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This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 19

Written by Adam

I saw the transparent double doors shut in front of me as I flew through the air towards them. On the other side both Kenny and Kim rushed forward and inserted their fingers between them before they closed and tried desperatly to force one door half each back into the door frame.

"Jack!" Kim yelled pulling at the door with all his powers.

I bumped into the transparent doors, almost knocking the wind out of my lungs and then desperatly tried to get a hand hold as I slid down the curved doors untill I finally got hold of the four inch wide step just outside the doors with my fingers and hung on to that, with nothing but air under or around me. Then as the tram started moving forward I suddenly heard a voice through my translator device.

"Hi there, this is the conductor in the 'Masters Only' car. I shut the door, 'cause I don't like you. I don't like the way you cheated yourself to that victory against my cousin K'ch'kt-aa and how you threw blood on him for no good reason in the middle of the game, so now I'm gonna make you drop to your death as revenge" the voice said.

"You can't do that, I promissed a friend that I wouldn't die at all today" I said.

"Too bad" the voice said and then laughed.

"Jack, hang on! We're not going to let him kill you for that stupid reason!" Kim shouted through the inch wide crack in the door they managed to make.

"Don't bother, I'll be alright! I'll meet up with you later!" I shouted

"Do not let go, we're going to try to keep you from dying if we can! Let's try to keep that promise to Mark if we can! Now climb up here into the car and get that kiss I promissed" Kenny shouted back.

"Like I said, you really do know how to motivate me!" I shouted back and inserted first one hand and then the other in the crack that Kenny and Kim had made between the doors.

I swung my right leg up onto the step and pulled myself up a bit with Kenny and Kim helping me by holding onto my hands from inside and soon I was standing on the step and helping them to pull the doors appart.

"Okay, since you managed to pull yourself up, I'm going to be nice... this time... and open the doors for you" the conductor said through my translator device and then the doors opened and I was quickly pulled inside by Kenny and Kim.

Kenny and I embraced and kissed for a long time, our tongues intertwining.

"Hey, aren't you going to shut the doors?" Kim said.

"Well I just realised that the other guy that's behaving so disgustingly with the one I almost killed is his boyfriend who also played in that game, and you must be K'chm'tckIckt, who killed your father and admitted it in court so they made you Terran... an act of treason against the species so I'm gonna kill not only two birds with one stone but actually three birds... so I left the doors open in order to do this!" the conductor said and pressed a button that made our car tilt heavily to the side and made Kenny, Kim, me and three others who was unfortunate to stand in the wrong part of the car fall straight out of the car without any chance of grabbing on to something.

"Oh shit! I'm gonna die! I'm going to be smeared across the ground, and I have hardly lived at all as a Terran, what a stupidly short existence!" Kim said to himself.

"You're forgeting that there's a new clone waiting to be brought to life at the plant! You'll be alright then!" Kenny shouted.

"Aren't you going to self trigger?" Kim said.

"No, that is more painful and takes longer! We're now falling so fast that even if we hit some truck or something before we reach the ground we'll die emediatly on impact, we won't feel a thing!" Kenny shouted.

"You're still holding on to each other!" Kim said.

"We prefer to die this way, together! Come on, you can join us!" I said and Kim grabbed on to us and we put our arms around him as we fell.

Then we saw a long row of cargo containers that were being transported by a tow truck It was directly in our path and so we looked at each other and smiled knowingly.

"Close your eyes!" Kenny shouted and Kim did but I looked into Kenny's eyes and he into mine and then our lips and the tips of our tongues met just before the cargo container came up from beneath to be just in front of me and then all went black and I just heard a great, wet thud!

I opened my eyes and from my left I hear terrified screams and I turned my head to see Kim sitting up on the bench and screaming and then he stopped.

"Oh my God! I had this terrifying dream... actually it was quite a nice dream mostly... it began with me waking up from having had a bad dream where I was a Master and got executed and then I went off and had sex with my best friends... and a strange female Master came along and claimed to be my mother... no she never claimed to be, I knew that she was and she brought another Terran who looked like me and she introduced him as my brother and then in the end we fell out of a tram and we fell for a long time and then we died" Kim said.

"That wasn't a dream, I'm affraid... we really did fall to our deaths... and all the rest was true too, you were a Master until this morning and we did have sex, and it was very nice and then your mother came and introduced your brother too us" I said.

"You're only saying what I told you... but it can't have been anything else that a dream... I bet you can't say what we did when we had sex or my brother's name" Kim said.

"You and I sixtynined each other while Kenny fucked me" I said.

"And your brother Ike has a boyfriend named Andy" Kenny said, sitting on the edge of his bench to the right of me.

"How can you know that?" Kim said.

"Because it was real... and we found an older Jack hanging dead on the far wall in your room and revived him temporarily... you're just suffering from classical denial symptoms, it's quite usual the first times some Terrans die and come back as themselves... it happened to me to, but then you get used to the dying and no longer need to think that it's a dream" Kenny said.

"So I'm not the same person as before, when we were in the tram?" Kim said.

"You are the same person, but not in the same body. Then you were 47588001, now you're 47588002 and this body is still a virgin" I said.

"I'm not a virgin, I've had sex plenty of times... like earlier today when we sixtynined each other!" Kim said.

"You as a person is not a virgin, but that clone you're in has never had sex before so it's still a virgin... and that's what counts to the customers at the brothel" Kenny said.

"Oh... okay..." Kim said.

"Come on, there isn't time to go down to the cafeteria we'll just get new clothes and go directly to the work site... Mark didn't want to see us in the cafeteria today anyway" Kenny said as we stepped out into the clothes store.

"That's okay... Brian, Paul, Stan and Tim has been getting killed all they by Masters that saw the game and felt the six of you were insolent and cheated to win and therefore killed them to teach them a lesson... so why were you killed?" Mark said standing beside Mike inside the counter in the clothes store. Mike was eating a slice of the pizza that Mark apparently had brought him for lunch.

"Oh dear, have they? Damn! I should never have touched the pole that last time!" I said.

"Yes you should! The Masters deserved to be defeated like that, and I promise you that none of the others are resentful at you for winning the game for them... they're glad you did and gladly take the consequenses of poor sport Masters killing them the whole time... 'cause they know that you defeated the Masters honestly in spite of their cheating" Mark said.

"Really... I'm a bit surprised at hearing you say that... you're the one who keeps begging us to avoid being killed" I said.

"I ask you to avoid getting yourself killed by putting yourself that you will get killed no matter what happens like staying out after curfew deliberatly or working at the brothel... but winning the game was a good thing and... they're not getting themselves killed now, the Masters are killing them anyway" Mark said.

"Well, that's what happened here too... we got on a tram where the conductor turned out to be K'ch'kt-aa's cousin and decided to kill Jack here by making him miss the tram and fall but he hung on to the edge and we managed to help him climb into the tram but K'ch'kt-aa's cousing left the doors open and tilted the car so we all fell out and died" Kim said.

"Okay... where you jumping onto the tram while it was a couple of meters away from the platform?" Mark said.

"Yes, I'm sorry... another reckless behaviour that gets us killed" I said.

"No, 'cause you're determined to make it, right? And you can't help that the Masters cheat to make you fall..." Mark said and started blushing.

"Er, is it something you want to tell us?" Kenny said and both he and I got devilish grins on our faces.

"I must admit that I often like to jump on to the trams like that, and though I mostly make it I've missed a few times too... I kinda enjoy it" Mark said.

"You keep surprising us the whole time, Mark. I'm affraid we don't have time to stop in the cafeteria to eat though, I suspect that Brian and the others would like us to come and help them as soon as possible... so if Mike could get us some clothes, please?" I said.

"Just a second Mark! While Mike gets the clothes for us you can help Kim with a problem" Kenny said.

"What problem? I didn't know I had a problem" Kim said.

"You did have a problem knowing what to tell your brother earlier wether you have a boyfriend or not" Kenny said.

"I was hoping I could become Kim's boyfriend" Mark said.

"Well Kim mentioned you but only by saying that you were interested in each other since he felt it was too early to call you boyfriend so I was hoping you could help straighten this problem out for Kim" Kenny said.

"How? Do you think I should step down from my hopes of becoming his boyfriend?" Mark said.

"No, on the contrary, I was thinking you might wanna agree to be his boyfriend" Kenny said.

"Kenny, the match maker!" I said.

"Well, we've only met today and kissed a couple of times, so I'm affraid it is a bit too early to tell... but I do like you Kim and would very much like to be your boyfriend if you want me to" Mark said.

"Ofcourse i want to have you as my boyfriend... but we need more time before we're absolutly sure... let's make sure to spend some time together at the party tonight!" Kim said.

"Yes, let's!" Mark said and they both bent forward and kissed over the counter.

"Or you could drop into my back room and resolve the situation there... just be aware that there's a surveillance cam in there" Mike said.

"I don't know if I can, I should go with them and help them pick up corpses!" Kim said.

"This is more important, do as Mike suggests! We'll tell the others that the next one who gets killed for having won the match make sure to bring you with them, provided that you've finished your business in there" I said.

"I should get back to the cafeteria... though, my intern there needs to learn to handle the business on his own... I might lose the gold collar one day and then I'll be emediatly drafted and then he'll have to take over the cafeteria completly! So come on, Kim let's do as they say!" Mark said.

"How do I get in there behind the counter?" Kim said.

"Simple, you climb over the counter... the metal may feel cold against your bare skin but Mark'll soon keep you warm" Mike said.

Kim looked around at Kenny and me as if seeking permission and we just nodded and I mouthed the words 'go ahead' and winked at him. He made up his mind and swiftly jumped over the counter and headed towards the back room.

"Hey Kim, don't forget your clothes!" Mike called and when Kim turned around Mike threw them so Kim caught them in his arms out of reflex.

"But if we are going to do what I think... and hope, I won't need any clothes in there!" Kim said.

"No, but it's easier to have them there to put on in there when you're done!" Mike said.

"Good point" Kim said and turned to continue into the back room.

"You'll have to run things on your own for a while longer, Kyle... it'll be good training for you" Mark was saying into his wrist comm and then turned it off and walked into the back room where Kim was looking around in amazement.

"Wow, I've only seen the surveilance discs of this place, I never thought I'd be in here myself... look here's where Mike taught Jack that special technique!" Kim said and pointed at the spot where Mike and I had been the previous day.

"What special technique?" Mark said

"I was hoping you would ask that! I'll show you!" Kim said and then the door closed.

"I thought, my teaching you that was going to be a secret between us and that you'd do it as a surprise to Kenny without telling him where you learned it?! So why have you taught him the technique?" Mike said.

"Well, I didn't teach him, he just saw the surveillance recording and then told Kenny last night that I had a surprises for him that I'd learned from you... he didn't know that it was supposed to stay between us... and he also picked up the technique from watching the recording and watching me doing it to Kenny last night" I said.

"Oh... okay... he must be really good at learning then... well it can't be helped now... I hope we can have one or two more sessions in there, maybe a threesome some time?" Mike said.

"Sounds nice! We should rush along now!" Kenny said.

"Yeah, see ya!" Mike said and then we went out into the dressing room and started to get dressed.

"Hey dudes! How are you? Did you get killed for winning the game too? Where's... er... Kim? Did he escape from being killed on account of not having been in the game?" Brian said coming in with a fresh set of clothes while we were half dressed.

"Hey Brian! We're fine and yes we did get killed for that reason and Kim to 'cause he was with us, but he's in Mike's back room with Mark" I said.

"Hey Brian!" Kenny said.

"Great! I hope they become a pair, they're so cute together!" Brian said.

"Yeah, I hope so too... and considering the help that Mike and Kenny is giving I believe they will" I said as I finished dressing.

"Hurry up and we can ride the tram together" Kenny said having finished dressing too.

"I don't feel like riding tram for obvious reasons" I said.

"They're not that obvious to me. What's happened? Besides, the gold collar driving the truck is rather nice and quite impressed by our performance in the game so he gladly drives back and forth to pick us up here... except that right now we're working the sidewalk above the tram station in this block anyway" Brian said as he finished dressing.

"I'll tell you when we get there so we all can hear about it" I said as we walked to the grimly decorated elevator and rode it down to the sidewalk.

We stepped out onto the sidewalk from the elevator and saw that same grim scene as always until round mid day in this block; dozens of dead Terrans strewn across the long wide sidewalk. Stan and Tim were carrying a corpse between them towards the edge and threw it over the edge to land in the dumpster truck that I knew from experience would be hovering there. Paul was carrying a corpse together with a girl that I didn't recognise and then when they threw the body over the edge and Brian emediatly told the girl it was her turn to take a break and took over carrying corpses with Paul.. In fact the entire sidewalk wasn't strewn with corpses since we normally work methodically by cleaning the sidewalks up from one end to the other and so this sidewalk was one quarter clear already. Kenny and I walked over to the furthest corpse and picked it up.

"Kenny! Jack! Nice of you to join us!" Paul cried out as we walked past him and Brian carrying a corpse.

"We hurried as fast as we could after having enjoyed ourself with Kim as per orders... though we had a small accident on the tram... or rather off the tram" I said and then Kenny and I took turns telling the others about the events during the morning.

"Yeah, we've been killed a few times for winning the game too" Tim said.

"But we'd gladly win the rematch as well" Stan said.

"Yeah, you did a great job there Jack!" Paul said.

"Thanks... and I guess that if we didn't try to win there would have been no point in playing at all..." I said.

"Precisely... And so, no matter how many times they kill us we'll still know that we won the game... Didn't you say something like that to K'ch... charmboy before the bullets blew you to pieces?" Brian said.

"Yeah, something like that!" I said.

"Ah, there's Kim... did you and Mark have a good time?" Brian said.

"Oh, you mean me and my boyfriend Mark, yeah we had a great time!" Kim said coming out of the elevator.

"I knew it! Congratulations!" I said.

"Thanks!" Kim said.

"I guess you're that guy they've all been talking about how gorgeous you are and that you apparently was a Master until this morning... well, I'll tell you I'm not impressed by that fact and you won't be getting any special treatment from me! I need someone to help me carry corpses and now that you're a Terran you have no choice but to do this kinda work" the girl said, walking up to Kim.

"Well I don't expect you to be impressed, and I never liked being a master anyway... and since I'm new at this cleaning up business I'll be needing some guidiance so you just tell me what to do and I'll follow your lead" Kim said.

"For a master or rather former Master, you're terribly nice... come on, grab the legs of this one!" the girl said and walked over and grabbed a corpse under the arms.

"Well, I'm not... or weren't like your regular Master" Kim said and picked up the corpse's legs and followed her lead towards the edge.

They threw the corpse over the edge and as Kenny and I approached with another corpse Kim remained to look down into the dumpster.

"There's quite a few corpses each of Brian, Paul, Stan and Tim in there" Kim said as Kenny and I threw our corpse into the dumpster which was now nearing the end of the sidewalk and the beginning of the bridge over to the next block as was our clean up job.

"Well, as you already know the Masters who walk by and recognise us as the Terrans who won the game last night tends to kill us for it... I guess we've been lucky the last hour... and when they do it there's nothing for the other but to throw the body into the dumpster along with the rest" Brian said while Kenny and I threw the body we were carrying into the dumpster and walked off.

"Hey, Master boy, come on and help me here!" the girl shouted.

"Sorry! My name's Kim by the way! I don't like being reminded that I was a Master" Kim said as he hurried over.

"Miss it too much, huh?" the girl said as she and Kim picked up another corpse.

"No, I never liked being a Master, like I said before... I like being Terran much better!" the girl said.

The rest of us worked in silence carefully listening to Kim's conversation with the girl. Kim had only stopped to look down into the dumpster that first time and now he just threw the bodies in and followed the girl back to pick up another.

"So you don't miss killing Terrans?" the girl said.

"No, I don't like killing so I can't say I miss it!" Kim said.

"But still, you must have killed hundreds, right?" the girl said.

"No, just two! I don't like killing at all and managed to avoid it to the most part... except once when I accidentally pushed the wrong button on the remote that my father had given me and was forcing me to use, hoping he could teach me to like killing Terrans... I apologised for ours to the corpse before they came to pick it up.... and then two days ago Jack there was working in the brothel and since I'd told him that I wouldn't kill him even though he's supposed to be killed afterwards he commited suicide by making me cum on him so he could get another customer... so I killed only twice and none of those times was it intentional" Kim said.

"And you expect me to believe that?" the girl said.

"Yes, you should believe it. I've come to know him quite well during the last couple of days and knows he's the most gentle person I've ever known. He's gentle for a Terran even. He's from a rather special family, I understand, where only his father was like most Masters while his mother taught her children to respect life and not to kill" I said.

"Okay, if you say so cutie... by the way, what are a nice boy like you doing tonight?" the girl said winking at me.

"Getting my boyfriends cock up my ass!" I said putting my arm around Kenny's shoulder.

"Oh, you too? Okay. I don't mind gay people, so don't get me wrong... I'm bisexual myself, and was hoping for a guy tonight... and also hoping at least one of you would be straight or at least bisexual... guess it's not my lucky day" the girl said.

"Okay, sorry for saying it so bluntly" I said.

"No, don't apologise, I liked the way you said it... how about you? ... Kim, was it? No, wait you said something about a boyfriend too... a Terran?" the girl said picking up another corpse.

"Yeah, since a while ago when he and I did it in..." Kim said carrying the corpse with her.

"Okay, you don't have to tell me where... I'm sorry for the way I... bullied you for having been a Master, you seem quite nice actually... certain you're not the least bit interested in girls at all?" the girl said.

"No" Kim said.

"Do you mean 'No, I'm not interested' or 'No, I'm not certain'?" the girl said.

"No, I'm not entirely certain... but I won't be exploring that posibility tonight" Kim said.

"Ofcourse. If you and your boyfriend just got together you'll want to be with him... I'd want that too if I'd just found a girlfriend... Listen, if you don't like killing, then how do you feel about getting killed by Masters over and over again?" the girl said.

"I just don't like killing others, but I can't persuade the Masters that it's wrong to kill so... and I can't really object in any way if they want to kill me, so I guess I'll just have to accept it and get used to it just as my friends seems to do... I've learned that Jack, died the first time three days ago and he's already used to it so there's a chance it will happen as quickly for me" Kim said.

Just after Kenny and I dropped the latest corpse we were carrying into the dumpster a young Master boy, looking about three of this planet's years old came up to me with a datapad on the other side of the bridge a pair of adult Masters with a couple more children stood watching. Apparently it was the kid's family.

"Hey, aren't you the Terran who defeated K'ch'kt-aa at t'chaaa this morning by reaching up and touching the pole while you were dying? And, oh yes, it's the whole team plus a couple more! Wow! It was so kewl! That last score I mean! Can I have your autograph? Just write your number here on the pad... just the five first since the rest differs from clone to clone" the kid said.

"Really? Okay, why not?" I said and reached for the pad.

"No, not really! I was just making sure it was you, you smug bastard!" the kid said and brought out a remote, pointed it at me and pressed a button.

I heard the same metal grinding noice that I had heard during the game last night when Paul was killed, but this time the noice came from my own collar. I saw Kim flinch and rush forward and then the whole world appeared to topple and turn round and round for a short moment before it stopped, lying sideways and I saw fingertips at the edge of my vision on one side and right in front of me I saw a headless body in khaki shirt and red ochra trousers standing up at first but then the knees of that body buckled and it fell into the arms of Kim who caught it in his arms. I also saw the kid turn to Brian and pressed another button and Brian's chest was blown to bits by his heart charge and the kid turned again. But I didn't see any more of him as the hands that were holding my head turned it around and held it up in front of the owners face and it was Kenny who looked sad and horrified and then he jerked and his face became a mask of pain as I saw an explosion from his chest region and then everything went black as my head died.

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