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By the same author: Previously I've written the multipart story "A Different World" which can be found under gay/sciencefiction at nifty.

This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

Going Home, part 3

Written by Adam

Brian and Paul led the way through several corridors to two sets of transparent double doors with the red Air Tram logo on them. We stepped through and onto the platform next to the stairs up to the walk ways. Like all Air Tram stations this was just a wall missing in the building out to the canyon between buildings so the tram just could hover beside the station for the people to step aboard. There was a Terrans only tram waiting for us, as apparently there always is at this time since there are always some of us that have recently been given new clones just before curfew and need to get home quick. When I climbed aboard, hand in hand with Kenny I turned around and then I recognised the station, as I saw it from the angle I was used to, which is looking out of the doors while onboard the tram. As usual the tram was getting full and as usual at this station there were a lot of Terrans who couldn't get aboard as the tram was too full. Tim came running onto the platform and tried to squeeze in but the wall of people was inpenetratable so he stepped back and stood with the others who'd realised that they couldn't get aboard and knew what awaited them after the curfew hit.

"Hey, what are you doing? Get onboard!" Kenny said.

"There's no room! I'll be alright! See you tomorrow at the brothel!" Tim said.

"Hey, you know what happens to you if they catch you out after the curfew! They'll torture and kill you!" Kenny said.

"It's twentythree hundred hours. Terran curfew is in effect" a voice said on the P.A.

"I know. It's not the first time! Don't worry about me, I'll be alright!" Tim called as the doors of the tram closed.

"Stupid boy! No, actually I think he enjoys it. I've known him to deliberatly stay out past curfew even though he easily could have made it home in time" Kenny said looking out the window.

As the tram pulled away sideways from the building we saw a gang of armed young Masters come down the stairs onto the platform and point the guns and remotes at the small crowd of Terrans that stood there. Tim like most of the others knew what was about to happen and placed his hands on top of his head. One Master seemed to pick him out at once and appeared to give him an order. The one thing I hate most about taking this last tram is that it always makes a prolonged stop at this station just after curfew hits to make us who are safely on the tram watch the massacre of the ones who didn't make it. Tim followed the order which seemed to be to stand on the edge of platform facing inwards then the Master seemed to make a gesture to the driver of the tram who moved it a little closer to the platform and also lowered it a bit. The Master brought out a bolt gun like the one I had been forced to hold when I was framed for murder earlier and pointed it at Tim.

"No, don't kill him! He just recieved that clone less than an hour ago!" Kenny yelled.

Tim turned his head towards us, as if he'd heard Kenny's yell and then he winked at us. The Master barked something and Tim obediently snapped his head forward again and looked straight at the Master who fired the bolt gun. The bolt hit Tim and pushed him back across the ten meter gap between the platform and the tram and continued through his chest and the transparency side of the tram making a hole just large enough. Small nails at the end of the bolt sprang out so the bolt would remain stuck to the window and pin Tim there. Tim raised his hands to hold the end of the bolt that protruded from his chest, as far as we could see. We could also see that a balloon began to fill with Tim's blood and got to be quite big before the Master took another, smaller gun and shot once so the balloon with blood exploaded, staining the side of the tram but not enough to prevent us from seeing that Tim's blood now was pumped out into the air in a wide arc from the bolt. Tim went limp. Obviously the blood loss got to large so he lost consciousness and there would only be a matter of time before he was dead. The master who had killed Tim raised the remote to his mouth and pressed a button and then we heard him speak on the P.A. inside the tram.

"See, he did catch the last tram after all!" the Master said and laughed.

Most of the others that had been left behind on the platform were dead too now, mostly from the heart charges while a two or three were nailed to the walls by bolts. Only two more remained. The other gang members indicated to the one that had killed Tim and apparently was the leader that the two remaining were his to kill. One was a girl about our age. The Master fired the bolt gun at her, nailing her to the wall. The other was the guy who had lifted up Brian and almost triggered Brian's heart charge. The Master ordered him to stand on the edge of the platform like Tim but instead of firing the bolt gun the Master kicked the boy in the back so he fell forward and plunged down into the canyon street. Though after a several hundred meters he hit a cargo carrier and turned into a large red wet stain on top of it. The leader of the gang of Masters signalled to the driver of the tram and the tram started moving into traffic and along the canyon street. Every once in a while we saw unfortunate terrans being tortured and killed by gangs of Masters or just their corpses lying about. Kenny kept starring at Tim's body hanging on the side of the tram. I put my arm around Kenny to comfort him and after a moment or two he put his arms around me and rested his head against my shoulder. Brian reached over and nudged Kenny.

"Hey, he's been given a new body now, he'll be alright and if you and Jack intend to do what I think you'll see him as well as us at the cloning facility in the morning" Brian said.

"I know. I just don't like seeing him like that" Kenny said.

"Ofcourse, it's not a pleasant sight... and the bolt gun is the weapon l like the least to be killed by" Brian said.

"Same here" Paul said and Kenny nodded to indicate that he felt the same way.

"So we'll be executed for having sex with each other tomorrow and meet Tim at the facility? But how will the Masters know that we've had sex with each other if we do it in private?" I said.

"Well, what we said earlier was a bit misleading, I guess. You only get sent to court and executed if you're caught having sex with each other instead of with customers at the brothel. If you're caught having sex with another Terran at home in private then you get away with it unless you've volonteered for work at the brothel, 'cause then you're considered 'tainted' in their minds. They think they can't have sex with a Terran who's had sex with another Terran or they will be 'tainted' too... don't ask me, I don't really understand their reasoning in this matter. If you are to work in a brothel and have had sex with another Terran then you'll be expected to self trigger" Paul said.

"But how do they know?" I said.

"You have worked in the brothel before, haven't you?" Kenny said.

"Once or twice" I said.

"Then you know that they come and pick you up in your living area in the morning, but if they find that you're not home then they scan the area until they find the homing signal that your collar is always sending and then they go to pick you up where ever you are and if they find you in some other Terran's living area and in bed with that other Terran then they first take a picture of both of you where you may pose holding or even kissing each other and then you'll be expected to self trigger within thirty seconds or they'll use the remote to trigger the device for you and then they take a picture of the corpse as evidence that you have a new, 'untainted' body at the brothel" Kenny said.

"I've seen such pictures on the walls outside the rooms at the brothel and wondered why they were there. Now I know" I said.

"And only the Terran who's volonteered to work at the brothel is expected to die so if the one you're with has other duties to perform that day they let him or her live" Brian said.

"And so, since I have volonteered to work at the brothel tomorrow I will be expected to self trigger... I don't know about you, though" Kenny said and looked me straight in the eyes.

"I guess we'll do it together tomorrow then!" I said and kissed Kenny.

"So, we'll all be seeing each other for a nice breakfast in the cafeteria tomorrow morning then?" Paul said with a smile, putting an arm around Brian.

"So it would seem" I said.

"See you for breakfast, boys" Kenny said.

"Hey, Jack. I just remembered something you talked about earlier... you mentioned at one time that there was some guy who kept riding the same tram as you and that you would exchange glances with and even followed to his living area once. Isn't he here today?" Brian said.

"Yes, I'm here" Kenny said.

"What?" Brian said.

"Like Kenny indicated, he is the guy I used to exchange glances with but never really dared approach. I recognised him in the stairwell but was too stunned by what he was doing to my corpse to mention it to you. More than stunned, I was also disappointed at him that he would treat my corpse like that and at the same time flattered that he wanted to feel my dick even though it wasn't the live me... and then I was very glad that it happened because it opened things up, especially with you you starting that conversation by appologising" I said.

"So this is the guy that you've been secretly in love with since you were hatched and you finally got together with him thanks to his desecrating your corpse?" Brian said.

"To sum things up, yeah" I said.

"And you, were you interested in him too?" Paul said to Kenny.

"Yes, he's a really gorgeous dude! I noticed right away that he kept glancing at me a year ago so I gave him my 'what are you looking at?' look back to test him. At first he turned his eyes away emediatly only to glance at me again a few moments later. Then he learned he could look at my reflection in the window and thereby seem to be looking out at the view but then, after a while I started teasing him by making kissing movements with my lips back at his reflection so he would understand that I knew what was going on and he turned to look directly at me and I returned the 'what are you looking at?' gaze again but soon he passed the test, that is he didn't turn away so then I started smiling back at him because I knew he was interested in me and I certainly was interested in him... the real problem, I think was that both were too shy to approach the other and start a conversation" Kenny said.

"Mind you, I was working on a plan to do that earlier today when I was resting at that family's house, before the woman came in and started having sex with me" I said.

"And that time you followed me home... but not quite home, I went inside and then you lost me. If you had only climbed the ladder to the next level which was where I live then I could simply have opened the door and dragged you inside and seduced you right there and then" Kenny said.

"But all that is academical, since it never happened" Brian said.

"Yeah, I think that this was the only way that the two of you could really get together, unfortunatly... I mean that it was unfortunate that this was the only way because it wasn't the most pleasant way but it is fortunate that you did get together" Paul said.

"We understand what you meant, and you're right, this may have been the only way" Kenny said.

"Terran Quarters, end of the line" the driver's voice said over the P.A.

The tram pulled over to the platform of the station at the Terran Quarters or the honeycombs like some of us call them. Not that there was anything sweet about them, there wasn't. It was the way the living areas where shaped with six sides to them and stacked backed to back and side by side and on top of each other in a way that reminded one of honeycombs. This was the one area in the continent sized city where Terrans could walk about as they please at any time of day without having to fear that gangs of Masters might torture and kill them after dark. Ofcourse, we were also safe on this one last tram taking us there but after we had stepped onto the platform and the tram pulled away there were nowhere else that we could be entirely safe. I turned my head and watched the empty tram fly along the canyon between houses another kilometer to where the honeycombs and also the city ended by the ocean. The tram flew out over the ocean and turned around and flew back into the city again and passed us on the other side of the canyon flying further in with Tim's body still stuck to the side. Most of the Terrans had gone further into the honeycombs and only Brian, Paul, Kenny, me and a few more that I don't know remained on the platform looking out over the ocean and watching the sunset. Then one guy a few meters away was suddenly knocked off his feet for no apparent reason. The guy raised his head and locked down at his belly where his white shirt now had a larger red stain.

"Damn! Some fucking Master is playing sniper, must be somewhere over there! Get away from here, so he doesn't get any more of us" the guy said and then whatever had hit the guy exlpoaded spraying guts and blood over the rest of us and separating the guys chest from his lower body.

The rest of us rushed into the tunnel into the honeycombs and all the way through to the first bridge over to the next wall of living areas.

"Did everyone make it without being hit?" Brian asked.

"No, you may have noticed I stumbled a bit at the mouth of the tunnel, that was because something hit me in the back" a black guy said.

"Sorry to hear that. But shouldn't it have exploaded by now?" Brian asked.

"No, they used another amunition on me, the kind that starts eating you from inside, I can feel it working on my intestines right now" the guy said, and was obviously in pain.

"I know what I would do in that case" Brian said.

"Yes, you're right. See you tomorrow Brian. 78452113td47" the guy said and then his heart charge exploded.

"Ugh, I'm beginning to feel I've seen more than enough deaths for one day" I said.

"Me too. Let's go and do something fun for a change" Kenny said.

"Oh yes, we agreed to go to my place, didn't we?" I said.

"Yes, we did" Kenny said.

"Didn't your number start with four? In that case we live in the same block" Brian said.

"Yes, so it would seem" I said.

We crossed the bridge and went into the next tunnel where there were a small elevator on either side of the tunnel. Brian and Paul stepped into one and went up waving at us through the transparency and we waved back and then the other elevator arrived and we stepped inside and I pressed the down button. The ride down was pretty quick and we stepped out of the elevator into an identical tunnel and continued into the honeycombs, to the next space between the blocks. Like on all bridges there was a set of metal steps leading up to the left of us and another one leading down on the right of us. On the other side of the bridge, just before the next tunnel there was another set of steps leading up to the right and one leading down on the left. I turned left emediatly as usual and climbed the steps to the next landing which was really an identical bridge to the one we just left, only there were no tunnels on either end but doors to living compartments. Kenny followed right behind me up the steps. I turned right and crossed the landing to the other side and right again and climbed the steps there so we ended up on the landing just above the bridge between the tunnels. Here I just turned left and pressed the one button that exists on a collar and the door to my living compartment opened. I stepped aside and motioned for Kenny to step inside which he did and I followed him in after which the door closed. Kenny looked around.

"I like what you have done with this place" Kenny said.

"Very funny!" I said.

My living compartment looked like the living compartment of every Terran. It's a standarised module that you're not allowed to put any personal touches to. To the left there's a bed of sorts at the height where it could be made wide enough for one person to lie on. It's a flat metal space to lie on with a very thin mattress that really doesn't make it any softer. To the right there are drawers and some kind of closet that you can put clothes in and then a wash stand, a toilet seat and at the far back, beyond the bed, there's a shower stall in the middle. All the metal is an ugly dirty yellow while the mattress is green, the sheets you get are white as well as the toilet and the shower stall. It was barely room for one person to live in. To be two people in there made it very crammed but then we wanted to stay close in any case. Kenny turned around and put his arms around me and I put my arms around him.

"Hey, I feel something hard pressing against me, are you that horny on me?" Kenny said.

"I feel something hard pressing against me too, so it would seem you're just as horny" I said.

"Wait a second, let me feel!" Kenny said and moved one hand in between us.

"Yes, it seems I am hard... and then here is your bulge" Kenny said feeling first his own dick and then I felt his hand begin to stroke the bulge in my trousers.

"Too much talk, and too little action" I said and then kissed Kenny, pressing apart his lips with my own and moving my tongue in to meet his and then our tongues entangled and danced for a long while.

I felt Kenny's hand leave my cock and then my shirt was pulled out of my trousers and a couple of hands that were not mine began to feel my abs inside the shirt and even moved up and felt my pecs and flicked my nipples for a bit. Kenny broke the kiss.

"Your body is much sexier without the whole in your chest" Kenny said.

"So is yours. I did see what you looked like when you pulled your shirt off before you self triggered" I said and then I pulled his shirt off and started caressing his muscles that were equally well built to my own.

Kenny pulled off my shirt too and I had to break off caressing his body for a moment and then we started feeling each other's pecs and abs and squeezing each other's nipples and kissed again. We put our arms around each other as we continued the kiss and I felt Kenny rub his hard bulge against mine and I started rubbing back. I moved my hands round and started undoing his belt buckle wich was a quick job since there's only one model available to us Terrans and I was used to undoing my own. I undid the top button and pulled down the zipper and then I pushed his trousers down as far as I could without bending over. I stroked the bulge in the briefs for a second and then I pulled the briefs down too so Kenny's cock was free. I've seen the cocks of other Terran boys before but never this close and I've never held another Terran cock before. I put my hand around Kenny's cock and just felt the size and warmth of it in my hand and then I started moving my hand back and fort, jacking him off. We'd stopped kissing a short while ago and now I looked up into those beautiful green eyes of his and almost drowned in them. I was brought back to the surface by his leaning over and kissing me briefly and then he started unbuckling my belt, opened my fly and pulled down my trousers and briefs at the same time. Kenny put his hand around my cock and we started jacking each other and then we both looked up at the same time and smiled at each other and then kissed again. Then Kenny started kissing my chin and then my neck, he broke off the kissing when he got to the collar and started kissing the collar bone just below it and then across my left pec down to the nipple which he started licking and gently biting. I have sometimes massaged my own nipples while jacking off on my own and that has brought me some pleasure but what Kenny was doing with his tongue and teeth was ten times better and I bit my lower lip from the pleasure of it. Then Kenny moved down and kissed the area about an inch below the nipples and between kisses he spoke.

"I'd better take the oportunity to kiss this area while the skin is unbroken and the heart is still there in one piece, 'cause tomorrow there's likely to form a crater here" Kenny said kissing between every four or five words.

"Thanks for reminding me" I said.

"Shush! I can hear the frantic beating of something doomed to be blown to bits in six hours. This is really odd!" Kenny said, putting his ear to my chest and listened to my heart beats.

"What is?" I said getting curious.

"I didn't know a heart of gold could beat this fast" Kenny said still listening.

"Heart of gold? Hah, that's a laugh, I don't think you've known me long enought to realise that my heart isn't gold at all" I said.

"I know you alright! You're heart is gold, as least when dealing with me!" Kenny said.

"Can I listen to your heart too while it's still in one piece?" I said.

"Sure! Sit down on the bunk!" Kenny said and I obeyed.

Kenny then stood on his knees astride my lap and pressed my head against his chest with both hands and I could hear the thudding sound of his heart pumping his blood around and suddenly I became sad thinking that in a few hours he would make an explosive blow this wonderful thing to bits and I would be doing the same thing to myself. I leaned back and looked up into his eyes with my sad face and he noticed the change and he began to look the same and then bent over and we kissed long, passionatly and in a way desperatly knowing that we didn't have a long time in these particular bodies.

"Come on, let's not be saddened by this, but make the most of the time we have until morning and make sure they have their reason for asking us to commit suicide!" Kenny said after he broke the kiss.

I didn't answer but started kissing him again at the same time as I lifted my legs and swung around on my buttocks and lay down on the bunk and thereby made Kenny fall over to lie beside and half on top of me closest to the wall. Kenny then climbed back up onto his knees again and sat astride my chest bringing his cock to my mouth. I started licking his glans with the tip of my tongue and then took his cock into my mouth and continued to lick the glans and started sucking as well. I then moved my head forward taking more of his cock into my mouth all the way down to the balls and then brought it out again and continued moving it in and out my mouth getting my first face fuck by a Terran.

I'm leaving you with a sort of sex cliff hanger this time. The sex scene will continue in part four. I will try to keep this story running parallel with the upcoming Different World spin off. I'm interested in your feedback and suggestions. Is there some story thread that you would like me to explore further or turn into a spin off? ... Write me at my_evil_twin47@yahoo.com and tell me what you think of this story!