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Going Home, part 32

Written by Adam

Kenny fell less than a meter before he managed to grab the next vertical bar, except now that the tram was diving the vertical bars were more or less horizontal. A few seconds later I grabbed on to the same bar with my free hand and we ended up swinging side by side hanging on with one hand each and then we momentarily changed our grips on each other to hold hands properly and smiled at each other before we on mutual agreement let go of each other and held on to the bar with both hands.

"Are you guys okay?" Andy said.

"Yeah, we're fine" Kenny said.

"Yeah, we just wanted to check if the rest of you were awake" I said.

"Darling, stop making stupid jokes" Kenny said.

"Sorry" I said.

"I used to worry a lot about those two, but I've begun to realize that they've developed a knack for keeping alive and unhurt as much as possible... so maybe I'll stop trying to save Jack all the time and concentrate on keeping you alive instead" Kim said.

"Only 'maybe'?" Mark said.

"Definitely, I mean" Kim said.

"Am I imagining it or are we beginning to level out?" Scott said.

"You're not imagining anything, we are beginning to level out which means that we're at the brothel" I said as the tram slowly returned to normal and Kenny and I set our feet down on the floor, happy that this particular ordeal was over.

As soon as it was safe to completly let go of the bars Kenny embraced me and started to kiss me, and I embraced him back as our tongues started to dance around each other. At the same time it became dark inside the tram as it flew into the garage and then landed very roughly so we were almost knocked off our feet and then the doors opened.

"Stop that or I will have to kill you for being tainted" the brothel guard on patrol in the garage said and Kenny and I broke off the kiss and let go of each other though we kept looking each other in the eyes.

"You two as well" the guard bellowed and we looked around to see that Kim and Mark were also kissing.

"Hey, don't be reckless with your lives like you always warned us others against, surely you know how the Masters feel about us being 'tainted', at least Kim ought to know about it" I said and then Kim and Mark stopped kissing.

"Unfortunatly he's right" Kim said.

"Yes, I agree... it's very unfortunate... not that Jack is right, there's nothing wrong in him being right, but unfortunate that things should be the way they are... this tainted business and all that" Mark said as he and Kim stopped embracing each other as well.

"Right, let's go... and hurry up, K'ch'kt-aa is here already and has made a prior reservation of 47589624... You!" the guard said and pointed at me, having consulted his remote, as we walked past toward the stairwell.

"Yes, I know. He said he would last night" I said.

"Really? And did he tell you that he would put you on the wall of fame? Have you any idea what an honor that is for you and how expensive it is for him?" the guard yelled as he climbed the stairs next to me.

"He said he would, and I kind of figured that it's one of the few things that can happen to a Terran that is considered an honor for the Terran in question" I said.

"Do you realise that you will be killed in the process?" the guard said. He seemed determined to try to scare me or freak me out.

"I believe I'm scheduled to work in the far end of the main corridor of the brothel today which means that every customer will kill me when they're done with me so I would end up in any case. How I die is irrelevant" I said.

"Do you know how you'll be killed?" the guard said hoping for a 'no' so he could tell me.

"No, but I have a pretty good guess" I said.

"Really? And what do you guess it will be then?" the guard said sarcastically.

"Those it involve a bolt gun... you know those bolts that pumps all my blood out after it pins me to the wall?" I said.

"Yes, that's precisely what it is... have you been killed by one of those before?" the guard said.

"Yes, once... and if it makes you feel any happier I didn't like it at all" I said.

"Oh... but you don't seem to concerned or try to get out of this fate?" the guard said puting his arm against the door post and blocking my way just as I was about to step into the brothel.

"What choice do I have? Besides, as I understand it, this customer normally fucks Terrans without protection and thereby kill them by coming inside them, right?" I said.

"Yes, that's what I've heard too... you should consider yourself lucky that he doesn't do that to you, I've heard the screams of pain from those of you who have died that way... for instance, I heard about this one Terran who deliberatly killed himself by making a young master come on his chest, right here where the heart is... he died a horrible death" the guard said.

"Yes, that was a mistake, it was very painful and it left some emotional scars on the poor young Master too I believe. Right, Kim?" I said.

"Absolutly" Kim said.

"Yeah, apparently it drove the Master mad so he killed his own father and took the blame himself so they made him a Terran" the guard said.

"No, that's not how it was at all!" Kim said.

"Excuse me, but I've got a customer waiting!" I said and then we walked into the brothel.

"Ah, finally the little Terrans feel like showing up! We're not interrupting your busy schedule, are we?" the Master in charge of the brothel said but all of us wisely kept our mouths shut, even Brian.

Scott and Jim seemed the only ones who didn't know how to react to the Master's sarcasm and both looked at me in a way that seemed to beg for guidance. I tried to give them a look that said "just ignore it" and I guess I succeeded as they did just that.

"Now, this is odd, we have two pairs of Terrans that look more or less exactly the same... you, and you and then you and you look exactly the same... this is odd, I didn't know that twins had been cloned... We know that you know that we think that all Terrans look alike but we still notice if some Terrans look more alike than others... never mind, this is not important, we always identify you by your numbers anyway" the Master in charge said and pointed out Kim and Ike as looking alike first and then me and Jim. We all ignored this as well, though we started to wonder why this Master was so talkative today.

"Okay. Today's going to be a little different. This is the last day in several months, maybe as much as a year that there's going to be any clones what so ever on this planet and so there are some rich regular clients of this brothel who wants to fuck you and kill you one last time... and yes today we only have clones who are supposed to be killed after each client is done with them and we will use the last four blocks of stalls here at the end of the corridor, two on each side. To save time you will all start undressing now and drop your clothes in a heap here in the middle while I distribute each of you to respective booths" the Master said and then he started by reading out Brian's number and sent him to the stall that Paul had last time.

Next to Brian's stall they put a picture of Brian and Paul lying dead next to each other and another of them fucking that apparently was the first image of a film clip where you could see them inhale from a small bottle and then fuck for a while until their heart charges suddenly went off just as Brian shot his load all over himself and Paul, while Paul presumably shot his inside Brian. Next the Master called Kim's number and he was told to take the stall on the other side of the main corridor opposite Brian's stall. Kim also had a still picture of being dead plus a film clip, both showing him and Mark having sex, dying and being dead. I noticed that Kim shivered a bit as he watched himself die. As he was standing right next to me I patted him gently on the shoulder and he smiled bravely back at me. Paul was then given the stall next to Brian's stall which was the stall that I had had last time I worked here. As usual, couples who'd died together got the same pictures and film clips next to the stalls. I got the stall opposite Paul and next to Kim, and this was the stall that Kenny had last time. Kenny, Jim, Scott and Ike clustered around me and looked with varying degrees of excitement at the clip of me and Kenny from the same morning when we inhaled from a similar bottle and then had sex until we came and went at the same time. Several of the others clustered around well but couldn't see properly as the others were in the way. And Brian, Paul and Kim seemed a little disappointed that they couldn't see since they were already in their stalls with the force field raised and a few moments later so was I. Ike was given the stall next to Paul on the other side of the corridor, though he only got still pictures of a much younger version of him, Andy and Jim, first holding each other and then being dead beside each other. Jim glanced at me with a worried look on his face, in case I'd disapprove, I found to my own surprise that I didn't but rather found it exciting to think that they had done it so I just smiled at him and mouthed the words "Don't tell mom" which only made him confused. In the stall next to me Scott was placed, he didn't have any pictures or film clips at all for reasons I think you're able to figure out for yourself. Andy ended up next to Ike and opposite him Kenny got his stall which meant that he and I were in the same block after all and could meet in the common room in the back if we'd like... though we'd have to be careful ofcourse. Jim got the last stall of the block on the opposite side of the main corridor and Mark got the last stall on the same side as me and Kim. Mark's film clip was slightly longer than Kim's and the first part was Mark stating that he volontarily was about to give up his gold collar, which he still had in the clip, in exchange for a silver collar and therefore have sex with Kim using poppers if the Masters filming him at the moment felt that he should, which obviously they had. Mike and Tom got two stalls next to each other in the next block towards the main entrance and on the same side of the main corridor as me and Tim and Stan got stalls opposite those of Mike's and Tom's. And as all of us had been assigned to our stalls and were now in them, the Master in charge went to the main entrance and let the first customers in. There were only two to begin with. First to the end of the main corridor was the guy with the strange hobby of taking pieces of us as souvenirs. He first stopped by Jim's stall and then started looking around as if looking for somebody and then he spotted me.

"Two of you? No, wait... this one's different... slightly more angular face" he said looking back at Jim.

"I'm the one you collected a souvenir from a couple of days ago" I said.

"Yes, but you and the other one is related? Don't worry, I won't tell anybody" the Master with the strange hobby said.

"Yes, he and I are related, we're brothers" I lied.

"I really don't care which, I came for you and your boyfriend... well actually for your cocks. Is your boyfriend here?" the Master said.

"Hello!" Kenny called from his stall and the Master took a few steps back to see.

"Ah there you are. You see, when I got home the other day I found myself unable to fulfill your request... to put your cock next to your boyfriend's cock and not because I no longer had your boyfriend's cock in my collection... I'm sure it's there somewhere, but for the very silly reason that I haven't been a very good collector" the Master said.

"Excuse me, but the way you talk it sounds like you cut cocks off people and put them on the mantelpiece at home.... I hope I'm mistaken" Scott said who happened to be caught in the middle sort of, since he had the stall between me and Kenny.

"I do, I have sex with Terrans here in the brothel and then I cut their cocks off and keep them to remember you by... I take it you're new here, recently got a new body with a blank memory? Otherwise you'd probably now about me and my collection" the Master said to Scott while apparently looking at him, as if deciding wether not to add Scott's member to the collection.

"Yes, he got started off with a blank memory this morning... and if you do pick him today, be sure to let him make the same choice that I got to make, please" I quickly said in case Scott would try to tell the Master his real story of remembering his life on Earth.

"Ofcourse, it's only under very special circumstances that I don't let somebody chose for himself... New boy, I did mention that I have sex with Terrans and then cut your cock off but you should now that you get to choose whether I will kill you before or after I cut it off... and, surprisingly many of you boys chose to let me kill you afterwards" the Master said.

"So if I understand you correctly you cut it off no matter what, I just get to choose to die before or after?" Scott said.

"Exactly" the Master said.

"And somebody explained to me that I can't deny any Master to have sex with me so if you chose to have me I get no say in the matter, just wether I will die before or after you cut it off?" Scott said.

"Yes, I'm affraid so... but don't worry, I haven't picked you yet... I'm gonna have these two together first" the Master said.

"You might as well take the new boy now because I've booked this one in advance, and paid for him in advance as well. You'll just have to wait, cock chopper!" K'ch'kt-aa said arriving to our end of the corridor and indicated me as the one he had booked in advance.

"If you're lying to me..." the Master with the odd hobby said.

"He's not, I have the transaction on file here" the Master in charge of the brothel said, showing a padd to the other Master.

"Very well then. May I just finish the explanation I began? Why I want these two, and what serious mistake I've made all these years collection cocks" the Master with the hobby said to K'ch'kt-aa.

"Make it quick, I haven't got all day... I'll talk to my former cousin meanwhile" K'ch'kt-aa said and walked over to Kim's stall and made hand signal for Kim to come up to the force field and they started talking very quietly with each other.

"Cousin?" I said.

"He'll tell you everything about that and what I'm talking to him about later" K'ch'kt-aa said to me and then turned back to Kim.

The Master with the hobby seemed to think a bit about the cousin statement too and then turned back to me and Kenny.

"My mistake all these years is that I never marked the cocks in any way so I have no way to know which cock was attached to which Terran... which is very stupid since the reason I take the cocks is to remember you by, like I said earlier... so I couldn't put your cock next to your boyfriend's cock because I don't know which cock used to belong to your boyfriend... therefore, when I realised this, I threw all the cocks away, into the garbage... sorry... and started a new collection where I mould a transparent block around the cocks which preserves them better, makes it easier to see the cock at it's best, i.e. errect and also put a picture of the Terran with his number printed on it, like this!" the Master with the hobby said and brought out a sample to show me and Kenny. He also let Scott get a good look at it.

It was a transparent, slightly oblong block containing one errect cock that could be viewed from three sides while the fourth was blocked by a picture of a boy I had seen before bet never really got to know him. He was sitting in a sexy pose on the center bed in a stall at the brothel, presumably where he'd soon end up dead and without that thing between his legs that now was inside the block. The picture apparently was printed on both sides of the paper so you didn't have to try to look past the cock to see it, but could just turn the block around and watch from the back side. At the bottom of the picture was a typical Terran identification number presumably for that very particular clone that we saw.

"And you want us both together this time? You're going to have sex with both of us and then cut our cocks off put them in a block each like that with a picture and then put the blocks beside each other?" I said.

"No, I'm making a special for you... first I won't have sex with you, I'll just watch you having sex with each other and then I put your cocks in the same block, and the picture will also be of you holding each other... and then also I was thinking of taking something more than just your cocks this one time" the Master said.

During this K'ch'kt-aa returned from talking to Kim and took the block out the other Master's hands and looked at it from all sides and seemed to like what he saw.

"What do you mean by more?" Kenny said.

"I'll tell you that later when it becomes my turn to have you... Supervisor, I'd like to pay in advance for... 47589625 and his boyfriend there..." the Master with the hobby said to the Master in charge of the brothel.

"Sure. Your verification, please. Though it will be 47589626 that you get, because 475289625 is scheduled for execution according to my padd" the Master in charge said.

"Okay, there's nothing I can do about that, so 47589626 it is then" the Master with the hobby said and placed his thumb on the padd for a moment untill there was a small beep noise, and then they shook hands.

"A small suggestion if you don't mind" K'ch'kt-aa said looking at the picture at the back of the block.

"Yes?" the Master with the hobby said.

"Well, I see that you put the Terran's number on the picture. I just thought that in addition to the numbers you might put their names... at least with these two. I think that would be kind of cute" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Don't be ridicoulus, Terrans don't have names, only numbers... only sentient beings referr to each other by name and Terrans aren't sentient" the Supervisor said.

"I've recently found out that the Terrans give each other names or give themselves names, I think it's different for each individual... if I remember correctly 47589 here is known to his Terran friends as... Jack?" K'ch'kt-aa said turning to me for confirmation on my name and I nodded.

"Much easier to remember than number combinations... we remember our own numbers because they're automatically stored in our memory circuits but the numbers of other clones... it's hopeless" Kenny said.

"Must be something they've learned while working in our households" the Supervisor said.

"No, I'm Scott and that's the name I..." Scott began.

"You, speak only when spoken to!" K'ch'kt-aa yelled and tried to slapp Scott but the force field was in the way and he hurt his hand but fortunatly it made Scott shut up. The strange thing was that K'ch'kt-aa seemed as alarmed as us Terrans about what Scott was about to do and even stranger that it seemed to be for the same reasons.

"K'ch.... sorry, I can't pronounce your name sir. You are right, we do give ourselves names" I said.

"And it's not something they've learned here. I have made some research, based on research my late cousin did before he was sadly taken from us, and I have found that on the planet Terra... where these creatures once roamed in billions and built cities not so different from our own, but now are long since an extinct species and the planet devoid of all life, because of global war with some pretty destructive weaponry which makes our own thermo nuclear warheads seem like... wooden swords... the Terrans we have here are the only ones left of their species... however, I believe they had family names and individual names very much in the same way as we do" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"No, that can't be. Earth was okay..." Scott began.

"I told you to be quiet! I'm very tempted to kill you right now... but I won't... but if you speak without permission again..." K'ch'kt-aa said.

"Scott, I also want you to be quiet now, for your own good! I'll explain later" I said.

"Your friend is nodding to show that he understand" K'ch'kt-aa said looking into Scott's stall.

"Fine, whatever... but you should now that this research you're talking about is very dangerous, very subversive... and might be the reason why that cousin of yours is dead... as a Master... I do know that he's a Terran now, you know" the Supervisor said to K'ch'kt-aa.

"I know. Actually, I mostly glanced through it before I had it destroyed" K'ch'kt-aa said to the Supervisor.

"In any case I find it a bit fascinating that you have names. What was your name again?" the Master with the hobby said.

"Jack" I answered.

"Er... I'm not sure how to write that... but you do have your own language right, and your own alphabet, which I hear is very different from ours? Only numbers are the same for both... I guess I'll let you and your boyfriend write your own names in your own language... later when I've taken the picture... but I'd like to hear his name spoken now" the Master with the Hobby said.

"My name is Kenny" Kenny said.

"Okay... well, I won't keep you from K'ch'kt-aa here any longer and I think I'll take the new boy here after all" the Master with the hobby said.

"Certainly. And K'ch'kt-aa are you ready to take this 47589624?" the Supervisor said.

"Definatly... I've wasted too much time already" K'ch'kt-aa said.

The one referred to as supervisor pressed a button his remote and my cock began to rise untill it became erect and then the Supervisor pressed the same button for Scott. The Supervisor then walked over to the panel beside my stall and lowered the force field long enough for K'ch'kt-aa to step inside and then walked over and let the Master with the hobby into Scott's stall.

"So which is it? Do you want me to kill you before or after I cut your cock off?" I heard the Master with the hobby say in the stall next door.

"I think... I understand that I'm supposed to take my own corpse away when I return and I think that I'd find it easier to cope with a dickless corpse if I had seen it bein removed so... I think I'll let you cut it off first and then kill me... how will you kill me?" I heard Scott said.

"I'm affraid you don't get a say in that matter, I decide how I kill you" the Master with the hobby said.

"I know, I'm just asking" Scott said.

"Since I did your friend Juck next door, the other day, who was the first one I stabbed with the same knife that I use to cut the cock off... I've sort of kept on stabbing you Terrans to death... does that meet with your approval?" the Master said sounding sarcastic on the approval bit.

"Like you said I have no say in the matter and I don't know what it's like to be stabbed to death, but... a bit curious about it" Scott said.

"Good. Let's not waste time talking. Remember how the boy on the picture in the block sat? Sit kinda like that, I'm about to take your picture now. Good, I'll leave that to print out while I fuck you. Lie on your back with your legs apart" the Master said and I could hear a zipper open.

"Jack, let's not waste time listening to them. I will fulfill my promise to you but then I have to rush off and take care of some business... I've already told Kim that I won't do him today like I promised earlier, due to that research of his that I found and didn't destroy at all... it was very interesting... I will however see all of you later... maybe about five hours from now, I think... Stand on all fours. I'll take you from behind so you don't have to see my face, which I understand is pretty hideous to Terrans" K'ch'kt-aa said and I stood on all fours like he ordered.

I could hear him opening the wrapping for a condom and put it on and shortly afterwards I felt his glans press against my hole and then the pain of his alien cock moving into me.

"Didn't you say to the... supervisor that you had destroyed the research material?" I said.

"Don't talk about that so loudly! I lied to him to put his mind at rest! All of Kim's research and my continuation of it is in a very safe place that only I know about and can get to... the bit about Terra, or is it Earth you call it? The bit about your home planet being destroyed was also a lie... but you should tell your friend to never speak about his true origin in front of us Masters, but I'm sure you know that, I guess you just haven't had time to explain everything to him yet? I deliberatly didn't kill him because I know that your group is supposed to be executed next time each of you wake up in the cloning plant and I believe he will need your guidance through that... I assure you that I'm the only Master who knows that he was born on the Terran home planet and grew up there and remember all of his existance there... and that I'm also the only Master who knows about Jim being your son, or rather the son of a previous you that you don't remember, and I will never reveal any of this information to any other Master as long as I'm a master myself" K'ch'kt-aa whispered in my ear while slowly moving his cock in and out of my ass.

Then suddenly K'ch'kt-aa started fucking me more voilently until he gave out a loud cry and then stopped. He withdrew from me and carefully removed the condom from his cock and then put it in the special shute for that in the side wall just to make sure that none of the corrosive liquid inside it would harm me.

"Forgive me for saying this, but you don't seem like yourself today" I said.

"I'm not... finding Kim's research and doing my own research has changed me, and made me realise a few things about how we treat Terrans.... but there's still enough of the old me left to fulfill my duty and kill the prostitute when I'm done with him... it's time for you to be put on the wall of fame... Supervisor!" K'ch'kt-aa said... well the last word was a shout and the supervisor arrived with a bolt gun that he gave to K'ch'kt-aa after he let both of us out of the stall.

The Supervisor then led the way walking towards the main entrance and K'ch'kt-aa followed him together with me, holding my upper arm firmly. As we passed Scott's stall I looked inside and saw the Master standing on his knees beside Scott while cutting off Scott's member. Scott was obviously in great pain. Then, after his cock had been removed the Master bent down with it behind the bed and then when he straightened up he held up a transparent block like the one before but this one contained Scott's cock and a picture of Scott. The Master showed the new block to Scott who reached up and touched it as if he didn't quite believe his eyes and then the Master put the block aside and raised the knife high above Scott's chest and looked into Scott's eyes. Scott nodded to signify that he was ready for the killing blow and then turned his head towards me and I mouthed the words "Wait for me at the cloning plant" and he nodded just as the knife was plunged in his chest. He arched his back at the moment the blade entered his chest and pierced his heart and then as he let out his last breath the body relaxed and became limp.

Just before the main entrance for the Master customers we turned right and then I saw the two story wall. Actually I didn't see the wall because it was full of dead Terrans bolted to it... except for one small bare patch with a small metal box in front of it. The bare patch seemed to have been made recently. Some corpse hade been removed to make room for me.

"I think you've guessed where your spot is going to be. Stand on the box" the Supervisor said and I went over and stood on the box with my back against the wall, facing K'ch'kt-aa who had been given the bolt gun and aimed it at my chest. Behind them some of the Master guards working at the brothel had appeared to watch the event, including the one who was trying to gloat at me earlier.

"Sorry about this" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"The only Master who was ever sorry about killing Terrans was your cousin, but don't worry, I don't blame you. I'm used to dying" I said.

"Like you said, I'm not myself today. Don't worry, you will be able to avenge your deaths on me soon" K'ch'kt-aa said.

"I don't think so. Not as long as you're a Master... I don't like the idea of being in pain for an hour untill I die from it" I said.

"I know, but there are things that you don't know... yet..." K'ch'kt-aa said and then fired the bolt gun.

The bolt flew the short distance through the air and hit me in the middle of the chest and pinned me to the wall. I felt the small tube extend from it into my heart and I move my hands to the bolt to remove the ring like before but then I noticed that the rubber balloon had been cut away like I had showed K'ch'kt-aa earlier so I let the ring be. Shortly after my blood started pumping out through the bolt in a wide arc and hit the metal floor where it started running through a series of grooves to a metal grate and dissappeared through that grate.

"One of the things you don't know yet I will tell you know! I will not remain a Master for long!" K'ch'kt-aa said and brought out his knife slit the throat of the guard that had been gloating at me earlier, and who now fell over dead.

"What did you do that for?! Very well, we'll blame it on him, he'll be in pain for an hour for it instead of the heart charge detonation that was waiting for him" the Supervisor said indicating me.

"No, I will take the responsibility for that myself. I will be made a Terran... a great shame but better than blaming serious crimes on innocent people!" K'ch'kt-aa said.

The argument seemed to continue and be very heated but I never heard the rest as I became dizzy and faint and then everything went dark. Then next moment I woke up in the cloning plant again.

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