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This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 20

Written by Adam

I sat up on the bench and looked around me and noticed that Kenny, Brian and Stan wee doing the same thing while Paul started to breath more deeply than the clone had done before the consciousness and memories had been transfered to it and he opened his eyes and just after the same thing happened to Tim. I reached up and felt my neck.

"Shit, those where the most horrifying seconds I've experienced! Pray they never use that neck cutting device on you!" I said.

"Did your head live on for several seconds after it had been cut off? And you saw everything?" Paul said.

"Not everything, only what was in my field of vision" I said.

"That's what I meant... I thought I just imagined it when it happened to me... but if you experienced the same thing... I agree, being decapitated is something I don't recommend either" Paul said.

"I thought you were looking back at me when I held your head up in front of my face" Kenny said.

"You looked so sad when you did that!" I said.

"Well if the two of you say that I trust you" Brian said putting an arm around Paul's shoulders and kissed his neck.

Then we heard a terrified yell further away and when we looked around we noticed Kim sitting up on a bench, feeling his neck and beyond him the girl sat up too. I realised that it was Kim that had yelled and I rushed over to him with Kenny and the others following me.

"That kid killed you too? Why? You weren't in the game, so he couldn't recognise you from there and surelly every Master can't know that you're the one who admitted to killing your own father?" I said.

"He got really pissed off at that kid for killing the six of you and especially for decapitating his best friend and started beating him up... the kid just pointed his remote at him and cut his head off too" the girl said.

"What about you? Why did he kill you?" I said.

"That was horrible! My head rolled off for a bit and I saw my headless body and I saw Lisa here pick it off the kid and extended her hand to help him up, but instead he detonated her heart... did you see what happened after you got decapitated too?" Kim asked looking at me.

"Yeah, and so did Paul when it happened to him.... Kim, don't attack and beat up every Master that kills me or the others! It'd be a full time job and you'd only get killed too... the Masters are mad at us for winning the game and so they kill us when they see us, we'll just have to live with that... er, bad choice of words... there's nothing we can do about it... so next time just start throwing the bodies into the dumpster and we'll hurry out to help you" I said.

"Okay, I'll try, but I can't make any promisses" Kim said and hugged me.

"Come on, let's get back to work!" I said.

"The thing that really pisses me off is that we were doing so good and now there's eight extra bodies to pick up" Kim said.

"Er..." I said.

"You know, they said this morning that you two were his parents in a way since they took genes from both of you to make him... and now I see that he got his sense of humor from his father!" Brian said and ruffled my hair.

"No no no, they must have taken your humor gene and given him" I said and playfully hit Brian on the shoulder.

"Don't fight!" Kim said.

"We're not fighting, we're only kidding around. See we're really best friends" Brian said and he and I hugged to show Kim that we were friends.

"Okay... but I'll guess I have to work on that sense of humor so neither of you thinks I got it from the other, but have a sense of humor of my own" Kim said and hit both Brian and me on the shoulders playfully.

"Okay, you've got the general idea, but you hit a bit too hard" I said.

"No, you hit me harder than Kim did" Brian said.

"No, I did not!" I said.

"Yes you did!" Brian said.

"No, I did..." I started to say.

"Hey, will you guys get your testosterone in check, we should get back to work!" the girl said.

"Right" I said

"Absolutly... last one in the clothes store is a Master!" Brian said and ran off towards the door and the rest of us except Kim and the girl ran after.

We were already equipped with a set of clothes each when Kim and the girl arrived at the door. Kim stepped aside and motioned for the girl to go through.

"Ladies first" Kim said.

"But then you'll be a Master according to Brian" the girl said.

"That's okay, I've been a Master before... and I promise to be as nice a Master as I was before" Kim said.

"Okay then" the girl said and stepped through.

"Hey, you seems to have learned all our names but we don't know yours" I said extending my hand for her to shake.

"That's only Kenny and you who haven't introduced yourself properly. Brian, Paul, Stan, Tim and I took care of the formalities this morning before we started work and Kim and I introduced ourselves to each other in there just now... my name's Pat" the girl said and shook my hand and then Kenny's too.

There was a chirp from a wrist device and Paul quickly strapped his to his arm and then answered.

"Yes?" Paul said.

"Since there was nobody left to carry bodies after you got killed I decided to go out to sea and empty this dumpster. In the meantime you can walk a little longer and put the bodies into the dumpster in the alley in the next block" a voice said from the wrist device. I couldn't see the display from where I stood but I easily worked out that it was the driver of the dumpster truck.

"Understood... we're about to get dressed and go back to work now" Paul said and turned off his wrist device.

Kim and Pat had been receiving a set of clothes each during this and we walked out into the dressing room. We got dressed and mostly joked around a bit. Then we finally got back to the sidewalk and saw our bodies lying around by the beginning of the bridge, while the kid who had killed us and his family were long gone. The dumpster truck wasn't there either, but we knew that already. It would actually be a while before it returned.

"It's too long to carry the bodies by hand to that dumpster... I believe there's a couple of hover carts in there!" Paul said and pointed to a door by the corner of the building.

"And how do we get to those? Isn't that door locked?" I said.

"Yes, but only so the gangs of Masters roaming the city at night won't steal those carts or any Terran won't be able to hide in there during curfew... but it opens to any collar that's registered as working the clean up detail for the day" Paul said and walked over and pressed the button on his collar and the door opened.

Paul went inside and pulled out a thing that looked like the ordinary dumpsters in design but much smaller and slightly different proportions. It was a meter wide and two meters long and the inside was half a meter deep and the whole thing constantly hovered a foot off the ground.

"There's only two carts, so I suggest Kenny, Jack, Kim and Pat takes this one and loads it up!" Paul said sending the cart over to us and Kenny and I caught it before it was about to go over the edge, "And then Stan, Tim, Brian and I take the other one. Each group start with the corpses of their previous clones" Paul continued bringing out the second cart and closed the door.

"Ouch!" I said.

"What's the matter?" Kenny said fearing the worst.

"This edge at the bottom of the cart hit me on these bones at the front of my legs, it hurt like hell!" I said.

"Oh God! Let me look! Pull up the legs off your trousers! Can you walk? Otherwise you should self trigger to get a new body!" Kenny said pulling at my trouser legs.

"Are you overreacting or making fun of me? I'm not that badly hurt! I'll get a bruise or two from it and it was painful when it happened that's all" I said.

"Why did you make such a fuss, saying 'ouch' and so on, then?" Kenny said.

"They 'ouch' was appropriate to the level of pain I was feeling... if I had been more badly hurt I would have screamed like this" I said and then screamed as hard as I could.

"Now, you're making fun of me" Kenny said.

"Yep, sorry! I still love you though" I said and kissed Kenny.

"Ah, they're so sweet... but shouldn't we load the cart with bodies?" Pat said.

"Oh, yes sorry" I said.

"And where's that dumpster we're supposed to load the bodies into?" Kim said.

"Just a second! Paul, that dumpster we're supposed to put the bodies into, is it the same one as the one where we played dead the other night?" I said.

"Yes... the very same one!" Paul said.

"Okay, then I know where it is. Kenny, give me a hand here, please?" I said picking up the arms of my corpse and Kenny picked up the legs and we lifted the body into the cart.

"Hey Jack, where's your head? And where's my head?" Kim said looking around on the ground.

"My head is right here!" I said tapping my forehead with my indexfinger "and your head, I believe is here" I continued and kissed Kim.

"Thanks for the kiss, but I didn't mean these heads... I meant the head that belonged to that body, and the one that was attached to 47588002 until 15 minutes ago" Kim said and pointed at the headless corpse of me in the cart and then to his own headless corpse.

"The kid probably kept them as trophees" Kenny said.

"Hey, he can't do that!" Kim said angrily.

"Yes he can, and there's nothing we can do or say about it" I said.

"Surelly you know what the Masters are capable of... isn't it these kind of things that you hated being a Master for?" Kenny said.

"Yes, and now I hate them even more! We've gotta do something! We've gotta break free! We've gotta put an end to the slavery and the violation of our bod..." Kim said but got cut short as Pat gave him a right hook.

"Ouch!" Kim said.

"Don't ever say those kind of things aloud again, especially not on an open sidewalk like this! You could be discontinued for that!" Kenny said.

"She hit me!" Kim said.

"Yes, she did, and that was to save you... getting hit like that is much better than getting killed and never waking up again! Well done Pat!" I said.

"Screw you! I'm getting out of here!" Kim said and started walking away.

I ran after him and stepped in front of him.

"Kim, we're doing this because we like you and care about you we don't want to see you get hurt and least of all discontinued! I understand this transition period must be difficult for you, but we're here for you to help your through it... come on back and help us!" I said.

Over Kim's shoulder I saw Pat start to walk towards us, presumably to help me persuade Kim but I quickly exchanged glances with Kenny and he knew precisely what I wanted and grabbed her arm, holding her back, said something to her and then they picked up the corpse of her former self and put into the cart and this made Brian, Paul, Tim and Stan go back to work too.

"Leave me alone!" Kim cried pushing me aside and continued walking.

I ran to overtake him and stood in his way again but before I could make another attempt to talk to him his right fist headed for my chin and without thinking deflected the blow and grabbed his arm with both hands twisting it while I moved one leg forward to be behind his legs as I dragged him backwards laying him down on the ground. As I did this I realised that this must be another move from those locked military files in my memory circuits that Kenny had talked about. When I got Kim on the ground I sat astride his chest and held his arms down.

"Kim, listen to me! You're absolutely right! We've got to... do what you said, but not now and not here and we must not talk about it! Talking like that is extremely dangerous for a Terran! If you keep talking like that we'll loose you and we don't want to lose, we like you! Think of Mark! He loves you! And you love him, right? He's finally found a boyfriend, surelly you don't want him to become lonely again?" I said as Kim struggled to be free.

"Get off me!" Kim screamed and made a move which send me flying in a wide arc over the railing at the edge of the sidewalk.

"Not again!" I said as I saw the abyss below me.

"Jack!" Kim and I felt his arm grab my arm and I swung and hit the side of the building with a thud.

"Kim, let go! My next clone will be here in no time!" I said.

"No!" Kim said.

"You've got nothing to hold on to so you can't drag me up and I'll only drag you with me!" I said.

"I will not kill you, not even by accident! I'm holding onto the railing!" Kim said, grabbing the lower pipe of the railing above him.

"Yes, but you still can't pull me up!" I said.

"It's alright, we've got you!" Kenny said as he and the others came running.

Kenny sat down on Kim's legs and grabbed the belt in his trousers and put the heels of his shoes against the slightly raised edge. Brian and Paul grabbed an arm each and pulled me up to where Pat and Tim could help them lift me over the railing while Kenny and Stan pulled Kim clear of the Edge. Kim got up and we both thanked those who helped us.

"Jack, you were saying that we will be doing those things?" Kim said quietly and I pulled his head close and whispered to him.

"Yes, but there's a time and place for everything and this is not it!" I whispered.

"When and where then?" Kim whispered.

"First we need to get off this planet and that means allowing ourselves to be drafted and sent to war, and then we can make our escape!" I whispered.

"Escape? What about putting an end to the Terran's slavery under the Masters?" Kim whispered

"Eventually we may be able to do that, but our first priority will be to find Earth or find out what happened to it if it's been destroyed" I whispered.

"I might be able to help you with that... I'll tell you more later... now we've got bodies to pick up!" Kim pulled away from my ear and said the last things loud enough for the others to hear.

"Before we do that... I owe you a free strike!" Pat said and stuck her chin out for Kim to hit.

"No, you did right earlier, I realise that I was way out of line when I said those things... and besides, I don't hit girls!" Kim said.

"Since I fight like a guy, it's alright... go on, I won't mind!" Pat said.

Kim raised his fist and moved it towards her chin and hit it with no force at all, like when I playfully hit Brian on the shoulder earlier, though he claims I hit him hard.

"But on the other hand you fight like a girl!" Pat said.

"I can fight for real too, but I don't want to hit you, 'cause you're my friend... I've come to realise that I have the same locked military file in my memory circuits as these guys... apparently it's something present in every Terran male" Kim said.

"Every Terran with a silver collar has them, males and females alike" Paul said.

"Precisely... all Terrans are sent to war eventually... they used to send us off when we turned two years old.... six if you've grown up normally, but I suspect the war is going badly for them so they send younger and younger clones the whole time... any day now they'll start sending the one year olds so all of us here now could be drafted quite soon... much sooner than normally would be the case" Pat said.

"How do you know this?" I said.

"There's this girl I had an affair with and we almost became girlfriends but then she was sent off to war, and she was only one and one third year old" Pat said.

"Sixteen" I said more or less to myself.

"What?" Pat said.

"Sixteen Earth years... or Terran years... the planet the Terrans are from makes three laps around it's sun in the time that it takes this planet to make a lap round the sun which means that one year here is three years on Earth as the Terran planet is called" I said.

"Let's get back to work and you can tell her all about Earth in the meantime, okay?" Kenny said.

We went back to the carts and started loading the bodies onto them. Kenny and I picked up Kim's body and put it on a cart and Kim walked over and looked at it for a moment and poked it carefully as if affraid it might come back to life and then he patted it in the kind of respectful way he'd seen Kenny and me put our hands against the transparency in the stairwell and then he went back to work.

"Sorry, but I've never seen my own corpse before... well I did see the corpse of my original Master's body on a screen this morning, but that was different... and then I couldn't touch it... besides I like my Terran body much better... well I like Terran bodies better all together... due to the smooth skin and the hair on the head" Kim said, feeling his own hair.

"Has he been like that all day? Comparing the Masters and Terrans bodies?" Pat said.

"Yes, but I think I understand him... being Terran is all knew to him and apparently an endless fountain of comparison to his previous existence as a Master" I said.

"Okay. Don't get me wrong Kim, I think it's cute!" Pat said.

"Thanks... I think" Kim said.

"Jack, you were telling me some stupid story about a Terran planet! What kind of bullshit is that? Everybody knows that Terrans don't have a planet of their own!" Pat said.

"Maybe... it's possible it's gone now or incapable of supporting life anymore, but there is a planet from which all Terrans originated" I said and then told her too about my dreams while we pulled the now full cart across the bridge and soon into the alley where we had hid two nights ago.

Kenny walked over and pressed a button by the side of the dumpster and the metal platform it stood on started lowering it into the ground to a level where it would be easy to throw the bodies in.

"Okay, I'm not sure if I believe any of that but if you let me I'd like to come along and find out if there's any truth to your story or if you're merely delusional" Pat said.

"Thanks... I don't know, I guess I'll have to ask the rest of the guys" I said.

"Fine by us" Paul said as he, Brian, Tim and Stan came with the other cart.

"Okay, you're in" I said.

"Hey, there's that poor guy they peed on... but didn't he lie at the other end of the dumpster?" Brian said.

"What are you talking about? And what's this I heard about you playing dead somewhere near here? Isn't it bad enough to be killed? Why would you want to play dead when you're alive?" Kim said.

"We were out past curfew and hid in this dumpster and pretended to be dead so they wouldn't kill us" I said.

"It's the same guy, but not the same clone... that one is more recent... the one they peed on is over there, right where he died" Kenny said and pointed at the badly hurt corpse that lacked arms and legs and a heart.

"Peed? Do you mean that they urinated on him?" Kim asked.

"Yes... while he was still alive... he self triggered to end his suffering quickly" I said.

"Shit!" Kim said.

"No, pee... urin, like you said" Brian said.

"Brian!" Paul said.

"Sorry!" Brian said.

"It's okay... even though it was a very silly joke" Kim said.

We unloaded the corpses from the carts and went back and filled them up again. This time we cleared the sidewalk all the way to the beginning of the alley so we didn't have to go so far to empty the carts.

"This dumpster's getting full so I called the truck driver and he'll come and pick it up and empty it in the ocean" Paul said as we were throwing the last bodies from the carts into the dumpster.

Suddenly my wrist comm chirped and when I turned it on it turned out to be K'ch'kt-aa.

"Well, look who it is! Mr 'K'... unfortunatly I can't pronounce your name... I would say 'Nice to see you', but I don't like to lie to a Master" I said.

"Careful, he'll kill you for saying that!" Kim said.

"I already have killed him... in a way. I locked 47589 as target for my gun last night and the target lock doesn't disappear just because you shoot the person... at least not when you lock it to the first five numbers only, then it remains until you lock the gun on somebody else... which I haven't. Just before I called you I fired five rounds of dissolving bullets here on the other side of the city so they should seek you out and hit you before this call is over" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Nice" I said.

"I've heard that you expect me to challenge you to a rematch... and I was going to. I planned to hire Grand T'chaaa Stadium and play against you there in front of an audience of thousands and still kill you off one by one until I won the game this time... I was even going to invite the Divine One to watch" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"But you're not going to? Why?" I said.

"I would need a week to arrange all that and I've just learned that you won't be here by then... you'll all be drafted before tomorrow night" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"But then you won't be able to restore your honor by defeating us!" I said.

"Yes, unfortunatly that can't be helped... but all is not lost either... Less than five years from now your memory circuits will be full and so they will start you over back here with blank memories and I'll challenge those clones to that return game instead... it'll take a little longer, but I'll get my revenge... er, will you be working in the brothel tomorrow before they draft you?" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Yes, at least we were supposed to work there and I guess we will if they don't draft us before then" Brian said looking over my shoulder.

"I don't usually go there but I'll make an exception tomorrow morning... I feel like fucking the guy who held the gun that killed my mother until I cum inside him... and I'll pay the brothel enough to be allowed to do it without the protective" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"It's nice to know that we can get along and be friends like that" I said sarcastically.

"Don't you dare kill him that way! He died from my cum two days ago, isn't that enough?" Kim yelled.

"Oh, is that K'chm'tckIckt? My cousin told me he tipped the three of you out of the tram earlier today... and he was right, you really are much uglier as a Terran than when you were a Master... but then all Terrans are ugly.... I guess I should thank you for removing my father's worst rival to the title of Prime Minister... but I won't be caught thanking a Terran, so... There's nothing you can say K'chm'tckIckt to make me not cum inside your friend... though, if you're lucky I'll fuck you without protective too... now that I know what you look like..." K'ch'kt-aa said and laughed.

"If you like, but you're not doing it to Jack!" Kim said.

"Ah, yes you all give each other names, don't you? The numbers we give you aren't good enough? Jack, Kenny, Brian... so what's your name as Terran?" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Kim" Kim said.

"You've taken part of your Master's name and simplified it to allow a Terran tongue to pronounce it? How dare you?" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Much better than my original name" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"I'm not going to argue about that now. It's time to end this conversation. Jack, er... I mean 47589622" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Yes?" I said.

K'ch'kt-aa didn't say anything but seemed to be waiting for something. Then five bullets came round the corner and stopped to hover in the air for a couple of seconds and then moved towards me. Suddenly Kim threw himself in the way of the bullets but to no effect 'cause the bullets simply flew around him and hit me anyway knocking me off my feet so I flew backwards and landed in the dumpster.

"Have a nice day!" K'ch'kt-aa with a smile and then ended the communication.

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