Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completely fictional, as are all the characters.

By the same author: Previously I've written the multipart story "A Different World" which can be found under gay/sciencefiction at nifty. I've recently also started a spin off/sequel to that story, which is published in the same subdirectory, i.e. the directory for "A Different World". The spin off/sequel is called "What Dreams May Come".

Going Home, part 27

Written by Adam

"We never got to finish what we started in the brothel the other day, did we?" Stan said walking behind me as I entered Mark's bedroom.

"Nope, we didn't so maybe we should?" I said taking off my shirt and kicking off my shoes.

"That was going to be my suggestion. So where were we when we were rudely interrupted?... and don't say 'at the brothel'!" Stan said dragging me onto the bed and taking my shirt and threw it on the floor.

"How did you know I was going to say that?" I said while I let Stan undo my belt buckle.

"You and Brian has the same silly sense of humor and I've been around him long enough to get to know how his mind works" Stan said before he pulled me down to him and started kissing me, our tongues dancing in our mouths.

"Well then, to answer your question properly, you'd just started fucking me so neither of us never got near climax unfortunatly" I said when I managed to break away from the kiss after a while.

"Well, in that case, let's finish that fuck, though this time with any luck you'll get to suck somebody's cock meanwhile. And how about if you ride me this time?" Stan said pulling off my trousers.

"You can suck my cock while he fucks you" Kenny who was already completely naked said.

"No! Hold it right there!" Mark said.

"What?" Stan, Kenny and I said.

"Let's make a couple of ground rules! First, since all pairs intend to go away and do each other in private later and we have very little time for the actual group session as it were, let's make it a rule that nobody does anything to their own boyfriend because you can do those things in private later, and nobody get's jelous... but I suppose that that hardly needs saying. And then disregarding this time what you usually prefer to be, top or bottom, tonight everybody shall fuck somebody and be fucked by somebody else at least once... though not necesarily do both at the same time... you may fuck or be fucked more than once if you like, just as long as you have done both when we go our separate ways. Blow jobs on the other hand is something you may give and take as you like whenever there's a cock free. Can everybody agree on these simple rules?" Mark said.

"Yes!" everybody chorused.

"Okay, no sucking my cock for now, apparently" Kenny said.

"Yeah. I'll make it up for you when we get to your cubicle later, love" I said with a smile and a wink and at the same moment I felt Stan's cock press against my anus for a moment and then the muscle gave way and I could easily lower myself over the cock.

"In the meantime I'd like to suck you while I fuck your boyfriend" Stan said getting up on his elbows and started sucking Kenny's cock.

"Be my guest, help yourself" Kenny said.

"Hey Tom! Remember how you always turned me down for being a Master?" Kim said.

"Well, you were the only Master who I could safely turn down without you killing me for it... now, on the other hand, I'd love to have this beautiful Terran boy you've become command me. What do you wish me to do with you, sir?" Tom said.

"I've never liked commanding anybody... but... I'll just tell you what I'd like you to do and if you want to take that as a command... I want you in me" Kim said.

"In you, as in 'my cock in your ass'?" Tom said.

"Yes... remember Mark said that everybody had to fuck somebody else at least once during this... so I would be very pleased if it was me that you fucked... unless you absolutly don't want to..." Kim said starting to sound a bit sad.

"I do want to. I'd love to. I was just making sure that we were speaking the same language. Right, what position? From in front like Tim is doing to Mike? Or from behind like Paul is doing to Mark? Or do you want to ride me like Jack is doing with Stan in him?" Tom said.

"From behind both of us laying on our sides, I think 'cause then I can easily suck Jack's cock at the same time" Kim said and positioned himself on the bed and started sucking my cock.

So at this point I was moving up and down slightly on Stan who made countermovements with his hip while Kim was sucking my cock as Tom was entering Kim from behind and started fucking him. I was also sucking Mark's cock. Mark was at the same time being fucked by Paul, just as Tom said. Kenny did get sucked by Stan for a while but then he moved over to let Brian fuck him from behind. Kenny then took Mike's cock in his mouth and started sucking that and Brian started sucking Kim.Cuming at the same time can be hard enough when there's only two of you so how ten of us did it... must have been either a miracle or beginner's luck... Everybody did cum at the same time and both my ass and my mouth were filled with cum just as I shot my load into Kim's mouth.

"Right, let's all rest for a minute or two before we reconstitute ourselves" Mark said as he took his cock out of my mouth and... well everybody separated themselves from each other.

"Well, we can use the rest time to... decide who fucks whom next, right?" I said.

"Good idea! Let's see... Jack, you've already been fucked once, right?" Brian said.

"Yes, and so now I'm supposed to follow the... agreement or rules or whatever and fuck somebody and you want me to fuck you, right?" I said.

"Yes... well, both Paul and I have promised many times to have sex with you but we've never gotten round to it..." Brian said.

"Yeah, that has occured to me as well... Since I'm a bit inexperienced att fucking somebody I think it might work best if you ride me" I said.

"Sure" Brian said.

"Kim, are you good at fucking?" Tim said.

"I don't know, ask somebody who's been fucked by me... Do you want me to fuck you?" Kim said.

"Yes please!" Tim said.

"Okay. Then you can tell me if I was good afterwards" Kim said.

"I can at least say this for you, yours were a very nice ass to fuck" Tom said.

"Thanks" Kim said.

"And now it's my turn to have a cock in me. Kenny?" Tom said.

"Yes. I think you will be pleased, my boyfriend keeps coming back for more" Kenny said.

"Best cock in the universe... Though you did give a very good fuck too Stan, but..." I said.

"Thank you... and I'm not offended, Kenny is your boyfriend ofcourse you like him best... as for me, I'd like Mark to fuck me... if that's okay with Mark?" Stan said.

"More than okay in fact... And I guess that only leaves Mike to fuck you, Paul... Sorry you didn't get choose for yourselves..." Mark said.

"It's okay... I chose last time around... Besides, the other day in Mike's office I was the top so..." Paul said.

"So now you want to see what it's like to have it the other way round with me?" Mike said with a big smile.

"Couldn't have said it better myself" Paul said while he rolled over on his back and spread his legs, ready to recieve Mike.

"Ah, so you don't need any more rest, huh?" Mike said as he positioned himself between Paul's legs which he placed on his shoulders.

"Nope... whenever you're ready" Paul said.

"Yeah, enough rest for now... everybody, come on! Jack, on your back! I'm ready to have you in me now" Brian said pushing me from lying on my side to lie on my back and moved his leg to sit astride me.

I put my hand on the back of Brian's neck and pulled him down to kiss me which we did for a while as Brian grabbed my erect cock and put the glans to his anus and started pressing himself gently against it for several seconds and then suddenly his muscle gave way and I felt my cock slide into him and gasped at the pleasurable sensation of his rectum enveloping my cock. I automatically started making gentle up and down motions with my hip. At the edge of my vision I could see most of the others starting to fuck as well. The only ones who hadn't started yet were Tim and Kim which had to do with the fact that Tim had something on his mind.

"Hey, Jack and Brian, I know that kissing is very nice, but wouldn't you like to suck cock instead?" Tim said.

"Sorry, ofcourse... come on up here and I'll give you a good blow job" Brian said between gasps.

"No offence Brian, but I was actually hoping that Jack would demonstrate that special technique on me but I'll suck your cock " Tim said positioning himself on all fours over me with his cock just by my mouth and I started licking his glans.

"That's okay, Tim... I'll blow somebody else instead" Brian said and Tom who stood on his knees beside me, being fucked from behind by Kenny moved himself and Kenny forward a bit and then placed a hand on the back of Brian's neck and gently pulled Brian's head to his own cock and Brian willingly started sucking.

I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensation of my cock in Brian's ass and Tim's cock in my mouth and I also felt somebody's hand on my buttocks and a finger of that hand entering my anus and started massaging my prostate which heightened the pleasure a great deal. I didn't open my eyes to see whose finger it was.... well, I was about to but then the sensations made my whole body tingle and then I started filling Brian's ass with my cum and I could also feel Jack's cum landing all over my chest and face. I stopped moving my hips up and down and just lay there and enjoyed the wonderful feeling that usually comes over me after I've cum, but still sucking on Tim's cock for maye ten seconds more before my mouth filled with his cum. Then everybody started separating themselves from each other.

"Right... now that everybody's fulfilled that obligation of having fucked and been fucked I guess everybody intends to leave to do it with their own boyfriends... or is anybody up for one more round?" Mark said.

"I'm not quite satisfied yet, I'd like to be fucked again... by Jack this time" Kim said.

"Sure... but only if everybody else wants one more round... not if it's only just the two of us" I said.

"Well, I'd hate to let Kim down so I'll fuck some more... I guess since everybody's fulfilled that obligational thing we can do whichever thing we like best?" Kenny said.

"Absolutly" Mark said.

"Sure, the night is still young, let's fuck some more!" Brian said.

"Jack, would you like to be fucked at the same time as you fuck Kim?" Paul said.

"Yes please! That would be great, and then you too would have fulfilled that promise of sex with me" I said.

"Yes, that was what I was thinking too! Here's how we do it, Kim stand on all fours and let Jack enter you first and then Jack will keep still while I enter him... I think that will work best" Paul said.

"Yeah, I think so too" I said.

We did as Paul suggested and then when we were all set up I started moving my hips backwards and forwards while Paul and Kim held still so that when I moved my cock outwards in Kim I got Paul's cock sliding inwards and vice versa. I managed to move like that three or four time's before Tom interrupted us and asked us to hold still for a moment. Behind me I heard familiar moans of pleasure from Paul that indicated that Tom was insering his cock into Paul's ass and then before we had a chance to start moving again Stan told us to keep still a little while longer which we did and then I was allowed to start my hip movements again. Though this time Paul made counter movements with his hip as Tom was most likely doing countermovments to Paul's movements which would mean that he and I were moving backwards and forwards at the same time. Nobody else joined our chain but formed a chain of their own beside us with Tim at the front, then Kenny, Mark, Brian and Mike in that order. During the first round everybode came at the same time, which I mentioned before while during the second round we reached our climaxes a bit more sporadically while the third time I believe nobody came at the same time... the closest, I think, was me, Paul and Tim. Tim was also the first one to cum and started shooting his cum onto the floor and then a second later Paul let out a loud groan of pleasure and started pumping his semen into me and the thought of his cum inside me 'caused me to start pump my own cum into Kim at the same time as Paul's last squirt into me and then maybe thirty seconds later Kim started shooting his load... and then one by one everybody came.

"I think that's enough sex for tonight... at least for me... " Brian said as everybody withdrew from each other and lay panting in a big pile on the bed.

"Not for me... okay, let's wait until morning... we can do it just before they come pick us up... maybe they'll even catch us in the act and have us do it with poppers" Paul said.

"Poppers?" I said.

"Something I believe comes from Earth originally and was quite harmless to Terrans... actually the poppers themselves are relativly harmless, it's the special programming in the collar and heart charge that's harmful to us clones" Mark said.

"I don't understand" I said.

"Well, the poppers are a chemical, the fumes of which you inhale and those fumes causes the capilaries to expand which has some very nice effects like a feeling of well being for a while and heightens sexual pleasure and also makes your heart beat a whole lot faster" Kenny said.

"Poppers are awailable in the brothel 'cause some Masters like us to use poppers which makes it posible for us to reach climax when they have sex with us... as you may have noticed we never cum on our own when they fuck us but the poppers makes the experience more pleasant so it's posible for us to reach climax" Brian said.

"And this also saves them the trouble of killing us with the remote or some weapon since there's something in the collar and the heart charge which makes the heart charge go off when we cum while under influence of poppers" Kenny said.

"And that's why poppers are only awailable at the brothel, 'cause the Master's don't want us to die having sex all the time if they can't watch... right?" I said.

"Precisely. But, those times when we're supposed to work in the brothel and are caught in the act as it were they sometimes decides not to take the photo stills of us like you know they do but instead make a video of us having sex and instead of triggering the heart charges with the remote or let us trigger them on our own... well, those Masters who come pick us up for work at the brothel generaly have poppers with them and..." Kenny said.

"I get the picture... And Brian and Paul intends to let themselves be caught in the act as you put it? ... Is this poppers thing something you recommend?" I said.

"Well, the Masters like to use them because they think it's horrible and painful for us to die like that... and it may look like we don't enjoy it because of the expression on our faces when it goes off, but it's actually not so bad at all, the expression is something we do automatically even though it's not all pain that we feel" Brian said.

"Rather the reverse. Do you want to try? We could let ourselves be caught in the act as well" Kenny said.

"If that's what you want" I said.

"There's nothing for you to be afraid of, you've had much worse deaths, I promise you... I want to do it... Do you?" Kenny said.

"Yeah, okay" I said.

"Come, let's go back to my place right now and you can have your next dream and then in the morning..." Kenny said getting off the bed and started pulling on his trousers.

"Deal! Mark, thank's for the great party... it's time for you and Kim to have a nice time on your own! Right, fellers? Let's leave the love birds alone!" I said while getting dressed too.

"Actually I'd prefer some more group sex" Stan said.

"No, Jack is right... besides it's time we did it to each other for once!" Tim said and grabbed Stan's arm and pulled him off the bed.

Then everybody thanked the host couple for the great party while getting dressed and then left the appartment. Mike and Tom walked off to the right, I guess in the direction of Mike's appartment while the rest walked back to the elevators and then walked in separate directions from there. Brian and Paul were the only ones who walked in the same direction as us for most of the way and then kissed both me and Kenny good night before Kenny and I started climbing the stairs to his living cubicle.

"Oh God, I'm so tired! I'll just lie on the bed and rest for a second before I undress, I hope you don't mind" I said as I got inside Kenny's living unit and as soon as my head hit the matress I started dreaming the strangest dream yet.

Unfortunatly for you I won't describe the dream here and now, instead you get to hear the dream when I tell it to the guys! Sleepy time. Good night!

I will try to keep this story running parallel with What Dreams May Come (the spin off/sequel to A Different World) and write chapters for both. I'm interested in your feedback and suggestions. Is there some story thread that you would like me to explore further or turn into a spin off? ... Write me at my_evil_twin47@yahoo.com and tell me what you think of this story!