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By the same author: Previously I've written the multipart story "A Different World" which can be found under gay/sciencefiction at nifty. I've recently also started a spin off/sequel to that story, which is published in the same subdirectory, i.e. the directory for "A Different World". The spin off/sequel is called "What Dreams May Come".

Going Home, part 28

Written by Adam

I opened my eyes as I came out of the dream as well as sleep and noticed that I was feeling very good in spite of the fact that the dream had been quite disturbing and then I realised that I felt so good because my cock was being sucked. I lifted my head and looked down at Kenny who gazed upwards at me and then took my cock out of his mouth.

"Good morning love. They'll be here any moment I think so we should start now if we want them to catch us" Kenny said moving upwards on all fours until he was level with my head and then kissed me.

"Good morning... and it's an unusual pleasure of being able to say that after just having slept and not coming to life in the cloning plant... though I guess will do that as well soon enough... wait a second, I don't remember taking my clothes off. I said I was going to rest for a second before I took off my... oh dear! I fell asleep! Sorry, love" I said.

"No need to apologise. Besides I like undressing my boyfriend! ... say, do you still want to go through with this being caught in the act and all that?" Kenny said.

"Yes I do. Don't you?" I said.

"Yes I want that too... but... did you here those beeps from your collar just now? That means that their instruments have locked onto your position and they're triangulating right now... they do that to those who are not in their own living unit... so if we want to be caught we should start fucking now!" Kenny said.

"Right, so stop talking about it. I'm ready to recieve you" I said putting my legs on Kenny's shoulder.

Kenny pressed his glans agains my anus and after a few seconds the muscle gave way as if the cock had said "open sesamy" to it and then it moved into me and after a few more seconds Kenny started making thrusting movements with his hip.

"He's in here, in the living unit of... yes, this is another one who's put himself up for the brothel... and we've found these two together before! Right, open the door for me" a voice just outside the door said just before it slid open and Kenny gave me a warm smile that said to me: don't worry, everything's going to be fine. And without thinking about it I smiled back knowingly.

"I love you" I wispered and Kenny gave a curt nod that said I love you too.

"Oh, I see... the love birds are still at it! Well since it's your last day on this planet I'm going to be nice and let you finish it, providing I can record it onto this videodisc and... firstly you have to come at the exact same moment" the Master who we had heard speaking outside the door said.

"No problem, I can time myself to come at the same moment as him" Kenny said.

"Good and secondly... you'll inhale deeply from this little bottle" the Master said unscrewing the cap and held the bottle a couple of inches under Kenny's nose.

Kenny took the bottle from the Master and held it directly under one nostril and inhaled deeply and then did the same with the other nostril and then he made me lift my head off the pillow with one hand and held the bottle under my nose and let me inhale the fumes into each nostril just as he had done and then he gave the bottle back to the Master.

"I see you're experienced... I guess from working at the brothel... and you don't seem to mind using the poppers?" the Master said.

"The punishment for refusing do to as you say is probably worse than this death" Kenny said sounding like he was feeling the same kind of rush of pleasure I was beginning to feel.

I felt my heart pounding hard in my chest and Kenny started fucking me hard slamming his hip into me over and over again and it felt like heaven. I started jacking myself off at the same time and then closed my eyes and also without realising it at first held my breath and as I saw strange blotches of color on the inside of my eyelids the pleasure got even greater and greater. I felt Kenny's lips press against mine and I opened my lips and our tongues met in a frantic dance for a while. And then I gave out a loud moan of pleasure and opened my eyes to see my cock spray white on both Kenny's and my own bloodstained chests. Both Kenny's and my own bodies were making small involontarily twitches as they were in a state of intense pleasure at the same time as they tried to work out why our respective hearts were no longer beating and then I saw the whole in Kenny's chest and I glanced downwards and saw that there was a great big hole in my own. I haden't even noticed that the heart charge had gone off! And neither had Kenny. I saw Kenny smile lovingly at me, a smile that said: We did it and it was wonderful! and I smiled in agreement as my vision started getting darker and I could no longer sense anything below my neck. The smile on Kenny's face stayed while his eyes stopped seeing me and then his arms that had been supporting his upper body, holding it a bit above me, gave way and he fell dead towards me and seemed to land on top of me before the last of my vision disappeared and then returned to show me the bright lights in the ceiling at the cloning plant.

"Jack? How did you get up and get dressed so quickly, we died both died at the same time and only just a couple of seconds ago... actually I think you were still alive, though barely, when I died" Kenny's voice said to my left.

"Yeah so I gathered, dad just came to life on the bunk next to you... over there. I'm Jim" Jim said pointing at me just as I turned my head to see that he now was the same physical age as myself and Kenny as well as the others.

"Oh, my God! But you look just like him... I think we may have trouble telling you apart... so it's a good thing you picked different colors to wear... black top and white trousers? Interesting" Kenny said.

"Yes, Mike brought out a set of dad's clothes at first but when I asked why he gave me those I noticed that I'm not completly identical to my dad... he said that my face is slightly more angular than my dad's" Jim said.

"Yes, it is... now that you mention it I see that too" I said sitting up on the bed.

"Oh yes! That is so good, I think I'm cuming any second now, keep that.... oh dear! Apparently I've already come and my body gone... and I didn't even notice! Shit!" Brian said coming to life further down the room.

"You were enjoying it, I could tell from your facial expression and the way your cum mixed with the blood... and I enjoyed it too" Paul said.

"Good. Now tell me something, is there really two Jacks or am I seeing double?" Brian said.

"Neither, that's Jim... you remember Jim, my son, from last night?" I said.

"But, but, but... you weren't that big last night... " Brian said.

"Neither were we" a boy said appearing in the door to the clothing store with his arm around Kim... or so it appeared, 'cause then I recognised the boy as Andy and therefore asumed that it was actually Ike.

"Who? What? ... Can somebody explain to me what's happening around here?" Brian said when Kim appeared just behind Andy and Ike.

"I said last night we'd been ordered to make all Terrans at least 5 years old physically, remember?" Pete said.

"How come you're here? Didn't you have to go somewhere far away from this planet? At least that's what I understood from what you said last night... I thought you'd be gone for a very long time.... don't get me wrong, I like you and I'm glad you're here, I'm just confused" I said.

"Only the Masters had to travel the distance both ways in space ship, while I on the other hand... was killed here and a new clone brought to life there but then I had to travel back here by space ship in order to bring home certain objects. Jack, and Kenny, there's somebody here who's eager to meet you and know you but I'm quite certain you don't know him... " Pete said.

"Jack! Kenny! I'm glad to see that you're okay after you blew your chest to pieces like that!" a naked boy I had never seen before said as he came up to us from the very far end of the room where he'd apparently been waiting for Pete to introduce him.

The boy, was...well 6 foot tall, just like every other Terran and had dark hair and brown eyes and was generally good looking. He walked straight up to us and first shook Kenny's hand and then Jim's.

"Excuse me, but who are you? And when will people stop mistaking me for my dad?" Jim exclaimed.

"Don't you recognise me? I'm Scott! We spent almost a year in prison together, Jack... well as I explained it was almost a year on the outside of the cell while inside it was only a few hours... mistaking you for your dad?" the boy who'd introduced himself as Scott said.

"Hello... Scott was it?... I'm Jim, that boy there on that bunk is my dad, Jack... dad, do you know this guy? When were you in a prison?" Jim said.

"Never... the Masters don't put us in prison... at least not for more than an hour or two... it's easier to punish us by killing us... and I've never seen this Scott person before in my life... at least that I can remember since they started we me with a blank memory a year ago" Kenny said.

"Same here... almost... I have seen you before" I said.

"Yes, the Jack and Kenny that Scott got to know were the ones who were sent off to war over a year ago and you two were started off with blank memories here when they deserted and they've been alive, trying to find there way to Earth ever since, totally unaware that there was another set of them alive here, and you were obviously unaware of the fact that they still existed and were alive, getting new clones the whole time... well, Jack and Kenny apparently made the mistake of going to a planet where Terrans aren't very popular... in fact it's a crime being Human there so they sent to prison and that, I've been told was about ten months ago... almost an Earth year. Kenny set off his heart charge and then spent the ten months trying to lead Brian, Paul, Stan and Tim to this prison to try to free Jack and his cell mate Scott here and in the mean time Scott told his life story to that Jack and for reasons I will let Scott explain by himself later Jack decided that he should clone Scott here in order to free him from prison... I've been trying to explain to Scott that you two don't have the memories that the Jack and Kenny he knew had... so, Scott, I'm affraid you'll have to tell them your story all over... in due time, because first I want to know why Jack said he had seen Scott before and I think the rest of us agrees" Pete said.

During Pete's monologue Tim, Stan and Mark had also come to life and joined our group and also studied me and Jim closely trying to work out who is who of us as well as trying to find any difference that could help them tell Kim and Ike apart, and then nodded agreement at Pete's last statement. I on the other hand got up and took a close look at Mark, trying to figure out what was different about him today and after a while realised that he now wore a silver collar instead of gold and then gave him a hug as a sort of welcome to the family of silver collars.

"I think I'm beginning to understand this thing about you not having the memories of the Jack and Kenny I met... besides, now that I come to think of it they were a bit older... maybe around eighteen or thereabouts while you look more like fifteen... and I now see the difference between you and Jim, he's got a bit more angular face" Scott said.

"You're not the first one to say that" Jim said.

"Yeah, now I see that too" Kenny said.

"Scott, you said eighteen and fifteen years old about our ages, that sounds like it's those Earth years that Jack keeps talking about" Paul said.

"Well, I was born on Earth, and grew up there, had parents and friends and only died once... just before a being I thought was a human friend of me took me away from Earth and then abandoned me on the very same planet were it's illegal to be human... I actually had the physical age of 30 Earth years when Jack and Kenny came into my cell, but since Jack made me a clone I got back the years I lost in an escape attempt, as it were" Scott said.

"You'll be asked to elaborate on that later, but first Jack has to tell us a few things... I expect you had another dream last night?" Paul said.

"Yes, and I will tell it to all of you in the cafeteria" I said.

"And you said you had seen Scott here before... where and how? He's never been on this planet until this morning as I understand it" Brian said.

"He was in my dream" I said.

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