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This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 2

Written by Adam

The world came back into focus, though still with som blurred black at the edges. My vision was filled with Paul's face, with Brian's face further away, slightly blocked by Paul's face and then behind them was the ceiling. I realised I was lying down, flat on my back.

"How are you, dude? Those your head hurt? You hit it pretty bad there!" Paul said.

I didn't answer. I was too busy taking my first really close look at Paul and found that he was quite good looking. Especially that chestnut hair with the big round hazel eyes and that nicelly tanned skin which triggered something in those jumbled memories of the Earth that I have never seen and made the words 'latino' and 'South America' without actually meaning anything to me. Between those eyes were a long, narrow and straight nose under which was a full pair of lips that begged to be kissed. So I put my hand behind Paul's neck and then raised my head untill my lips met his and opened my mouth and pressed my tongue forward. Paul must have been too surprised to resist and opened his lips and let my tongue meet his in a hot dance.

"Hey, hey, hey! That's my boyfriend you're kissing!... I'm getting jelous here! .... and so's he!" Brian said and pointed to the floor beside me.

I turned my head and looked into a familiar face that stared at some unknown point far beyond me and the corridor wall. I screamed and lept up to a standing position in less than a second. My vision blackened and I started to fall over again but this time Brian caught me and straightened me up, but kept his arms around my waist.

"Easy there! Don't get up too fast! It makes the blood rush from your head!" Brian said and kissed me "there, now I'm not jelous anymore!" he said after he finished the kiss.

"It was the sight of that that made me faint in the first place, so what's the point of dragging it off the conveyor and laying it beside me?!" I said, pointing at my dead self on the floor.

"You can't be too sensitive about seeing your own dead body if you're a Terran on this world. It's going to happen many times, so you'd better get used to it now" Brian said.

"Yeah. I've heard that when we get sent to war we'll be seeing our own dead bodies all over the place in the battle field" Paul said.

"Usually much more beat up than this, having died horrible deaths that you also will be remembering perfectly as you see the bodies" Brian said.

"But if you just stand there staring at your corpses you'll be distracted from the battle, and then..." Paul said.

"I get killed again" I said.

"Right. I've heard that they have ships in orbit with cloning machines much more advanced than here that produces a new body within minutes so as soon as we get killed we wake up in a new body in uniform and all and get teleported onto the battle field and get to live a few minutes at best, until the next clone is activated by our death" Brian said.

"I've heard that too" I said.

"So take a good look at your corpse now and get used to it, and know that you'll see yourself much worse off" Paul said.

I just nodded and looked at my corpse. I looked quite peaceful actually. There was a trace of a smile on my face and I started wondering if it might be from the fantasy I was having just before I died or that I was glad that death came so I didn't have to be in pain any more. That half hour had been grueling in spite of the fantasy that only partly had taken my mind off the pain.

"It sure brings a different meaning to the phrase 'Live fast, die young, make a pretty corpse' than the person who made it up had in mind, huh? And you do make a very pretty corpse, dude. Almost makes me regret that I'm not a necrophiliac" Brian said.

"Tactful as always" Paul said and glared at Brian.

"It's alright. But why do my corpse, when you can have the live me?" I said.

"I did say that it ALMOST made me regret that I'm NOT a necrophiliac! And I would much rather have the live you than the corpse, even though it's quite handsome too" Brian said.

"We'll let's see if I can't arrange for you to have me one day?" I said.

"Sounds good" Brian said.

"What about me?" Paul said.

"Er... maybe we can make it a threesome?" I said.

"Sounds even better" Brian said.

"Good, now let's see if we can't make that 'one day' into 'today'?" Paul said.

"If we all set our minds to it, we probably can" I said.

"Excelent! Now, let's lift your corpse back onto the conveyor" Brian said.

"Hold on a second" I said and bent down by the corpse.

I put my hand on my corpse's chest, on the right side, where the perfectly shaped pec was intact and then I ran the hand downwards over the six pack of the abdominals. Then after a slight hesitation I brought the hand further down on the outside of the slacks to the groin area.

"He... I mean I.... the corpse still has a hard on!" I said.

"I think someone here is a necrophiliac after all" Brian said.

"No, I'm not! But I've always dreamed of being able to make love to myself, as it were without having to touch myself... I am touching myself now, I know, but I mean not the same body that I'm in! ... In a sense I wish I hade a doppelganger or a twin brother or something... if I had that, I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off him" I said.

"Sorry, I was wrong! Not necrophiliac! Egomaniac!" Brian said.

"No, I understand him, I feel the same way" Paul said.

"Maybe we can find your corpse too?" Brian said.

"Knock it off!" Paul said.

"Sorry!" Brian said raising his hands in submission.

I moved my hand up from my corpse's groin area to the hole in the chest and then looked directly into it as I also felt inside. I looked at the cross section under the skin around the hole and noticed that several ribs had been broken clean off on both sides of the hole. It was deep too, straight through the lung to and what I suspected was part of a kidney so I could feel the shoulder blade at the bottom. I brought my hand out again and wiped it on the corpse's pants.

"Shit! That must be some blast that explosive makes!" I said.

"Yes, it does! Are you training to be a coroner?" Brian said.

"Shut up!" Paul said.

"Sorry! My big mouth again!" Brian said.

"I really don't mind Brian's comments, Paul" I said.

"I mind" Paul said.

"No, no! Kiss and make up... make out!" I said.

Brian and Paul looked at each other and then they both smiled and then embraced and kissed each other. I bent forward and put my arms around my corpse.

"Sorry buddy! It wasn't my fault that you turned up dead like this and it was never my intention to take your place like I'm doing now, I simply had no choice. I promise you I will take better care of this body, though!" I said to the corpse.

"You're sick, dude!" Brian said.

"I'm affraid I might agree with Brian there. You shouldn't make promises you can't keep. But I guess it's okay since it's usually beyond our control when we get killed until we get drafted" Paul said.

"Yes, now that you've died and come back once the Masters figure that you'll be used to it so they will kill you whenever they like, sometimes for no reason at all except that they like to kill us in cruel and unual ways with the safe knowledge that they can't be punished for it. It's open season on you now" Brian said and Paul nodded agreement.

"In that case I guess I'd better get used to it. Help me lift this one onto the conveyor" I said as I closed the eyelids of my corpse.

Brian nodded and bent down and grabbed my ankles as I grabbed myself under the armpits and then we lifted me onto the conveyor belt and started walking along it keeping pace with the body. Then the corridor opened up into the stairwell. There was like a small bridge across from the corridor onto the landing of the stairs and there was transparent walls on both sides of the bridge as well as a transparent ceiling over it. There where also transparent walls on the sides of the landings and the stairs, leaving an empty space of three feet between the transparent walls and the concrete walls of the stair well. The conveyor on the other hand ended at the side of the transparent tunnel dumping the bodies into the space between the transparencies and the concrete walls. Brian and Paul led the way down the stairs and I followed. Terrans are usually restricted to use stairs except in very few buildings that have Terrans only elevators. Otherwise we're only allowed to ride elevators in the company of Masters that are employing us at the moment or arresting officers, like in the case of my previous clone. After descending three floors we came to the level where the bodies landed. There, about ten Terrans walked about on top of the bodies and carried the new ones that dropped down and arranged them all around the transparent walls. I looked down the stairs to the next landing where there were no gray concrete visible beyond the transparency but instead a wall of dead Terrans behind the glossy transparency. Then I noticed that one of the live boys behind the transparency was holding my corpse, standing behind it with his arms around the chest holding it up like that while another was feeling the boner inside. Then the guy feeling me up looked noticed me staring at him and then he looked back and forth between the corpse and me a couple more times to make sure that it really was me. He talked urgently to his friend that had been holding me up and he looked to and then they made a point of putting down my body very carefully, leaning it against the transparency, with my front out. They bowed towards me respectfully, asking my forgiveness and I nodded back with a stern look on my face. Then something else attracted their attention and they started shaking their heads with a horrified look. I turned my head and noticed that Brian was pointing at his own heart and nodded at them with a grim smile.

"What's going on?" I said.

"I don't like being so disrespectful against a corpse of a friend of mine. The only way they can redeem themselves is by commiting suicide" Brian said.

"Suicide? How?" I said.

"I'll explain later" Brian said.

"Just watch now" Paul said.

"But I've forgiven them" I said.

"We haven't. You're our friend and your body shouldn't be treated like that, and I think that they understand our point better than you do" Paul said.

The other workers inside the transparency had stopped working and were looking on. One, who seemed to be some kind of foreman was talking to the two that had been so disrespectful and he seemed to be agreeing with Brian and Paul and persuading the two that they should do what Brian asked. The two nodded sadly and then both removed their shirts which they handed to the foreman and lay down beside my body. The one that had been holding me went first and started speaking what looked like numbers by the movements of his lips and then he made a slight pause and closed his eyes as he spoke the last two numbers and then there was a small explosion within his chest, leaving a large hole on the left side and then the boy's body relaxed.

"Hey! There's no master around who could press the remote to set off the charge! How could it just explode like that?" I asked as the other workers put the body of their comrade against the glass, next to mine.

"He triggered the device himself by saying his serial number, two letters and then the number 47. It's possible to trigger any of the killing or torture devices in our bodies by speaking our serial number, the letter combination and then the number of the device. But there's no way of knowing which device is which since they all have different numbers on each different clone, except for the explosive which is always 47" Paul said.

Meanwhile the guy that had been fondling me started speaking his serial number plus the two letters and then said 47 with his eyes closed just like his friend and then he died too. The remaining workers put their fallen comrade against the transparency also next to my body on the other side from the other guy and then they got back to distributing the other bodies that had been piling up round the stair well.

"It's 'dd', or 'tt' or something like that, right?" I said having tried to lipread the guy who died last.

"Let us explain fully first" Paul said.

"Okay. Start by telling me why there is such an arrangement" I said.

"We will, once we get to the cafeteria" Brian said and took my arm and started down the stairs and I followed willingly.

"Look, there's one of my corpses! Must be the latest one too" Brian said and pointed at a body that looked like him.

"I think it may be some time before I can be as cavalier about seeing my corpse as you" I said.

"Yeah, you'll have to die a couple more times first. Look, there I am again... well, my torso, head and arms at least, it must be from the other day when I got cut in half" Brian said and pointed at something that looked like him down to the navel, it seemed where it all was just a bloody mess of guts.

"Brian, please don't scare our friend like that!... Oh, look there's me with a hole in my chest from the charge" Paul said.

"It's okay. I'm getting used to seeing dead bodies all over by now, so I think I might be alright seeing myself dead again too" I said.

"See, I told you he'd be alright! And there I am again!" Brian said.

"No, I'm not alright, it's getting too much now!" I said.

"That's okay, we're getting out of this damned stairwell right here. It's the floor where the cafeteria is" Paul said as he went for the door and then he looked to the left where another corpse of his was just beside the door. He lightly tapped the transparency by the corpse's cheek making a half smile and then he stepped through the door into the cafeteria.

"That's his favorit corpse, I think, he always does that... I suspect that he had a lot of fun in that body and it was a relativly quick and easy death... it was when he met me. My death was a bit more horrible that time, so I'm not as fond of the corpse, good thing it's hidden behind his" Brian said.

"Er, okay" I said.

The cafeteria was a large area with with tiled floor, white walls and a white ceiling. The area was full of small tables, at one by one meter with white tops and aluminum edges. The chairs where made from aluminum rods with white plastic seats and backs. There were boys between ages 1 to 2 years old, or 4 to 6 if you look at the seemingly physical age sitting at almost every table. I guess I should point out that I'm talking about this planet's years which makes them teenagers by Earth standards. Along the wall to the left of us there was an opening into the kitchens where a number of boys with gold collars worked behind a counter which was mostly white except for the bits that were chrome and glass. All in all it was a pretty hideous room. We went over to the counter and grabbed a tray each which we loaded with sandwishes and bottles which turned out to contain a sweet fruit flavoured fluid with bubbles in it. This was all new to me, because they never allow the newly hatched down here, only those who have been killed and given a new clone. We sat down at an empty table. There were four guys sitting at a table next to us that turned around and looked.

"Well, if it isn't the little rent boys who can't keep their hands och dicks off each other! So, you've been executed for that again, have you?" a boy at the other table said.

"Yeah, so? What did you get killed for? Sucking up to the Masters too much?" Brian said and the boy glared at Brian and got to his feet and stood beside Brian looking down on him.

"Hey, they've found a new faggot friend of theirs to drag down with them!" another boy at the table said.

"Well, at least they're not loud mouthed ass holes like you!" I said and the rest of the boys at the other tables got up and looked down on us.

"Are you saying I suck up to the Masters?" the first boy said and grabbed Brian's collar and lifted him up by it.

"Yeah, that's your speciality, isn't it? You keep telling them have superior and better looking than you they are and how wise all their decisions are until they get so sick of it that they leave the pain on until you die from it, isn't that so? And you know what? They really are better looking than you, ugly!" Brian said.

"You bastard! 41523662td..." the boy said, and Brian got a look of panic on his face.

"Stop! Not a number more or I'll set off your charge!" a boy with gold collar said who'd climbed over the counter and approached us, pointing a remote at the boy holding Brian.

"Set him down!" the gold collar ordered.

"One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand" Brian said and kept on counting like that.

"No! He's a littel faggot whore and he insulted me, he shall suffer!" the boy said.

"Set him down and tell me how you got his number!" the gold collar ordered.

"I read it off his collar the other day! Fortyse...." the boy said and the gold collar pressed the button so the boy's chest exploded staining Brian's shirt with blood.

The boy fell over and lost his grip on Brian's collar so Brian fell on the floor besid the dying boy.

"... twentynine one thousand and thirty one thousand! Phew!" Brian said, achieving a look of relief.

"...ven" the boy said with his last breath.

"Too late, the thirty seconds are up! Ha ha!" Brian yelled at the corpse.

"Okay. It's all over, there's nothing more to see here! Everyone return to your sandwishes! Except, the three of you! You clear away your friend's body! And then you can do your days work in the stairwell stacking bodies, I understand two workers recently turned themselves into the work" the gold collar said pointing at the friends of the boy who had just died.

Two of the three boys from the next table picked up their fallen comrade and carried him off towards the stairwell with the third guy walking behind. They opened the door and before they could go out into the stairwell they had to give way to two new arrivals coming into the cafeteria. The two new ones took sandwishes and sodas and then came and sat at the table that had been left empty by the four others. Then they looked over at us and one of them nudged me.

"Sorry, about that thing earlier! When I think about it now, I realise how stupid and disrespectful it was and I've realised that I wouldn't want anyone doing that to my corpse" the boy who had nudged me said.

I looked at him and then I recognised him, it was the boy who recently had fondled the genitals of my corpse.

"It's okay. I forgave you back there, remember!" I said.

"You did, though you would have been perfectly in your right to ask of us what your friends asked of us, it was fair punishment for what we did" the boy who had held my corpse up said.

"I suppose... though I didn't even know you can trigger the heart charge yourself like that until you two did it, and only just now I learned I can do it myself by simply saying 47589612td4..." I said.

"Don't say the last number!" Paul, Brian and the other two yelled in chorus and Paul even put his hand over my mouth and the other hand behind my neck.

"At least not for the next thirty seconds... the charge disarms itself after 30 seconds and then you have to say the whole thing over again to set it off" Paul said.

"That was why I counted like that earlier, you know, 'one one thousand, two one thousand' and so on... I was counting seconds untill I would be safe again" Brian said.

"So, why are we allowed to commit suicide like that? And why is only the heart charge awailable to us for vocal triggering?" I said.

"Well, it was originally made awailable for the Terrans that had been sent to war. Many of the enemy's weapons don't kill you straight away, but wound you seriously or kill you slowly and painfully and so they came up with this so we can end it ourselves quickly, ending the pain and also making it possible to activate the next clone" Brian said.

"But somehow clones that have not been drafted yet got wind of this and managed to get to know what the code was, your serial number, the letters 'T' for 'Trigger' and 'D' for 'Device' and then the number of the device you want to trigger, and this information spread so now almost every Terran that has died at least once knows about this" the boy who had fondled my corpse said.

"The Masters weren't very happy about this and were about to change the code, but then a couple of clones persuaded them not to in exchange for a promise from every Terran to only self trigger if they get tortured in an unusually cruel way by Masters or if they make a gross voilation against another Terran or the corpse of a former clone of his, which puts the voilated Terran in his right to demand that the person who voilated him self trigger" Paul said.

"And it really was a gross voilation we did" the boy who had fondled my corpse said.

"Fair enough. But you seem like nice fellers otherwise, let's be friends from now on!" I said.

"If that's alright with your friends, they seem a bit... upset at us still" the boy who had been holding my corpse said.

"No, no, forgive and forget! I'm Brian" Brian said and stretched out his hand and let the other two shake it.

"I'm Tim" the boy who had been holding my corpse said.

"Kenny" the boy who had fondled my corpse said.

"I'm Jack" I said as I shook their hands.

"Paul. Why don't you turn your chairs around and sit at our table instead?" Paul said and Tim and Kenny did as he suggested.

"Jack, was it? Forgive me for saying so, but it was quite a boner your corpse had, neat package! I'm only mentioning it 'cause I would love to touch the live you the same way I touched the corpse. Simply because touching the live you would beat touching the corpse a hundredfold" Kenny said.

"Thanks, maybe I will let you touch me there in a second. I'm a bit curious though, how come my corpse did have a boner?" I said.

"Well if you had a boner before you died and you get killed with the heart charge the dick remains hard. You see a hard on is when blood is pumped into the dick so the little holes in the tissue there is filled up so much it gets hard and therefore if there suddenly is no heart to pump the blood then the blood can't leave the dick and it stays hard after you die. I was getting a hard on from feeling your corpse up and therefore there's two corpses with hard ons next to each other over there now" Kenny said.

"So why were you having a hard on when you died?" Tim asked me.

"I was fantisising about a threesome with Brian and Paul here at the moment of death" I said blushing a bit and this was met by cheers from the other four and I noticed that Brian and Paul looked flattered and blushed at the same time.

"Let's see if we can't turn that fantasy into reality some day!" Paul said and slapped me on the back hard but in a friendly way.

"I'm getting a new hard on right now, hearing this" Kenny said.

"Me too" Tim said.

"I think that goes for everyone round this table, so now's your chance, Kenny" I said and winked at him.

Both Kenny and I moved our chairs closer in under the table to make sure that nobody at the neighbouring tables saw what was going on. Shortly after I felt a hand on my knee at first and then it moved up my thigh and finally to my groin and started caressing and stroking the large bulge there. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling and I guess I made an involontary moaning sound. This was all new to me. No Terran boy had never touched me like this and I wished like hell that we were in a less public place so that we wouldn't have to have the clothes in between.

"Hey! You're alive this time so why don't you to return the favour?" Brian said and I nodded and put my hand onto Kenny's knee and started moving it up his thigh like he had done to me.

Then I felt it. A huge, hard long thing inside his trousers, just as large as my own 9 inch hard on. I started massaging that long hard rod inside Kenny's slacks and he moaned back and smiled at me and I smiled back. Then his smile faded.

"We must find a time and place where we can go the whole way with each other!" Kenny said and withdrew his hand and I pulled my hand back too.

"Maybe when we get to Earth?" I said.

"What?" the others said.

I exlained about my dreams and memories of a distant small blue green planet called Earth and that we were all really from there... that another name for Earth in another language actually was Terra, and hence the name 'Terrans'. I also told them that since I fainted from seing my own corpse for the first time I had been using a small part of my memory circuits embedded in my brain to record this journal that you are reading right now and that I had started by including the memories of the last dream in the servant's sleeping quarter in that apartment where I'd been framed for murder. I finally told them that I kept the journal to chronicle my attempts to reach Earth at all cost.

"Wow!" Kenny said.

"So how did we all get to be here instead of on... Earth?" Paul said.

"I don't know for sure. From those vague fragments of memories it seems that thousands of people where taken from Earth and then cloned over and over again and we are those clones" I said.

"But do we really belong on Earth, then? Isn't it just the original bodies that belongs there?" Brian said.

"I don't know... I just know that I have a strong urge to go there, to find out more about that planet which somehow feels like it's my real home no matter if I'm just a clone of the original person or not... I have to go there! And don't you want to get away from this hell world where our lives mean nothing? Where the only thing that we're really good for is to be killed over and over again?" I said.

"Yeah, okay. You've got a point there! I wouldn't mind going with you and finding out more about this Earth too... but there's no way out of here for us at the moment" Paul said.

"I'd like to come too, if I ever get away from this hell planet!" Brian said.

"Count us in too" Kenny said and indicated himself and Tim.

"Yes. But Paul there, is right, there is no way off the planet for us" Tim said.

"You can get away! Wait until you get drafted and then after you've finished and get sent to battle you can find ways to sneak away and go to that Earth place. No, don't look around, and don't look up at me! I'm not saying any of this! You have not heard a sound from me! I'm just a menial gold collar who helped your big mouthed friend earlier when he was bullied and now pretending to wipe the table next to you. Don't look!" the gold collar boy said.

"I have an idea, why don't we wait until we get sent to battle and then we can find ways to sneak away to this Earth place!" Brian said.

"Good! Smart kid! Follow his example and pretend it's your own ideas" the gold collar boy said.

"Yeah, I guess that's the only way. But in the meantime, there may be a full year until we even get drafted!" I said.

"In the meantime, let's fuck! Your place or mine?" Kenny said and took my hand.

"Yes, you should return to the honey combs as soon as posible, it's almost curfew time" the gold collar said.

"My place! And it seems that Brian and Paul are thinking of going off together also... er, Tim... I guess you could join us if you like" I said.

"No, I understand that you've never been with a Terran boy before, and your first time shouldn't be a threesome, that can wait... don't worry about me, I'll sleep alone tonight. I don't feel like sex anyway after self triggering" Tim said.

"Sure?" Kenny said.

"Yes, I'm sure!" Tim said.

"He means it, I've known him since we hatched and I can tell when he's really serious about something, let's go, there's very little time left" Kenny said.

We all got up and I started towards the stairwell.

"No, not that way! The tram station is this way!" Brian said and I noticed that everybody was heading for the exit on the other side of the room.

"Oh, okay" I said and I followed the others holding Kenny's hand and when we looked at each other I knew that he would do anything for me and anything to stay by my side all the way home.

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