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Going Home, part 30

Written by Adam

"Have you noticed that our boyfriends have a very disturbing sense of humor?" Paul said.

"Yeah" Kenny said.

"Sometimes I think they would be better suited for each other than with either of us" Paul said.

"Yeah, now that you mention it. So, what should we do?" Kenny said.

"Each other" Paul said.

"You're saying you and I should... hook up?" Kenny said.

"Yeah" Paul said.

"Okay" Kenny said and then they started off down the stairs arm in arm.

"Are you ditching me for Kenny?" Brian said at which Paul and Kenny stopped at the next landing and looked back up at us. Scott had by now stopped dry heaving and looked in amazement at what was happening, while I could hardly contain my laughter.

"Yeah" Paul said.

"And Kenny, you're leaving Jack?" Brian said.

"Yeah" Kenny said.

"Oh good! Finally I get the chance to be Jack's boyfriend which is what I wanted all along" Brian said and started tongue kissing me which caused Paul and Kenny to start laughing and Tim, Stan, Andy, Ike, Kim and Mark to applaud.

"Are you all mad? I mean, we're standing in a stairwell with dead humans all around us and you don't even seem to notice them but instead you make stupid jokes about it and trade boyfriends?!" Scott exclaimed.

"Well, we're used to the dead bodies... only two days ago we worked here stacking a lot of these bodies against the transparencies and also... some of the bodies are us, as you're about to see and if you get executed today like Mark said we all probably will your body will also end up in this stairwell, though higher up where they are stacking bodies at this very moment" Kenny said.

"I was quite horrified by it yesterday but now I'm used to it" Kim said.

"As for being mad and making stupid jokes... I think it's a typical self defence mechanism for our species to make jokes in dire circumstances in order to stay sane" I said.

"Yes, even though we tease Brian and Jack for making bad jokes we really are no better ourselves... it's necessary for the very reasons that Jack just said" Paul said.

"Well... I guess you've got a point... after all I spent 365 years in a prison cell talking to myself, making stupid jokes in order not to go insane from the loneliness" Scott said.

"Yeah, but wasn't that 365 Earth years outside the cell while only one Earth year passed inside it... if I understood that correctly?" Mark said.

"Yeah, but I think he was being ironical sort of" I said.

"Yes" Scott said.

"So you do have a sense of humor! I think you, Jack and I are going to get along just fine!" Brian said.

"Are you okay? No more need to throw up?" I said.

"As okay as I'm going to get in here" Scott said.

"Good, let's go down to the cafeteria and get some breakfast" I said and started down the stairs with an arm around Scott's shoulders.

"I don't think I can eat anything now" Scott said.

"Sure you can! Myself, I don't feel completely alive until I get that cup of coffee" I said.

"There's coffee? What are we hanging around here for?" Scott said and started hurring but then stopped at the next landing.

"What is it now?" Ike said.

"Mine and Jack's kissing corpses I bet" Kenny said.

"Er... is that...?" Scott said pointing up at mine and Kenny's corpses that had been arranged to appear to be kissing.

"Yes, but I'll explain that later when I tell you my story about the dreams and the journal and all that but now we need to hurry to have time to get some breakfast and for me to tell all of you my latest dream before we're expected at the brothel" I said.

"Okay" Scott said and then we finally made it all the way down to the cafeteria without further interruptions.

Kenny and I even skipped paying out tributes to the other pair of corpses of ours. For once we managed to get breakfast quickly without any interventions from any homophobics and apparently Mark had some influence over the guy who'd taken over the cafeteria after him so we all got slightly better assortments on our breakfast trays than any of the others. Since we now were so many we moved three tables together and sat chairs around them.

"Right, let's hear your latest dream" Kim said.

"Okay, it started off as before, in the parade walking hand in hand with my boyfriend" I said.

"And that was Kenny... I mean the original you was boyfriend with the original Kenny, right? ... the other Jack told me a bit about the dreams in the prison cell" Scott said.

"Yes, that's right. It's Kenny" I said.

"Hey, wait! You mentioned earlier and I've meaning to ask you about this... you said that Scott was in your dream, so that means that Scott was there also... the original Scott, not the clone and that you knew him also?" Stan said.

"No, I was never at that parade... I did grow up on Earth and remember all of my life there but I never knew Jack or Kenny until they dropped into my prison cell... as a matter of fact from what the other Jack told me of his dreams that parade was during the Stockholm Pride 2000, and the only time in my life I even went to Europe was when I went on holiday to London with my parents in 1999, that's the closest I ever came to Stockholm" Scott said.

"I thought this might be the case. And to help answering Stan's question, it wasn't the original Scott... he was wearing a collar... I will get to that in a moment. So we were there on the bridge and then a person from the sidewalk sees us and calls out 'Jack!... Kenny!' but neither I nor my boyfriend answer because that's not our names... not the names of the originals" I said.

"Wasn't that some typical dream weirdness then? I mean, your brain doesn't know the names of the original you and your boyfriend so your brain put in the names you know instead?" Scott said.

"Either that or it was you with a collar, the future Scott clone that actually gets to Earth and since you don't know their names either you will call out the names you do know" Mark said.

"No, it wasn't Scott... he doesn't turn up just yet... it was Kim... I think... or Ike, it's difficult to tell them appart nowadays" I said.

"You mean that Kim or Ike was there as a clone as well... I mean they can't possibly have been anything else since their Terran bodies were artifially created on this world, no original Terran like them has ever existed" Mark said.

"Preciselly" I said.

"Sorry we're late, did we miss anything?" Mike said as he and Tom sat down at the table with a breakfast tray each as well as silver collars where there used to be gold.

"Yes, apparently Scott wasn't the only one to make an appearance in Jack's dream last night, I did too... or possibly Ike" Kim said.

"Scott, who's that?" Tom said.

"I'm Scott, pleased to meet you... and you are?" Scott said shaking Tom's hand.

"I'm Tom" Tom said.

"Ah, so it was you that Jack was talking about when I thought he was talking about Brian" Scott said.

"Huh?" Tom said not understanding a word of what Scott just said.

"I'll explain later" I said.

"But if I'm not mistaken you only met Jack this morning shortly before you stepped out into the clothes department? So how could you dream about him before that?" Mike said.

"You do know that my dreams are based on the memories of the original person I was cloned from, don't you?" I said.

"Yes" Mike said.

"So some time in the future Scott here will make it back to Earth along with Kim, Ike, Kenny... well everybody around this table right now plus a couple more and Kim... I now remember that in the dream you identified yourself as Kim... will be the first one to run into the original me" I said.

"Who were the others that come along but aren't here right now?" Mark said.

"Steff is one of them... and he seemed quite close to Scott... and the other seemed to have had some brief relationship with Jim that ended though they stay quite intimate or something... I think he's not a Terran yet... he's yet another Master who becomes Terran but I... I don't think anybody of us know him at the moment" I said.

"But you don't like me being with him... I have some vague memory seeing that through the eyes of the original you... feels kinda weird" Jim said.

"Okay, go on telling the dream... the original you had bumped into Jack the clone and all the rest of us, then what happened?" Mike said.

"No, he hadn't got that far... just to the point where Kim called out their names while they were walking in the parade" Tim said.

"No, Kim called out mine and Kenny's names since he didn't know the names of the originals... then... yeah, the original me sees this boy he's never seen before rush into the parade and stand in front of him... it's a very good looking boy, with dark hair, kinda round face, rosy cheeks and dimples and a strange metal thing round his neck like a necklace but actually it's a round metal ring with some lights and stuff on it" I said.

"We all know what a collar looks like" Paul said.

"Sorry, I got a bit caught up telling it from the original's point of view... the boy is wearing a red sleeveless shirt of the same model as we're all wearing and black trousers and... there's some black rubber stuck to his upper right arm with some kind of criss cross pattern..." I said.

"Remnants of a uniform... the army grade cloning machines moulds our uniforms onto our bodies just before we are come alive and are let out of the tubes... the uniforms are made of black rubber and... well it saves time from having to put on clothes every few seconds while in battle... but then there are days without any battle when we get transported to the next planet where the war is scheduled to take place and then during that time some of us like to take part in sexual activities so we simply tear the uniforms from each other and do it and then we get ordinare clothes to put on when we're finished having sex for the moment since the rubber uniforms can't be molded onto our bodies after we come out of the machines... and then sometimes some pieces of uniform remain on parts of the body" Mike said.

"Okay... well the boy follows the gaze of the original me and sees the piece of rubber and then peels it off himself, saying; 'Thanks, I hate it when pieces of the uniform stays on me'... and then the original me says... let me see if I remember it and can pronounce it: 'Ursäkta, känner jag dig?' and the boy looks very perplexed for a moment but then goes: 'Wait, I remember Jack telling me this and that he thought what you just said means... Jack you have to say it to Kim next morning after you've had this dream or I can't remember hearing you say what it meant'... " I said.

"I said that? Why would I say something like that?" Kim said.

"Shit, it's some kind of time paradox... a bit like the grand father paradox but completly vice versa!" Ike said.

"What?" everybody else said in return.

"Never mind, I don't think I understood completly what I said myself... but my brother was right, you have to say what it was the original you said" Ike said.

"I think it means 'Excuse me, do I know you?'" I said.

"Okay! Kim, remember that now, okay? I'll explain later... on the way to Earth" Ike said.

"I understand now... I was just a bit slower figuring the paradox out... and I do remember it" Kim said.

"Yeah, and then the boy seemed to clear up and understand what the original me had said and the boy said; 'Good, thanks Jack! No, you don't know me, sorry but I thought you were your clone'... and then the original says; 'What?' and the boy says; 'But the damage is already know and I remember Jack telling me that we took you to some cafe nearby called... what was it? ... wait, it'll come to me... Chokladkoppen... no, we didn't take you, because we don't know where it is but you took us there in answer to the question' and then the boy paused and the original said 'You thought I was my clown? What question?' and the original Kenny said 'he didn't say clown he said clone... the words doesn't sound that alike even' and the original me said 'Yeah, sorry... I have a clone? ... What question?' and the boy says 'Yes, you have a clone, he looks just like you but younger, you'll meet him soon... I'm a clone too, Kim is my name, how do you do'... 'How do you do, what question??' the original says sounding even more exasperated every time and then Kim says; 'Is there anywhere we could talk?' and the original me says; 'Yeah, there's this cafe called Chokladkoppen a few hundred meters away from here... where's that clone of mine you keep talking about?' and then Kim says 'He, and my other friends are waiting over there by... I think it's the houses of parliament or whatever it's called in this country' pointing towards a set of buildings on a small island off to the right" I said.

"Did you deliberatly make him ask you to ask him the question so he could say where to go?" Mark said.

"Yes, I definatly remember now that I will ask him that and he will answer by suggesting that cafe and for history to unfold in the way it's supposed to I'd better ask him that or there may be more serious time paradoxes at hand" Kim said.

"Stop talking like that, you're giving me a head ache!" Brian said.

"How about Jack go on telling his dream instead?" Paul said.

"Yes... so the three of us walk off to the right and cross a small bridge to that island where there's two buildings and sort of arches between them all in stone, so I guess they're kinda old... and the rest of us are waiting under those arches and then Kim introduces the original to me and Kenny to his original and then he introduces the rest of the group to the originals but for some reason the name of that last member of the group that's not yet Terran at this point... his name is sort of blurred in the dream... then the original me asks why they're hiding and I answer... I mean the original sees the clone of himself answer... shit, it was very weird dreaming that dream where I sort of saw myself through somebody else's eyes... I answer 'Our friend Brian here is cloned from a famous actor, who I believe you've either met or will meet soon but everybody keeps mistaking Brian here for the real person and that can be a bit annoying for all parties' ... and then the original nods in understanding shaking Brian's hand and saying something about Brian taking his name from the character the actor played in a movie and then Scott says something about how it may be true but must have been subconsciously" I said.

"Yeah, I think that may be a possible explanation to how most of you clones pick your name... like how Kenny probably picked his name from that South Park shirt though he didn't remember the shirt in his conscious mind, but there was some fragment of a memory somewhere in his mind that still made him pick that" Scott said.

"That makes sense... I think" Mark said.

"Yeah... I think so too" I said.

"So you're saying that I do remember that shirt even though I don't?" Kenny said.

"That's one way of putting it, I'll explain it later. Go on with the dream Jack" Scott said.

"Right. So then we all decide we should go to that cafe so the original leads the way a block or two up a street called Västerlånggatan I think the sign said and then he turns left and walks up a steeply sloping street I and then turns right again until he ends up in a big square and the cafe is on the right side so we all sit down at a couple of tables outside the cafe and we explain to the originals who we are, what we are and why we have come to Earth... and for some reason we also tell them the bad news that they are going to be abducted by aliens and killed and I say, that is the clone says 'but you shouldn't try to avoid it or we will never exist' and the original says 'But that sounds like such a horrible way to exist so why would you want to?' and the future clone me says 'But now we've told you about it and if we never come to exist we will never be able to come here and tell you about it and then you will not be able to avoid it since you won't know it's going to happen so you'll be cloned anyway and we'll come back here and...' and the original Kenny interrupts me saying 'Right, I get it! You don't have to go on, it's the grandfather paradox' and then Ike says 'Exactly, and that's what I also remember Jack telling me of his dream that I will say exactly what I'm saying now... damn, what a silly thing to say' and Kim agrees" I said.

"I'm right, it is a silly thing to say" Ike said.

"And then the Jack the clone said 'And now that we've been to Earth and seen the place where we come from and delivered Scott here to the planet where he grew up... oh yes and avoided the nuclear holocaust that the Grays tried to cause... actually succeeded in causing at first but we went back in time and stopped them before they could make the tense diplomatic situation between USA and China worse the way they intended... now that we've done all that we intend to go back to the world where they clone us and try to put an end to the slavery there' and the original me says 'What tense situation between USA and China, I don't know about any tenseness between them' and Scott says 'No, not at the moment but there will be next year... and the grays will be there to try to escalate the situation' and the original me says 'I guess I'll have to take your word for that'" I said.

"Wait, I remember that... it started in April 2001 with that plane incident... it was during my last days on Earth... I didn't know it lead to nuclear war, though" Scott said.

"It didn't... I understand from what I said, will say, that we stopped the Grays from making it worse... I guess if we make it so they can't interfere in human history it nothing will happen except it will be a tense situation..." I said.

"Well that sounds like typical Gray behaviour, so I think that Jack is onto something there" Kim said.

"Definatly" Ike said.

"Yes, I believe that in the dream I said that the two of you together with the third former Master, the one we don't know yet, were the most helpfull since you know so much about how the Grays work" I said.

"You mean that the future Jack clone will say that?" Kim said.

"Yes. Well anyway, the original me then asks 'So the rest of you don't know that much about the Grays, so I asume that they are not the ones you referr to as Masters?' and then Scott says 'No, they're not... the Masters are lizardoids... Have the two of you ever seen a TV series called Star Trek:Deep Space Nine?' and the original me says 'Yes, it's one of my favorite TV series' and Scott says 'So you've seen a lot of it, maybe even all of it?' and the original me says 'I haven't seen the seventh season unfortunatly. Why?' and Scott says 'Well the Masters look a lot like the species called Jem'Hadar in that series but with a small difference... have you seen the Predator movies?' and the original Kenny says 'With Arnold Schwarzenegger? Yes, we've seen it' and the original me says 'Arnold was only in the first movie, then it was Danny Glover in the sequel' while the clone me looks like he's trying to recall who these actors are that the original speaks of. Scott then says 'Okay, so if you imagine a Jem'Hadar with the fangs of the Predator alien, then you've got a Master' and the original me says 'Okay, I think I get the picture... I guess I wouldn't any of those to suck my cock' and the guy in our group whom we haven't met says 'No, you wouldn't. Personally I've only discovered the joy of cock sucking after I became a Terran' and then the original me nods at him and I think he smiles, though it's hard to know when looking through his eyes and then he decides to change the subject and says 'So when did you arrive here on Earth?' and both the clone me and Scott answer simultaneously with two completly different answers. I says, '14 days ago' and Scott says '53 years ago' and the original Kenny goes 'What?'" I said.

"You can't both be right" Kenny said.

"Funny that's exactly what the original you said next" I said.

"So which is it? 53 years or 14 days?" Stan said.

"Well in the dream Scott said 'Actually we can and we are, it all depends on from what point of view you look at it... I guess it's a bit to do with Einsteins theories of relativity' and the original me says 'Like the story about the train and the three strokes of lightning?' and Scott says 'Yes, in a way. From our point of view... being on the train as it were... we arrived 48 hours ago but from your point of view standing beside the railroad the actual arrival took place 53 years ago' and the original Kenny says 'That would be in 1946, 47 or 48 or something?' and Scott says 'It was in 1947' and then I, the clone, says 'And shortly after we arrived we discovered that we'd been followed by two ships of Grays' and Scott says 'And in a split second we decide to beam aboard one of the ships and take controll of it in order to do the same with the other' and then the original me says 'Beam aboard? You mean like in Star Trek?' and I says 'Actually our teleportation device is quite different from the one you mention... I have some remnants of your memories of watching that TV series... it's just that Scott here likes to call it beaming anyway since he's a... what did you call yourself the other day?' and Scott says 'Trekkie' and the original me says 'Well, I'm a trekkie too so your friend Scott is quite a kewl guy from my point of view' and then Jim says 'Yes, I like Scott too so lay off him dad' and I says 'I didn't mean to be mean to Scott in any way I just pointed out that the teleporter we use is different. I like Scott too' and then I kissed Scott on the cheek. The original Kenny says 'You beamed aboard one of the ships and then what happened?' and I says 'We start fighting with their crew and during the fight the ship falls into the atmosphere and crashes in a field outside a small town in the USA... Scott what was the name of that town again' and then Scott says 'Roswell'" I said and at this Scott reacts by spewing the coffee he'd been drinking over me, Kenny and Brian who all happened to sit opposite him at the breakfast table.

There was a moment of silence in the cafeteria when everybody looked at us and especially at Scott.

"And that's exactly how the original me reacted in the dream when you said 'Roswell'" I said.

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