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This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 21

Written by Adam

Kim turned around and looked at me surprised that his attempt to take the bullets for me had failed. Inside me I felt the bullets open up in front and squirt some of their corrosive fluid inside me and then their propulsion unit making them move forward a bit and then squirt some more. I thought my suicide with Kim's cum when he was Master had been painful but this was actually worse. Kim rushed up to me and kneeled beside me in the dumpster and then he took of his shirt and pressed it over the bleeding wounds in my belly.

"I tried to save you but the bullets just.... are you alright?" Kim said.

"No... but my next clone will be, get down from the dumpster, they're coming to pick it up and empty it" I said.

"Okay" Kim said and then worked his arms in under my back and my knees and started to lift me, I screamed from the increased pain this caused.

"Kim put him down!" Kenny said.

"But he can't lie here among the corpses... he'll end up in the ocean with them and drown! We've gotta get these bullets out so we can save him!" Kim said.

"I'll be dead long before we reach the ocean... and you can't save me... the bullets are releasing a corrosive fluid inside me that will dissolve your fingers if you try to get them out just as it's dissolving my innards right now... this body is as good as dead already, it can't be saved... but in a few moments I'll have a perfectly new body and I'll see you again as soon as I've put on some clothes and come down here from the cloning plant" I said between gasps from the pain.

"Why, you don't seem to be so badly hurt... at this rate the bullets won't kill you for several hours!" Kim said.

"I won't wait untill the bullets kill me, that's a more painful death than when I used your cum to..." I said.

"Stop talking to Kim and do it while you can! Kim, get down from the dumpster! Now!" Brian said sternly.

"Do what while you can?" Kim said.

"Self trigger... 475896..." I started saying but Kim put his hand over my mouth.

"Oh no! No committing suicide on my watch!" Kim said.

"He's in pain, you don't want him to be in pain, do you? And he'll die in any case, better to die in a less painful way than from the bullets" Kenny said.

Then Kim's wrist comm beeped and when he activated it I heard K'ch'kt-aa's voice.

"Hello! You know, I just discovered something about this rifle! I can actually tap in a five digit number on this keypad here and decide where on the body the bullets should hit... though I made no new selection so they will hit the same places in the belly as they did on 47589622... I felt that since you tried to take his bullets instead of him that you really wants to get shot so I fired a few bullets just after I finished talking to him and now I'm calling to make sure that I got your number right and see your face when the bullets hit you... incredible that you actually have the number directly after his since you seem so close to him in every other way" K'ch'kt-aa said and laughed.

"You bastard, you hurt my friend so he's in incredible pain now because of you!" Kim yelled.

"You mean he hasn't self triggered yet? ... No, wait, don't tell me, you won't let him, right?" K'ch'kt-aa said and continued laughing.

"You bast..." Kim began and then he suddenly looked up and saw the bullets coming towards him.

Kim just stood up and faced the bullets that howered by the corner while holding up the wrist comm in front of his face to allow K'ch'kt-aa to see it as the bullets thudded into him and as they did so Kim landed on his back beside me K'ch'kt-aa laughed even louder.

"Tag you're it!" K'ch'kt-aa said laughing.

"In that case I'll be coming to tag you one day! ... oh shit! That hurts!" Kim said as the bullets started dissolving his innards.

"You're a Terran now if you kill me they'll execute you for it... I'll make sure they'll execute you three times in a row! ... now you must realise what your friend is enduring and why he prefers to blow his heart to bits... see ya!... oh, sorry, forgot I won't see you again, only your next clone!" K'ch'kt-aa laughed and then ended the transmission.

"Kim, K'ch... charmboy is right, self triggering is better than this!" I gasped.

"Okay, go ahead and kill yourself!" Kim gasped.

"You've gotta do it to, you don't want to die like that" I said.

"I don't know how!" Kim said.

"About time somebody teaches you then! Say your number and then the letters 't' and 'd' and then the number 47" I said.

"Okay, now I know... go ahead and do it!" Kim gasped.

"I want to make sure you've understood my instructions and actually go ahead and do it to yourself!" I said.

"No, you first!" Kim said.

"Stop arguing about it and do it... the truck is here to pick up the dumpster and I won't let them take it as long as there are two living friends of mine in there!" Kenny said climbing up into the dumpster as it was being raised up out of the ground.

"Kim, say your number now!" I said.

"No!" Kim said.

"47588003 isn't it?" Kenny said.

"Yes" Kim said.

"Then go ahead and say the final sequence!" I said.

"No!" Kim said.

"Do you want that painful death?" I said.

"No!" Kim said.

"Then go ahead and do it! It's not so bad... especially compared to being slowly dissolved from inside... it was a bit uncomfortable the first couple of times but now I'm used to it... you've experienced it once already, though that was as a Master, it can't be much different!" I said.

"Okay... I guess you're right..." Kim gasped.

The lift that the dumpster stood on reached ground level with a thud that made the dumpster shake and the wounds and pain worsen above us the truck that had been hovering started descending so that the rectangular frame of steel beams behind the cabin would fit around the dumpster.

"Kenny, they're about to pick up the dumpster, get off now" I gasped.

"The driver promissed he won't leave until I've climbed down... now, end this pain that both of you are in" Kenny said quietly a tear running down his cheek.

"Don't cry, my next clone will be here before you know it" I said.

"I know, but I don't like to see my boyfriend in this much pain! Kim, go ahead and self trigger now, you'll see it's not so bad" Kenny said.

"Fine... td47... nothing happened, maybe my charge isn't armed?" Kim gasped.

"More than thirty seconds have passed since Kenny said your number so you'll have to say it again... all of it... don't worry, I'll hold your hand" I gasped, taking Kim's hand into mine.

"47588003td47" Kim gasped and then I heard the explosion beside me and I turned to look at Kim who lay there twitching and actually beginning to smile.

"Now, you do it while I'm still..." Kim began saying.

"475896622td47" I said and jerked as my heart was blown to bits and then I smiled to as my body started going numb.

"See you in a flash Kim!" Kenny said and Kim nodded slightly and let out his last breath and then Kenny bent over and kissed me on the lips, no tongue.

"Good, If you'd done that to any other part of my body I wouldn't have felt it" I said.

"I know, that's why I did just that.... see you my lo...." Kenny said. Maybe he said more than that but I missed it, as the next thing I know I was waking up as 47589623 in the cloning plant with an excited 47588004 standing beside my bench. The fact that he was excited was very obvious if you looked low enough.

"So what's the meaning of this?" I said grabbing his erect cock as I sat up on the edge of the bench.

"Mark just called me to see if I was alright and tell me a few things he intended for the party... apparently he heard about my being shot and wanted to know what that was all about... and apparently he's taking statements from the others there by the dumpster to the effect that K'ch'kt-aa killed me without me being employed by him or having provoked him in any way when the curfew wasn't in effect... K'ch'kt-aa could be forced to pay a fine for that" Kim said.

"Fine" I said.

"Yes, it means he has to pay money to the..." Kim said.

"I know what it means, it was a pun" I said.

"Oh... sorry.... didn't think that far" Kim said.

"So, what does Mark say about me holding your cock like this?" I said.

"He might get a bit jelous" Kim said.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I am... the same way Kenny is jelous of you, if you know what I mean?" Mark said behind me making me jump a meter in the air.

"Mark! Hi! Sure, I know what you mean. Came to see your boyfriend?" I said.

"Yes... I don't think he understood exactly what I told him we were going to do at the party... oh yes, and to pass it along to you so you could talk to the others so I'd be sure it would be okay and that everybody wants to do this thing I had in mind... Besides, I've ended my shift early today and will go with you to the tram station" Mark said.

"And what's that?" I said.

"Mark is right, I didn't understand completly... what does gang bang mean... I understood it has something to do with sex but..." Kim said.

"Er... I see... sounds exciting, I've never tried it myself but I'd like to... I'll ask the others and then we'll explain to Kim together... we'll let you know at the party" I said.

"Good... by the way, Kenny called and said that they'd finnished working for the day and they'll be waiting for us at the tram station... let's get you some clothes and bring Mike along" Mark said and walked towards the door to the clothes store with us following close behind.

"Wait a second... you protested against K'ch'kt-aa killing me, but not that he killed Jack..." Kim said while Mike went to get our sets of clothes.

"That wouldn't be any point. I won against him at t'chaaa so he can claim that he killed me to avenge the loss of face I caused him or something like that, but you weren't in the game so he can't claim that right on you..." I said.

"You defend his killing you?" Kim said.

"No, but on the other hand he can't kill me again for that reason, so now he has to find another reason to kill me.... like trying to catch me out after curfew or be a customer of mine at the brothel tomorrow... if he can still afford it after paying the fine" I said.

"What I don't understand is why the Masters has set up laws that prevents them from killing us without reason, since they like killing us so much" Mike said placing our clothes on the counter.

"You can thank my mother for that... she used to be an elected member of the ruling council too. Actually she tried to outlaw the murders of Terrans altogether... she didn't succeed at that, but she had enough supporters that didn't mind limiting the possibilities to kill the Terrans... us... but trying to outlaw it altogether turned out the be the last straw and the real reason she had to run away... so she really isn't that safe now just because my dad is gone" Kim said.

"Then she's the one who came up with the idea for the curfew?" Mark said.

"Yes, it was a compromise she suggested when she couldn't get a majority to vote for the limiting laws... she realised they would be willing to limit the killing during daytime on provision that they could torture and kill any Terran they found after curfew as much as they liked... she wasn't very proud of that but at least it was better than allowing them to kill us whenever they felt like it at any time of day" Kim said.

"Well, at least she managed to get something done. And I could tell she's a good person at heart" I said.

"Thanks" Kim said.

"I understand you have a lot of things to tell us, but let's wait untill everybody can hear them, at the party" Mark said.

"Did I hear you say the word 'party'?" Mike said.

"Ofcourse you did, and you do know it's a party I've already told you and invited you to it so stop playing silly games with me! Put that intern of yours in charge and come, it's time to go to the party!" Mark said.

"I thought, you'd never ask! John, you're in charge the last few minutes today... don't miss the last tram before curfew!" Mike said jumping over the counter.

In the dressing room I finished dressing a lot faster that Kim.

"How come you get dressed that fast?" Mike said.

"I've had a lot of practice... unfortunatly" I said.

"Why's that unfortunate??? Doesn't that mean that you've had a lot of sex and have had to get dressed afterwards?" Mike said.

"No, that's what's so unfortunate... I haven't gotte that much sex, it's because I've been killed so many times and been given new clothes by you..." I said.

"Oh... sorry... but since I've been to a lot of Mark's parties I can promise you that tonight will compensate for that!" Mike said and hugged and kissed me and I wrapped my arms around him and let his tongue wrestle with my own.

"Hey, what will Kenny say?" Kim said as he stood up after having finished dressing.

"Nothing, if I give him a kiss too" Mike said.

"Though, I won't tell him that you kissed Jack if you kiss me too" Kim said.

"That's okay, I'll kiss Kenny in any case... but I'll kiss you anyway... after your boyfriend, ofcourse" Mike said as Mark started kissing Kim.

"There, now you can have him... and I also promise to kiss Kenny later... " Mark said and kissed me and before I closed my eyes and enjoyed the kiss I saw that Mike and Kim kissed too.

"Hey, what's with all the kissing?" a voice said, and Mark and I turned around to see a nude gold collar boy stand just inside the door holding some clothes. He did seem familiar to me but I couldn't remember where I'd seen him before.

"Hi Tom... why don't you join us, it's quite nice... how come you come from that door naked with a fresh set of clothes... how and why were you killed?" Mike said.

"I knocked on the wrong door... I don't know if it'd be okay for me to join in, I only know you Mike, and Mark ofcourse... oh, and I saw you last night when I led you to that Master's door... nice kid, but not very clever for a Master... didn't he refuse to blame you for the master so he got executed himself and turned into a Terran?" Tom said.

"Thanks a lot Tom... well, I never like being a Master anyway, so I hope you find me clever enough as a Terran... by the way, you used to say you preferred Terran boys to Masters, so I hope you won't say no to me now" Kim said and walked over and put an arm round Tom's shoulder.

"Er... excuse me, do I know you? You seem strangely familiar, though I've never seen you before" Tom said.

"I'd think the things he just said would be clues enough.... or does he have to tell you what he said last night when you brought me and my boyfriend to his appartment?" I said.

"What?" Tom said.

"Who's not very clever?" Kim said.

"Don't worry, Tom's always this slow on the uptake when he's a new clone... Tom, why don't you come with us to my party tonight and then maybe, you'll realise who Kim here used to be?" Mark said.

"Sure, I'd love to come to your party... I thought you stopped having those parties, by the way... wait... Kim? Did you say this kid is called Kim?" Tom said.

"Yes, the same name I insisted on being called by you while I still was a Master" Kim said.

"Don't get me wrong, but you look much better as a Terran than as a Master... no offence" Tom said.

"Ofcourse not, that's a compliment.... thank you!" Kim said and kissed Tom on the cheek.

"Hey, get dressed quickly, we're heading for the party now!" Mark said to Tom who nodded and started getting dressed.

"If I promise to also kiss Kenny later, can I kiss you now?" Kim said.

"Ofcourse... see, Mike is already kissing Mark to make up for kissing you!" I said and then I kissed Kim.

"I trust Mark has made sure that we're an even number at the party as usual?" Tom said.

"Ofcourse" Mark said as he and Mike finished kissing.

"Then I'll wait until we're all there before I kiss" Tom said.

"As you wish. Are you finished dressing? Good, let's go now!" Mark said and we walked to the other side of the building and took the elevator down to the level of the tram station and walked through the transparent doors about the same time as K'ch'kt-aa came down the steps from the sidewalk with his bolt gun and aimed it at my chest.

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