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Going Home, part 31

Written by Adam

"Is there some special significance to that Rosman place? I mean since people seem to react so strongly when hearing that name" Paul said.

"Well, first of all I want to say that I'm sorry for spitting coffee on you like that... maybe you should go change into some clean clothes?" Scott said.

"Don't worry about it, I guess I should've seen that one coming, considering what the original me did in the dream... as for the clothes, we only need to be wearing these untill we get to the brothel and I believe they get sent back here as soon as we take them off and here they wash them and give them to our next clones, right Mike?" I said.

"Yes, that is right" Mike said.

"Besides, we should be going now or we'll be late" I said.

"Wait, I want to hear what happens next in the dream, do we explain to the original Jack and Kenny how it's possible that it was actually humans and not aliens that crashed in Roswell? ... that's the name of the town, not Rosman as you said, Paul" Scott said.

"I don't know... because I woke up at that point when you in the dream said that we crashed in that town and the original me did that spitting coffee thing" I said.

"Damn, I guess I shouldn't have woken you up when I did" Kenny said.

"No, you did right waking me up at that time, or else we wouldn't have been able to have such great sex" I said.

"Jack is right, we should be going" Brian said and the rest of us that were experienced at working in the brothel nodded and all of us started getting up from the table.

"Say Jack... I'm curious about one thing... you said that we take our clothes off when we get to the brothel and that the clothes get sent back here?" Scott said to me as we headed for the door.

"Yes?" I said.

"So... what do we wear when we leave the brothel?" Scott said.

"We don't" I said.

"Excuse me?" Scott said.

"We don't leave the brothel, at least not when we're the most popular... Terrans there" Brian said.

"We never leave? We go there now and we're never going to get out of there?!" Scott said.

"Sure, we'll get out of there... you'll be spending this day by going there, getting a customer who fucks you and possibly some more and when he's done you'll go there again and do the whole thing over again and again" Kenny said as we emerged on the tram platform.

"How can we go there and not come back before we go there again?" Scott said.

"Did the other Jack, the one who shared that prison cell with you, explain to you about the dying bit that we clones do?" I said.

"Yeah, you die and then wake up in a new body, fresh out of the cloning machine... I even watched the other Kenny blow his heart to pieces in order to return to the ship they travelled on and then saw him again when I finally got onboard it so they could make me into... into a clone... I'm going to die, over and over again?" Scott said.

"I'm affraid so... didn't you know that when you aggreed to become a clone? You did agree, I understand" Mark said.

"No... yes... the other Jack never expected that they would be caught the way they were and that I wouldn't ever need to come to this planet and so he assumed that the amount of dying would be minimal compared to here, or in that war he spoke of... that's the way he explained it to me" Scott said.

"But I think we're going to die a few times even when travelling to Earth and possibly even when we reach Earth" I said.

"Why would we die then?" Kenny said.

"Well, for one thing I believe we die in that crash, I spoke of before" I said.

"I don't think so... The normal story about Roswell is that an alien space craft crashed in a field outside that town and the farmer who owned the field found strange metal fragments with unusual qualities and called the military who made a huge cover up of it all and claimed that it was just a weather balloon that had crashed... they still claim that to this day... it is believed that the military found more than just metal fragments, but most of the ship, more or less intact and also three or four dead aliens ... not humans like us but aliens, significantly different from humans... though, it's also said that one of them wasn't quite dead but regained consciousness later on... I think that if there had been human bodies in that wreck, then the whole story wouldn't have been as interesting to people all over the world... oh, my God! What is that?" Scott said and pointed during the last bit.

"That's the tram. It's going to take us to the brothel" Kenny said.

"But it's just a tube of metal and glass, how can it just fly through the air like that? I mean, it doesn't even have wings!" Scott said as the tram pulled up to the platform.

"Glass?" I said.

"A transparent material, commonly used on Earth. Scott, it's not glass but something else... I think this is closer to metal actually" Mark said.

"Kinda like that 'transparent aluminum' thing they say they have on 'Star Trek' then?" Scott said.

"'That's the second referrense to that 'Star trek' thing that I've heard this morning" Stan said.

"It's one of those TV shows I've been telling you about, where actors pretend to be other people, remember... I have a vague memory of something with that name... I think that one takes place in the future about some people travelling to other planets by stepping through a ring with a surface like water in it" I said.

"Not quite, you're mixing them up... the one with the ring that you're talking about is called 'Stargate SG1' and set in present time, well the same time as when it's shown on TV whereas 'Star Trek' is set a few hundred years in the future and they travell around the galaxy in huge space ships, and sometimes makes shortcuts through this stable worm hole that they've found in one of the series, you see it's five different TV shows that are 'Star Trek'" Scott said.

"Are you guys going to get on board on your own free will, or do I have to press the pain button?" the Master standing guard on the platform said.

"Sorry" I said as we all started getting on board the tram.

"Yeah, right. You can all report to the court for a little 'heart surgery' after each of your respective first customers. All of you" the guard said.

"Yes sir" Kenny said as the tram doors closed separating us from the guard.

"Heart surgery?" Scott said.

"Didn't you say that you witnessed Kenny setting off his heart charge?" I said.

"Yes?" Scott said.

"Oh, I get it! They're going to execute us that way after we wake up in the cloning fascillity the next time... 'heart surgery'. I'm glad I'm not a master anymore, they make really lame jokes about killing us" Kim said.

"Could we please get back to talking about what's important here?" Paul said.

"You consider having your heart blown to bits un-important?" Scott said.

"Yes, that happens every day more or less... often several times a day. You know we have an irritating tendency changing subjects back and forth all the time... we're talking about one thing and then somebody makes some remark that makes us talk about something else until somebody who feels the first subject wasn't fully explored changes back and then someone wants to finish talking about whatever we talked about before that even until somebody changes to the second subject but then..." Paul said.

"Yes, yes, we get the picture, and you're right! We seldom finish a discussion properly... what subject do you want to know more about?" I said.

"My, that was beautiful! Not even I could have made joke by talking in such an unecessarily way and make everybody..." Brian said.

"Don't change the subject, Brian" I said.

"Well, I just want to say that I'm very proud of my boyfriend. He's totally surpassed..." Brian said.

"Brian!" Kenny said.

"Sorry" Brian said.

"Good! Paul, what is it you want us to talk about?" I said.

"That Ross... place... where you, Jack, said that we probably died in some crash but Scott says that there were only dead aliens found there, according to history, pointing out the fact that we're not aliens on Earth, since we are in a way from there" Paul said.

"Ah, yes. Simple. In the dream we said to the original me that we teleported over to another ship with aliens on it and while struggling with them the ship has nobody at the helm and so it crashes... and there are two possible outcomes of this crash" I said.

"Yeah, but is it the right aliens?" Scott said.

"Wait, you'll get your turn soon. Jack, continue! Two possible outcomes" Paul said.

"Either the aliens die in the crash but we survive somehow or, more likely that everybody dies in the crash... except one of the aliens, according to Scott" I said.

"Yes, but Scott said they found only alien bodies, right?" Paul said turning to Scott.

"Yes, so that would mean that your first theory is more probable in my oppinion... even though I can't understand how we could survive a crash from orbit, if I understand Jack correctly... I mean, shouldn't the ship burn up when it enters the atmosphere?" Scott said.

"If it's the kind of ships I think it is, it's got heavy armour which is also heat shielding" Ike said.

"Yeah" Kim agreed.

"I think I know how Jack is reasoning" Mark said.

"You do?" Kenny said.

"Well, Jack's mentioned teleporters which I know we will be using in the war in any case, in order to teleport or new bodies to the point where we died last so we don't have to run or fly the same distance over and over again... and it seems to me that the cloning machines in the ship in which we travel is fully functional and that we can safely allow us to be killed if necessary and be sure to come back even when we reach Earth" Mark said.

"Yes, I have a hazy memory... not from a dream but a memory of the original me watching the clone me die and come back, and that seems to be later, the same day as we visit that cafe, so..." I said.

"Yeah, I think I get it too now" Stan said.

"Yeah" Brian said.

"Am I the only one who doesn't understand?" Scott said.

"Yeah" most of us said in chorus.

"If I understand them correctly, they believe that we will die in that crash and emediatly come alive aboard our own ship and then teleport back down and remove our own bodies" Kim said.

"Exactly" I said.

"But, why only remove our own bodies, not the alien ones?" Ike said.

"Well, Scott said that it's a matter of historic fact that they did find alien bodies there, right?" I said.

"Meaning?" Kim said.

"Meaning that we probably decide to do our best to keep history intact, the way that Scott remembers it... besides, in the dream we told the original me that we had also stopped others from trying to change history" I said.

"That makes sense, I mean, didn't I talk about time paradoxes and stuff like that in the dream?" Ike said.

"Er... if I understood what you just said correctly, you did" I said.

"Okay... I think I've got the basics about this Roswell thing, now let's talk about something else before Brian and I start getting head aches from this time paradox talk again" Paul said.

"Right, I think I'll agree with you on that" I said, rubbing my temples that had begun to throb.

"Excuse me, but aren't we very close to the brothel now?" Andy said.

"Yes, we are" Brian said.

"So isn't this where the tram makes that steep dive which caused me to get hurt and then killed the other day?" Andy said.

"Yes, any second now" Paul said.

"Does Scott know about this?" Andy said.

"Know about what?" Scott said.

"Is there something we need to know? What's this about a steep dive?" Kim said.

"Hey, haven't you thought about telling this to any of your new friends? What kind of friends are you?!" Andy exclaimed.

"Very thoughless ones, you're right about that... Kim, Scott, Ike and Jim, grab a steady hold on one of these bars, Now! Jack? Don't stand around dreaming, grab hold of something!" Kenny said while he put my hands on the bar we'd been standing around.

"What are you talking about?" Scott said.

"You'll know soon enough! Just hold on to this!" Andy said as he did the same with Scott's hands and then grabbed the bar himself.

Kim, Ike and Jim had grabbed hold of a bar next to us after observing the way us more experienced clones behaved and they did this just as the tram started tilting forward ever so slightly to begin with. Then suddenly the dive became very steep indeed and we all came from standing up to dangling from the metal bars that were placed through out the tram. Kenny had kept his hands placed over mine to make me hold on to the pole but this meant that he had no real grip on it himself and quite soon his hands slipped off mine and he started falling. Instinctively I let go of the bar with one hand and managed to get a hold around Kenny's forearm as he grabbed mine and as we did I had a flashback of some of the memories of the original me. Actually it was a series of flashbacks from several of those movies that the original me, memories of close ups of hands grabbing hold of each other's arms the same way as Kenny and I just did and in just as extreme circumstances. These flashbacks lasted only for a fraction of a second before I became aware of the fact that the force and weight of grabbing hold of Kenny's falling body had caused me to lose my grip on the bar and now we both fell.

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