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Going Home, part 26

Written by Adam

"I'm told you're my dad?" Jim said.

"Yeah, me too" I said and realised how lame it sounded the moment I said it.

"So what are we supposed to do now?" Jim said.

"Damned if I know" I said.

"I think a hug might be appropriate" Kim said.

"Yeah" I said and then hugged Jim who seemed hesitant at first but then put his arms around me and squeezed.

"I also understand from what Pete told me that you never knew my mother or even remember having had sex with her because your memory circuits have been... well, he's explained practically everything how we Terrans exist on this world... and from what he's told me it sounds pretty gruesome... I've already died once and as I understand I will die many times more... what I wonder is why bring me... a new clone to life when life here is so horrible?" Jim said.

"Yeah, I wonder that too" I said.

"I knew the time would be right to bring Jim here to life now because he won't have to experience the horrors for a particularly long time... It's been decided by the government that all Terrans are at this time needed in the war effort... well, you will be needed there soon enough, you still have to perform in the games before you're sent off to war and since I know Jack well enough... since long before you remember today, Jack... I know you will bring this boy with you when you desert and I think that with the help of Kim and Ike your group has the best chances of actually finding Earth and reaching it" Pete said.

"Er... oh, well ofcourse I will bring him... so the Masters will send these small boys off to be killed over and over in the war?" I said indicating Jim, Ike and Andy.

"Yes, and no... they will be sent off to the training camp on the second moon of this planet along with the rest of you tomorrow afternoon or night... the brothel has payed the government a lot of money so they can keep those of you that were going to work in the far end of the corridor for a few hours extra to get a farewell fuck by those who can pay the brothel enough. But I've been ordered to make all clones at least 5 years of age, physical age that is" Pete said.

"Wait a second... don't you have to keep them in the cloning machines a whole year extra for them to gain one year of physical age? Isn't a year for a year in the... machines?" Paul said.

"I thought so too, but you got the... gene sample of Jim here this morning so it's... two hours per year? I' mean he's 4 years physical age and I believe it's about eight hours since you got back to the lab so you could get him going in the machines... right" I said.

"It's one hour per year with the machines we have... the military have quicker and at the same time more accurate machines that grows the clones one year per minute... but the foetus that I took was... well the machines can't massproduce clones from that material, they could make one clone that would have died before the end of the day but it was a good enough clone so I could get him into the gene sampler that's normally used for making new series of clones" Pete said.

"Yeah, he pressed a button and then a long tub shot out of the ceiling into my chest and pumped every drop of blood out of my body and then I suddenly fell out of a cloning machine again and onto the floor where I could see my body on that table" Jim said.

"Oh... when he said that he'd died once already I assumed something had happened first time you tried to come here... that he'd pissed off some Master, but instead it was you who killed him" I said accusingly to Pete.

"Yes... I'm not proud of it, but it was the only way... I'm sorry!" Pete said getting more and more terrified as I closed in on him but then a hand on my shoulder pulled me back.

"Leave it... don't blame him, thank him for giving this beautiful boy life... he is the spitting image of his father really, he's got your eyes, blonde hair and your dimples" Kenny said into my ear while taking his hand off my shoulder and put his whole arm round my shoulder instead.

"Yeah, you're right. Pete, sorry I got angry with you, I am gratefull for making that dead thing we found this morning live in this, as Kenny put it, beautiful boy" I said.

"No, I should apologise to you... but I don't have time, the Masters are waiting to pick me up at the tram platform for a deep space mission... apparently 'the deserters' have been found and they need me to take care of a new clone they've med while the masters take care of them... Mark and Mike can explain, I need to rush... oh, and Jack don't forget to introduce your son to all the nice boys in here" Pete said and winked at me and then he left.

"Yes, introduce him to us!" Brian said with a big, eager smile on his face.

All the others had by this time gotten up from where they'd been sitting and gathered around me, Jim and Kenny.

"Before you introduce all these nice people, there's something I ought to tell you... please don't hate me for this, dad" Jim said.

"I could never hate you for anything" I said.

"Really? Well, the thing is... on the way over here..." Jim said nervously.

"Yes?" I said.

"I noticed that... well, I seem to be... I found other guys... Terrans ofcourse not Masters... the Masters really are hideous..." Jim said.

"Yes we are" Kim said.

"They are... you're no longer one ot them, remember" I said.

"Thank goodness for that" Kim said.

"Can I finish?" Jim said.

"Yes" I said.

"I found other guys attractive... I'm attracted to other boys and want to have sex with them... just so you know... it's strange, something says that it's supposed to be wrong to like guys but a much louder voice... or rather a whole choire says that it's the most natural thing in the world... at least for me, and I can't possibly feel another way... and now I wan't know why you're not all backing away from me in horror" Jim said.

"Yes, yes, yes... and why are you stalling so? Just tell me that thing that you think would make me hate you... you'll see that it's not such a bad thing after all, whatever it is" I said.

"I just told you! I like guys! That's was what I needed to tell you... I can see you hate me for this, even though you say you wouldn't" Jim said and rushed for the door but Mark made it there first and blocked his way.

"Oh, was that the thing you needed to tell me? That you're gay? ... No, I don't hate you for that... and I'm not really surprised either... I mean, like father, like son" I said.

"What do you mean?" Jim said turning towards me again.

"Jim, this is Kenny... Kenny is my boyfriend, so technically he's your... Kim, I'm not good at what different family members are called so please help me out, what is Kenny to Jim?" I said.

"Technically Kenny would be Jim's stepather" Kim said.

"Oh, my... I've got a stepather! Hello, step father I'm your stepfa... this doesn't sound right" Kenny said.

"No, that's because you are Jim's stepfather while Jim is your stepson" Ike said.

"Oh" Kenny said.

"What about me? Am I stepfather too?" Brian said.

"No, you're not related to Jack in any way, right?" Kim said.

"No... but according to what Jack said earlier his original person once had sex with the famous actor that was my original person... does that count?" Brian said.

"Nope, sorry" Kim said.

"If I may interrupt..." Jim said.

"Yes?" I said.

"You're saying that you like boys too and that... Kenny was it? ... Kenny is your boyfriend? ... what was it he was to me?" Jim said.

"Stepfather" Kim said.

"That doesn't mean anything to me, but I trust you will explain later... It doesn't seem to come as a shock to any of you that Kenny and my dad are gay, so I assume you all know that allready" Jim said.

"More than that" Brian said and then he and Paul kissed.

"As a matter of fact, all of us here are gay" Kim said.

"Oh, I see... then I guess I'm in good company... now, to continue with the introductions, who are you then? Are you related to me? Jim said.

"I'm Kim and since I was originally a Master, a totally different species you know, and then executed and my memories transfered to this body, I would say no, we're not related" Kim said.

"Oh, good because you're gorgeous!" Jim said, moving towards Kim.

"You don't look so bad yourself... but then you do have your father's good looks... but unfortunatly for you I'm spoken for, sorry" Kim said as Jim put his arms around him.

"Yes, Kim is my boyfriend, and I'm Mark, the host here, you should know that it's not polite to make moves on the host's boyfriend!" Mark said.

"Sorry! ... And now that you stand beside each other I see what a cute couple you make, I won't make any more moves to... you know" Jim said sadly.

"Besides, Kim was wrong, he is related to you, and Ike as well" I said.

"How do you mean?" Kim said.

"Have you forgotten? They told us that they used DNA from both Jack and Kenny... and a few others to combine into our Terran DNA... so Jim is our half brother... or cousin or something like that" Ike said.

"Yes, ofcourse! Sorry, I forgot that! How do you do bro'!" Kim said shaking Jim's hand while Jim seemed quite stunned by all this.

"And that, by the way is Ike, Kim's kid brother... well it's a bit complicated, they were normal brothers when they were Masters, but since they both were made into Terrans today I understand that they now are more like identical twins" Kenny said.

"You've met Mark" I said.

"And this is my boyfriend, Andy" Ike said.

"Hi! Your father is good looking but you look ten times better! ... though I still love you Ike, don't worry!" Andy said.

"But since the three of you are about the same age, maybe Ike and you could be Jim's friends and take care of him like Jack and Kenny take care of Kim" Mike said.

"Sure, we'll bring him with us when we leave this party and take care of him properly... hey Ike, have you ever had a threesome?" Andy said.

"Excuse me!" I said.

"Hey, don't even consider having sex with a newborn boy like Jim here! Shame on you!" Kim said angrily to Andy and Ike.

"Sorry!" Andy said.

"Kim, ease up a little bit! Jim is big enough to make his own decisions. I just wanted to point out to Andy firstly that they should ask Jim if he wants to have that threesome..." I said.

"And secondly?" Andy said.

"Don't talk like that while I'm in the same room! If you are going to have sex with Jim, and he agrees to it, I don't want to know about it" I said.

"Certainly, we won't mention another word about having sex with Jim until we leave. Right Andy?" Ike said.

"Ofcourse. And I'm glad that you're at least this open about it and not totally forbidding us like Kim suggested" Andy said.

"Sorry that I interfered" Kim said.

"Don't worry about it" I said.

"Okay. Hey, Jim! Wanna come back to my place!" Andy said.

"Sure, I'd be delighted, but first I think we should finish the introductions" Jim said.

"Yes, but I think I'd bette make it quick so Andy and Ike doesn't have to wait too long to have their way with you! Let's see... you've met Kenny, Kim, Mark, Andy and Ike, so that leaves... Jim, that's Tim and Stan... the dark skinned one is Stan while the other one is Tim" I said.

"Hi" Jim said.

"And then this is Mike and Tom who seem to be rather fond of each other... are you a pair yet?" I said.

"I think so" Mike said.

"Definatly" Tom said.

"They're a pair" I said.

"I couldn't help noticing... most of you have silver collars while three here have gold collars... and I know that gold collars are slight better off than us silver collars here, Pete explained it to me... well, at first it appeared that all gold collars keep among themselves and silver collars pair off with silver collars but then there's Mark and Kim here who seem to have become a pair even though they're not wearing the same kinds of collars" Jim said.

"It's not true that golds only get together with golds, I know a lot of gold collars who have fallen in love with silver collars... nobody can controll who they fall in love with" Mark said.

"Besides... from tomorrow we will no longer be one silver and one gold, but two silvers, right love?" Kim said.

"Precisely" Mark said.

"And the two of us will also change to silver in the morning" Tom said.

"So you have decided to do that too? Excellent!" Mike said.

"Anything to stay together with you... if you get sent off to war I'm coming with you!" Tom said.

"Right. I can see that Andy and Ike are getting impatient so let's hurry up. Besides, there's only two left! That's Brian, and that's Paul, they're also a pair" I said.

"Your original person that you were cloned from were somebody famous, right? I have a vague memory of you being on a screen, talking to this man with a large chin and mostly gray hair..." Jim said.

"Yes, but we've been through all that already" Brian said.

"How come you know that?" Paul said.

"Pete explained that he gave me some of the memories of Earth that actually belongs to my dad... though not all of it" Jim said.

"Oh, I see... what else do you remember?" Kenny said.

"A strange, slightly high pitched voice that says 'Oh, my God! You killed Kenny! You bastard!'... strange, really" Jim said.

"A bit, but Jack has explained it to me... but let's not go into that now! I think that Ike and Andy are eager to leave and take you with them" Kenny said.

"I'm eager too. See you all tomorrow, I guess. Good night dad!" Jim said while hugging me and kissing me on the cheek.

"Good night" I said and then Andy, Jim and Ike left saying good bye to all of us.

"Say, what was that Pete said you would explain? Something about some desert... Ice cream?" Kim said.

"What's ice cream?" Brian said.

"Pete said deserters... somebody who ran away from military service during war time" Mike said.

"We will explain that tomorrow... and if I hadn't decided to loose the gold collar status in the morning I would have been able to give you ice cream in the cafeteria tomorrow morning, but now that won't be possible" Mark said.

"Why wait explaining it until tomorrow? Why can't we explain it now?" Mike said.

"It will take too long time, and we've talked enough for tonight... it's time for the other thing I promissed! Everybody into the bed room" Mark said.

"As eager as I am to try that group sex thing..." Kenny started.

"Yes?" Mark said.

"Well, it's our last night on this planet and it may be our last chance to do it with our respective boyfriends and be alone with them... surely you would want to be alone and have sex with Kim, just the two of you?" Kenny said.

"Yes, and we've been a pair for several days now and we still haven't had a chance to fuck each other!" Stan said.

"Yeah!" Tim said.

"You're right. I do want to be alone with Kim. But..." Mark said.

"But what?" I said.

"There's still time for a quick session in there... we don't need to do the long version where everybody fucks everybody once, just do whatever we feel like to whomever we want to for maybe half an hour and then each pair can go their separete ways and do it privatly with each other... how does that sound?" Mark said.

"Sounds good to me!" Stan said.

"Me too" Tim said.

"I don't know... it's very tempting... what do you think?" Kenny said turning to me.

"Half an hour in there... a while having sex with each other in your cubicle... and a couple of hours to dream... it could work" I said.

"Whatever you say, love" Kenny said and then kissed me.

Then walked through the room and into Mark's bedroom and a moment after he disappered into that room his hand appeared through the door holding his shirt which he'd obviously taken off and then he dropped it on the floor. The rest of us exchanged glances and then one by one we headed into the bedroom while taking of shirts or unbuckling belts or kicking off shoes.

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