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Going Home, part 33

Written by Adam

"Jack? Are you here yet?" Paul's voice said.

I opened my eyes and saw Paul and Scott looking down on me.

"Yes I am. Though I must say it's a very strange question to ask" I said.

"No, it isn't. Our new bodies are already alive since long before they're brought out of the tubes and there's no way of telling if a person has died yet and if his consciousness has been completely transferred to the new body... except the tell tale sign of opening your eyes of course" Paul said.

"Oh... I didn't think of that" I said.

"So that's settled then?" Paul said.

"Yeah. Scott, are you okay? I was a bit surprised that you chose to let him cut it off first and kill you afterwards... considering that you're so new to all of this... being a clone and being killed all the time I mean" I said.

"Yeah, I'm fine... it's was strange having your cock cut off like that but not so bad as I thought at first... and being stabbed was slightly better than being shot and way better than having all my blood sucked out of me to make me a clone. What I don't understand is why you wanted me to wait for you here" Scott said.

"It sounds like you're getting used to being killed but I feel that I should still be there for you for what's about to happen next" I said.

"Which is?" Scott prompted me.

"Being executed" Paul said.

"Right" I said.

"Oh that... so we are going to executed, after all? For a while I thought that Master who said it had been joking but... what would be the point of executing us anyway? Since most clones are used to dying all the time and coming back death must have very little meaning to them... us... whichever, so executions would have very little effect on us" Scott said.

"I guess they know this but they do it anyway because they've noticed that it annoys us a bit and it is an inconvenience... " I said.

"The fact that killing us under such organised forms and at such a steady pace makes us a bit ill at ease plays a part, I think... the more we dislike something the more they like to do it to us. And then of course they like it because we tend to be in pain at least for a little while" Paul said.

"Oh... yes, they seem to enjoy torturing us. So how will they execute us?" Scott said.

"I can't be sure, but my guess would be heart charge" Paul said.

"I think so too" I said.

"Is that when they blow up your heart?" Scott said.

"Yeah" I said.

"Oh, okay. Let's go and get it over with" Scott said.

"Yes, go now so I can use this bench for a new clone... so I was right, they came up with some execuse just to have you executed?" Pete said as he helped me off the bench onto the floor.

"Yeah. We were a bit slow getting on the tram to the brothel so they decided we should be executed" I said.

"Wow, that's even more far fetched an execuse than I had expected, especially so early in the morning" Pete said.

"Oh, good... I thought I was alone in thinking so" Paul said.

"Right. Then I'll see you here again soon anyway. Off you go now" Pete said.

"Yeah. See ya!" I said going through the door to the clothing store and all three of us waved to Pete.

"It's you three... Mike did give me strict instructions to give each of you certain sets of clothes but I don't see the point since you're working at the brothel today so you don't wear them for long anyway. I'm sorry but you'll have to make do with the cheaper type of clothes" the new guy behind the counter said.

"Yes. Except we're going to get executed now so we'll need at least trousers that wont dissolve too quickly behind the transparency in the stair well" Paul said.

"Oh... okay... just the three of you?" they guy said.

"No, our entire group of friends" Paul said.

"Very well. I'll give you proper clothes, as per Mike's instructions, this time and then next time you'll get the cheaper clothes" the guy said putting three sets of clothes on the counter.

"Sounds good to me" I said taking my set of clothes.

"Yeah, and to me" Paul said taking his set.

"This is all new to me so I'll go along with whatever they say" Scott said taking his.

We started for the dressing room as Kenny, Kim and Jim came from the cloning room.

"Hey, wait for us!" Kenny said.

"Of course darling... we'll wait in here" I said stepping into the dressing room after the two others.

Paul, Scott and I started getting dressed and were soon joined by the three others. When we were finished dressing we sat around waiting for the others to finish.

"Kim, I still can't believe that you actually talked that cock chopper to take your cock" Jim said suddenly.

"You talked him into it?" I said.

"Yes. I remembered that dad once took me to this guy's appartment in some strategy to make me want to kill Terrans and maybe even develop some hobby of my own... to be inspired by those cut off cocks" Kim said.

"He actually told this story to that Master" Kenny said.

"And the Master remembered having had them for guests" Jim said.

"I take it this visit didn't inspire you the way that your dad had hoped" Paul said.

"No... it only made me realise I was turned on by the male organ... that I was gay... It didn't make me want to start a collection of my own but to become a part of this cock collection... to become Terran... that was the first time that desire to become Terran appeared" Kim said.

"So now that dream has come true?" Scott said.

"Yes!" Kim said happily.

"Whatever makes you happy, pal" I said patting Kim on the back.

"But still, I had no idea it would feel the way it did, having my cock cut off" Kim said.

"I bet" Jim said.

"Everybody's dressed? Let's go and get this execution business over with" Kenny said and we all got up and started walking into the corridor outside where several armed Masters were waiting for us.

"You six! You have to come with us. You may not now this but you're all scheduled for execution" the leading guard said.

"We know" I said.

"Damn! Right! This way!" the guard said.

"Hey, Jack... it's very good of you to take it upon you to help Scott through this but he is not the only one who's never been executed before... Kim and Jim hasn't either" Kenny whispered as we walked between the armed guards towards the elevator to the court room.

"I know. I don't think Ike has either... but I can't help all of them. I trust that Andy will help Ike though... at least I think that Andy has been through it at least once before... and now that you're here with Jim and Kim we can help them and Scott together" I whispered back.

"Hey, be quiet!" a guard shouted at me and I nodded that I would.

As we stepped into the elevator I felt Kenny's hand move his hand into mine and interlace his fingers with my fingers. I turned my head slightly and saw kenny smile at me. I smiled back. Then the elevator stopped, the doors opened and we stepped out into the court room and after queing for a short while we stood in front of the judge who scanned us with his remote and checked our numbers against his data pad.

"Slow getting on a tram? Oh dear, they do invent the crimes today. Sorry about this Terrans, name whatever means of execution you'd prefer" the Judge said.

"What?" I said.

"Sorry?" Paul said.

"Huh?" Kenny said.

"When people sentence Terrans to death for crimes that don't really exist I have no idea exactly how they should be executed for these so called crimes so I let you decide how they will be killed... though most seem to pick the heart charge for some reason... isn't the spinal cord cutting thing less painfull?" the Judge said.

"Yes but most Masters like to see us Terrans in at least some pain, that's why they have us executed... so in order to please the guard who sent us here I think we'll go with the heart charge" Paul said.

"That's what we expected you to decide for uy anyway" I said.

"Right... but since when do Terrans want to please Masters?" the Judge said.

"We've always done it to some degree to avoid having more voilence than necessary done on us... but today we don't mind so much anyway since we'll be leaving the planet before the day is over, so we might as well let you have your fun while you can" Paul said.

"Fine. Then it will be detonation of heart charge since you're so keen on it. Now move on, you're holding up the line" the Judge said.

"This way! Since we're a bit full today you'll have to line up for one of the booths instead of getting one each as otherwise would be the case. Take that one at the far left, the que for that one is the shortest at the moment. And you can remove your shirts right away" a guard said.

"Remove our shirts?" Scott said and Kenny, Paul and I explained to him and the other two.

"Oh... I guess that makes a bit of sense" Scott said while being the last one to take his shirt off.

"I'll go first so Scott, Kim and Jim see that there's nothing to worry about and then you two can wait until they're done and be some kind of calming influense on them" Paul said.

"Sounds good to me" I said and Kenny nodded.

"But not to me" Scott said.

"I beg your pardon" I said.

"You don't have to do that" Scott said.

"Beg your pardon?" I said.

"Set an example or whatever Paul wants to call it... you don't have to hold my hand either" Scott said.

"I can't see anybody holding hands with you" I said.

"Metaphorically" Scott clarified.

"Okay, so what do you want us to do?" I said.

"Let me go first, I can handle it. While you were talking I watched a couple of people get executed in those glass chambers and there doesn't seem very dramatical or complicated, just stand in the middle and wait for it to happen. I've died a few times now so I'm used to that and since I saw Kenny detonate his own heart before – not you, the other one who was the other Jack's boyfriend... in the prison cell – I've become more and more curious about this particular death... it seems to come so... so undramatical, so common... it seems to be the one you preferr to most other deaths... and I'd like to show you that I can handle this, that I'm getting used to this kind of existence, however horrible it is to a normal human... Terran that is... and by normal I mean one that was born normally and grew up with parents and remember this fully... no offence Jack" Scott said.

"None taken" I said.

"Is that all you want?" Kim said.

"How do you mean?" Scott said.

"Having observed the different couples like Jack and Kenny or Brian and Paul, I've noticed that they like to kiss each other goodbye when they know one or both of them are going to die even though they also know that they are going to see each other again soon... and I've found that I'm the same way with Mark... so I was wondering if you might want to kiss somebody even though you don't have a boyfriend... just so this particular you doesn't die unkissed?" Kim said.

"I see... good point, and I can see that you're hoping that it's you I'll kiss" Scott said causing Kim to blush and the rest of us to laugh.

"Hoping, yes I've gotta admit that, but I won't be disappointed... not much... if you pick somebody else" Kim said giving me a gentle push for laughing just because I was closest.

"Oh good, because I was thinking I'd avoid making anybody's boyfriend jelous by picking the only other single guy here... at least as far as I know he's single..." Scott said looking straight at the person he had in mind.

"Good point. Who's that then?" Jim said.

"Unless you've found a boyfriend since breakfast it's you" I said.

"Me?! Yeah... now that you mention it, I am single... Dad, may I?" Jim said.

"You don't have to ask my permission for a simple kiss... besides you're all grown up now, you're as tall as me and same physical age... and don't call me that where Masters can hear... from now on the official story is that we're twin brothers, nothing else" I said.

"Right bro'!" Jim said.

"Now hurry up with that kiss, it'll be Scott's turn any second now... they're carrying the bodies out as soon as the device detonates, not even waiting for them to die completly... must be because there's so many executions" I said.

Jim went right over to Scott and started kissing him while I was still talking. It seems to start as a rather chaste kiss, just lips meeting but soon turned into a very passionate kiss with their tongues obviously twisting around each other feverishly inside and both putting their arms around the other, squeezing buttocks, stroking back the back of the head... well generally all over each other.

"Wow. I wish we could seem as passionate with each other when we kiss" I said.

"You do... especially when you know you're about to die" Paul said.

"Actually Kenny and Jack are even more passionate on account of being boyfriends I think" Kim said.

"Next! Hurry up! We've got lots of people waiting to be executed today!" a Master yelled at us standing at the door to the chamber we were standing in line for.

"Don't worry, we can wait all day... no hurry!" somebody shouted at the far back.

"Right, I saw you shouting that... you've just won an express ticket to the front of the line!" the Master said and walked over and grabbed the guy's arm.

"But it's my turn now, isn't it?" Scott said.

"Don't be too eager... you've got time to kiss me some more... or are you saying I'm a bad kisser?" Jim said keeping his arms around Scott.

"Not at all, of all the guys I've kissed in my life you're second best" Scott said.

"What makes you think I'll settle for being second best?" Jim said.

"Sorry, but nobody can kiss better that number one, not even your fath... brother" Scott said.

"That hurts... and I don't even remember kissing you, must have been that other me" I said.

"So who is number one?" Kenny asked.

"Alex, who was my boyfriend until he was abducted... who's supposed to be a clone somewhere here, but still hasn't turned up" Scott said.

"Right... don't worry, we'll locate him for you... just keep reminding us to do so" I said.

"Well if I'm the second best kisser of all the guys you've kissed, why don't y..." Jim started saying but got cut off midsentence as Scott started kissing him again.

The Master came back keeping a steady hold on the upper arm of the guy who'd been a bit too cocky so he'd been promoted to the head of the line. The Master was apparently not very bright since this procedure brought the executioning to a stand still for almost a minute in this chamber, it would have been much more efficient to just take the next person in line, which would have been Scott. But I'm not complaining, actually everybody present was glad that the Master was that stupid and vindictive... everybody except Brian of course.

"Hello love, I see your mouth's landed you in trouble again" Paul said.

"Yeah, the story of my lives... a quick kiss while passing by?" Brian said and their lips did meet briefly while he was dragged by.

"I didn't know you were back there, why didn't you say something?" I said.

"I tried to but you didn't seem to hear. You were too busy talking about last kisses... Scott and Jim, you'd make a real cute couple by the way... Bye now! See you downstairs soon" Brian said and for the last two sentences he stopped strugling and stepped into the chamber volontarily and then the Master closed the door.

Brian smiled and waved at us in a way that Scott later claimed made Brian look royal. Then Brian's chest erupted and a look of pain crossed his face at that moment but then he went back to smiling as the door was opened and two Terrans, working in the court for the day went inside and lifted Brian off his feet just as his knees started to buckle and carried him off to the chute and we could hear his last words being mumbled just before he dissappeared down the chute.

"Hey, I'm not dead ye..." Brian slurred and then was dead before the sentence was complete.

"Right, you got lucky so you could kiss your boyfriend some more but no more stalling, into the chamber and die!" the Master said.

Scott and Jim had been holding each other while watching Brian's execution and now Scott gave Jim one last, brief kiss and then let go of Jim and stepped into the chamber. He watched the door get closed and it was obvious that he was nervous in spite of what he had said earlier and then he turned his head to look forward at us just before he noticed the monitor and the camera above it, where he could see himself and then he looked down at the left side of his chest apparently because the camera was zooming in on this area and then just as he looked up at the screen again and also partly at Jim his charge went off. He seemed to be shocked at the very moment it happened and in less than a second the expression turned to something resembling amazement and some kind of happiness as he decided that not only was it not bad but even better than he'd expected. Again he turned his head to look down at his chest and even brought his right hand up and started sticking it into the hole but then the boys working in the court room moved in and one of them grabbed Scott under the arms while the other picked up his legs and they carried him off and dumped him into the chute. Scott seemed to be alive as he disappeared, if only barely. Jim started to move towards the door to the chamber but Paul stopped him.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to join my boyfriend downstairs as soon as possible" Paul said and Jim let Paul step inside the chamber.

"Certainly" Jim said as the door closed.

Paul stood in the middle of the booth with his legs wide and his hands behind his back and tried to flex his abs and pecs as much as possible while admiring his looks on the monitor and then turned towards us and winked and mouthed the words "I guess I'm a bit vain". Then the charge went off and Paul merely went on smiling as he started sinking to the floor but never reached it as he was picked up and carried to the chute.

"Next!" the guard shouted.

Jim turned and gave me and Kenny a pleading look and I shrugged.

"I'll go" Jim said to the guard.

"Get on with it then!" the guard snapped.

Jim rushed into the chamber and stood the same way as Paul had and flexed his muscles the same way too while grinning at us. Then the charge went off and a look of shock crossed Jim's face briefly before he started to smile and fell to his knees before he was picked up and carried off.

"So I guess this me will die unkissed after all" Kim said moving towards the booth but Kenny grabbed him by his neck and pulled Kim towards himself untill their lips met and their tongues appeared to wrap themselves oround each other inside their mouths.

"Since they're so busy you'll be next!" the guard said and pushed me into the booth.

Kenny broke the kiss and rushed forward to give me a kiss but the door closed. Kenny banged on it with his fist but then the guard pushed him back until he bumped into Kim who bumped into some stranger behind him the stranger pushed Kim back so both Kim and Kenny was hurled forward so Kenny was bumped into the guard who had been counting on this and held out his knife so Kenny was impaled on it, making a hole right through him next to his belly button. I cursed the guard under my breath as he withdrew his bloody knife and Kim helped Kenny move back. It was a serious and painful wound but one that it would long to die from. Obviously the guard did it in order so Kenny would be hurt and in pain but still alive long enough to be executed by heart charge after me.

"Turn and look forward!" a speaker voice ordered me and I obeyed.

Kenny tried to give me a brave smile even though he obviously was in great pain and pressing his hands over the wounds while Kim helped him stand up. I smiled back and then mouthed the words "See you soon my love" and Kenny smiled even more and started mouthing something back but then my chest became pain as it erupted with a bang and my knees buckled until I landed on my knees just as Jim had. At the same time as I sank to my knees I heard the door open and then I felt a pair of hands being inserted beneath my armpits and those hands lifted me up until I was standing and quite a good looking guy moved in front of me and bent down and then my view was changed as he lifted up my legs though I didn't feel it as I was dead down by my feet and in my lower arms as well and I could feel death race up my arms and legs taking away sensations in them as I was carried out of the booth. I turned my head and hazily saw Kenny walk painfully towards the door of the booth and I tried to lift my hand to wave at him but all I could manage was a slight lift of my arm that was barelly noticeble but Kenny nodded in an understanding way so I guess he must have seen it and then turned his back walking into the booth and the door closed. Then I was moving through a long tunnel suddenly and moving very fast and I landed on something that felt soft for a few moments before I lost feeling in my back. The tunnel I had come through quickly moved away from me and the ceiling and walls that I could see was moving to and I realised I was on the conveyor. By the time I realised this I reached the end and tumbled a few feet down onto a pile of bodies. All the while on the conveyor I had seen more bodies come out of the chute and land on the conveyor including that of Kenny and just before falling I saw Kim. I heard several Terrans give a last sigh under me and felt the impact of a body landing on top of me but then it was removed and I was picked up and lifted to sort of a standing position and I could just see Steff's face.

"He's not quite dead yet, just like the others" a voice said beside my ear.

"Jack, can you hear me? I saw somebody die that I seemed to recognise though I've never seen him before and he seemed to recognise me and said a name just before he died, 'Alex' I think... it was that body... If you are still alive enough to understand me bring the live version of him here, please, I'd like to know more about him... please?" Steff said holding my chin up and turne my head so I could see the corpse he was pointing at which was the corpse of Scott stacked against the transparency out to the stairwell.

"Yes" I mumbled.

Steff smiled and then all went dark for a second and I woke up in the cloning room.

"Jack, are you here yet?" Paul said looking down on me.

"I just opened my eyes, didn't I?" I said as I sat up on the bench.

"Scott here is eager to talk to you about something, but I can't really understand what he means" Jim said and moved Scott forward.

"I saw him!" Scott exclaimed.

"Hey, what about me?" Kenny's voice said behind me.

"Just a second, Scott" I said as I slid down on the floor and walked round to where Kenny was sitting on the bench next to me and hugged and kissed him.

"Can't you do that later?" Scott said behind me.

"Kenny, are you okay?" Kim said as he woke up and emediatly jumped off his bench and walked over to Kenny and me.

"Scott, didn't you see on that monitor what that guard did to Kenny?" Brian said.

"Right... sorry! Take your time!" Scott said.

"Yes Kim, I'm fine now! I've got a brand new, unstabbed body. But thanks for the concern" Kenny said and gave Kim a slight hug.

"Sonofabitch!" Mark said suddenly sitting up on a bench further down the room. He then looked down at his crotch and put his hand on his cock.

"Did you just die at the brothel?" I said.

"Yes, I had that guy who cuts our cocks off as customer" Mark said.

"We guessed that" Brian said and Paul elbowed him in the ribs.

"Excuse me, I think my boyfriend needs me to hold him right now" Kim said and moved over to mark and hugged him.

Mark there is the last of your group who hasn't gone through the execution process yet. Mike, his new boyfriend, Stan and Tim just left and the rest should wake up any moment now having been executed" Pete said.

"Come on, we should get a move on I think. Mark, I suggest you hurry up to the court room, okay?" I said.

"Yeah, sure! See you later love!" Mark said and kissed Kim on the cheek.

"Yes, you'll probably see Kim as the last thing you see before you die. Jim, Kim and Kenny come with me and Scott, we'll be making a quick call on Steff in the stairwell before we move back to the brothel. Further on, I suggest that Brian and Paul wait for the ones that Pete said would be waking up any moment and bring them back to the brothel. Is everybody okay with that?" I said.

"Sure" everybody said and all except Brian and Paul walked out to the clothes store.

"Jack?" Scott said as the boy behind the counter stacked sets of clothes on the counter.

"Yes?" I said.

"How did you know I wanted to go to that place where they're stacking bodies against the glass in that stairwell? And why haven't you asked who it was I saw?" Scott said.

"Your boyfriend when you lived on Earth, didn't you tell me that his name was Alex?" I said picking up a set of clothes which all the others did one by one after me.

"I might... either to you or the other older you that you don't remember" Scott said.

"I thought so. And it was him you saw up there in that space between the wall and the transparency just before you died, right?" I said.

"Yes! But how could you possibly know that?" Scott said.

"Elementary, my dear Holmes" I said.

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