Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completely fictional, as are all the characters.

By the same author: Previously I've written the multipart story "A Different World" which can be found under gay/sciencefiction at nifty. I've recently also started a spin off/sequel to that story, which is published in the same subdirectory, i.e. the directory for "A Different World". The spin off/sequel is called "What Dreams May Come".

Going Home, part 29

Written by Adam

"You lot should head down to the cafeteria now if you want to have time for breakfast and to hear Jack tell his dream before you're expected at the brothel... Mark, could you just stay behind for a few moments? I need you to tell the others about what happens when they travel too far from the cloning machines and how to get around that problem, but I also want to show you something, a very innovative solution that the older Jack and his friends came up with while on the run" Pete said.

"Sure. Kim, you go with Jack and the others, I'll join you in a moment" Mark said.

"Sure, but only if you kiss me first" Kim said and kissed Mark.

"Is everybody here gay?" Scott said.

"No, not all Terrans but there's a lot of us. I think it has to do with the fact that the aliens that abducted people from Earth and cloned them chose for some reason to abduct a lot of them from some gathering of gay people... and then all of us in this group have become friends more or less because we have that in common, that we're gay, I mean . Why? Got anything against gay people?" I said.

"Nope, on the contrary, I'm gay myself. It's just that... I never met any of the others before, just you and Kenny, in the prison and on their space ship where they cloned me, so I sort of asumed that it was just the two of you that were gay... Actually, I'm hoping we will find my boyfriend shortly... Well, as Jack, not you but the other one, said my boyfriend wouldn't remember me since no Terran here remembers their existence on Earth... so it should be exciting to see if my boyfriend, or rather the clone of my boyfriend finds me as attractive as the original person did" Scott said.

"Oh God! That's so romantic!" Brian sobbed beside me and we all turned to see that he was crying, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"This is no time to make that kind of silly jokes!" Paul said.

"Those are genuine tears" I said.

"Yes, as a matter of fact they are! I'm not always making stupid jokes, I have a sensitive side too, you know!" Brian said.

"Yes, I know... that's what I fell in love with at first. Sorry!" Paul said and kissed Brian.

"Right, Scott, come with us and we'll see if we can't help you find your boyfriend... Besides, you were born on Earth and have parents that you remember? I think you'd better come with us and we'll get you home. Now let's go to the cafeteria" I said.

"I knew I could trust you the same way I could trust the other Jack. Pete said he'd fixed me up with a job at the same place as you lot... what kinda place and job is it? ... And can I have Tom Bryant's autograph?" Scott said.

"Pete? You put him up for work at the brothel? Is that a such a good idea? Do you think he'll enjoy being fucked by ugly aliens and then killed several times a day?" I said.

"Tom Bryant... I've heard that name before, it sounds familiar... did Jack say something about that last night" Brian said to Paul.

"I don't think he will enjoy it, but I think it would be best if he stayed with your group. Besides, in view of the drafting it will only ever be this one day... he'll survive... Figure of speach! I didn't mean literally" Pete said.

"Okay, I'll try to prepare him for it... come on, Scott, you've got a tough day ahead of you! How about you, Jim where are you going to work today?" I said and then we walked out to the clothes store, while Mark stayed behind and talked to Pete.

"Dad... I don't think you're going to like this" Jim said.

"You said that about being gay last night and I didn't mind, so try me" I said.

"Well considering how you just reacted when you heard where Scott will be working, I think I might be right this time" Jim said.

"Oh no... not the brothel?" I said.

"Yes. Is it because you don't like me having sex so soon after being... brought into the world?" Jim said.

"No, it's because you'll be killed over and over again that's what I don't like" I said.

"So, you're going to try to get me reasigned to some other job?" Jim said sadly.

"No, I don't think a Terran can do that, unfortunatly... so I guess I will have to accept it... and then again, it may be a necessary learning experience for you... build character!" I said.

"Hey guys! I hear there's another new member to the group!" Mike said.

"Hi Mike! You must be referring to Scott here. Scott, meet Mike. As much as I like to see his beautiful body naked, I'm affraid he can't go around on the streets like that... besides, Kenny would be terribly jelous" I said.

"I already am, but there's a way you can remedy that" Kenny said and knowing precisely what he meant I kissed him.

"Can I have one of those sleeveless shirts like you and Jim are wearing?" Scott said.

"No problem, that's the only model we have... the question is what colour you want. I've been told I have very good taste when it comes to making colour combinations for others so if you like I could pick something out for you" Mike said while he brought out finished sets for me, Kenny, Paul, Brian, Stan and Tim. The others were already dressed and eached of us thanked Mike as we picked them up.

"Sure, go ahead... I was never good at that myself so I just kept it simple with Levi's and white t-shirts" Scott said.

"What? No, don't tell me, that's clothes from Earth isn't it? So Jack's been telling you his dreams already?" Mike said.

"No... this Jack hasn't told me any of his dreams yet, not even last night's dream which we're all dying to hear... not literally dying ofcourse, though from what I hear there'll be plenty of that" Scott said.

"This one really talks strange" Mike said placing a set of clothes on the counter for Scott to wear.

"I'll explain later. By the way, weren't you and Tom going to exchange your gold collars for silver collars?" I said.

"Tom already have a silver collar, see" Scott said and wiggled the collar on Brian's neck.

"I'm not Tom, I'm Brian" Brian said.

"Yes, Tom Bryant, the actor. I love all your movies, especially Prom... oh shit! Sorry! I've made a total ass of myself!" Scott said.

"If you say so. What's an ass? That name, Tom Bryant, I've heard it before. Who is it?" Brian said.

"Don't you remember? Jack told us all about it yesterday" Paul said.

"I'm sorry, I forgot that none of you remembers the life of the original person that you were cloned from. Tom Bryant was a very famous young actor who suddenly disappeared during a visit to a Pride festival in Sweden... his corpse turned up later without a drop of blood in it. He had been cloned. You are the clone... well, one in a series of clones" Scott said.

"Yes, now I remember. Jack told me yesterday.... I came out of the closet... or rather the original me did on some... Show of some kind hosted by a guy with... white hair?" Brian said.

"Mostly gray with a bit of black in the middle and..." I said.

"And a big chin. 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'. I saw that show where you... he came out" Scott said.

"What about that ass thing? Is it your way of saying that you're a bottom?" Brian said.

"No, it isn't my way of saying that I'm a bottom. Though I'm versatile I preferr to be bottom however. I'll explain the ass reference later. And since we haven't been properly introduced, I'm Scott" said Scott.

"Brian" said Brian shaking Scott's hand.

"And I'm Brian's boyfriend Paul" said Paul and shook Scott's hand.

"You didn't answer my question about the collars" I said.

"Sorry, I got distracted by Scott and Brian there... Tom and I are going to exchange our gold collars for silver collars. Mark had it a bit easier than we did however, he only had to detonate his heart at the same time as Kim. But since we weren't expected to work at the brothel no Masters came to our living quarters to pick us up so we had to do it the bureaucratic way, which means filling in a form and putting a thumbprint and retinascan on a datapad and then wait until the guards from the court room above come pick us up" Mike said.

"Oh. Sorry to hear that. Do you think it will be long before they come for you?" I said.

"No, any minute now... I saw on the screen that they arrived with Tom just now and it's standard procedure to process cases like this together when there's more than one... So I should be turning business over to my intern here for the rest of the day. The clothes shop is all yours" Mike said.

At that moment the door to the area behind the counter opened and two Masters stepped through, that I recognised as the ones who had brought me to my execution two days ago. Mike turned to them and nodded to indicate that he knew what it was all about so they wouldn't have to waste any breath on him. At the same time Mark and Pete entered from the cloning room.

"Has everybody got clothes to put on? Good, then let's head down to the cafeteria and see how my former trainee is handling things down there" Mark said.

"Yes, Mike's just handed out his last set of clothes and it was our new friend Scott here who got them" I said.

"Oh, I see... Well, see you down in the cafeteria when you're ready" Mark said.

"Pete, prepare a new body for me with a silver collar" Mike said.

"Sure, but it breaks my heart" Pete said.

"It won't be long now before that's exactly what will happen to my heart, literally... it's been so long so I've forgotten what it's like" Mike said and started out through the door with a guard on either side.

"Mike, I've prepared a set of clothes for you, the same colors you always wear to put on when you come out that door... and I'm going to miss our ... 'relaxations' in the inner office" the intern said making it obvious what 'relaxation' was about.

"I'll miss that too. See you all in a flash" Mike said and that was the last time we saw him with a gold collar on.

"Before you leave, I just want to say that you shouldn't be surprised if you find yourself in one of those transparent cages in the court room today... probably each and every one of you" Pete said.

"Why?" Kenny said.

"Since this is the last day that there will be Terrans in this city for quite a while they will be out of a job in the court room until they start cloning here again and so they have people out in the city helping them fabricating cases against as many Terrans as possible... they're likely to bump into you at one or maybe even two times in some cases today and have you executed for not watching where you're going... I don't think there's any point in trying to avoid it, they will find a way... just accept it and go with them to the court and get it over with" Mark said as we walked into the dressing room and started getting dressed.

"Oh... well, that sounds like typical Master behaviour" I said pulling on my trousers.

"Yes, always on the lookout for new atrocities to commit... to think I was one of them" Kim said.

"Say what?" Scott said.

Which I took as a cue to explain to Scott about Kim and Ike and also to introduce him to everybody and by the time I was done with that we had all finished dressing and walked down the corridor into the stairwell where Scott gave out a horrified scream and them doubled over and threw up... or tried to, since he didn't have anything to throw up except some yellow fluid and then he stood for quite a while dry heaving.

"I have a feeling he doesn't like the wall paper in here" Brian said.

"Yeah, dead bodies and metal painted gray doesn't mix very well" I said.

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