through the door and saw a female master standing there wearing a dark coat with a hood which she was wearing up.

"K'chm, is that you? Oh, my little boy!" the woman said and hugged Kim.

"Owww! Mom, let go!" Kim shouted.

"Why? Don't you want your mother to hug you? You know I don't care about this stupid claim that Terrans get tainted if they have sex and that we get tainted too if we touch them... you're my boy and always will be no matter what species you are" Kim's mother said.

"Your tear burned me!" Kim said, crying from the pain.

Kenny leapt over to Kim and stuck his hand into the left front pocket of Kim's trousers and pulled out a small band aid which he applied to Kim's cheek.

"The special band aid?" I said.

"Yes. Kim, this is a band aid which contains substances that neutralises the corosiveness of Master's bodily fluids... but it's only effective on superficial wounds where the fluid hasn't had time to get through the skin... Mike puts some in the left front pocket off every pair of trousers he distributes and there's a supply in a box by the toilet in every appartment here in the Honeycombs... always be sure to keep one with you!" Kenny said.

"Sounds like good advice, they seem to be good friends for you these lovers of you... were you having sex before I came?" Kim's mother said.

"Mom!" Kim whined.

"I've always known you were gay... well since you were four and became sexually mature, anyway... that you were most interested in Terran males wasn't hard to guess either... I didn't know you wanted to become a Terran... but I'm not surprised. You've become a very handsome Terran boy... and somehow you're a bit alike your former Master self... the shape of your face, eye colour, cheek bones and chin and the nose... and I guess your mouth would look somewhat like that with lips and Terran teeth instead of our sharp teeth and fangs... I understand they take genes from a lot of different Terrans to get the Terran equivalent of the DNA you had before so you will look somewhat alike... " Kim's mother said.

"Excuse me, ma'am. Kim said you were on the run from his father's assassins... aren't you putting yourself at risk by staying in this city and seeking out your son?" I said.

"Please, don't call me ma'am... you don't have to adress me as politely as other assholes... I mean Masters... They're more bounty hunters than assassins since my exhusband only paid them a small amount in advance and then only pay the full amount to the one who kills me... but since my son killed him last night there's nobody that will pay them the final sum so they've stopped looking for me now and I can walk about as I like in this city... though my home is with my... noooo!" Kim's mother said and started crying on that last word.

"What's the matter? What's happened, mom?" Kim said and moved to hug his mother but she pushed him back.

"No, my tears will hurt you again! You know that your father was on a bussines trip to another city yesterday? Only the bussines was 'taking care' of the family... he'd found us and led a bounty hunter there who killed my parents and your little sisters and two of your brothers" Kim's mother said.

"Here, this tissue is 'multi species' so you should be able to wipe your tears with it" I said handing her a wad of tissue that I'd been keeping in my pocket.

"Thank you... your friends are very nice to me in spite of the fact that I'm a Master" Kim's mother said.

"Only because he's such a nice and gorgeously beautiful guy... and because that you're the one who taught him to be so nice to Terrans even before he became one himself" I said.

"And that you're as nice as he is... and was as a Master" Kenny said.

"Mom, you said the bounty hunter killed two of my brothers... so one survived? Who?" Kim said.

"I'cchm't'ka... he survived by managing to kill the bounty hunter and that's when I came up with the idea and persuaded him to admit murdering the bounty hunter and allow himself to become Terran... it didn't take much persuation since he too was pretty eager to become Terran... only I had no idea that you would take the same decision here after killing your father" Kim's mother said.

"But Terrans aren't allowed to travel overseas so I'll never see him again!" Kim said.

"Yes, you will... they don't have the facilities to make the transition Master to Terran in that city so he was shipped over and executed here and therefore will be staying here. He's with me now and... we'll he's also gay and found a boyfriend soon after he woke up... some kid his age who said he'd just been accidentally bolted to a wall at the tram station and his next clone got brought to life next to your brother.. it was love at first sight apparently" Kim's mother said.

"Him? But that kid hates everybody, so how could he fall in love?!" I said.

"And then there's a strange coincidence that the bolt actually was meant for Kim here, but Jack pulled him out of the way at the last second so the bolt hit that kid instead" Kenny said.

"Is Jack your name? Pleased to meet you, and your name is?" Kim's mother said.

"Kenny" Kenny said.

"Pleased to meet you too. You saved him from being bolted? Won't he be killed that way anyway, sooner or later so why spare him from it... it's not that I wish my son to suffer, but... I guess, I just don't understand" Kim's mother said.

"We don't want him to start dying so soon after becoming Terran... and not in unnecessary ways as for forgetting that he's Terran and trying to step onto the 'Masters Only' car of the tram" I said.

"And then we promissed Mark that we would try to avoid getting killed today for a change and since they're in love and possibly on the verge of becoming boyfriends we felt that we needed to make sure that he too keeps to that promise" Kenny said.

"Who's Mark, is he here?" Kim's mother said.

"No, he's a gold collar who runs the cafeteria in the cloning plant and court building" Kim said.

"You'll have to introduce him to me next time I'm in this city... I'll be going back to live in my parent's home within the hour... it's where I belong. Before I go, I want you to meet your brother however" Kim's mother said and gestured out to the landing outside the door and stood aside.

"Let's lock up here, we should be going soon" Kenny said,

"Going? Where?" Kim's mother said as Kenny, Kim and I hurriedly put the rest of our clothes back on.

"Well, as Terrans we're expected to work" Kenny said as we stepped out on the landing and the door closed behind us.

"Oh, sorry, didn't think about that... will my sons be working in the brothel?" Kim's mother said.

"We could make sure that they don't... or that they don't have to work at the far end of the main corridor if you like" I said.

"No... I... they shouldn't be treated any different than any other Terran and if they're good looking and new clones they'll be expected to work in that area of the brothel... just make sure they now what they're getting into... that they know they'll be killed by every customer and sometimes painfully like the one I heard about that used my son's semen to kill himself" Kim's mother said.

"Yes, in a way I'm actually curious to get to know how it feels to go through what Jack went through when I came on him... yes, I know that I should avoid it if I can... only when the customer insists on it" Kim said.

"Hello K'chm!" said a red haired kid sitting on the steps leading up to the right on the far side of the landing and waved at Kim.

"Ichy?" Kim said.

"Yes, and no... I told Andy here that you used to call me that and he wen't crazya and explained that it wasn't a very nice name in the Terran language" Kim's brother said and indicated the kid sitting behind him on the steps with his arms around Kim's brother and it was the same kid who'd been so rude to me before. Now he blushed as though he was ashamed at how he'd treated me.

"He's right... it indicates something disgusting, sorta" I said.

"That's what Andy said too... and then suggested Ike to me as a name and I kinda like it since It's pretty close to my former name" Kim's brother Ike said.

"Well, I picked the name Kim for me when I learned about Terran names two days ago" Kim said.

"I like it. It's close to your name as a Master and easier to pronounciate now that I'm a Terran... two days ago? That reminds me; Happy birthday! Even though it's two days ago" Ike said.

"That was the old me... I'm sort of newborn now so this should be my birthday now... and yours too, makes it easier to remember" Kim said.

"You really do look alike, like brothers" Kenny said.

"When they learned at the cloning plant that the Masters were brothers they used quite a lot of Kim's DNA with some slight alterations so you two are brothers now as well... we'll you're even closer now than before... they said that you're more or less single egg twin brothers, just that they made Ich... Ike the same age as he was as a Master... four years old" Kim's mother said.

"Excuse me, aren't you going to introduce us?" the kid sitting behind Ike said.

"Ofcourse, Kim this is my boyfriend Andy. Andy this is my brother Kim... are both of them your boyfriends?" Ike said.

"No, unfortunatly not... No, this is my good friend Jack who killed himself with my cum on my birthday but has made a miracoulus recovery since then and so has our friendship and the other guy is Jack's boyfriend Kenny which makes him my friend too, since he reasons that any friend of Jack is also his friend. Jack and Kenny, this is my brother Ike and his boyfriend Andy" Kim said.

"But you've... done it? ... right?" Ike said.

"Yes, we've done it... it's a pretty open relationship, Kenny and I have which allows for flings on the side and threesomes" I said.

"But, Kim don't you have a boyfriend?" Ike said.

"Not yet... but Jack and Mike... the guy in the clothes store, fixed me up with Mark, the gold collar in the cafeteria" Kim said.

"Oh... that explaines his reaction... he got a bit confused since we apparently look quite alike though I'm younger so he wanted to know if I... or rather you had been killed and been given a younger clone" Ike said.

"I explained... and he seemed a bit impatient while I spoke for obvious reasons I guess... and then he invited Ike here to his party tonight and then when I explained that I intends to appologise to you Jack, and even thank you he relented and invited me to his party on the condition that he hears my apology to you so I would have to make that at the party..." Andy said.

"Are you really going to apologise to me... I thought you hated me and everybody else too" I said.

"I did, but I've become more harmonious since I met Ike and now I realise how rude I was and I'm sorry for the way I behaved earlier... your other friend did right in kicking me into that garbage chute, and I guess I deserved loosing my cock and getting gutted too... Can we get a fresh start, and be friends? I guess I'll reason the same way as... Kenny, was it?... that my boyfriend's friends are my friends too... and obviously my boyfriend's brother's friends too! Okay?" Andy said as both he and Ike got up and Andy stretched out his right hand towards me. I took it and shook it. Then Andy offered it to Kenny too who shook it a bit hesitantly.

"You said something about thanking him... what's that about?" Kenny said.

"Yes, this may sound a bit insane, but I want to thank you for getting me killed earlier today at the tram station... I know it was an accident and you didn't intend for it to happened. I've pieced a few things together afterwards and have a very good idea what happened there and if I hadn't died there and then my next clone, this one wouldn't have been brought to life at the same moment as Ike's Terran body and then we might never have met and gotten together... and in my piecing together the events I realised that it was Kim here that you pulled out of the way when he tried to get on the wrong tram car so you did him, me and Ike favours at the same time, though you only knew that you were saving Kim" Andy said.

"Yes, it does sound insane, but might not if you explain a little further... I understood the bit about saving Kim, and also, in a way how it helped you in being killed at that moment... but how did it help Ike?" I said.

"Kinda the same way it helped Andy; That we found each other in the cloning plant simply because you pulled my brother out of the way of that bolt gun so Andy got hit and died and woke up beside the brother of the guy you pulled out of the way of the bolt gun in the first place... really weird coincidence!" Ike said.

"Yes, I understand now and agree it's weird" I said.

"Er, we've gotta get to work now... don't mean to be rude... see you at the party!" Kenny said.

"See you tonight!" I said.

"Yeah, see you!" Andy said.

"See ya, brother! Andy! Mom!" Kim said.

"Take care, Kim! I won't be at the party, as you probably understand" Kim's mother said crying again.

"See you brother! And you too, Kenny and Jack!" Ike shouted after us.

We managed to catch the tram just as it was about to leave. Well, the tram had already left the platform and hovered three meters away from it as the driver opened the doors to the 'Terrans Only' car to allow us to try to jump the gap. It was something the Masters drivers often did to allow the passengers in the 'Masters Only' cars to bet wether we would make it or not.

"I can't jump that! Especially since I've seen so many Terran boys fail and fall to their deaths" Kim said.

"Sure you can... you saw tha match last night, right? Did you see those sommersaults and stuff we did? And would you believe me if I told you that neither Jack nor me has ever done such things before or even wondered wether we could?... but still we did it like we'd been doing it our entire lives!" Kenny said.

"What? Ofcourse you've been training, doing those things your entire lives!" Kim said.

"Actually, I was wondering how the hell I did those things myself" I said.

"It's part of our military training" Kenny said.

"Say what? I haven't had any military training and neither has you Kenny, don't be ridiculus!" I said.

"Yes we do... it's a special, locked file in the memory circuits of every silver collar Terran. The masters found that they didn't need to train every Terran for several months to send them to war, they just had to make a single program that when unlocked turned any Terran into a hundred per cent effective killing machine with all the knowledge he or she would need on the battlefield... saves a lot of time... but there are things from that file that 'leaks' into our normal knowledge, like some martial art and those sommersaults and other acrobatic stuff like being able to leap a gap like that... when you're in the air your survival instinct will dig up the necessary knowledge to make it all the way across... go ahead! Jump!" Kenny said and out of reflex that Kim didn't know he had he suddenly ran across the platform and jumped easily into the car.

Kenny then ran across the platform and jumped into the car just as easily and then turned around and faced me which Kim also did both waved beckoningly at me.

"Come on Jack! You can do it!" Kim yelled.

"I know, I've done it many times before" I yelled back.

"Don't worry Kim, I know how to motivate him! Get over here and kiss me!" Kenny yelled.

"You sure do know how to motivate me! Here I come!" I yelled and ran across the platform and jumped and then the doors closed while I was in mid air.

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