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This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 22

Written by Adam

K'ch'kt-aa's eyes and mine met for a second and then a couple of hands grabbed my upper arm and pulled me to the side, out of the way of the gun.

"That is the second time you've tried to save him, why?" K'ch'kt-aa said calmly and pointed the gun at my chest again.

"He's been doing that a lot more than you've seen and I'm getting curious too" I said.

"Well, this one was because I owed you one since you saved me from getting a bolt through me this morning" Kim said.

"Oh, well ofcourse" I said.

"Well, I'm not going to kill your friend this time... I've already gotten in trouble for killing you without proper reason... I hate that law! ... and I understand you don't have any intention of staying out past curfew tonight so I guess you'll get away easy this time... but I'll be seeing you two tomorrow in the brothel" K'ch'kt-aa said, to Kim.

"So why do you keep pointing that gun at him?" Kim said.

"I wanted to see his reaction... but don't worry, it's not loaded... Jack, you were going to show me something last night and I said 'later' ... now it is later" K'ch'kt-aa said and held the bolt and his knife out for me to take.

"Now's your chance! This may be our only chance to get rid..." Kim whispered in my ear.

"No! I've killed enough members of his family already and I don't want to be executed... even though that first killing wasn't entirely me...I was just used... not a word more!" I whispered back.

"What are your whispering about?!" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Nothing and we are not going to whisper any more in your presence, sir. Is that understood, Kim?" I said and Kim nodded.

"Good... now show me what you were going to show me... and you'd bette be quick if you're going to make it onboard the last tram before curfew... it'll be here in a minute" K'ch'kt-aa said.

I took the bolt but not the knife and unscrewed the security ring and handed the rest of the bolt back to K'ch'kt-aa.

"Hold this, please. And now, may I have the knife, please?" I said and K'ch'kt-aa handed me the knife suspiciously.

I used the tip of the knife to cut away the rubber balloon inside the ring and tossed the rubber over the edge of the platform and then handed the ring and the knife back to K'ch'kt-aa who put the knife back in it's sheath and screwed the ring back onto the bolt and loaded it into the gun just as the tram came up to the station and the doors opened.

"I will try this just as soon as the curfew hits, so if you don't want to be the target you'd better get onboard now... and if this doesn't work... if this won't fire like yesterday, it'll be worse on you tomorrow in the brothel!" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"I know" I said as we walked onto the tram and then started getting squeezed so tight that we hardly could breathe when as many as posible tried to get on the tram not wanting to be left behind on the platform.

Tim leaned to the side and patted his corpse on the shoulder where it still was hanging on the side of the tram.

"Why did you show him that? Now, he'll be bolting a lot of innocent Terrans... wasn't that sorta collaborating?" Kim said.

"He'd bolt them anyway... and if Jack had refused he'd been killed... and then he would have missed the party" Paul said.

"And that would have been unacceptable to me" Mark said.

"Whatever you say, boyfriend" Kim said and kissed Mark.

"You were right, they are cute together!" Ike said right behind me.

"Ofcourse" Andy said also, right behind me.

I turned around to see them standing there holding on to a pole and looking up at us. There are no seats in the 'Terrans only' trams.

"Kim, your brother's here and you don't even say 'hi' to him" I said.

"Well, you're a very cute couple too.. Andy, don't forget what you promissed earlier!" Mark said.

"He's already apologised to me, if that's what you mean" I said.

"Yes, and he thanked him too... I was there and witnessed it" Kenny said.

"I witnessed it too... and if your boyfriend tells you that his brother's boyfriend doesn't need to apologise again..." Kim said.

"Then I take your word for it" Mark said.

"'Boyfriend'?... so it's official now? You too are together? Well done bro'!" Ike said and patted Kim on the back.

"Excuse me, are you friends with Jack now?" Paul said.

"Yes, so you don't have to kick me down into any more garbage chutes... though you were right to do it the first time... though the bit about getting my cock cut off against my will was a bit over the top... but I guess I deserved that too... and now I wonder if I wouldn't agree to let him do it if he ever came to me again" Andy said.

"In that case... any friend of Jack..." Paul said.

"... is a friend of you too. Yes, I'm getting the hang of that mentality. A lot of people seem to reason that way. I don't know who said that to me, but I should try to make some more friends instead of enemies" Andy said.

"Well, you've made a few friends already and since we all reason that way, you suddenly have a lot of friends now" Stan said.

"Thanks... I trust we're still invited to the party?" Andy said.

"Certainly... for a while at least... since you're so young, I'm affraid I can't let you in on the really fun stuff. Sorry" Mark said.

"That's okay, we're not ready for a gang bang yet anyway... well, I've heard about your parties from a few other new friends... we'd prefer to go away to have sex on our own, just the two of us" Andy said.

"Okay... good... er..." Mark said.

"'Gang bang'? What's that?" Tim said.

"You'll see" Mark said.

"Apparently you're not the only one who doesn't know what it is, Kim" I said.

"Well I don't know either... how come you know?" Kenny said.

"Er... I don't know for sure either but I've made a guess..." I said.

"Let me know if you guessed right!" Kenny said.

"Absolutly!" I said and kissed Kenny.

"That reminds me, you're going to get kissed by me, Mike and Mark since we've already kissed your boyfriend... so you won't have to get jelous" Kim said.

"Yes, there was something about the taste of his kiss that revealed to me that several others had kissed him and also that it was the three of you" Kenny said.

"Really? You can tell that from kissing your boyfriend?" Kim said.

"Nope, just teasing. But we'll have to do the kissing later when we're in a less crowded place" Kenny said smilingly and I reached over and ruffled Kim's hair.

"Doors closing. Stand clear of doors" a P.A. voice said and then the doors closed leaving some twenty Terrans surrounded by K'ch'kt-aa's gang on the platform when the tram glided sideways through the air to hover some ten meters from the platform and another P.A. voice announced that the curfew was now in effect.

My wrist comm chirped and when I activated it K'ch'kt-aa's face appeared.

"Now we will see if the bolt will fire... and if not... You know, t's a pity your friend didn't remain on the platform today or we could have two of him hanging on the side of the tram" K'ch'kt-aa said and then terminated the communication.

Through the transparency we could see K'ch'kt-aa grab the arm of a Terran boy about our age and drag him to the edge where he pointed at Tim's corpse and then to the transparency on the other side of the doors on the middle of the tram car and then the boy nodded sadly and stood on the edge of the platform with his back to the tram and seemed to be waiting to be shot and then said something that looked like 'wait' by his lip movements and this was so unexpected to K'ch'kt-aa that he actually did wait while the boy pulled off his shirt and threw it on the ground and then just stood there for a few seconds waiting. Then the boy stretched out his arms to each side but slightly forward to indicate to K'ch'kt-aa that he was waiting to get shot. K'ch'kt-aa aimed the bolt gun at him again and fired it. The bolt flew out of the gun as it should and hit the boy in the chest and went through it and pulled him with it until his back hit the side of the tram and stuck there. The boy squirmed on the side of the car and for a few seconds that was all that happened and then an stream of red fluid came out in a wide arc from him, lasting for more than a minute and he squirmed less and less and as the last blood poured out he hang there limply. Then my wrist comm chirped again.

"Congratulations... Since it worked I feel a bit indebted to you so I will use the protective when I fuck you tomorrow and kill you less painfully... actually I'll take you out to the foyer of the brothel and bolt you to their wall of fame" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Thanks" I said and meaning it too since I was greatful he wouldn't cum inside me without the protective and... well, being on the wall of fame... why not?

"You sounded like you meant that? Few Terrans mean it when they thank me" K'ch'kt-aa said sounding surprised.

"I did... I get a less painful death... and I can't help but feel that being put on the wall of fame is a compliment... while at the same time I realise that was a rather horrific thing for me to say" I said.

"It is a compliment... Remember what I mentioned about having two of your friend on the side of the tram car, well that's not really what I want but on the other hand the cops have requested a second you beside you on the hood of their van... but since I'm already in trouble for having killed Kim without proper reason I can only do that if you volonteer" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"What if I volonteer instead? If the cops are okay with it I'd like to have my corpse beside my boyfriend's corpse on the hood of that police van... " Kenny said.

"I was asking Jack, so he has first gibs on volonteering and if he says no and doesn't object to you volonteering for that... I'll have to ask the cops what they want too... they may only want Jack and if he refuses then they might just want the one they already have... but it's up to them" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"What's the matter with him... he's never been this... 'nice' before!" Kim whispered.

"I'll settle for the wall of fame... so if my boyfriend want's to volonteer for that... I don't like that he wants to go through that kind of death just to be a corpse beside my corpse but he knows what he's getting into and I won't stop him if it's what he really wants... so if they don't want him there, they'll have to make do with just one of me... I think" I said.

"Well then... I'm not going to keep this tram waiting much longer and so I'll deal with the rest of the Terrans on this platform quickly... see you tomorrow at the brothel" K'ch'kt-aa said and ended the communication.

K'ch'kt-aa barked an order to his gang and they walked over to stand on the steps up to the street and ordered the Terrans to remain on the platform. Then he pressed a button on the wall that was used to get rid of the corpses lying on the platform in the mornings normally and the platform tipped forward so the remaining living Terrans slid off it into the canyon between houses so the only Terran remaining in the tram station was the corpse of Andy hanging on the wall since this morning. K'ch'kt-aa and his gang walked up the steps to get to their own hunting ground in the alleys around the t'chaaa court.

"It looks like your corpse has been preserved, Andy" I said as the tram started moving forward.

"Yeah, the conductor called to make sure I wasn't going to report him for having killed me without proper reason and tell me that I could have the corpse removed if I liked, but then I had already met Ike and I knew that it hadn't been the conductor's intention to kill me so I said I wouldn't report him but I prefered to have the corpse preserved and leave it there to remind me that it was the death that changed... well, everything for me... he told me that I should check with the tram station attendant first and he just gave me the preservation equipment from a tool locker and I did the preserving myself" Andy said.

"I thought it was a rather gruesome thing to want at first... but as the preservation fluid was being pumped into him he explained what the corpse meant to him and so I decided it was actually rather sweet of him... in a gruesome sort of way" Ike said.

"Most things on this planet concerning Terrans is gruesome in one way or another" Kim said.

"Er, excuse me... but why does that corpse mean such a lot to you?" Brian asked.

Andy explained this to those of my friends who didn't already know the story and with all the questions and interruptions this took the entire journey to the honeycombs.

"Oh my... this is where we fell earlier today... my first death as a Terran... in one day I've died four times, counting my death as a Master" Kim said looking down as the tram moved over to the platform and the doors opened.

"You'll die many more times tomorrow in the brothel... Now, let's run for the tunnel and hope the snipers won't get a look on any of us, okay?" I said.

"If there are any snipers today... that may only have been the other day when I was hit... but you're right, we'd better run as soon as the doors open... be ready! .... RUN!" Stan said and as the doors opened we ran and was well inside the tunnel when whe heard shots from high above and screams as other Terrans who didn't know the danger were hit Kim and Ike ran partly because everybody else in our gang did and partly because Mark and I grabbed and arm each of Kim so he had no choice and Andy and Mike grabbed an arm each of Ike and dragged him the same way.

"I think there were a sniper or two today" Brian said as we heard the explosions and screams of pain from the platform.

"Are you sure? I think I'd better go out there and check" I said.

"No you don't!" Kim said and grabbed my arm.

"He was joking Kim" Kenny said.

"Were you?" Kim asked me.

"Yes, ofcourse I was... come on, let's not look so sad and worried now, it's party tonight!" I said.

"Ah yes, I meant to ask, will we be going directly to the party or do I have time to stop by my flat and slip into something more comfortable?" Kim said.

"Do you have anything more comfortable? I thought you only had the clothes you're wearing now" Mike said.

"Oh... yes, ofcourse... sorry, I was thinking like a Master again... I'm used to having more clothes to choose between and forgot that as a Terran my closet isn't even large enough to come out of" Kim said.

"Say what?" I said.

"Come out of a closet? Why would you be in a closet in the first place?" Brian said.

"Well, not all Masters that are gay aren't openly gay like all gay Terrans are... a lot of us tend to hide the fact that we're gay and those who do are referred to as closet cases... that they hide in the closet... and then when they become openly gay we say that they come out of the closet and that is what I did a few days before my birthday... funnily enough my father accepted it without even raising one of the ridges above the eyes while he never could accept that I wouldn't kill Terrans... yes, that's what he didn't do" Kim said and they all looked at me who'd raised an eyebrow wondering what Kim had meant by his statement about ridges above the eyes.

"You mean he didn't raise an eyebrow, like Jack is doing now?" Kenny said.

"Yes... oh is that what you call it?" Kim said.

"Well, since the Masters don't have any hair growth it's only natural they call it something else?" I said.

"Speaking of 'coming out', I believe that's a phrase that the Masters have got from the Terrans originally... something that apparently was quite usual during the era that Jack dreams about occasionally... I do have some knowledge about Earth, and of Jack's dream and I will tell you at the party... so let's go now! The gold collar appartments are farthest in and at the top" Mark said and lead the way across the first bridge into the next tunnel and on across bridges and through tunnells until we reached a dead end tunnel with only one large elevator at the very end which we all fitted into without problem.

"I know a few things about Earth too... knowledge that was awailable to me as a Master but which is kept secret from the Terrans... I'll tell you those things too" Kim said as the elevator moved upwards.

"Now that you mention it... 'coming out'... do you remember that dream or memory I told you about this morning? About Brian having been some kind of well known person... you had a word for that, Mark!" I said.

"Actor" Mark said.

"Yes, and how he was talking to that grayhaired man behind the desk who used to talk to lots of different people that also were actors?" I said.

"Yes? I remember" Brian said.

"The last time you were in that show and talked to the grayhaired man before your face was on the paper saying you'd dissappeared you... you came out to the gray haired man and all the people watching... actually coming out there had the effect that everybody on Earth knew that you were gay" I said.

"Well, I am gay... I don't see why that's such a big deal?" Brian said.

"Yes, so you do remember?" I said.

"What?" Brian said.

"We're here, let's get out of the elevator! Turn right and walk on in that direction" Mark said and I walked first out of the elevator.

"You just said exactly what you said to the gray haired man! I remember it now that you said it" I said.

"Did I? A coincidence... though I still don't understand why telling the gray haired man that I'm gay should be so special... I am gay... I don't see why I would have been hiding it... is the gray haired man my father?" Brian said.

"No he isn't... but it has to do something with the fact that most people on Earth at that time was straight and that in many parts of our worlds it was considered very controversial being gay... and the gray haired man and you talked about the fact that you were very good looking and apparently very popular among young girls and how your being gay would change that fact and that it might be... if I remember correctly... 'the end of your career'..." I said.

"Jack, where are you going? I live here!" Mark called and when I turned around I noticed that the others had stopped twenty meters from where I was and I had been walking on alone. A few of them seemed to struggle to contain their laughter.

"And how am I supposed to know that, I've never been to your place... not since they started me off with a blank memory at least" I said.

"You could have remembered my number and kept your eye on the doors" Mark said.

"I did remember your number... though I was a bit too busy talking to remember looking at the doors" I said blushing.

"Yeah, I noticed" Mark said pressing the button on his collar and the door to his appartment opened and then gestured for the rest of us to step inside.

"So, apparently it was very risky for me to tell the gray haired man that I was gay so why did I do it? ... and did it 'end my career'?" Brian said.

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