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By the same author: Previously I've written the multipart story "A Different World" which can be found under gay/sciencefiction at nifty. I've recently also started a spin off/sequel to that story, which is published in the same subdirectory, i.e. the directory for "A Different World". The spin off/sequel is called "What Dreams May Come".

Going Home, part 25

Written by Adam

"How come you remember all this? Nobody else remembers anything of the original person's lives" Tim said.

"Pete!" I said.

"What?" Tim said.

"Do you mean the gold collar who works in the cloning plant? The one who came to Kim's flat this morning?" Kenny said.

"Yes... there's a note from him in my memory circuits; 'Found the recording of the original Jack's memories. Will complement the bits that are used for your dreams with details of the disappearances and abductions of those he met in person. Some of the memories will be edited slightly as they contain knowledge that you shouldn't have at this time or you might try to change things later' and it's signed 'Pete' and dated this morning... so it's been there since after the game was finished and more and more of it has been unlocked during the day... more with each clone" I said.

"I thought you guys took great risks but apparently Pete is much worse... He'll be stopping by soon, by the way... apparently there was somebody he wanted you to meet, Jack" Mark said.

"I was wondering when I might be allowed to meet that person. Well, I'm done telling stories for tonight... now I understand that both Mark and Kim have interesting things to tell. Mark, this morning you talked of how the Terrans once came to this world, in peace at first and then enslaved the species we now know as Masters and also something about the Masters putting an end to the slavery and turning the tables on us... and a short while ago Kim mentioned something about the Divine One being the person who liberated the species that now are Masters from the Terrans and also something about time travel... And K'ch... er... charmboy mentioned the Divine One as though he, or she is alive today even though it's 325 years since that liberation you talked about... which would be... almost a thousand Earth years" I said.

"975 Earth years to be exact" Ike said.

"Ike's always been good at math and doing large calculations in his head... this one must have been ridiculusly easy to him though" Kim said.

"I believe you... go on, I want to hear about this" I said.

"I think we all do" Stan said.

"Well, I can help a little 'cause I know what Mark knows" Mike said.

"It's knowledge shared by all gold collars... I can help too" Tom said.

"Good, why don't you tell us what you know and then Ike and I can fill in the rest or tell you where you've been missinformed... If the knowledge you have has been given to you by Masters it's a strong possibility that it's false information" Kim said.

"I've never thought of that, but what you're saying makes sense... Well, according to what we know, about 700 hundred years ago... er... 1400 Earth years ago... a space vessel from the planet Earth arrived and the travellers made contact with the peaceful and gentle lizards that lived here at the time. At first the Earth men seemed interested only in friendship and trade but then they... changed... they started wanting to live here and they didn't want to live just anywhere, they wanted to live in the cities that the lizards had already built and therefore made the lizards that lived there move to some other place... and for a while all was peaceful until more Terrans came to live on this world and therefore asked the inhabitants to move again and again until there was no more room on this planet for them so they had to settle on the moon instead except the ones that the Terrans needed as servants but they wanted to pay the employees less and less until they didn't get anything for helping the Terrans and so when they refused the Terrans hit and hurt them and put metal rings around their necks that caused pain when they refused to do what the Terrans said. Some of the original inhabitants of this world were brought all the way to Earth to be used as slaves there" Mark said.

"The Terrans invented several more ways to torture their slaves and incorporated them into the rings that they'd started to call collars... and some of the torture ways were found to be lethal to the lizards but the Terrans didn't care and went on killing them if they were displeased with them and almost wiped the species out... but stopped in time before they did that since they realised that if they wiped the lizards out they wouldn't have any slaves anymore and they would have to do everything themselves again" Tom said.

"So they started cloning the lizards... originally the clones would only be given a basic understanding of language and no memories would be transfered from one clone to the next when they were killed over and over again... it was when they started allowing the clones to remember the previous clones lives that the troubles started as they remembered the cruelties they were subjected to and decided they wouldn't stand for it anymore and they went together and decided that they wanted liberty or permanent death... no cloning... and they rioted and defeated the Terrans. In fact, they killed all the Terrans" Mike said.

"And then they started abducting other Terrans that knew nothing of this history and cloned them and enslaved the clones... apparently, from what you tell they took the blood of the original persons to clone from and they apparently took all blood and thereby killed them... and this is what we know. Your turn now, love" Mark said and kissed Kim on the back of the neck which caused Kim to shudder.

"Mmmm, that was nice, kiss me there again!" Kim said.

"Only if you start telling your story!" Mark said and kissed Kim again in the same spot.

"Wait, I need to... excuse me for a moment..." I said and got up off Kenny's lap and walked towards the lavatory to relieve my bladder from all the rum and cola I'd been drinking... and it was an incredibly unsteady walk.

"Ofcourse... you seem to be getting a bit drunk, Jack" Mark said giggling.

"Drunk? It's that why I can't walk properly and when I turn my head quickly it takes some time before the room follows?" I said.

"Yes, it's the alcohol that causes that... maybe you should go a bit more easily on the drink for a while" Mark said.

"Okay" I said and then went into the lavatory... where I had great problems undoing my fly and then aiming correctly, not to mention the problems I had to close the fly again.

"Are you done now? Anybody else needs to go?" Kim said.

"No, it doesn't seem that way... though on the other hand it feels like my brain is floating around on the waves of an ocean... is that also the effects of alcohol?" Brian said.

"Yes, I think so, 'cause my brain is floating around like that too" I said.

"Yeah, mine too... but I'll try to tell you anyway... To begin with, some of my research seems to indicate that the Terrans never were quite that cruel... not as cruel as you say... some facts seems to fit, like the ones that they forcibly moved the species we now know as Master and more or less took over this planet and even some of the slavery and that they invented the collars. Though according to what I found the collars only caused pain and nothing else and there was some killing the slaves and some experimentation with cloning but it never leaving the experimentation level as the Terrans didn't have the necessary knowledge and also there were problems caused by the effects of our... the Masters species' bodily fluids... which you may be aware of" Kim said.

"If all that is true, then the Masters treat us much worse than they were treated themselves by us" I said.

"Then the Divine One came along, who's a member of a totally different species that we simply refers to as grays due to their gray skin... They're very slender and have rather huge heads and black, oblong eyes... and the Divine One was the one who persuaded the lizard species that they must rise up and put an end to the Terran terror of their species... He told them that his species had been treated the same way by the Terrans but they had broken free and now the lizards would have to do the same if they were to survive as a species... and he gave them weapons and helped them kill off all the Terrans on this world... and then he brought them blood samples from about 10000 Terrans and taught them how to clone them and and keep the blood samples in temporal stasis chambers where they could always take as much as they needed but it would still be the same amount left afterwards so the supply would never run out... He also told the lizards to name themselves the Master species and call the clones an inferior species and taught them how to improve the collars and about the memory transfers and how it meant that they could kill the Terrans as many times as they liked and that they should kill them often to keep them at bay... He also introduced the Masters to another species, that consisted of intelligent insects who also kept Terran clones as slaves and called them Masters... He told the to Master species to be friends and united against the Terrans and then left the room and somehow, for some reason that nobody knows the two species did NOT become friends but instead declared war on each other and the Divine One wasn't the least bit surprised at this or angered with them for not making friends... some reports say that He seemed pleased with Himself when he learned this and then said he would help us win this war and instructed us not to fight it ourselves because then we would die needlessly but instead we should use the Terrans as soldiers since we could always clone new soldiers to send against the other species in waves upon waves... " Kim said.

"You keep saying 'we' as though you're still a Master..." Tom said.

"Yes, I know... I keep forgetting myself... probably because I'm so into the story" Kim said.

"And drunk" Mark said.

"Yeah, that too" Kim said.

"Well, I haven't been drinking as much as you so maybe I should continue telling?" Ike said.

"Please do" Kim said.

"The meeting between the two 'Master species' was held on neutral ground and neither got to know where the homeworld of the other species was... or is for that matter... and so the war is fought partly in space but mostly on other worlds that have nothing to do with neither warring species for no obvious reason to either Master race not to mention the Terrans that are sent there to die over and over again in a war that isn't theirs so it's even more pointless to them" Ike said.

"Okay, your story wasn't very much different from the one Mark, Mike and Tom told... except that you said that the Terrans never were that cruel to their slaves and that this other species came and liberated them and also brought them the material for the clones you say... " I said.

"So, the history that the gold collars learned was not entirely true... but what was the point of lying about such, seemingly insignificant things?" Kenny said.

"So that the Masters could feel justified to treat us as bad as they do... they can say that they were treated the same way by us and that they have a right to revenge or something... Also, I've heard that it is those who wins the war who gets to write the history books... and the Masters won over the Terrans and so they wrote history in their favour" I said.

"But they didn't do it alone... it was this Divine One who told them to... and then they abducted people from Earth and cloned them at the time when Earth apparently hadn't made interstellar contact yet... so those that they abducted hadn't done anything wrong against the lizard species and even less so the clones so there's no reason to avenge themselves on us and this time, you may notice I used the word 'us' meaning us Terrans, since I remembered this time that I'm no longer a Master" Kim said.

"I noticed! Very good Kim!" Stan said and winked at Kim.

"But, you said that it was the Divine One that brought the blood samples to the Masters... the blood that we're cloned from... so, apparently it was the Divine One and his species who did the abductions? But you mentioned that they did it at a time when Earth hadn't made any interstellar contact?" Paul said.

"Yes it was the grays who travelled to Earth and abducted the original Terrans... and at the time that they abducted them the Terrans hadn't travelled very far into space... they sent up manned ships that could orbit the planet and reach the moon but and were planning travels to the next planet, a small red one... and they sent probes to other planets in the system and even out of the system... but no manned space flight... according to Kim's research, the first manned space flight to go out of the system and finally reach the homeworld of the grays as well as this one, took off about 33 years later... or ninety... actually more accuratly a hundred Earth years after abductions took place so if it then took hundreds of years before the grays managed to free themselves and found us so they must have been travelling back through time to abduct the Terrans" Ike said.

"Maybe not... maybe the Terrans travelled back through time when they came to colonise and enslave this world and so the grays only travelled to Earth in their own time... but that's still a thousand years ago, almost... Earth years" I said.

"I hadn't considered that possibility... Could be that the grays travelled forward in time even, so that they abducted the Terran's from the present" Kim said.

"Forgive me for saying this but it seems you are unsure about a lot of things in this matter" Brian said.

"No need to apologise... actually I was just about to point out that we are unsure about a lot of things... we've tried to get as much facts as possible in the matter but we haven't been able to find out everything since somebody has made an effort to hide as much of the facts as possible... " Kim said.

"Apparently they've made a sloppy job... if they'd done it properly you wouldn't have been able to find anything except what Mark and the other gold collars told us earlier" Paul said.

"Yes... but the thing is that what we've told you is only our theories that we've surmised without having all the facts... so we might be proven wrong on several or maybe all points" Ike said.

"Exactly... but that's also why I'd very much like to come with you guys to try to find Earth and find out the truth!" Kim said.

"We've already told you that we will bring you with us, Kim... and since Andy said it's only a matter of time before you get drafted too as they move down in the ages of the Terrans they draft, I'll make this promise; if you arrive on the battlefield before we've found a way off the planet we'll take you and Andy with us too, Ike" I said.

"Thank you, and I've understood the provisions so I won't hold it against you if you're not there when I arrive" Ike said.

"What I worry about is that only the silver collars get drafted and since my boyfriend is a gold collar we will get separated when I get drafted and won't be able to come with us to Earth" Kim said.

"I will come with you to Earth, if it's okay with Jack ofcourse, I promise... I have a plan, regarding that, but I won't tell you what it is, Kim 'cause you wouldn't approve" Mark said.

"Ofcourse we'll take you with us.... and Mike and Tom too if they want to make that kind of sacrifice on their careers as gold collars" I said.

"Thank you... well, I've got three black dots on my gold collars so it wouldn't be too difficult" Tom said.

"Same here... thanks" Mike said.

"You intend to self trigger for no proper reason so you'll be demoted to Silver collars, don't you and then you'll automatically get drafted at the same time as us... you're right! I don't approve... but then, on the other hand, I do want you to come with me... so I suspect that I won't try to stop you... You know, since I'm supposed to work in the brothel tomorrow, I understand that I'll be expected to self trigger if they find that I'm 'tainted' from having had sex with you and then if you self trigger at the same time even though you don't have to... will that lose you your gold collar?" Kim said and turned around to so he faced Mark and embraced and kissed him.

"Yes, that would do the job, I think" Mark said.

"Let's say we do it that way then... after having seen Jack's and Kenny's corpses together I have come to get fascinated by the idea of dying together with the guy I love..." Kim said.

"Anything for you" Mark said and then went on kissing Kim.

"I can't watch them like that! Not without having somebody kissing me" Kenny said and pulled me close and kissed me and soon enough all the pairs in the room were kissing.

"Everybody's kissing except the two of us! Would you mind very much if I kissed you?" Tom said.

"I thought you'd never ask! Come up here and kiss me!" Mike said.

Tom got up off the floor and went over to the couch and sat on Mike's lap and started kissing him. The kissing went on for a few minutes more before we were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Enter!" Mark called and then went back to kissing Kim.

"Wait, that is not how a good host behaves, pay attention to your new guests!" Kim said.

"Right, I'm sorry! Hi Pete! I guess you all know him, if not by name, then at least by his appearance and the fact that he daily brings your new clones to life... and who's this you boy of Ike's and Andy's age that you have here?" Mark said.

"Hi Mark. Hi everybody... Jack, come up here and meet your son. His name's Jim" Pete said indicating the young boy who did indeed look a lot like me and also a bit like the girl that had been lying dead in Kim's appartment this morning.

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